Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 13, 1910, Image 2

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MONTANA SUNLIGHT. - W. L. RICKARD, Pub. WHITEHALL • - MONTXNA. EPITOME OF EVENTS PARAGRAPHS THAT PERTAIN TO MANY SUBJECTS. ARE BRIEF BUT INTERESTING Record of What Is Going on in Con - areas, In Washington and le the Political Field. Washington. • press dispatch from Washington announced that John D. Rockefeller bad abandoned the idea of securing a national charter for his proposed foundation. Starr J. Murphy,' Per- - sonal counsel for Mr. Rockefeller, and speaking for the Standard 011' presideot, said the statement was en- tirely lvithotit foundation. Mr. Mur- phy also said that Mr. Rockefeller had nothing to do with the \Economic and General Foundation,\ for which a charter is being .ought from the New York legislature for \an aged inah - M Weitith,\ said to , 000 to spend on lharity. A daughter was born to Senator ILIA Mrs. Beveridge. This is the sec- ond birth in the senator's family sinee his second marriage. The first child is a son, 20 months old. The rural delivery service and the star routs service of the postodice de- partment are to be consolidated and the combined service is to be known as the division of rural mails. The order will take effect on July first. The new division will have immedi- ate supervision over annual appro- priations aggregating close to • $50, 000,000. Three young West Point' cadets will have a fair chance to break Pe- destrian Weston's record, as the pen- alty for hazing fourth-class men, un- der the terms of an order issued by the superintendent of the military academy. Had it not been for the special act of congress, authorising' the secretary of war to dispose of their cases in accordance with the new regulations. - linty wed* \bye been expelled from the acadetiff. - Rear Admiral Philip HIchborn, U. S. N., retired. died at his home here at the age of seventy-one. The ad- miral had been sick for the past two months, suffering from artorial scoter - oils The interests of forty-seven rail- roads west a Chicago and of their engineers and firemen now hinge up- on the selection of a third arbitrator by Chairman Knapp of the Interstate commerce commission and Commis- sioner Neill of Ithe bureau of labor, the mediators under the Erdman act in labor controversies involving inter- state commerce. Through the medi- ation of Messrs. Knapp and Neill, the railroads and their employes were brought together on a number of points and have decided to arbitrate the question on which they were dead- locked. General. ?resident Taft ended a two days' Stay in Pittsburg with a speech at the Grant day dinner of the Amer- icus club in which he dealt almost wholly with the foreign affairs of the nation. Government experts on the hog cholera cure will probably be detalled to the school at Lincoln. Charles Katz, who was 'found guilty of larceny by a jury in the supreme court of New York. was sentenced to serve an indeterminate term in the penitentiary. Weston, the pedediarlan, arrived In New York ahead of time in his ocean to ocean walk. Within three hours after the sub- scription books had been opened in San Fritheisco at the local stock ex. change, $4,089,000 of the stock of the Panama -Pacific Internatioeal exposi- tion to be held in San Francisco in 1915 was subscribed.In a protest to congress the Iowa railroad commission asks that the provision of the Taft railroad which exempts from operation of the bill state rates applying between points wholly within the state, be re - tattled. The supreme court of Missouri de - tiled a motion for a rehearing of R. J. House of the Kansas City Board of Trade, who was arrested on • charge of violating the law requiring grain to be sold by actual weight. John W. Kern was endorsed for the senate by the Indiana state demo- cratic convention. Much of the $100,000 left by the late Thomas F. Walsh to be distributed by his wife will go to the relatives and old-time friends in Colorado. A Japanese spy, who was caught sketching a fort at the entrance to Hongkong harbor, was sentenced to imprisonment. Harry K. Thaw, who killed Stan- ford White, must remain in the Mat- teawan insane asylum. The appellate divisioni of the supreme court In Brooklyn handed down a decision to the effect that Matteawan • Is the proper place for Thaw. Thomas Batley, said by the Police to be one of the three safe blowers who robbed the National Bank of Chatworth, Ill., of $9,000 on February 16, was arrested in Chicago. No amendments of any character were placed ,on the postoffice appro- priation bill by the senate committee which ordered the bills reported. Andre Cushing & Co., one of the largest manufacturing concerns in Canada. has failed. Liabilities are said to be 4250,000. Mr. Byran, it is stated, will help in the Missouri prohibition campaign when It is fully on. Dr. Elihu B. Thomas. 