Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 13, 1910, Image 3

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U . WELL AND STRONG y Lydia E. Pinkham's egetable Compound Jefferson, Iowa. -\ When my baby was just two MOD that old I was com- pletely run down and my internal or- gans were in terri- ble shape. I began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta- ble Compound, and mothet wrote and told you just how I was. I began to gain at once and now I am real welL\ - Ire. W. IL BURGER, 700 Cherry St. efferent, Iowa. Another Woman Cured. Glenwood, Iowa. - \About three ago I had falling and other to. troubles, and I was nothing but and bones. I was so sick I could do my own work. Within sie tithe I was made sound and well by ydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn- und. I will always tell my frienda t your remedies cured me, and you aths% eayietter.fsaallivt.'Yek•W9 N, Glenwood, Iowa. If you belong to that countless army women who suffer from some form f female Ills, just try Lydia E. Pink - m's Vegetable Compound. Yer thirty years this famous remedy as been the standard for all forms or male ills, and has cured thousands of omen who have been troubled with ch ailments as displacements, fibroid more, ulceration, inflammation, ir- laritiee, backache, etc. If you want special advice write eft toMrs.Pinkham.Lynn,liaM& t is free and always helpful. $ Your Health orth 10c? That's what it costs to get a -week's treatment --of CASCARETS. They do more for you than any medicine oft Earth. Sickness generally shows and starts Stet in the Bowels and Liver; CASCARETS cure these ills. It's so easy to try -why not start to- night and have help in the morning? --tANC•ItErlii Yee • hoz ter • week's gas treatitteut, all droddists Biggest seller • tie watiA Mikan bogies a ssoutk. al littt Tbeopsee's be Miter CATCHER E n / 'La lassos Ciolorners • Co. 73 Sam Ss. am lad CM. a r sZel=sr h• sterrirgtsfrs=sW ‘ i i 4 t7t:rerr_11 . 4 .fi=lati If re , \ woad t stump to mailing mamma WI al•••• fora antaell 51 9is t ar bast man nia so Use Urn - woman ma dominos Light on Cause of Tuberculosis. The sixth annual meeting of the Na- mat Association for the Study and evention of Tuberculosis was held Washington on May 2 and 3. Among e most interesting papers was one Dr. William H. Parks, the famous thologist and head of the lebore ries of the New York city depart- int of health. Doctor Park contended at pulmonary tuberculosis is very rely, if ever, caused by infection m bovine sources, such as the inking of milk or the eating of meat. berculosis of the stomach and inter - I organs, which compose only about n per cent, of the sickness from is disease, are often caused by drink - g or eating Infected matter. Doctor irk substantiated his conclusions by owing the results of years of haves- ation and examination of pathologi- I specimens. His conclusions are betantially those reached by Dr. theft Koch, the discoverer of the tie rale bacillus. Finding of Fresh -Water Eel. The straits of Messina are channels Immense depth, through which a Id form of -whirling eddies have the ect of bringing up from the depths low many marine creatures which e rarely seen except in the deep sea wig. It was here that the fresh ter eel was first discovered, an W- ent which threw a blaze of light the life .history of a very mysterl- ▪ 110.-London Daily Telegraph. To help others is no easy matter, but quires a clear head and a wise judg- nt, as well as a warm heart -Ave• ry, What Thinking Takes Out Of 411)e brain, and activity out of the body, must be Put Back by ' Proper Food Or brain - . fag and nervous prostration are sure to follow. If you want to know the 'wettest Joy on earth—the joy that cothes with being well, try Grape -Nuts Food `IThere's a Reason\ UM CEREAL cO. Lido . e! ' •se- - • 'FTC • ALL2 A...ufiee. 1 • • \APPRUPBBIRMEMM Ir. r oznita i t yp EDWARD VII. DEAD. GEORGE V. RULES Universally Lamented Monarch Succumbs to Pneumonia. WHOLE NATION IN MOURNING Monarch's Death Occurred Before Sub- jects Had Realized That He Was Seriously III -Sketch of His Long and 'Bril- liant Career. Edward VII., king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire laud, and of all the British Dominions beyond the Seas, emperor of India as his full royal title* reads, VMS born in Buckingham' palace, London, on November 9. 