Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, April 08, 1910, Image 1

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• 4.• MONTANA VOLUME IX. l id let 4' 1 .7 SUNLIGHT. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. APRIL 8. 1910. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PIIIIIIHIRD MYER! FRIDAY. W. I.. RICKARD Proprietor •IIIIIICIRIPTIOM PRICE. One Tear. (tevarialAy in advance) ft II0 S ix Months I 0 Three Months 50 eines Cooke.. • ▪ seM as eflateball. Mont.. ai al i t Zoeller:es Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. gl e lt i t i —O en ne Dollar per Web per month. Ousts per line lest insertion; lie cents we line each subsequent insiertina. NOTICE AU oestrattalmtions intended tor pubUca- Woe In this velem must bear the signature of the anther; otherwise Mar will and their WIN to tie waste basket.. COUNTY OFFICERS. .1MM way Ilsanini eiterie W. Goirertes Jailer Trate County Atfturfhal i'lerituarnitialettelise R. R. ..D.M ells Jas. H. 11.1=1 Surveyor It. K. perm- a eirtet of ltitotoolisowskw_2N.:TuiThop.= Denbow tXAMISSIONERS. Pam\ Resin Whitele m el Is SW. an list Monde: in Sae board of emits Deeeraber. The or a hood of actualise - .mtestoss on the third t CACIA OMER, No. 21, i U inta on FIRST end TIMID TUESDAY evenings of each mouth at Masonic Hall. Wishing members are cordially invtd to *head. ALMS J. NILSON, 117U. U se. LOLII L. &CAMAY. SeCl• MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. A A. M. Rostirea the PF.CO: b t FOURTH THO- RAX swenlans of me monthat Masonic iflatisg am cordially III- vi▪ tod to amnia 'Flamm R. Nma0n. W. IL A. A. Nammar. Soc. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT - LAW AID NOTARY PUBLIC. Wititekoll, Most. TMZ HOTEL MESON X. L. Tuttle. Prop. . Prices are Moderate. _ Special Rates to Boarders L. R PACKARD, Whysliclan and illItarygoon. _ Cases requiring hospital care given special attention. • unpile!. 011ee sad Residence on First street WhItesieft11. Mont. st - r•sirt•Irasel iI • mair•••••I.. ••••ibeay I AIM% b..t •10666•37,06 mods( •rolase..611116. Os um Seek. Simple. p.00 dI5l.t,fl.f skates. Sam- ple ••••7 Ss. IS re• same tble paper. SI Ni raw. li•wmption Pleb. CO. 6 Bosses Ss . 11•616*. MOM Ta•teerneaY warm. ••••711.4 . A ts • • tr P sa. 14.4.• .1 5es..66 pictsw..moistla- ly memo. µotos, crldelos. 5o••6••• •• • iss••••d• Sword. sopy SI ye. mssolo• 161• Sunbelt.. IlielegmOy • 11•••.• 5. 5.•5•• - . WO. PA?). I0 15 ipe goo hileCALL PATTERNS t e1yerste4 for style, perfect Is. simplicity and rcliabiliiy nearly 40 viers. Sold in nearly emir, closed herrn he the United Siam end Canada. er by mall direct. More sea than any ether mike. Send for tree caftans*. IlisCALVIII MAGAZINE Mere aelescribers than any ollser hubloa raagesisse—million • month. Invaluable. Lat- est ayles, patter's, dressmaking, plain sewing. faneyteliewert.hainirenion, .teesate4mill 0.011._ ra ••• Ooly SDcents e year (no including • 'roe pattern. Mit...Jibe today, or send for ample copy. wo.vDcatrut. Mavamtrzers • to Arens. .P.34/51 hriens premilim catalogue •nd umv riaers. Aeon. lES IRC.:LL Ca.. 3 ti: 3 1 1 . 2 :01111. KW TIME • ' 50 YEARS ° EXPERIENCE PATENTS TRACK Moines Demons COPYRIGHTS aes. Anyon• sending • .001,0 .04 dimension ekes flnlnill yeert11111 on. opinInn fres whether e• ). Probably ommitalt'oramall ions at net r nedintw. f NANO Inn Ps \ Xt f ri r ois tr0itin 5j5107 Of Nunn Vo, \ Xe l ly . tretal winos. without cheers. in Lb. Scientific American. ys A tuutditnineir Ilinstrotol W.klf. !Airiest relation of any ecientlie Journal. Toles. i II , f ru .. munch( el. Cold by all newer, kg () 3. :! ,..... , ,,. w ar 0 MISSIONARY COMMON. Lorna Phi tor Great Ranged at Coloablalarnas. The laymen's committee oil:hilts has secured the big pavilion at Columbia gardens for the opening banquet of the laymen's missionary convention, to be held in that city April 19-18-14. They are plan- ning to make this not only the biggest banquet ever served in Montana, but the biggest ever jet Ameri.s. There olv ample room in the l' litirairea three thousand men at tables at one time. The committee is ma: king provision for this number. In addition - to - this -there -is -a gallery and alcoves which will seat as many more to listen to the after dinner speeches. These speeches will be made by some of the strongest missionary men of the world. A large committee is being !fi- lleted to make a systematic canvass of the business portion of the city to get the men lined up for this dinner. The very bigness of it appeals