Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.) 1894-1901, May 03, 1895, Image 1

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AT $2 Llb Ii vet IN tit). ANC& VOLUME 1. I.:I1ALL, JEFFEllt:- , 4)N COUNT'', MONTANA, i i ii V. MAY 3, 1895. THORNS TO JAPAN Russia, Germany and France Will Take a Hand. THEIR MINISTERS AT TOKIO Grand Celebration of a Notable Event reettiesers&Aetto Mutation Is Gas - of Extreme (\realty. London, April 29. -The Times tomor- row will publish a dispatch from Kobe saying that the Russian and German ministers left Tokio for Kobe yester- day. It is supposed that they intend to seek an interview with Count Ito. the president of the Japanese council of ministers, and with Viscount Matsu, the Japanese minister of foreign af- fairs. The French minister is also ex- pected there at. Um mune The Times correspondent in conclu- sion says: \I learn officially that Tues- day's grand celebration of the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of Koto has of the Illness of the mikado. Evidently the situation is grave.\ OUR ATTITUDE IS PLAIN. Washington, April 29. -The attitude of the United States .in the eastern trouble has been made clear to the var- ious powers interested. In brief, it- is that the unvarying policy of this coun- try is not to form alliances which may Ineolve it in complications with the countries of Europe or Asia. It is a re- assertion of the policy of Isolation, except in so far as the United States may be able to exercise a kindly or advisory influence toward the adjust- ment of the trouble involeing eastern nations. The foregoing is n9w acceetted by diplomats here as the policy which will guide the United States in the pending European complications over the Ja- panese -China settlement. At one time within recent days there was a pros- pect that the United States might co- operate with Great Britain and Italy in endeavoring to effect • solution of the Japanese-China trouble and the belligerent protests of Russia. France and Germany. Such action, if it had been taken, would not have been in the nature of assistance to Japhn, but merely an exertion of joint influence to persuade China to ratify the peace agreement. It is said by diplomats that as Japan has already ratified the agree- ment, similar action by China would make it effective. Therefore, while Rus- sia, France and Germany were protest- ing at Tokio, the desire of the other powers was to bring to bear their in- fluences at Pekin. NOTES FROM YOKOHAMA Yokohama, April 29. -The mikado suffering from a The dare cot the departure of Count it president of the Japanese council of ministers, for Chee Poo. to'ratify tht treaty of peace, has not yet been de- termined upon. ADVOCATES A COMPOSITE DOLLAR A Detroit Editor Thinks He lies *Owed the Money Problem. Detroit, April 29. -The Tribune (rt..- publican) 'publishes an editorial leader which will declare in fe.Vor of the solu- tion of the present money questions by the creation of a new dollar, to be cam. posed of proportionate parts of gold and 'liver. It calls upon the party to fulfill its platform pledges by formulating without delay a practical scheme for bimetallism, especially In view of the threatened disintegration of partite and the drawing of new party lines with gold monometallism on one side end silver monometallism on the other. The Tribune advocates; the composite dollar es a rnedsure easiest to effect and with the least disturbance to bus- Mem of VW Plan suggested. It pro- poses: \That all existing coinage lime be repealed and that there be enacted a law creating a new American dollar, which would be the whole standard coin of the nation -the dollar to be composed of 2011ii grains of standard sliver and I2.9 grains of standard gold, used to- gether, and struck into a handsome coin about the size of the present half dol- lar.\ REPORTED OUTBREAK ONLY A SCARE Turtle Mountain Indians Have Been Acting Ugly of Late. St. Paul, Minn., April 29. -Regarding the reported Indian outbreak in North Dakota and the sending of troops from Fort Totten to the scene of trouble, Major General Merritt said: \There is nothing in it. Some man with a fertile imagination has started a scare. Fort Totten 'was abandoned before I came here and no troops could be sent out front there.\ HALF-BREEDS FOMENT IT. Minneapolis, April 29.-A Journal special says: The reported uprising of Turtle Mountain Indians Is very largely exaggerated. Many Indians were ar- rested during the winter and taken to - PristertgiTtrilt of government officials to make fat fees. The marshals last week arrested a half- breed, who' was promptly rescued by friends. The marshals went to Fargo and Bemired an additional force to re- arrest this man. The reds says if he is arrested again there will be trouble. Canadian half-bteeds are fomenting the trouble. AMERICAN THEOSOPHICAt - SOCIETY An Inviretion to Students to join the Chosen Band. Beaton, April 29.