Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 13, 1910, Image 1

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• MONTANA VOLUME IX. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. W. L. RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRIOR One Year, (Invarlabis In advance) kOS Mx Months Three Ronnie ......... 50 Single Coates • 6 Satered at the Postoffies at Whitebait. Mont.. Second -else. Batter, ADVERTleING RATES. flasplay — One Dollar per inch per month. Locale—Ten Cents per line Ant insertion; five cents per line etch subsequent Insertion. NOSECIN All communications Intended for publica- tion In this paper must bear the signature of Ms* author; otherwise they will and their way to the waste basket.. COUNTLLIFFICERS. Ptith - in - elletat Trietorgentr:*L.tyttirewe of the Court.. , WM. T. Sweet *rid' • . . ....... P. J. Manning saterrShnrier . W. Wolverton __E. R, detainer Creesurw ..W. B. timidly, Clerk and Recorder ER. IleCati Collate Attorney ..D. It, geny Aesessor. . ...... II. Mitchell Surveyor . R. M. Cralle rup't of School* .Leta B. Thomption Public Administrator W. L. Beardsley borou.r .............. Curtis Denberr OAMMISSIONIRS. Farris Steele, Chairman Basin John H. Reidy Claney A. J. McKay Whitehall The regular meetings of the board of count? CMwontssioners been on the first Monday le March. June. September and December. The 'member' also serve as a board of equaliza- tion. meeting for thin ourp. on on the third Ifonda• In .lulv. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. B. 8. Meets on FIRST and THIRD YtocaDay eventrurs of each month at Milmonic Hall. Visiting members are eordlally Invited to attend. MARIE J NELSON, W. IL 1111111. LULU L, ST•NLET, Bee/ STATE CHAMPIONS. BOULDER HIGH SCHOOL DEBATERS WIN AT MISSOULA. Decision Two to One in Favor of the Jefferson County Team.. . Missoula, May 10,—The Boulder high school debating team was declared the champion 1Vontane, Witlber , • 0 41 0 1 44 a Beets was sesardeu the state in. div ideal debating chatirpionehip, and Miss Clara Flanders of Bose - titan was awarded the Carter med- al end the E. C. Mukoney schol- arship for the beet essay of those submitted in the.. state conteat. The high school debate Was the principal contest of the evening The question was: \Resolved that United States nenetorm be elected by the direct vete of the people conetitutionally waived.' 6 Boulder hid the affirm- ative side of the 'question and opened the debate with the argu- ment. of Walter Wilson. He MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, was followed by Jack Lay - ton of A. P. It A. M. low rteets'on the SECOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY evenings - of each month at Masonic Hall. Visitingmembers are cordially In- vited to at n FleANC II.. Naimoli. W. M. A. A. N7leass..isec. lket. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT -LAW •ND NOTARY PUBLIC. Whitekall, Mont. flOf EL EFERSON M. L. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Warders L. R PACKARD, Physsicshan and issorgeeon. .-etenrine hespital care elven special • ,sereetion 415ltitc 4.W5ee Resitle.m.t on First sunset lAlvirwineill. Mont. BLIL:f rrift anThilkofftreC lea mac...tine to everybody. hese. eieletrkely.tlef want +mellow*. neat ivielt. steam. pee • ,..t..1tofol-tensts. %lite Irre if yoy eavn. ' Mot Ore. • S,1•1 , • on P•lislre g, ....U.. norm. Mar. 6 rhnt ..... BY 'me.\ everybeity. Astra IC A N litertixenarlif Beautiful plinnies e memo.. ly pont contevs, PICLSO euestoone AWAIVII. Semple cape trees 0 yoo mention this r a t -. e Ono, it.. Boman. Mill. • PATIRCEPRE Celebnaled for style, per' ct St, eirepl1cIty and reliability near', 41 s. 8 ,, t1 In teeny = S k y lei tietie In • ToTriiit d Stltes and a, lt by mall e'n.ct. roes so'd than fusy•oth.r mike. Send for fine catalogue. lAtir.ALL'S MAGAZINE 'Llore ti -n 0:.y other fashion - a month. Invaluable. Let - eel styks, pill tea, rats isewIng. Ion y etedIcero.k,bairdt‘seing, atimsette, rood *limit., tie. Only 50 tents a ye a r 1...orth ineuding • Irce pattern. 5u5 t er1100 0,-4.. of .111110 fur lamplywopy. 