1841, and was the second child and first son of Queen Victoria and the Prince tConsprt Ally40,... Ha. was christened Albert Edward, iiirat his very birth was given an imposing list of titles. He was it once created prince of Wales and by virtue of that dignity. be became also knight of the ga . C.zr. As heir apparent to the Brit- ish throne he succeeded to the title of dime el Cornwall and 4te emoln- ,g. -med.. es heir es- tet. ^mewls Scotland he became great steward of Scotland, duke of Rothesay, earl of Carrick. baron of Renfrew and lord of the isles On September 10, 1849, he was created earl of Dublin: this title bents conferred on him and his heirs in perpetuity. Among the other Uties and commands held by Edward were duke of Saxony, colonel of the Tenth hussars, colonel -In -chief of the Rifle brigade, field marshal of the British army and field marshal of the German army. her a popularity in Great Britain that has continued unleasened throughout her life as princess and queen. In 1875-76 the prince made an extended tour through the Indian empire and was received everywhere with lavish and magnificent hospitality. Ou the death of Queen Victoria. January 22.1901. Edward succeeded to the throne. The coronation was set for June.26. 1902. and all preparations for the magnificent event had been completed when disquieting rumors of the king's Ill health, which had been current for several days, were con- firmed by the postponement of the ceremony. It was announced that the king' was suffering from perityphlitia, and on June 24 he underwent an op- eration. After some weeks of the greatest anxiety he recovered, and the coronation took place August 9. During the long years of his prince - hood Edward's public duties consisted solely in the office of representing the royal family at all manner of public events, and he performed these du- ties well. But the deadly monotony of such a life was too much for the vigorous man, and he found relaxa- tion in amusements that frequently save rise to scandals and that gave the worte a wrong impression of his real character: He was especially fond 0/ the theater and among his boon companions for years were ac tresses and actors. Also he devel- oped a great liking for Paris and often visited that gay capital incognito But all this, as has been said, was naly his relax* tins. and Alter coming cu ihs throne hie cloudiest 4 , alwaya was se circumspect that not the most cap- tious critic could find any fault with It As a diplomat Edward was unexcel- led among the monarchs of Europe. His influence was always thrown to the side of international peace where compatible with national honor, and his advice and example had a steady- ing effect on all Europe. He looked with amused tolerance on the va- garies and extravagances of his neph- ew, the ymperor of Germany, but oc- casionally that ruler exasperated him THE LATE KING EDWARD V1L The prince received a most elabo- rate, broad and carefully planned edu- cation. At first he was under the charge of four private tutors, and sub- sequently his education was directed Kingsley. In order to give him a taste of college life, he was sent for by Baron Stockmar and Charles one session to the University of Ed- inburgh, for one year to Oxford and for four terms to Cambridge. During these years he acquired a wide gen- eral knowledge of the arts and sci- ences and became quite proficient in modern languages. In 1860 the prince made a tour of the 'Milted States and Canada and • the next year he Joined the 13ritish army at Curragh camp, Ireland. In 1841 he set out on his .travels again, this time vishang Jerusalem and other places of biblical Interest. Ills com- panion on the , trisi was Dean Stanley of Westminster. Edward's public life began In Feb- ruary, 1863, when, as heir fie the throne, he took his seat in the house of lords. On March 10 of the same year he married Princess Alektiodra Caroline Mary -Charlotte Louise Julia, the eldest daughter of Kin Christian Ix. of Denmark. Her beauty, -grace and charming manners at once gave to such an extent that he could not refrain from giving him some stern advice. Such admonition was not re ceived by William in a submissive spirit, and once in a while there were sensational rumors that the peaceful relations between