Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, August 22, 1902, Image 4

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sates en ne — COUNTY OFFICERS. Tee cream and soda at Graves’, | Mrs. Ray Clark,.of Parrot, was Mrs. Lena Titus was a Whité ; _—— f18tf }a caller in town yesterday, hall visitor yesterday. * Judge, Pitth Judieia) District...M. HB. Parker ‘ ot 4 Eun oe ooling Cherk of the out. menpresess A.J. Holloway| JJ, A, Ramsdell was a visitor to] Go -toNegley for watch repair- Ice cream, and all the cool wy sy Sheriff... “oe Srroek Sheridan on Sunday. ing. All work guaranteed. [4tf drinks at McFadden’s. f26t Uné : tom erlock | * 2 : M : A aca o fg Sos ~-Daniel Heltors| S. Hoobler was in from Pleas-} Duncan a McDonald has been ne oie yn gate gp Olerk and Recorder... Jeharles Schart | ant Valley on Wednesday, appointed postmaster “at Alham- See ae cis oS County Attorney ..:....-. .....J. H. Murphy hee ze ssessor....... -John T. Murphy}. Miss Ruth Kell made a visit}~ “* ed from Salt - MOOR. cece een cece nen ence apse. M. CraYe a : Ogk : Mrs. M. L. Tuttle, of Pleasant Art Needham returned from a Gieieedon Schools... Jennte Fitcher|to Missoula the first of the w eck. 7 7 3. M- tie ’ a vision #0 Lake Monday andreports having & ssessela N. Thompson os é Valley was a she - : sna agit oe _ ow. D. Northrup}, White Bronze monuments. See terday. royally good time. Say s he saw all x COMMISSIONERS. Edwin S. Beall about them. [24tf s ; the Elke, big and little. a r W. M. Fergus, Chairuian’............Whiteball » Frank Colligan, of Mayflower, Mee i Moson and Mra. J. %. MM ekite....;.....000cc050 -sseeaane Mrs. J. MeIntyre,of Parrot,was was a Whitehall visitor on W.BloiMMiiks mother and oes a A. H. Moulton... .. : Joffe rates : : . + at RC, ‘ i i re Maoh iastiags of the board of county ec Mrs. Goodrich on W ednesday. of Mrs. A MeArthur,returned , yp agg tee ee ves er Mr. and Mrs. Alex. McKay/to their home at Rochester last member slso verve as « board of eaualiaa-| Miss Lucy Foster attended the| were visiting friends in Butte for | week. ; . eas ae - Gils perDose” on tee shire dance, “given nt Mayflower on}, couple of days this week. Mr. M. Sand, of Independence, jonday in July, “aH oe n TERMS OF COURT. Tuesday night. ; Bicycle repairing done right and| Iowa, a cousin of A. Less, came ees eee re ead oun Miss Ethel Hind has eure at short noticeat McFadden’s.[26tf|in last night for a visit with @ counties of Jefferson, Be z a ina . - patliwe ‘ ‘ poe asad pognien anaieuyy terme. been peed oc ne ee Rey. ‘Tull informs us that Rey. si “a be a taste of free, wild, follows: riends I 5 ie vester' \Seabee county on the first Monday in Henry Warman is to have charge estern : e eo Seer ane ee oe waa in Feb- Mrs. Dr Davis went to May- of the M. E. church at Forsyth Mrs. T. M. Derrigan came up D: > Y yp’ in Pe sis , Ree «ia . cae Nee nerahak Reventon. ee\ \fower yesterday, for a visit of 4] i: coming year. from Livingston and, with her Madison county on the second Monday In| fow days this week. : husband, took’a trip to Salt Lake March, June, September and December. ° The little daughter of Mr. and with the MED and ts naw apeia: i Oe All kinds of fruit at bottom) ys. (. KE. Redfield has been quite ing a few days in town at the GLEAMS. prices at MeFadden’s. f26tf sick the past few days, but as last ToSesdon Hohe Ethel. McCall took atumble down} W. B. Shepard and wife visited | heard from 1s better. én, Jaden lexcandes, of Butte le t oe Mrs. « Ale» . , stairs,, Tuesday, badly apenining fat Ruby on Sunday | last, Mr. Mrs. Gilbert: Miller will in a daughter of V:. G. Whiting, her_ankle. Shepard extending his trip to] fay days rotarn to her home at|o¢ South Bouldor, was visiting her Rey. and Mrs. Kline moved into | Virginia City. Spokane, the climate here - not! friend. Mrs. George Lovelace, on their new