Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 06, 1910, Image 1

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MONTANA VOLUME IX. SL NI Adirl • WHITEHALL, MONTANA, FRIDAY. MAY 6, 1910. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. W. L. RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. One Tsar. (invariable lit edvars00 00 111. Months I IA Throe Months 50 Single Copies 6 E ntered at the NatoMee is Whitehall. Mont,. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTIMING RATES. Display -One Dollar per Inch Per rum tb• Locals -Ten Cents per line Sem insertion; 0,6 cents Pet line each subsequent insertion NOTICE All communications inteilaed for publica- tion In this assessors/a tez ir ta i gmll= War AO abs • aiter ii = atudier; cOU NAY OFFICE118. - . iliser..L. Callaway ..... ...... 04 the Court l'n F . • Mier E. ItaAlumner ▪ Telentlei t Clerk tio °corder W. B. Handley F. 4._MeCall county. . .. ..D. X Kelly Asemor .. ... Jas. II. Mitchell U. M. Crane Surresure. . Sup't of School. , 148011 Tbort ion urtis DeuV , C e Public Adenitil•trator etrfetliel . . COMMISSIONERS. o Chairman Resin 11 1 = 1 11 111 . 11 74111 y ....... .... C leery , A. J. McKay Whitehall TM regular manias of the board of count, eurentiodoncrs begin on the first Monday In March. June. September and December. The esemeers also serve as a board of equalisa- tion. meettmr for this purpose on the third weeday to dulT• • ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, o. El. Meets on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY evenings of each month at Masonic Bali. Visiti.ny members are cordially invited to attend. M•ms J. Nelson. W. U. R/. I.CLO L. STANLXV. 8.c7. MYSTIC TIE LOGE, Ns. 17, x: F. a A. N. Rteon the SECOND and rourrh TDEP- A Y evenings of eacihasesth at Numb flail. Vtattler stemmrs are cordially In- vited to attend. FRANZ E. ,NSLION. W. II. A. A Neren•le. Sec. • Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT -LAW min NOTARY PUBLIC Whitehall, Mott. HOTEL JEFFERSON L Tuttle. Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders L. R PACKARD, Physician and Inturignain• Cana requiring hospital care given special at IR eapital.Odiee and Residence ost First street. tAfhleahasti, stone. w it tilscinsrassr tad Idscsto.orse. s•ssita▪ g Sam and Menu sae web. Iimpls. peAND as alcal, el Masses Sam. iriClitak$ / Beaton Ilt.. InnotiNt. Mau/ sausim▪ e• else. Cm %tilt 9Apkk , MeCALL•PATTERNS celebrated for style, perfect fit. simplicity lad salability nearly 40 years. Sold in nearly every city sad town in the United States and camels, or by men direct. More sold than any other mate. Send for free catalogue. hgee'ALVS asAsArrnt More subscribers thin any other fashion nagazine-MIlliort a month. Invaluable. Lot- cet styjea, patterns, dressmaking. rnilltn!rtl• - plain sewing, limey needlework, halrdressmg, etiquette, good stories, etc. Only $O cents year (*hob double), Including • free pattern. Suhacribe today, or, send for satnplat ec opy, Atonements. snovensunrrA te Agent.. Postal brings premium catalogue \\ and new rant, prise offe, s. Address • tat sew. cc. ni se W. 87 It. IAA vesa 50 YEARS' sitrounismos PATENTS Tem* IMAMS Damns CoevalaNTs £0. //ma/ aondlng • alual eh end dosortplicin at 'wanly nosietain oar nankin tree whitlow aa ' la probably patainaa4nriesialisa. tines/ atrhillyennosentt Idfa oe P•411110 met err* Oldest mono, for jaunts. Patents tain throneh Mann 0 co. MIMI/ ROMee, alt hoot nano. In lb* Ntifir rtedsomair illeatrated wanly. Samna yoy la of any *dentine journal. Tama, la • f o ur m onths, $1. Mold by all uww.4..isre es r sr_ w AT THE STATE FAIR. IT ' S UP TO THE PEOPLE TO MAKE A CREDITABLE SHOWING. Fair Commissioner Jergensen Appeals to Jefferson Canty to Do Its lest. Whitehall, Mont,. May 5, 1910. To Jefferson County Farmers and Mine • t The county commissionerp hay Jip.pointed me fair COM missioner for this year for Jefferson c,einnty. for the purpose of gathering ex- hibits for the coming atate fair, which begins Sept. 28 and closes Oct. 1st. 1910. Our purpose is to advertise the resources of our county. We be- lieve that this can be accomplished u effectively (if not more so) tbru the medium of the state fair as by any other method. That this was realized by our county com- missioners