Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, April 01, 1910, Image 3

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• • --. ^.7 .• ^4Yri , ; , • :V HIS *PEED. \He leads a terribly fast life.\ \Who Is he?\ \Mr. Paythefine's chauffeur.\ How's This? We er Off Ons Hundred Dollars Reward for ain 5. of Catarrh that cannot be cured by nen Catarrh Cure. F J. CHENEY & C O.. Toleda 0 We.the underalgned. have known er Ch.) lor the Out 15 yers a sod believe him perfectly bon ies. (gable In all busb frau...eta,. and flusaciaLly Ole to carry out any iddigntkiiiii made by hls W•Ltiliid. Kinwon k MARYIPI. es •of On mucous Whidennin DiK11100 TOW. 0. Hall's Catarrh C Is ure taboo Interually. actin g directly upon the blood and surfac L\: . Testimonials ern? free. Pries 15 coata pa 10 \ .' Sold by all Druggists. TM. WADI Tunny Pala for seasuesuce. The Mystery of the Age9. Youthful Student --.Ps, Methuselah . Wras the oldest sae,. Wasn't he? - Pother -Yes, my son. • Youthful Student -Then who was the oldest woman? Father -My son, don't ask. From Eve down, that has been a profound mystery to the sons of Adana. Important to Mothers. Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for infants and children, and see that it Dears the Signature of In Use For Over :10Tt:ars The Kind You Have Always Bought. • Bringing Up. \They're bringing the baby up to be a mollycoddle.\ \How so?\ \They have the nurse take it out in a go-cart, instead of giving it an auto- mobile.\ Distemper In all its forms, among all ages of horses and dugs, cured and others in the same stable preveated from having the disease with Spohn a Distemper Cure. Every bot- tle guaranteed. Over 500,000 bottles sold 'last year. $.50 and $1.00. Good druggists, or send to manufacturers. Agent. wanted. Write fur free book. Spohn Med. Co., Spec. Contagious Diseases, Goshen, Ind. Many an otherwise truthful woman lies about the amount of money her husband is making. Think of ft! They charge as much for that Imitation stuff as they do for real, delicious, fragrant WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT. 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Minneapolis, Mina Give trutn • square deal and It will not be erushed to earth. aftraszawril* RHEUMATISM , w If Cored by Electropodes Hew 111.61ek Mame., metyl Wide *NI. fob Kilicenide rtiareet—fteryes 'ha ean10110/ }Winn eine Ine Rheuirialinn. N Kidney and Liner can. 000 .0 pair. Gutman. ai m ed with n el tall m cure. sone1 II sot et row ez=s wad ea pos. Ws eM that Nat see WESIMMIN 111LSCIlltOPODE CO. WI Los Ansolesilles Z Masks, CM. Trade Bak. Don't accost any stibn a. ite r rtotard. z ia Sep. N.Y. MOTHER CRAY'S SWEET POWDERS FOR CHILDREN, • OsrtalaftslIst for Fair srialt•gsa. kr::111 144\:. !n qzg:Ti.t.ri i tc :Zrz r tisioNnew G oma PATENTS it t..11I7.7; (.74 i:\A. wisons i raw sin, weswele. e”. eine sie mum Ili Egg Mystery Has Led to 20 Fights NEW YORK. -That deep mystery, III \Fowl Business; or Whose Men Laid the Egg?\ hasn't been solv‘d yet in the Flatbush court. Two leading resi- dents of Canarsle appeared to press charges of assault against each other a few days ago and Canarsie Is all torn up over the case. The litigants were accompanied to court by all their friends, families or neighbors, for such problems as the possibility of war with Japan, the price of clams or the high cost of liv- ing have faded into insignificance be- side this egg affair. Only the hen can settle if and she won't tell. When court opened a small man bubbling over with excitement jumped to his feet at the sound of his name, W$lllamelkesSilliZa=7:Wil-esthe judtcial bar tad before Court Officer Dalton Oteuld stop libn he exploded with: \You know how this here trouble started, judge?