home on First avenue} H. A. Smith the operator at|agreeing with her little daughter. Thursday. In conversation with last Friday. | Welch Pars will fe ee. his con} All leading papers at Graves,|the lady she informs us that they Mrs. Henry Schmidt is expected | nection with the Northern Pacific | novelty Store. {1stf| will now niake: their home at to sail from Bremen for America| here, on the 22d inst — Mrs. David Charles, of Butte, Ream Boulde r. the 4th of October. Mrs. John Dunlevy of Living- was calling in town yesterday: on Ed Wolverton has been ne Jack Frost nipped many of the |Ston,.was the guest of Mrs. A. R- | j19), way to her home, having around Madison coer: Ss rh tender plants in the gardens about McDonald over Sunday , and greet- spent a week with her friend, Mrs. organized a co-operative draught here last Sunday evening. ing her many friends in town. Leyson, of Mayflower. horse purchasing company, at ; oie M. Maxeiner, of Boze : ; ® Twin Bridges. He is now work- Charlie Huber went to the White-|~ Mrs. A. M. Maxeimer, o oni Mr. Wm. Styre will take the riggs anger At A i tail basin Wednesday morning and a nade wr sree obasc cae place of Roscoe Baldrige as host- Sheridan, with the idea of raising spent the day at the Connon ranch. | _ ey o ’ etig iler at the roundhouse} ‘after Chis Sr eee to visit her parents at Dillon. ae ain’ tit leave (2 F. H. Negley local watch re- : weee “pier a ti ae ee W. M. Glendenning ‘arrived in r : | ; Je 7 rate 2 o te sre he expec r : : pairer for the N. P. railway. [1tf| Go to Negley for watch repair ico where he expects a similar) | ut * AE age Ng ing. All work guaranteed. [1tf]} position. <f : : The new coat of paint that Hen- “ ae é photographing outfit and is Jo- ry Schmidt is having put on the old| The chime of wedding ‘bells is The ‘Whitehall school will open| cated at the corner of First Windsor House makes it look as/softly stealing on the air, and the | 0M Monday, September 15th, with] avenue, north of the Whitelall good as new. | frequent inquiry is for house to|G._A. Ruring as principal, Miss | hotel, where he will remain for dancin ianline A:C.Ranith lrent—cosy rooms for two~a Mabel Holloway teacher of inter-| another week, We have seen his de Denyrmens peatag. /- [25te \| pair. jmediate and Miss Lelia Kirby| work ‘and it is first-class. If you . r - os : teacher of primary grades. ? a ae : Tom Martin and Ray Ziglercame| Wm. H. Tebay had the misfor-|“ : E & ; want photographs, call on him down from Rochester Saturday| tune to get in toa close contact| Yesterday Mrs. A. J. a week, evening and are visiting ‘at “Mr. with a horse hay-fork the other | stepped upon # nail that was pro-| F. H. Negley local watch re- Wm. Zigler’s whose son, George, is | dy, and a crushed finger is the|truding from a board, and the nail pairer for the N. P. railw av. [4tf oil very sick result. | penetrated the side of her foot The Old Manhead and adjacent . ; ; jabout an inch and «half, making ; = Pete Carmichacl went to the | Frank Shrauger, who has been |\ A de . ainfal sonal | mountains put on new robes of * gly ¢ rery ul wound. : ; Smoky City Saturday evening and\in Missoula for the past month, | *\ par S y ps white last Sunday afternoon; and spent Sunday, returning Monday | returned to Whitehall in company For painting and paper hanging | the witnessing of a snowstorm on morning. Pete was chaperoned | with his sister, Grace, Thursday | go to N. R. Manchester a the 17th day of August was a de- . ‘ . abd ata sa T? is by Jim Williamson. morning. Miss Frieda Wolf, of Butte, | cited Sea oe ed . ‘ J steri { iture re-| who has been spending the past|itor, who had to read the almanac Mrs. John Andrews has pur- l phol wee -— enn e three weeks at - ranch home of | to conyince himself that it still was shased from R. W. Noble a lot on| Pairing at Less’s furniture store. | 