Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, April 22, 1910, Image 1

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/A siskT . amainureetni: as iiivaratun Proitart; 0000 StrICTC011060 meL MONT VOLUME IX. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. W. L. RICKARD Proprietor SITBSCRIPTION PRICE. One Year. (invariably he advance). 51 00 Ns Months .100 Three Months 00 S ingle Copies ....................... Materiel at es PosteMee at Whitehall. Mont.. as Sewne-elass Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. Display -One Dollar per Inch per month. Liggishi — Ten Centa per line first insertion; Av• cents per line each subsequent Insertion. NOTICE AU communications intended for publics - Mal In this paver must bear the signature of Ma author; otherwise they will and their 0117 to the waste basket. COUNTY OFFICERS. Fifth Judicial Dist— Low. I. C 4 the Owen jimmtff.....214. 11 1A-i. Ron meow 1101100111,r .iv. B. Hundley clerk and Recorder E. R. McCall Cettisty Attorney .11. M. Kelly Am/many .. . ....... Jas. H. Mitchell S urveyor • . • R. M. Cralle Sup' of Selo - v.1s_ ....... _Leta M. Thompson P aline Administrator W. L. liearftley Coreaer ... .... Curtis Denbow COMMISSIONERS. P arris Swale, Chairman Basin John H. Reilly Clancy A. J. McKay Whitehall Ilse regular meetings of the board of coon II 3 ossinissloneirs begin on the first Monday In March, June. September and December. The ravishers also serve as a board of equalisa- tion. meeting for this purpose on the third Monday In July. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 'finite on FIRST and TIIIRD TUKKDAV evenings of each mouth at Masonic Ball Visiting members are cordially invited to attend. W•111.111 N01/ON. W. M. WWI. Luce L. bratiLsr. Seer. MYSTIC TIE LOD6E, No. IT, A. F. it A.*. •014 - 0ii 00 SECOND anti -FOURTH TUES- DAY •venings of each month at Masonic Visiting members are cordially In- cited to attend. Flt•nn E. NISAION. W. A . A. N 1111Da•111. kleC. Ike E. 0. Pace, erroa St/CY-AT-LA W Lip NOTARY PUBLIC Whitehall, Mont. M. L. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders L. tACKARD, y slalom and Illtaramoss, sits requiring hospital care given special attention asyltal. 0 flee and Reeidener on First street %Afhltaiha.II. /Mont. icumand M•cnaante ...coin. Int weryborly. I..... seem ektarkey. Sto roomy oslosoo hoo to ow mole SImpeo. pron. foll *I peter.. Ism. copy 00 Sr you memo Ws paper. 510. yew. Semp•ort rob. CIS Storm It.. Dose.. Moe. Pit•I Wavle. ewrybe47. Ar••Ic AM nurrocaurn• tomer. 0000 pie. month. Peeksere81101. picture 4100•00M. emmlems Sn 000 temple oopy free 111 roe mortrioe this prem. A0011 686 Plielegre.y • se.. St.. Boome. Maim sp 50 YEAR e CALL PATTiltNe Celobrelera tor style. perfect ity sad IMMIrly 4'1 rely's. bold in • early every city •nd teen fn tha 'Jolted States •nd Caned,. or by mail alert. More any ether make. Seed Icor free catalog.. *CALL'S Pill‘Grat Mora subset' thee say other fashion r...tgasIne Invalnaill.e. LU- CA* patt.rn.. ,V•in t estheretk,lialrdnrasing, ..qontta, good 111c &lg. Only in cents • y e ar (wortlt 11 , 411)k) , •,, ir fret pattern. Stals0/101 lotlay, Or 1er sannpk ONDL27,../L L • A-.ents. Postr.1 brine. motion* catalog. zed tan cash prise aUcts. denies c 'WAIL CO. WA toren:Om et. Kw ;ins SO YEARS , IMPIRIENOS PATENTS T MAIMS Os0sss?s Le. MONS SNt.slon met Ilker A on free. • Mk= r1: 47 11 n 0 1110001 ,,,, A ge,eltenet c arte0 LIAO fk Billeritall• dinstratsd MIN10011. I.serairt I any stantifie Teams, la 4, p. bold Wan nimidailers. New yort 5 . 5, l' SENATORS GROWING or.m. The country has been surprised by the announcement of Senators Aldrich andllale that they will re- tire from the senate at the expire tion of their present terms, March 3. 