Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, July 18, 1902, Image 4

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ATAPI S nape “y ea Ff Pe : tid e Tope ‘COUNTY OFFICERS. a .M. H. Parker hey Fifth Judictal Sueur the Co! eX A, J. Holloway BT GUN 8 00. see he L. Bherlock Under Sheriff see T. BP, Sherlock Jailer,......... ., Daniel Halford DIN) <hvckdesvusaseneieanne .. .& F, Tuttle CleFk and Recorder............ Charles Schart County Attorney .. se veJ, H. Murphy ABBONBOR. 6... oe eeeete nee ew John T. Murphy . Burveyor....... .+see Kt. M, Cralle “Superintendent ‘of Se A . Jennie Filcher \Public Administrator. .... ‘Z. N. Thompson +Ooroner......... ..W. D. Northrup COMMISSIONERS. W. M. Fergus, Chairman.. ... Whitehall Kdward Ryan,. .... 0-5-6. .. Boulder AH. Moulton . Jefferson The regular meetings of the board of county -commissioners begin on the first Monday in March, June, September and December. The members also serve as a board of equaliza- tion, meeting for. this purpose on the third Monday in July TERMS OF COURT. For the Fifth Judical District. comprising the counties of Jefferson, Beaverbead and Madison, the regular quarterly terms begin as follows: Jefferson county on the first Monday in January, April, July and October. Beaverhead, on the third Monday in Feb- ruary May, August and November, Mrs. Angus MeArthur is seri- ously i}l with pneumonia, Engineer Sherwood,of the N.P., is in town for a few days. . Miss Lena Van Scoy of Helena Will MeClatchey has taken a position with’C. Reel of Pony in the livery barn. Miss Myrtle Riggs spent Sunday at the home of her unele, D.F. Riggs of Pleasant Valley. Frank. Shrauger departed for Rockford, Washington, Thursday, for a visit With. his mother. Mrs. West and daughter of May- flower were visiting with the fam- ily of Dr. Davis on Tuesday, W. M. Poore and wife have been at South Boulder this week for a visit with, their daughter. Madison county on the second Monday in Mareb, June, September and December. GLEAMS. Dave Morris of WW: aterloo wasin Whitehall this week. W. M. Poore made his final trip with mailto Parrot on Saturday. F. H. Negley .local watch re- pairerfor the N. P. railway. [1tf Mr. George Wickham .is stop- ping at the Jefferson house for a few days. Willow Creek postoffice has risen to the dignity of a money order office. Mrs. G. Bridges is visiting Foster of this place. Mrs. J. F. Robson has been spending the week in Pony, visit- ing with relatives and friends. B. Harbison of Twin M¥s. Emily Karl Simmons, N. P. land agent of Helena, was in town this week on business with L. C. Pace, the resident agent. Préf. Gs As Raring of Sand Coulee has,beefi engaged as princi- pat of the Whitehall school for the coming.year. Z Miss Nellie Hines, one of the teachers in the Butte public schools, is guest at. the home of Mrs. Thomas 8. Smith this week. Go to Graves for choice candies. [18-tf W. W. Beematand wife spent “Tuesday and Wednesday visiting friends in Sheridan, and while there attended the Good Templars’ picnic. E. W. Hackmuth, prescription clerk at Negley’s drug store dur- ing the visit of Mr. Negley to Ohio, is in the hospital at Fort Benton anne from typhoid Mrs. J. S. Hammond and little gon went to Bozeman on Thursday for a few days yisit with relatives. Note the special Pre-inventory ad of the 3..V.T.