Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, April 08, 1910, Image 2

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MONTANA SUNLIGHT. •••••.•1. WHITEHALL, - • MONTANA. EPITOME OF EVENTS PARAGRAPHS THAT PERTAIN TO MANY SUBJECTS. ARE BRIEF BUT INTERESTING Board of What Is Going on In Con. • amiss, In Washington and le ' No the Political Field. Inch= Angan, the Korean who as- sassinated Priuce Ito, former Japan- ese resident general of Korea, In Har- bin, on October 28 last, was executed at Fort Arthur. When the Ham.burg-American steame• President Grant, arrived at Cherbotirg efforts were made to 10- cete Pinchot, the former chief forester of the United States, who Was reported to have sailed as a pas- senger on the steamer, but the offi. elate of the President Grant stated -.1041,91114- , lawas4alk-Plyinouth, • with the intdon of proededittrlif Loadon. The report of the death of King IleneIlk of Abyssinia, which was said to have occurred Sunday, is officially denied. A dispatch sent from Addis Abeda, say* that Empress Taitou is sUll nursing the king, but thst-e- re-- geney has been instituted, and is now **crying on the government. The capital, the dispatch says, is overflow- ing with soldiers, basal to Ras Tet- hams, the regent, and 10,000 more are expected to reach the city soon. More than one-third of mankind are Christians, according to a religious census Just published by Dr. H. Sei- ler, director of the statistical bureau in Stuttgart He estimates that of the 1,544,510,000 people in the world 634.940,000 are Christians. There are 300,000.000 Confucians. 214,000,0000 Brahmins. 175,290.000 Mohammedans. 121.000,000 Buddhists and 10,860,000 Jews. A wireless dispatch from Operator Earaglier, who has been handling prase, AUenatokee at. ragua and who is now with the steam- er Antilles, says that General Juan Estrada recently received a large sup' ply of ammunition and has declared that he can hold the Atlantic coast against 10,000 Madriz troops, should they attempt to take Bluefields and the coast towns. Generyil. The body of Justice Brewer was taken to Leavenworth, ICas., for bu- rial. Former Vice President Fairbanks was welcomed to his Indianapolis home. Between three and four hundred perished in a ball room Bre in a town of Hungary. Mount Etna DI in violent eruption and a stream of lava is flowing down the mountain. The interstate commerce commis- sion ordered • reduction in flour rates from the northwest. Importation of all kinds of animals from Africa is suggested as a method of solving the food problem. The house committee on interstate commerce favorably reported the ad. ministration railroad bill. Congressman Martin accused Attor- ney General Wickersham of being too close to the sugar trust. President Gomez has issued a de- cree, fixing the period between April 1910, and July, 1911, for the celebra- Gen of the centeunial of the independ. ewe of Venezuela. Mayor Dahlman of Omaha has an- bousced the platform upon which he will run for governor. Colonel Roosevelt has won the ad- miration of the native Egyptians. Joseph Fels, a millionaire sack water, is spending $260,000 yearly to spread the single tax theory. Mr. Fels does not believe In charity. Kansas City's miliion dollar fund, raised by public subscription to main. tam n a line of fretiht boats on the Mis. souri river between Kansas City and St. Louis, became a reality. In fact, the solicitors reported the sum prom. teed to be $30,000 in excess, of that amount. Reports of rain in Chicago grain pile Saturday were followed by a tumble in prices. The house passed a bill providing ter raising the wreck of the battle- ship Maine. E. P. Ripley, president of the Atchl• sonn Topeka & Santa Fe railroad, 4.' tiled the statement that the Penusyl- vania railroad had bought a large sec- tion of the Banta Fe stock, formerly owned by E. H. Harriman. A petition praying for the independ. ence of the Philippine islanders was presented to the senate by Senator Crane. Representative Nicholls has asked information regarding charges of slaw ery in Mexico. Employes itf the New York Central' have ordered a strike vote taken, Ambassador Bryce called at the white house and arranged with the president to receive Sir Ernest Shackleton, the south polar explorer..