Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, September 12, 1902, Image 4

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; SSS — COUNTY OFFICERS. Judge, Pitth Judicial District...M. H. Parker Olerk of the Court...........}..A. J. Holloway A iccning casas 340504 ...M. L. Sherlock Under Sheriff..... T. P. Sherlock No uivecsas sennsensniabes Daniel Halford Treasurer: .....-6--- cece es seer eens DF, Tuttle Glerk and Recorder.........-+- Charles Scharf * County Attorney ... J. H. Murphy * Assoesor.........- 5 ... Jobn T. Murphy ...R. M. Cralle Surveyor 7 . Jennio Filcher Superintendent of Schools Public Administrator... Z.,.N. Thompson Coroner........ ...W. D, Northrup COMMISSIONERS, W. M. Forgus, Ohatrwan,...........Whitehal! Rdward Ryans... etic te ewer eens ...Boulder A. HU. Moulton...... -...+: .. Jefferson The regular meetings of the board of county commissioners begin on the first Monday tn March, June, September and December. The members also serve as a board of cqualiza- tion, meeting for this purpose on the third Monday in July. TERMS OF COURT. For the Fifth Judical District. comprising the counties of Jefferson, Beaverhead and Madison, the regular quarterly terms begin as follows: Jefferson county on tho first Monday in F. H. Negley local watch re- pairer for the N. P.-railway. ° [1tf “Dock” Burdick «took .in the base@nll. games at Butte last Sun- day. The little son of Wm. McKeown who was ill with pneumonia has recovered. Edith Rahmig of South Boulder is visiting her sister, Mrs. G, Love- lace, this week. Miss Nellie. Poore.-returned Tuesday from a visit at Lime Spur with friends, The Misses Rose and Ella Car- ney, of Waterloo, were the guests of Miss Elsie Brook, this week. Mrs. E. Allen of Pony came down on Wednesday for a visit January, April, dgly and October. Beaverhead, on the third Monday in Feb- ruary May, August and November. Madison county on the second Monday in March, June, September and December. GLEAMS. Jas. Ryan made his family a visit during the week. Ed. Singleton of Pony was a visitor in town on Tuesday. Alexander McPherson Butte visitor the first of the week. was a Go to Negley for watch repair- ing. All work guaranteed. [1tf Miss Dora Reugamer, of Lime Spur, is reported quite sick with rheumatism. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Owens of Butte were guests of Mrs. J. F. Robson Wednesday. J.S. Butler and Tyndal Curran | are again at their posts of duty in| Miss Effie Davison and Mrs. Seth Daniels made a business trip to our busy little burg Saturday. Misses Sunday with Mrs. A. J. McKay. | Bicycle repairing done right and at short noticeat McFadden’s.!26tf Mr-and Mrs. McAndrews, Miss} Mary Holick, and Julius Stahle | made a flying tmp to Alder Sun-|of Pierre, South Dakota, shipped | LEI day. The many friends of Tyndal| with her daughter, J. F. Robson. Drayingand hauling. A.C.Smith. [25tf Sam Wade has rented his livery barn to Jas, L. Paul, who took charge of the business on Wednes- day. Steve McArthy returned from his eastern trip on Sunday, look- ing as if his vacation had been an enjoyable one. The Misses Lily, Jennie, and Kate Black and. Ivan Houghton visited friends in Waterloo the first of the week, . Cal. Covert has taken the posi- tion of porter and general fac- totum with W. W. McCall at the Jefferson House. All kinds prices at McFadden’s. of fruit at bottom (26tf | lof Mrs. W. B. Shepard are visit- ling her this week. 1 1. Cc, ting as night operator for the S. Jarman who was officia- transferred to Logan. J.B. Wellcome, on Wednesday, shipped two ears of his fine stock | cattle to Great Falls for entrance | at the fair at that place. T. J. Hocken, and Gus. Bergen | from here to. that place; two car} loads of horses on Wednesday. Miss Lizzic Beall was shopping in town yesterday. for Dillon Monday to attend the State Normal. Mr. and Mis.