Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, March 04, 1910, Image 1

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m0 \TA A SUN LI H r. VOLUME IX. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHZD EVERY FRIDAY. Is L. RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. Ue Year. (Invariably in advance) N 00 his Months_ 1 00 Three Months 50 Single Copleg. 5 Eetered at the PosteGos at Intitaissit. Mast.. as Second-class Natter. ADVERTISING BATES. 1..isplay -One Dollar per inch per month. Locals -Tee Cents per line first irusertion: fiv • cents per Line each subsequent insertion. NOTICE All communications intended for publics- trn& In this paper must bear the signature of the author; otherwise they will find their Nay to the waste basket. ::.,'SJUNTt - MitCERS. :wigs Fifth I'odlelal TAM. I. 0•11aWay Clerk of the Court ..... . T. Swett Sheriff. es. ,..P. J. Manning raier Sherri V. W. Wolverton Jailer • Z R. Sumner Z \ 46 \ 040 \vemstemsow.\*---W. B. Hundler r as sfl R. R. McCall cc nty Attorney ........... Kelly Jas. H. Mitchell BArtesor R. N. Cralle Soul. of itchoola _Leta N. Thompson l'J AdMitibdrator ...... _VC L Beardsley CJ.e, ..... . ........ '.Curtis Denbow CON MISSIONERS. .1. ,elc. Chairman Basin 1.m. 11 teems chimer • J. Mc Kay ... Whitehall 1 he regular meetings of the board of county commissioners begin on the first Monday in March. June. September and December. The cntmbers also serve as a board of equalize - t tom mecting for this purpose on the third Monday in July. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. w. S. !demi on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY e,,nings of each month at Masonic Hall. 1..tting members are cordially Invited to second. Masts J. Nstmox. W. K. bins. 1.CIA/ L. STADIUM. Sec's MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. A A. IL et ..etsinn the SECOND and FOURTH TVER- . .)A Y evenings of each month at Masonic limit Visiting members are cordially In- to aimed. Fiasa B. NILSON. W. K. A A. NESDILSO. Sec. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT -LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC Whitehall, Moat. 110TEtifFIERSON X. I.. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders - L. R PACKARD, t•Ityslolan tortc3 Cases requiring hmoital care given special attention. Hospital.01111ce and Residence on First street. WhItotatoll. !Mont. end IMMO if IC D • cesgaelee be everybody Iowa sleet elweletly. the web% online. sod bowie we tool* libeph. pima Icel. MI of Ochres. Sew ply copy her if you some OIi papw. 11 el • year basuveou Pub. co. • 11. , 01. Sc, NoWee. M. Photo.' ..... asama inev,tiedy. AN Self Aye OGRAPIll inches Ochres. nooch- tfl r le melees. picture cc, roc ilow 0 5.• 5 . riin•-•1. py Mee Si ice suedes this repo IlmerlasePletwoOy Illeseee It. Some, wen 940 YEAR iL A LL ?AMENS t.rsted for sty., perfect fat„ simpIicity and ibility nearly ID years. Sold in pearly ry city and town In the United Steles sod -idol, or by mail direct. More sold than • ether mike. Send ler free catslog,e. McCALLM MAGAZINE 7! - -e subscribers than •ny other fashion eir.gsaine-million a month. 'in,aluable. 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Opportunity knocked at her door and Dillon promptly respond- ed. Already Dillon is getting re- sults from her recent action in subscribing a ten -thousand -dollar bonus to secure the building of the Gilmore & Pittsburg railroad in- to that town this year. Real es - tate values are soaring from twen - ty-five to one hundred per cent, and people are going to Dillon and locating bench hinds east of the' town to file on for dry farming purposes. lavi Dillon ' s action that induced thera s people to locate these hinds; and the making of the new hbines is a benefit JD whicb. the home maker and the town have mutual interests. The completion of the the railroad into Dillon will also add to the town's population by bringing many railroad em- ployees into the place, as it is to be a terminal point, and the per- manent payroll will be of incalcu- lable value to the Place in (ut- ure years. Dillon may congratu- late herself that the public spirit and foresight of her people were equal to requirements when occa- sion presented the opportunity for them to demonstrate the fact. There is scarcely a doubt that the Gilmore at Pittsburg will be built from Dillon to Twin Bridges end, via the Ruby Valley branch, connect with the Northern Pacific at Whitehall—if not this year, soon. And while we congratulate Dillon upon her good fortune. we are firm in the conviction that her neighbors will share in the pros- perity brought to her, confident that the completiRn 2fibe road will do more to accelerate the - de- velopment of the resources of the Jefferson valley than anything else ever has. Another year should see a great advancement along all lines in this section, as well as thruout the length and breadth of the Treas- ure State. A tidal wave is setting toward Montana, and its crest may reach us this year. Thousands of horpeseekers e ill be looking for homes. This is of interest to every resident of the state and of this community. ''There is a tide in the *Fairs of men,\ etc., and also in the affairs of nations, elates and communities. Opportunity is at our door. Do you hear her knock) Let everything he done that may be to convince the new- comers that this section of Nisei tuna and this people, the Jefferson valley and this town of Whitehell. are as good to live in and ansong as any other in Montana. Let tis take the tide \at its flood\ and work harmoniously for the good of the entire community; for the good of the new -corner; for the good the old-tiMer; , for - the good of each and every individual. Is it, not worth our united and best uV.iv is tise 111SII iT1111 the ;elm sze Oka n baseissil player at. hats iteseuse he is anxious to make . - home run. The fellow who has .the longest pole may knock the persimmons, but he don't always tell the biggest fish story. Harmony is within the reach of all. .'onie concessions to your fellows ill procure it. The . oyster never says a good word for anybody; and you often find him \ in the soup.