„ Nicholas Longworth, son-in-law ot Mr. Roosevelt, has broken wfth the Cannon machine, according to a per- sistent rumor in republican circles. Forty-seven are thus far dead from the railroad wreck in Iowa. Some of the wounded cannot survive. Farmers should eat more oatmeal. Although the fanner of today is able to buy almost anything he wants to wear or eat he isn't paying enough attention to food values when it comes to his own table. He feeds his stock carefully, avoids Aver -feeding and selectinthe stock food that he believes will give the best re- turns in strength and general efficiency. If he has been watching the. exten- sive researches and experiments on the question of the best human food for muscle and brain he will heed the advice from all sides to \eat more Quaker Oats.\ Quaker Oats is mentioned because it is recognized in this country and Europe as the best of all oatmeals. Feeding farm hands on Quaker Oats means getting more work out of them than if you feed them on anything else. 61 A HOT ONE ON HER. Mrs. Waunta Coyne -The parrot talks all the time. Mr. Coyne -Yes, but he never asks IN HOSPITAL FOR NINE MONTHS. Awful Tale of Suffering From Kidney Trouble. Alfred J. O'Brien, Second St., Ster- ling, Colo., says: \I was in the Balti- more Marine Hos- pital' for nine months. I had a dull pain in the small of my back th at completely wore me out. The urine was in a ter- rible state, and some days I would pass half a gallon of blood. I left liespitat .hecausether wanted to operate on me. I webit to St. Joseph's Hospital at Omaha and put in three months there without any gain. I was pretty well discouraged when I was advised to use Doan's Kidney Pills. I did so and by the time I had taken one box, the pain in the back left me. I kept right on and a perfect cure Was the result.\ Remember the name-Doan's. For sale by all dealers. 60 cents a lax. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo., N. Y. In Demand. \An infant in a Pullman car set up a ciud wail, and would not be com- forted,\ narrates a high railroad ()f- acial, \and I came forward and told the young mother that I had helped to raise five, and that I thought I could secure a quietus. I put the little turn turn across my knees, and with a pentle jogging achieved beautiful re- - bits. \Instead of giving me the credit I deserved some drummers in the car showed stern disapproval of my 'but- ting in.' \At 2 a. m. the baby woke up and stayed awake, and kept every one else in the car awake. Finally a gruff voice asked: Where's that fool that put it to sleep this afternoon, I wonder?'\ In New Hampshire. That irresponsible Manchester Union man, gave himself • surprise party by going to church last Sunday Ind this was the result: \On this first Sunday of Lent, while George Salley of the Houston Post is sacrilegiously fishing for eels in a Texas bayou, and the (married) paragrapher of the Kennebeck Journal is tapping his boots, and the Ging-Ging Goophns of the Springfield Union is playing seven- up, we, in common with other good New Hampshire people, shall dutifully attend churcb.-Springfield Union. The Rev. It. A. Rater, of St Tent- tette Evangelical church, Jersey CRY,. has written his congregation that baldness forces him to retire from the ministry The question of ousting Chicago saloons will not be allowed to come to a vote. Join C. Mabray and members of his gang were convicted at Council Bluffs of swindling. President Clemmons of Fremont ‘Neb.) declares he has proof that a student started the fire which caused a loss .of $40,000 to a normal building two Mrs ago. There's No Place'Llke,' Etc. Wife -What sort of a play would you like to see? Husband -Something lively, that keeps you awake, End has plenty of music in it. \Um. You'd better stay at home and take care of the baby. -Life. , ROSY COLOR Produced by Postum. \When a person rises from each Meal with a ringing In the ears and a general sense of nervousness, it is a common habit to charge it to a de- ranged stomach. \1. found it was caused from drink- ing coffee, which I never suspected for a long time, but found by leaving off coffee that the disagreeable feelings went away. •\I was brought to think of the sub- lect by getting some Postum and this brought me out of trouble. \It is a most appetizing and Invig- orating beverage and has been of such great benefit to me that I natu- rally speak of it trial time to time as opportunity offers. \A lady friend complained to me that she had tried Postum, but it did not taste good. In reply to my ques- tion she said she guesed she boiled it about ten minutes. I advised her to fellow directions and know that she boiled it fifteen or twenty minutes, and she would have something worth talk - lug about. A short time ago I heard one of her children say that they were thinking Postum now -a -days, so I Judge she succeeded in making it good, which is by no means a difficult task. \The son of one of my friends was formerly - I pale lad, but since he has been drinking Postum, has a fine color. There is plenty of evidence that Postum afltually does 'make red blood,' as the famous trade -mark says.