Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 20, 1910, Image 3

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He went, and then the lady sued him or desertion and demanded alimony. \But surely you did not take it so bly?\ asked the magistrate of the usband. \It was no use objecting,\ was the newer. \She wanted to be master and aid that If I annoyed her she would .3ck me up. I was only too anxious to .o back home, but she would not let The case was dismissed. Even Among the Hoboes. \Hullo Ihnity.\ said Weary Wag - lea. as the two tramps met in the Met \How's Hein'?\ \Somepin awful,\ replied. Dusty thedes. The coat of everything's one up so a feller can't hardly get his bree meals per.\ \Humph\ ejaculated Weary. \1 r ever knowed you to pay for nothin',\ \No returned Dusty, \but It's the olemn fact that along my route, here I used to have to ask only once or a breakfast, they make me ask *ice these days.\—Harper's Weekly. • The Simple Shepherd! A Cockney, while spending his boll l ays in the Highlands, met an old r herd driving a flock of sheep. hating to show off a bit, he said: \Now if I were a shepherd I would each the sheep to follow me.\ \Oh aye,\ said the shepherd, \and hiv nae doot ye wld manage, for they saw anither Sheep in trent hey wid be sure to follow.\—Tit-ilits Something Visible. \Show me some tiaras, please. I rant one for my wife\ ' \Yes sir. About what price?\ \Well at such a price that I can ay: 'Do you see that woman with the hare? She is my, wife,'\ Odd Fellows' Paper? Wright—He's going to call his new baper the Sausage Links. 1 Penman—Be in three sections, I sup- kose.—Yonkers Statesman. 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The read is to extend through Fee gue and Dawson counties for a dis- tance of about 350 miles, and will con- nect again with the main line near the mouth of the Yellowstone, in Dawson county. This will serve as a cut-off and will. enable the company to reach Lewis- town and tap a very rich agricultural country. Through Fergus, after leav- ing Lewistown, it will reach much of the country through which the St. Paul road's new line from the Mussel'. shell to Great Falls will run. The road will follow a survey completed three years ago. The Great Northern in all probabil- ity will build a southeasterly from Mondak. Mont., near/Aber Montana. North Dakota line, ROBBED OF 111.350 ON STREET, Smelter Man in Butte Cashes Check • and Then Held Up. Butte. — Frank Egan, an old time smelter mau, stated to the police that he NYRE relieved in front of the State Savings bank of $1,350 in currency. Egan .cashed • check for the above amount at the First Nation- al bank and put the money in his trousers pocket. He then started for *.he State Savings bank. At the door of the State Savings bank a man, \bumped\ into him, and another man bumped him on the other side. The men then walked on and Egan, a few minutes later, found his money was missing. Scholars W. \ A. Clark's Guests. Butte.—Arbor day was celebrated here by all the school children in Sil- ver Bow county being the guests of former Senator W. A. Clark at his Co- lumbia Gardens, west of Butte All children were carried without cost to the gardens, the street car system in a measure being turned over to the little !Wks. Carriages were provided for eltb. dren living at points remote from rail- roads and at Grace, on the Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound railroad, where the train schedule would pre- vent children coming to Butte in time for the exercises, the garden manage- ment engaged a special train to go at ter twenty pupils. Young Wife Ends Life, Butte.—Mrs. Minnie Williams, aged nineteen, married, committed suicide by swallowing acid in the room of a strange man with whom Mt* Is be- lieved to have been infatuated. A note was found reading: \Good -by love, I love you and baby; sealed with kisses.\ The man in the case had rented the apartment several hours before the girl was found dying and is . now be. Ing sought by the police. Her husband, Anthony Williams, stoutly maintains that his wife was murdered by acid being forced down her throat. Scatter His Ashes. Forsyth —In compliance with the dying wish of Wallace Carpenter, a wealthy stockmah of Chicago, and owner of the famous \Diamond\ ranch In Rosebud valley, his ashes today were scattered to the winds in the Forsyth cemetery. It was here Car- penter made his fortune. Carpenter died recently in Chicago, and his re. mains were cremated there. Land Seekers In Montana. Missoula. — Since last Saturday all trains arriving in Missoula, both from the east and west, have been bringing land seekers who are here to make filings and selections of land on the Flathead reservation. Among those who made filings yesterday were Alfred Wallin, of Prairie du Chien, Wis., holding No. 17. Many Banqueter' Taken III. Dillon, Mont., May 11.