Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, March 18, 1910, Image 3

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OF WORTH IN HIS BUSINESS Hey Detective Congratulates Himself That His First Name Is Easily Pronounced. \It's ,a lucky thing for me,\ said But Butts, the Boy Detective, to himself, \that my folks were plain people and believed in plain names. Supposing, for instance, I had been named after the fashion of my distinguished kins- man, Archie Butts, the military facto- tum of president Taft. \I'm out on the case and I've trapped My man. I stand facing him fearless- ly with a scowl ,on my face. \'And who are 'you?' he asks. \'Archibald Willingham De Graffen- reld Butts, the Boy Detective!' I an- swer. \Honestly I believe I'd have to laugh saying it. Anyhow, before I got through my man would be on the next block. That's why I say that my folks were sensible, plait' people and named me plain Bill, which is of great table in my profession,\ Hope is a magic lantern which often shows impossible pictures. Spend an hour or two in the countVe. :'.hewing WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT is like visiting the green tleMs. Money talks in spite Of the fact hat lots of men want to keep it quiet. Virginia Faros and H01110. rec t a:41r , OV . SPLENDID BARGAIN. 1.1' K E0 , lee., 'Kelm/end, Ve.. WR I G LIMY'S tfilfa 1 \ 4 voll PATENTS Ing taa' lon. lioake roe ji lt. en raterenow.en A GOOD COUGH MIXTURE. Simple Home -Made Remedy That Is Free from Opiates and Harm- ful Drugs. An effective remedy that will usu- ally break up a cold in twenty-four hours, is easily made by mixing to- gether in a large bottle two ounces of Glycerine, a half -ounce of Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure and eight ounces of pure Whisky. This mix- ture will cure any cough that is cur- able, and is not expensive as it makes enough to last the average family an entire year. Virgin Oil of Pine com- pound pure is prepared only in the laboratories of the Leach Chemical Co., Cincinnati, 0. After the Hunt. Provided with some trophies of the chase in the shape of rabbits, Rev. Sanford C. Hearn, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church, Yonkers, proceeded, to dress them for dinner in the parsonage cellar. His small son watched the father's work with inter- est. Going upstairs, the youngster called his mother. \Oh mamma,\ said he, \what do you suppose papa is doing?\ \I can't guess, child. What is he clothe?\ \Well he's just skinning, shaving and cutting up cats.\ Gave Himself Away. \Michael familiarly inquired the employer, thinking he had seen his employe carrying one of the banners Z. Patrick*. paradp.ot - previous, in which procession the *Irishman had laid off work to march, \didn't I see you carrying something In the parade yesterday?\ \Yis \ admitted Michael, blushing ' scarlet, \but 01 had no suspicion me bottle made me hip pocket shlick out so much!\—Illustrated Sunday Maga sine. Excused. \Shame on you You came home last night actually tipsy.\ \So I did, my dear. I just couldn't resist the pleasure of seeing two of you at once.\ Better make your digestion better. The real mint leaf Juice of WRIG- LEY'S SPEARMINT does that better than anything else. Though a man may become learned by another's learning, he can never be wise but by his own wisdom—Mon- taigne. When shown positive and reliable proof that a certain remedy had cured numerous cases of female ills, wouldn't any sensible woman conclude that the same remedy would also benefit her if suffering with the same trouble? Here are two letters which prove the efficiency of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Fitelxvtlle, Ohio.—\ My daughter was all run down, suffered from pains in her aide, head and limbs, and could walk but a short distance at a time. She came very near having nervous) , prostration, had begun to cough a good deal, and seemed melancholy by spells. She tried two doctors but got little help. Since taking Lydia E. Pinkhatn's Vegetable Compound, Blood Purifier and Liver Pills she has im- proved so much that she feels and looks like another girl.\— Mrs. C. Cole, Fitchville, Ohio. Irasburg, Vermont. —\ I feel it my duty to say a few words in praise of your medicine. When I began taking it I had been very sick with kidney and bladder trou- bles and nervous prostration. I am now taking the sixth bot- tle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and find myself greatly improved. My friends who call to see me have noticed a great change.