1150/trin. r - iverNeterre -; catnIorne aid ssw carb i toe.. Address EleCALL CD.. 2:3ta fl.117.Eils St.. NEW YOU .1kinallesematieta1iiog ine the . following order: Lulu Tuttle, Boulder; Walter Small. Butte; Mildred Hines, Boulder, and Al bert Donde. Butte It was a. hard contest to decide, so hard that Ilu decision was not. unanimous. but stood two to one in favor of Boul- der. Walter Smell. however, was the unanimous eltoici) as the best individual debater. The easily eonteat was open to ell high iscieeti seniors in Monten / CAVE CLOSED. TilOSi: WHO HAVE NOT VISITED IT MUST WAIT. Government May Make it a National Reserve. Uncle Sam ha: interfered with the iihins of - those paring to) Morrison •... near Littiespnr, end about fr.en • Pori fill • ill .t toil. • • • ..en .10(1 ;Ir,ir. , . ' of' tn.- ir- ci .1 1111. ne,tte. '.'id inquiries outteerele. It is Vi• fie 011r F far aiciuc N•• w England Ind fiber por- tions 0! 5 ' , 1. reentrv. St TNI AGHT. WHITEHALL. MONTANA. FRIDAY. MAY IL 1910. statistical mutter from the /Meech - es of over 150 senators and repre- sentatiVea in congress, delivered on the tariff during the special session of the 61st congress. New Stock Brand Book. To.the Stockgrowers of Montana: The Montana Stockgrowers' As- sociation has become a state-wide organization, and we believe it is to the interest of every stockman in the state of Montana to belong. The association is a member of the abraeks.A•eimuiatioste and in great nany °flier wayi a benefit to Oka\ raisers. , Early this fall the association will issue a new double indhed Brand Book containing the names and brande of the members. This hook will he distributed free of charge to all members, stock in- spertore and sheriffm. This book will also be in the lienda of the in• tipeetors meintained by th l ei atitte at terminals -Chicago, South St. Paul, South Omaha, etc. All Mon - Lana cattle are inepedted at these points, and unless shippers pro' duet bills of sale, or their brands are known, the money is returned ru the, .oilime 41 -the aerretary of 1.- the state board of stock commis- -- • gee...TA - sionere le the owenrs. Join the nesociation at once and have your brand printed in the new hook. The membership fee tb the asso- ciation is $5.00 per year. This of- fice will gladly furnish the neere- eery blanks or give other in forma tion to any stockmen who wishes to join. t • 50 YEARS EXPERIENC PATENT TRADE Marra Masons Co•vmscurra & morose wens. a OM el sod asseription :tatty ornartaln oar opinton whether •mmttow IS Kebab; an gr=ffidest oat's, without tam NOM Banta. hastleoweely Ilimanowt weakly. 'arm , t. t rt an o r t anyri s t.1113mA Zer pkw ios. CO 1111,....e..,.Newit • e lit, w to i4overmsi...nt's oçd..r closing the cave is due to the fact Ott congress has a bill oefore it which proposes vetting it a national re- serve, and until atetion on the hill is had the public will be excluded from the cave. The closing will, however, be only temporary ns, whether under government or private control, it Will be opeiti4 when congress de- cides. which filmoid be soon. Helena. May 12.—The Lawie and Clark cavern national monu- ment, the official designation of tIPtt wonder -freak of nature eom- monly known, ati — Iforrifian's cave, is inn closed Imi the mr , lie. mishe.. been reported •spoar s ot A TARIM' r.1 • , I , .•utilent of 480 II liii' sterichin ! • ..1 of New e tic', %% ill undoubtedly el lt t'• ' • ettligioaatintll hut • • • • • .t .pe .. ..• • • 10. Iol I This (1.5-- Ui or ook includee speeches \of Preaident Taft, quotations nnd D. W. Rermoxo. • lidos. See's•Treas. NOT/ FOR PUBLICATION. 'Depertment of the Interior. U S. Land Office, at Helens. Moist. , April 30, 1910. NOTICE is herehy. given that Lillie M. Root, of Whitehall, Mon- tana. who, on July 17. 1906, made Desert Land Application No. 8694. Serial No. 0431, for E+SWi and sEowi. Section 8, Township 2 N. Range 4 W., Montana Meridi- in has tiled notice of intention to notke final proof, to ektabliell claim to the lend shove described. be- fo ' re William T. Sweet, Clerk Dis- trict Court. at Boulder, Montana, on the 15th day of June, 1910, Claimant nettles ati witnesses: Frank E. Houghton, Nathan D. Root. Shirley D. Houghton, Jacob J. liondes. all of Whitehall, Mon- tana. sterilise CARPENTER, \ Register, NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Office, at Helena, Mont. