Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 20, 1910, Image 1

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• MONTANA VOLUME IX. WHITEHALL, MONTANA, FRIDAY. MAY 90. 1910. TIIE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. W. L. RICKARD : Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. One Year. (Invariably in advance) Ell SO SU Mouths Three Months to S ingle Copies .... ... Entered at the Postotice at Whitehall. Mont,. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. Display—One Dollar per inch per westia, _ . Locals -Ten Cents per line first ins t =111 canto per line each subsequent NOTICE All communications Intended for publica- tion in this Paver must bear the signature the author; otherwise they will Ind their refay to the oxst5 tearer COUNTY OFFICER'S.. J isdtpa.FtttkIadlCtSIoist...tcw. L.Caflawtl Clef k of the Coors Wm. T. Sweet S tioriB .. P. J. Manning •.'...\ —.01te.licil. Wolverton Latter Tobago W. B. nundleY F.. R. McCall .D. U. Kelly Jas. H. Mitchell R. U. Cralle Cleric and Swanks County A tiorner Assessor Surveyor . Puy t of Schools -Lets M. Thompson Public Administrate. W. L. Beardsley C oroner ........................Curtis Denbow COMMISSIONERS. P erils Steele. Chairman . Basin Join H. Reilly Clancy •. J. McKay Whitehall The regular meetings of the board of county Commisilofters begin on the first Monday in March. June. September and December. The members also serve as a board of equaliza- tion. 'seethes for this purpose on the third Roods/ IR July. ACACIA CIAPTER, No. 21, 0. E. S. Meets on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY is•cuings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially Invited to attend. Masts J NELSON, W. IC MSS. LCIA L. ST•IIISS14. See) , MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. A A. M. jitr 'on the SECOND and FOURTH TOES- Y evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially in- vited to attend. . Fiume E. Limnos. W. IL A. A. NIISD/11111. Bye. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT -LAW ego NOTARY PUBLIC. Melia, Most. HOTEL JEFFERSON M. L. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders L. R PACKARD, 1Phymicleirs and Ifitursisson. Cases requiring hospital care given special attenUoo. Ellospital.001ce and Residence on First street Whitahe.111. Mont. SUET. Pr la • ao•INI N [CA IOC ,s„.cifucti„ s seartatlee Pe e•erybede Leen eta•tt elecarkity, the costa, u {ewe. aad Is. to umplidr. put. AND mat. CAI of pictures 9eau 4 fircii ple ropy free If yee 55 lbecoe at Rea., N.M. Snmp•on Pub. CS. Oat paper flees year. P h •tsersob esrylauty. A se a a ICA n PlarITOGRAYHTleache.44 . ; dews wan, ty K isses's. picture nitleleru, euegiess ea luateed Sample ra n y tree If yea mantle. that yeller. Americas Pleissrapitv • )e.. S. hostas. hi*. 50 , YEAR alloCALL PATTERNS Celebrated lee style, perfect (t, simplicity Ind nearkp 40 ye em. Sold in nearly every city and ton, in the United States and Canada, or by mail direct. Mare nol s t than coy other make. Send for free catalogue. MoCALICS MAGAZINE More subscribers than any other fashion rug aaine—raillinn month. Invaluable. Lat. oat style s patterns, dras.anaLing, jisin sowing, fancy needlework; hairdressing, etiquette, good stories, etc. Only ISO cents • year (north double), includiry. a free pattern, Subscribe today, or sena fol sample copy. WONDERFUL EIDUCEMENTS • Id Agent.. Postal Irrings premium catalogue anti new cask prizeofTers. Address SEE 1111cCAU. CO.. H). 241W. 3711 U.. NEW DO YEARS* EXPERIENCE PATENTS TRACK MARKS DCOMMIS Comvamaarra Ac mg=\:7===: i r rztEr vAlA i kozna.., seissiTstair:Ties Jimerican• C,tttt tnoroal. Terms, It a o 113readwity. N ew Sold by alt y9., St.. C. r w D • Ilittetnsted weekly. Lamest al TO ENTER MONTANA THE DELANEY AUTOMATIC SYSTEM OF TELEGRAPHY. Telepost Company Has Its Eye On the Treasure State. York, May 9. -In pursu- oL ... j.