Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 13, 1902, Image 1

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New Summer Dress-Goods, - ees eget tian ae sll Office and residence in_the two-stoty frame € VOLUME 1. s 4 WHITEHALL, MONTANA, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1902. Price Reductions . of a Most Startling Character. E Hav DROPPED ALL THOUGHT OF PROFIT THIS WEEK : Shoes Almost Given Away. New Dimities New Challies New Calicoes only Ste yd. only 6te yd. only 5e yd. New Stock Ladies’ and Children’s Straw Hats New Stock Men’s Negligee Shirts and Shirt Waists, New Neckwear, New Suspenders. Clothing at Actual Cost. Men’s Worsted Suits, $5.95, worth $10.00. Men’s Wool Cheviot Suits $8.00, worth $12.50. Boys Suits only $1.25. ~ OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS’ OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Boulder, Mont., June 2, ’02. Board of county commissioners met in vegular quarterly session. Present, W M Fergus, chairman, Edward Ryan, A H Moulton. The bills and receipts of county officers for salaries for quarter end- ing May 31, 1902, were examined, approved and ordered filed, ‘The following bills were allowed on thé Poor Fund, ‘and warrants ordered drawn for same: Joseph Potts, care podr at farm ».. 030020 Chas Hopkins, roy poor | [ Rm A W McDonald, refund poor tax * . 2 H 8 Whitsett, refand poor tax 2 Dosh Redding, refund poor tax 2 ° Joseph McGinn, refund poor tax Andrew Smith, refund poor tax ® Owen O'Donnell, refund poor tax 2 Ben Wirén, refund poor tax 2 Pat Hennessy, refund poor tax 2 ames Murphy, refund poor tax 2 J B Reynolds, board Mrs Harris 1250 M J Garrity, supplies Chas Flagg 2015 McKay & Carmichac! Co, supplies poor 20 80 The following bills were allowed on the General Fund, and warrants ordered drawn for.same: John T Murphy, ¢xpenses am ‘ Chas Scharf, expressage, etc 3% The following bills were atlowed on the Contingent Fund, and war- rants ordered drawn for same: C R Stranahan, services case Wilham vs county N H Johnson, repair jail, Clancy 1S John Denny, fence posts jall yard 4 Ge Pfaff, supplies & The following bills were allowed on the Road Fund and warrants or-- Men’s and Boys’ Straw and Crash Hats, The Newest. The Lowest in Price. The People’s Store. McKay& Carmichael Co MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. FL & A.M. om the HROOND and POURTIL TU Fs- } | JULIUS STABLE. - FRANKS. Franks & Stahle’s || b | DAY evenings of each month at Masonic | | rt ri Hall, Visit members are cordially In-| | t k t vited toat . a ere eae } ea ar e | A. A. Neepnam, W. M J. F. Rowsox, Sec is thejplace to visit | if you wish to procure the | Choicest Steaks, _ Frozen Fish, Fresh Oysters. PISH ANDIGAME IN SEASCN. | OUR SPECIALTY, Home-rendered LARD | Fresh and Balt Meats. Our market isa JEFFERSON VALLEY LODGE, ™ = model for neatness. Franks & Stahle ie errr Opposite N- Podepot: Meets the First and Third Mon-|*“*—~~~ ss 2 day Nights of Each Month. : A.LESS, J. J. Sxrper, N. G. the Whitehall a CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. FE, & Meets on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY | | evenings of cach month at Masonic Hail. Visiting members ate cordially invited to | attend. Mus. Lavina Coocey, W. M. Das McKewnzig, Sec. dered drawn for same: Frank T Morgan, road work dist. No.5 Nels Lindberg, road work dist. No. 5 13 Jobn Davis, road work dist. No. 6 13 A Clunie, road work dist. No. 5 aay B CieHand, road work dist. No, 5 2 T.A Brown, supplics dist. No.5. a F N Wild, advertising dist. No. 5 JH Baskler, trustee and clerk dist Nos WH Lockhart, trustee dist. No. 5 Jefferson Valley Trad. Co, dist. No. 4 J A Anderson, road work dist. No. 4 W F Shranger, road work dist. No. # Clinton Williams, trustee dist, No. # Frank Huller, trustee and clerk dist. * U W Eimer, viewing Jefferson Island road r6 The following