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Frank E. .Houghton, of Whitehall. Montant%. who, on July 17, 1806, mad Desert Aeolic ttion Number 8695, Serial Number 0482,. for •SEISE1. Section 32, Township 3 N., Ringo, 4 W., Montana Me- ridian. has filea notice of iptention to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before William T. Sweet, Clerk District Court, at Boulder. Mon- tetia, on the 15th day of June.1910. Claimant namea as witnesses: Nathan D. Root, Jacob J. Bondee, of Whitehall. Montana; Henry H. Houghton, Ernest R. McCall, of Boulder. Montenn. STEPHEN CARPENTER. • Registe . NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior. IL S. land Othee,st Helene Mont. April 80. 1910. NOTICE is hereby given Ulm, Ida M. Holightos,-of Whitehall, Montage, who. on July 17, 1906, etude Desert Land Application No. 8693, Serial No. 0430, for NNVI N WI, Section 8, Township 9 N., Range 4 W., Montana Meridian, Make fintil to establish claim has filed a p o r 4 of intention to to the land above described, before William 1'. Sweet, Clerk District Court, at Boulder, Montana, on the 15th day of June. 1910. Claimant names us witnesses: Nathan 1). Root, Frank E. Hough- ton, of ll'hiteliall, Montana; Hen- .w . ..egilloq,...Ereest IL Mc- Call, of Boulder, Montane. STEPHEN CARPENTIER, Register. FAIRICS FROM WASTE PLANTS. Scientists Look for Important Com- mercial Posa.bilitlee. Scientists in many lands hare been gilvng an inereaelug amount of atten- tion to the problem of producing from the plant world suineitutes for the fibers and fabrics now generally In use. To find a new cotton plant or • new flax straw qr a fiber which shall take the place of wool or silk, or to put among commercial possibilities new material from which to manufac- ture tine raper, are among the alms. Four inventors have recently reached what they claim to be success, each In his own particular search, and de- scriptions ,of their products showing how widely varying results are being attained are printed In the TeettnIcV World- Magazine From ramie, a nettle which came originally from China, but which grows well In various rountries. l• made a fiber which rtvals•cotton for usefulness, and has SOIEO of the beauties of slIk. From the huge cac- tus leaves ot our American deserts a kind of fabric called cactus -leather Is manufactured, which while not a sub- stitute for cowhide I. useful for many of the purposes for which genuine leather le used. Pine needles are also being made to furnish a fiber which has qualities of usefulness In cloin. making, oven clothing being succesa• fully manufactured from It. And, 'finally, the Owayule shrub has been found to contain rubber to en ex- tent winch makes Lt commercially worth farming THE MEMORY OF A BUSY MAN. WANT FUNERALS PUT THROUGH. Instructions That Sometim- , Sur- prise a City Undertaker. \Lift :nd death both are strenuous Iii New York,\ said an undertaker of that city. We get orders sometimes that shock us. \Not long ago we had I call from a family who asked us to make a burry up job for the reason that they had arranged to sail for Europe two days later anti they didn't want to postpone the voyage. \What would you think of a woman who asked to have her husband bit , led as quickly its possible on the ground that a few days before his death they had agreed to a separaeos aud that she would Illte le put AMOY the deceased before thi hewspepers begird d?i Tint is exactly what happened 'Only yesterday • man came into nir offce and said that his mother. in-law had just died ' , id that he would like to send her body south as soon 8.3 possible because his wife wank(' to attend DOM Sort Of rune. Lion three days later. \In the good old days in some parts of the country it teed to be the cus- tom for friends of the faintly ill which a death occurred to sit lip with the corpse In • ease given to us a few months ago we were asked to send a coupe of genteel appearing employes to the house to keep the vigil. We did it, but I confess to you it seemed to nie rathe 'Wiese.