the two countries we -e about to be ruptured. The development of the king's char- acter in his later years was especially gratifying to the nation. In addition to the love of his people, which he had always had, he gained their ad- miration and respect. They had the utmost confidence in his good Judg- ment, as was amply exemplified dur- ing the late crisis over the budget, and they were always sure he would do the right thing at ite right time. To Edward and Alelandra were born six children. The first, Prince Albert, duke of Clarence, died in 1892, aged twenty-eight years. The second, George Frederick Ernest Albert, born on June 3, 1866, succeeds to the throne. The other children are: Princess Louisa Victoria, married to the duke of Fife; Princess Victoria .Alexandra; Princess Maude Charlotte, married to Prince Charles of Den- mark, and Prince Alexander John. who died the day after his birth in 1871. New York Hat Etiquette. There 18 an undeniable tendency on the part of New York men nowadays to cling to their hats much more in- sistently than they ever did before, says the Sun of that city. 'I was reconciled to having men keel' on their hats to the.,elevatore of the downtown office builditigs,\ said a New York woman who now lives in London but makes several trips a year here on account of business, \as it Is taken for granted that they are as much out of doors as the bails. On the' other hand it is new to me to see men walking about the corridors or winter gardens of hotels where there are women gathered at tables or reading with no- more indication of the fact OM women are present than IT they were in the heart of Africa. Men In New York used to take off theft Oats under.such conditions and they ahowet1 altogether a much great- er disposition to take off- their hats at every opportunity than they do now,'' Why ,1* it tIlit the average man be tl gin . to sit .up- . VI take notice when •to a pa.a eal. A Little Learning. ' , Holding little Arthur by the hand, -Papa paused before the ever -interest- ing spectacle of a broken-down motor 'bus. ' \Oh papa,\ asked little Arthur the inquiring, \what makes the 'bus go -when it goes?\ Papa twirled his. mustache. \Simplest thing in the world. Ar- thur,\ he trumpeted. .\You see this thingtimmybob here? Well, that goes down through that hole and feat - ens the jigmaree, - and then connects the - crinkumerankum% and then that man -he's the chauffeur, you know - kind of stirs up the what -you -may -call - It. with that whateltsname, and then off It goes. D'you see?\ \Yee papa,\ blinked little Arthur. \I see!\ -Answers. . Advice That Should Help. If you have your row to hoe, hoe it well, and make the furrow straight, not a wiggle , waggle. You may not be able to eat ytur cake and have it, too, but you can drink your &inks and have 'em bad. News of Mortana ASK TEDDY TO COME.• Bozeman Managers Want Roosevelt at ; Interstate Carnival. BoseMan.-}Ex-President Roosevelt was Invited to be present at the in- terstate fair and sweet pea carnival this fall. The invitation was cabled to Berlin, care of the American embassy, and a favorable reply is confidently looked for. The cablegram reads as follows: \The people of Montana Invite you to attend Montana's most gorgeous event and greatest fair, Bozeman's sweet pea carnival and Interstate fah, to be held August 29 to Septembes L Have been advised that you will be In Wyoming _In August. Full letter particulars will be presented to you ou arrival in New, York Please re- ply.\ The message Is signed by A. 0. Berthot, mayor; Walter Cooper, presi- dent chamber of commerce; Charles E. Dun lox, chairman carnival commit- tee; A. C. Roscher, president inter- state fair. . Governor Norris ball _Darilln111EMS' to act as lord high chancellor of _the carnival, and other promiuent msn from all over the country will prob. ably be in attendance. ' TO COLONIZE MONTANA. R. tit. Calkins, Jr., of St. Paul, in S.ASS77111114100.000 Land Deal. Helena. -Chicago, St. Paul and Het ens Investors have just closed one of the largest realty deal. in the history of the state, taking over White Sul- phur Springs, a Central Montana health resort, including the hotel and natatorium. In addition, they have purchased the right of way for a railroad from that place to Dorsey, connecting with the St. Paul & Milwaukee, and