\ —Mrs. A. IL Sanborn, Irasburg, Vermont. We will pay a handsome reward to any person who will prove to us that these letters are not genuine and truthful —or that either of these women were paid in any way tor their testimonials, 'or that the letters are published without their permission, or that the original letter from each did not come to us entirely unsolicited. What more proof can any one ask? For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has been the standard remedy for female ills. No sick woman does justice to herself xvIto will not try this famous medicine. Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and has thousands of cures to its credit. Ma Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women to write her for advice. She has thousands to health free of charge. Address Mrs, Pink ham, Lynn, Elam WE FURNISH POSITIONS to graduates, have done so and can. Send for a beautiful free catalog, to AAKER'S BUSINESS COLLEGES S.H.AssEa Fargo or Grand Forks, or to Prof. H. H. taker. Prop.. Fargo. FREr We PROF. Will Send THOMAS U :H A A p i ec a n ! o to Erectionsf ve p r l y an F t a in r g mer rREE L. (larden, flower and Field Seeds in our Catalogue of Home Grown Seed NORTHERN SEED CO, Seed Growers. Iltb St., Valley City, N. I). WHAT'S Your Health Worth? rou start sickness by mistreating nature ind it generally shows first in the bowels nd liver. A Inc box (week's treatment) if CASCARETS will help nature help ton. They will do more—using them egularly as you need them—than any medicine on Earth. Get a box today; eke a CASCARET tonight. Better in he morning. It's the result that makes Zillions take them. ' fel ISv TEM OTT, jn&fl It witb ynnr to Isrihig Remedy ., Memo', 11 , and receive sir gold Bon boa 71ilti. Save the Baby—Use ISO' CURE stsi litTAGM TOlbat obi Should be given sectary when the little one ociughs. It heels the del- icate throat end protects the lungs from infection --guaranteed safe and very palatable. All Drogekte, 25 emote. News of Mortana HAMMOND HEADS FAIR. Mineral Exhibit Building Recom- mended, Also Office Structure. Helena.- The annual meeting of the board of directors of the Montana state fair was held here, officers elected and plans for the fair this year Itemised. T. E. Hamilton of R t) dese, was elected president;*C. W. Cook of Meagher, vice-pietsident; Mar- tin Martin. secretary, and A. L. Smith, treasurer. The board qf directors thoosen was Louis Penwell, chair- man; Patrick Carney of mullion, C. W. Hoffman of Gallatin. J. A. Shoe- naker of Lewis and Clark, Conrad Kohrs of Powell. The president and secretary are also members of the board, its membership having been ncreased front five to seven members. One of the interestirik reports was that of the special committee on min - 'red exhibits. It recommended that a building to coat about $1,500 be befit on the fair grounds for the mineral exhibit, and that a permanent struc- ture be erected near the center of Helena to be used for the offices of the fair, a permanent mineral and a permanent agricultural ahibit. The report was adopted and the committee was made a permanent one until its deas have been put into effect. , MINISTER DROPS DEAD. Ave -0.-.-/As Mortis. of Dillon, Is Taken As Bell Is Calling To Service. Butte—Dr. A. a Martin, one of the best known Presbyterian clergymen in Montana, dropped dead in Dillon, at a wedding, shortly after he had Pei - formed the ceremony uniting Roy Teal) and Miss Arum Ellerman. Dr. Martin had just partaken of the wedding supper and was one of the Jolliest and merriest of the throng. While the festivities were at their height the clergyman excused himself, stating that he wished to proceed to his church for his evening service. Ile stopped to put on his overshoes Just as the bell of the church began to toll, when he suddenly straightened spasmodically and with a gasp fell back dead. Dr. Martin was seventy years old, and was formerly president of the Mon- tana college and chaplain of the legis- lature. He was prominent in the state Masonic circles. ILLINOIS BANKER KILLED. Weapon For Rabbit Shooting Finds Human Quarry. Hamilton. — James Cunningham, • wealthy banker of Hoopeston, Ill., was accidentally shot and killed while seated in an auto in front of the Ita- vain hotel. He had arrived on the morning train to visit his son and family, who reside on a ranch at Camas. The son, R. R. Cunningham, had purchased a cheap shotgun to take in the ranch for rabbet shooting The banker was met at the train by his son, and, after reaching the hotel, preparations were made for the trip to the ranch. The old gentleman was sitting in the jumper seat and, as the son was cranking the machine, it 111 supposed the father reached for the gun, which was leaning over the front seat. In some way the weapon was ilscharged, the charge striking Mr. .'unninghim below the neck. ' Death was almost instantaneous. Ranchman Kills Squatter. Lewiston.