Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, July 18, 1902, Image 1

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us a WHITEHALL, MONTANA, “Fripayt JULY 18, 1902. NUMBER 238. i Wee ALL SUMMER GOODS AT ACTUAL cost. | | a worth Ue a yd, all for 5c a yard rte sem teint ae ¥ oy » Ladies’ Wra: , 60c, 75c and 81, worth donble 4 i : » , ¥ . et ee Waists, large line 4 * Ladies’ White Waists at less than you can buy the material. Men's aiid Boys’ Clothing at Actual Cost. j We are going out of the clothing = business. brovnatinasenin Men’ 's Suits for 85, 00. Pants $1.50. Snaps in Shoes. 3 Afsbe * Ladies* Oxford Ties at 85c. Ladies’ Kid Shoes, $1 10. Messes’ Shoes, $1 00. ‘Men’s Shoes, $1 50. ~ ery Department. In this department wé haye too many bargains to enumerate. Come and get our prices..°.~ Coal Oil, 20c. per gal. $2 50\per case. Case Oil, McKay. &Carmichael Co MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. & A.M.” on the ‘and jc CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. E. 8. Meets on PIRST and ence TUESDAY JEFFERSON VALLEY LODGE, No. 60, 1.o. O. F. . | ‘_ Meets the First and ‘Third. Mon- day Nights of- Kach Month. J. J. Syvper, N. G. Gro. ATERMAN, Sec. 4 W. W. Mocars, Pin, Bec. é THE REBECCA LODGE, No. 29, ; 1.0.0. PF. . Mects the Second and Fourth Mon- days of Each Month \ Visiting members cordially invited. “ CL. R. Dobyns, “ Physician and Surgeon nw po 6 2 Office and residence in np teematcey i Se ree! cocoa boas HALL: MONT. J.W. DAVES, 3 kB. PACKARD: a & Packard, Physicians and Surgeons, Cases airing hospital caré given special : See attention. Hospital, Office and Residence on First street. Whitehall, Mont. JOHNSON & | Dentists.” Mont. é whitehan - 52 Office Over 2 Vv. Tat am KE E, O. PACE pe Attorney-At-Law _Wnitenai Mont. PRANK SHOWERS. in and pe. Pbk. OFFICE OVER J. V.T. STORE. a iP PN\ FF Me -——_ — 8G. B. FRANKS. JULIUS STAHLE. Franks & Stahle’s Meat Market is theiplace to visit if you wish to procure the t Choicest Steaks, | AAS Frozen Fish, Fresh Oysters. FISH AND:GAME EN SRASON. OUR SPECIALTY, Home-rendered LARD Fresh and Salt Meats. Our Market is & | model for neatness Franks & Siaiie $ Opposite N. P. depot, ww -- ---—— the Whiteball UNDERTAKER and FUNERAL DIRECTOR, carries the most complete line of Coffi Metalic Casket Burial Robes, and shows all the } Has certificate from the State Board ealth to Ermbaim Bodies and ship all over the world; deals in Monuments —Sewing Machines and Supplies. When in need of Coffins, send orders to. A. Less, of Whitehall, and your orders will receive prompt attention. Sam Wade, LIVERY Feed and Sale Stable. A. LESS, REN FIRST-CLASS © “PATRONS TURNOUTS “= CAN BE FINE BUGGY WELL AND AND SADDLE PROMPTLY HORSES AT “FITTED OUT AT ‘BED ROCK WADE'S RATES STABLES At Al Hours. , Whitehall, Mont. Artistic MONUMENTS | ra ae: White Bronze. Han Wili Not or become Moss- BOULDER. Miss Mary Taylor spent. San- day at Clancy. F. C. Berendes and daughter, Miss ‘Gladys, and. Win; Whet- stone, returned Monday from a week’s visit at the home of W. B. last Sunday ‘and treated his andi- ences to” two» very scholarly addresses. « \ Miss Lillian Halford has re- turned from her visit at Jefferson Island. Miss Lilah is still with her grandparents at Canton, and Elsie Halford is visiting ‘witli friends in Helena Word has been received in Boulder - that ex-Senator Greene and family have taken up their abode in Seattle and expect .to make that their permenent home. A. party composed of Dr. and Mrs. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Stranahan, Prof. and Mrs. Me- Aloney,’ Mrs. Harris, -and the Misses Holt and Harris, left Tuesday and expect to spend a week camping on Muskrat creek. Mrs. Hack Concannon eft, Wednesday evening to spend the summer at her girlhood home in Indiana. Dr. Robertson is home from a trip to British Columbia. John Berkin spent a few hours with friends in Boulder Wednes- day. ' Miss Alta Concannon was out from Butte Sunday. Miss Clara Reidel left Saturday for. Elliston, where she will again resume her duties, after visiting with relatives in Boulder. Mrs. Stranahan returned home Sunday after a two-weeks