-111 the convention of the Theosophical Society of America today a proclamation wee adopted in which it was stated : \The Theosophical Society of America proclaims It, fra- ternal attitude and ,kindig-feikUng--1p:. ward all students of theosophy, and in- vitee to It. membership all of those who seek life in the hereafter and who would like to know the path to tread in thee\ Trieopies Turned-flows'Athens. April 0. -In the elections yester- day for members of the Greek dierititnliht ex -Premier Trieoupis, leader Of the OPP0- &Don, was unseated by 115 vete*. Only about 10 of his supporter's were elected. On the other hand, M. De Lyanne and party received three -fourths of the votes east. De Lyanne is the present plane minister, large transactions in rant material are Milted In the iron trade. VOORHEES IS A SILVER ENTHUSIAST He Predists the Overthroet of Gold Buie and Triumph of Bimetallism. Indianapolis, April 39.--Senatur Voor- hees in a talk today with the Senti- nel's Washington correspondent, made the following statement of his views in regard to free coinage of sliver: \I do not regret the agitation of the silver question. Sooner or later it has to be definitely settled -whether the laboring and producing people of this country be bullied out of one-half of their debt -paying money, or whether they will stand up like free men and protest and defend the money named and provided in the constitution -both gold and silvereon terms and wadi - (ions as to coinage and use of abso- lute equality. No great national ques- tion is at this time in the way of a full, free, fair discussion of money. The silver question is also to the view less obscured by the craft of its enemies than at any time since the assassina- tion of silver in 1873. No cowardly makeshifts or insincere shams can any longer darken discussiou or betray hon- est councils. \The real and vital issue now pre- sented to the American people is the proposed elimination of silver from our currency, its destruction as a money metal and the use of gold alone. This is what is now meant by the movement against the free coinage of sliver and must be construed in that peoportion. Every form and kind of money must become that much scarcer and balder to get in exchange for labor and the products of labor. Such a policy is to my mind simply horrible. I have not a particle of doubt as to the result of the contest now going on. The enemies of sliver will be driven to the welt Oli- ver money will be fully restored to its old place as a leading factor in the developments and the progress of the country. \I have been in favor of free ceinage of silver at the ratio fixed by Jefferson all my life and I shall neither aban- don my principles nor my party. Dan- ger from the coinage and use of silver never occurred to a sane mind until greed, avarice and unholy speculation reared Its serpent head and aimed a blow at the dollar of our fathers. Since that time we have had nothing but financial vexation, distrust, business depression and ruinous panics.\ AGITATION IN MISSOURI, Denver, April 29.-A special to the Times from Washington says: Senator Vest has dispatched 900 letters to demo- crats in every quarter of Missouri urg- ing that the chairmen of democratic courtly committees be requested to ask the democratic national Central com- mittee to call a free silver convention, and in the eveht of the refusal Of the state committee to do so, as many as favor free coinage Will juin in a call for a Convention. LONDON FEARS ANOTHE \ R\TRIKE Building Trades Workmen to Go Out Because of efon.lesion Men. , London, April 29.-A strike of 26,000 men engaged in the building trades is imminent, and unless specific counsels prevail the walk -out may take olece within, forty-eight hours. Representa- tives of the employers and employes have been in daily consultation for the past month, but difficulties have arisen in which neither side will make conces- sions. The hours Of labor and the wages have been mutually agreed upon, but the employers insist that no workman shall be placed under any disability by reason of his not belonging to a labor organization, and also claim the priv- ilege of sub -letting work to under -con- tractors whenever they may see fit. The Labor Federation refuses to rec- ognize non -unionists, and is also op- posed to sub -contractors or middlemen. The employers threaten to bring labor from the United States if the strike is inaugurated, and It is said that they have already secured agents in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and other large centers of population. MINTER JONES' STRONG DEFENSE The Other Side Heard in the Carson, Mint Investigation. Carson. Nev.. April 29. -Ex -Superin- tendent Hoffer -of the mint was placed on the stand in the Jones examination this morning. He showed the books of the Bullion and Exchange bank, of which hell cashier, and proved by them that Jones had at least $20.000 before the mint shortage occurred H. H. Beck of the Union Reduction Works testified that James Ileney. a former employe of the mint, but who the detectives can not find now, had several times given him amalgam to cast into bars. This amalgam resem- bled the regulations of the mint refin- ing room. Heney represented to Beek that he was one of the four whh had leaned a mine and they did not want the owner to know how it Was. Mr. Beck sold nearly $12,000 worth of this bullion to the Bank of California and the Selby Company of San Francisco. and there was considerable more that Heney d. - posed bf hide/elf. Beck does not con- nect Jones with the Heney transactions. SENT TO OUST PRESENT RECEIVERS Chicago et North Pacifie Bondholders Want a New Deal. Chicago. April 211.