was evinced by their liberal provision for the display of Jefferson county products. We have • met future before us. hand is irr greater demand every day. and the price Yr rapidly rill's with the increasing demand, and our lands will compare favor- ably with' the best.. At our door we have Balte, acknowledged the beat market on earth, consid- ering its population. The north- ern portion of our county lies close to the gates of the capital city — another good1 ma rkej. jhis maker' oar tikriculttiral hinds desirable; and it is safe to predict that in the near future they will sell at pre- mium prices. I have secured 8x28 feet floor space and 1088 feet wall space in the state fair building and would impress upon you the fact that it will require u lot of fruit, produce, grains and grasses, to make n good display and successfully compete with other counties of the state. But by united effort we can make a display that will be a credit to our county and attracl tilt\ atten- tion of the public as no other form of publicity will. I there- fore earnestly urge one and all to assist in this work. If you have any fancy stock. try to bring it. There are plenty of buildings to accommodate, but the county will .not pay freight on live stock. I will pay freight on all other stuff. The exploitation of the mineral resources of Jefferson county is very desirable and I request you and all my friends in the northern part, to . do ,yor„beet to make a number oiao robteril inhibit. A building will . be erected on the grounds for, the mineral exhibits alone. How to arrange shipments: You will soon received a copy of Plant- er's Bulletin which is prepared by the sate fair and which will give yo an idea of how to prepare your stuff. Any sheaf of grain or grasses you may have, leave the straw as long RS possible, and corn the same. I will arrange all ship- ments. Make all sheets about ten inches in diameter near the seed end: Remember to place your name on all shipments, so as to en- able me to class you. All mineral should be marked with the name, or the kind, and your address. Should I fail to reach you when I get out this fall to gather stuff for exhibits, don't let that discour- age you, but box up your stuff and ship it to me at Heleria. and ship in time to reach me not Inter than 12 o'clock, September 25. 1910. If possible, ship earlier—about the 21at or 22d. Tag all shipments to \James A. Jergensen, Ilelena, Mont., care state fair.\ T./tanking you, I am Your obedient servant, JAMES A. JERGENSEN. P. S.: If some one of you good farmers can grow melons, citrons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn, please try to do so, as plenty of such vegetables will speak well Foy the county, along with - plenty of fruit. Other vegetables are more easily. grown --4 1Kviddal Eat flis Tronserf. --- While perusim the office bible Sunday last your Uncle Ira ran across the story of Adam and Eve. What a hot time those two pio- neers must have had! Suepose Adam had come in tired and hun- gry, and howled because supper wasn't ready. And suppose Eve bad gone out into the back yard and brought in some nice fresh let- tuce. And stiptxising Adam would have said, \Eve you are the limit! Do you think I'm goiug to eat my Sunday pants ?\—Forsyth Times. And are we to suppose that for nine hundred and thirty years Mother Eve had to keep house and cook for a man who didn't know bunch of lettuce from a fig leaf?\ Cole ' s Warm Ones. Better watch the man who ad- vertises his virtues. A friend in need is a friend in a pretty bad 6*. A man lasts just as long as he delivers the goods. Politeness pays enormous divi- dends on the investment, Some of the honors men strive for are only dishonors. The under dog frequently gets just what is coming to him. Very few people would be antis - fled with what they deserve. You can never tell how big an ass n man is until he begins to brag. Cut out the tee-hee. If it is worth giggling about, give it a hearty laugh. Sometimes you can't tell by it man's actions whether he is fool or a genius. A model wife is one nho lets her husband think he is having his own way. Marriage may be a failure, but every widow is willing to take an- other chance. The man whose income is about II dollar a day is never operated on to any great , extent for