1911. We are thereby remind - that there are a number of men in that body who are rapidly grow- ing old. When his term expires Mr. Aldrich will be 67 years old and will have represented the state of Rhode Island in the U. S. sen- ate thirty years. Eugene Hale, the senior senator from Maine.has a like term and pill be 75 • rit!ri Pf, Mt • There are are in the senate today at least a dozen other senators who have passed their 70th year of life. Senator Frye, who succeed- ed James G. Blaine and took his sent just two weeks after Mr. Hale entered the senate is now 79 years old and his term expires in 1913. Depew is 76, Perkins 71. du Pont 7'2, Bacon 71, Cullom 81, McEn- nery 73, Burrows 73, Money 71 Warner 70, Gallinger 73, Stephen- son 81. Few, if any, of these men will serve longer than their present terms and many of the names that have been fRniiliar to the public for a generation must soon disap- pear from the senate roster. Iletty Green's son is a brichlor at the age of forty, and he has just let the world know nhy he has never married. Ile has all this time avoided matrimony because lie feared the girl who mai ried him might love his millions more than the millionaire. %Villa sensible gIrt wouldn't, She would Soda great deal more happiness in spend- ing those 'Hiltons than in trying to make the world believe that she worshiped a man so egotistical and selfish that he would live a bache- lor during the better portion of his life because he was afraid his wife would not love him as much as he ought to be loved. They say there is a woman in Massachusetts who can express her thoughta in fifty-four different lan- guages. Great heavens! We've known sonie women who talked froni morning till night and could not express half their thoughts in one language. FREE SEEED TESTS. Department and College Cooperating • to Raise Standard of Seeds Used on the Farm. Many thousands of dollars are 12st annually by both the farmers and the seedsmen of thet Northwest and Pacific coast states: thru the purchase and use of inferior seed. This loss is four fold: First, thru the purchase of seed of low vitali- ty, or of seed containing high per- centages of worthless or harmful tripurities. Second, thru the re- sultant thin stand and poor crop obtained for the same amount of labor expended Its for a good'erop. Third, thru the seeding of the land to worthless plants or to noxious weeds. Fourth, thru the loss of business to seedsmen. This widespread iind heavy an- nual loss has been due partially at least, to the fact that farmers and seedemen alike have not had the means of easily and accurately de- termining the germination And purity of the seeds purchased and used. The seed laboratory of the bu- reau of plant industry, U. S. de- partment of agriculture, in coop- eration with the Oregon ngriettl- torsi , olteste, '134 opened a branch see er• UNLIG WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. APRIL SU , 1910. sting laboratory at Corval I MARK lie, regon. This labortitory is motels , for the use of residents of the cific coast and adjoining eta for testing seeds free of clia The work of this labora- tory will include the identification of seechisof any kind, the exstni- nation of samples tot the presence of adulterants and dodder, testing of *weds for purity, testi for germination. adulerant or dodder test re- quires qtjg. wine and will be given precedence over all . other work. All samples seat for this prpose will be exita4644' 'mew' evr4 , see port sent by or on request, by telegraph. at the expellee of the receiver. The purity teat requires consid- erable time and these will be made in the order in which the samples are received, reports being sent RS promptly as possible. The facili- ties will permit not more than five such tests to be made for any one firm or individual or in any one calendar month. the and Not more than ten tests for gernt• ination will be made for any one firm or individual in any one cal- endar month, and in the order in which they are received. All samples should be drawn so tie to represent accurately the hulk seed from which they are taken. The size of sample should be n tablespoonful] for small seed., such as clovers and gnomes. and five tablespoonfuls of the lerger seeds, such as grains. All samples should be marked with the name and address of the sender, A letter should accompany' Rani - pie stating whether the seed is to be tested for purity, for germina- tion, or for both, and the source of the seed. All samples and letters aliould be addressed to the \Seed -Testing Laboratory, Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis, Oregon.\ All agricultural seeds should be tested before they are purchased, or in any case, before they are used—not only small seeds but grains of doubtful quality, as well. Farmers and seedsmen both, are urged te make the fullest use of this laboratory,and raise the stand- ard of the seed used upon the farms. H. I). Sr. , ;uoi\Eit. Collaborator in charge, Agronomist Oregon Experiment Station. J. D. Smith Passes Away. Sheridan, April 19.