83 years Old. father of Augustus Thomas, the Play- wright, died at his home at St. Louis, Monday The late cold weattlir wrotrght great damage to fruit peoppects Though 'having list -owl -large for- am. Mark Ten& 41.4 worth • mit Um dollars. -At • meeting of the trustees of tlfe Nations(' Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, it was decided to hold the next convention in Louis- ville, Ky. The session closed with a banquet. • Ten millions of dollars is the amount Postmaster General Hitch- cock expects to save during this fis- cal year in the operating expenses of the Postoflice department. The funeral of the late Itiornstjeren Bjornson, the Norwegian writer, who died recently in Paris was held at Christinia with imposing ceremonies. It was attended by the king and queen. Steel, Miller & Co., a spot cotton firm with headquarters at • Corinth, Miss., and branches at Columbus and other towns throughout East Missis- sippi, went into bankruptcy, So badly slashed is the senate rail: road bill that its final passage by both houses Is a matter of doubt. San Antonio secret service agents have in their possession a number of counterfeit United States $5 gold pieces believed to have been made In Mexico. Six indictments were handed down the Special grand jury of which John - D. Rockefeller, jr., is the to man, which has been investigating the, \white •slave\ traMc in Now York. Freight tariffs showing considerable Increases over the present rates from western territory to the Atlantic sea- board will be filed . ,with the interstate commerce become ef- fective on June 1. rteek#4 .4 mgite r- gualtr - te•emsventrt -h eer America's greatest sculptors, died at his home in New York. A Nicaraugua citizen has written the American consul that cruelties ere being practiced in Nicaragua. The directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad company declared the regu- lar quarterly dividend of 114 per cent. .The Chicago Freight Handlers' un- 111(ff\ with a membership of 2,000, has sent an ultimatum to eighteen rail- roads entering the city. B. P. Waggener has been made gen- eral solicitor of the Missouri Pacific Railroad company for Katmai, Ne- braska and Colorado, with headquar- ters' at Atchison, Kan. William H. Burret, one of the big- gest and heaviest men In the world,' died at Locust Valley, N. Y.. He weighed 668 pounds. . Six indictments were handed down by the special grand Jury of which John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Is the fore man, which has been Intestigating the \whet* elave\ teethe. iftworesidents raw wrahttale -mitts for' divorce in the state of Kansas if the person against whom the action is brought can be the state. Mr. Bryan says his poll of legisla- tors shows the initiative and referen- dum would pass the Nebraska house without difficulty. The national party prohibition con- vention may be held in Des Moines in 1912. - The election contests involving the seats of Representatives Joseph F. O'Connell of Musachusetts and Al- bert Estopinal of Louisiana. both democrats, were concluded by house committees. • Diamonds, jewelry and money to the value of $6,000 were stole% in Reno, Nev.. from the apartments of Miss Fa Packer, formerly a New York actress. In the Lath of Biornstjethe Bjorn- son Norway has lost her greatest distinctive Norwegian writer. Mr. Roosevelt was praised in the superlattve by heads of the munici- pality of Paris. Senator Hale denied that fear of Retest prompted his announcement of coming retirement from the senate. A question before the Nebraska supreme court is, has a city or town the right to hay ••• by • citizen from Its streets. trana democrats, in state conven- tion, endorsed John W. Kern for United States senator. The prohibition county convention In Nashville endorsed William J. Bryan of Nebraska for president, despite the fact that some of the dele- gates were skeptical as to whether he would consent to run under their banner. The stockholders of the Chesapeake & Ohio, in a dpectal session at Rich- mond, Va , authorized an increase of capital stock to $100,000,000. Rev. Henry H. Jessup, a widely known missionary and author, died at Beirut, Syria. The Erie railway wage difficultilk with its firemen has been adjusted. The men get an advance of 8 per cent Personal. - Secretary Ballinger says he has no intention of resigning. Secretary Wilson, in a talk ta farmers gave his theories on causes of the high cost of living. A suggestion has been made to Congressman Hinshaw that be make the race for governor of Nebraska. Representative Harrison demanded light on • New York customs house frauds. Senator Brown has asked the ,su- preme court for a rehearing In the Nebraska elevator case. House democrats will not assist the insurgents in ousting Cannon. Samuel Gompers pleads for a union of farmers and organized labor, The senate confirmed the nomina- tion of Governor