Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, April 01, 1910, Image 1

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NTANA • VOLUME IX. SL WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. APRIL 1, 1910. TOE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PRA\ PLEDGE. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. W. L. RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. .9= Year. (Invariably in advance) F2 00 Sis Months i I 00 Three Months , 50 elaste Copies 5 Catered at the Post()Mee at Whitebait Mont, as Second-class Matter. ADVERTIbINO RATES. Dilelea , —One Dollar per Inch per month. ' Locals—Ten Cents per line and insertion: five cents per line each subsequent insertion. NOTICE Ali communications intended for publica- tion in this paper must bear the signature of She author; otherwise they will Sad their war to tbe waste basket. COUNTY OFFIL'Elp .ritibiadirtat Callaway tot the goon.... - . Wolverton E. R. Sumner W. B. Headier Her .i1! 'T Clerk ad Recorder F. R. McCall I.:twiny A t tontey ......... D. Iii, Kelly A1110411111, •.... ...Ms. M. M11elifIl 0,111 . 11 1 11I of It. M. Crane Stsp•rof sehtsss .........LetaIL 'Thompson NOM.. AdanittletnorW. L. flearley el$MMI•I. Cartis Denbo w eteeMISSIONKItS. Farn Steele. Chairman Raisin Jolla II Reilly Clano A. J. McliaY Whitehall The secular meetings of the board of mount)\ INS10111ell begin on the first Monday In =. June. September and December. The members also serve as • board of e q ualisa- tion. meeting for this purpose on the third Monday In July. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. F. S. Meets on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY evenings or each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are eordlally Invited to attend. M A HIM .1. NELSON. W. M. Slits. T.11.1' L. STA SLEY. See'r MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. IL A. F. A A. M. eetsCon the SECOND and FOURTH TV S- ill*? tenorings et ea,* armada ea hailYhtltiug members are cones sited to attend I it k IL F.. Nilsson. W. B. A. A. NIETHIAM. sMesitab . Ike E. 0. Pace. ATTORNEY -AT -LAW .tas NOTARY PFIII,IC. Whitehall, Mont. taasaiStaaaaadatentiestMOS ----------- •• HOTEL JEFFERSON X. L. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders etS.S.S...assalassassissaia^s's\ L R PACKARD, Physicians and Misestimate. Some of the democratic papers of Montana appear to be much concerned about the attitude of Congressman Pray in the recent tight made in the house of repro- sentatives against Speaker Cannon. Some of them have considerable to say about Mr. Pray's broken campaign pledges, etc., etc ',Veil, what was'N1r. Pray'a campaign pledge of \opposition to Cannon and Cannonismr Here is that pre -election pledge which they claim Mr. Pray hats smashed all to smithereens: . Iflortrelereeti. hnting flee ex- perience pt_the last two yeariie mind. I will support ILK A REPUB LICAN Caucus some other than Mr. Cannon for speaker of the house.\ Is there anything in that *tate- meet which suggests that Mr. Pruy purposed to carry' his oppo- eition beyond the caucus and into the house of representptivela Not a word. Possibly the democratic - editors think that when, on the floor of the house, a few \insurgents\ united with the democrats in an ef- fort to \get even\ with Mr Can- nnon. they constituted \a repub- lican caucus;\ but they did not. t swid - t.tangressman Pray was u er no obligation to join the \hybrid majority\ in its attack upon the speaker. The eruption of Mount Aetna, it is estimated, has caused five million dollars damage. Nobody has attempted to compute the amount of danuure done by the !recent cruotion of congress. There are millions in it for the genius who invents a Wier -saving , device that will perform the dutimi of hired girl to the satisfaction of the average lady of the house. Pittsburgero, including some who were not (aught in the taft not, are indignant. r•oleg rtitignine kaaptall ear° Plc\ spec i a l Thus far attention. • - bltillie for the high cost of lit ing Ituiettal.Oleto and Restdenec °whim street. %A/hirers...II. Monti on Motley's comet. Itnr - rwironanionIeCrinal.0 Is a t...; 10.1, SI elearkity. The rum e. Ivo.. use l.T.,I ipit. I. , . , li,a1.1.1101Mrtmes. Sam. it I'm. IIy nu name Tor , .. Sinatra. Inn en ninon Nib. Co. 11 Pc, ..n • non.. Its. Photography essyyl.o4y, AMY II ICA PM, ot Me( Im it lisainiful pl. lune. 1•1001h- tp pe17. castes., ',Mum criticise, mimeo. an Sampan nip, ft -e II me laMtIMS TI,l 1.10' Men, ass Siwildtparsi 4 &tams Ilt.. bad\ Mae- pft/4, PHOTO- C R A P MeCALL PATTERNS .Cetobratell for idyl*, perfect it, simplicity and reliability nearly 40 mem. Sold in nearly every city and town in the United States and Canada. or by Mail direct. More sold than