-J. B. Wellcome were among the visitors to White- hall yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brook are visiting town for two.or three days this week. Mrs. Authur Elmer and Sadie Welch of Pleasant valley were callers in town yesterday. Fred Warren and W. M. Fergus were visitors to the county capi- tal a couple of days this week. Ice cream, and all the cooling drinks at McFadden’s. [26tf Mallory Noble will go to Hel- ena to attend’ the university, and Grace Noble to Bozeman Agricul- tural college. Mrs. N. D. Root and daughter, week with friends in Butte, are ex- pected home tomorrow. Hucks‘ers and fruit pedelars make daily rounds of the town now. Wagons loaded with hay or grain are frequent sights. Ella, daughter of P. Carney of Waterloo, a son and daughter of Rey. Mountjoy, and Sherman Tuttle of Boulder go to Boze- man for the coming college year. John Wisner, who has been em- ployed at the Mayflower since its first’ opening,has purchased a tract of land in the south part of : 2 | town, and- is building a residence James Sweet and daughter, of | the \ Jaffers “tv. fathe sator | sha 3. V8. Co's enoee. je fferson City, fatber and sister reon. Among those from out of town | who were transacting business here | during the week we note T. D. | Townsend, Ed. Beall, S. Hoobler, | George Wickham, H. L. and T. P. Jennie - Murray and}N. P. at this station, has been Bessie Cochran of Butte, spent | herlock Mrs. F. Hilton of Philipsburg made a short visit at the W. B. Shepherd home yesterday on her homeward way from Waterloo, where she has been visiting with relatives. diebe and bride, of Butte, occupied the bridal champber. at the Whitehall, Wednesday night, 5 oa | > . * . Curran will be glad to know that | For painting and paper hanging|and continued their wedding he is able to be out after a severe siege of tonsilitis. } | Mrs. J. S. Batler and children} jgo toN. R. Manchester Harry Barnes of Nebraska, surprised his brother | Lincoln, [ate | journey to the easton the early morning train. position at the Whitehall ‘Miss Christiana Morrison leaves who have been spending the past have gone for a visit to their old|George and _ sister, Mrs. Fred her home, Orleans, Nebraska, and will} Warren, by a visit while on ~his| Hotel, and left with he also visit Kansas City, Mo. | way to the coast. |for Dillon, where she will attend Chas. Redfield is surveying 09 South Boulder near Parrot this week, A. M. Lee, N. P.claim agent is in town looking after the interest of his department. Mr. and Mrs. S. Wade and daughter Lillian are in Butte for a day or two this week. - Miss Jessie Goodrich went to the-Mayflower today for a few day’s visit with friends. ‘ ,Mr. Rodney Page is improving rapidly the past week~ind will probably return home next week, Go to Less’ Furniture store for window glass and picture frames. [25tf Misses Jennie and Lily Black expect to go to Bozeman tomorrow to attend the agricultural college the coming year. : Mrs. Theo. Adams of Butte was a guest of Mrs. E. We Burdick the: first of the week, on her way to Rochester. Miss Nellie Hines, who has been — visiting’ Whitehall friends for, the past two months returned to her home Sunday. J. W. Graves has moved to the rooms in the Teirney house, made vacant by the removal of Mrs. E. R. Edwards. F. R. Merk and wife, of Silver Star have returned from their California trip and went to their home yesterday. While absent Mr.. Merk buried his” brother who resided at Los Angeles. The N. P. Ry. Co. has decided to run the north coast limited j until January Ist, as the amount \of bussiness makes it necessary. it will be continued longer. by the arrival ofa son on Sept. 5th. He is a bouncing boy and |being the only son, the father is very much elated. The interview with Mr. Page reported in last week’s issue, should read the ‘Norris hot springs’’ and not Potosi. Our at- | Cention was called to the error by lone of the Pony Sentinel’s staff, and cheerefully make | correction. we Next Sunday will be the anni- |McKinley, and Goyernor— Toole nother | : coe ad r mother | has issued a proclamation in which | | he recommends “‘that the churches | | Should passenger traflic so demand The home of Henry M. Rundell} of South Boulder was made happy | the Miss Mand Edwards resigned | \ ersary of the death of President | “Fancy Dresses -sfort- Misses «Chitdren ‘Ladies’ Dresses-All the New Shades and Styles. awww rennww* $ New Things in Ready-to-wear “ Outing