Hughes as a justice of the supreme court. Senator Burkett is trying to ar- range a visit of West Point cadets to Omaha the -coming fall. Cdlonel Roosevelt. is said to have written a letter endorsing the ad- ministration of President Taft. In an address at New York, Attor- ney General Wickersham criticised the insurgent members of congress. Edward Payson Weston finished his ocean -to -ocean walk at the city hall of New York eleven days ahead of time. Secretary Ballinger testified hi his .own defense before the congressional committee. Commander Robert E. Peary has •ccepted an invitation to appear be- fore the Royal Geographical society of Antwerp. Richard L. Metcalfe argues for a ipecial sessibn , Of the Nebraska login. lature to, pass the initiative and refer. rinddra. • • • - - !EDWARD VII DEAD ENTIRE WORLD MOURNS DEATH OF POPULAR ENGLISH MONARCH. KING GEORGE V SUCCEEDS \Well it's All Over, But I Think I Have Done My Duty,\ Was One Of His Last Utterances - Body Lies in State. London, May 7. -King Edward VII died at 11:45 o'clock last night. The Prince of Wales is 'king, assuming the title of George V, and will taks the oath before the privy council at ,0 o'clock this afternoon. Coming so suddenly ,the elute of the king cannot but bring the greatest sorrow to the nation in whose heart Edward, first Prince of Wales, and af- terward a sovereign, held Rut place. `Alls o reign of nine yeah hes ,been 11;rt istory of hairline times. It openedw _the conclusion of peace after a long arid trying campaign In South Africa, and concluded at a crit- ical moment of one of the momentuous political struggles of Modern times„, be- tween the Peers and Commons. In • day the political outlook of Great Britain has revolutionised._ - hadaida . of fli letweme-ereff otesir-tenesen 'wed' WM princesses: No hoe.) had been held out throughout the day for the recovery of His Majesty, whose death, it is be- lieved was due to pneumonia following bronchitis contracted shortly after his return from Merritt. Only a day or two ago the 'tine : was conducting the business of state and giving audiences, but on Wednesday he was compelled to submit to tha or- ders of his physicians. Since thin until the end his decline was rapid Throughout the empire the word was flashed, and today flare are floating at half mast the world over. Besides the social gloom which the king's death casts over England, several important snd long planned official events must be abendoned. The prince and prin- cess of Wales were to go to South Africa with the squadron, and the prince was to open the first parlia- ment of the new confederation, but nts accession to the throne will prevent this. The death.of His Majesty must also niean the abandonment of the principal functions of former President Rouse - wrest. tent... 1:214i-M0E2911 , ' and the embassy entertainments will be cancelled and the presentation of he freedom of the city and the lunch -- eon at Guild Hall probably will be given up. . Family Present. King \Edward VII. who returned England from a vacation tan days ago in the best of health, died at 1E43 o'clock last night. (1:M p. in, Chicago time) In the p co of his family, af- ter an illness of lees than • week. which was serious hardly more than three days. The Prince of Wales succeeded tc. the crown . Immediately according to IA* laws of the Kingdom, without offi- cial ceremony. His first official act was a despatch to the Loid Mayor of, the announcement of his father's death In pursuance of custom. His telegram read: 'I am deeply grieved to Inform you that my beloved father, the King, pass- ed away peacefully at 11:46 tonight. (Signed) \George.\ The Official Bulletin. The physicians soon afterwards is' sued their . official bulletin which was as follows: May t. MN s. in. His Majesty, The Xing, breathed his last at 11:45 p. in. in the presence of Her Majesty Queen -Alexandra, the Print* and Princess of wales, Princess Royal. the Duchess of Elle, Princess -Victoria and Princess Louise. The Duchess of Argyle. (Signed.) .. \Laking.\ !Reid.\ \Powell \Paw. mom\ . One of Last Ott/wanes,. One of the list utterances attributed to King Edward was: \Well it Is all over; but I think I have done my duty.