-Proceedinee to oust from the receivership of the Chicago & Peettle Mergawelfewesiel ant lens 'Norden were begun before Judge Jenk- ins today. The petition filed by the bond- holders' committee simply sets forth that the petition represented 834,003,000 out of 136,000.000 bonds, and that the bondholders believed they were not properly repre- sented in the receivership Mei their inter - eats were jeopardised. The bondholders suggested A. Lawrence Hopkins of New York as succensor to the present receivers. Senator Spooner, representing the other aide, opposed the removal of the present receiver -s on the ground that there were no ch aaaaa against them. Spooner sug- gested In the event of the removal of the receivera, that General Manager Ainslee of the Wisconsin Central be appointed. Rich Strike in Wyoming. Salt bake, April 16.-A special from Lan- der. Wyoming, to the Tribune. says: The richest gold strike that has been made du - flier' Cfil - pist two peers coCeurfell this morning on the Anderson property. near Lewiston. The vein Is 10 feet wide, part of which will run nearly $10,000 per ton... Geortil• Rene cloned Wailhington. April ,97.-A telegram was received today by Comptroller Metals that the Merchants' National bank of Rome. Ga.. had Closed. The bank has a capital of BMOC& Terrific (Ise Esploalon. Elyria. Ohio, April 10. -The Grand Army hill wag almost demolished today by a terrific gas explosion. The Janitor, Martin leder, was terribly burned teUSAN INSURGENTS ARE SCATTERING MOUNTAIN OF WHEAT -- Ilia%anal Ad‘ ices Tell of More Victories by Government Troops. Havana, April 39. -The government troops under General Weed.) have won a great victory over the insurgents com- manded by General Maceo. Many of the latter were killed or woupded. The rest dispersed and are seeking refuge in the mountains. Gaza's band has been routed with great loss in killed and wounded. Nearly all the remainder of his band surrendered. SPANISH CUT TO PIECES, Key West, Fla., April 29.-Advioes ceived by steamer from Cuba state that at Quantanistn, on the IStla, there was a limos battle between a band of 200 Spanish troops and the - insurgents. The Spanish troops were greatly out- numbered and they were literally cut to pieces. Only four of the men es- caped to tell the tale. It is said that the insurgents gave no quarter.. Or- ders had been given to take no prison- ers and the insurgents butchered 200 Spanish soldiers with their machetes. - - Immense Quantitibs to Be Sold at San Francisco. MAY BE A BIG BEAR SCHEME Estate of James G. Fair Ilse nod Cenral Stared In immense Pease hounee ni Port etieta San Francisco, April 29. -The Evening Bulletin says that the 200,000 tons of \syndicate wheat\ which has been stored for two years in the warehouse of the late James G. Fair at Port Costa has been placed on the market. The wheat is of the crop of 1892-3 and 1894. It Is said that the Luning estate loaned Fair $1,000,000 to \corner\ the wheat, and that the Luning estate manage- ment, nervous for fear that weevil might damage its security, has pressed the Fair estate to take up this loan. The 1892 and 1893 wheat cannot under the rule, be sold on 'change, so the wheat will be advertised to buyer. gen- erally. It is estimated to be worth 81,800,000. Whether sold here or not, the getting of such a quantity of wheat out of port will be a problem. Nego- tiations have been made for a ship- ment of part of the wheat by rail to New Orleans. thence to Liverpool. It would require 5,000 cars to move half the stored syndicate wheat. To ship all the wheat to Liverpool would take seventy-five vessels. WHEAT BROKER'S C#SHIER MISSING Police Believe That C. S. Smith of Son Francisco Is an Absconder. San Francisco, April 29.-C. S. Smith, cashier and bookkeeper for L. W. Mc- Glaughlin & Co., the wheat brokers who managed the late Senator Fair's big wheat deal, Is missing under pe- culiar circumstances. Smith spent Sunday in the office working on his books. At 3 o'clock this afternoon the police were notified of Smith's disap- pearance. A sergeant was sent to Mc- Glaughtires °Ince, where he found sev- eral excited persons, including Mrs. Smith and her parents, who insisted that the cashier had been murdered. The bfgce was in disorder, books and papers scattered about, and on the floor were Smith's hat, coat, vest and cuffs, spotted with blood. The police search- ed the building for Smith's dead body, but no. trace or evidence of a murder could be found. Fifty dollars left in the cash drawer discredited the theory of robbery. The Pelle* have concluded that Smith has absconded. One of the firm's books is missing. An expert is now exanlinint Smith's books. The janitor