Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, March 25, 1910, Image 1

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MONTANA VOLUME IX. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISPIRD EVERY FRIDAY - W. L. RICKARD proggietOr SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. On• Year. (invariably in adrenal) III N tx Ilanthe IN Three Months 60 Single Copies . ... — 6 &stored at the Posts:Moe at Whitehall. Koala. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. (splay -One Dollar per tech per mouth. Locals -Teti Cents per line first insertion: five cents per line each substouent insertion. , NOTICE •11 matnutunications intended for publics - on In this paper must bear the signature of the author: otherwise they will and their roe to the waste basket. COUNTY OFFICERS.. 1 WINN *NNW NIN...-7.41n-I-CAllaweg of MataCOASt Win. T. Sabot' P. J. Manning g er Sheriff W. Wolverton ailwr E. R. Sumner ressurAr .W. W Bundler Viotti end ROVOINiar E. R. McCall Ceanty Attorney .0. IL Kelly ssiewor Jas. H. Mitchell urveror Cralle .... . tima w r NIIIIHRONEJU• sorlo latall'ol, Chairman Basin she H. Reilly Clancy J. Maar Whitehall Tim regular meetings of the board of county nentissioners begin on the first Monday in arch. June. September and December. Tbe lathers also serve as a board of aquatics - on. meeting for ON PurPosa on the third sassy ia July. CACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0.1.I. seta on FIRST and INTER T1711211ThY evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially invited to asaalad. MANE J NOLO011. W. U. Ras. Loan L. STAPIL.Wr, Seel. • YSTIC TIE LODGE, No. IT, A. V A. aeuroa the fIZOOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY evenings of each month at Masonic If ..XL Visiting members are cordially In- vited ia bacend. Plugs E. Natant', W. If. a. a. N . Sec Ike 13. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT - LAW Lida ROTARY PUBLIC Mellott, Mont. HOTEL JEFFERSON X L. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders L. R PACKARD, Phydalclean dance IllaarigNon. is requiring hospital Cala elven epode) attention 01.11181.0Seic and Realdence on First Went. Whitanhaell. /Mont. 431 0 ' \muff MIKIIIMO1C 4 le • woosof so for oolovtoody. Laos okoallialy. comae mina . sad bowie sow toolo. Magic you Veal . toll of actoraf. a. pl. domy ao• If roe ooMble MS mot. 111.011 Ma e•atio•o• Pub. Ca. horology . lloace. MM. Pb.. 3 ooryiody. • Mo • f Com PanTalloo it• marl. it. Ilounial el lama, moo*. pl. amens. plea. Orlaolsa. fooafffoa• mews rie wer boa 3 o•lo 111.1i011 It. mew Au.,)... NO•Espay ▪ Ibirsos Sc. laws, W.. opZ1.4 Q RAPW & eCALL rATTEENS C...1•Meted 1 , r style, parfloct at, ai•plitite and re!isb.lity newly 40 years. Sold lo nearly owery city GM tows is the Vaned State' sea Gtheds, or by wail direct. If.,. sold titan thy other roske. Seed tor fret esteloree. LVE MAGAZINE lbws subecribe. then soy Weir fashion ssagssins-atillios s arreth. Inesitsbie. Lo- on styles. potter... dr•••=alrisg, Its sewing, fancy needlework, hairdressing. rtiquelte„ soot sloth.. ere. Only 8 0 TR\' (wroth dooble), leeleding • free rotten' ii-bs:ribe today, or wed Ion simple * copy EMDEEFIAL INDIJCEMENTS Ages'. Postal Nr.eits Ortr111111•1 Cabileiree sod new mita rire Ortro. Add,,.. ENNA CO.. ES to WSW. 716 N.. MW TIME 60 YEARS EXPERIENCE PATENTS TRADE MAIMS DZIMINS Cesvesetcrs As. A11710. alai: ag a sthiel sad demeription we. qa . 144ty m erseten. thr °Ono. wheel., si ' t7 s u trielk=ro y eri , TAIS es Patera. with.* ~ Kr.. ,1 4 ..r, ttr.., \ :',P14.11 5 tb. rethlia ie. resist a afa, orlflorat o aria a , Scientific Riverican. A Itheiborthir Inestralwi wflokly. r= si t 40ng4\ r.V31111reV;rTo ta% 1Pg C01Ogro N .. r , e., rm. SALOON KEN SAVE RELIT DAY. For the first time in the history of Whitehall the saloons were closed all during Sunday last, it being the first Sunday since the new Sunday-cloking ordinance be- came effective. The day was a pleasant one, the whole town was quiet to an unusual degree, and everybody was on their, good be - There was oothirak_todis 4 turb the peace and quiet of the beautiful Sunday morning, noth- hing to prevent one from hearing the.elailiThAselis ring or attending the - services; nothing-to_prerent the saldon man having a day of rest and recreation, and some of them did enjoy , such a day. We believe everybody, both in town and country, who strictly--oln serves one day in seven as a rest day, is better off financially and otherwise, just as we believe that the workers in shops and factories are better off at the close of year's toil for has - tog - worked only eight hours per day instead of tam, hav- ing at the same time done more and better work than when the work -day was two limas longer. The democratic leader of the house of representatives, Mr. Champ Clark of Missouri. refering to events which occurred in the house last Friday and Saturday. is quoted as eating, \The repub- licans are on the toboggun,alide and if democrats outside of con- gress will get togethee as the dem- ocrats of the house have gotten together, our victories this year and in 1912, will be as sweeping as those of 1800 and 189'2.