\ Read \The Road to WellvIlle,\ found in pkgs. \There's a Reason.\ Ever read the above Setter? h: Tier Otte appears from time tea thine. 111,rp are genuine, true, sad DM all banalla +tercet. U.S. MAKES RAID BUCKET SHOP KEEPERS ARE AR- RESTED IN MANY OF THE LARGER CITIES. INDICTED BY GRAND JURY United States Bohm:Wives Make Raids ' Simultaneously Against Alleged Crooks in Stook Broking Business, New York, April 1. -The raids on bucket shops conducted in this city today perturbed the financial district at its busiest hour, but the excitement was soon over. In the office of Boggs & Co., were a dozen or more men, mostly said to have been employes. Their names and addresses were taken and they were permitted to go, but Richard E. Preuseer, Leo Mayer and Otiver J. Robinson, three of the in- dicted men, were arrested. Washington. April 2. -Armed with bench warrants issued by the supreme court of the district of Columbia. spe- cial agellits of the detertment of justice this morning, 11 o'clock 'caster.' time) raided the brokers oblcers in New York, Philadelphia. Jelyey City, Balti- more, Cincinnati and St Louis. -ermaptreey-- indietments in- which twenty-nine persons are named five of maid- to be millatnalres,--aniwed4 interested in brokers offices in the large cities of the United States were returned late yesterday by the federal grand jury of the 'Patriot of Columbia upon evidence which the agents of the department of justice had been gath- wing tor more than a year__ The indictments were withheld yes- terday on the request of Atty. Gen. Wickersham that the departmpnt of Justice detectives ini. - 2ht mako the raid simultaneously upo.. the places sus- uected of being \:mcket shops.\ The men indicted are acid to be those financially interested in the corpora- tion as E. S. Boggs & Co., which has offices in New York and Philadelphia. Peke & Co.. which has offices in Bal- timore and New York and the Stand- ard Stock and Grain dealers, which has offices in Jersey City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and St. Louis. This, the United States government's first attack upon stook gambling has been prepared with the greatest care. It practically covers the United States, from the Missouri river to the Atlantic. The three concerns indicted maintain more than 260 offices and branch offices located from New England to Gklahoma. DEAD SENATORS EULOGIZED. McLatarin of Mississippi and Johnson of North Dakota Remembered. Washington. D. C., April 2.--Eelvies formed the feature of proceedings of the senate and house today. In the senate the life and character.of Sena- tor McLaurin of Mississippi and of Senator Johnson of North Dakota, were subjects of numerous remarks. In the house the sealskin was largely devoted to paying tributes of respect to the memory of the late Representative Cashman of Washington. The naval appropriation bill was un- der cosideration in the house during the first - two hours of the emotion and the reading of the measure for amend- ments was begun. The houses will be in session tomor- row, when eulogies will be delivered in honor of the memory of the late Rep- resentative Perkins of New York. In the solemnity of a service in memory of a departed colleague, Speaker Can- non in the house talked of the trials met by public men in dealing with pop- ular opinion and seeculated upon the mysteries of the hereafter. Springs New Sensation. Washington, April 2-A new sensa- tion win sprung soon after the inquiry was resumed in the liallinger-Pinchot probe today. Attorney Brandeis launch, p1into a cross examination of Mr. Lowe, who told or...meeting John W. Dudley, former register of the land. office at Jeneau, Alaska, last February at Juneau. Dudley. testified Mr. Love. said he had been \let out\ of his office and that Colliers' Weekly had intimated to him that \it would be worth from $6,000 to $10.000 for him to go to Washington to testify.