\ Well, a week ago my hen, Matilda. laid an egg -at least, I will swear to my dying day that it was our hen that laid it My daugh- ter picked up the egg and started carefully for the house. On the way she was met by our next door neigh- bor, Mrs Mary Pennibger, who upset the child in her attempt to seize the egg. \Now It appears that she wants the egg, and so do we We are fighting for the principle involved, and so Is she, she says. But the KU - there ' s the trouble, judge. Then, on Monday we are baled to court to prove we own the egg Matilda left her coop. and we do not know exactly when she laid the egg. The Penningers claim the egg was laid by one of their hens. \Naturally we resent their denial, which almost says we are lying. Last night I opened a windolv which com- mands a view of the Penninger hen- nery. As I did so Penninger point- ed a finger at me and exclaimed to Joseph Taylor, who was with him: \'That's him! That's the meddler! He butts Into the affairs of his neigh- bors and can't let his wife fight her own battles.' \That was too much, your honor, so I fought them both in turn. Look at Penninger! I guess I beat him to It, hey, Judge? And he hit me Ant at that \Here's another point, judge,\ added eemene-- 341111Wiagellinwidon of the Pending YORTHIBHIttlisitermination o Its ownership. *Wield you decide that that man Penninger owns it I propose to charge 'him storage on it for every day I have kept it \Think of it, your honor! One egg has been the cause ot 16 fights be - teen our children, four between Pen- ninger and his wife and me and my wife and several domestic tiffs, to say nothing of our pugilistic encounter last night!\ Magistrate Nash held Penninger and tiemar each in $300 ball. Big Wart Hoodoos a Champion Sleeper HICA00.-James White, a long distance sleeper, was carried out of the Vestibule lodging house, 99 Van Buren street. OD • stretcher to -day as a \corpse but as he was about to be taken to the morgue he rolled off and was awakened. \I ain't dead,\ he yelled, stretching himself, yawning and rubbing his eyes In wonderment \What the-\ began Policeman Kel- ly, as he let his end of the stretcher fall. \Who tickled me?\ demanded the Indignant sleeper. Policeman Kelly laughed, but Gabel only stared at the \corpse.\ \I thought maybw be was only asleep,\ explained Kelly, smiling, \and tickled his ribs.\ The \corpse\ moved away. \Wait here,\ ordered Gabel, as he turned and went back to the clerk. \That fellow ain't dead,\ he com- plained to the clerk. \Sure he is,\ insisted the clerk. Two porters punched him with the 'feeling stick' and he didn't wake up.\ Outside, the tramp was being held a prisoner. The clerk and Patrolman Gabel came out to look him over again. \Pretty live core,\ commented the clerk. \Well-\ began Gabel, lott then the sleeper broke in: \I was sleepy and had only been to bed 21 hours.\ \How much sleep do you taker asked the clerk. \Oh semetimes a couple of days,\ said the sleeper, yawning again. Then he went on: \It's that Infernal wart OD my nose.\ \What about ttr demanded the po. 'Icemen. \It's my hoodoo.\ Neither the policemen nor the clerk spoke, and the sleeepr resumed: \You see, I ain't had no luck since the wart came. Guess It will be my death yet.\ \Why don't you have It removed?\ \Removed eh? And how? I've tried everything. I've tried to get ahead, but I either get hurt, get 'pinched' as a suspect, arrested for being drunk, or lose my job. And - \Move on,\ broke In Patrolman Cie bet The sleeper moved. Has Job for an Expert Stamp Licker M lLWATIKEE, Wis.-If you are in search of employment In a Mil- waukee drug store you tpust be a stamp ticker. The unofficial word has gone forth among owners of drug stores that lickless Individuals in search of work are to be turned down cold. That the ability to lick stamps is one of the prime requisites of a nifty drug clerk Is Just becoming known. Time was when Milwaukeeans licked their own stamps, stuck them on their packages or letters, and that was all there was to it. No more; the clerk must lick the stamp that he sells. Ordinarily the new wrinkle of stamp licking Is not noticed, but at such times Is Christmas and New Year. when the tongues of the overworked clerks become weary from overmuch contact with glue, a wall goes up and the new order comes under the pub observation. However, there have been drug clerks within the last few days who positively refused to lick any more stamps, says the Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin. Their refusal is made on the ground that If they should overdo the operation it would seriously inters fere with their speech. Many of the clerks who refused