bills were ordered not allowed: John Steele, clerk election road trustees; L. West- gate, judge election road trustees; John Lewis, judge election road trustees. Balance of day consumed in ad- justing delinquent taxes, and board adjourned to June 3, 1902. we SUSEBUS SRHCOND<DAY. Board met pursuant to adjourn- ment, all members being” present: The following bills were allowed on the General Fund and warrants ordered drawn for same: ~~ — F Bernatz, telegraphing 24% E W Wolverton, constable fees 1s” Geo Ptaff, telephone 02% Jennie Flicher, expenses 110 Seow. McCaut. Pin. Bec. : UNDERTAKER and es tececttras | — RRA PRET, THE REBECCA LODGE, No: 29, Visiting members cordially invited. carries the most, complete dine of Colne, | 1.0.0. F. Metalic Caskets, Burial Robes, and shows al the latest, Has certificate from the State Board of Health to Ermmbaim Bodies e rs oO yns, and ship all over the world; deals in Monuments —Sewing Machines and Supplies. When in need of Coffins, send orders direct to A. Less, a a. ot Whitehall, and your orders will receive 4. W. DAVIB. L. RB. PACKARD. | prompt attention. Davis & Packard, ——— Shs ppediestancesccucma noe Physicians and Surgeons, Sam Wade, LIVERY Feed and Sale Stable. Physician and Surgeon house on north side of Front street, near the section house. WHITEHALL, MONT. Cases requiring hospital care given special . ‘attention. i Hospital, Office and Residence on First street. Whitehall, Mont. JOHNSON & BURDICK, a © FIRST-CLASS PATRONS Dentists TURNOUTS CAN BE x FINE BUGGY WELL AND AND SADDLE PROMPTLY Wihttehalt- = <- + Mont.|.. noRsEs AT FITTED OUT AT $7 Office Over J. V. T,_aa BED ROCK WADE'S \ RATES STABLES IKE E. O. PACE At All Hours. Attorney-At-Law Whiteh], Mont. Whitehall Northern Pacific Railway Company. Mont. EAST BOUND. FR ANK: SHOWERS. 3 Xo. 2-Nort Const Limited. ...... No. 4—To Pony and Norris........- Attorney-At-Law ‘and Notary Public. No.' 4—To Twin Bridges, Sheridan and Alder: .......cceseeees -215 pam. WEST BOUND. OFFICE OVER J. yi 1. STORE. No. 1—North Coast Limited........ 5 00 p.m. : NOv 18... cde cere ewee eet Rb evibess ee . ( No. 33—Pony and Norris to Butte... 10 15 a.m. No. 48—From Twin Bridges and Al- GOR oven oc ectes icc eeveesicnes 8 20 a.m. Tickets on sale to all points, Pullman sleeper reservations. Fencing: The Page Woven W For prices and terms enauire of C. W. Wins- : Whitehall. _ W.B. SHEPARD, Agt® low, of ’ nab Cedar Posts GET YOUR Assaying Done at Whitehall. SUMLIG ht > AwaotutelyCorrect- Work Guaranteed. THE The following bills were allowed on the Road Fund, and warrants ordered drawn for same : F C Berendes trustee and clerk dist. 3 0 Benj Wabile, trustee dist. No. 3 3 M L Tuttle, road work dist. No. 4 oo Wilson Kilburn, lumber dist. No. 5 10 29 James Judge, road work dist. No. 5 bB Fred Bell, road work dist. No. 6 & John Harrington, road work dist. No.6. 750 “Chas Hopkins, trustee and clerk dist.6. 50 John Dawson, trustee dist. No. 6 % A C Quaintance, trustee dist. No. 6 % W A Maxfield, road work dist. No. 6 “1% H Gresetth, road work dist. No. 6 7s John Williams, road work dist. No. 6 250 Balance of day consumed in con- sideration of road matters, and board adjourned to June 4, 1902. THIRD DAY. Board met pursuant to adjourn- ment, all members being present. The following bills were allowed on the General Fund, and warrants ordered drawn for same: T J A Monaghan, services as steno. J P court $36 50 W T Sweet, J P fees 61 W B Redding, J P fees 15 Edwin Cooley, J P fees 6 James Wall, J P fees 3 Gco M Mackey, constable fees 13.80 Jno K Lewis, constable fees. ne <2 Ordered, that the following bills 4 be not allowed: _Noble.Drug Co., “lrefund licenses; William Rogers, | refund taxes. The following bills were allowed on the Poor Fund, and warrants ordered drawn for same: Mrs Dora M Powell, burial Peterson child and Jobn Smith... 80 Thos J Chestnut, supplies poor... ...... 