\ Some present indications point toward the fullfilment of Clark's prophe- cy; but Mr. Clark must remember that corraling a band of insurgents in the house is a trivial matter wheocompered tea national round- up of denioearts. The house of representatives having clecided that Speaker Can- non has been responsible for all the sins of that body during his long service in the chair, and hav- ing shorn him of all power, it is up to the house to get busy and prove to the satisfaction of the country that they are not simply trying to make a scapegoat of the speaker. Speaker Cannon refers to it as the \hybrid majority.\ Possitily he is wrong. It may be simply what Champ Clark calls \getting together. \We are it nation of prodigal',\ says the New York Times. No wonder the fatted calf comes high. Montaaa Mention. John L. Bright has secured a 25 -year electric light franchise in Lewistown. Judge John B. Clayburg of Helena has annoyneed himself a candidate for chief justice of the supreme court. State Superintendent Harmon addressed the students of the Ag- ricultural college at Bozeman last Friday on the value of manual training. Peary and Cook clnini they dis- covered the pole, but a Miles City teacher discovered four polecats in her school room the other mor- ning; and she eidn't have to pre- pare her evidence. Sheridan's town council has adopted an ordinance which pro- vides that one saloon license shall be granted to 5,000 population, and then only by a majority vote of the tax -paying freeholders. SUNLIGHT. WHITEHALL, MONTAN*. ' FRIDAY. MARCH 23. 1210. THIRTEENTH CENSUS. THE ENUMERATION WILL BEGIN APRIL FIFTEENTH. AccuraLy and Completeness Neces- sary to Statistical Value. _ ,- Butte, March 21.—The census bureau is particularly desirous of securing the support of all public organizations, newspapers and eIat liantslofffy in obtaining a proper enumeration of the people, the livestock hold- ing, farm areas, and the agri- cultural products, in the state of Montana. In this progressive mot - wealth, boards of chambers of commerce, ete.,news- papers and public-spirited citizens should aid in every way possible, in making the enumeration accur- ate and complete, because of the great advertizing poesibilities, the material gathered by the enumer- ators will afford. if the work is properly done. The census enu mention begins April 15, and under the law, must be completed in cities which had a population of more than 5000 in 100u, within fifteen daya, and in other districts within thirty days. Harold Blake, supervisor of ceases for the first district of Montana, which includes the coun- ties of Jefferson, Madison.11eaver- heed, Silver Bow, Deer bodge. Powell, Granite, MissoulteRavalli, Sanders, Flathead, and Liucoln, in an intervew today, urged the co- operation of all loyal Montseene, in this great work. Mr. Blake said: \The director of the census has authorized the Payment of six dollars a day to rural enumerators in Montana, the highest compensation permissible under the law. In the cities of Butte, Missoula, Anaconda, Kal- ispell, Hamilton, Dillon, and Deer: Lodge, the pay to be three cents for each inhabitant enumerated, and ten cents for each barn and inclosure containing livestock not on farms. Country enumerators are confined to eight hours a day, but city enumerators are at liber- ty to work as many hours over eight as they may see fit. The census taker In the rural districts Will in most cases,be com- pelled to spend much time away from their homes, while those having city districts, will not; thus the rates of compensation estab- lished by. the director, make it possible for city enumerators to earn about as large a salary as those employed in the country. The two supervisors' districts of Montana are now fairly well or- ganized, and as a rule a splendid class of enumerators has been secured for the work. Every ef- fort is being made to secure the people that any information given to enumerators is absolutely con- fidential,and any disclosures there- of will result in immediate prose- cution of the guilty person or per - sons. The president has issued a proclamation calling attention to this fact, and the director of the census, and the Montana super- visors are endeavoring to let the people know that the census quest- ions have no other object than to obtain statistical information, and that no person's life, liberty or property will suffer any injurious consequences whatever, as the result of his giving willing, com- plete and truthful answer. to the enumerator. This information which will be colleeted in the first district dy 1 . 