of Um building says that he and Smith were partners in stock speculations, the /Deck standing in the janitor's name, so that Smith's employers might not know of his investments A few days ago Smith insisted upon selling the stock, threatening the janitor and forc- ing his compliance at the point of a pistol. Smith took all the proceeds, $2,000, saying that he needed it to make up a shortage in his amount& that the books would be brought into court in connection with the Fair will case and the shortage discovered. CHICAGO DeMOCRACY WORKED UP Gold and Bimetallic Foram Prepared to Fight to a Finish. Chicago, April 29. -The political ther- mometer of the local democracy is hov- ering about the fever -heat mark, antic- ipatory of the primaries to be held on Friday and at which delegates will be elected to the forthcoming democratic state silver convention. The interest, not to say suppressed excitement, that prevails has scarcely been equalled In any political campaign in recent years The \Hard Money League,\ an organ- isation of bankers, supporters of the financial views of the president and other gold democrats, and which had originally decided to take no part in the primaries, has entered into the fray. and is campaigning with so much %Igor that it is already claimed that Chicago will send a gold delegation to the Springfield gathering. The efforts of the league are also to be extended at once to other parts of the state, and the indications this far off point to the probability that the convention will be anything but harmonious. DEDICATION OF WASHINGTON ARCH Arrangements All Completed for a No- table Lieut. New York. April 29. -All the arrange- ments have been completed for the dedi- cation tomorrow of the Washington arch, erected in commemoration of the centennial of the inauguration of Wash- ington as first president of the United States. President Cleveland will be un- able to attend despite the urgent invi- tations that have been extended him, but Governor and Mrs. Morton will ar- rive from Albany this evening to take pert in the exercises. Mrs. Morton will the-imies-ot hanoast-tica lit the the evening. JUNEAU EDITOR SHOT HIS RIVAL Rot log Timmons Pat Two linnets Through Frank Howard. Nanatmo, B. C.. April 39. -The steam- er Willipa. from Alaska, brings news of • fatal quarrel between rival editors at Juneau. Frank Howard, editor of the Reseed, commented in his paper on the 'settees of Roving Timmons, the editor a the Juneau Torchlight, at a recent tire. 'Timmons entered How- ard's office and shot him twit's with- out warning. Howard will probably die. °and for Japan Joseph. Mo., April W. -County Col- lector George 11111 is believed to be en route to Japan. He was seen in Omaha Monday night by a Burlington conduct- or and denied his identity. ()Moms are trying to have him arrested before sail- ing. The shortage of his office runs up to $80.000 or more, It is reported, injured by • mining! Moor. New York. April Mt -Laborers were working on the floor of the old Metro- politan hotel today when the floor fell. anti men were carried with the debrie to the second floor. Seven men wo , injured. likthael Eagan was hurt 1 , ternany and may die. POLITICAL MOVEMENTS IN iDAHO Executive Committee of the Republican Clubs to Meet May 20. Boise, April 29.-A call has been is- sued for a meeting of the executive committee of the repubil league clubs on May 20 for the purpose of electing delegates to the national convention in Cleveland June 19. The meeting will be attended by a number of representative republicans of the state with a view of making more ef- fectual organization of the party for next year's campaign. Senator Dubois has .returned from the east and Is at his home at Blackfdot The work of collecting funds for the silver cause by mapular subscription under Governor McConnell's call has begun and promises to meet with suc- cess. The governor has appointed A. J. Crook as a delegate to the silver con- ference to meet in Salt Lake City May 16. He also expects to appoint a dele- gate from north Idaho. WALLER CASE MAY BE INVESTIGATED Ambasmdor Enstes Has Had Instructions From Secretary Gresham. Paris, April 29. -The United States ambassador has received pointed and definite instructions from Washington regarding the cane of John L. Waller, Imprisoned in France, under a 20 years' sentence imposed by court-martial cii the ground that he was in collusion with the Hovas. Eustis has referred his in- structions to the French minister of foreign affairs, M. Hanolaux, but the tatter has not yet replied. The forego - leg would indicate that the United States government has received from Madagascar the report of tffe United States consul regarding Wailers' case and that the conclusions drawn from it justify such intervention arid will pos- sibly result Inn fresh joint Inquiry. SHOT A SUPPOSED BANK ROBBER -- Cashier of a Dubuque Institution Opened Fire With Telling Effect. Dubuque. Iowa, April 119.