65 Moris Downey, refund tax ; rr W M Fergus, services as con. inquiry M. Sheehy .. feiveps Giessen” NE Dr A L Ward, services inaul. M. Sheeby et al.......:...1-.< an sod egiahalein bev Dr Geo M Monroe, services ina. M Shee- hyet al........... ive jis vad weap aes W H Rockwell, refund fax Jasenpslougie si AH Moulton, trans. Cummings family. 5600 WD Northrup, coroner's fees. ...0-5, TM D © Skelton, juror incucst M Kentner... 50 Al Holter, os . - 19 August Fisher, * iy. ee JN Ervine, rc seals ee Thos Simpkins, . * . 100 WHITEHALL - - MONT. |Subscribe for it Send it fo Friends as i fe Se 2 ; j . « , oot | : ° | various named persons in payment of taxes, viz: | President J. Il. MJ Maxson. 9 eee E W Wolverton, juror tna. Geo M Ross. 150 vile fr ‘|Local Correspondence snd ; ‘s BOULDER. F E Houghton, a 150 . Geo Allen, juror ng. Henry Netlis 190} June 11.—Mrs. Z. Thompson Phil Kisginger, ng 150 * : ‘ ss pie Regan Greeley * 150 | Das bee n quite ill the past week, T CGlora, - re tbutisimproving: Joseph Cadenix, a 180 ‘ : 1. my a 190| Miss Jamie Concannon has re- H 8 Houghton, juror ing, Chas Smith 19\turned to Boulder and will spend Anaosh Fisher, 19] ¢he summer with her mother, N B Champagne, * 180 : ‘ Olof Anderson, ‘ 150| T. P. Sherlock and Jerry Pike Ben Barker c 180 Sohn akon : te /are spending the week at the Sher- The ‘following bills were allowed lock ranch in Broadwater county. on the Road Fund, and warrants Mr. F. F. Finch, Tuesday, re- ordered drawn for nine: ceived the sad news-of the death Vi Auibanan, road wooly tex x1. 8 eo} Of his aged mother,which occurred Lawrence Wanderer, ° ¢o0| June 5, at his old home in Kansas. Bw Snes, % Mrs. Berkin has gone to Butte WRSherman, .. ... “ 8 wy oe EL Marks.trusteo and clerk dist... 9 | for a few days’ visit. EL Wanderer, trustee dist, No. 1 25 . ‘ ns G0 Yeats, amber, Alat-No. 3 eo Mr. Benotkc r and Mrs. Tait, ¥ P Finch, road work dist. No.3.......... 5810| both of W oodyille, were married F F Finch, as 371. hee : sitiaamiion. * pi by Judge Sweet at the court house, FH Battershall, “ 1750| Saturday. Frank Britton, \ sO ; > Wine sturne oe Dilen. Pe ed Mrs. F. RB. Finch has returned F 8 Patterson, « saio| from her visit in Madison county, IW Eastridge, a 108 | where she was called by the illness W H Concannon, 9 Geo Poore, * ©} of her daughter. ' B F Barteau, trustee, ete., dist. No. 3 87 40 \ whieh a ee ; Wk Tisveck. oud ware diet. Ko. 8 pod Misses Hoag and Parkinson Goo Waterman, blacksmith, dist. No.4. 16% |0f Helena spent Sunday with Mrs, Jas Simpkins, Jumber dist, No. 6 BIT) S Boulder Mer Co., supplies dist, No.6... 286] tranahan. : s K M Cralle, services Co. surveyor + S900 The closing exercises of the W A Triplett, labor on dam near Boul- state school for the deaf and blind : 22 cieediniiatel dam near Boulder a” occurred Monday evening, Besides . = eae rat Se ae the graduates, Blaine Hurst and ance so. |Wm. Jones, many of the other pupils of the school took part and showed wonderful proficiency as the result of most excellent work The #8 Ordered, that petition forre pair road to Winscott mines be referred to trustees of road district No. 1. Ordered, that the county treasn- |°\ the part of the faculty. rer be and 1s hereby authorized to exercises were largely attended }, and after a brief address by State Superintendent Welch the diplo- mas were presented by Rey. Mac- accept the following sums from the Richard Mengon, 810 in full for tho year 1901. lelland: It A Richards, $87 fordhe years 1897 and 1899. E.. ©. James Leaby, 2150 0n mathinery for the years 12899, 1900, and 1901. Mra. E. J. Stantey, 816.50 on lots 4, 5, and 6, bik 7, Whitehall, for year 180%. . Coombs & Goodrich (on or before June th, in Boulder last week, 1002) $110.70 In full for tie years 1899, 1900 and| Mrs, Brush Beckwith returned om ; ‘ to her home in Butte Fuesday. The following bills