Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 30, 1902, Image 2

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Lee Rickard & Co.|* * |gave ot carefully piepareds : ; : am oe . ‘evidence of ud the Ons Yeasts SCRIPTION PRICE, OF 1902 Ac »y its author ne oe nt : rsda a os. ae eee QUITS | that we beli _ Its merits are sucl might be instr Ihiy ear with you il | = = se : mo oe ave, the he} YOu umenta carefu oo Single Coptes. 2 or nes 100) A Hk . coy UNLIGUT “will 2» haga ; of the wed oe ts “ 4 : ma : = who raid joy reading it plane of wuch-to-be-de- | suc uits, nts and a a oer r Bight Bri <s Ina ft ully publi 4, itind , | womanhoc noble mant succeed, as no m Wi : ‘ ; Display— ING RAT g Gradu Bright na few ish itin ful nhood. iunhood‘end 7 “ws i on eer . > ates and Thei eed , . well-chosen wor ull. | you might f when in afte and{has not a general rule A German wes ees —_———- . coe e — eir : . - Kline paid a wer Rev. | good on t fondly revert yr yenis|mind and fixed purpos ‘ who | nothing falls so h t said ti As mae og ee vt vores per imonth. a s. ‘ompliment well-desery ing I sai srt to some | tl an e in his so heavi : tw a pri : eoquél i , served | y : . 7 as ; ily on the ee . ony = a ston: graduating exerci ther to the grad ed| you in li said or did tl i that he unwaverin “ parting.: Bi rt . the Postofil . lelass of 19 exercises’ of re could graduates, ¢ life’s iat nided a rr ' m , : ged : | offic 9 of thelf be n : , and | sisted ee nine oe Se = | : aes as Second- sites if Whitehall, school 02, Whitel ie | fact tl » mistaki ea yo attles, or as t ds° ? t purpo: ng of jo min- | to ne : = (at ira ee oe king the | ti u materia! y as-| character a splendid pose | we fell to y and sorr n last wee 5 at FRID \ last Fri . 1eld at. M 4 ie | sinceril ke with the ae vs : sa sar = s = 3 AY, MAY st Friday eveni McKay’s hi y. » utmost | p a inn a ea | | : = mee 80; 1902 was V y evening, : - vall Profe problems pe ~ 1 hen ov eo : : es : | : = are Malar’ essor C which ying |and » fix our ark | school uy cour e follo np of the b eh = ad witl hall | fare urran the all of » you then ur eyes 7c is fi se in’ thi wing mo rain : ot ron Prateon \eee us, hi ave and J, and} move o s upon it sad nished, ye nis|is cha rning, & d @) ge cis VARGA the relati ownspeo- | pre dress, after i iis} And ave to face. , and lily until n surely and [sad to think , yet it makes : _ cr Z : im = tr me , er which t ne : — i = S S garian eae graduates nN friend on of dip the [and swe pt our id a is reac : and pleasur’ riiecnd , = ia inn Advocate Géneral Und heen Smear 1 he stage had ae DE, errr, was made | ny pan Tet nie : ee a me Sher spleah St on vt ale a _s a 7 = : : = : = Ee : en | int y” best assure Y¢ ion vith int e over a e n = = ao aaa god WHaCE he] excelle wishe: you that} or and : ense | on; r. Fror . axe; Th Bs er, Be ¥- years «ag . sion of Mrs. C op the | Tyndat nt rerditi you and I eae won sels ce =] mes | = — mere aes ore tCurre on_ by. Mr.}y trust tl cach of lw , there sh syrance on| life; must live hi Brien—a and Jo = ls mot Mr is ei nor r.