were women. \It's simply awful,\ declared on* clerk In discussing the situation. -• woman comes in here and buys a bunch of stamps. She has her lettere In her hands. Sometimes there are 14 or 16. You eye her the stamps Then she counts them out, a stamp to a letter, and politely hands them back to you with the demand, \lick 'em, please\ -and you have to do it to hold your job. Hint of a drug clerks' union, corn - posed of members banded together under the sacred promise to never lick another stamp, has been heard, but until the present time the movement is so small that It has not created interest even among the clerks them- selves. Meanwhile the licking demand Is made and stamps are being assiduous- ly licked. Dragged Out of a Grave to Jail Cell IJEW YORK, -To be taken out of a grave on a warrant on a charge of threatening to kill his wtfe and fam- ily was the unusual experience of Al- bert Smith of Long Island City. But the grave was not his own. Smith, who was employed in Cal- vary cemetery, was simply engaged In digging It when Patrolmen Quinn and Kline went hunting him \Hey. Smith!\ shouted Quinn, lean- ing over the edge of the grave. \are you down there?\ \Ay bane,\ said Smith, who is an A Clirt's Dining -Room. \Botts tells me he kissed a girl last night in the hall In the dining-room.\ \You mean he kissed her In the hall and then in the dining room?\ \No: be kissed her In the hall and the dining room at the same time\ \I don't understand.\ \They were out In the hall and he smacked her In the mouth.\ Hard to Learn. In speaking, ertneine--everythingt That fellow makes • hit, Willp stops before he goes too fat AM knows lust *hen to quit Anglicised son of SwErlen. \Comin' out soon ?\ . Inquired the pa' liceman. \Naw! Ay bane tank Ay stay brim It bane nice an' quiet an' charfnl place.\ \Come on up,\ said Quinn, coaxing ly. \I've got something for you.\ \You bane kape what you got. Ay no want any present.\ Quinn, who was in plain clothes, stepped aside/and gave Kline, who was in uniform, an opportunity to try his authority. \Come up out of that,\ said Klein, \or I'll go down and get you.\ \DM bar bane might' narrow place,\ returned the Swede \It bane built for one only.\ Smith came up at last, and was then taken before Magistrate Gilroy, In the Long Island. City Police court where he was held for examination. • A Raiser of Hogs. Ashley. -\Notice that man who just passed?' Seymour. -\Yea.\ Ashley. -\He raises more tinge than aim ether man in the United States.\ Seymour. -\Where does he raise -them?\ Ashley. -\In the stockyards; be runs the elevator there.\ Those Candid Comments. \Those friends with eritlelem pat But scant regard will win. Who either say: \'You're getting rear Or: \Ity. i but you are thin!\ News of Montana SKUNKS OUST SC11001s, Montana Teacher Su rp r I sod to Find Animals In Possession. Miles City. -Miss Dora Stearn, who teaches the school at Herman's ranch, was a much astonished young woman one morning recently when on u n- locking the door of the schoolroom she found a number of additions to her class for whose coming she was utter- ly unprepared. Chancing to look In the'waste paper basket Miss Stearn discovered a pole- cat peacefully ensconsed and sleeping, entirely oblivious to the fact that somnolence in a schoolroom is a rank breach of the rules. Making a hasty reconnoissance of the room Miss Stearn discovered throe other pairs of beady eyes peeping at her from be- hind other objects. Miss Stearn proceed at once to the register, and, finding no such pupils enrolled and not knowing even wheth- er their parents resided In the dis- trict, concluded they must be expelled at once, as teaching these young ideas how to shoot was not down in the con- tract. But to accomplish this without in- viting reprisals was a contingency which the instructions on school dis- cipline, either at the normals or coun- ty institu,tes, had never, it seemed, provided for. Until the proper strategic move pre - seated Itself, however, Miss Stearn wAkeillie4 - 111ftterseiekgiee- Play 461-411M ease to spare the rod and -not-spoil dress; so, leaving the enemy in undis- turbed possession, she hastily evacu- ated, and, as the scholars began