were allowed on the General Fund, and warrants ordered drawn for-same: Skelton went to Butte one day last week. | to Boulder, Tuesday, by the serious Wil Holt, juror, siate vs Kyler 10 f o 2 is ined | full JR Maxiicld, “ t|from injuries sustained in a fa Lees Taylor = 1%! Decoration Day. | Al Holter ” 150 ola ; Tueneieet 1?) Mrs. W. W. Wicks and children JE Wild, ” 1#\and Miss Stinson left, Tuesday Board adjourned to June 5, 1902. evening, to spend the summer ee with relatives in North Carolina. Old-timer Returns. Mr. Marsh will spend the sum- George Wickham, an old resi- | mer in Dillon. dent of Waterloo, returned to} Boulder is somewhat agitated this place on Tuesday after an ex-|oyer the question of incorporat- | tended ‘trip in the east visiting|ing, but as yet it is diffieult| relatives: and friends and. the|to tell which will win out, those scenes of his boyhood home. He| hoping for the benefit-of-incor- visited at Annapolis, Maryland,| poration. or those fearing the Crawford county, Ohio, Grand | benefits will not be commensurate | Rapids, Michigan,-and many other | with the increase of taxation. points. The home of his child-]| Miss Maud Filcher will leave hood, oh, how changed! Where} this week to take the summer fifty years ago stood the mighty | course of study at Dillon, prepar- forest trees with giant limbs out-|atory to teaching in the fall. stretched, defying the wintry} Linen coats and panamas are blasts, and in the summer time,| much in evidence in Boulder, the clothed in varied tints of glossy | result-of the decided change in the green, inviting to rest in their} weather. cooling shade the troups of laugh- Sic Sea on ing, happy boys and girls, now are SUMMIT VALLEY. great orchards, fields of small June 11.—Rev,. Reagan preached fruits, and vegetable gardens, in- to a well-filled house on Sunday terspersed with meadows green morning last, but did not preach and fields of grain. “I felt lost,” in the evening asis his regular said he. 1 did not_know-the place | stom. at all... They. farm thei® lands’ for Uncle Sam Thompson made a every dollar there is in it, back. business trip to Butte on Monday, there. I have lived in Montana | Tetrning Tuesday. too long to ever content myself A number of Summit valley there. 1 wanted’ to. come back residents went to Whitehall Thurs- home.” While in the cast. Mr. day evening to attend the public in- Wickham visited -with one of his stallation and ball given by the sisters whom he had not seen for M. W. of A. lodge. 5 fifty-two years. Starting for the Jas. Williams and family and great and boundless west in 1850, Mrs. Ketchum. visited friends in he landed in the wilds of Minne | Whitehall Sunday. gota, where he spent about twelve [ Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander years, and when the gold fever of Butte are visiting relatives and attacked:the masses again he start- friends on Boulder and Summit Hon. Edward Cardwell visited | old friends in Waterloo Saturday Miss Belle Parkinson was called Saturday night. iiness- of her mother, resulting |@iven by the Sunday-schools of the throwing both occupants to the | Pioneer Gone. ground. Mrs, J. J. was badly This morning at eight o’clock bruised up but the only damage | occurred the death of Samuel G. done Mrs. Burt aside from fright | Mackey, an old resident of Jeffer- was a badly torn and soiled wed-| son county, and a pioneer of Mon- ding dress, tana. Deceased was born near Mrs:——SVoodside—and— family | Baltimore, Md., about 65 - years visited in Whitehall Monday. ago. He. came across the plains Misses’ Nina and Alta Newkirk }Dy the Bozeman route reach- returned last Tuesday- from an ex- | ing Helena in 1866, other mem- tended visit at Parrot, bers of the party being Mr. Geo, May and Beryl Rundell took a Benjamin of this place, Mr. James pleasure trip to Jefferson Island Maulden of Dillon, Dr. and