„....0,..ifilerlace the *Sole country Ise »a early date with its web of automatic tele- graph wires. announcement was made in New York today hat the Cr4eeoet company has inM visenient tiveearly expansion of itti system to all parts of Montana. Connection is to be established by warof St. Louis and Kansas City, to which points the system now extends. William H. Me- Collom, former superintendent of construction of the Postal com- pany, who is now in charge of the extension of the new, automatic system, has been looking over the ground for some time and reports conditions unusually favorable for the inauguration of work on the line. This system is regarded by sci- entific men as the niost brilliant achievement in the evolution of telegraphy since Morse's time. representing the conquest of a new basic principle in telegraphy that presages for that industry a world wide revolution with its 2000 words a minute service and rates of one cent, half-cent, and quarter of a cent a word. regardless of time or distance. By the Telepost system a mes- sage is transmitted with equal fa- cility over either it telegraph or telephone wire. Its rates are the lowest and its service the most rapid in the world. Civic organizations and boards of trade ,thruout the state have been in touch with the officials of the Telepost for several months and have aspired the company of their readiness to cooperate with it in any way it can suggest as most likely to facilitate the exten r ition of its lines in Montana. Among the cities and towns - in the state under consideration for early TeJepost connection are: Helena. 1Vnlkerville, Anaconda. Butte, Dillon, Gunderson, Boze• man, Livingston, Big Timber, Red Lodge, Deer Lodge,Virginia City, Miles City. Glendive, Bil ling', Sheridan, Missoula, Ham- ilton, Kalispell, Great Falls, Ft. Benton. Belt, Lewistown, Ilavre, Whitehall. Patrick P. Delany, the inventor of the system which is now used between Boston and Portland. and between Chicago, St. Louie, Indi- anapolis, Terre Haute, and other cities in Massachusetta,New Hamp- shire, Maine, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, is an old associate of Thomas A. Edison. The discov- ery of the new scientific principle which made its invention possible is the realization of an ambition Delany and Edison lind'as far back as 1871. Oen he and the wizard experimented on improvements to the Morse method of hand trans- mission over a special wire con- structed between Washington and New York with the idea of evolv- ing a &sestet]) of' rapid telegraphy to displace the mails for long dis- tance communication. In addition to being a boon of inestimable value to the public the Delaney automatic system will save the . newspapers of the country hundrens , of thousands of dollars a year in telegraph tolls thru its cheap rates, great speed and :teen - rate service. ; Of the $1,5b0,000 expended ev- ery year for telegraph service by the Associated Press it is figured out that approximately $700,000 will be saved by the use of the au- tomatic eervice,when it completes its continent -wide expansion. COURT PROCEEDINGS. The spring term of the district court of Jefferson county convened May 10, Judge COI way presiding. Th court approved the bonds of the county ic ommissioners. Pro- b #_1 - / d es k in vacation were riad and May 14 was fixed for their approval, if there are no objections filed. The cases of Pirnauer v Joseph Garneau and Albert J. Conner v Joseph Garneau were ordered dis- missed for want of pronecution, unless good cause is shown on or before May 25 why such action should not be taken. Victor Lanstyak v Butte Lode Extension Co et al, decree in con conformity with finding of filets and conclusions of law tiled some time ago. Christopher Boelker v Golden Curry Mining Co et al, demurrer submitted without argument, and counsel given time to file brief in support of their contention. Lillie P. Letneke v Geo. F. Mc- Connell et al, dismissed. Ira T. Wight v Basin Reduction Co. et at, demurrer overruled and defendants given thirty days to file answer. H nry Ileyder 'Columbia Rut 14 and M Co.. stricken from eaten dur becaume counsel _stated that case had been dropped. The cases of Ike E. 0. Pace and Chas. J. Pruett v Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Co. dismissed on application of plaintitrn, Ira T. Wight v State Brewing Co. demurrer submitted without argu- ment and overruled, and defend- ants given ten days to file answer. Columbia Butte Mining Co v H. H. Roberts et at, motion to wetax costs was argued to the court. Fred 0. Bloom v Pat Gallagher et at. demurrer overruled and de- fendants given thirty days to an- swer. W. II. Tebay v Chicago, Mil- waukee & St. Paul R'y Co., de- fendant moved to strike amended complaint from files. Sebastian Ott v Ike E. Pace et al, court heard the argument on the demurrer to the complaint and took the matter under advisement.