appendi- citis. There isn't much deception in a woman who wears a pretty gown; at least she doesn't try r0 conceal much. Somehow the average girl exer- cises better judgment in selecting her friends than she does in select- ing her husband. An automobile may help keep the boy on the farm, but a part- nership with dad in .the business will be more effective. \STORY Or A TARIIrr' is the title of a document of 480 pages just issued by the American Protective Tariff League of New York, which will undoubtedly prove of value, not only during the congressional campaign, but for the use of speakers, writers, etc.. for years to come. This doe. ument or book include's speeches of President Taft, quotations and statistical matter from the epeeeh- „ , es of over 150 senators and repre- seatitives in congress, delivered on the tariff during the special session of the 81st congress, NOTICE rOR PUBLICATION. _ Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Oleo, at Helena. Mont, April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that LlhidoM. Root, of Whitehall, Mon- tana, who, on July 17, 1906, made Desert IAA AppIleartal.No. 8894, Serial No. 0431, for 143SW1 and SI43NWt, Section 8, Township 2 N. Range 4 W., Montana hie z. -en, has tiled notice of triten ion to' 11111 ke final proof, to establish claim to the land above described. be- fore William 1'. Sweet. Clerk Dis- trict. Court, at Boulder, Montana, on the 15th day of June, 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Frank E. Houghton, Nathan I). Root, Shirley 1). Houghton, Jacob J. Rondos, all of Whitehall, Mon- tana. STEPHEN CARPENTER, Register, NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office, nt llelenit, Mont. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Frank E. Houghton, of Whitehall. Montana, who, on July 17, 1966, made Homestead Application NO. 8395, Serial Number 0432, for SEI - Sia, Section 32, Township 8 N., Ringo 4 W., Montans Me- ridian. has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before . William T. Sweet, Clerk District Court, at Boulder. NIon- tana, on the 15th day of June.1910. Chaineant MIMICS 1111 witnesses: Neilsen 1). Hoot, Jacob J. Bondes, of Ifltitehall, Montana; Henry II. Houghton. Ernest R. McCall, of Boulder, Montana. STh:PHEIf CARPENTER. Register. NOTICE POE PUBLICATION. Depertment of the Interior. S. Land Office,at Helena. Mont. April 80. 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Ida M. Ilmaglaton, of Whitehall, Montana, who. on July 17, 1900, einde Desert Land Application No. '4693, Serial No. 0430, for NW4 NWI, Section ti, Township 2 N., Range 4 W., Montana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to 'nuke final proof, to establish claim to. the land above described, before William 'I'. Sweet, Clerk District Court. at Boulder, Montana, on the 15th day of June, 1910. Claimant mimes Ks witnesses: Nathan D. Root, Frank E. Hough ton, of Whitehall, Montana; Hen- ry H. Houghton, Ernest R. Mc- Cain, of BuslIdef,' Montana. * . STEPP! c \1 , CARPENTER, Register. TELLS OF SIBERIAN MORRORS. ittlferer Describes Agonies Endured In Russian Penal Settlement. Horrid Is the picture of exishmce Ia the penal colonies of northern Siberia g iven In • book Just published In Ger- many by L. TIM., who returned to life after a burial of eight and a half years in the living grave of Kolymet In that time, he says, he sale one after another of his fellows succumb to SO Me, hunger and Inianity. They were all young men and all were sent away for terms ranging from five to ten years for political offenses. The trip to kolynisk takes, 16 months. \I was 20 years old,\ he says. \when -1 was convicted for harhoritte liberal convictions. In our part) were a Hi -year -old boy and another • year younger. All told we were 00 poet!. colt.' Tbe writer describes the at ontee, A t hunger which the deported \political.\ had to endure. Mall was received three times • year. shalt never forget one mail day,\ he sa)s. \In IS months a cerarun on. of out uumber had not beard from home. This mall brought hint a letter. It was a last greeting srgeon in an uncertain hand by his umfler on her deathbed. In desperation he did what so many of our party had done before him, and which others did after we had laid him avay.