visit with her mother in Helena. Henfy Rickerts, clerk of the supreme court, shook hands with old friends tt Boulder Sunday. Miss Gail “Laughlin spoke at the Methodist church Saturday evening. Her topie was ‘Theory and Practice’’and applying this to the larger subject “‘Suffrage”’ ghe proved herself a very able and. gifted speaker. While here she re- | }organized the Boulder Equality clab, and the following officers ALIAS SUMMONS. Montana, county of Jefferson, ss. ice's court of jhitehall township, iwin Cooley, Justice of the Peace, MeKay & Carmichael Co., a partnership, plain- tiff, vs. J, D. White, Defendant. SUMMONS, The State of Montana, to the above named defendant, greeting: You are hereby o peeeaeed to appear caves before — win ert a Justice ¢ the Peace in and for oy atimy office in Winitchall on tho Oth day to as State of In the J pein and delivered by the 2 ays toge' according imeo omptain Given 1 ‘Seder my band this 15th p Say of Ss of July, A.D. oe tice of the Peace. Ike EO O. Pace, Keema for Plaintiff. Northera Pacific Railway Company. We BB i ges cdi ceicces ts Weedecgevcsstes 8 30 a.m. MO B..00n- orasorgs sacs dagssevereoweeys 10 6 a.m. No. 1—North Coast Limited......i. 5 00 p.m. No, 5 gock local west. BAST BOUND. 5 & am. ONo. 14 goes local east; east connectajat Sap- pington with train for Pony and Norris. Nos. § and 6—Tbrough Burlington train. No. #4 leaves Whitehalifor Alder at 10:30 p.m. Returning. deaves Alder at 7:15 a.m., arrives Whitehall 10:15 a. m. > W. B. Sutprarn, Agt. F. H. Negley, (Successor to Negley & Rutland) Druggist Watches, Clocks, ie Jewelry, ine Sp wwa. be Pats and | Wall at ee ¥ iS Local Correspondencel ss, Resident, Mv Gaffney at Seattle. Rev. Dodds held Episcopal services “morning -and evening |j Mrs. Sallie ‘Martin; Tcamaetnt Mrs. E. T. Concannon. The next meet- ing ‘is ¢alled for the tirst Monday in August, at the home of the president: Friday evening, about 8 o'clock, J. H. B. Mathison of Clancy, was held up, robbed of $150 and shot, about one mile from Basin. He was taken to Helena on the even- ng train and it was learned Satur- day morning. that his leg was so seriously injured from the gun- shot wound that it was necessary to amputate W He could give the officers no clue as to the man who did the shooting. However, suspision sPointed to one John Kilbride; “and he has accordingly been lodged in the county jail. Tom Sherlock went to White- hall-Monday to sammon jurors. ‘ SUMMIT VALLEY. July, 17.—Mrs. Westmoreland and son Lewis were Pony visitors Tuesday. S$. F. Tuttle and family visited relatives in Summit: Valley last week. Frank. Foster and wife of Waterloo visited Mrs Harvest Miller of this valley last Monday. Most of the farmers of this valley are busy putting up hay. The Whitehall base ball team passed through here last Monday evening. People didn’t have to see them to know they were near. Ray Clark and wife were visit ing friends and relatives here last week, Mr. and Mrs. Hiscock of South Boulder visited the city. of Pony Tuesday. Mrs. F. M. Newkirk and sister Nina mado a flying trip to Jeffer- son Island Tuesday, Every one expected to hear Rev. Stanley preach here Sunday, but were disappointed. Mratm. LIST OF JURORS. The following npmes were drawn for the July term of court: Beardsley, W. L., Boulder. Benson, Chas. A., Corbin. Black, T. T., Whitehall. Borden, Lot, ih Bowden, J. H., Elkhorn. Braun, Bcnry, Wickes. Brien, J» B., Basin. Carlson, Anton, Clancy. Carlson, Oscar, Bernice. Cockrill, George, Clancy. Connon, David, Big Foot. Cook, J. T., Elkhorn. Cooper, William, Clancy. Corbett, Lather, Wickes. Dahl, Gus, Elk Park. Daniel, Gus, Basin, Dawson, Thos. $., Cold Springs. Dooley, Thomas, Basin. Dulaney Henry F., Boulder. Dunges, Charles, Wickes. Erickson, Frank O., Wickes. Fisher, Fred., Basin. Foley, M., Clancy. Freéborn, M., Basin. Grady, E. L., Boulder. King, C. B., Basin. Manchester, N. R., Whitehall. McDonough, W.C.,Cold Springs. Riggs, D. F., Whitehall. Ring. Jri}Eugene, Basin. Schmidt, Henry; Whitehall. Steinman, A., in. Sterrett, J. B., Mitchell. Ulsher, Andrew, Elk Park. Wade, Samuel, Whitehall. » Court Proceedings. Court opened