\ Katie Lydon v Patrick H. Ly- don, demurrer withdrawn by con- sent of counsel and defendant was given thirty days to tile answer. David Kahn and Max Kahn vs Neil Giles, demurrer overruled and defendant given thirty days to answer. J. II. Baskier v Allport company and Matt Joke v Ail - port Mining Cd.,,deniurres over- ruled and defendant given twenty days to answer. Jessie P. Root v Delta Miniug Co.. court settled and ordered tall of exceptions filed, and motion for new trial taken under advisement, and overruled the motion for it new trial. on May 14. Sophia Holt was appointed guar- dian ad litem for the minor defend- ants in the case of Wilson S. Har- ris et al v Sophia Holt et at. Alice Parker. guardian, v Bessie M. Hannigan, demurrer to the an- swer taken under advsement; de- murrer to the complaint overruled. May Lithe court em paneled the trial jury for the term and began trial of the case of the state vs. letters James H. Stabler, charged with! tiscd.\ the embezzlement of $257.09 of the funds of the Great Northern Railway company at Corbin. Af- ter the jury had been sworn to to the case and the county attorno had consulted with his witnesses, he stated that he was unable to proceed and asked for a dismissal of the case because of a lack of material evidence upon which to convict. From She county attor- ney's statement it seems that the authorities of-Sitte railway compa- ny complained against the defend- ant and, as is usual in such comes, the railway authorities gathered atilisrenfidoisosos ad. they had in : formed the county attorney that, they had sufficient evidence to con- vict. but when lie he saw the wit- nesses the evidence was wholly in- competent, being nothing but hearsay evidence, upon which no conviction co Id be had. The de- fendant waNdischarged and the ease was dismissed. Harry - .1. Keely was divorced from Minnie Keeley upon the ground of desertion and the custo- dy of the minor child, Percy J. Keelywits granted the plaintiff. The OM of the state against Fred Lemons 'was dismissed noon motion of the county attorney. Lemons had been held with the ex- pectation that another party might be apprehended and the guilty party he punished for stealing a calf belonging to John Montgomery. The case of John Veljacic et al v Henry T. Heyd, r ass tried be- fore a jury May 12, and a verdict was retnrned for the plaintiffs for $S92.25. court grantee the defenditilt .ixty days addition's, . time in • which to prepare and serve bill of excep- tion on motion fora new - trial, and sixty-day stay of execution was granted. c The plaintiffs sued for 25 per cent royalty which they claimed was due them from the smelter returns of ores extracted from the Columbia l o de c lai m , l o - cated about faf miles northeast of Whiteliall L The &feriae was it de- nial of thEllainis of the pleintiffe. The cout t approved the final ac- count of the administrator in the estate of Timothy Flnyee,deceased, and a decree of distribution was ordered. The court set the following cases for trial 4 in addition to those which had been set prior: Basin Liquor Co. v 'I'. S. Kline. May 93, 9:30 a. in. Beall Bros.. v Northern Pacific R'y Co., May 26, 110 p. IR. Jefferson 'county y Beall. May 27, 2 p. m. Emerson Retigaree v Mont. In- dependent Tel. Co.. May 88. 930 a. in. 4 Sotithnia.yd vt.*lisroon et, si. Nlio 19, 9:30 a. in., . May 18 the me* or Levy M. Si meg y John Seckenson et n1 was called for trial. hut the defendants nor their 'stuns appesred to eon - teat the action; hence the plaintiff proeseded to inttodsice MOW teSti- iii.wiy in support lif the allegation - of the l'011)1.)lilitil ;Ind took judg- ment RR prnyed for. The action was upon a promissory note given by the Basin prewing Co. •••• •••••••••••••-. ••••••••=um... Advertised Letters. List of letters remaining im- celled for the post -office at Whitehall, Mont., for the week ending May 18, 1910: Kend i I. vid. NI Mier. Dan. 'Persons calling for the above will please any \adver O. IL DAver 1'. M. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U S. Land Office, at Ileienn. Mont. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is :hereby given that Lillie M. Root, of Whittslitill, Mon- tana, who, on July 17, 1906, nude Desert Land A pPlication No. 8694, Serial No. 0431, for E45W1 and SE/ N Section 8. Township '2 -Nri Range 4 W.; Montano Meridi- seams filed notice of intention to make final preoil. 