Flannel Garments. LONG KOTPIONIAS, SHORT KOMONIAS, ‘ SHORT SKIRTS for Ladies. NIGHT GOWNS, for Ladies, [Misses, Children and Infants. eh hl “we > Big Line of Ladies’ FALL. HATS Are here for WE, Hurlburt and “family | T. J. Powelt, of South Boulder, | the State Normal this winter. Her) 4¢.a}| denominations throughout have moved into the house made is very low with dropsy. He is| friends 7m or success. | the state hold memorial services at vacant by the Temoval of Prof. | an old man of eighty yearsand}; On Monday, R. W. Noble filed|their usual houses of worship in Curran and family to Sheridan. }no hope of betterment in his case ‘affidavit in Judge Fosters’ court,|remembrance of our lamented See | can be entertained. |charging A. J. Gilbert with assault | president.”’ is White Bronze monuments. Your inspection. | . « '2 Come Early and Get One to Please You. ow 14) <A 5 Vy Pa he | | 7a te we Anew Edwin.S. Beall about them. [24tf} Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graves} °\ John W rinkler. A prelimi: | The democratic county central} € J. W. Gilkey says he has just |}*\4 John Graves and wife went |e hearing was held on Tuesday, |-ommittee held a meeting in . finished putting up about twenty. | © Batte Sunday morning.They |®” the trial set for Thuraday, ; Boulder Wednesday and the 7 five tons of alfalfa hay—second | 0 in the ball games inthe after-| The suit in Judge Foster court| Primaries for the county conyen- e 9 crop, from a five acre plat of 2°\ and returned home Mon-| yesterday wherein A. J. Gilbert|tion were set for Sept. 20. The | : Omin oon, ground. day. was charged with assault, resulted | Whitehall delegation will be com- - Rey. E. J. Stanley wishes us to} George Stolebarger and family | in the judge imposing a fine on | posed of 16 members, while} ‘ : say that it was a misprint in re- | have returned from their park | Gilbe rt of $10, and costs of the| Boulder, Clancy and Basin will There will be a great dis- gard to his entering the park on| trp and are now nicely located in| suit. Defendant gave notice of| have 14, 11, and 9, respectively. play of woolens in the piece Sunday, us they did not travel on| their new home on First avenue, | an appeal. |The total number of delegates in ?* . . . | ‘ that day. jtwo doors west of the M. E.| FE Wesley local sabe | the convention will be 108. at our store on the following 5 ; - H. Negley loe: ratch =re-| We are told that on the Whit-[ re | pairer for the N. P. railway. [4tf| Russell Brasher of Jefferson dates, ing & Alexander ranch on South; Comfectionery. fruits, _ nuts. | , . . . | Island, a nephew of J. W. Sacry, Boulder, they this year raised of stationery, tvilet soaps, tohnens | W.i.% rawford and wife, F red|was the ¢iotim of a serous acci- Saturday, Sept. (3. winter wheat 29 bushels to the and cigars, at Jeff Brown's, sue- Laroe, Henry Pitman, G. T.\dent a few days ago. The young T bee - acre, without irrigation. ;cessor to J. W. Graves. et J. Ww Fianerald of/man was hauling grain and ran} hese goods have n For Sale—six or seven zood| While unpacking bis houmehéld tor teen, eer mo Toe a side hill; seeing the wagon especially sent for this oc- dairy cows En juire of 1 R goods Professor Ruring had the ] — per ipa aioe pea ne tried Wo ane casion b 3 8. anu Pod. KR. : _ ~ | dealers, haye taken rooms at the | himself d the f Y * a sicdig ae os 1 ces imself and the wagon and Jensen, Parrot. foz-t¢|™mstortune to step upon a nail! Windsor for a month or so. | load fell wu him lyzi W.-C lier nad wifslacriy | which entered the ball of the foot | ee ee ee Str B in net on k oa ie sernived ied passed nearly through ‘it. | Will L. Sacry of South Bould- Be right hip and himb. His phy-| @ Mrauss EO at ‘the eal ee rae poented The _ Professor is pretty lame|®*™ just finished his. threshing |S!\ 889s he will be unable to Chi ing Tailore meee 1\ C Tal s ar day QPF: from the effects, but the wound | Yesterday and reports 1030 bushels walk for two or three months. oo cago... takoo he cae : t oe me °Y | is duing nicely. of oats from ten acres of ground. ATTACKED BY A RATTLER whose tailoring is too ; osition of might eper- The oats were of the Russi ‘* : Il k: ator. Mrs. Jane Kellogg and daugh- og te \ . poem Mrs. Dani ee well Known to require e% Zz hite variety ‘ 5. 