any other mete. Send lot tree WA/eve. MeCALLM MAGAZINE More subscriber< Than any other fashion magazine—million a mouth. lorultioble. Lat- ent stylen, nitto.nit, tires•titialtine, tplain sewing, fancy needlework, hairdressing, etiquette, good stories, etc. only 150 cents • (worth Including • free pattern. iittborrit, titbit% or rend. for suinp....ta • -\ ra , mamas cammassas C !, ilift• a. ..)t!..rett C D. :::tsr.:sts.::ark.. azn Teel 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE PATENTS t roop( SASSO DEWS= Eopvisitairre AC. 1110 aiutetaln Mar opinion tree whether an Ami w ne nedIng • Moen, and dessortion may Q inniot on Is IMMilibly maIMISALIWoMMIMM. I- 110116 rictly 7:admit lel wrap on Patent. leoltere . ee aperied or , f tee. without chnren. In t • Scientific American. A handsomotr 1111,0r/tied gwenlilv. faintest Mr. 0,1.1101,01 on! aelonillte Journal. l'orma • tear tniir al. Sold by me MuNN yort no one has laid the The grafter 1s .strenuously op- posed to the \meek -raker.\ hals lire Livestock. The time is rapidly arriving when the farmer will have to pay more attention to fertilization ot the soil in order that he may make his land more productive. The higher cost of living is due to no other cause than that of short pro- duction, and while the farmers are getting good prices for what they have they are not producing enough to 611 the hill. To raise larger crops on the.same amount of land means more careful cultivatioa and a better knowledge of the fertilizer problem. Thua far the rich prairies of the middle west have grown good crops without mud) attention to the care or the soil, hut that condition cannot last a:ways, and even now the pro- gressive farmer realizes the need of checking Roil robbery. To do this more live -stock should be pro duced, and there is no getting away from it if the soil is to be saved. Tiny, farms in ; Franc*, where one or two acres keeps fnmily for years, the rugged farms of Scotland, where one small house and a patch of ground is wealth -- what is the source of their well - doing? The secret lies in the fact that they are raising more live- stock per acre than the average - American farmer. Here .there is only one head for DM mares.. In Germany there is one howl for 8.; in Denmark, one for four au:res.; in France, one for 4.3 acres, and in England, one for 5.3 sties. In this last country, two-thirds of all the good farmhand is used for grazing purposes.—Live Stock World. Boulder Wins Debate. lite following special to the Montana Da kl de Record appeard in rlill tit that paper o' veiling: Boulder,. MarciK S.—For the third time this wasn't' . the Jeffer• eon county high school team tame a:vietOrianza . Seturday, etyma when it debated with the Granite county high school, from PhPips• burg. In the two previous debates the Boulder team took the affirtini- five side of the question: Resolv- ed, That United States senators should be elected by direct vote of the people,\ but with the Philips- burg team it had the negative. &milder, by ---_defeating To send and Helena, is now the chionpion of the western district, but still debate at Chotenia some time inApril to determine whether it will appear in the finals at Mis- soula next May. The Choteau, Tenton county, team won front Elwell. but the other northern districts fniled to enter a temm, which gives the Boulder team somewhat of a double dose before it is eligible to appear with Mis- soula. and the outeonie will be watched with interest as Prof. 13. E. Tenn was a member of the Boulder high school faculty for several yeurs and aided the Boul- der team of last year in ousting mall wromero, bait met defeat et.Mis- *vela from the Forsyth aggrega- tion. The judges Saturday evening were Judge H.C.Smith of Helena, Principal H. C. Hickson of Ana- conda and Professor Underwood of Missoula. The Philipsburg tenni was ably represented by the Misses Bernice Franzinen, Elizabeth Sauer and James Brown, -while those on the local team were Lulu Tuttle, Mild• red Bines and Walter Wiloon. The high school alumni gavot' banquet in honor of the visitors' who seemed to enjoy every minute of their stay while in town. The Jefferson county school facto -14y high is composed or Professor Howard E. Harry. Miss ATTENTION! Salon keepers, Bartenders and - All Saloon Patrons. You are cordially invited to at- tend the aervieee at the Chrietian ell UFA OH Sunday evening, Apill 3d, at 8 p. It is not the purpose of the min- ister •to condemn men—God for- bids: \For God sent not his soli into the world ,to condemn the wotkl, but tht the world through him might be.satved.