--Cyius Sprangler, a prom. ment stockman, shot and killed Law- rence Boland at Grass Range, follow- ing a quarrel between the two mere There were no witnesses to the trag- edy, and the facts have not yet been ascertained. Spangler, who Is nephew of Natt McCaulay; a wealthy and well known mockman, had ene ployed Boland at his ranch. It is re- ported that Boland had taken a home- stead in Spangler's field. The latter claims that be only shot when it was necessary to protect his own life. Both men were single and about forty years old. Chief Chariot Dead. Butte. - ('harlot, eighty years old, Nereditary chief of the Flathead nation and the last of the great chieftains of he West, died at his home at Arlee, according to word tonight from In- flect Superintendent Morgan, of the Flathead agency. Chariot was wealthy and his land holdings occupied a commanding and picturesque position on the shore of Flathead Lake. Chariot negotiated all the early treaties whereby Jesuit missions were established and peace assured all travelers in the lands of the Flatheads. Thaw is Reported Dying, Chicago, Jan. 15.—A Pittsburg spe- cial to the Record -Herald says: \During a heated argument in court over the proposed sale of, Harry K. Thaw's property, both side dropped statements that Thaw's illness is to end fatally.\ , Louis W. Hill At Libby. Libby. — One of the largest mass meetings ever witnessed in Libby wae held here to greet President Louis W. Hill and party to talk over the elimina- tion of land from the forest reserve for the use of homeseekers that are coming out into Montana this coming year. While Mr. Hill IA more or less acquainted with this country, he ex-, pressed himself surprised at the rapid progress of settlement. Mr. Hill jumped from St. Paul to Libby, and from here went to Kalispell and Havre. NOW it Is reported that women with college educations get the plok of American husbands. Hooray! Th. men stand the testi Football would be a first-rate amuse - meet were it not for the assault end battery features with coroner'e- fury complications.. Now that two German aviators hays been killed we cannot begin a woman too soon to agitate for safe and 'gape sky scorching. DID LAMPHERE CORES? NEWSPAPER PRINTS PURPORTED CONFESSION. MIRA Guilty Knowledge of Death of — Three Men—Chloroformed end Killed. Et Louie, Jan. 14.-Aecording to The Post -Dispatch, Ray Lamphere. who died recently in the penitentiary at Michigan City, Ind. while serving sentence for burning the home of Mrs. Belle Gunneas near I.aPorte, did not carry, the secrets of the Gun- nese-charnal home to the grave. The Post-Diwpateh, In ti copyright• ed story today, Says Lamphenge con- fessed. when he thought he was near death, to a man of unassailable char- acter. Lamphere, according to The Post Dispatch, had guilty knowledge of the murders of three men In the Gun- nesi home during the time he lived there amout eight months in 1907, and he assisted Mrs. Guinness In dispos- ing of the bodies of three men. He said he thought he had 'not received as much of the profits of the trans- action as he considered himself en- titled to and he went to the farm house one night with a woman, chlor- oformed Mrs. Gumless, her three children and Jennie Olson. He and the woman then searched the house. finding between $60 and $70. The light they used was a candle and they left the boom without gnawing they , ...fashits4 a.. *muds .-lessie-esaon Into flame Mrs Gunness' method of killing her victims, Lamphere said, was fine to chloroform them as they slept and then if the drug did not kill to sever the head with an axe. Each time when a man was to he murdered, according to Lamphere. she sent him to buy chloroform. When Hegelin came from Routh Dakota with a check for $2.893, the check was cashed. Mrs. Gumless sent Lamphere to Michigan City to remain all night. however, returned unexpectedly to the Gumless home and through a hole in the floor heard Hegelin groan in distress and beg Mrs. Gunness to send for a doctor. Lamphere said she had given Heglin chloroform. Hewn - tin fell to the floor, and presently he saw Mrs. Gunnies strike flegelin and end his life. He helped Mrs. Gunness bury th man the next day. TO AID RECLAMATION. --- --- Great Northern May Take Up Alban. cloned Project of Government. Heave. Mont.