61 Uses Her Rifle Success- Chas. Burns, an old-time ee Ruth and Daisy, left on ais oe - Faw. .bent fully on His Snakeship. comment. man of this-vicinity, was shaking W odndaday for Missoula, where : : While Dire teeth: Dental: web huddle - with “Pelende ‘who were olen ye ee to =— aye future Go oe for watch repatr-} out hunting last week she came in The display of woolens will be in charge of : tending congratulations . |home, having purchased residence |ing. All work guaranteed. [4tf| contact with a. mammoth rattle- a & eee his | property there. Mary Fergus ag . snake three feet in length A SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE promotion as engineer which he}, : W. C. Beebe of Butte attempted ree Tees A length, Dot eclilalid sestatty. ac eet ee to attend the} t, get off the train at Bappiugton noticing it until she had stepped from Chicago whorcan give you some valuable hints ~~ 7 university € coming y nee os * 4 4 ” M. Russell, » nephew of J. W.|Peter Fergus and Chea ae before it stopped, and in so doing aaa Pere, eck on on good dress. This will be your only opportunity Secry, of South Boulder, was|are to joi : shipped and fell, the car passing|*TUCS Me Tolls © bi ‘ a a ‘ join them on Monday also ‘ this season to see STRA R -—— CO! severly injured while assisting at| to attend the university. over one foot and crushing the _—- hacky pees ber gue end USS BROS.— complete line iv threshing on Monday. Dr. Davis 3 es bone, rendering amputation of the |°™Ptied the contents on the mag: » || in the piece. is called. who reports hin doi A delegation of Whitehall’s,| limb necessary. He was brought | #2ine into him, leaving him.ina % ag well as an be exnected sié| young, people went to Mayflower to the Dav eonital aisyidetet ar Wor ted re + . ¥ to attend a farewell dance given H Cl » Mrs. Daniel is quite a marks- ‘or Sale—house and loton First} by the residents of the cam arry Clawson, of Livingston d bility in handli < ) ° M E E - “ “agg . 3 , ) pon), +|man and her ability in handling Ave., opposite M. E. Church. In- Wednesday night. Furewell to is at‘the Jefferson House with a gun is really quite. remarkable D N T Iss THIS V NT. quire of J.J. Bondes, Whitehall. crushed fingers, received while at There . [25tf Joe Crozier and Ed. Seville had a little difference of opinion the other day, and resorted to . physical measures to enforce their views, which resulted ina bloody : and™some minor bruises. , being far from satisfactory, the legal profession was resorted to for settlement, and on Monday afternoon a hearing was had be- fore judge Foster, who decided re eanse for action. * ‘ e a thousand buried hopes that lie at_the bottom of the Mayflower shaft. Mr. Yotter and daughter Katie furnished the music, and among the number of Whitehall people who were in attendance were Mr. and.Mrs. Dan Zink, Misses Goodrich, Hind, and Me- Clatchey, Messrs. Fay MeCall, Pete: Charmichael, Charles ‘and Harry Huber, and Mr. Hind of Gold Hill. Mrs. Fox prepared a delightfnl xepast for the guests work at the coal docks. The wound was dressed at that place but ‘imperfectly and hé ‘came to Dr. Davis who found it necessary to amputate one finger. James. Tachel, and John May, undertakers of Butte, are visiting with A. Less, and will undertake to .seeure numberless bodies of game in the vicinity of Whitehall and embalm them in gravies and . * jelly, after which they will prey on case MM tse api ag ceramic RBI —— cen. —= ees sateen, for one of the gentler sex. have been several rattlers’killed in this viemity this season-—6ne re- ported to have twenty rattles. NN « Notice is hereby given that the Jefferson and Broadwater Stock Growers’ association will hold their annual meeting at the Ida mine on Satur- day, Sept. 27, 1902, at two o'clock p.m. of said day. All members are respectfully requested to be pres- Arcnit Macumprr, Prey, hehe’ PS ‘ - ™ Jefferson Valley 2 8 - Trading Company

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 12 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.