\ Your prosperity depends some- what upon the prosperity of your neighbor. The Taft Administration is one year old today. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. , FRIDAY. MARCH 4, 1910. EXTENSION OF TIME For Establishing Residence—Leaves of Absence. The following instructions to registers and receivers in the stater of North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Minnesota. Montana, Ne- braska, Colorado, ‘Vyoming and New Mexico have been sent out from the general land office:, relative to the administration of the act of congress appsoyed January 28, 1910,extendian ale &integer certain lioneseteaders to establish mei- desire wool:Ise* lands: Thø first section to the act ap- plies to all homestead entries in the states named made after Julie 1909, and in such cases the entryinen are given until May 15, 1910, to establish ' residence on their claims. It also applies to soldiers' declaratory etatenientsi filed in the states named after J une 1, 1909, und such declarants are given until May lb. 1910, to make their homestead entries and estab- lish their resideuce on the land. 11 any payment is required to be made in connection with the entry under the declaratory statement, as in the ease of ceded Indian re servations, the act also operates CO extend the payment until the en- try is made. - The first proviso to section 1 of the act provides that the period of commutation or of actual resi- dence under the homestead law shell not be shortened. Entrymen who have taken advantage of this extension can not submit cotuum- Cation proof until they have main- tained SRI ustantially continuous residence for fourteen 1110fIthe from the date same was establish- ed; and in tive - year proof can not claim credit for constructive resi- dence for more than six months prior to the date actual residence was established. Under the second proviso of section 1 the act will not be held to defeat the adverse claim of one who had made entry over a sol- dier's declaratory stat.onent, and who prior to the passage of the act bad estatilislied a bowl tide residence on the land entered. where the six months from date of the deciatory statement had expir- ed prior to the passage af the act without the soldier having made his honieetead entry and establish- ed his residence on the land - The second section of the act grants a leave of absence for three months from January 28, 1910, to all homestead entry men or settlers in the states named in the first section of the eve Entrynien who avail themselves of this leave of absence can not elahn credit for residence daring the tints they are absent under meth leave, such sriss of 0)41.110. sinsIds s'iminiuted front considertition in (soles of eitlier final or conimuta- • on proofs. Do it Now. The farmer should hustle around in early spring, order new tools and fix up old ones. In many lo- calities the blacksmith is overbur- dened in repairing farming tools just at the time when the tools are needed for spring work. Not having implements ready for work at the first opportunity means a loss of several days in getting in a crop. Let us be on hand with the seetson. . If we have been hibernat- ing during the winter liko . the frog, we had bitter wake up and stir around some now. Appreciated in Spokane. Spokane, Wash., Feb. 20. --- That the efforts of the people of Monta- na in essist:ng the residents of neighboring eiktes in the upbuild- ing and development of the North- west are appreciated in Spokane is eves:kneed in the sentiments voiced by Major Edwits,A. Smith, editor of the Twice -A -Week Spokesman - Review of this city in an editorial in a current issue of that journal. He writes as follows: \With its fine .valley lands for •••• fruit growinos With its broad val- ley lands for general farming un- dersiUStiae, with it, atassikesei areas to be brought under cultiva- tion by dry hireling methods, Montana is waking up to her agris cultural poasibi I it les. \The agricultund college and t xperiment station at Bozetnan are taking advantage of this awaken- ing, and are seeking not only to encourage but to guide and direct the movement along sane and pro- fitable lines. \Piofeesor L. B. ',infield, di- rector of the state experiment station, declares that the most im- portant point in the settlement of new lands is in getting people started right; telling them what crops to expect first while they are getting on their feet. 'The railroads are cooperating in the movement. For the two years the state legisInture has np- proprieted$11,000 toward farmers' institutes andother extension work, the Northern Pacific reileity has given $5,000. the Great Northern railway $2,000 and the Nlilivnukee railroad ga,ovo, melting $20.000 in all.