in addition, have made large land purchases with the view of colonisation. This land lies in the Smith River valley. The railroad will also be extended from White Sulphur Springs to Hel- ena, and from Dorsey to some point on the Northern Pacific near Livingston, thus giving the St. Paul a Yellowatoae Park line. About $4,000,000 are involved. The chief parties in interest are R. M. Calkins, Jr., of St. Paul, Johu Ring. hog, of circus fame, of Chicago,. and Lewis Penwell, of Helena. New Registration Not Required. Helena. -Those resideuts of Para- dise who were registered in the pre. cinct of Trout Creek at the last getter - al election are entitled to vote in the Paradise precinct at a special election upon former registration. This opin- ion has been furnished to if. Doen- gen, of Thompson Falls, Moat , chair- man of the board of i•ounty °muds- sions of Sanders county, by the attor- ney ieneral. The attorney general states that the Law does not require a new registra- tion list for special elections of this sort. \The voters who now reside at Paradise,\ says the opinion, \and who at the last general election, registered and voted at Trout Creek, are entitled to vote at the special election to be held May 24, in all respects except that there is no provisiqn in the law whereby they may be transferred from the voting precinct of Trout Creek to that of Paradise.\ Not Unlawful to Box for Exercise. Helena. -Boxing and wrestling in gymnasium between the members of the organization and for exercise, is not unlawful unless the facts sur- rounding some particular case would make it so. Such Is the interpretation Put on Montana's law prohibiting prize fighting by - Attorney General Galen, who rendered an opinion in the mat- ter at the request of County Attorney W. H. Trippett, of Deer Lodgeseounty. The case referred to In the request of the county attorney is that of sev- eral young men In Anaconda who de- sire to keep a room in the nature of a gymnasium for the purpose of en- gaging in physical exercise. They ex- pect to charge admission and engage in wrestling and boxing. State's Good Balance. Helena. -A bigger balance was in the state treasury at the end of April than at the beginning of the month, ac- cording to the report of Treasurer E. E. Esselstyn, presented to Governor Norris. The balance on hand April was $762,456.26. Receipts during the month were $94,855.84 and dis- bursements, $93,188.16, leaving a bal- ance on hand of $764,122.93. The bond investments aggregated $2,720,887.32. Officers in Camp. Helena -Officers of the Second reg- iment, National guard of Montana, to the number of 38 went Into camp at ; Fort William Henry Harrison and re- lmained a week learning the science of war.. The instructors were Cept. D. \1\. Merrill, Twenty-eighth infantry, in command of the guardsmen for the , week; First Lieutenant Bebee and second Lieutenant E. F. Harding. RANCHER KNOCKS OUT HOLDUP, Montana Man's Fist Renders Robber Unconscious. Mlles City. -Alex Cody, a rancher while on his way home from Mildred. was attacked by an unknown assail- ant, who first hurled a club at him, and, when Cody went 'to seize him he received three knife cuts on one of his hands. Cody felled the man with his fist and left him unconscious, but in the morning the hold-up was not to be found. BANDITS ARE DARING. - - Crack Safe and Then Stand Off Entire Community. Newell. W. Vic, May 5. -Pour high- way men entered the office building of the North American Manufacturing (o. at 2:30 this morning, blew the safe with dynamite and held up the entire community that had been summoned by the comnfotion. The police or five communities and organs with blood honnd I are on the trail. The safe blowers secured only _nee In cash but succeeded In getting awe!, with valuable negotiable papers and mortgages Bug Pugilist-Ileavens! I wish I had never gotten on a match with the spider! - AN INTOLERABLE ITCHING \Just about two year. ago, some form of humor appeared oil my scalp. The beginning was a slight itching but it grew steadily worse until, when I combed my hair, the scalp became raw and the ends of the couubteeth would be wet with blood. Most of the time there was an Intolerable itching, In a painful, burning way, very much as a bud, raw burn. If deep, will itch and smart wheu first beginning to heal. Combing