85 enumerators, and a tr;inber of special agents from the eenius bureau, will be tabulated in Washington. and issued in bul- letin form for publication as soon as possible. \This great , state with its salu- brious climate, its millions of acres of inimansely productive soil, its vast timber and mineral resources, its superb citizenship, should and will show a remarkable growth. Perhaps the statistics of the thirteeth census, which, of course, will be given the closest scrutiny, will show that the Treasure State has nods 114 Arreekikt-44111111gLosi ate gains of any state in the union. I believe that every citizen , appre ? ciates what it means. to Montana to have the census work properly done, and Mr. Leon Shaw, super - r ol.lbe mowed distrieLef.Mcm, tans, which includes the rest of the state, and myself most earnest- ly seek the hearty cooporatioe of all public-spirited eitizens, chain - bees of coninieree.boards . of trade, oti. - , -- ind - the press, toh end that the thirteenth census will be what it should be—accurate and com- plete. liaM)LU BLAKE Supervisor. MONTANA LIVE STOCK CENSUS. Supervisor Harold Bike Adis tot Cooperation by Operators. Butte, March I8.—The U. S. census bureau is making extensive oreparations to ascertain the ap- proximately exact number and value of live -stock on the ranges to the United States op April Ibth next, the date of the live -stock in- ventory, as required by the act of congress providing for the thir- teenth United States census. It has been decided by the cen- sus director that the most practic- al und effective method of securing this data wifrbe to have it collect- ed by the census enumerators in the range states at the same time they are securing the population and agriculture returns. As the cooperation of live -stock owners is absolutely essential, the buret) emphatically states that there need be no hesitation or op- position on their part. as there is positively no danger of the infor- mation they gleebeing ootomum- cated to county assessors or forest service officers. The bureau authorities have always lnai mu tdl ined the position that all niformation gathered by it nas for statistical use solely and would not under any circumstances be imparted to any other branch of the govern- ment. There are a large number of stockmen in the first census super- visor's district under supervisor Harold Blake, who has headquar- ters in Butte, and in an interview today Mr. Blake asked the hearty cooperation of all owners•nd care- takers of live -stock in Montana in making the census enumeration. He stated that the enumerators would begin work on April 15th, or shortly thereafter, and especi- ally requested that stockmen ob- serve the following inetrUntionS in making their reports to the census enumerators: . - - - • \Report all domestic animals -on your farm or ranch on April 15, 1910. If you make use of the public domain in connection with farm or ranch, you should report all domestic animals belonging to you and under your care on that date, even though a part or all of them are being grazed on the pub- lic domain and are not kept on your farm or ranch. If you have given out any of vane. live -stock to be taken care of on other farms or ranches, you should not report them, as they will be reported on the ranch where they are kept and not on your ranch.\ HARRISON JORDAN Celebration of Eighty-fifth Annivers- ary of Birth.' The eighty-fifth birthdey anal. veraary of Harrison Jordan, One of the pioneers of Montitnn, was ..:aattesetted With nt anic gsthg of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren at his home at Retiove, in Jefferson valley, last Thursila.% . Although he luta started on the last half of his niiith - dociidalrfiths, Mr. Jordan is am halo and hearty as many nseu who are many years his junior. His mind is as active as that of a man of 50 and he reads the newspapers' every day lied keeps up with the current events. Thursday morning marked the houieeomming of the children. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McCall, the latter the oldest daughter of Mr. Jordan, came froni Whitehall and with them their oldest son, E. R. and his wife of Boulder, with their.