1. : i t asthe th- ; I | fostt |N. D. Root, left for her home | Summer, and thought, as the Dutch Second avenue in the eastern part IN. . ’ of town, upon which she intend to build a residence. be out driving in this neck o” thi woods Sunday afternoon and even- | Wednesday.. ing, or on Monday, found fur over- coats not uncomfortable. Go to Graves for choice candies. | Monday she, in company with Miss [18 tf| Tillie Needham, drove to South Ss] ¥, South C. Whiting and family, of | Boulder, M. M. Miller of | e Miss Maggie McClatchey came} | home from Butte on Friday. On|! yesterday morning, voting most enjoyuble three weeks she it the | | . | has ever spent. Gentlemen who had occasion to| the Butte Miner, and others started | og oe | for a trip to the National park on| . Mr. | Parrot, were transacting business | and Mrs. Jolin Owsley, of | | lin town yesterday, and informed | our reporter that they will return | to Dillon in about.a week, Mrs. Owsiey being the matron at the} State Normal school. iI Superintendent Terwilliger, of | the County Free High school, Boulder, was in town last week| visiting with the family of her Cormitc Joulder for a day’s,outing. Miss Pearl Reed, who has been looking after those who might wish | brother, J. W. Reed, for the past | to attend that institution the com-|two weeks, left for.her home in| ing season. Mrs. F. E. Houghton, a daugh-| ter of W. W. McCall, is the able| representative of her mother at | the Jefferson House during the lat- ter’s attendance at the Christian|on the Wednesday evening train. | and South Boulder, to the number| Waterloo P. O.—Wm. J. Van a tae A . & vas convention at Deer Lodge | For Sale—sitx or seven good of about fifty, left here on Tuesday |-Orsdel, Agt. [26tf Miss Graee Shrauger went to Missoula Saturday morning for -a short vacation and visit with her niother. She returned to her post | of duty Thursday morning, having | enjoyed a much needed rest. | | Large numbers of dead fish ian! reported to have been seen floating | down the Jefferson river recently. An inquest should be held and the | question of whether the fish died | 7 :. froti natural causes determined. Go to Less’ Furniture store for window glass and picture frames. [25tf . 7 a 2 ae club a game. So Billings is prom- J. Kinkead of Pleasant Valley} | Several shade trees which Dr. me _— a: nee ee ised i of the best ee = the reports that recently, while his wife} Davis had with wriek ine anh brother. They are warmly wel-|\ 8 , was away taking care of a sick neighbor, his attention was called by his son to the fact that many of their spring chickens were ly- ing xbout the yard dead, and upon investigation he found 53 that had died within 48 hours. A ham bone had been’thrown out and the chick- ens had .been picking. the mieat from it,\and this is supposed to have been the cause of the trouble. At any rate, since the: ham bone was put out of their way no more chickens have died». Whether it was the salt mest, or whether the ham was poisoned by some method of curing, as Mr. K.seems'to think, thus causing the death of the chicks, we cannot say; but in either case _ it would be well for those whohave “alnockens about their places to see | r . | Butte Wednesday evening. Miss Van Cleve, who has been the guest of Mrs. George Creigh- ton for the past two weeks, re- turned to her home at Red Lodge | dairy cows. Jensen, Parrot. Enquire of J. R.