Saturday, July 12th, 1902, and the following bus- iness was transacted: Eugene Picot, v. B. Carey et ux.” The default of the defendants having been heretofore entered judgment was ordered, signed and filed against the defendants for the amount prayed for excepting Ltherefrom:one item. © 3 John J.. Hall, v. James Sweet letal. . ~The court having considered ‘this ease, concluded that two ad- ditional parties, A. H.. Moulton land M. A. Johnson, ‘should be ‘made parties defendant, — in ponder that the rights of all parties ested in the waters of 8 cer- m ditch tapping Prickly Pear in the northern part of thé ¥vcould be finally determined cated, and court ordered that the said parties be made part- ies defendant. Court adjourned until Monday, July 14, 1902; but, there being no business, court again adjourned until Monday, July 21st, atQa.m., at which time the jury will appear und the trial 6f jury cases be commenced, The following cases have been entered on the court calendar since the opening of court. E. L. Smith, v. J. D. Prichett. This case was transferred from Silver Bow county.’ F. R. Dean, v. ‘Montana Central Ry. Co. This case is an appeal from the justice eourt. The Whitehall ‘Team Played Horse With the Pony Boys. Sunday morning our -boys went to Pony in a two-horse and a four- horse rig. In the evening the re- port. came over the wires that Pony had won the game by 12 to 11. Our boys had started the game by get- ting five runs’ in the first inning. A spectator says that they then be- came reckless in running bases. At any rate, the Pony boys. got on their batting clothes and hit Ches- ter McCall for fourteen clean ones; and when the game ended the um- pure declated Pony the victors by one run. The umpire allowed the winning run to come in from sev- ond base on a passed ball, in plain violation of the ground rule agreed upon, providing that the runner could have but one base ona passed ball. Whether our boys let the Pony team win Sunday, just in oder to walk off with their money on Mon- day, isa matter that you cannot get our boys to talk on. At any rate,the Pony boys became swelled with their Sunday victory and claimed to have the best team, Our management conld not stand that, and offered to wager #100 on each side and hold the Whitehall team there for Monday. — After much rustling around town the Pony team managed to find $100, and the $200 was placed in the bank, Pony insisted on having. the robber umpire of the Sunday game again officiate. He was allowed to go in on probation. | Arlett took his base on balls; **Whiskers”’ came up and looked dangerous to Mr. umpire, so the first ball, which came so high that the-catcher couldn’t reach it, was called a strike; the next strack in front of the®plate and was called a strike; the third went behind “Whiskers,” but the umpire called “Strike.”’ Arlett slid home, had gotten up and was ten fect toward the players’ bench before the catcher received the ball, and the ampire said “‘you’re out.”’ Mr. McFadden was substituted as umpire. The cighth inning came and passed and the score stood 6 to 5 in favor of Pony and the umpire. Then the balloon went up, Our boys lambasted the ball all over Madison Valley, and when the smoke cleared away the score was 11 to.6 ih favor of Whitehall, everybody in Pony was broke, and the town looked like a cemetery. t A Word of eee, Ed. Sunuieut: A complaint has come to my ears from Mr. John Gilbert,to the effect that his little adopted boy, Henry Adolphus Gilbert has been permitted, allowed, or persuaded, to eat and sleep away from home for several days, without the per- mission or consent of his adopted father or mother, which hascaused them a great deal of anxiety, not: knowing his whereabouts. This is not right, and is contrary to law. A word to the wise is sufficient; and the ignorant should obtain knowledge. . Z. D. Fosrmr. Make Your Kick Now. The county commissioners will meet next Monday, Tuesday’ and Wednesday, July. 2ist to 28d, as a board of equalization, for the pur- pose of adjusting assessments. If there dre errors in your Assess- ment, this is the time to have them corrected or fotevér nee hold your — 3 FINAN