Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 30, 1902, Image 4

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i aves eae a + ee peek ele tices Ebina. > ee rere ee ty ee COUNTY OFFICERS. — | Judge, Fifth Judicial District::.M. TH. Parker Clerk of the Court...... .... A.J, Holloway Sheriff......>.... . MW, L, Sherlock Under Sheriff..........-.5.++++ T. P. Sherlock Jailer ‘i .-Daniel Halford ‘ ..8. F. Tuttle .... Charles Scharf ...2J, MH. Murphy . John T; Murphy Surveyor ....... ee a oh baad a ceseeedte M, Cralle Superintendent of Schools... . Jennie Pticher Public Administrator... ..%. N. Thompson Coroner..... ‘ W. D, Northrup Treasprer..*........ Clerk and Recorder ts County Attorney ........ PIO 65.5 55 in avines'ss COMMISSIONERS. W. M. Fergus, Chairman Edward Ryan. ¥ A. Hi. Moulton... . 2 The regular meetings of the board of county commissioners begin on the first Monday in March, June, September and December. The members also serve as a board of equaliza- tion, meeting for this purpose on the third Monday in July. TERMS OF COURT. For the Fifth Judical District. comprising the counties of Jefferson, Beaverhead and Madison, the regular quarterly terms begjn as follows: Jefferson county on the™ first “Mondays, jp January, April, July and October. Beaverhead, on the third Monday in Peb- ruary May, August and November. Madison county on the second Monday in March, June, September. and December. .. Whitehall Boulder po. deferson GLEAMS. Bérn—to J. T. Ayers and wife} on May 27th, a son. J. D. Zink was in town to visit with his family over Sunday. Harry McIntyre of Parrot was} in town on business this week. Order your sporting goods from Graves. [20tf J. P. May, a brother of Mrs, Less, is visiting in town for a few day's. Charles Schein reports a rich | find cf gold ore in’ his claim near} Silver Star. | Mr. Edwards and family were | down frem Mayflower on a shop-} ping tour on Saturday. .| (1tf | Go to Negley for watch repair- ing. All work guaranteed. Rev. Walter Jordan and his two sons were Visitors at the home of | W. W. McCall a part of this week. Mrs. J.J. Hateh, of Butte, was! visiting with Mrs. M. Allen, at the McPherson residence on Wednes- day and Thursday of this week. Old harness and-shoes made sont! at W. H. Wolfe's. [13tf The Helena people had a brilliant meteoric display on Sunday ey en-| ing; a brilliant’ ball of fire passing} northwest of the city ; ke A trail of smoke. | Monday night and demonstrated | leaving ¢ Rey. ‘W: M. Jordan will go-to}to the crowd of on-lookers a 'won-| girls and faithful rooters, and the | Butte to hold services in the Chris-|derful amount of practice and self | spectators got their money’s worth, | tian church there while their pas-| tor will occupy Rey. Jordan’s place} in the Helena church. | Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sperry and} Miss Teresa -Reed » joined her family at Bozeman Tuesday. J. Yotter and wife, spent Sunday with their sigter, Mrs. J. D. Zink. New harness and saddles, Wolfe. [13tf Mr. and Mrs, Hatch Tuttle, of Parrot, were Visitors in town this week. Mrs. ‘West, the mother of Mrs. J. W. Davis, is on the sick list this week. L. S. Green is in totvn again, and judging from his limp, his outing has not proven beneficial. Graves takes orders for all the latest sheet music. [Lot Harrison Jordan and wife were visiting with their daughter, Mrs. Wa We-MeCall, on Wednesday. of this week. Tlon. Sam Word is registered at the Jefferson House. He is on his way to the Upper Ruby, where he is interested in mines. F. H. Negley tocal» watch © re- pairer for the N. P. railway. [#tf Peter Holland, a well known oldstime placer miner, 67 years of age, died alone on the door-step of his cabin in Jimtown near Canyon Ferry on the 21st inst. The people of the Waterloo country will meet. on Friday at 2. p.m. iit recognition of Decora- tion day, and to decorate the} graves of the departed. The free open air concert given on the street last night, was a suc-| cess and when the hat was. passed there was a liberal response. The man was an expert in-his line. Rooms suitable for light house- | keeping. Enquire at the Whitehall Hotel. [1té} The introductéry. number of} Wonderland is before us. It is| printed. at Gardiner, Montana, | gives a good | i and is and reportof the