1a -establish claim to the land above deacribed, be- fore William 'r. Sweet, Clerk Dis- trict. .A...1kaul448.3ifontan% on the 16th cley of June, 1910. Claimant names Its witnesses: Frank E. Houghton, Nathan I). Root, Shirley D. Houghton, Jacob J. Bondes, all of ‘Vhiteliall, Mon- tana. STrinies: CARPENTER, Register, NOTION YON PUBLICATION. — Department of the Interior, U. S. Lind Office, at Helena, Mont. . April 80, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Frank K. Houghton. of Whitehall, Montane, who, on July. 17, 1908; made Desert Land Application No: 8895, Serial Number 0 4 / 1 11, for SESSEiz Section 99-,--Tewnship 8 N., Range 4 W., Montana . Me- ridian.- has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to 'elitabliSh claim to the lend'above described. before William T. Sweet. Cler)t Dietrict Court, at Boulder. Mon; tans, on the 15th day of June.19I0. Claimant names as witnesses: Nattan - rt: Ro(31,;s1seOli J Sondes. of Whitehall, Montana; Henry . H. Houghton, Ernest R. McCall, of Boulder,'Montana. STEPHEN CARPENTER, Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Depn rtment- of the In te riot% U. S. Land Office,ii I I leiettn. Mont. . April 30. 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Ida M. Houghton. of Whitehall, Montana. who. on July 17, 1908, made Desert Land A pplijation No. 8893, Serial No. 0430, fel: NW1 NW1. Section 8, Township 9 N., Range 4 W., Nontane Meridian, hi a filed notleb of intention ; to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described. before William T. Sweet, Clerk District eotirt, at Boulder, Montana, on the 15th day of June; 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Nathan D. Root, Frank E. Hough- ton, of Whitehall, Moiltuna; Hen- ry II. Houghton, Ernest It. Mc- Gill, of Boulder, Montana. STICPUEN CARPENTER, Register. NOTION PON PUBLICATION. AG' IT. NUMBER 14 • A Big Time OP IN A-r-r 1 1 - 1 )DANCE F\ THEE .SumnamSgason . at Pipestone Springs 1910 #$ • # C3N Saturday, May 21st, Train leaves Whitehall at 6:30 Return at 1:10 A. M. 1 , 4.1\1#1.1 1 / 4 ,1,1 , 1.$1, 4 te%%%14011/161\ , %#% RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. Six-rhom home with three full size hots -4, 5, 6 -in in Block 12 Northern Peeific addition to Whitelet11, with good, deep well, clickers house, barn 10x12: all termed; good garden. Renting for trelve dol- lars per month. . Here is a,chanee to stop paying rent. Price $600.00. Can girt time on $300.00, if desired, I am now prepared to write Hail Insurance for those who want to insure their crops against hall. See /Vie. ID. F'. Riggs, Whitehall, Mon - it. We will tell -you where to get your grubs and your grub when you come here ffshing'. as you surely will. You can find a dainty Inncli here, which - save the annoyance nt Mime. We have delicious cheese, as we only keep; plain and fancy crackers of the finest maker.; cookies. preserves, delicious meats canned, pickles, preserve', etc. Give us a call, and se will fix you op sight. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. Downtime of the Interior. U.S. Land Office, at Helena. Mont. April 14. 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Fred A. Tehay, of IV bitehall. Montana, who, on October 25. 1907, made Homestead Entry No. 14695. Serial No. 02008, for Si SWf Section 8, Township 1 N., Range 3 W., Montana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final commutation proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before Register and Re- ceiver U. S. Land Office, at Hele- na. Montana. on the 26th day of May, 1910. Claimant nnmes as witnesses: Edward Huston, of Renova, Mon- tana; Frniik Morinrity, of Renovn, Montana; William G. Tebay, of Whitehall, Montnn- Williani H.! Tebay, of Whitehall, Montana. STEPHEN ('ARPENTER, Registr. Whitehall State Bank , CA plea I 1.ialgt In. 0.2 i'S,CSCSO.C)CS CITAP.W. JOHNSON. ' I I l'I.A TT President Ylos.President 4 sehter Director. CliAlk IS. WIA .VACKA an. D. E. UTTLE. Wit alm to C .44111 to our Customers every scconinuslatIon IC flatulent with conservative ['inking E PECTEELLY SOLIf'IT YOUR DUSAN (kit 1•14,144.44AbritiVileS1 , 4%Atr i til•WIrir, 1 I Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r I I You get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe Meals at All Hours in connection Whitehall - - /Viaritaria 11,‘ , 1/ 1 1.411.011\141 , 11p1, 4 4/4/WWWM4/4\eis et,VVIAvirlis%%1/11116:1011 , 4 1 610 1 10411. 4 9 , 44% F. H. NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry isreecrlptIctriss assaci Jewelry Pepaslri, Speclealty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches. Clocks, Silverware Iry

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 20 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.