\ \Do you mean that the weekly melant to bribe him?\ asked Madeson, of the committee. \No not to bribe him, but to pay him,\ but to pay him.\ replied the wit- ness'. The committee betrayed great in. (crest in the incident .nd p d Love for details. • The witness said he saw Dudley had said that be wanted to . go to Washington to testify for the \oth- er side.\ He said Dudley wanted him to tell Ballinger of this offer and that he bad not accepted it, but that he desired to testify for the \other side\. Love said he did not tell Ballinger, because he thought perhaps Dudley had pot a wrong construction on the temark of the weekly's agent. He said Dudley did not tell him the name of the agent. \Do you think the weekly wanted Dudley to come here to tell the truth?\ yoked Graham, (dem.) \Most assuredly,\ said the witness. Drouth Broken In Southwest, Kansas City, April drouth of several weeks' duration in western Missouri and Kansas was broken today when a steady rain began falling. Brutal Murder on Street Car. Minneapolis, April 2. -Several wit- nesses, according to the police today, pcisitively identified Vito Di Palo as the Italian who shot and killed August Johnson on a First and Twentieth aye - Pee street ear late last night. Charles Kinkelstein, 756 Washington ayenue north, who was a passenger on the car picked out DI Palo as the man who tired the shot, according to a statement made today by Chief Corriston. The quarrel which resulted in the Murder of Johnson grew out of a trill- ing act. Johnan boarded the car at Hennepin avenue. There were several Italians aboard. Murdered Fantily of Seven. St. Petersburg, April 2.-A man, his wife, their son, daughter and nephew a man servant and a maid, had their throats cut at Biorki, In Finland, a week ago by a young man who had been given occasional work in the house ; he murderer's motive was robbe , and he was arrested In the house of a friend, where he had hid- den under a bed; and taken to the scene of \r Vt rn 'Muting the crime.\ HP escaped custody and jump- ed through window into ,the street below, sustaining such severe In - pales that he died on the way to the hospital. • ONE OF ADAM'S TROUBLES Incident lh the Garden of Eden That Must Be Taken for What It Is Worth. Rev. Dr. Charles Townsend of Orange was one of the speakers at the Park Presbyterian Church Men's club banquet last week, and told this Ilt017 of one of the troubles of the original ancestor: \Adam had eaten the elaborate rer oast furnished by his helpmeet with every indication that he relished each morsel. He complimented her upon the dainty manner In which the blue' points were served, the flavor of the puree of pee, the seasoning of the fish and entree, and finally reached a de- licious salad. Adam paused, and with • worried look on his face he de- manded of Eve where she found the ingredients. She enumerated all ex- cept the lettuce. \'Where did you get those leaves?' he demanded. 'Why, they were lying on a bush In the back yard,' she replied sweetly. \'Well those were my best SundllY trousers,' sobbed Adam, adding, 'Ah, woe is man,' which was corrupted into 'woman; the term by which we know Eve's daughters.\ -Newark Star. Money and expense are not essential to artistic homes and attractive rooms. One dollar and fifty Ceuta' worth of material will completely transform a crude, inar- tistic room into a graceful, dainty apart- ment. • Real\' it is liseit-essie-ead....skill that make, the home homelike. That dainty • ...meth twice -ae-reettreiramivirer-* Wall paper is expensive-itvosts•money to buy it to hang it and again to re- move it. With the use of the alabastined will there is only the slight cost of the material -any one can brush it on -end it is not necessary to wash it off the wall when a fresh coat is required. It - is very - , easy -to-mix, very -simple -to - apply, but the results are simply beauti• ful. A whole house can be done at just a- little more than the cost of a tingle room when ordinary materials are used. And this is ttue, that now that we have so much better materials for use in the decoration of our homes, that wall paper, common kalsomine and paint are now as much out of date as the old time white- wash, tallow candles and rough hewn floors. Mere money is no longer an