town of its nativity. We hope for its prosperity. Mrs. A. Kellogg left on Wednes- | day for Missoula for-a visit with | her daughter Ruth and to attend | the commencement the school where newsy exercises of | Miss Ruth has a position as teacher of elocution. | Ai slack through a. series of antics on the rope preformer went ° | poise. Some lover of chicken visited of Mr, the hen-house Less on Monday Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt made a} flying trip to Butte this week, Go to Negley for watch repair- ing. All work guaranteed. [4tf Dr. Robertson passed through town on Saturday on his return to Boulder. The doctors report three cases of diphtheria in the Sappington family at Sappington. _ For. painting and paper hanging go toN. R. Manchester [4tf J. D. Zink had a well driven at his residence this week. At a depth of thirty-three feet they struck a good vein of water. Fred Colby has sold out his furniture. and intends leaving for Colorado in about two . weeks. Will. either sell or rent his house. Have youseen Wolfe’s new goods? [13tf A washout on the Rocky moun- tain division near Hell Gate, de- layed train No. 2 for twelve hours and today it is reported ten hours late. Mr. Fransham of Bozeman went up to Alder last Friday and purchased five Shetland ponies of R. T. Boatman, He sent them overland to Bozeman. Dan Morrison and daughter Miss Christiana and Miss Daisy Kellogg, went to Boulder on Wednesday, to attend the graduating exercises of the county high school. For Rent—Lunch and kitchen, furnished, for oné person’s Enquire Sunuicnt office. [16-1t room board. P. M. England, who came here in the early spring from Missouri, died at the home of~his son in Waterloo, on Thursday. The fu- neral will be held at Waterloo this afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Kendall Chronicle another newsy sheet devoted to local in- terests, has been received. It is liberally patronized by the busi- ness firms of that section, and bids fair to be a successful_yenture, and will be.a welcome visitor to us. Go to Graves: for bicycle re- pairs, [10tf “Meadervillé vs. Whitehall. On Sunday last the new grand stand in “‘Dingfad’’ park was ded- ‘| street in. front of McFadden’s on] icated to the national game in the preseyce of Whitehall’s prettiest for one of the most exciting, as well as most scientific, games was played.-—.Our boys demonstrated night and selecting the that we have probably the best | daughter of Iron Rod were visi- largest and fattest five in number | amateur team in the-state when all tors with the family of Fred Colby | proceeded’ to beRead and. carry our players are able to be in the on Whdnesday, Later they will go! them away, leaving only the heads | game. Of course, there are always/dence on Monday evening, Mrs. to Missoula fora visit of « week. | ‘ i Take your Jaundry to-McFad-} den’s if you want the best work at] the lowest price. [4tf T. W. Corroll, foreman of the Craig mine, who has been laid ip | for some weeks with rheumatism, | came down from the mine last Saturday and took the train for Ahe springs. | J. L. Montgomery, an expert miner from Butte, went up to Coal | canyon, Wednesday, toexamine the jabsence of their pastor, to sign] arain demonstrated that he has the | } stuff in him and, with a man like Whitsett and Delmoe claims, with | the intention of. leasing and bonding if the showing is satisfactory. Plucky, Maud Murray the little son of Owen Curley from drowning on the 20th by, jump- ing into the swolen stream and seizing him just as -he was floating | saved through the headgate! of a large| Whitehall young people went along ditch. Mrs. Raymond and Miss Schroe- | der are now at home in their dress- | making parlors over the old J. V. T. Co*store and, will-be pleased | to see those wishing work in their line. [14-tf Among those who attended the funeral of Ivan Miller on Monday, from Summit valley, were Messrs. James Wetzel, J. Woodside and J. R. Norville with their families, Mrs. Morris—and daughter Nellie, and Nina Newkirk, and S. Thomp- oe . Mr. A. Less is away on a busi- ness trip to Missoula this week. yhen the accidental shooting of Mrs. ‘Folkman, of Sand Creek, took place in the early part of last winter Mr. Less was employed to take charge of the burial, and later a monument was