| you kir 1¢ world wi vord as . ould be some 1 is OW re cha seph | no ‘ n n|}s Tr me : al ci ela ne nals (2 % ig by the oe ee Pleave ae especially oe use | olution is a Indomitable such }fields~ of ia Bates and broader laughter in the second — man- ries bn nt too ; ‘ egun,” y Rev. J. M. T enedictior iy » home of ¥. er you} prob 1e solugi e res-| ness sh tt some egre. 1. ; 18 ; marian j tters-of white,” zo Ap- | proget . Tull, compl ,/to mingle wit) of loving problem ‘of on of the ss and active li ea 3 | colony. W nucleus 2 on the wall : white. and am, and tl zip aet ut of ie aa he = | y. was con of this| all at either ssi , and up- | ¢o then cal he | great s' th stranger’ ~ GIy idual cea : ano aM f es en ae pean ane the hear stage of } unger's on the | th A prosperit; and in=}d us hope tl | .* ‘ SE ces thi Dries obs side hung an TI ions of gfri arty | that vunianity tthe w ity: More fai ations of nat the f JOT ative ag, while <i ae friends puosperi ity Ltr ant of ore fail f ne : al rei eal reas vative lanc a above ani . while the 1@ partin 8. perity trust | w energy th ‘or | laid. ave bee a ve cCall Pp mse F or politi- nil the front wall | rea | gof the way crown tl and happi ee : ii ~ ; til his e Francis lof. the vt and low ar wd, Tl ny has heen |i ie eff happiness will i re es | : . z e oh a © teacher een | in what orts of each of sarily tl v.. It is not ind frie eals 35° rae ea i oer igen has clos hatever may ach of you y the bright 4 not neces- y nds, we W nts, eeks na sol ig. aped~ with|¢ ‘ ee year ed | busine SS ae i atin id a ; : = : oy eds Bin 1ess voonti your calling or | di s who re ‘Heetual | ti our presen Lodgi - : S mr en noe weak Lit voeation; and g or | distineti each the hi ion here ce and atte ngs 50 os z = ve conse hn . manifes I hope y etions in i ie hig! this e en-| nt: man in D or of his class, played.a pupils; f 1¢ benefit eat a epirit’ o} pe you] in life Bol a . edatut country- Ie led by Prof amarch | cor Juni s; for the : it} tonal with oe cer a 4S 3 > : : : : : oo ee pupils ith wl <indnes at by tl rs are | how wledge | Thi = oe bo nar avin s the}co 10M you 8s | gene 16 world, ,owever 8S any eff 1is ho 3 de: | ie atio period of ntact, ¢ youmay ¢ i in wh = 2 ’ : = =e S wt cn of 50 ter » and aboy y come in ive longe ney | fortl that he effo newly o o E ee an et ee pli-| play aspiri ove all never di if they wil enough tol 1 for our e as been p t}. rt is spared pened, and for 30 aus Mad | bers of ie stage. id each m: in ‘‘sueeess;”’ y aspirit of i is a \th a | Se : : me : | : eo re a ra peeleu see Mem-| ous nay ‘rest it vess;’?| who do y ingratitnde s-|}ment u 108e who pas To the be ement, ‘ortable and ¢ its guest: = ee aa aca ad coch ing s the conedt o you a fay :de to those | phi pon them . ass judg-| hav vard of tr ‘ welcome 8 = ae = Mem tesla sci-|a deep i avor, or W philos: . Plodd g-|have take ustees wh Ki 8 still 1ivir elat the d Tull we done p interest i ’ who hav sophers: . ti onthe a 3 : rin ‘sane Ww , . res es 1 stanh : +y . ar ae a dee . ae 90 years. ing at Leon, |ence v extreme right om seated Teakher’ % In oe - your welfare ave |solid rock; ao build upon a re seliool, and va rf bh Gaur | 1e we was calle . 1 4 : r’s Fare tps a sion . are. i > they sete i ‘tga cn 2 in ec pe story of his ] Curran - ay order by a My dear y arewoll to Pupils Jif in the discharge : er to say that — they hold Sit Kk : with cau-| pl — aid and mee or nae We as : ms 3 : =, , a apnea 3 you, as y ve of my rere j with © ace it withi ring effor ar y iy : e mt merer b oe y friends , ts your t iy duty. t is merit ourage; within ort or Week ee fide, divine blessi invoked As the ti and pu-| Way eacher y to}devel , , they dis 4 gather our rei . : i oe a ne fe 