to everyone. There is no reason in the world why it cannot barnacle a glorious success. Big delegations are expected from all of the cities of western Montana tributary to Butte. Anaconda will send u special train, Stiesoula a hundred delegates. and Dillon fifty. Indications are very pro- mising that this dinner will surpass any that has been nerved in . the large cities of the east or west in connection with this layniefs mis- sionary campaign. Some of the finest musical talent in Butte will furnish music for the banquet. Points Regarding the Gauls. The census begins April 15 and must be completed in two weeks in cities and in thirty days in all other -areas. the enumerators will wear it badge inscibed \United States Census. 1910.\ The law requires every adult person to furnish the prescribed information, but also provides that It shall be treated confidentially. so that no injury con come to any person from answering the ques- tions. The President has issued it proc- lamation, calling on all citizens to cooperate with the census and as- suring them that it has nothing to do with the taxation, army or jury service, compulsory school attend- ance. regulation, of immigration.or enforcement of any law, and -that n o one can be injured by answer- ing the inquiries. It is of the utmost importance that the census of imputation and agriculture in this state be com- plete and correct. Therefore every person should promptly, accurately, and com- pletely answer the census ques- tion?, asked by the enumerators. That dirt will be flying by May 1 on the grade foe the Virginia City-Southern Electric railway . between • Virginia City and the minus of the /Northern Pacific railway at Alder is now an assured fact. The preliminary surveys have, been completed and next Monday Chief Engineer George F. Douglas, with hie surveying crew, will commence the work of last- ini the permanent lineao as to have it ready for the contractors to commence grading immediately upon their arrival, which will be sometime during the latter part of this . month or the first week in Ms ,—Tim. Apt. 1. litre and There. Miles City will spend a quarter of a million improving its light, water and sewer systems. Sales of Yeller town lots and farm lands during the month of March amounted to 8947,104.01. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad will have thru pass- enger service betweeq Chicago and Seattle in operation by July 1st. Nineteen counties in Michigan voted, for loos! option Monday. Timaa.litakired_oeloena will thus beetetedildheiVotverine state, Washington, April bill permitting Indians to sell, in small subdivisions, the land adjoin - Flathead lake and to dispose of their other surplus lands was passed by the house today. Seventy two years old, Edward Payson Weston is pacin'east on a schedule that would dishearten minty much younger pedestrians. He is half way across the conti- nent and fourteen days ahead of his schedule. Midnight and Sunday closing was the issue in Sheridan's muni- cipal election last Monday and the contest was a spirited one. , The %V. C. T. U. took an active part in the campaign and the closing resolution was tarried by a major- ity of two. United States Senator Carter introduced in the senate on March 9d a bill limiting the hours,of daily service of laborers and mechanics employed upon work dons for the the United States, for'any territo- ry, for the DistAst fr of. ColumMe. and for other purposes\: Attorney Bruce Kremer. of Butte, narrowly escaped being killed Wildnesday morning by Joseph Long who attempted to shoot him. Kremer saved his life by grasping the gun as it was leveled at him and calling for as- sistance. Long was arrested after a struggle. The department of agriculture, the reclamation service and the stateof Montan will cooperate in conducting a demonstration farm on the Huntley project. The sork will be under the supervision of C. S. Scofield. of the department of agriculture and Professors Atkin- son and Linfield. Twin Bridges, Aril 6.—A pnrty of land seekers composed of some of the wealthiest men of Pik - stone, Minn., spent several days in the valley the past week look ing over various land projects. The party is making a tour of the state and is undecided as yet as to where they will invest. They went from here to Three Forks. Twin Bridges, April 6.