\ But. rather, is SIM teletilKalitliqttelOanitsgoisiiiV, miidn. Ho believes flat there are tummy good men associated With, the saloon. In fnct, some of the world's most powerful men are associated with the saloon. The aim its this service will be to sallow these men ii better way to exert their power and ilium make A murk in the history of the world fit nnet emote. You will find in the Christian minister a main who loves men, even though in a loot condition. Your attend:time at this service, and at till services, will he !were - Mated. Come. 1 take this method of inviting you to this service became! 1 am not personally acquainted with you Nevertheless, I your friend. JAMES TEETER. Chriatinn Minister. Here and There. The She tem:140f trade lanat endorsed George F. Week.' for Mnyor. Butte is to 'lave a sew court- hottse that *ill cost 111160.000. and IC4 going to be a beaus. Rudolph Flick wants to furnish Sheridan with electric tight and power, and will oak for a fran- chise.. Governor Norris hits approved the application of seventy citizens for a company of the tuitional guard at Libby. The McLean ranch of 900 acres, Mar Sheridan. ha l been sold and will be cut up into small tracts and pinnted'ts: fruit treee. Edith Wolfe and MisoMaryl3eniie. and they are all indefatigable workers, and nauch credit is due them for the high state of efficen- cy the free high school of the caunty has reached. DR. J. J. DAVIS. DENTIST, will be in Whitehall, on Sunday, April 3d, and every Sunday there- after, prepared to do all kinds of dental work. (7 -it Valier Land Sales. Land sales recorded two it eeks ago amounting to S75,800 and the following week for $71,600showed activity in Yeller real estate arid irrigated farming land but appear to have been but a suggestion of what was to follow. This week' the busy firm of ClintoneHurtt 4f4 Co. have been doinkr buitinesa under pressure—they simply have not had time to eat—and the sale of land and lots aggregating $171.- 500.00 is the result. At the rate at which the - irrigated land is be- ing disposed of the opportunity to secure three hundred dollar land at forty and fifty dollars per acre will soon be a thing of the past, in fact we are told that the deeded land-- what remains of it ---will on April \let advanm•e to friil tin (mere:- Vnferian. we The Sheridan Horse Sales coin pony held a successful three -days dials hist week.__The dailg \nee hehereported to Imve been 300. buyers being present front Minne- sota. Dulcet*, Idaho and Canada. Two experimental stations dem : onotrating the agricultural posoi- bifida,' of the Prickly Pear valley will be mnintainIld this year, one under the supervision of the Boze- man Agrieulturn1 college mithor• ities And the other under the super viationt Of the Groat Northern railway. 'Washington, March 30. --The senate today confirmed nomina- tion* of the five mete who sire to coetitu te the new eluion's t court of appeals. They lire:':r gotten M. Montgomery 'of Michigan, pre- siding judge, a'Kd 11. Ilunt of Montana, James F. Small of California, Orion M. Barber of Vermont and. Nlarion Devries of' California, associate judge,, M issou la, Ma nil 30. --The dash- ing of a Milli:omit meteor, having time appearance of a great ball of fire , ohooting through the Al i , spread panic over western Monta- na hunt evening. That it dashed into the earth somewhere above Ravalli on the Flathead lion wall the concluoion drawn from the dist Met jar felt through- out this sertion of the . country. The 'electric diottarbant•e extin. guished mill lighto in Dixon, .‘rIce reset•i•a and Parma. The ' Indiana also witnessed the spectacle and felt the quake are in a stilts of teryr. What material daniaae wen done has not its yet been learned. So brilliant was the meteor that man engineer on the Northern Pueide, who was running out of Arlee, threw on the airbrakes and stopped his /tilde believing that he had nihnsed is block signal or . t there w IL as a train with electric dlight on uhead. DEMONSTRATION TRAIN, Nitilbettr.ftatic College to Boost for Better Farming. aA The Northern Pacific Railway, Montana Statellollege of Agricult- ure and Mechanic Arts, Montana Eiperiment Station mud Farmers' Institute will cooperate in running a demonstration tairn across Mon- tana .aver the ttlein and branch lines of the Northern Pacific sail - way during the month Of June. President Hamilton. Diretor Linfield.Superintendent,Cooley and other prominent educators, pract- ical farmers and boosters for bet. ter farm tits farming and •seienflgricul Lure in Alotitana acconipany the train. ;Adozen or fifteen in- structors will discerns' iniportamit farm and horticulture! topics, and demonstrate an extenaive display of Implements and ptialucts with which the train will by equipped. Cham hers of commerce,busineas am ho fa mailers alum the route who deaire the trainto stop at their city or room/unity 'should communicate with Stip't E. S. Cooley at