-A stranger entered the Iowa Trust and Savings bank today and smashed the windows at the counter behind where the funds were piled with a hammer, with the evi- dent intention of grabbing the money. Teller Maurice Browe fired at the man, the ball taking effect in his head. The robber was seriously but noedingerous- ly wonuded. The would-be robber is Leonard Lee of this city. He was -arrested. The cashier supposed that Lee's intention was to shoot, and fired in self-defense. He says he did not Intend to rob the hank, but was nervous. Ile is thought to be insane. GARNISHEE SUITS DON'T GO NOW Nortbern Pacific keeeiters Relieved From Paying Oche. of Employes. Helena, Mont.. April 29. -Cases in which the Northern Pacific has been garnisheed by creditors of the road's employes have been so numerous of late that the receivers decided to take some steps to stop It. Through counsel they applied to the United States court here for an order absolving the road from paying the wages of its employee to the latter's creditors under garnish- ment proceedings, and directing that the wages he paid to the employee per- sonally or to their order. Judge Beatty signed an order to that effect yesterday. Under its operations creditors of em- ployes will have to collect bills against them In the Usual way. SYMPATHY FOR . THE ACCUSED MEN With Against the Alleged Train Robbers Not the Rest in the State. Ellensburg, Wash., April III. -The pre- liminary examination or the two men ar- rested for holding up the train Friday night has been set for tomorrow morning, the prosecution not being ready to proceed today. The feeling here Is decidedly fa- vorable to the accueeti, who are well known, while at least one of the prosecu- [Iona witnesses bear, a most unsavory reputation. and would not be believed un- der oath. He has heretofore been regard- ed as a hobo, and was once ordered out of town. His reputation is such that sym- pathy has gone ikenagwoziversally to the accused men. WOMAN SUFFRAGE AGAIN DEBATED Ptah constitutional Convention Had the Question Up Once More. Sall lake, Utah. April 39, -The consti- tutional convention spenf most of the day in a discussion as to whether mo- tion 4 of the enabling act gave the con- vention authority to confer upon women the right to vote for the ratification of the ,tonettleatiose. , esoe semeladasent, ott- fered to the suffrage articlel was that \all electors qtfalilied to vote under this constitution may vote.\ Another amend- ment was in the following language: \Provided that all votes given by fe- male voters for or against the consti- tution shall be deposited in separate boxes and canvassed separately.\ Both ametulments wasta.defeated. Convention In lows. Des Moines, Is., April 38. -The free sil- ver democrats have deteemlned to call a state convention of bimetallist' In this city early in June. Measures are being taken to secure the attendance of Senator Wolcott of Peered* and *titer free sli- ver men of national reputation to deliver addresses. Destroyed finsinces Home. St. Paul, April 21.-A Winnipeg epe- t to the Dispatch says • Fire early to- ' ilartney, a prospereus town on ...dein Parente destroyed 14 bus- --a houses; loss 87,600. NUMBER 23, ROADS IN CONFLICT Union Pacific Trying to Bluff the Gulf People Out, THE BURLINGTON ROAD IN IT Receiver Trumbull Is Altogether Too Fettittior With Hag Leiter Road to Sett HatogiVillT dart. Denver, Colo., April IL -Although Receiver and General Manager S. B. Clark of the Union Paolfic bas had an order prepared to discontinue connec- tions with the Julesburg branch of the Union Pacific's, Denver & Gulf system, it has been withheld pending a confer- ence with Receiver Trumbull. The complaint of the Union Pacific is that the Gulf has been flirting too much With the Burlington through the con- meetteeteeteZzteett.ez week tbaCiteyeatte branch of the Burlington. For - the 'pun- ishment of Trumbull for his alleged disregard' of the former close relation- ship bete/ben the Union racific and the, Clulf, Mr. Clark had concluded to send* all Denver passenger business around by way of Cheyenne end by withdraw- ing from the Julesburg connection, leave Mr. Trumbull with 160 miles of track segregated from soy other rail- road except its divorcee. the Union Pa- cific. Receiver Trumbull does not seem to have been disturbed by this. The reason is said 'to be that by building the 10 miles of track between Valley and Kersey, or ,Orin station, he can connect the Orin Junction & Cheyenne branch of the Gulf road with the Jules - burg line and at Sterling the Gulf can make connection with the Burlington road. The urlington brand* from Holdridge to Cheyenne will in turn re- neve the Cheyenne line from its posi- tion at the mercy of the Union reaciflo. That such a combination wItE the Burlington would be agreeable to both lines there is no question. The coal which the Gulf road commands is of the highest importance to the Burlington, and as a feeder for coal, iron and agri- cultural products the Gulf would become under such a combination a most pow- erful ally to • road which terminates at Denver. That the Burlington could deal with the Gulf without disturbing its amicable relations with the Denver & Rio Grande is entirely possible and it Is