\ _ SEA FISH IN FRESH WATER. — --- Exparlment Tried In Geernany Proves a Marked Success. An interesting experiment that ma} heve farreachIng results has just been Atonal to* eoceessful termination In Germany it has been proved beyond queetion that deep te-a fish can be ac climate(' end all live and breed In fresh water. A number of dim rent kinds of fish were taken from the sea, lacludina whiting, herring, sole and Sounders, and placed in a pool of salt water. The percentage of salt was then gradually lessened by the addition of fresh wa ter until finally no salt remained. Prartically no material difference took place In the fish, which were as lively as when they were taken out ol the sea. I am now prepared to write Hail Insurance for So encouraging has been the result after a test extending over several those who want to insure their crops against hall. mouths that deep sea fish are now be ICS .intrOducesi Into :trete and fresh water lakes In various parte of Gee many. What changes may take place In the nature and habits of the flab remain as yet to be seen, as does also Hew Hus.and Forgot Dinner Engag• the qUoititati of thelr market value. meat and Gave • False Excuse. The complete success of this expert , merit will completely change the Usti - MOOT had bees ready and wahine trig Industry and will prose an espes-1111 to minutes. The wife of the tartly boon to communities far removed trout 'pest was very much embarrassed the seaboard. An American \wlio has Just to thick that her husband was so lived for any length of time in the rude as to be late at s dinner engage middle West, where he is equally r4 mem and keep all tbe guests wait mote front both the Atlantic and Pa, Ins! After a while the belated crie Wk. knows how greatly deep sea flab arrived, redraced and perspiring. are missed as a part of one's diet. \So sorry to keep you waiting.' he said. \But I was detained at the of Had Laugh on Doctor. Bee with an out-of-town customer. Just couldn't ge' sway.\ An anecdote of Leo xii t i ou is ntree rh e as Th e wasa • m ex y cu th i7 sourwled all right sal w accepted by the hostess, but it a iip Tli roi d io n s i° o u r rnk th i e ljY death of nu. Lapponi, who was the pope's private physician. one day it was Impel , * gone home from the office •t the The truth wav• Preoecupled he had (ive for Len to give it long audience. but he had a bad rob), and to mitt ttsual time and found the house locked. NUMBER 13 AN Ice=Cream ,TSOCIAL will be held # Sattitday Evening, May 14 at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Everyone Come ilt/V6 4 / 4 /•^14, 1 4%44 1 / 4 /4 1 / 4 11/41/V4A 4 4/1, much to hie surprise. I% here In the mischief were his entre and children? he wondered. Why didn't. they tell him they 'were going Aleut Hot went all amund the house and . tried the doors, but they dere locked Then he Null a piece of iron In the backyard and broke open a -window and crowded in. Ve crowded out through the Wen- dow for the evening paper and creed ed Lack. Ile read the pargil, etre the wife and chtblren didn't return. At 6;03 o'clock he remembered the dinner engagement. While he dressed and rode 20 blocks the ruests waited Hut others hale made the sante some of Ova\ tablets!' blunder. Definitions In Bohemia. visamt• ALWAYS GREAT STATE. - Re ravel], here comes a grafter: ! said ore as they saw him eater the Her History Interwoven with That ef safe and glance around over the crowd the Country. By the cantos of I9O Virginia COS Wined R population approximating 750,000, or more than onv-tifth of an the people then In the United Fester, about one-third if this number being n egroes, of whom 12,000 were free. Comparing the returns with the tires. ent population of the commonwealth (2,100,000), the hasty conclusion is drawn that ,the increase Las been ex- ceptiottally slow; but this view loses sight of the fact that in 1790 the lig urea embraced all the persons living In the territory now covered by NVest Virginia anti Kentucky; and it vhould be taken Into account that the Old Dominion contributed largely to the settlement of Illinois and