Mrs. Tuesday. Rudd of Jefferson, Mr. Mackey Francis Newkirk took a load of |lived in Helena and Unionville grain to Whitehall Thursday and several -years ‘where he was en- was accompanied by his~ sister | gaged in mining. In the early’70s Nina who went to visittheir sister, | he prospected’in Jetferson county Mrs, ‘fT. S. Smith. and in 1872 located the Baltiniore Dan MeKinzie, who was em | mine and during most of the time ployed by F. Newkirk,has gone to | since he made his home in Comet Gold Hill to work and Dick {and that locality, although for the Morrissey“has taken“ his place at | past. few months he had lived in the ranch. Minti. | Boulder. Deceased will be missed WATERLOO. | by inany old-time friends in this ; : }county and the state. He has no June 10,—The- social given at) yelatives living in’ the west, but Waterloo- last Saturday night for) ihe family of a brother. lives at the benefit of. the Christian church | West Branch, lowa, and it is be- was a decided success. Though] jjeyed that two ‘sisters live in the attendance was not large every- | Maryland.—Age, June LL. one seemed to enjoy themselves, which is the chief thingvon such an| The receipts of the | D.P. Satton’s mammoth pavilion cyening were 837.30, and would|show will. visit Whitehall for one have been $67.30 if there had been | day —next Wednesday. The rural a few more boxes. The ice-cream | farce comedy-dranm, “Mable and eake were fine, and those who | Heath,’* will be presented, There made them deserve praise. will be a grand military band Mr. and Mrs. Harrison attended | parade at noon.don’t fail to see it, the Waterloo social Saturday night: |The price of admisson_ is_50c¢ for Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wheeler | adults and 2d5¢ for children. of Parrot visited in Waterloo Sat- | urday and attended the social in the evening. Geo, Stolebarger was greeting es Pavilion Show. occasion. en Ernest Mitchell has returned to j town-atfter an absence of several | weeks,- J. W. Graves and Fay MeCall and Sunday. are in. Butte to-day, to secure the W. W. Beeman of Whitehall | music for the’ Fourth, attended the social in Waterloo Father Thompson, of. Boulder, Mie is here looking-#fter the interests The grounds for the picnic to be | of his flock in Whitehall. valley have. been selected and. will Ag be cleared and fixed in the near ere gery bee ’ Long—Sag, Short, I'd like to bave future so that there will be no rub-| that $10 you borrowed of me_ three bish thereon. They are located | months ago. ‘ * the Dobyns boys’ place ‘ Stort—Sorry, old man. but | can't wens ho pay Ns oe Pp o er miiti=) give it to you at the present writing. ing ground on the Little Pipestone. | Long—But you said you wanted it —_—____—_—_—_— for a little while only. MAYFLOWER. Short—Well, I gave it to aes es >a . 1 didn’t keep it half an bour.—Chicago June 12.—Mr. King and Mr] News, of Anaconda are visiting Mr. His Dill. Thomas. i “Your young nephew William ap- Mrs. Dr. Davis and mother and | pears to think he knows much more Mrs. V hite . viet. | than he really does know.” Mrs Bohm of Whitehall are visit Seen be toh Sak tes: ioe om ing friends in Mayflower. but pot a Bill that ts posted.”—Boston Mr. Starford is at home at | Transeript. present. - a _ The productivencas of Formosa is so W. J. Rankin has ‘gone to Pony.