2 ay of a repri . | have ope it y discover ‘ mental flow ach to se nt u g. en rm ; n ide reprimt: ave ; it. a oO om : : = : : re tr fart ee i double | pupil our relations as or of school Ns eee for any bre Ms plodder! He All. honor to = tiful than > those ~~ more beau- | | 26 Rooms q iortly bef arga hi wn N: M tive ils are al ; racher and} feeli scipline : ‘ach | the “ > may e| earth se which ad arge, bri ’ _ ‘“ ore his d iimself | Native Isle.” e Me | consi about to t and | feelings , wounded ae f hate ee Ea a My ec death: The sal 0. nsider it: © severed ee any of yo: your | that s to bright sun | hearty ee kg 4 3 ountr, salutatoria . ity appropri: <s will kindl you—I trus vat whic! ness, but-he i tag ee ~ rights, tl y demand ana Morri an, Miss Christi y, on my pa ate, yes : idly over! : rust you | bui ch warms a . re 7 | s, the emper ided her rrison, the iristi-| to v y part, to say” yes, a du- realize rlook if w ‘ milds it $, nourishe aon \ them peror had and d ren came f | to you er may wtew re that, at when y be oe res, and} wi Samael rm , and we fi ad promised clivered e forward | i ere we par vrords acim: , at the ti you | obstacl ne hart =e aa | We ve fought f ised| tion e a merit For wrt. and was’gi me such r ittin aed Si = : * = Ss 7 delivered ahead ‘aii } three y nly was’given, | i re: | sittir necess tn li r | heartfel express rons by w < dare 4 ts ta - ara W ) ie call ‘ ife ti ; elt the aes om the aboli responsible i. | ner : nward \- | associat ears we liay duty: jus I considered i “tg ee rs aa : - oe rt ae , inaana ed in ed ave been | W¢ ae eee bind nat it | thing nd waiti 1 | teacher o our fai nth. f the ry, |v showed : an-| work ducatio n} nauld to i a kind ling to tur ng fors cae hs equalizatic feudal s lwork in consider | wor of gr nal work a child f parent | st oO ED: i some- }unselfi — =~ : = = a or ee k- | ZTESSIC ld for some steadily _ tc _ instead of goi selfish labor edgé hi EHALI the fr AXes, followe ion. = Thi incerely portance m, and ne tra y to work of going |k or and devoti re = a fi tend “ne pane ly trust th and H States as I hav ans-| somethi rk and turni g| know th : devotio > Pr. ‘ . 3 > hat we ed, I wi mauve bef ething ‘ turnir fee 30 — tte ot tek a voen! ‘solo, | measure e_haye, i | , 1 wish t fore |S g. Carly 1g up| hav scourage € : = os = ee ee in a| mind | o impres Seotch wri arlysle,~ tt ve had t gements : = S me — oer } thateve ess on § h writer; di y>the great}! o conte ents you) a rr spins gh to wh ich good, | Iw erything I our} mate the ; did not at} have held end with e | the ; yonets defer Bee “Charac . fyou nor at’ extent | as prompt said or did | s: the power t! t. overesti-}V wea eae i = 2 ~ were end. Terrjble ented us in! ter M or r,’* an oration by ¢ | present a ean fully re ahr — r poe to ane * solely by the = self to make lif that is in one’s we we feel will on high idea!s | uceessc r to Negley & Rutl ’ a oes MeCall. was t! ation by Ches-} tl ime, as alize at the |8 four best i lure. | ea sucee s| better all tl uence and) : E =e ae ano =e asthe w your teael st interests |i . He may iesue'or fail} 1rougl us for | »n “were iildren ram, and, wi xt-upon the | yuan * work of er rend tr ests}in tl 3s, “Fool! t —— tag was Hed Ch Date ea , With the 1} particulars, | i mind, — ir } ue friend. ; iyself; the he idoal i i feel that lives; | yabes w » death ynewhet rapi exeepti | ulars. is nh . some ‘ in thy he im »edi is | Suceess Sag ‘ bodic were tor , and | well et rapid s ion|to tl somewhat si art , a = = = ae to det Se ae cokes | speaking at. of iat similar! Succe t} Ty Cor », is| had ours tl } aia r mother: n the! w : red. T g, was | tal f_ mother ilar! Suee ecess. he stuff t! aie a = Kossut} thers, was :full his prod | ikes some ti ther ear 4 uceess! W 5 ! wt aie = = more igs oman arth—it| Wh: ' What's magi ideal out of art -to sl re past ritted to general. e me his pressed j e sent | thought » operate | mt a . ® magical w ; al a =e = : later : advocate sed in clea imetits ex | it—germs ate on the|t resubject. f = ee ul | * ar x a 2 me his neg ar-eut sentence -|fore a mn placed therei | to meditat ora finite mi P ver thats matters: it | an influence your noble tch ‘ed ad been | , the heari ences. I a certain herein be=| tl tate upon! i ns Bs = a as oa ra oe aring of it: n-} ment stage of | the best ! Itis Ww | iat? so tl of this for wish of vill ever 2 te = = Aan devel | thought of orthy of {itt ve form tl rm | your f your p Cc = =e ote == i sage oo teed iy ght of the i b 0 heroic, 1 tho giv uture | pupils tha locks mn as ove cauea ngs time rof the f he trae cl | , aye, the Infini immortal c, be poe ‘ ivest, | with abors. be t ’ ‘ fron was the j shed | He sedof Mesd . AL Dari ruit isa var-}can ¢ nfinite mi R Among ic! success, crowned 1 me the e judge mughtor amesCurr aring these” apparent | ontempl: mind only the fore a im | 3 E Zale mo A g these’ thr ; at plate. the nly tin the emost ssings of all the ewel Es ws the mae and 3 cCall tl ,| things diay hree ye: j#ts jbeari ie vast achiev roguiis ite hy »f eternity re rich ry epee ppeat; In-} * ant Chimes.”’ ren sang oi ave transpi years many|t ng upon | ness of | honesty ement of st eng Ve need y may be . sons put is I had 26 | “Our N 8. g| incidental pired suc} Sea so | ie = zi : | : | i ant Chimie” al to se ch as are|s « of its re to say | integrity i strict adhe re | your e myer: pre ilve a : pa ; “Our Ne Po xo oe a things, p = work, veo | supreme. ‘lations to papa Let grity in every a rence to| there —— of 0 than : rware. atrocitie 1e =most ‘ . lan able y Miss Jennie Bh: irj them ¢ oe erhaps, beari pve! The teemi : : 8|* a man ‘ ation of li s somethi i pte oa s. Within ty revolting robe presentation of ed pleasa ” impress of oar rs on race is a millions of ieuink Se : np ok a : = : : : a Z re = can in age {: : ast, pres or ou ir € uprigl A of | one’s 8 e than divi e afl ~ a ee non ooelee ut, gener in-|are: strivi esent ahd rjings and | it. in his d self. a tiving f Wal Be “imo ame one-nc g, our we @onerally speak-| striving f nd fut 10 will eal-| Fel ‘or a “6 e dead unced right of f »t pos- | cl ork has | y speak-| manif g for si ire, | fidence ha a Hun ad. therefor elit of franchi ¢ iaract ay evn I | yanifold Coats mf a st et gary” ore, Wi nehise ¢ | er, and, | pleasant i i rigs ti ae oo = é “2 8 ae 3 ele , | believ t in| this . the eppli Vv ill be now hi ur live vis cha ——— e ee eer political bi e to you t ieve, profi niugical pplications ined found tl lim. It! There i s draws pter ae a zz ee : mi a gage ofita-}tryi al word. W s of | line is, i . vat the strai | There is not s toa ol Mail @ ‘ : r rote om a 0, om aietitie led j trying to obtai . We are , in buainess,as i straight | havi one of us w ose. | ders ‘ sesisddhes dee ta arms Te lay | cultural statecraft, as