Missouri, and Alabama. Tennessee and Florida as well. Even among the pioneers of Iowa, California and Minnesota many n ames can be found whose bearers were first Americanized in the settle- ments on the banks of Gut James and Potomac rivers. Had Nirginin retained her original geographical proportions she would rank easily as first In the family of states. Generously prolific of offshoots from the parent stem, there ,till remains a goodiy crop of sons and daughters under the ancient roof tree, amid the diminished acres of her original domain. In MO large ly more than one hull of the senators and representnotes in congress were of Virginia birth, or were the sons or grandsons of rrrii lo her allkuor born. gate It the doctor gave hint a box Of tablets with the request to take ores every now and then. After • While happen', who remained in a distant corner of the hall, noticed that ths per^ did not folios. his di- rections. so to call his attention to them, he began to hem and cough. - Presently the pope said to an at tentiant: 'Tell the doctor to cons. to me.\ These words caused some but -wires - Lappbnl hastened to his side, the pope took the meta nine from hls pocket and handing tha box to him said: \Doctor I noticed )ou were hoarse: ;1111 you take et if in search of scutebody he knew. \He's not a grafter,\ said another. 'He's a piker.\ \What's the difference?\ asked the \A grafter Iv a man who borrows money,\ was i e answer. \and never pays it back, bit a piker le a rung lower on the ladder. He has given up all hive of getting mord money, but hell wait 1:snind Hit you buy him drink, or hel: 'site your box of cigar ettey when you are not looking and empty half of them Into hls pocket.\ Checks to Flirtation. \When I went abroad to /Wee 'laden last summer,\ said the little In- valid. \my husband gave me an Elk pin to wear and my father a Masonk one. They said If there were any !if& eons hr Elks on board ship they would look after 1112. \Every Wet sed man on board was either it Mason or an Elk, Ind not a one of them would flirt with ma on 'account of those pins. 'You can bet when I sailed tot home I put those blooming pins in the trunk and kept them there.\ Mattes Not Quite Clear. \So he gave you a doe\ \Yes answered the man who eat be sarcastic at times. 'He must like ion.\ -wee, i'm not sure whetherhe likes re or whether be eestaa't Uke the RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. allx-mom honer with three full six. lots --4, 5, 6—in in Hioeh IA Northern Pad& addition to Whitehall, with good, deep well. Welton% house. bet n 10*12 all tented; good garden. Renting for twelve dol. !ern per mouth. .ak I fere is a chant° to stop paying rent. Price M 0 0-0 0 . Ceti give time o ft 8300.100, if desired. See JVe. 0. F\. Riggs, VVI - litei-va - 11, Mont. We will tell you where it gpt soil! itt tilts nfirl ,1011r imil) is bon 3 on C011110 here Selling, as 3 oil note!) %till You elm find :t dainty here, which sat p the annoy ance at home. We hate delicious cheese, tin tte only keep; plain and fancy ernekers of dm tinest rtinkete cookies preserves, delicious meats . ennned. piek les. preme I . % co, etc. Give us a cull, and we still fix you lip right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. .e 1 Ti Whitehall State Bank Capital 1 4 .011c1 In. Sit .3 al.C:000.00 CHAS M. JOHNSON. A..1 MO( A V. .1 I. 'TA rr Ihisideat. St. Prraltholt lairmeterm CIIAN B. JOHNSON. IVY A . e. TatAT. L. R. PACKARD._ P. F. 1 UTTI.R. ItlIn to mend to our etesonners every accommodation consistent with on Inc tanking . WE RESPECTFULLY soLICIT Yore erstrocen % *%%%%%%%%%% '%%%%%%%%%%%% Voti get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night I Furnished -:-Rooms Meals at Ail Hu ors in connection Whitehall - - Moritans tiNeW1,0 4 ~~11 ft‘4 , 1 0 ty% , %110111%$1,%1•0111A6110%1010%11 F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry Pi - ascriptions and Jawalry Rapaira a Spacialty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils. Painter Watckes, Clocks, Silverware tifroviwyysios

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 13 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.