—Cin August 12, 1902. all lands stieceptibloaf irrigation 'in the In the famous Milk river valley of Montana were withdrawn by the gov- ernment for Irrigation purposes under the national reclamation act. Since practically nothing has been done on one - of the most testable and compre- hensive projects In the entire United States, committee after committee vis- ited Washi gton to try to expedite matters. First one then another ma- son was advanced for the delay Finally the project was put before Louis W. H111, president of the Great Northern railway, at the dry farming congress. He was urged to take up the matter of interesting private capital and inducing the government to with. drawfrom the enterprise. It Is felt that with the better bust- nees methods which would be inaug- urated under Mr Hill's methods, and the speedier construction that would result, the cost would be greatly re- duced, some estimating It at 60 per cent under the government estimate. Irrigation here is no experiment. More than a hundrer housiands acres now irrigated by private capital. Ir- rigated land here yields a gross reve- nue of $20 to $30 an acre yearly In staple farm crops, and much more in alfalfa, to which the soil Is well adapted. A meeting of the United Milk River Irrigation association was called sod President Hill made an address. He promised his own as well as the (Meat Northern railway's support in hastening the completion of the Irrigation project. Another meeting will be held later, at which time plans will be formulated. Pitt/Ilia/ Peer Suffer. Pittatnarg, Jan. 10.—Deaths, many accidents and suffering In the poorer sections of Greater Pittsburg were reported today as the result of ten inches -a( snow which fell in the past 17 hours. Promise of relief , from the sera weather conditions failed to ar- rive Sunday. Icy pavements caused hourly accidents. Houpitals report many cases of fracture', sprains and bruises. Two Survivors Rescued, Marshfield, Ore., Jan. 13.—Of the thirty-one men on the ted steam- er czarina, which struck on a Coos bay bar yesterday and was practically wrecked, two had been rescued today. Harry Kentzell, the first assistant en- gineer, with picked up unconscious in the breakers late yesterday and early today the second assistant engineer, J. Robinson, was washed ashore. Insanity Increasing In New York, New York, Jan. 12.—Insanity is in , creasing in New York state at the rate of 1.000 person* a year, according to a statement made by Mime Mary Vida Clark. In addressing the state chari- ties aid association, of which she is the assistant secretary On C,ct. 1, 1901, says Mies Clark, there were 30,489 in. sane patients In fifteen hospitals. YALE MAN APPOINTED. aft Names Henry S. Graves se Chief F tor, VIrashington. Jan. 14. — President Taft yesterday appointed Henry S. Gravest , director of the Yale forest school, a forester of the United States to suoceed Clifford Pinchot. Ho also appointed Albert F. Potter, at oriment actrns forester, as gasociato farester. The forester and his associate are both known as Pinchot men. Both have served under Mr. Pincol and both are in sympathy with hie policy of adm.istration. No Reform for Illestee. Barton, Jan. 12.—Former Mayor John F. Fitzgerald won the mayoralty fight here yesterday. defeating the so- called reform fcrces, led by Jarnes J. 9torrow, by about 1,494 votes. The most remarkr hie feature of the elecUon to many was the small vote of 1,788, given to the present mayor, George A. Hibbard. Who received 29.- 000 vote, twp year' ago. Delete elected on a \reform\ ticket. over Fitzgerald. The fourth mayoralty aspirant, Nath- a no n r la ta i r. H. Taylor, found only 525 sup. The figures are thoseannounced the tatty hall. SAVE THIS RECIPE FOR COLDS \Mix half pint of good whiskey with .wo ounces of glycerine and add one- half ounce Concentrated pine com- pound. The bottle is to be well shaken each time and used in doses of a tea- spoonful to a tablespoonful every tour hours.\ Any druggist has these ingre- dients or he will get them from his wholesale house. The Concentrated pine Is a special pine product and comes only in halt ounce bottles, each enclosed in an air -tight case, but be sure it is labeled \Concentrated.