-Co. onthis page. 22-1t The town has sort of a lonesome look, as W. 8S. Granger’s stage is the only one that is seen in town now-a-days. Dr. L. R. Packard returned on Monday fronia four-weeks. visit with friends in Chicago and else- where in the east. Mary and Catherine Fergus, Agnes Bowe and Daisy Kellogg are spending the week in Butte visiting friends and relatives, Mrs G. B. Harbison of Twin Bridges was a welcome visitor at the Eastern Star lodge on Tuesday night and called on friends here. Miss M. Ober of Butte was in yesterday ‘looking to the establishing an ice town buying or cream parlor and fruit store in town. Joy and James Foster returned | jars the past week. from Canada Monday, after an ab- sence of two months. The boys have concluded that Montana is the best place, after all. Ice cream and soda at Graves’. [istf The final trip of the stage over the Waterloo, Silver Star and Twin Bridges line was moe on Sunday, ..all the mail,fo: southern points being »ov\ carried by the N, Iv trains. Mrs: “Cowan and daughter, and Miss Mabel Holloway of Bozeman, and Mrs. J. F. Curran were pleas- antly entertained at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Needham on Tuesday evening. Miss Catherine Yotter, with after a relatives, re week's visit i: dalidinn Raymond of Sheri-| turned to her home this week. dan, Bennett of Virginia City, and Henderson’ of Cleveland, Ohio, | were calling on Mrs. Hanmond and other friends in town on Friday of last week. Mrs. Frank E. Honghton went to Rochester on Tuesday, where she will be joined by. Mrs. Tom McCall, and together they will vis-|dall Curran and Dr. it friends in Butte, Missoula and other places for some weeks. All leading papers at ‘Graves, novelty store. [1stf Maj. C. H. Mallory. foreman of the N+ P. yards at this place, brought his family from Livings- ton on Wednesday, -and they are pleasantly Jocated in the Hutton house in the western part of town. She was accompanied by Mrs. Dan Zink and Chas. Huber of this place, jand- Miss Geneva Smith of Butte. Go toNegley for watch repair- mg. All work guaranteed. — [4tf On Tuesday of last week. Mrs. F. R. Warren entertained Messrs. Ralph Saxton, Theo. Hoeger, Tyn- Ong at a six o’lock dinner, the gentlemen be- ing acquaintances of hers in her eastern home. An informal dance was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Flaherty’ of Cold Springs. Monday evening in honor of their guests, the Misses Holloway, Van- Zant and Cowan, and the home- coming of their sons Ed. of Butte, and Will, of Bozeman. Mrs. F. Maxson, representing the American Publishing House - of Chicago, was in town this weck in the interests of the firm. They expect séon to establisli a branch officé in Butte with Mrs. Maxson in-charge. “\\Notice—I will lef contract to put up.abont.100. tons of hay on my ranch near Jefferson Island. —Nick, Weingart. 23-1t Mrs, Katherine Finn Kelly, and her mother, Mrs. E. M. Finn, are visiting with their sister and daughter, Mrs. Justin Butler, and Will be here for some time. Mrs. Kelly is a teacher of voice culture, andhas just returned from New York, | wher ‘she has been taking an.advance course from one of the * best instructors of that city. » +-Jittle Merle McFadden enter- tainedher friends at a party Thurs- day of last week in honor of her “seventh birthday. “She-was the *pecipient-of many pretty and use- _ falpresents. The afternoon passed wie Theo. Feet btpeily away in games ‘Special sale of fishing tackle this week at McFadden’s. [istf On Monday of last week Mrs. J. F. Curran and son Tyndall enter- tained the Messrs. Ralph Saxton, Hoeger and Dr. Murray Ong at a Six o’clock dinner, after which a very pleasant evening was spent. These young gentlemen were former acquaintances and friends in Edgar, Nebraska, and Mr. Saxton was # gradukte under the tutorship of Prof. Curran. For Sale—six or seven good dairy cows. Enquire of J. R. Jensen, Parrot. (23-tf