es- sential in good housefurnishing an artistic home *talon. - The new niatorials and labor -caving ma- chines are most welcome to us all -and every thoughtful woman, .every woman who casts for her home, is quick to utilise them. WHAT DID HE MEAN? Landlady -I had to pay 26 cents 6 pound for this steak. Star Boarder -That's tough. BABY'S SKIN TORTURE \When our baby was seven wiieks pld he broke out with what we thought was heat, but which gradually grew worse. We called in a doctor. He said it was ecsema and from that time we doctored six months with three of the best doctors in Atchison but he only got worse. His face, head and hands were a solid sore. There was no end to the suffering for him. We had . to tie his little hands to keep him from scratching. He never knew what ft was to sleep well from the Dine he took the disease until he was cured. He kept us awake all hours of thif night Sad his health wasn't what you would call good. We tried everything but the right thing. \Finally I got a set of the Cuticura Remedies and I am pleased to say we did not use all of them until he was cured. We him waited a year and a half to see if it would return but It never ham and to -day his akin is clear and fair as It possibly could be. I hope Cuticura may save some one else's little ones suffering and also their pocket -books. John Leeson, 1403 Atchison St, Atchison, Kan., Oct. 19, 1909.\ A Call for Cough Drops. \I tell you I must have some money,\ roared the king of Maritsa's, who was in sore financial straits. \Somebody , will have to cough up.\ \Alas!\ sighed the guardian of the treasury, who was formerly the court jester, \all our coffers are empty.\ - Tit -Bits. Another Bright Boy. \Now children, asked 'the teacher, \what Is the use of a calendar?\ \Please mum,\ answered Willie, \it tells where you'd orter git yer life life insured.\ -Cleveland Leader. Too Busy to See. Patience -Do you believe there are microbes in kisses? Patrice -I never saw any. -Yonkers Statesman. DR, J. H. RINDLAUB (Specialist), Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Fargo, N. D. Always on Tap. While there's life there's dope.--Cht- cago Record -Herald. Cagatipstion ennead sea seriously aggramtee assay diseases. It Is thoroughly cored by Dr. Pleree's Pellets. Tiny eallar-easted Imanlea When life's all love, 'tie life; aught else, 'tie naught, -Sidney Lanier. KILLED BROTHER HETTINGER BROTHERS QUAR- REL OVER MONEY AND ONE IS SHOT. DRANK 2 QTS. WHISKEY Become Reckless -One Attacks Other With Knife and Meets Death - Slayer Admits Guilt and Says He Ought to Hang. Hettinger, N. D., March 31 -Louts B. Hanson, living live miles southwest was shot and instantly killed by his brother, Anton. The brothers came here three years ago from Ortonville, Minn. Anton had been releesed from the asylum for the insane at Rochest- er. He sold some property at Albert Lea for 41,500 and with the proceeds aided his brother Louis in getting a start. ' They had often quarreled as Anton wished some sort of settlement. This Louis refused. The brothers bought four quarts of whiskey and ac- cording to Anton'm confession, drank about two quarts. On Sunday they continued the drinking and quarreled. At this point Anton says he cannot remember distinctly. He mays he went into the house carrying some eggs he had gathered, when Louie came, tD,, him with a knife.' 'Without hesitation' an vellnedeersithr and shot. The first iintfet street tiowle - tritie - right - ghee% coming out under the left eye, the sec- ond struck hirrrin the mouth, coming out in the neck and severing -a large artery. The prisoner has been turned over to the Perkins county officials as the murder war committed 111 BOUM Dakota. The palsoner says he Is gull-. ty and ought to be hanged, GREAT STRIKE IS PENDING. 200,000 Miners in the United States Will Walk Out. Indianapolis, Ind., March 81. -The 200,005. organized miners of the coal MOIL _Of the. United States will atrika, at 12 o'clock tonight “nd will stay away from the mho): until the operat- ors consent to pay an advance to wages of 6 cents a Ion. according to the annowacement toCay from the headquarters of the United Mine work. era of America in this city. \I have received no information that the miners and operators of any dis- trict will get together today,\ said Thomas L. Lewis. president of the Or- ganization. \It is larely possible that there will be a joint conference in the Indiana Block Coal district and in the Hocking districts before night.