\ This is one of the best and quickest reme- dies known to science. Fight Against Plague Goes On. Although the survey of the past year's anti -tuberculosis work shows that much has been done, the reports front all parts of the country indicate that this year the amount of money to be expended, and the actual number of patients that will be treated will be more than double that of the past year. For instance, special appropria- tions have been made in the various municipalities for next year's anti- tuberculosis work, aggregating $3,976,- 500. In addition to these appropria- tions over $4,000,000 has been set aside by the different state legisla- tures for tile campaign ageinst tuber- culosis this year. Besides these sums, a large number of the present exist- ing institution's and associations are planning enlargements of their work, and new organizations are being formed daily. elhasmaoatO14omsc, It was the Chicago man's turn, and Pe told this one: \Diplomacy you know, is a remark- able agent. The other day a lady said to her husband: CHANCE FOR BARGAIN. !CHICAGO MERCHANT MAKES STATEMENT. After Spending Thousands of Dollars and Consulting the Most Eminent Physicians, He Was Deeperate, CHICAGO, ILLS.—Mr. J. O. Becker, of 134 Van Buren St., a well-known wholesale dry goods dealer, states as follows: ..1 have had catarrh for more than thirty years. Have tried everything on earth and spent thousands of dollars for other medicines and with physicians, without getting any lasting re- lief, and can say to you that have found Peruna the only rem- edy that has cured me per. manentiy. .'Peruna has also cured my wifeof catarrh. She always keeps It in the house for an attack of cold, which it invariably cures in very short time.\ For Sale Cheap—Aeroplansk—Owner No Further Use, She Wants a Sonnet. The manager of a department store received the following order from one of his out-of-town customers, who wanted a bonnet: \Mazure of head front ear to ear over top of head 12 inches; from ear to ear under my chin nine and one-half Incites; from forehead to back hair, eeven inches. I want a black lase bon net with streamers and rosette of red or yeller salting ribbon and would Ilk,. a bunch of pink Roses or a blue plume with a black jet buskel. If artinaheis are still the stile I want a bunch of grapes or a bird's taln somewhere. I do not want anything to tansy, but If you think • wreath of pansies Siould look good why put one. on. I have.some good pink ribbon here at home so you need not put on istriuge.\—Lippincott's Magazine. 4 s a.lieff - a, what do you go to church for?\ -\Why—se'--to listen to the Hermon, of t oorisei\ \That's what I go for, butt I can't hear it 'crime ye breathe so heavy.\ \'James I have decided to do with If You Are a Trifle Sensitive out • new fall dress, and with the money it would cost I shall have mother here for a nice long visit.' \James turned on her excitedly. 'What, wear that old brown cloth thing another season? I guess not!' he ex- claimed, vehemently. 'You go right down to your tailor's to -day and order pomething handsome. Remember, please, that as my wife you have a cer- tain position to maintain!' \The wife bowed her head In sub- mission. On her lips played a peculiar imile.\—Lippincotes Magazine. Most of u titan', friclide are of the There Is were Catarrh in thle section of the retinue tlwa all tither Meese.l pot together. end until the led im years erns suppmed to be Incurs... For • gnat ms ..y doctu n. rs protzinead a loca . 1 ., dta;m I e n, i , ..44 sad Mrk WInalow's atenthIng /Wrap. C I = eith k tal treatin;nt. projounted It nicurable. For children teething. iodic. the gut. • red.. la g elenes has proven Catarrh to he • patent utiunal Ws- Ottail_latitia, allay. pada...mos tried myth:. gio a bottle. saes. and Morel°. Miami eorielltillkiriel treetnirot. Hairs Catarrh Cure. manufactured by F J Cheney Men deserve respect only u they Is Co.. Toledo. OW. Is the only Coaatitutional run oft IS. market. ft I. taken internally dusespe r ik o gya...ifts •••••• '- Mops 10 atriSelliedithii. It wen directly On t t ad =Ciro, ls. toe .o , r , the . ten7: alter one bx tsll. to tee. M.uO circular. sad teetIntonlala. Addreot. F. .1. ('HFttb • CO.. Toledo. 