| (sat H. O. McCall, the genial and flicient assistant roadmaster of the N. P. at this place, is still on the lookout for the lady fair with bright blue eyes and curly hair. e A gentleman who fifteen years ago was in Newfoundland, informs us that while at that time -mining in that country was almost un- thought of, there are now more than 3,000 miners engaged in the copper and iron mines. nicely started~on-his place were broken down one night this week and mutilated by lawless stock that W. M. Fergpe; necompanied by W. C. Howard, an expert in Me- +k machinery, went to South Boulder this morning, where they | expect to make an examination. of all the McCormick reapers for any imperfections of action, etc. The delegates and other mem-! bers of the Christian church from Whitehall, Pleasant Valley, Parrot, for Deer Lodge to attend the an- nual state Christian convention. Rev. A. Oliver was calling on his friends here on Thursday, after a visit to his parents at Meadow Creek. He is on his re- turn trip to his home in Miles City to resume his charge, as he has been returned there for the coming year. Dr. Rowland Rightenour and wife, of Boise, Idaho, came down Saturday on a yisit of a few weeks to their Montana friends. They had spent a week at Sheridan with Ss. comed every where,as they are well known both in this and Madison county, Mrs. Rightenour having been our county school saperia-. is permitted to roam at large. Trees and shrubbery on the prem- ises of A. R. McDonald, also, have been damaged to a considerable ex- tent. ; For Sale—house and lot on First Ave., opposite M. E. Church. In- quire of J. J. Bondes; Whitehall. [25tf RW. Page did wife, of Page- ville, parents of Mrs. C. E. Red- field, wewe visiting her one day this week on their way to Norris hot springs, hoping for benefit to Mr. Page’s health. He was report- ed dangerously ifl a few weeks ago, but has so far recovered as to be able to take the journey to the springs. that they get only meat that is “ SR ae eri oS eS tendent in former years, and Mr. Rightenour a representative of the Wickes mereantile. firm, of Boul- der. Professor Curran closes his three months term of school at Home- stake today and will now take a ya- cation (4) and find recreation in packing up and preparing to move to Sheridan, his new field of labor. Mr. Curran is a teacher of long experience and recogiiized ability, and Sheridan is to be congratulated upon the acquisition of so capable a man to take charge of her schools. We regret the necessity of the re- moval of Mr. and Mrs. Curran from our town, and our best wishes man expressed it, “Dis is a funny country; seven monts vinter, und fife monts cold.” W. W. MeCall has a two-year- old filly, which he purchased of Judge Showers, of which he is very proud gnd expects much. ‘Flora, 2d, as he ealls her, is a well-bred animal, being sired by Longfellow, by Hellgate, by Montana Wilkes, by Alexander’s Hambletonian. Her dam, Flora, was sired by Son of Commodore Belmont, by Commo- dore Belmont, by Belmont; by Al Hambletonian. For Sale-—14 cows, 13 spring ealves, 3 2-year-old heifers, 2 year- ling heifers, 3 2-year-old steers, 5 yearling steers, 1 3-year-old bull. Inquire: at first house south of Will Play Billings. The following dispatch from Bil- lings appeared in Wednesday’s Standard : “The Whitehall baseball club, which claims to hold the amateur championship of the state, and stands ready to back it with a bet of $100 to $500, will come to Bil- lings next Saturday morning. and play two games with the club here. A fine game may be expected. That afternoon Red Lodge’s team will be here on its return from Miles City, and will play the home season, for both of the visiting clubs are among the strongest of the state.” : __ For Some time Manager Pace of the local team has been endeav- oring to make arrangements for a trip to Billings, Red Lodge and Miles City. At present only the Billings games have been provided for, but probably the others will be arranged for by Saturday. Photos - Half Doz. 50c. Corner Division strect and First Aveuue. GLENDENNING, exander’s Abdallah, by Rysdick’s go with them to their uew. home. WM 1 ayn -citatiiadle * | NEW GOODS ; Arriving Every 3 Day at the J. V. T. SPORE: ’

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.