well ae win| you eee me morally. “J intel-| in nrost ca : tain this sinks = hie pietbee te mint eo a =e = - a 2s tes =e | » been di ta Maost_of | phi ases it proves to 1, for | his : ca etar ore hs id profits , many ‘ ' . Kossuth fled, te of Kossutl t' Reed fivored — Miss Tere : i! prosecution of y diligent in the eee and . it * t'be but aj will ‘ind th vis ‘ safe = = = = S = 2 ah oho diigo A fot to vhen we ill find tl all times and | cult p ying to solve | HITEHA ed his 1¢ rest f jon at thi ence with a| iole thre es during | grasp tl ve ‘reavh jar rt here 18 ye | presents meee =i = = a tthe aun noe e-years; it we find it} 1e coveted ind it. N a blessin ed the s that hay == - - Mow n our] . Aprice| received which wt , 1 am pleas ; und all of | ay ake oe ka | oe ze z , pn : = = - fsa a eer oe In most Vshed,. 4 deviate fror nen are ¢ life? at we have ‘8. We all Prizes fo ei\ ‘ . is Ee ied | ty good state, have | things rity ym the pat! apt |life’s jour only fairly or ‘Bo . J country | danger, whi nilaEKds: manner Miss 8 ast vear work duri mur welf ~ pe under the p! ith of inte urney. : y begu ys and : ie naar hey: year. I certai uring -th are we | ttain to |k ie plea ti z- | niark A few y n THE irls! At lk prostrate i ny ow old-hert . l-| imperati certain! ¥ ee a ie | = = | E : Be i Ee 7 i lephcalto tain! deem i ideals ar » ideal, olaw. I cessity | but changes will at NAL HO { t. at sel : of her duty it my | star are and | add Ie mi ie ain ms “3 niy cous ured a pass at. ‘takin i001, of | ry your y in the pr y | stars of | “us varied that it ight a: } atever rong you, devoted ‘making ~ | st Leu ca ww care j f her pains parents- presence Of | . reaven ed as the | i8 knows 3 well | may I station t to makin rated Mor the r lady; part wi: OM | oc n prep ins-| my and friends »f | ideals . Soit « bette s no shan »2 call iin life Homes i « nthly Maga ‘ ie fe ey ot ea ae nds toexpr ee of success ; is with o | r to be mo. ~It|¥« valled ou you esin t zine, tes as her ed, lified : nonk : 88. ur | good a poor ya be g pon to fil vito te bs a ze ite = ; ea a a ed approvi pasa Wh : cons: man | guided ill, 1 re sul id g. I le scription i ry, of aultle the | val of y - atis i cience with a} ideal: by I ible i Sia, a how earned fr n ini “P her . 3s de-| sel ast year your | vidus sUeCeNs crust of , a shilli ee da fe ae ee s , to eri rom ¢ Perse oration chools am: ef dual may for-one indi of bread ng, and | re end d noble | XA?\ number nthe We tion, an use the i a doctor yeranee,”’ as entitle of the is few | f wy be ¢ 10-jndi- jalan wi ad, than an unpri Sl eee st ee = = icals, a : 1¢ ink wi r| the _ e,”’: evid . ed | W1 e standi wi fore: a woef ‘ nan with carri nunpriaci * 3 = . a | nd did Kk with el {the senti idencit iitehall nding of another. T Se The, oa zh = = s s for dso. T ith chem- | ar ment , w that |< . school tl x of the/us . Theg ailure ants. T iaze. plate ¢ dj earnest, | live s In addi and to th in Gols 1m, there myself hen filled it i sare the princi sof her omplish that woul s that tl good book 7 ee mit c St 3S = = os = Wer : , under ti it in| hey j principles : subject | more iz uld ae-yattai he greates k tells | Street ‘ mn who w ary-| When yo Te useful lif begicent come is tating : ggoner he nen iey in her which gv you have di 1 one. yes attrinet in’ thi atest success j | t with ur walks the | bac’ you, ‘in fut ife that! ao\ ae or thel ay ye I