—J.1). Smith died suddenly at Sheridan last Saturday evening from the effect of hemorrhage of the lungs. He was a prominent and progressive citizen, and had been in failing health for over a year, Hoping that a change of dinette would be beneficial, he had recently sold out his business and intended to start Tuesday for a trip east, pre- paratory to taking up his residence in Arizona. He was well known throughout the west, especially in spoiling circles, havise . rved on the staff of the NorthsWarn league um- pires a few years ago. Previous to coming to Sheridan five years. ago, he was located in Butte. Services were held by Father Lynch in the Catholic chureh,from whence the remains were taken to the train for shipment to Butte, where they will be int,ered. The funeral was attended by the Sheri- dan lodge of Engles of which Mr'. Smith was a member, and a lirge number of friends. The deceased leaves H It doer. TWAIN DEAD. Redding, Cone., April 91.— Samuel lAngliorne 9emena (Mark Twain) died paint'easly lit 6:30 o'clock tonight of angina pectoris. He lapsed into coma at 3 o'clock this afternoon and never recovered consciousness. Treating (06111 For Sind. Smutty seed can be so treated as to kill the smut spores and not af- fect the vitality of the seed; thus the anceiedipg grain crops will be i lwat:ires4\. ffia Anita. There are ti number of chemienla that will kill smut, but the experiment sta- tion recommends formaldehyde es being the cheapest and easiest ap- plied and least dangerous to uae. In buying care should be taken to secure formuldelicdo that tests at lettet forty per cent pure; other- wise the treatment is apt to he a failure There ale a number of smut machines on the market for treatimr seed grain which thor- oeghly rid the grain of greet. Just its good reatilts can be secured, however._with home made appara- tus as with the machines, if prop- er care is used in the method of treatment. A 'solution of formal- dehyde should he mede in the pro- portion of one pound of formalde- hyde (40 per cent pure) to 45 gal Ions of water. Thu,' enunint treat nhout seventy bushel!' of wheat and 45 to 90 bushels of onta or barley. The easiest method of apply log the solution is to aprend the grain on the granary floor and spray the solution over It with. eommen goirelen sprinkl- ing can. The solution is more ef- fective at low temperature. hence the seed should not be treated in cold weather. While the seed is being sprayed ,hovel it...over and over, until the grain is thoroughly moistened. After the grain line been sprayed, it is a good plan to cover the grain a ith a few sacks or blankets in order to prevent n too rapid evaporation of the for- imildelij de. In a few hours the covering may be removed and the grain 'Wowed to dry before seed - Mg. It is usually beat to trent the seed the day before seeding. but it may be done earlier in the season if desired. When seed is treated aonie weeks before seeding it should he allowed to dry thorough- ly before storing in bins or sacks. When the seed gra'n is stored in bins after being treated, the bins should be O'er/11 4 2111y swept out and sprinkled with formaldehyde to avoid infection' from smut spores that 'nay have adhered to the door and wall of the bin. lf there is not room in the granary for treating the seed it can . be treated in a wagon box. In seed grain that has been teoently treat- ed the drill shou;d be opined a tri- fle wider in ordeo to secure the name amount of seed in the soil. About a half bushel more of seed outs are required 'When the grain is a little wet. The formaldelryde.treatnient will kill stinking smut ..rif_itheat and the loose smut on oats.-111innesota The board of fair commissioners of Madison county met at Twin Bridges recently and selected the following officers: George Wil- comb, pkesident; E. D. Marsh, vice-president; II. A. Pease, sec- retees; C. A. Dillet. assistant sec- retary; B. F. Yerkes, treasurer. A four -days fair, to be held Sep- tember 14. 15. 16. Ind 17 wits de - 1 ic &AI -Aspen 11: 01 Z 147 ,,, SOWING MACHINE. ROLLER BEARING. MICH GAAS& S v e (tney by buying this reliable, honest. high grade sew- ing machine. STRONGEST GUARANTEE, National Sewing Machine Co. Belvidere. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Deptirtment of the Interim. U.S. Lend Office, at Helena. Mont. April 14, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Fred A. Tebay, of Whitehall, Monter/re who, on October 26. 