OIAL REPORT, Showing Disposition of Punds by the Fourth of July Committee. The following sums wero dis- bursed by the committee in the payment of purses and other ex- penses of the celebration: Foot race & 1000 Bicycle race 10 00 Broad jump 5 00 Ball game 75 00 Throwing ball 5 00 Putting shot 5 00 Horse race 50 00 Horse tace 25 00 Boys’ bicycle race 5 00 Saddle and go race 15 00 Running broad jamp 10 00 Music : 100 00 Horse race 70 00 J. W. Graves, Flags and 6 50 6 00 6 00 Bunting Harry Huber, shade J. Anderson, road Ly SS. Greene, cutting boughs, 17 00) J. V. T. Co., lumber 12 25) J.T. Ayers, moving boughs 875 A. A. Needham, telephone and expenses 410 W. W. McCall. boarding musieian 9 25 Noble, moving poles 4 00 Freight on boughs 8 60 Miner Pub. Co. 11 00 Negley, telephone 65 Dan McKinzio, marshall 5 00 Total $478 00 The balance of $73.00 remaining in the hands of. the committee will be applied on the purehase of new uniforms for the baseball team. Cuas. J. Prurrt, Cuas. Houner; J. W. Graves, Cémmittee. Visiting Tomplars. Members of. Jefferson Valley Lodge, No. 15, Independent Order of Good Templars, numbering fourteen, visited Sheridan Lodge, No. 23, at its regular meeting on Tuesday evening. The purpose of the Visit was, in part, to more fally acquaint the membership of Sher- idan Lodge with the initiatory works of the order, and to assist in strengthening, as far as possible, their organization. All reporta very enjoyable time, and vote Sheridan people first-class enter- tainers, Real Estate Transfers. The following transfers of real | very lenfent, his gruff “Move on!\ estato in Whitehall and vicinity were recorded during the month of | June: 1. E. O. Pace to C. J. Pruitt. E. J. Stanley and wife, to J. W. Davis, lots 4, 5, and 6, block 7 J. ¥F. Pruitt to Raby J. Pruitt. J..O’ Boyle, to Homer Hindman. Noble & Wyeth Improvement Co. to C. M. Johrison. C. M. Johnson to Eliza Johnson, The services held by Bishop Brewer at the Christian church on Thursday evening of last week were largely attended. An effort is to be made to haye services here each week in the future. The ladies of Whitehall will! give a dance at McKay’s hal] on Wednesday night, July 23, for the benefit of the baseball team. Ice cream and cake will bo served at the hall. Conductor Walters and wife, J. Oy Johnson, At A. Needham’s | lo family and Miss Jessie Goodrich, drove to the Springs on Wednes- day, spending a pleasant <dfter- noon. In Fergis county this year, the Fourth of July was oelebrated at New Year. That is all right too. New Year is-an up to date little town. ED ‘Simple Words. : Tiiere are n certuin number of simple words in the English language that will express the greatest thoughts, and great men vse them. To be incdmpre- | ov henéible may be a sign of knowledge. It may algo be the sign of an’ intellee- tual snob. The world is not moved by ten and women who talk in an un- kyows tongue.—Schoo! master. The Purist at Large. The Walter—You'll find naa hives: liver very fine. as that. Bri res of the liver of one calf-Oh —— Trouble, troublé with most people is The ae! don't want sé. much}, The ell, it's Wellin Renae News i MOVING IN SCOTLAND ON MAY 28 OCCURS THE ANNUAL CARNIVAL OF “FLITTING.” One Day Im Each Year When Furvi- tere Vans und Chaow Reign su- preme—An Odd Bystem, Built Up on the Caution of the Landlords, In Scotland May 28 is aunually given over to a perfect carnival of “fitting.”, In England houses of the high rents are taken by the year at ar quarter day and the lower rented ones by the month er even by the week. The Giltting is thus spread over the year, and no confusion arises. The Scottish system la to let Louses by the year from May 28, Even the smallest, consisting of enly ene room, are so Jet. On the great day In any large town the sights afforded range from the laugh- able to the pathictic. As soon as it is daylight the vang previously “trysted” begin thelr work; the goods are loaded up with more haste than care and to the aceompant- ment of the goo housewife's lamenta- tions as tome cherished household god is roughlysfung into the van, Arrived at the destination, further troubles are in