Friday afternoon Mrs. A. R. McDonald, entertained nearly a score of young friends of her little cousin, Bessie Dunlevy, who is visiting here. Thosepresent were] Pearl and Ethel MeCall, Ella Fra@tr,Pearl Anderson, IsabelMor- rison, Annie and Hattie McPher- son, Catherine and Agnes Butler, Dorothy Neédham, -Winnifred Rush, Mation Fergus; Mary Noble, Eugenia W ood8¢Elsie Tinsley and Frankie. Barnes. A pleasant after noon was spent by them and a tempting \and delicious lunch was served by-their hostess, et ATES LIM : is the guest of Miss Grace Noble], H. Negley Jocal watch Pe-L@y, pairer for the N. P. railway. nat oe Misses Lelia Kirby and Luey'| Foster were the guests of the Miss- cently Ping Po Sia at Mc Fudden! Rollin Yotter of the Mayflos visited friends here Sundays) W. M. Fergus left for the com} ; ty seat on business this morning. es Owsley, Monday. Mrs. Ty D. Townsend and son Charles, of Waterloo, town on Wednesday. L..C. Pace, wife and family spent a pleasant afternoon on Tues- day at Pipestone Springs. John W. Pace, of the Stockman and Farmer, came in Wednesday morning for a visit with relatives here. Miss Lillian and Chris Wade went to Butte on last evening’s train for a.visit of a few days. Mrs. Harry Winslow and son were in from Pléasant Yalley do- ing some shopping on Thursday. Have you tried the Potentate cigar at McFadden’s. [20tf James Woodside and wife of Summit Valley brought their little daughter into town on Tuesday for medical treatment. Mrs. ©. E. Redfield, who has been quite sick since returning from her visit at Pageville, has regained her usual health. The J. V. T. baseball team, re- fiat have received their uniforms and are putting in the evening hours at practice. The hole in the jail wall at Boulder through which prisoners recently. made their escape, has been patched up and covered over by a steel plate. J. W. Morris went up the country and joined a camping party of his friends for fishing anda good time generally, afew Miss‘ Mary Keeton came in town on Wednesday, where she was met by W. S. Clark, to whose home she bas gone expecting to spend the summer there. Steve McArthy left.on- Sunday for West Saperior fora visit with friends and to be present at the marriage of his youngest sister at Blackville, New Brunswick. Mrs. Hiles and Mrs. Casey are stopping at the Jefferson House during the stay of the N. P. work train, on which their husbands are employed, in the vicinity of White- hall. A. J. McKay and_Dr. J. W. | Davis went ‘to Clyde he: on the w ednesday night , they are interested with ‘Abas & Kissinger in the mercantile busi- ness. Tidball, Daniel & Ball shipped a carload of ore from the dld Sunlight mine last Saturday. ‘They have recently secureda lease on- tlie property and propose to work it thorouglily this season. where A number of Whitehall people drove to Pony Monday morning to shout for our and help them to win the game and the hundred dollars. It was easily ac- complished in the ninth inning. For painting and paper hanging go-to N. R. Manchester [4tf Mrs. Ross came up from Living- ston on Thursday to join her husband who is employed on the work train of the Northern Pacific. The lady expects to make this her honie ‘while the train is in this vicinity. An excursion. to Bozeman is planned for July, 27, and ° the Bozeman people are arranging for a grand entertainment of the expected visitors. The round trip fire from Whitehall is $1.90, leaving Whitehall as 8:50 a. m. and 9:20 a. m., and- returning leave- Bozeman at 7. p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Go to Negley for wateh repair- ing. All work