\ Violation of the Law. Bozeman, Feb. 17, 191 0 . This board has repeatedly given warning to the farmers ofMontana regarding the buying of unsound and diseased stallions. Unsound stallions have come to the state this winter and resulted in prose- cution. Residents of the state in bringing stallions to Montana corn- uly with the law,but non-residents have it tendency not to do AO. McLaughlin Brue. of St. Paul, Minn., e ith a full understanding of the law. shipped a stallion to their agent II. W. Kent at Helena, in violation of section six and the matter is now in the hands of the county attorney of Lewis & Clark county. Section six of the law reads as follows: \ Every person. firm or compa- ny. importing any stallion or jack into the state of Montana, for breeding purposes, shall first se- cure a certificate from a recog nized state or federal veterinary office, certifying that said animal is free from any or ell diseases or unsoundness referred to in section 4 of this act. A copy of this certificate must be mailed to the secretary of the stallion registration board, at the Montana experimental station, Bozeman. Montana, at least ten days before the importation of said stallion or jack into the state. No stallion or jack which is neither pure bred nor grade ac- cording to the teretninig of till* act., shall be itnported into this state for breeding purposes.\ Veterinary certificate blanks to be used for stallions or jacks fillip- ped into this etude, are furnished by this board. upon application, . Warning is given again for farmers to he careful, its they may get stallions that cannot stand for public service. Difease, unsound- ness and bogus pedigrees should be watched for and nvoided. Prospective buyers . of stallions can get, all necessary information for their protection free of charge, by writing to the stallions registra- tion board, Montana. se. SEWING MACHINL ROLLIR 11111ARING. RICH GRAM S aye 19 on ey by buying this reliable, honest. high grade sew. hag maclune. STRONGEST GUARANTEE, National Sewing Machine Co. Belvidere. Ili. - Good loads Congress. Helena, Feb. 28.—A call for a Montana good roads congress will probable be issued _during this week by Governor Norris. The meeting will he held in Billings about the middle of June. Gov- ernor Norris will also appoint an executive committee to laic dear - /Le of the congress, prepare the progreinme, enlist the general at- tention of the public and to take all needful! steps to make the meet- ingN allfee , 01. The purpose of tide congress will not be to secure the immediate building of any particuler road or higheny in the state. bust rather to create it strong sentiment throughout Nieman's in favor of the good roads movement, so that when the legishiture meets next January there will be no difficulty in has ing legislation passed look- ing to it better system of caring for the public roads in the state. NOTICE 07 SALE 07 BONDS. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of School Dis- trict, No. 4, Jefferson County. State of Montana, on Saturday, the 7th cloy of March, 1910, at the hour of t ight o'clock p. ill.. at the office of the Cleik of said Board. Ike E. 0, Piece, on Main Street, between Railroad Street and First Ave., in said town of Whiteliell, Jefferson County, Montana, will sell at public auction to the high- est bidder. that is to say, to the bidder offering the highest cash price for them. School District bonds for School District No. 4 in the sum of $500Q.00. Said bonds are of the denomina- tion of $400.00 each, bearing dete July 14, 1909, und mature and nre redeemable July 1st 1919. Suid bonds bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum, pay-, able annually. principal and in- terest payable at the office of the County Treasurer of Jefferson County in the town of Boulder. No bids will be accepted for less than par, and all bids 'Hunt be for cash. Cash or a certified check to the amount of 10 per cent of the bid accompanying all bids its a guarantee of good Nall of the bidder and that the bid will be fulfilled in accisrdance with the terms thereof as accepted; and said cash or check will be held and considered as part of the pur- chase price for bonds awarded. And if the said bidder shall fail or refuse to fulfil the terms of the said bid by April 1st,. 1910, the amount ' . of the said cnsli or eheck shall he considered as liquidated damages and held by said School Distriyt No, 4 as such. Sealed bids for said bond will 1 NUMBER 3 RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. HERE IS A SNAP If you want a small Farm Home, consisting of 30 acres, all good soil and under cultivation and Irriga- tion, 4 Room new Frame House, new Frame Barn 20 x 40. 12 acres in Alfalfa. Located 1 1-2 miles from Whitehall. Just the place for a Country Home. Suitable for Fruit, Gardenint and chickens . Price $2500.00. $J500.00 cask_ixollance from 2io 4 years. ••• • E. 'Riggs, Whitehall, Marat. Ilave you tried our Glessueses? We lines them just to suit your fancy and your purse. What about Shcsesee? We neve no cheap, shoddy shoes. We have shoes to wear. You can tap or half-sole and wear some more. 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WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Ftirnished-:-Rooms Meals at All Hours in connection 1./Vhitve1 - 1ei1l - - MoritEtrvet 11,4101A/NeWV*Ieio C. W. WINSLOW Age eit for DE LAVAL SEPARATORS also carries a full line of Up- to- Date EMERSON • NEWTON Farm Implements and Vehicles Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and Newton WAGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles be received by the Clerk of the said Board at his office stbove des- ignated up to the hourof twelve o'clock noon on the said ith day of !shad) 1910. The Board re- serves the right to reject any and all bids. This notice is nIss, given subject tana to purchases said accordance with the provisions of the laws of Montana. This notice is given by order of the Board of Trueteee of School District No, 4, Jefferson _County, Montana. IKE K 0. PACE. Clerk of School Diatriet No, 4, Jafterson bonds in , to the right of . the State of Motu. County, ?Outten. 151-5t • „ • o • •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 04 March 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.