\ He seemed then to have reached a full realisation that his death was ap- proaching. . The Queen and others of the Royal family and four doctors 'had been con- stantly in the sick room throughout the day. Several hours before his death the King was In a comatose condition, but he rallied slightly be- tween 9 and 10 o'clock and appeared to recognize his family. Then he laps- ed into unconsciousness, which ended In his passing. . - When Dr. Bt. _Clair Thonsosen,---the throat specialist, was called In yester- day morning it was expected that an operation on the throat would be necessary, but after a consultation it was decided that the lungs were,,,,the seat of the most serious sympferns. Experts were held in readiness to ad- minister an anesthetic but there was fear that the weakness of the Kings heart might result in a fatal issue and an operation was set aside- as a last resort. The body Bee In the Kings chamber in the northwest wing of Buckingham Palace, which is *Intently lighted, while the rest of the gloomy building. with the exception of Lord Knotty?, 'Mee is entirely darkened. A summons to the privy councillor' has been issued by Sir Almetic Fitz- roy, clerk of the council, convening the council in the throne room of St. James Palace at 2 ' o'clock this afternoon, .when the councillors will \with one voice and the- consent of tongue heart, publish and proclaim that the high and mighty Prince George is now, by the death of our late sovereign of happy meinory, become our only law- ful and rightful liege lord, George V by the Grace of God. King of the Unit- ed Kingdom of Greet Britain and Ire- land defender of the faith and Emperor of India, to whom we do acknowledge all faith and constant obedience, with all hearty and humble affectior Roosevelt Highly Honored, Christiania, Norway. May 6. -King Frederick's university conferred> upon Theodore Roosevelt today the degree of doctor of philosophy. It was the third time in the history of the country that the degree had been given to a foreign- er. The exercise occurred in the amphi- theatre of the unfversity. King Haakon entered with Roosevelt at his right and faced the noble assemblage includieg the premier and other members of the tatilnet, the Nobel prize committee, the diplomatic corps, faculty of university ind many persons distinguished is - civil life QUEEN OF ACTRESSES PRAII ES PE -RU -NA. Mita Julie Marlowe i•I am glad to write my endorse- ment of the great remedy, Peruna. I do so most heartily.\-Julla Marlowe. Any remedy that benefits digestion strengthens the nerves. The nerve centers require nutrition. If the digestion is impaired, the nerve Minters become anemic, and nervous debility is the result. 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Mink. • SPEAKS OF KING THE EX -PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT TELLS HIS GRIEF AT DEATH OF EDWARD VII. rEELS A PERSONAL LOSS May Mean a Complete Change of Plans for the Roosevelt Party. -Edward's Death Removes • Friend of Peace. Stockholm, May 7. -President Rouse. velt, who arrived here today, was greatly shocked when he learned of King Edward's death. What effect this will have on his London plans he can not for the present say, but it is his intention, to go to Berlin and complete his itinerary as announced. Colonel Roosevelt today sent a mes. sage to Ambassador Mill inquiring if King Edward's death would necessitate a change in the Emperor's plans, de- siring to be advised should the Em- peror go to London. In that event the former president would he either the gueit of the American ambassador or proceed to a hotel He has a fixed engagement to lecture at Berlin uni- versity on May 12th. Speaking of the late King's tact, Mr Roosevelt gave an Illustration of what Fie./EWIC\'t Mes. Atte, mere& sot thkages whii h the king possessed. \Next to the ring John Hay gave ir said, \I value the miniature King Hdward sent me after I became president, of John Hampden. That was a present a sovereign could make with dignity and one a Democratic president could accept. All historians and royalists gree that Hampden was a good man. The king must have known that Hampden was one of my four heroes - Timoleon, Hampden, Washington and Lincoln. Such a se- lection as the miniature showed ex- treme tact.\ \I have personal feeNng about the king's death. I know from having been president that he had an earnest desire to keep the relations between Great Britain and the United States on the closest and most friendly terms. King Edward's death removes one in- fluence that tended strongly for peace and justice in international relations. His own people and other lands must feel that loss.\ BOOM TO HOMESTEADERS. Six Months Constructive Residence is -- - Washington, May 7. -Representative Steenerson today procured a reversal of the decision by the interior depart- ment in the evelen town lot cases in 'hi, Red Lake Indian country. As a result of today's decision a hundred claims recently cancelled by order of Secretary Ballinger are re- stored to the original entrymen. The decision gives the settlers the advant- age of the six months constructive res- idence In their entries in making up the fourteen months actual residence - required by law. Secretary Garfield had held to this effect in 1907, but his decision was la- ter reversed by Secretary Ballinger. Officials at the interior department sta. tri today that the original Garfield ruling had been overlooked and will now stand. Ballinger to \Kill Mere Snakes.