guaranteed. . [itf Dick Flaherty had an exciting incident in his trip here last week. He was driving with the Misses Cowan, Holloway, and Van Zant. When near town in some manner the tugs became unhooked. Dick 4¢clung manfully to the lines, but ah, woeful fate! a line broke and away went the horses, leaving buggy and occupants, but no harm beyond a moment of fright, and then the laugh came in. Wanted—live, hustling lady agents to work in Whitehall and vicinity, Liberal * commissions, Investigate. Address this officer were—in4 eT shia Bue te» Lae eV Sat si sale our entire itock of goods at wilcne ie move them § a> ay : rn Every départment will partisifiate” in this Clean-up Sale to make room for next fall and wiser ‘godt, thus fie taining THE POLICY OF THIS STORE to open each season with NEW, STRICTLY UP-TO-DATE \“MER- - 7 z CHANDISE. © Our. stocks in all departments are unusvally heavy. WE HAVE BUT TWELVE “DAYS BE- , a. . FORE INVENTORY to cut them down; so CALL EARLY AND SECURE .YOUR WANTS. ~. —— - , Clothing Department ! Children’s and Misses Dresses In this line we have a quantity of strictly ” i & in Calico, Gingham and Percale. Ten white dresses. formerly $3.50, inventory price 2.50. Twenty pereale dresses formerly 3.00, inven- tory price 2.25. Fifty gingham dresses formerly 9.00, inven- tory price 1.40. first-class materials for wear. Men’ 8 suits, lot 8803, were $13 50, now $ 9 50 * 8768, 1400, “** -'9:50 “se ee 6890, ry 15 00, “ 11 Oo * a 1640, .. AR OO): ee Young men’s 8446,‘ -9°50, = #08 Mi BBM tS lh BOG 5 50 _ 9408 ee **~ 9 8 50. °°* . OTB Millinery Department. Our stock is new, clean and up- to-date,.and we offer— Ladies’ hats that sold for 4. T5at3. 25 = 5.00 * 275 “1.75 ve new pattern hats, the newest things out, formerly 20, 22.50 and 25.00, at half prive. ses “ We have *3 50 Twenty dozer Men’s Linen Collars, all sizes and styles, formerly 20¢ each, , oat price 10¢. Twenty-five dozen Men’s Cotton Sox, form- erly 2 for 25c, now 8 for 25e. BOYS’ TWO-PIECE SUITS. Lot 1282, formerly $3 75, now $2 40 “3; C8, * 3.60, “ .230 ** 9087, is 400, ** 250 Boys’ Knee Pants, 65{ T5 and 90 cents. Ladies’ Silk, Satin and Wash Waists. all sizes and prices. Ladies’ satin waists that sold for $7 50 tiow 5 00 wash 450 ** 300 , “ 2.65, °° 1.7% “ “ “ 150 “ 110 “ 6é ‘ 100..°% 50 Grocery Department. Write for the Premium Book ona 4 s,P Diamond “Cc” premium book for 1902 It describes all and pictures pe ot of the 300 Srticles which we give for wrappers from AMOS Napkins Books Jhina € Magazines Bromine wee today NOW, while you think of fc. ‘A postal will Preminm Dept., The Cudahy Packing Co., So. Omaha, Nebr. 8 lbs. Arbuckle coffee 100 Ibs. cane Fi 25 bars. White 1 box, 30 bars, Santa Claus tar soap. —_ $1.00 100-lb. sack flour... . 550 100 bars Mascot soap 100 4 bars Fels-Naptha soap 85 Tomatoes, per case California fruit, best quality, per case, $3 50. Space will not allow us to enumerate all articles upon. which we have made reductions. Shoe Department. , 3:00, 3 50 to clean a1p Fifty pairs ladies’ $2°25 and 4 00 shoes— the odds at $1 per pair-— oa ? All of the above have advanced in price, but you can buy them during this sale ata reduction of 10 per ct. ie i All Carpets bought during this sale will be made FREE. ; . , B82 25}, 8 00 . 9% Crawford Bicycle-None Better, | = i - Boys’ Bicycle, model ‘1902, cut. price < #20 00 ¢ Girls’ Bicyelo,!. Me ieee ee 4 Men’s Bicycle, cae was 5 835 00, now $2500 ~~ Ladies’ Bicycle, ie BB 00; **\° gage\ Above Page ae Cane _ 3 4 o \

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 18 July 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.