known that it has been coquetting with the former cohort of the Union Pacific with an eye to the vezy combinntion the proposed order of Mr. Clark may bring about at any time. Mr. Trumbull is attending to the cope struotion of a new line from Pueblo to Trinidad which when completed will unite the lines to the south. He has re - pettedly refused to talk about the pro. posed action of the Union Peolfio, but consoles himself with the reflection that the \Union Pacific can not throw us off the track,\ which significant remote may be open to many interpretations The construction the 10 miles from Greeley would at least Moe the Gulf in an Independent poeitkn, considering the Burlington and Union Pacific. and strengthen the line, so /the cost of its construction even in these times would be but a mere bagatelle compared with the manta accomplished. SAN lieksteist 0 TREASURY ICWP1T The Law Strictly Forbids a ortaaalaa Future itrocelpt• Ban Francisco, April 28. -The city of- ficers are unable to solve the problem of how to tide over the city's financial distress until the beginning of the next fisoat year, June 1. While the mayor, the supervisors and the heads of de- partments were wrestling with the sub- ject yesterday, he supreme court was engaged in writ a decision reaffirm- ing its former decisions to the effect that the expenses of one year may not be paid out of the revenue of another. In other words, the city can not mort- gage its future, although the expense of maintaining the fire department and public institutions for the remaining two months of the fiscal year will be 11125.000. to meet which there is practi- cally nothing In the treasury. Taken together with the refusal of the contractors to furnish supplies to hos- IMAM, almshouses and county jails after April so, this is a condition of affairs that has caused the financial commit- tee to do a great deal of figuring to give means for carrying on the func- tions of the government As the salary demands of each month amount to 8136,000, it was proposed that the employes of the city should forego the drawing of their salaries for April until May M. This plan does not meet with the approval of the employes. Af- ter muc'h talking the official gathering adjourned without having accomplished anything. FRED HOYT GIVEN TWENTY YEARS Sentenced for the Murder of Coasts), iseMasseettarAnterimesteres-... Walla Walla, April It -Fred Hoyt, convicted of murder in the second de- gree. appeared before Judge Sullivan today at 10 o'clock for sentence. When asked by the court if he had anything to say why sentence should not be pro- nounced, be said he did not know what to say. Judge Sullivan then gave him 20 years, to commence with the expira- tion of the sentence he is now serving atid which will not expire for 16 yearn. Hoyt knows he has lost nothing In this trial and he is well satisfied. Buchanan's End Is Seer - Ring Ring. N. Y.. April IS -The respite granted by Governor Morton in the case of Dr Duchanen expires at midnight to- morrow, and unless the court Interferes, the rontivenned man will be ereeented crn Wednesday morning lord !Blotto *leeks Solace San Francisco, April 115. -Lord Short° Douglass. son of the Marquis of Queens- berry, arrived here today front Bakers- field, avowedly to commit be British con- sul abotit means of redress of his grief - ant's for his t for insanity. Forest tires In Wiseonsin. Chippewa Falls. Wis., April 11. -Word was received here that forest arse are again raging In the vicinity of Phillips. The woods near Prentice are @blase and the Inhabitants are rushing to this city for safety. Ex -City Treasurer Luseomb was for- mally placed tinder arrest this after- noon, charged with murder, in the first degree for Shooting his brother-in-law. IOnic A. hanger, last night. The pris- oner was released on 810,000 hail. Pub- lic synipathy 'seems to be with Lux - comb. Even some of the members of the Banger family do not bear him any great resentment, knowing, as they do. that the murdered man had cruelly -. beaten his wife and threatened to kit) Lescomb. BRITISH FLAG FLOATS IN CORINT0 Dr. Guzman Receives °Moist Advice's From His Government. HAVE A GEOLOGICAL PHENOMENON LcsiNtsneonh Settlers Possess • Mystery In Mother Earth. Leavenworth, April 27.-A Most pecul- iar geological freak seems to have its permanent headquarters about one mile from the confluence of Ingalls creek and the Peshastin river, a distance of 12 miles from Leavenworth. The exact nature and appearance of thin hidden mystery are queations yet awaiting so- lution, but there is a phenomena con- nected therewith which no traveler fails OF THE EASTERN GOLD BUGS to notice. It consists of a drum-itie\ sound reeponding tO the tread of a horse or other animal of weight, and uncles severe pressure the earth appears t, tremble. The distance in width from matett . tistamtnaame sound emanate. is not great -perhaps 26 feet-ani the length is unknown. In 1861 there was an earthquake in that section which gave thInge a the- mendous shaking up, segregating rocks weighing several tons from their abode in the mountains above