first , and fled or . of jj : r school w {TOV ermed| done in hi ar-than | f Y this tife* exs js| peace inrufiled | erie soak | = = os = : st to Ge ing M . work ‘ the | 1 high sel or a he ife‘by a aceful +heaz row ‘ai er “y« “ars, look th sent ve 7 : nm ners Miss Edw ’ . Foll | ast year chool w wWppy ex y prepart ‘ reart, tl and | may t your sel . look at amoynt gntest it m price is not safe . o Austri: Y-lrades j ‘dwards’ orati Ow- | diti year. Some f or is to. ce ¢ xistence 1 ny} ness is. rui : n ugh hi + | st ake x i nv : : a : - = afe there ia, but wi es in Arms” ration, “\C | ons fay of those mie. s n the wor | ruined. hi ria busi-| 9 og ives tr ys you — Ty nent ri to Ham! antl n vas mal Arms” w , ‘om-| tl avorable ¢ con- | bat uccess j vor Id | clouded ,_his_pros ot finished, j ruly have sai dressing pr walt Conte a nmbure made my iale quarte vas sung | horeugh ¢ for * onary © in our , or his 2 pects be-| ed, just t © said cous ades hoped —— a-free ci y way B = tte cor ing by al | : and effecti more | of xistence pro-| i want, is family r ae : spr . ° =, dt se city, whe : lack, nposed of} y a} fortun: ective of sorrov é in G wh ete ily reduce z - = 3 ¥ Zz = é s FI FSF was di o be unmolest where L! dall c Butler. Ham of Messrs. | \ itely, were not work, un- | onl = ae in ce Gin 7 ‘ | 3 = = vas discovere sted. Bi all Curn mond ¢ mn had little prese . y whe red atta 1 peril integrity | 7 FF L oa . police 1 red and sent for | ut ll) ran. and Tyn-| | for higl in the line of nt. We] object nm we have inable | the hour, jlous tem ptati ev * tie saseh » who k ‘ or by tl ie next i igh se of appa so long secured tt at nih = a a : | = Zs oo : = A= ratus | to be coveted. 1¢ | ling fai ne by an RoW re _F ee * : 3 a tr , ve next mune won he odoclt : mt have done’ Kox lowever, I tione Ther are too mar The prizes | In nae Providence, i a+ ield- ores r E Se . : . ussia . said: -Aust hel Vus, entitled * rby Pete eve my 4 dAvork. | ved here. any to be eading, 3a herc s. and Manag on i if we will give rin | Py d “Pluck, N r Fer-| scl dong expe ole $ : a 3 I Y ; : \ shelter y us ho peace 1 subjec c, Not Luck aed hool wor he ea | ‘ath xh = ‘ ; go. I travele . ou, 80 you == € + Peter hanc a - a good on ck. yen accurat - enables me = oe! | much truth o a ated—and there i th th a a : 3 : six month “din Ger ust’ ner, dled it ina e, and | ter; conclusio eae ‘snesan She = S =~ yo aa a plucky ; and iy n in this average atement > 1 of the roving \ be di , always afrai y for kk as succee man- lI i making dearel in of = = = | iscovered ys afraid I world solo by Mr ‘ded bya | wish y this stat }the aequisiti ears : : S ; Austria f d.. dnd ret wld | et y Mr. J. S.-Butle ~xocal | Ta ou to bear ement | only —— wth] 8 f a ’ urned iwated the Hier whi m not seeki in mind len ee a . H at or trial. The S$ to ‘ 1¢ audience lich de- eking one id.that uccess, the} Act we Ae tc oo in war brok he Schleswig- | Now, with the ice. ie praise for my * tal word of eulogy: | tl - he great maje well thy part, there at theo ori \ ) TOKE i £- | taini : > ease is 3 : sail os and. si out and I fled a us style of ease and-enter oe behalf rene sertion | at is broad sworld - of people in ice who isnotath Techie ed for An x mont! public one aecus nter-} with t] eee : ; int ie es zi = . 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 30 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.