to arrive, held a council of war outside. There it Was decided to convene school In a corral which was used for roping horses, and then couriers were dispatched to summon assistance that could dislodge the e my. ORDER TO GIVE SERVICE. Montana Rplimad Commissioners is. sues Radical Ultimatum. Helena -The state board of rail- road commissioners directed the Mon- tana, Wyoming & Southern Railroad company to equip its line of railroad by purchase, lease or otherwise with facilities necessary to render reason- able service to the public. Such ser- vice Is understood, they say as taking care of all shipments offered for trans- portatioi, in addition to providing the coal mines In the Bear Creek field with a sufficient number of cars for loading at all times, according to the orders placed by the mine operators, as well as reasonably prompt service In the matter of switching out the loads from the mine tracks. The order states that while the OSP Is somdwhar radical, the commission does not see wherein this Is imposing any hardship upon the carrier, or re- quires it to perform any service other than that which it has agreed to do by the terms of its charter. The railroad extends from Bear Creek to Bridger, where It connects with the Northern Pacific. Bear Creek is one of the chief coal camps of the state. POLICE COLLECT MONEY. Helena. -Judge Clement overruled the motion to acquit J. H. Raftery, edi. tor of a local paper undergoing trial on the charge of crimtnal libel per- ferred by Mayor Edwards of this city. The court also permitted the intro- duction of the alleged lioelous articles, which are severe stritures on the pre* ent administration's method of hand- ling municipal affairs. Police Sergeant Barnes testified he had collected $10 a month from all women in the restricted district and turned it over to the chief ocoolice, this being the fine intent in vogue. Other evidence tending to %how vio- lations of city ordinances was intro- duced. Judge Clement, in overruling the mo- tion to direct a verdict, made a strong argument in favor of the liberty of the press, denying that a public of- ficial cannot be impeached unfavor- ably without libeling his character. Station Agent Stabbed. Miles City. -J. E. Trumble, agent at the St. Paul railway station at Mil- dred. was stabbed by a man who re- sented a threat of Trumble's that he would slap his face. The knife en- tered Tremble's side, and it is feared that the wound is mortal. His as- sailant fled. Wants An Accounting. Anaconda - Mrs. Annie McEwes has sued Father Bernard W. Lee. for- merly pastor of St. Peter's parish here, now of Plains, Mont., for an ace. counting of a partnership in which they were engaged in the management of a ranch. Jury Frees Editor. Helena. -The jury in the case of J. II. Raftery, a local editor charged with criminal libel for alleged defama- tion of the character of Mayor Ed- wards, of Helena, brought In a verdict of not guilty and was discharged. PLEADS GUILTY TO HIDE THEFT. Le Roy Martin Sentenced To Two Years In Miles City, Mont. Miles City -La Roy Martin, colored, pleaded guilty to stealing a bunch of hides and was sentenced to two years. Deputy Sheriff Boggs has brought in Ed. Chauene, arrested at Ridge. Mont., with four horses said to belong to Al- fred liasselstrome, of Hill City, S. It, In his possession. Sheriff Moses, of 1:elq , Fourche, S. D., is reported to have ich ntilled the horses. Strike is Averted. Chicago. March !S. -Commissioner of Labor Neill. the railway managers and representetivee of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen vent the day in working out details of the compromise effected yesterday whereby the strike of the brotherhood members was averted. New Troops at Ft. Lineeln. Sismarck, N. D.. Match 113. -The de' tachment of the 14th Infantry i U. S. A. arrived in Bismarck eshititegey and were at °nee transferred to the Fort Lincoln track ond the ear's set Altit In- side the lines of the military. reserve. WELL KIDNEYS KEEP THE BODY WELL. When the kidneys do their duty, the blood is filtered clear of uric addend other waste Weak kidneys do not al- ter off all the bad matter. This is the cause of rheumatic pains, backache and urinary disorders. Dean's Kidney Pills cure weak kidneys. Rev. Abram Weaver, George- town, Tex., former editor Baptist Her- ald, says: \At a Baptist conference at Jackson, Tex., I fell from a platform and hurt my back. I was soon over the Injury, but the kid- neys were badly dis- ordered, passages painful and often bloody. Dean's Kidney Pills cured this trouble completely.