| great that it ts believed that the pres- We ure sorry to, lose him. | ent population of 2,500,000 could be + - | rulsed to 10,000,000 without exbausting Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Foster and | the fertility of the soll. Walter .Brook and wife went to Waterloo last Saturday. | A. J. Smart says the fishing is | good at the present time. —_—————_——— THE CHURCHES. METHODIST—J. M. TULL, PASTOR Whitehall—Pirst and third Sanday in tho month. Preaching at, 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. ot..3 Quite a number of our boys Epwort: League meets at 7:00 p.m. Prager went to Pony last week. | meeting every Thursday evening. rr | Jefferson Island—Vourth Sanday. Preach- Mrs. J. Miner returned home | jy at :00 p. m from Butte last week, Waterloo—Second and «fourth Sunday Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 8:09 p. m., second Sanday; and 11:00 a. m. on the fourth. Pleasant Valley—First and third Sunday Preaching at 3:00 p. m. CURISTIAN—B, L, KLINE, PASTOR, The whist club met at the usual timejand all report a jolly evening. Mrs. Lewis and sister went to Whitehall shopping this week. ‘seit cea ‘and Souris seabed. i Mr. and. Mrs. Jack (’ Brien | the month. Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 8:0 ~ Whi tot i , 1pm. Bible school, 10:00 a. m.; Mission Band, were Whitehall visitors Thursday. | 3’) ), m.; ¥. Pp. 8. ©. Ey T5. D. m. ; All who’ participated in the}, Waterpe Pirst Sanday. Preaching at 11:0) m. m. and 8:00 p. m. ec dinner under the pines ‘last Mon- Pleasant Valley—Second and fourth Sun- day. Preaching at 3:00 p.m. day reported n grand time. . nee -Third Sunday. Preaching ———— Summit Valley—Third Sunday. Preaching ats:00 p.rn PLEASANT VALLEY. a June 11.--The M. E. social last z oad ? . . e Saturday evening wasin every way O m1 ni a success, everyone seeming to have an enjoyable time. The re- ; ceipts of the eveniug were $62.25. D. P. Sutton’s Mammoth Jessie. Tuttle is spending the ed with others to seek fortune and valley. > : came to Montana where he has| — 9**- Woodside was called to since made his home. He will Virginia City Monday as juror for visit his daughter Mary at Clancy, this term of court, then with his two sonsand after| Mr. H. J. Tuttle and daughters that decide where he will locate. - Mabel and Lucile made wflying eriecnemeniennenaainige trip to Summit valley last week. Oberlin College President Dead. Miss Alice ee visited at Barrows of| Parrot last wee®. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Sacry and Oberlin College, died at Oberlin,’ visited Mrs. Rundell Ohio, on the 3d inst. of pleura- daughter pneumonia, brought on by exposure Sunday. to draught in the cars while return- Mrs. J.J. and Mrs. A. F. Church ing from a business trip to the east. attended church here Sunday and President Barrows was one of the met with an accident while on leading educators of the land. “their way home. A half dozen or —_ mord young men became unruly Harvey Day, of ’ Winchester, |in trying to-do a little horse rac- Towa, an old time friend of W. W. jing on their way home from church eqs weck with Mrs. Tull at Whitehall. Pavilion Show The two Misses Robertson are , My. rs “y visiting with the Misses Riggs. ONE DAY ONLY * The Christian Aid will meet with Mrs. J. W. Gilkey next Thursday. | i The M: EK. Aid met with Mrs. e \ ne j e M: A. Tuttle on. Wednesday of ; : this week. .There was plenty of Presenting the rural farce comedy- ‘ ‘ drama work and an enjoyable time. Ice- . cream and cake were served by the MABLE HEATH hostess, after which the company CIRCUS. COMEDY. VAUDEVILLE. dispersed with wishes for other |—— 1 ice nsthit ele meetings soon. Mrs. Kyle and children are spendng the week with friends in : 1 Soutli Boulder. nyrof Artists. Thenewest ideas Mr. and Mrs. Jordan went. to in play coustraction. Whitehall and, returning, were ac- Watch for. our Grand Military, Ban companied by Ethel McCall, Tons of Beautiful Scenery. Oceans _ of Novelties, Fun, Frolic, and Fashion... Incomparable compa- Parade at Noon. — Plasterers are at work on Mr.| Location of Show Grounds Oppo? MoG@all, is being entertained at the | and’ collided with Mrs. Church's Jefferson House. ; buggy, taking & wheel off ard Gilkey’s house which will soon be Depot. ; completed, : * Adults 5c, eo Children 2c, ‘ ‘re ‘

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 13 June 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.