1907. made Homestead Entry No. 14695. Serial No. 02003, for St SW/ Section S. Township 1 N., Range 3 W., Montana Meridian, has tiled notice of intention to make final commiontion proof, to esleblish !Amin' to the land above deseribed, before Register and Re- ceiver U. S. [And Office, at Hele- na. Montane, on the 26th day of May, 1910. ClitinionS nava,* aw witnesses: Edistard Ilifiston, of Itenova, Mon- tana; Frank Morierity, of Renova, N1ontami; William G. Tebny, of Whitehall. Moritami; William 'felniy, of Whitehall, Montane. STEPlir.s. CARPENTER, Register. Cole's Warm Ones. Sonic fools and their money are difficult to separate. Patronize the home inerchent alio patroniz , s the home printer. One way to feel miserable is to feel sorry that no one is so iiriluip- 1)3• If the women weren't auspicious of their husband,/ they would have little to worry about. \ Don't imagine yourmelf witty beeen se a woman with pretty teeth laughs lit ever.% thing you say. Rome was as sorry to see '1'. R. go as 'Die Butte Miner and \the .1miconda Standard will be to see Since the city election there, The Record lied The Independent real- ize n by Ilelena is accented on the first syllable. here and There. The Montane Stockgrowers' as- sociation filet at Miles Tuesday in annual session. T. B. Secket. a prominent Boze- man business man. fell on the street Sunday evening and died soon after being removed to his home. Heart failure was the cause of death. BEd Lodge, April 20, -Fred Lerkin,proprit tor of the Bozeman beewery, was in this city Nester- dny completing the details for building it big brewery here. Mr. Lerkind announces that it will be the largest of its kind in this state and as the lied Lodge water is the most chemically pure in theUnited States ho anticipates little NUMBER i RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN, lfyo u want to sell your ranch, list It with me, as I have many inquiries for good ranches. Now is the time to sell. I have one good 160 acre ranch for rent. Will rent fofiNcash or part of virailit- 4\441 . Me at e m os ...-ie ce isies:‘, .e- • O. P. Rigligaa, Whitehall, Mairat. have you tried our ()loves? We have them just to suit your fancy and your purse. Whitt shout Shoes? We iii ve no cheap, shoddy shoes. We have shoes to wear. You can tap or balf-mole and wear some more. You do not have to buy as ninny plume, bust you always have Gond Shoes if you hos at C 11 ('hark's We can also sell you the best groceriem at the lowest prices; take your menmure for your new spring suit; take your order for the latest in wall covering; take your order for carpet. 1Let Us know what you want and we will tit you out. When you buy goods, get the best there ia for the money by buying of W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. TIF Whitehall State Bank Capital P••• Ice frt. et 01,C3C00.0CS til..1011Ntet)N, t. .1 NI , h A 1 • lairsac-torei CHAS M. JOHNSON, II. J. TU'rTLE., A. J. MCKAY, L. if PAt hAFtP. I lUr ri.r We AIM to WWI to Or 1141,01 fl OVOrr seem:m.4M 1011 connisttot with ,•..nmerrativo hutting WI; RKSPICCTVI , L1.1' SOLICIT YOUR BUIIINT.Ple J. I._ PLATT aahler. in401,11WW11,‘ You get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIANIS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms I Meals at All Hours in connection Whitel - sall - - Mt:Dr - star - la tolt/i41,NAAWW1NoWil C. W. WINSLOW ASILY HANDLED BY EVEN A CHILD\ THAT FOOT LEVER DOL5 IT. Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and Newton WAGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles The Northwestern Iniproveinent company. a subsidiary corporation of the Ncrthern Pacific railway, has increased its capital front $3,- 000.000 to $7.000,00. cet tificato of which wits filed with the secretary os state April 15th. This compa- ny operates coal mines near Red ty jii.the Red Lodge beer being a Lodge and has other holdings in very poplar _a : rticie. • the L:ratfL Worth the Money. A little Fotsyth girl stubbed her • toe the other day, and exclaimed. \Darn!\ Her father heard her and said he would give her a dime never to say the word again. few days afterward she came to A him and said, \Ps%) Fro got a or4 worth If a doll It. '

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 22 April 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.