\ Remember the name-Doan's. Bold by all dealers. Foater-hillburn CO.. Buffalo, N. Y. 60 cents a box. HIS RECORD. ••••••• • Lydia F, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? We can furnish positive proof that it has made many remarkable cures after all other means had failed. Women who are suffering with some form of female illness should consider this. As such evidence read these two_unsolicited testimonial letters. We guarantee they are genuine and honest state- ments of facts. Cresson, Pa.—\ Five years ago 11 had a bad fall, and hurt myself Inwardly. I was under a doctor's care for nine weeks, and when I stopped 1 grew norm , again. I sent for a bottle of Lydia E. 1•Inkhant's N'egetable I.' pound. took it as directed. Aki ka, 41P.NtilieWNIOS4RfSairdi j ie\grAiiiteit. , -Cresson, ° Baird, *ash. - -H T Year ate I was Rick with kidney aaa bladder troubles and female weakness. The doctors gave me up. All they could do wits to Just let nit. go as easily as possible. I was advised by friends to take Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable C pound and Blood Purifier. 1 am completely cured of my ills, and 1 ant nearly sixty years old.\—Mrs. Harsh Leighton, Baird, Wash. ,Evidence like the above is abundant showing that the derangements of the female organism which breed -all kinds of miserable feelings and which ordinary practice does not cure, are the very disorders that giVe way to Lydia E. Pinkham' Vegetable Compound. - Women who are afflicted with similar troubles, after reading two such letters as the above, should be encouraged to try this wonderfully helpful remedy. • For 30 years Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound has been the standard remedy for female Ills. No sick woman shoes Justice to herself who will not try this famous medicine. Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and has thousands of cures to it. credit. Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women to write her for advice. She has gut ed th Ad el d i resn e d dir m ten. hpelanklthhaasfreeLyonfn.ehmamsrg. s. e 'Fabler triftrte•--Ho holds the Batten record. A la Carte -What Italian record? Table dilute -Ile ate a mile of spaghetti in three minutes and a half. Mornay,. A game of chance in which the chances are about even.' The - man leads at first, but after leaving the altar he usually follows breathlessly in his wife's trail. The. rules are very confusing. If ,a masked player holds you en 'some night at the end of a long gun, It is called \robbery\ and entitles you to telephone the police; but if your wife holds you up for • much larger amount the next morn- ing at the end of a long hug, it Is termed \diplomacy\ and counts in her favor. In this, as in other games of life, wives are usually allowed more privileges than other outlaws -Judge. -- -- Found Wanting. \Bo he has lost faith In deep breath- ing?\ \Yes; it wouldn't keep his hair from falling out.\ -Houston Chronicle. The rich, as we' reckon them, and among them the very rich, in a true scale would be found very indigent and needy -Emerson. OR. J. N. RINDLAUll (SisselsIbt), Rye, Oar, Nose and Throat Farm IL O. -- Passing the Superlative. aiii going to have Jagsby for my best Mall • \Oh I know a better man,\ Pettit's Eye Salve First Bold In 1007 lin years ago, sales increase yearly, wonder- ful remedy; cured millions week eyes. All druggists or Howard Bros.. Buffalo, N. Y. It is easy 'for the man who wore a dress suit in his life to Maine all the discreditable things be hears on polite society. - - - - Eyes bright' Digestion right? WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT is fine for digestion. And the man who kills Bine will discover that sooner or later It will come back and haunt him. tired of that net -much -of -any- thing flavor.