once before the itinera- ry is made up. = NUMBER 7 RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. If you want to sell your ranch, list It with me, as I have many inquiries for good ranches. Now is the time to sell. I have one good 160 acre ranch - Jar rent. Will rent for cash or part • D. F. Riggs, WI -liter -la Ni(Drit. Have you tried our Gloves? We lsave them ju-t to suit your holey and your purse.Whnt about Shoes? We data) no cheap, ihoddy Idiom. We. have shoes to wear. You can tap or half.sole and wear some more. You do not have to buy As -many Otiflee t intirynti itivenalt-have- Gratnod if you buy at Clark's liVe can Moo sell you the best notarises nt the lowem‘ prices; take yoor meamure for your new spring suit; take your order for the latest in wall covering; take your order for carpet. 4 ILet us know Mutt you want and we will tit .you Out , !When you buy goods, get the best there is for the money by buying of W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. FOR CURTAINED CARDER SHOP. Woman Decries the 'Common Practice of kteJlicity. 'Queer. Isn't It.\ said the obsery ant woman. that thengh American men are =dent Individuals, they have been content all these at ars to be shaven and shorn and massaged in full clew of any one who happens to be paslan g . I mean that all the barber shops are on the steel level or below It. end with a wealth of =curtained glass front that allows a males toilet in be regarded as a masa\' ot public Interest. Yen might taint fhb. expos - ore • et tolerated by Ilse easterner may trscause It insures a good, strong light for the delicate operation of shaving; bat not so. for even night when ihr electric) news life glaring 40Wn the 'Ude' remain up. and wires 114 1113V MKT gaga neon nn ore y lath- ered races In any barber shop they pmts. Oda, over a comparativriy small area last week I counted 240 tonsorial parlors Ind not one of them tetempted even the gauziest screen. Log between Its' customers at 1 the public gam PersonallyI don't con- sider that it man is at his handsomest under •he barber's hands,do 7011?\-- , New York Press. German Paternalism. The OberpostdIreetionsbetirksrevisor therwise - a district inspector of the postoifice department of elermany— on a tour of Inspection found a tele- plume operator in a small town \wear leg a white silk waist, eat low at the neck. Instead of the blue uniform waist. and reported the offender to the chief of the inspection uMee. :Wet only,\ said he, ''were the regulations of the service violated. but the silk 'hat , Went was out very low.\ The chief omee directed the immediate discharge Of the telephone , operatcr and gave warning that w ..... ert in the imperial Service must 'tires. In keeping with the sorties reitihrii as.\ Err.barrassing for Her. A Milvratikee man and his wife recently received a (all from an old frjend'whom they had not seen for years. Jurit before the three sat !loan to a Little. geyser in the stele the wife, seizing a favorable opportunity, whispered to her husband: • / \We have en's'. three hotting of beer in the lioutae 7 just enough to go around. Don't ask Imitn to have any More.\ • \Very ..geswered thehe husband; who 'Chanced to be think- ing of sonmething else at t time. Half an laour bites the butt. to P r t !F Whitehall State Bank t- - ;:nptess 1•••• in In. rhaill.c 0 00.0€1* NI .11/II 1. I. Mat% Y. ' FRANK JOHNSON Pesament. ra.hier. ctirialltrOira CHAN hi. JOIINW/N. J. WIT A. J.11 0. 411111111MISI , I 'ACKA RD N. rem,. FR A Nlir II. JOHKROM I Unch.r. tIlrevt ...tit r.,1 I if Slaty Rink lassoed, !examined by them five t altar I 4 % . 0 1 0 % , 1 0 1 , 1\4 , 4 , 101010%10 0 6‘4010% 4 6410%,\ The Butte CafJ You get the BEST\ if you eat at JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms I 1 Meals at Ail Hours in connection tie•WieNeer%4•11.4PN , 14•14/\A\Ibirii. - /Vicoritairts C. W. WINSLOW P7 1 itro 41/10 - I I LAT PA . C . - * EASILY HANDLED BY EVEN A CHILD\ THAT FOOT LEVER DOE5 IT. Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and NeWton WAGONS AND BUGGIES harness and Saddles his wife' emonsternetion;nskedtlie . guest to take More beer. The iw ' vitation wits politely declined, but siIh the host did vet chalk. A dozen times lie' firmly refused. When he 6Cdeparted the wife took her husband to task. \What on earth made you persist so? Didn't I tell you there were only three bunk ! Why did 3 ou upon Isis having more beer, mete beer, more beer!\ , \Mercy!\. exclaimed the hand; \I forgot entireli: n \But. the wIfe,\why ( Ha you suppose I wan larking you under the tattler' \My dear.\ blandly replied th,e husband, \you didn't kim k • Lippite Otts. •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 01 April 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.