\ The exectitve board of the minert union is in session today but the mem- bers will leave tonight and go at once to their respective dis.ricts to repre- sent the national aeministration in the interests of the local strikers. Presi- dent Lewis will visit tre Illinois field tomorrow and does not expect to re- turn to his office hero until Saturday night. Pittsburg, March 31. -At midnight tonight 40,0410 union coal diggers in district No. 11, United MIlla Workers of America, will strike. At that time the 1903-10 wage contract expires and as Yet the operators of the district have signed no agreement. for the ensuing Tear. Kansas City, Mo., March St -This evening the Whistles of the coal minel of the southwestern intertsate fields will call each man to work but the latter in all probability will not re - Dee Moines, Iowa, March 31. -Rum- ors that the Iowa Coal operaters are ready to grant an Increase of 6 cents as asked by the mine workers, gained credepce following the visit of Presi- dent 7ohn P. Reese and a committee of operators to the office of the state mining department early today. It was learned the operators indicated to the state mine °Metals their willing. nem to treat with the men. Simple Funeral Services. Washington, March 31. - Funeral services, simple and unostentatious as he had wished them were held today foil Justice Davis J. Brewer, of the supreme court of the United States, and an hour later his body was onits way for burial at Leavenwoth. Kan - President of the United States members of the supreme court, with the exception of Justice Moody, who is ill, and representatives from the house and senate, attended the short service and acted as honorary Pall bearers. Only members of the family and a few intimate friends were pre- sent beside them. The service will -be held in Leaven- worth in the First Congregational church and the burial will be in Mount Munice cemetery beside the grave of the Justice's first wife and her daughter. Steamer Goes to Bottom. Perth, West Australia, March it - The big British liner Pericles watt wrecked today six miles south of Cape Leemrin, a southwest point of Antralia. The passengers and crew took to small boats and were all land- ed safely at Cape Leeuvrin. Twenty -lye Perish In Fire. Bombay, March St. -Twenty-five women and children were burned to death today in a fire that destroyed the state cotton warehouse at Bhilwara, in the district of Raj Putana, BLACKHAND BUSY. Bomb Shatters Tenement House arid Creates Panic. New York, March 31.-A bomb ex- plosion today in the basement of an East Thirty-ninth street tenement structure shattered every pane of glass In the building and caused such a panic in the block that it was neces- sary to call out the police reserves. Traces of a burned time fuse which was found indicated a carefully pre- pared Mot that the police attribute to the \Mack hand\ operators. There have been several explosions recently in tha neighborhood. •, Wolters Pleads Not ' New York, April 1. -Albert W. Wol- ter today pleaded not guilty to an in- dictment charging him with having murdered 15 -year -old Ruth Wheeler, after two motions to throw out the in- dictment had been made by his coun- sel. Wallace D, Scott and denied by Ridge Mulqueen. Wolter was re- manded to the tombs. Assistant Markt Attorney Frank Moss says he will be ready to go on with the prosecution by April 11. The entire today reported that they had traced another girl to Wolter's flat, but are unable to find out what became of her. NOT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE Young Man Unnecessarily Alarmed Over Question Put to Him by Did Gentleman. — A quiet, bashful sort of a young fel- low was making a call on a Capitol hill girl one evening not so very long ago, when her father came into the parlor with his watch In his hand. It was about half past nine o'clock. At the moment the young man was stand- ing on a chair, straightening a Pic- ture over the piano. The girl had asked him to fix IL As he turned, the old gentleman, a gruff, stout fellow, said: \Young man, do you know what time it Is?\ The bashful youth got off the chair nervously. \Yes sir,\ he replied. \I was just going.\ He went into the ball without any delay and took his hat and coat The girl's father followed him. As the caller reached for the doorknob the old gentleman again asked him if he knew what time it was. \Yes sir,\ was the youth's reply. \Good -night!