\ \I'm fond of that deli- cious Wrigley's Spearmint flavor.\ An empty human heart is an abyss earth's depths cannot match. -Annie C. Lynch. Takers of the United States Census 'will use Waterman's ideal Fountain Pen because it Is always ready and sure. The best people on earth are your wife's folks -so she thinks. Mrs. Wtnalow's tioothleg srwsp• 1:=74117.;1067=7:11:4111T: ha' vanity is due to a leak in one's wis- dom tank. 46 • II. 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SPORTING GOODS Pirearean, Bunten.' and Trappers' Trappe' ma Baseball outliner., Canoes, Boots, TrataVri outfits. Nodal.. Catalog rrse. KENNEDY /NOS. ARMS CO.. ST. Mit. Miss. • Pass Along The Good Word That Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical, Discovery is to -day and has, for over 40 years, been the standard Blood-puri- fyer, Stomach Strengthener and Liver Invigorator !old by druggists. It's not a secret nostrum but a medicine of known composition — a medicine so good that the best physicans prescribe it knowing that its ingredients, which are printed on its outside wrappers and attested under oath, are the best known to medical science for the diseases for which it is advised. The great success of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in curing weak stomachs, wasted bodi, weak lungs, and obstinate and lingering coughs, is based on the re ognition of the fundamental truth that \Golden Medical Disc, cry\ supplies Nature with body-building, tissue-repairir.g, musc!. making materials, in condensed and concentrated form. With thi, help Nature supplies the necessary strength to the stomach to di- gest food, build up the body and thereby throw off lingering ob- stinate coughs. The \Discovery\ re-establishes the digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, purifies and enriches the blood, and nourishes the nerves—in short establishes sound yigorous health. If your dealer offers something 'lost an good,\ it is prob- ably better FOR RIM -it pays better. But you Sr. thinking of the cure not his greeter profit, so there's nothing \just as good\ for you. Say .0. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, in Plain Fisgli.h; or, Medicine Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up to-datc Edition, paper -bound, sent for 21 one -cent stamps, to cover cost of Maain 4 ,nil'. (loth' bailed, 31 stamps. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N..Y. • WESTERN CANADA 1•111. the Great Mailman Illemseles. &mot No Wtoset-Predweing Power, ..11mt er...t...4 need of this country Maio-110,ot.) In another lion or two will he inro: •Idin g of homes or lei rtfficilseutir'l grim. 1 1 {: days of osr Roams* e ** a. • h oat •• sor t ies emote, are (ma. oda Is to he Om great Tilsobese 000atry.\ meet rsIlroad ses- ame is taking gdyantnlii of the situation by en. (.5.1,. railer/IT build- hi g _ t o H when( olds of maatero Canada. Upwards of 125 Million OM hole of Wheat 11111Setrated lo 1009 Average be thee. nteh.unn P L2 ' 1741717et:1:71Ct 1 upwards of ad bushels per . sore. Free homendend• of 160 acres, eed pre-eption. of Ott e d iwa m nt 63 per.. re , . Sr. to In the choicest dleirlots. Schools convenient, climate esrellent. soil the very best, rollwity• clime at band, bulld- og lumber cheap, fuel easy to get and reasonnble In pricy., If orating n 611M.. glicd an to water madly j_ boat place for settlement, itettlerte ow railway rites, deacrIptIve Illus. rated •• Laet Host West' ,mot hew on application, and of her Informa- tion. to Mewl of lam_ _hrietlott. =i v ... a On,., or to OM 01Lnailillii t Agent. CHAS. PILLING NOM Nest Snood forks, N. M. . Mao address assisash yew. 051 in the dumps -from over -eating, drinking-. bad liver and constipation get many a one, but there's a way out —Cascarets relieve and cu re quickly. Take one to -night and feel ever so much better in the morning. 'Cum -eta -10c box -week's nese meet All drogesfe. Bimmetmlist laths world -minion boasea mdse. WRIa.LEY'S PA year Ideas dl-poge boot Rai en...Plata bll shed M e Ina g arsalaba. hot 11.k.klme55,5••. d atruarard tlimpsee'efo lister ^

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 01 April 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.