ordered from him to be placed over her grave near Missoula,” where her parents reside. ' to place the monument and prepare This week Mr. Less went| they to tell of biddy’s fate. Yon are invited to attend the in= Sstallation ball to be given jointly by the Fish Creek and Whitehall camips of M. W. of A. at McKay's hall, Thursday evehing, June 5, | 1902, Admiission $1, station! [16-1t supper. Rey. B. L. Kline veports a very pleasant_trip to Helena, and says the church there in the the ~petiti#h to the city council, urging that body not to grant} dence portion of the city. The Whitehall base ball team went to Bozeman on Thursday to give the Bozeman team a return} | gamne. A large number of the} to root: for the boys. Bozeman larranged for an entertainment for on Thursday evening, | gives the pitcher the proper signal. | W hitehall and today the ball game is on. The -ladies of the Christian Aid will give a strawberry festival at} |the Tehay building, first door west lof Lomax’s barber shop Tuesday levening, June 3d. [16-1 Dr. L. R. Dobyns has opened an office inthe two-story frame | house, known as the Turney house, on the north side of Front street, near the section house, and will again take up the practice of medicine. The doctor practiced his profession in Whitehall from 1894, until about a year ago, and needs no introduction to ‘the older residents. A Dan -McPherson and_ family accompanied by. Mrs. John Fraser left for Miles City, Wednesday. where they Will visit with friends until after Decoration day when will return to Livingston for a visit of a few days. Re- ‘the grave for the decoration cere-|turhing to Sappington, Mr. Me- monies, which under the direction of the G. A.’ R. Post is to be fully celetirated there this year. the summer with their “grand- parents, Mr, and Mrs. Fraser. somé knockers who have a growl coming. They seem to forget that if every man on the team was play- ing perfect ball they would soon leave this place for one where their skill would command a good salary. We would suggest that the knock- ers put away their hammers and see if they can’t help,rather than hinder, our boys in their splendid efforts to have the best team in the jhe had the pleasure of entreating | state. In Sunday’s game Chet. McCall Packard to work with him, Chet. |license for a saloon in the resi-|has heavy odds on a baseball fut- In the most trying~ cireum- stances Sunday he kept his head and played with grit and coolness. Packard is a power of strength to the team. With him, Jike most college players, the game is one of intricate science. If the batter has a weakness Pack. sees it and ure. Jimmie Arlett had a little hard luck by a ball bouncing over his head, but his hitting through the course of the season always more than makes up for any errors in the. field. The following is the score by innings: : Whitehall 00100000 0—1 Meaderville1 0000000 4—5 Struck out, by MeCall, 10; by Hopé#13; wild pitches, McCall. 2, Hope, 3., Umpire, Kidney. Fan. The ladies of the M. FE. aid soci- ety of Pleasant Valley, will givea basket and, ice cream social at the schoothouse. on Saturday evening: June, 7th. 16-1t commsinguemimsencmse Card of Thanks. We desire to extend our siri- cere thanks to the friends and relatives who have been so kind to us during the sickness and death of our beloved one. ) Mr. and Mrs. Harvest Miller. ‘Pherson will leave his children for) , cena tanneepRnSinee F. H. Negley, local watch’ in- spector for the-N, P. railway, (1tf MODERN WOODMEN. Local Camp Organized With Charter Membership of Twenty-two. On Monday evening the organi- zation of a local camp of the Mod- ern Woodmen of America was ef fected by Organizer F. E. Brown of Butte. Wellcome camp, of Fish Creek, was in attendance and assisted in the organization of the local camp. ‘L'wenty-twomembers received the obligation, and the following officers were elected: H. B. Cain, venerable counsel; James Paul, worthy adviser; Ivan Hoiigh- ton, banker; A, Willoughby, Clerk; C. R. Burket, escort; W. E. 5. Moodie, inside watchman; Ed. H. France, sentinel; H. C. Collins, G. W. Rush, J. Weingart, managers. F. E. Brown was elected district deputy. , The camp was named in honor of the venerable counsel, H. B. Cain. <A joint committee consist- ing‘of three members each from Cain and Wellcome’ camps was ap- pointed to arrange for the installa- tion of officers, and the dance, which will take place on Thursday evening, June 5, The camp’s charter, under a dis- pensation of the head camp, will remain open for a period of ninety days. FREE LECTURE. Miss Gail Laughlin, Famous Woman Suffragist at the M. E. Church. Miss Laughlin, a graduate of Wellesley and Cornell Law school, will lecture, June 10 end 11, in M. E. church, Whitehall, on Wom- an Suffrage. Miss Laughlin was expert agent of United States Indestrial Com- mission, and is said to be one of the best informed women on in- |dustrial conditions of-women and children in this country, in the United States. and Come, have your old prejudices swept away. “Miss Laughlin is_a masterly, interesting speaker, with a voice made for oratory-and a magnetic vehiele for the expression of her powerful thought, her keen wit, and her courageous spirit* * *She impresses all with her logic and forcible argument. Women are proud to be represented by her ina | : ; j and made reputations for intellect jund brillianey.”-—Lexington (Ky.) profession where men have shone | Leadet. en | An experienced woman,wishes |} position as nurse or housekeeper. | Address M. A. Suniicut office. | [16-1t A Social Evening. A few of the friends of “Mr. and | Mrs. Sam Wade met at their res}- | Marvin Wade and Miss Teresa Reed being. the guests of honor, jand spent the evening pleasantly |with music and games. _ Refresh- ments: were served by the genial hostess, after which the company separated with kindly farewells, lespecially to Miss Reed who was about to leave for her home in Bozeman. Entertainment. The Christian Endeavor Society entertained the members of the | Epworth. League at the home of Mr.. and Mrs. Ernest McCall on Monday evening. About forty young people were present and a very pleasant evening was spent, with games and music after which refreshments were served by the hostess. os THE CHURCHES. * ee ee 3 METHODIST—J. M. TULL, PASTOR. Whitehall+First and third Sunday in the month. Preaching at 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p. m.,; Epworth League meets at 7:00 p. m. Prayer méeting every Thursday evening. Jefferson Island—Fourth Sunday. Preach- ing at 8:00 p. m Waterloo—Second and fourth Sunday. Préaching at 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m., second Sunday; and 11:00 a. m. on the fourth. Pleasant Valley—First and third Sunday. Preaching at 3:00 p. m. aii CHRISTIAN~B. L, KLLNE, PASTOR. Whitehall—second and fourth Sunday in the month. Preaching at 11:00a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Bible school, 10:00 a. m.; Mission Band, 3:00 p. m.; Y. P. 8. C. E., 7:J5- p. m. Waterloo—First Sunday. Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m. Pleasant Valley—Second and fourth Sun- day. Preaching at 3:00 p. m. South Boulder—Third Sunday. at 11:00 a. m. 4 Summit Valley—Third Sunday. atk:00 p.m. Sam Wade, LIVERY Feed and Sale Stable, RNS PATRONS CAN BE WELL AND Preaching Preaching FIRST-CLASS TURNOUTS FINE BUGGY AND SADDLE PROMPTLY HORSES AT FITTED OUT AT BED ROCK WADE'S RATES STABLES At All Hotuirs. Whitehall, Mont. | | | \€ -LOTHING to you this week. It’s the make that counts —the cloth costs about a third, but ser- as vice and satisfaction come from the tailoring. Noskimping or slighting in the g Caun-Wampo_p warranted clothing—you can examine every-detail and see how much more carefully it is made than ordinary clothing: Don’t Take Chances. Let us show you Our $10, 12.50 and $15 Lines. You’ll be under no obligations to buy. It’s a pleasure to show you. t $Shirt Waists will be in greater favor ‘and greater variety this year than over before. We wish to show yau the dainty, white Gibsons iust received. Ladies’ Ready-to-wear SUITS from $2.25 to $15. LADIES’ RAGLANS $8.50 to $15. x ladies’ Jnckate from $4.75 to $10. Misses’ # 2.00 to A. Children’s > : 1.75 to 3. ' CARPETS. Extra-Velvets cut to fit your rooms $t.25 pr yd. § Two-ply all-wool, made, 75 cents per yard. Three-ply all-wool at $1.00 per yard. Two-ply wool warp 45 cents per yard. Linoleums in All Grades. Floor Oil Cloths in different widths. Big Line Hammocks Just Received. ray

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 30 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.