-ehildren. Edith and Ralph, - making four . genenitions in all. Two other daughters of Mr. and Mr*. McCall, Mrs. Frank Rough - ton of Whitehall end Mrs. Thomas Gennon of Piedmont, came with their husbands. nnd Miss Ethel McCall. a third daughter. Besides thee° there were present at the family reunion J, 0. Jordan and wife, with their son Walter. of Renovii, end the Rev. Waiter M. Jordan and wife of Butte. A fourth child of Harrison Jor- dan. Mrs. F. A. Riggin, with her husband.the pastor of theMethdist church at Browning, had planned to conic with their son Guy. hut alien they reached Great Falls a report was current that the big railroad strike had been called,and :is they had important business back at Browning, they gave up the pleasure of attending the re- union and returned to their home. After the greetinzs at the old home 'in the morning, a splendid birthday jiner ,was served and le time spent most pleasantly talking over old attics. 'refry uses and letters from kin and friends in seven different Mates were reud. These inelcdetla telejletini of birth- day greeting from -Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Wampler of Round Moun- tain, Neb.. him • Wainpier is an- other daughter Mr. Jordan has been a promi- nent arid active member of the Christian church for 06 years. He has never touched liquor or toltses co and has been active in the tip. building of the state of Montana since he came here 40 years ago. He was u member of the state legislature for two ternis. Ile is of a sunny disposition and always looks ou the bright side of things: Among tbu greetings re- ceived were letters from former Senator Clark, who said that Mr. tt `career had been on honor find success and that Mon- tana was proud of him. Letters 'vete libio read from Mrs. John B. Wellcome, Edwirrd Seharnikow of Deer Lodge and MasscUa Bullard of ifelena.—Standard. 'Or)' Farming Practice in Montana \ is the title 'of a pamphlet just. is- sued hy Director Linfield. of the Montana Agrieulutural which contains amen; of Practice! information and Pointe out the methods Which, when foflos t ad. NUMBER 6 RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. HERE IS A SNAP if you want a small Farm Home, consisting of 30 acres, all good soil and under cultivation and Irriga. tion. 4 Room new Frame House, new Frame Barn 20 x 40. 12 acres in Alfalfa. Located 1 1-2 miles from Whitehall. Just the place for a Country Horne. , , ...St/Umiak , tor Fruit, ttrdening and e aracena.----- - PrIie $259y.0o, $1500.00 cash, ballance hint' 2 to 4 years. D: F. Riggea, ' Vt/hitekhel11. Mont. .oementhseasthwealle .Aa Have you tried our Cloves? We have them juat to suit your fancy and your purse. What about Shoes?' We sieve no cheap, shoddy shoes. We have shoes to woar. You can tap or half-sole and wear some more. You do not have to buy. as many shoes, hut you always heels clociLahommi If you buy at Clirk's 'Me can also sell you the best groceries at the lowest prices; take your measure for your new spring suit; take your order for the latest in wall covering; take your order for carpet, iLet us know what you went and we will fit you out. 'When you buy goods, get.the best there is for the money by buy iag of W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. The Whitehall State Bank Capita I PNtict 5.c,c00.00/ At N. JOHNSON. A. .1. kit KA V. IXAViC JulIMION P.1+,1,16111 Tire Proaidsat. ( sealer to r CHAP. W. JOHNSON. if. J TTLE, A. J McKAY. I.. R. PArICA RD. P. rt rex VRAY.K H JOHNSON I tinder t control of Nate bank Board. Eininained be the. eve num a rasa I • ft , % 4%%%401144, 0 ‘1.44 You get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe Open Day and Night I FurnIshed-:-Rooms Meals at All Hours I in connection JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r - - Nispriteariel ‘114,14141\1\SA‘i1/41\.141.1\%#401.10 C. W. WINSLOW * EASILY HANDLED BY EVEN A 01110\ THAT FOOT LEVER DOES IT. Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Floss Harrows, Standard Mow - and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van tmt Drills, and Newton 'AGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles will insure success in - farming' without irrigation in Montana. The authors are Alfred Atkinson, agronomist,, F. S. Cooley, super- intendent of the farmers' insti- tutes. Every farmer in Montana should have a copy of this pamph- let which will 'be' sent free, On re- quest by J. H. Hall, state Metals- sioner of' agriculture, Helena; Montana rime to Advertise When it merchant has made n line window display, as he ought to, he has made a one-third effort at beneficial advertising. 'rho other twn-thirds should be in his weekly annonecinent in him home payer. People are not Ming fp take a window display 'tame ei,a talk it over, but they will an ad is the -local piper —For , rth Times.

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 25 March 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.