010. sold by Draggle. The. UM Ralik Irmally Pills kw seeetisaUca. Rich Territory Opened Up. The development of the Brazilian Amazon valley must In time amount to untold wealth. In the states of Para and the Amazonas and the fed- eral territory of Acre there are near the water's edge 10,000,000 rubber. bearing trees of the Hove& variety. These trees, if properly tapped, will live indefinitely and steadily increase their yield. The state of Para la con. siderably larger than Texas, and muich of it will grow excellent cotton. Pettit's Eye Ulu for Over 100 Yea,. has been used for committed and inflamed ayes, removes film or scum over the eyes. All druggista or Howard Bros , Buffalo, N.Y. In Demand. \That's a very popular man.\ \Yes he'll listen to the details of your summer trip without Insisting on telling you about his own.\ Did you ever have a good, old-fash- ioned boy's stomach ache! Of course you have. A little dose of Hemline Wiz- ard Oil will chaos away a colicky pain in the stomach like magic. Gastronomic. \What belle of the season do you find most attractiver t The dinner bell.\ Past tense—indigestion. Present tense—WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT. Fu- ture tense—good digestion. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us dare to do our duty as we understand it Welcome Mistiest WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT makes all kisses sweet and welcome. Had yours? One way to acquire a reputation for amiability is to agree with every sim- pleton you meet. DAVI, TAINKILLER hat no ntatioute. No other remedy le so affective fur rheumatlem. lumbago. atIgness neural g ia or wig of !Layman.. Put up 15 no. We and We bottles. Enthusiasm is the poultice men ap- ply of their scars. About the else of your oboe., many people wear entailer shore by maim Allen'. Foot Ita•e, Ike Atitheeptle Powder to chain, into the shoes. 111 cures Tired. Co it, Achin M g eet cud iii eves rest •nd On Junt the thing for brooking in lien r hold ever t where.15e. 04111tple twat I'M. Addreek Allen M. ululated, Le Roy. N Y. A Question of Time. \How much does it cost to get mar teed?\ asked the eager youth. \That deport& entirely an how long yoti live,\ replied the sad -looking man. ONLY (IN et \IIIROM41 MEIN I NE.\ Test I. LCXA'i'tvs memo ptrININIc. rot 1130 tiliffwiliff. of It W. tato% IC. l'sed Out World user. Cure a Cold in lair hey. 21s. long.tilatailet. (artily ..P32freeridesT/7' \ ..sinimameem . tic' ')ior%) .-4- •••••erecestaiedied4 ALCOHOL -3 PER CE NT Aigetabie Preparetion for A s - similanng the food and Reguia Mt the Stomachs and Bowels Of Nil %V I sti HILint 1.N Promotes Diges tion,Chee rful- ntss and Rest Conlains neither Opium ,Morphine nor Mineral NOT NARCOTIC //..qm s/ Old DrSOIVIUMTC7LR • .f..d • Sow. e ReArIlk Jwtb • Am.. Jeri • Ageemod • Arit. • Men Yeed - Clomford J'atfre 1 Irrelor re A perfec I Remedy for Constipa lion Sour Stornach,Diarrhoea, Worms ,Convulsions .Feverish- ness and LOSS OF SLEEP Per Simile Signature of cem: 4 11 THE CENTAUR Conan/et', NEW YORK A t 00000 el 35 Dust,. t ri -- 'w\nT crilIMOTI !met Copy of Wrapper. Pla - Mate Shoes the Rest Shoes for Children For NI years we Ii iv. done nothing hut make elikldron's • SETh • 8416411141 41;4 lu the Viita. - kiskto Shoes -'the tw.t Made an t w here fur little fonts. Hee the shape, ii Illenlior Coln fort, sad allows Kee feet 111•41at rive • mot uatulferlfinat. — The ...Wei are et edear oak, welts are genuine Houdyear. and full wilenelon for-prillect/itgl! . Eperie. The. 10.1.10 mean that a pair of ,•..-.P•lektes Shoes will outlast two paint of any other abut, They voille in lace, button and - oxford shape and In Mil nieee from 4 to II. Just try nue pale, ere how the children ettjoy theta, cad Inutim how long they wear. 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A full list of Its ingredients printed on its outside wrapper and attested as fun and correct under oath. Pr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and strengthen Stern- lieb, Liver and Bowels. Easy to take as candy. It makes _ What Prof. Shaw, the W•N-Itsesem Amt. I AM seri st. Says Abort It. \I would sooner raise este. la W Canada th••_in the mrn be the United States. F I. cheap. and climate better for the verve.. Sour m will ha. e rne, faster then your farmers will ',endues the Wheat roe he Trta ra of the koternational boned - ...J. Your recent land will he taken at a rate farond_prornt tlon. We harts pey ti l Inning% Staten al ' oni h who . h\ erit hem. to take up.. Sooty 70,000 Americans will enter and make thel r hom. 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 18 March 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.