—Part- ies from Waterloo in town recent- ly state that the big ranch of the Wellcome estate, more generally known as the Creeklyn ranch, which not long ago was famous for its large herds of pure bred Hereford tattle, is being converted into a sheep ranch. The Hereford cattle have nearly all been disposed of and the broad meedows and pastures will soon become grazing ground for flocks of sheep. Helene,' - April 2.—Forty thou- sand acres of land in Montana will be !reclaimed by projects to be: opened up under th t Carey act in the near future, one in southern Montana and the other in the central portion of the state. The first is known as the Ruby river project, application for the with; drawal of which has been made by R. A.Carnochan of Butte.. Twen- tv-three thousand acres in Atarlienn 4,9116 1 KilititiVtititilt*AVOWIA140 4, 4, 4, POINTERS FOR, DIY FARMERS. '. The experiment station at Bozeman hue iastiM a bulletin in styli is contained the following pointers for the dry land farmer: 1 Science and diligence will quadruple the httrvest. 9 Water is of first important*. Use all possible means to prevent its waste. 8 From seven to ten inches of water can be saved for the crop by timely cultivation. 4 Disc after the harvester, as early in the spring as possible. and immediately after plowing. 6 Harrow after every ruin and whenever a crust begins to form. 0 Do not let weeds grow oil summer -tilled land; they use up water. ' tinVilirit11161ffellei 8 Pack the Sub -surface before seeding: 9 Use drills that peck the earth about the seed. 10 Use only the best seed, select varieties and well cleaned. . 11 Two or three peeks per acre is enough. r y ripening crops an ear y see - ditig are best for the dry farm. Late crops must be inter -tilled. 18 More can be produced in one crop after summer til- lage titan in two or three consecutive crops. 14 Market concentrated products; meat and butter pity better than forage. 15 4.4ettkn erepe-and *in uhba,.o. as watt as grain, may be made to thrive by thorough tillage. K4061605 1 06046041116(4 1 1686,1 1 7 0 5 C. W. WINSLOW \EASILY HANDLID BY EVEN A CHILD\ THAT FOOT LEVER DOE5 IT. Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and Newton WAGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles and Beaverhead counties ere in- volved. The other project is known as the Flatwillow and em- braces 17,500 acres in Fergus county. Walter Winnett of LeviiNtown is the applicant. BOO applicstiona have been forwarded to Wasltington by Secretary Darien. : THEIR FDEEDOM OF THE FARM. Unde Charlie Seaver's Welcome to • Large Picnic Party. \I hope YOU don't mind if we tramp ever your farm this afternoon and pie me awhile in your woods?\ cheerfully asked the spokesman of a large picnic party as they walkediato Um gates of' The yard, says Puck. \Not at all! Not gt all!\ laughed Facie Charlie Seaver as he dropped his stockinged feet from the veranda pest and shoved co his specs. \Just many right 'along and have • good t time. The farm is yours for the day Take that road near the corncrib and . . 01 0 yourself. step a little light, though. In going' through those med- dere along th' crick, as I have never been able to •stermlnate that bed of rattlesnakes in there. Hut there', only a couple o' doaen of the pesky crit- ters left. Ills - get 'em all soon. Better walk around the north pasture where old Joshua Is aapawin' and a-bellerin', ter he's a powerful bad varmint., and when he commands 111' can to rise you bet be 'its. That little ravine back o' the Roods is a fine place for a plc - aid even If Hank Hawkins does say that th' ice dam at the head b th' gully is weak and liable to bust any minute. I took some o th' braces out o th' dam yesterday gee Mt prove Hank Is a liar. • \If that buck sheep WIT in the or. chard gits funny one o' you grab him by th' horns and Ida th' woof off him. He's been a mite toe frisky since he nearly kilted one o' the hired men. Don't let th' young 'tits get too friend- ly.wIth those hornets' hosts in the her - r, patch below th' grain nerds. What! Coin' up th' road a glees? Why, yes. reckots - Wall weaver% let ye in his big woods. Better stay right here. give ye l'n' freedom With,' farm!