and tumbling them down into the creek a mile below. John Barnet. a miner, who wan at that time camped near the present site of the 'Peihairtin gold mine, ant who wen killed in an accident in the mine last summer, said the roar in the mountains Was deafening, and lasted seiteral min- utes. In the light of title knowledge, SOLID FOR 16 TO 1 Illinois Will Throw a Bomb Into the Camp ,Mteu ot Ail Mhadia,pf Political Opinion Oololoor Jo the right for the • white atrial Chicago, April 27. -The most sensa- tional political developments for many days in Chicago, if not in the entire west, were made public this afternoon The coming democratic state conven- tion of Illinois will beyond a doubt de- clare for free silver without internation- al agreement of any kind and the move- ment is of such strength that other weetern and southern states , will be thole who have given the matter meet' sulsramt,ad with anew difficulty, if at all. thought theeeereeishm.lesseeeefraclutelitswevrtelegoleireeti etiletter the • t huge fissure was made in the creek, democracy of Illinois Is doomed to dis- covered by only a few teet of crust.' Joon:a:mesa. Palmer, li , on. authority for these statements is SHOT CYCLIST SANGER'S BROTHER The corporation couneeltof Exetressurer Lusoomb of Milwaukee Chicago, a decided goldbug, and a non Kills Ills Brutal Brother of United States Senator Palmer, who Milwaukee, Wilt., April 28. -Emil Han- has been leading the money tight for ger, a brother of Walter Sanger, a well- the national administration in Illinois, knowil.bicyclist, was shot and killed by Mr. Palmer said: Hobert Locomb, ex -city attorney', last \The sentiment in favor of free and night. Sanger's wife is a sister of Lo- \unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio comb. She sought shelter in Locomb'e of 16 to 1 without international confer - house, claiming her husband west ence or agreement seems to have taken complete possession of the democracy treating her. Sanger went to Locomb's house,' [sought admission, but the latter Of Illinois outside of Cook counte. shot him with a double-barreled shot - \I conferred with men of all shades gun ...of opinion or, the .subject, republicans as well as democrats. I talked with re- publicans, because sometimes the look- ers on see more of the game than the players. I met old friends, with whom I could talk confidentially and got the Impreedon that while there is a very strung and respectable sentiment throughout the state in opposition to the 'currency theory, yet the opposition Is without organization, apparently without any ambition to secede and are singularly silent, while the tither men are Vigorous, active and negressive\. \It seems to me utterly impossible that the opponents of 16 to 1 elver, ehould they take part in the June con- vention, could make any serious im- pression. The convention will unques- Washington, D. C.. April 28. --For the tionably declare for free coinage at 16 purpose of learning the real situation to 1. without donference with any na- respecting affairs at Corinto. Dr. Gus- Hon. We who oppose that view, oil- man, the Nicaraguan minister, sent a though there are some differences of telegram of inquiry to his government., opinion among us, will as a rub. take no Today a dispatch came in reply from part in the convention, although in some the minister of foreign affairs at Man- counties delegations will be sent tom.. alma confirming the report that the posed of leading men to represent both British are in possession, the dispatch views irrespective of sentiment in that saying: \Corinto is today under the particular locality. The ultimate effect, British flag.\ The minister does not should the currency question be the know whether his government has de- prominent one of 1896, will be the reor- dered Corinth a closed port, but he is sanitation of both parties on new lines. of the opinon that such a step has been Those who, like myself, may be called resorted to. conservative., have a faint hope that D e r. Guzman mad a negative reply we may be able to induce the June con - when asked if ht. had any news as to vention to declare that it is inexpedient whether his government had changed' -to draw party lines upon the silver ques- Rs attitude and taken any •tems to sat- Hon by a Mate convention, but I con- fer) , the demand set forth In the British fees r have no very treat confidence ultimatum. The report that the govt. that we would be able to secure this.\ ernment of Costa Rica had volunteered HARRISON NON -COMMITTAL, to pay one -fifth of the indemnity de- Indianapolis, Ind., April 27.-Benja- mended by Great Britain was news to min Harrison has returned from Rich - the minister. \Such a thing is possible,\ mond, Ind., where he has been engaged the minister said with a shrug of his in the Morrison will ease. An Asso- shoulders. \They are very patriotic, elated Press correspondent - tusked him but I have no information on the sub- if he had anything to say bearing on the 'mt.\ silver or other political questions. \Not a word,\ he said. ,..