\ ENDED THE CHITLING FEAST. When the Negroes Saw the Policemen They Fairly Flew. The other night two policemen were walking along vine street when they aa old aunt \grandma\ coming out Of a grocery store With her arias full of packages, says the Kamm Mr Star. 'Must be gain' to ha** a resat at your house,\ said one of the °Meer,. \Dom' to have a chitlite WWI to lierrow Bight.\ replied \grazadine.' 'Damp in 101 git shill.' The nest ulght the tiro oMeers bap- pened to be passing the house where the old negro \niatmuy\ lied. Sounds of high revelry floated out ozi 4ie night arr. • ale,\ said oue of the offieers to the other. \I have heard of such edibles, but don't know what they are like.\ \All right, I'll go you.\ The otncers knocked at the door. Instantly all became silent inside. Then the door was omitted a crack. The Degrees inside caught sight of the blue clothes and brass buttons. \Good heavens,\ some one shouted, \It's the big law.\ At once there was a wild scramble to get out. Rutile went out the back door, but most of them made a dive out the whitlows, taking sash, glees and all with them. When the officers got inside not a soul was there es. eept the old negro \grandma and she was laughing until the tears ran down her face. 'What's the matter with all your guests?\ asked one of the policemen. \Why vomits know them niggahs Milkers they halm no Jestice lit the law,\ she answered. \Hut I'm mighty glad you come, cause my olp man haunt dune a tap o'work (oh a Yeah Been tellIn' nit. 'bout has roomette so' I limpin' an' a grosnin' aroutt'--could- n't scarcely mote. Hut he was the feat man out o that wiuthi---just flew like a deah. Now he's got to go to work. lie Writ gut no monist!' ea a rabbit\ Sig Rats of Wheeling. The Pled Piper of Hamelin could reap a fortune were he to speed a day in this city, says a Wheeling (W. V .) correspondent Rats as large as ward steed cat• eve sweeming in the mills of this city. end fit 'keret-al the work. mew - taw '1irearms:1* to walk ant ea - less the invailion is checked. Some of Om tales are wonderfol to relate. In one (Seim t, according to well auth-mticated ieports, a rat was seen to take a tin nail in one of las news aad trot away on the other three feet Another deftly took the lid off • pail la order to get at AM goodies he knew were Inside. Aaofier dragged a dinner basket by his tall, but was unuble to get the basket down the net bole, so he eut beheld a barrel to luvestigafe Ills plunder. The workmen declare they cannot 'HO toe the rodents sway, for they show Uhl. The amazing stories of boldness on the part of the rats grow with each repetition. but there is au sueattou that the rats do eat the he eorers' dinners an4 that there is MI( nation as a result. Hires Mad Manners. One of St. Johnsbury's heal.kilown NUMBER 12 RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. Six -room house with three size hot' -4, 5, 0 -in in Block li• Northern Pacific addition to NN'hiteliall. with good, deep well. chicken house, barn 10x12; all fenced; wood garden. Renting tor twelve (101' lari per month. Here is a chance to stop paying rent. Price .41119 t 00. t Can give time on $800.00, if desired. I am now prepared to write Hall Insurance for those who want to insure their crops against hail. • P, F. Riggs, 1/1/1 - sitel - sa1l, Matt& Have you tried our c.; fovea'? We have them jest to suit your fancy and your puree. %% last about Shaen? W. nave no cheap, shoddy shoes. We have shoes to wear. You can tlp or half-sole and tient - Some more. You tb not have to buy as many mho, a, but you always have' Gir,c4d shoes if you buy at 1We can also sell you the best groceries at the lowest price's; take your meaatire for your new spring huh; take your order for the latest in with covering; take your order for carpet. 6 , Let um know what .vou n ant and we will fit you oat t. When you buy good'', get the best there is for the money 113 buying of W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. • 1 1 ! Whitehall State Bank cots ii 1IINnar5 Pt cArlust Pais in, in.ass.c•• A.J. Mt k A W. Vise Preaddent giblesettor• 11. JOIISMON. ft. J. TUTTI.M, A. J ItclIA it. PACKARD. it P. 1 EITI.1 . Wn Ilan to vateud to our customary every accommodation nunnlittist 11116 P011iterrulile banking wK itENVECTIMI.I.1\ SOLICIT vot:a nustNss,4 I 1'1 %Al' onhirr •••••••••11.10M.1••••••••........ inAliVIIWIAWW1WWWWV1111 , 10 You get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE'. L. WILLIAVLS, Prop ' r l o Open Day and Night Furniphed.:-Rooms 0 Meals at All Hours • In connection Whitehexii - - Morstatia Ifolke%%4A4•%41^14. characters knit one who has bad name and fame ;- - petuated ' having a 141 44 1 / 4 \%14 4 11WV% ikeness of himself and team printed 3n a colored post card, is Orville Law l . $ retire, formerly amociated with the tale Russell ..age on Wall street In the early tittles, but being less fortunate than Mr. ear • be has hecome redtirm la circumsta.ices, and now drives around town in • more or less dilapi- dated looking outfit, says a writer In the Roston Eeraid. Orville's wit is keen a -d he always has an answer ready for any of his friends what attetapted lit eltaff One day Orville appear -d driving a a t i i vli w i i be v ie sit io viel y i e sioi v i o giii444 , horse which interfered badly, tad, like Its driver, had evidently seen bet- ter days. A prominent business man of the place Otero,' 4 Orville with the re mark: - gay Orville. your horse seems to Interfere sbine!\ to ,which Orville promptly replied: \14 ain't interfer- ing with your baldness, is her. F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry Premc-ripticines eared Jeeteue.lry Repairs es S,peecleslity Rigor , of Atoltss Winter, 4* The tatted' a ta SR Itv•rlantl, owing to snowstorms, is moult worse then Is revealed by :Ai scant telegram, l ea ,. sag the ream iy. The state of things has rarely b m so had at this time of pear. The titian 's already re two yards deep under tow, and .se mountain villages of f nylon and ther enrages are ANIS/Int. cut off front the rest of the count y. An attempt Imo been made in the syisleature to Induce the government a keep them- littlarn 4.11411' all the year 'Jut the cost was declared to be prohibitory, nom tier In the begin:lug of the week sever diligences were Nag overdue, se,' their arms . ' was await- ed with ank:ety. 'A Number of peas- ants who le• I gone with cattle from the valleys '9 the tittle 'us had els been caught, and were (mite unable to descend. while efforts to reach them Involved much danger. - Why He Raged. She rose from the greet, soft snow deli'. \Don't make a acme, dear.\ she ea. postulated. But h•.- hushend continued to abuse INs driver of m sleigh. \But I eat not really hart,\ she whispered. No, matter, - he retie . ned, \the fel im was ahn'ehty cartfcsa A, 1:Aie Dings, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils. Paints. Watches, Clocks, Silverware - eternatitlible Numbir of Unions swoon cousins glitongingts fermis. — The founder of the Rothschild tarn. fly. Mayer Atnachol et the Red dying in 1812, exhorted his five sons, ongaged an loanfnoimeria under•him In Frunkfmt, Vienna, London, Paris mid Naples. not mile to remain faithful to the law of Moses And stand ever '-silted, but to undone** bathing ,of Importance without first consulting their mother. Nathan, founder of the Londaan branch, also was no convinced of the buainera capacities of his wife, a Cohen, that he not only left the Inme - whim of his fortune at her (Demme!. but, says the Ladles' Realm, tohl ,,e1 instruction!' that his sons were to en- gage In no undertaking of fitment without her consent. 'how far the Instruction was ele seeveil one is not in it position to hay, but It Is certain the Rothschlids have done their beet io live in family unity, for from the Gentile point of 'Jew the number that have Manioc C0111F111P Is appalling Of I he fit dren of the great Nathan each oar r:ed a tomtit. And, coming to contempora:led, Lord liothsehild is ilic son of coulains and the imeband of a couste. lte- turnigg to Nathan, the SIdonla Of \euningsby though his offeprinl married cousins. • r:netion followed In the next genemtion, for three of his granddaughters, two of whom have been already named, masried not Ott'! ; out of the Limey 1).fi tau' uf the I faith. SEWING MACHINE. ROLLER REARIN4, RICH SAADI. S awe Money by burying this reliablc.l.aaorot. high grar i e sem log madams. STRONGEST GUARANTEL Notional Sewing Machine Cso Beivklere,

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 06 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.