\ HISTORICAL RECORD OF RINGO Have important Port In the Annals et II.. World. Tbe ring began when man thrust his linger through a hole in a pretty sheii. and later learned to make rings of Jet. The ring is very market Lord authien. who helped to kill Ms zio, gave Queen Mary a ring stitch was - Damn - against poison, and she generously replied with the prerent of her father's wonderful jeweled dagger of French work, no longer in exist. ence. Whether Rutlyen tooled with this magnificent weapon in the affair of Rink, or used • cheaper article is uncertain. At all events Mary beset , on the ring that was an antidote t.. petition a charge of sorcery agatnst Ruthven. The judges of Jeanne d'Arc regarded with much suspicioe her lit tie ring of bare metal, a eft from her parents, Inscribed With the sacred lames Jesus Marla. It was usual to touch the relics of 'taints with ringe• Jeanne d'Are said that her ring had touched the body of St Catherine. whether he meant of the actual saint or a relic of the saint. brought from Sinai to Flerbols. The ring might contain a relic, or, later, a miniature. 1 fear tnat I do not believe hi the virtues rir vices of poison rings Our anectenrs prectically knew no•poi. son but arsenic. and Carthaginian science can scarcely have eosbled Hannibal to poison himself with a drug contained under the P10120 of • rIng..—Andrew I.ang, In London Post. Meld Round lihtuziders.. Are you letting yourself Pag a IQ at the shoulders, Don't. If you wan,. to keep either young or well. There is nothing so fatally easy as to grow roundehotsidered Keep a sharp witch on yonritelt to prevent it. Each mOrning Stand up against the jamb of a door and see if you have begun to sag. Also walk around your room each day with a piece of breornstick nr short umbrella under your a -in stiti brought across the back. 'this keeps the ciiest tip ani bead wall poised heep•hreathlau exer.lses. wheuever you think of them, will help ward off those round shoulders, also making practice to work with the chest up. This last is the simplest of Ill pry Teethes, for if it Is aiways practiced 11:n rest will folfrw. NUMBER 8 RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. Ifyo u want to sell your ranch, list It with me, as I have many inquiries for good ranches. Now is the time to sell. I have one good 160 acre ranch for rent. Will rent for cash or part • ist: ierropr.--... get' me at once. v.4itakrastst-4t1.= D. P. Riggs, Whitehall, Mont. Have you tried our Gloves? 11'..e have them just to suit your fancy mid your purse. Whitt ubout Shoes? We da ce no cheap, shoddy Owes. We have shoes to wear. You can tap or half-sole and wear Home more. You do not have to boy ea awes , *twee. twit vett always terve Catese - sci dElhOode if you buy at Clark's We can also sell you the best groceries at.the lowest prices; take your measure for your new spring suit: take your order for the latest in wall covering; take your order for carpet. I lLet - taa know whet you mottled we will tit you out. 6 :When you buy goods, get the best there is for the money by buying of W. S. CLARK & CO.. Renova. Mont. Th.! Whitehall State Bank Capital iseics in. et20.COCP0.00 CHAP. AL JOHNSON, A. J. WRAY, FHA Ng II. JOIINSON PonsIdent. Vier , President,. Caslilor. _ . _ • _ .____ — • Cleireactora CHAS. 11..1011bliON, II. J. Terme. A. J. MekAY. l'A('HARI) P. C. litTYLK. FRANK JOHNSON I Under dimes ...nitro! I f St•te Hank Booed. V •nilaind he them flee times a year. I isio%•WWIsoNeVW4. 0 41 • 4 You get the BEET it you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms CAMpiAripipip.WWWW‘IAWN\ Meals at All HoursJ in connection Whitehall - - Montana Report of Condition OF The Whitehall State Bank of %Vhitehnil, Jefferson County, Montana, at the close of business March 29, 1910, made pursuant to call from Stitt° Bunk Examiner. 1, 4 •101:ItCES Cash in other banks payable on demand $ 49,312.98 Cloth reserve in bank, viz.: Currency $ 6:145 00 Specie 5.073.85 - Checks and other cash items 605.00 Loan\ end discount\ $75,554.7S Overdrafts secured and unsecured 779.40 Bonds and warrants 12,995.91 89,260.09 Banking house, furniture and fixtures 4.990.00 11.723.65 Total 8155,280.TO LIA BILITI ES Capital stock paid in. . $95.000.00 Surplus fund 2,500.00 Undivided profits, leas expenses ant? taxes paid 935.62 $ 28,435.69 - deposits subject to check $109,026.58 Demand ci rti ficit tea et 5211_711_ Vine certificatea - o7denoPit • • • • • • 108.20 ,. Certified checks 76.15 Due to banks and hankers 4.116.89 126,851.09 Total 9156,286.70 State of Montana, County of Jefferaon . I. J. 'L. Platt. eaaliter of the above nemed bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge und belief. J. L. PLATT, Cashier. Subscribed and .sworn wbefore me this 4th day of April, 1910. hte E. 0. PACE. Notary Public in and for the state of Nfoutann e residing fp Whitehall, Jefferson county, Montana. My notarial commission expires August 5, 191.14, • •!:t!'

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 08 April 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.