\My head is full of RECORD PUBLISHED AFTER DEATH -other matters. I hill' time nor dis- position to talk on the matters you mug - feet.\ \Are you booked for any speeches on the proposed eastern trip?\ \None whatever.\ An Old Misdemeanor Raked l'p Againet William Thornell. Tacoma, April 28. -William Thorne!' died today, aged 39. He had been prom- inent In Tacoma and Seattle society. About 12 years RIM it is alleged, that Thornell was tried and convicted In Colorado under the name of Fred Hope for embezzling funds from a railroad company by which he was employed. Influential friends secured his release when he had served but a short part of his sentence. He nod came to this city, and went later to Seattle and entered the employ of the Oregon Improvement Company. Afterwards he was assist- ant manager of the Lake Shore & East- ern railroad, and still later an employe of the Boston National bank. STRONG DRINK BROUGHT DISGRACE • Relativ• of the par -Mee on - • d on • charge of Grand Lemony. Prescott, Aria, April 28.-L. R. Je- rome has been committed to the county jail here in default of $500 bonds to await the action of the court on a charge of grand larceny, the alleged theft of • gold watch. Jerome is • well-educated man and was at one time • prominent citizen of New York, a near relative to the celebrated Jerome K. Jerome and Leonard Jerome of that place and of Churchill of England. Jerome'• appe- tite for strong drink would get the bet- ter of him at frequent intervals and he would go on a spree, but this is the first charge of a serious nature against him SAFELY ASHORE FROM THE WRECK Crew of the Sadie elespard Fortunate in Reaching land. Toledo, Ohio. April 28 --Captain George Hayward and four of the crew of the little steamer Sadie Shepard. which foundered and sank Just outside chicagonne D Ill Settle There If the Cop' of Mauer, bay yesterday afternoon. ar- delone Are RepOrted Eat \rsbie. rived in Toledo safe and sound this morning. William Jones, E. Cook and Albert Hamlin were left on the wreok. Ilamlin was afterward rescued. The steamer sprung • leak and filled Ito fast that she sunk in lees than an hour. CAMPAIGN OF SILVER EDUCATION Idaho Will Pay Her Share of Extremes in Undemiving the East. Boise, April 27. -Idaho's governor, W. J. McConnell, is determined this state shall pay its full quota of the expense of distributing silver literature through- out the eastern states, a plan for which will be agreed upon at the western sil- ver conference to be held in Bait Lake on May 16. The governor today issued a ringing address to the people of the state, urging them to make contribu- tions in the interest of silver. He SUE - lest. each official, state, county and municipal, to give at least 81 and all other people 25 cents each, while thee* who can efford it are requested to be more liberal. It is likely a neat sum will be raised in this manner. The state treasurer is to be made custodian of funds which are to be collected through the newspapers. Money will be illaat to the treasurer of the convention. RICKARDS IS DDLIGHTEID. Salt Leta April 27. -The Tribune has received a letter from Governor Rick- ards of Montana in which he says: \The forthcoming silver conference to be held in your city on May 16 proznisse to be a success far beyond our anticipa- tions and will, I believe, prove an initial step In an aggressive educational cam- therrror vrim sum , . I wren In ems= to you my sincere thanks for the noble light you are making in the interest of practical bimetallism in the columns of your able journal.\ FARM COLONY SCHEME IN UTAH MASSILLON MINERS ORDERED OUT May I Another Strike %kilt Probably Be la Progress.. Canton, Ohio, April 26 -Miners of the Massillon district have been ordered out on May 1, and await orders from the convention in Columbus on May I. The arbitratien scale of 67 cents expires May 1 and miners who accepted under pro- test want an advanoa CJdoasto, April 26 -Chicago people whoexpect to found the Plymouth Farm Colony in Utah next mummer have ap- pointed a committee to report on the character of soil, crop prospects end the various questions of detail. If all be favorable, some of its members will probably remain In Idaho to make ready for the coming of the colony. next Au gust. There will be a Simone for ear - pesters and other artisans. - PLOT TO REVOLUTIONIZE HAWAII Conspiracy on Foot Is SeoFranoisco to Gest-throw Dole's Grevernment, San Francisco, April M. -Consul Gen- eral C. Te Wilder a newel' and United killed a Faithless Wife. States Secret Service Agent lien -rim have Sydney, Ohio. April 211.--eleome nights been watching for • conapirs -n foot ago Mrs. John Verhite was caused In a In this city to overthrow the II treilan raid on a disreputable house. Her hue- government by meahe of an , • e , . - hand was away from home at the time. Wenn The combine Intend , , Today he returned and went to the jail to see her. He walked to her cell and f w be , t • yd on , mst shot her through the heart. He escaped. tteweitill , sled in the plot. a,

Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.), 03 May 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.