\ Washington, May 7. -After having been dramatically Interrupted at the morning session by :medal agent. H. T Jones, the intimate friend of L. R. Mavis who indirectly questioned a statement made by the witness. Sec- retary Ballinger, at the afternoon session served notice that if hei continued as the head of interior de- partment there was going te be some more \snake killing\ and that it would be hept up until the 'fast snake was lead. Attorney Brandeis, who has been cross-examining the secretary for the last three days, wanted to know just who was fo be dropped from the ser- vice, but Mr. Ballinger said the en- timeratIon would occur in good time \If I am to continue to conduct the affairs of the department,\ said the secretary. \It will be with the lineal support of every man in the depart- ment.\ Will Not Give up Indicted Men. New York, May 7. -Gov. J. Franklin Port of New Jersey at Trenton today announced that hc.had declined to is- sue a \writ of requisition for the M- illar' beef trust corporations and its indicted directors. The indictments were found against cOrporations and directora two months ago in Hudson county, N. 3, Ileep - M - Flanged. De Land, Fla.. May 7. -Irving Han- chett, the 16 -year -old Connecticut boy who was convicted of the brutal mur- der of Clevie Tedder, 12 years old, near this, place r on the evening of Feb. l2 last, was hanged here today. McCumber's Recovery Assured. Washington, May 7. -Improvement was noted in Senator McCumber's con- dition today. The patients appetite Is returning and he is now assimulat- ing his food. Ills temperature and pulse are also more normal than at any time during the past eight or ten gays. Barring complications, Senator lAcCumber's recovery is now assured. DETECTIVE IS SHOT. Mob of Strikers Corner Two Detectives and One is Dead, Steubenville, O., May pitched battle at 1 o'clock this morning be- Aween fifty men, alleged to be strikers, formerly employed at the Labelle Iron works, this city, and two private de- tectives. In the employ of the Iron Co. resulted In the death of one detective John Reardon of Pittsburg The dead detective was riddled by bullets. Today's disorder is reported to have been caused by strike sympa- thizers who followed and cornered the detectives near the edge of town. Strike of 4,000 Pending. Chicago, May 5 -Whether 4,000 anion freight handle. s of twenty-three railroads entering Chicago shall stand pat for a fiat 10 per cent inc•mse in wages, for four men, and $6 monthly for others or g0 on strike tomorrow or accept compromise terms offered by the roads, will be determined by a vote to be taken tonight. More than 8,000 of the men who quit Yr:* yesterday afternoon returned to work today pe»ding the outcome of the balloting Only two roads. the Chicago Great. Western and the Bock Island have I accepted the terms presented by the imuloyes. Tit for Tat. 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Foe home, office and busks...establishment. Kills el:W- hom of Me. 10c worth Fly Paper with banger,10c. \IGS.Em-Cpuck\ Seri Fly Spray. Kills flies. mosquitoes inaects and kmpa them sway hum hors- es. cattle,heiga and other live nock. In quarts, frOm gatIons. /LES alich. Special Wipe as quanfitise. Beemi sibcso sad Crth Dep. Hem disease germs. Meseta and vermin. Remedy for hog cholera, seat, manse and veriest, &semen of sheep, horses, cattle, hogs and other Ilve stack. Complies with all requirements for official dip- ping. Invaluable for household uses. DirrinfectanL $1.36 . 1! gallon. Special prices on quantities. SILL-EM•011ICA\ ALWAYS SILLS. Sold by druggist, and drug dealers. In race none is Mock, accept no other, but ha ve\Kill-Eas-Quick\ o rdered for you. If unobtainable, send us your order, fairing name of druggist or drug dealer) and remit for such quantity ars desired. Mickeleee Co. len WeshisiosAva14.. asseets. WESTERN CANADA What Pref. 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DOUULAS. ammo.\ ma.:s. vOgIrIANOS't IS ISUPIRION QUALITY. MIEMIVIS . WORLD OM GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS Sporting goods of all kinds. Baseball goody and uniforms. Mail orders solicited. Buckman Hardware Cs., 67 Smailwar, Farr, N. 0. • LIVE STOCK AND ELECTROTYPES MISCELLANEOUS 4n i gsg . earl 144 , 41: 11 1: . a . t the\ oven prices by w Adams ridsmitsi ordered direct from factory delivered to t wearer all -ether starebm only 13 ounces -same price and • :0 I, \i r 04 \The Shoe for Business Men\ Neat but not radical in style. Toe -cape of sole -leather and solid soles and heels guaran- tee its lasting beauty. . Yon! . daler will tell you that \Gitche Gamee\ Shoes always make good on • the feet of the wearer. He sells them for e4.00. alanufectured by The Northern Shoe Company Duluth, Minn. IM0 0 , 4 AttfisiM141VOlPrOvigrlffillal0.1i4M. Pocks! Mirror A postal brines tins two. Ideation your (IMO. er's POMO - •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 13 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.