store. lerbaps the new house ts not yet vacated, and, as the van te required for other removals, the goods are dumped down In the street, and there the poor family ts left stranded for the tine. Ocensionally some streets—in Glasgow, for lustunce —present an appearance of wholesale evictions. ’ So numerous are the demands that vans cannot always be obtained, and every kind of vebicle, Including horse; less carriages, popularly known as “hurleys,” are preased Into the service, supplemented by father, mother and the children, each carrying pleturea, mirrors or @her cherished articles toy precious to trust to the tender mercies of some ramshackle conveyunee, These processions are moving along all day. The representative of law and order, apon thia day at least, ls is less In evidence, and his ready uote- book gets a rest. There are no “cpses” of obetruction reported, althougl oftep loaded vans bave to remaln jn a atreet all night. It may be that the “pollsman” grasps the humors of the situation, or perbaps a fellow feeling Influences Lim. No doubt bis own filtting {9 In progress, and he retires off duty to some strange abode, there to assist In carrying in his goods, to sup off a crust of bread and cheese and sleep on the floor, hs others have to do. } A stranger naturally inquires tbe - cause thls one day given. over to chaos, It is to be found to the cau- tion of the Scottish landlord. It is aif- fieult to obtain o house at nny other time than the lawful removal day, and the canny house owner bas prudently sectred bis rent a fortnight previously, May 15. . : “Moonlight” fittings are thus prac- tieally unknoftn, and there is little loss of rent from that cause. The rents being payable half yearly only, the cost of colicetion is reduced, ar is the rink of joss, to a minimum. Tie sys tem entails great bardahip to working, men compelled to change the —— of their Invors. Tbey frequently enhvot obtain a Louse until term day and bave consequently to take lodgings and sup port their family In another town. If fortunate enougt to obtain a house, the landlord steps In and requires his full yenr’s rent to be paid or deposited in bank before he allowa,the goods to be removed. The unfortunate bead of a bousehgjd ja also responsible for the fall year’s rates of his “new” house, altbough be may have paid In full at bis vacated bouse, The only ailvantage to tho tenant 19 security of tenure for twelve months nnd the certainty of being accommo- dated at the expiry in the general scramble. Of course It happens some- times, through vew houses being crect- ed, that some one is able to start the ball tolling a day or two before term, to the comfort of all Invdlyved in the particular cireult; but, generally speale ing, May term day in. Scotlund is not au Institation to be admired and copied. Strange to say, Sandy not only takes « this day philosophically, but Js much emore addicted, to “fitting” than people south of the Tweed, some families mov- ing. regularly every ysetir without any apparent necessity. One woukl scarce, ly expect the worry Wht! discomfort of the day and succeeding temporary chaos to be yoluntarily undertaken, but the fuct Is so. The continunnee of the system itsel¢ is a standing monument to the Britist hee and law abiding nature. réon’s Weekly. A Great Dargai , Mra. Winks—A peddler was here td @ay, and | got the greatest bargali— a whole pound of 1 _powder for only 10 cents, It looks Just dike dirt: but it's awfully effective, 1 tried it. Mr. Winks+ Worked, eb? Mra Winks+Yes, Indeed. The ped: dier said I should put « little in water and apply it boiling bot, and 1 did, and It killed every Insect It toucuued: —New York Weekly. mreatia vi. Leading Up to, fh. Bobbie = Yau Know ther ortierved th’ pantry wot you told. me. Stel? Motheh— Yea. Oe URE Uobiyg—Ton bnew, jou. ate aber d hiake ek if 1 et ‘em, didn't yout + Mother—Yes, Bobbie~ Well, they Aydt eames seri eS ‘The Blessing of Faboblpe 4 “What a blessin’ 18 porertgl” et Melek hae se R$ cWvng. yen, Web yout tl God Rr ar Si ome : JS aur Nees

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 18 July 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.