\ And he left without waiting to put his coat on. After the door had closed the old gentleman turned to the girl. \What's the matter with that fel- owr' he asked. \My watch ran down is afternoon and I wanted him (0 t 11 me the time so that I could set it.\ -Deliver Post. The prisoner at the bar wag y coloplerion and was charged with peddling without a license. \What is your name?\ asked the mag- istrate. \He 'says his name is Murphy,\ re• DeatedAlle goliceman..on Abe br14ge. \An Irishman peddling bananas, eh? What pan of Irelan0 do you come from?\ \He gam he was born in -Italy,\ again respoiided the bridge policeman. \Umph! The Murphys are numer- ous, but I didn't think they had spread to Italy,\ said the judge as he made $1 M-41. • name. • the fine $1 and asked the man to spell Boys' Suits Men's aIn aLita The - pnetsier ',trate on a piece Of --- 7 8 ple i scif cloth sent a t ffr. 13. paper \Giuseppe Muerfee.\-New A Leag me r u ic e an L Mas e k a s gu e Balls Gloves 25 cta to. . Mitts 25 cts to Slugger League Bats If you want any of these articl mark an x through them, and us this advertisemeet with yo name and address plainly writt on coupon together with price. you want our free sporting catalog, write your name and dress on coupon, and send it to COUPON KIDNEY TROUB sujr,,,,d Tex Years—Relieved in Months Monks to PL . -RU -4V4 O. B. 'IEEE, Mt. Sterling,Ky., sa .1 bay* suffered with kidney bladder trouble for ten years past. \Last Mereh I commenced u Permits and continued for three mo I have not used it since, nor have I a pain.\ SAMPLE BOTTLE EIREF,To onstrate the value of IM'hna in all tarrhal troubles we will send you a pie bottle absolutely free by mail. The merit and success of Peru so well known to the public that readers are advised to send for sa bottle: Address the Peruna Comp Columbus, Ohio. Don't forget to tion you read this generous offe the fn nead-of *avec.: write OW Me Department, Stein your case f Our physician in charge will send advice free, together with literature taming common sense rules for he which you cannot afford to be witho York Sun. Deafness Cannot Be Cured leeal applications. se they cannot retch the de *MI pertain of Um tar. theme only one way to eMe daatnem sod met Is by oonsUtutioonl mondial. Dna= * mused by an Inflamed condlUon of tha = \Haag of the Echian Tube. fh hen this I: usta inflamed you hare • rumbling sound or perfect bearing. and when It IN **WW1 rimed. Deal - Iola In the result, Lod uniese the luMmoustion can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal magi- Uto. hearing Mil be destroyed forever: Moe raga atit of ten am raised by catarrh. which le nothing but as inflamed otondltkai of ths mucous surfaces. We OW give Ooe Hundred Dollars for any owe of Deets+ teamed by catarrh) that cannot be rural by Kars Catarrh Cure. bond tor eleculars. free Y. J. CHENEY a CO Toledo. 0. Hold by Druggists. 766 HAIM Yummy PM' for anostipation. Alas. A little five -year -old who had been watching her mother dress for an evening entertainment surprised her mother with the following question: \Mother didn't you say you were al- most 40 years old?\ \Yee replied the mother. \Well answered the little girl, \you don't look It tonight, but you will to- morrow morning.\ -Judge. Important to Mothers. - Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for infanta and children, and see that It Beira the Signature of In Use For Over :ii r 0 Years. The Mud You Have Always Bought. • Like Seeks Like. Dentist -My dear, sir, you have a sympathetic toothache. Patient -Then, doctor, I suppose your bill has a sympathetic touch. Kra WInslow's Soothing Syrup. eor children teething. oftensthe gums, red cm la. d arnmauon.allay s pant. corm wind mile. Lc • PAU. Take a good watch to a pawnbroker ati see how quickly the time passes. 1 7 Name Town State Route THE W. H. BURKHARI) CO St Paul, Minn. , 136eIlatet Are the Best Shoes Built for Children Only the best material and finest wort** go into IPles. - Pleastief Shows -Just good In every ways. the fin ..iit ehoe tor ape Notice the shape of the shoec-it the natural Hues of the foot and allows develop as Nature Intended it to. 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 08 April 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.