my hair was positive torture. My hair was long and tan- gled terribly because of the blood and scabs. This continued growing worse and over half my hair fell out. I was itlile441161.16iis \\`1). AfrairL,sf. becoming totally bald. • Nikinvettnies Ow - pals was so great that, when partially awake, I would scratch the worst places so that my finger-tips would be bloody. I could not sleep well and, after being asleep a short time, that awful stinging pain - would commence and then I would wake up nearly wild with the torture. A neighbor said it must be salt rheum. Having used Cuticura Soap merely as a toilet soap before, I now decided to order a set of the Cuticura Remedies - Cuticura Soap. Ointment and Pills. I used them according to directions for perhaps six weeks, then left off, as the disease seemed to be eradi- cated, but toward tiering, eighteen months ago, there was a slight re- turn of the scalp humor. I com- menced the Cuticura treatment at once, so had very little trouble. On my scalp I used about one half a cake of Cuticura Soap and halt a box of Cuticura Ointment In all. The fret Urns I took six or seven bottles of Cu- ticura Pills and the last time three bottles -neither an expensive or ta- dious treatment. Since then I have bat no scalp trouble of any kind. Standing up, with my hair unbound, it comes to my knees and had it not been for Cuticura I should doubtless be wholly bald. \This is a voluntary, unsolicited tes- timonial and I take pleasure In writing it, hoping my experience may help someone else. Miss Lillian Brown, R. F. D. L Liberty, Me.. Oct. 99, 1909.\ Remedies Too Costly. Get out the old-fashioned household remedy book and scratch out two remedies, one advising raw beefsteak ;spread on a bruhte and the other ad- vising bacon for is felon. We can't waste beefsteak and bacon on bruises and felons these days -Atchison Globe. IT WEARS YOU OUT. Kidney Troubles Lower the Vitality of the Whole Body. Don't wait for serious illness; be- gin using Doan's Kidney i'llls ahen you first feel. backache or notice 'urinary disorders. John I. Perry, Co- lumbus, Texas, says: was taken sick about a year ago. My limbs and feet be- gan to swell and my doctor said I had Brighter disease. I then consulted an- other doctor who told me I bad dropsy and could not live. Doan's Kidney Pills re- lieved me promptly, and I owe my life to them.\ Remember the name-Doan's. For sale by all dealers 50 rents e box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Spring Longings. Splutter -I'm just dying to get out and dig in the ground. Butter-GOlf or ftsbworms? OR. J. M. RINDLAUSI (Specialist), Eye, Ear, Noes and Throat , Fargo, N. D. Nothing is there more friendly to a man than a friend in need -Plautus.. PERRY OASIS' PA 1111131 L Rammer auniptaim towel le no rnin In th otrouble, cramp* have tere hnosehUll oobers M pe s dendable \.51.1. Is kept on hand. S's. Ms and 60c battier _ A girl isn't necessarily a Jewel be cause she is set in her ways Dr Memo's Pellets, @mall, suirar-isoatod, easy to take as candy, re g ulate and in•lgora(i, Baumann, liver and bowel. and care °opal potion. Never say die till you are dead -and then it's no use. -Spurgeon. kTOMACHQL1: 0 da r ito -Fach.cif the chief or- gans of the body is • link in the Cliain of Lite. A chain is no stronger than its Itreakest link, the body no stronger than its weakest organ. if there is weakness of stomach, liver or lungs, there is a weak link in -the chain of life which may snap at any time. Often this so-called weakness\ is caused by lack of nutrition, the result of weakness or disease of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. Diseases and weaknesses of the stomach sod its allied organs are cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. When the weak or diseaged stomach is cured, diseases of other organs which seem remote from the stomach but whisk have their origin in • diseased condition of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition, are cured else. The strong man lite a strong stomach. Take the ahoy. recommended \Discos. t o ry\ and you may kayo a strung atom. slob and a street' body. GIVEN AWAY, —Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviww, new revised Edition, is sent free on receipt of stamps to pay expense of &ailing .sty. Send 21 one-oent stamps for the book in paper covers, or 91 stamps for the cloth -bound vol. time. Address 1)r. It. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. L A A ALABASTINE MAW A Woman's Home should be her pride. Your home should reflect your own individuality. You cannot have special wall pap., de- signed by you Sr each room -you can carry out a special Alabastine decora- tive '<theme for those rooms -you can be a leader in your community and have your home the talk of your friends. . The Stylish Wall Tint Ii the material that will accomplish thin result. We ran Chow Innunierub c le olo off r eeta, classic stencil design., rod our Art 1)cpartment is at your service. Sand for the Alaliutino hook •astalisio • what w• de foe you, and how w• (umiak fris• stencil@ where Alalsoatime Is ....I. qm Altibast h Is ie a powd m er ade from uid Alsber. ready for U04 . l iams It li 1,1111 N . 111 14 applie Kd II II an Or- dinary wall brush. Pull directions on each package. Alabastine Company Maw York City. N.Y. Grand Rapids. Ni c k. The PACKAGE. lk '' 8 ' ...— ••••••• • •• oft 1.0., Om. me•mm••• •••10••• . o w \ Above the Average Roof' lir A _I : glInALT-COATED, MICA -P 1110 111r111 111 \High In Gust - icy\ Is way shove the average roof. High In quality -high In the favor of every up to date builder. Used in every state of the Union -in all climates and under the most trying conditions. GAL-VA-NITE is suitable for every sort -of building from the largest factories and warehouses down to the smallest barn or shed. This tough, pliable, lasting GAL -VA -NITS is water- proofed with three costs of asphalt and weigherproofed with a regular \armor -plating\ of flaked mica, R needs no paint - no after attention. First cost last cost. Won't rust -can't rot and will never catch on tire from flying sparks. GAL-VA-N1TE comes In rolls all ready to lay. Any- one can do the work. Nail* and lap cement furnished free. Get samples and details. Let us send you simples and hook \The Inside of an Outside Proposition.\ Drop us a postal NOW. Address the Manufacturers UNION ROOFING & MFG. CO. 200 Union Road St. Paul, Minnesota Stone's Piano Polish is the finest piano and furniture polish on the market today. Restores old surfaces and preserves the new. Doesn't smear. streak Of collect dust. Has been used by us for over 15 years. Two sizes, 35e and 5oc. 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The Protection of Perfection \Salads\ is the choicest tea of Ceylon. It it very 'carefully put up in hermetically sealed lead packages. This / protection preserves its perfection. The fragrance and flavor of \ Salada \ are absolutely secured from evaporation or contamination. Tea is most sensitive to exposure. The delicious flavor, the delicate aroma of \ Salads \ would be lost or vitiated, if not locked up in that air -tight lead package. Tea sold in bulk must lose any quality -it may origin- ally possess. Yearly sale over 29,000,000 packer Ask your grocer for \Salida\, Tea or • tend to cents fru: b iarripfixe eau MO which makes 4,, cups of delicious tea. tSair Ashetber Black or. Green. tea, it desired. Ote booklet. \The Sewy , id$ tse :Ts.. Plant.\ Sent free, -'• \SALADA\ TEA . CD. .'‘ Itedby Block Detioit, Mich. S . FREE Send postal for Free Package of Pax tine. Setter and more economical than liquid antiseptics NM ALL TOILET USES. :MXT I NE TOILET ANTISEPTIC Gives one • sweet breath; clean, whits, germ -free teeth -antiseptically dean mouth and throat -purifies the breath after smoking -dispels all disagreeable perspiration and body odors- much ap- preciated by dainty women. A quick remedy for sore eyes and catarrh. A httle Pextine powder &- solved in • glass of hot wwer make. • delightful antiseptic so. 'talon. eitraoeclmsry cleansing, germicidal and - ,iog power. and absolutely harm- less. Try • Sample. 50o. • large box is drug/its or by mail. THE PAXTON ToILIET 00., Illotrien, Mese, RE HA' R BALSAM iftr and basittiflu •N • Iutuna' nt rolrEk. Blur or Pall. to o ls . sr p t , oss i rz Halt to tta lor. Cum scalp dIsnoss inc,sixt 140.1 PATENTS I V 5tri l l . = 7 \Z e i OA Marmot& Bast ToVe . te t y s t e rtery war ber fflefri li ghr.irLAIL\ . 46. .144Tagtea:gra W. N. U., FARGO, RO. 20-11110. •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 13 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.