—The greater number of the SO persons who Sunday night sat down to the banquet of MI Knights Templar in the celebrating of Ascension day are 11. Many are con- fined to their beds as the - result of ptomaine poison, induced, It is be- lieved by eating lobster soup. Dragged to Death by Horse. Kalispell. — Wilson Kuhns, well known rancher, was dragged over a pile of rails and a fence by his horse and practically scalped. He was dead when a party of rescuers, headed by his wife, found him. Montana HoMesteaerer Dies. Giendive. — Patrick Elvin, whe came here from Jefferson. Iowa, two years ago and settled on a home- stead, died at the hospital as the re - suit of an accident, due to his falling from a load of lumber and being run over. With one leg broken and frac- tured ribs penetrating his lungs, El- vin lay all night in the road before be- ing discovered Aufferug excruciating Pain. He was operated on when brought to the hospital, but died later from complications which arose from his injuries. Engineers in Session. Detroit, Mich, May 11.—More than 3.000 delegates were registered this morning and hundreds more arrived during the day for the opening tonieot of •the blenntal convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive F,ngineers which will remain in session until June 4, Argued Mountrail Case. Rugby, N. 13.. May 9 -Arguments Were made here yesterday in the ease involving the settlement heteeen Ward arut MountritiFtsfintles Over the lemma drelitiel• . _ . LOVE SAVED TOWN Infatuation for Girl Changed Brit - Lsh Officer's Mind. Home of Mary Sparhawk, Whose Beauty Kept Portsmouth From Being Destroyed in 1775, 8t111 ' 8titods In Maine. PorUand, Me —There is an interest- ing tradition in connection with the historic Sparhawk house at Kittery Point, Me. This handsome specimen of colonial architecture was built by William Pepperell. the first American baronet, and was presented in 1742 to his daughter at the time of her marriage to Nathaniel Sparhawk. The house Is now owned by Horace Mitchell and stands as originally planned, the most striking feature be - Mg the large hallway staircase. This was planned by Sir who trete every spindle. The building has been remarkably well preserved and is in far better condition than the average colonial mansion of that period. The wife of Nathaniel Sparhawk was noted belle and her daughter, Mary arhawk, inherited her mother's b uty and brilliancy and many sto- ries are told of her wit and fascina- tion. The tradition is to the effect , that Captain Mowatt of the Canceaux. a British ship of 14 guns, cruising with a Mese armed ship, w schooner and sloop, were off Portsmouth harbor in October, 1775, with the intention of destroying Portsmouth. Captain Mowatt went privately on shore at Kittery point and was received at the loyal house of Nathaniel Sparhawk. Here he became so much fascinated with Mary that the intent of his voy- age to destroy Portsmouth was by her mfluence changed and he made sail Sparhawk Mansion. ..E.elenatatie..nes'cr 5 lcn4,ollerft burned more than 400 of the beet houses ahd stores, leaving only about 10Q of the poorest houses and those much damaged Mary Sparhawk became the wife ot Dr. Jarvis. The marriage was a no- table event, the ceremony taking place at the house. The wedding party descended the beautiful broad stairway built by the bride's grandfse (her, which now stands as a lasting memorial to his skill as an architect KNEW ALL ABOUT THE PUP But Husband of Missing Woman Had sMuch Difficulty in Describing Wife's Appearance. A man's voice, husky with anxiety. called up police headquarters the other night at about 2:30 a. m. It was a distraught husband begging the police to help him find his wife, who had been missing since eight o'clock ln the evening. \What's her description?\ asked the official at the 'phone. \Her height? Weight?\ \Er—er—about average, I guess.\ stammered the husband. \Color' of eyes?\ A confused burring sound came back over the wire \Blue of brown?\ prompted the ola ficial. \I—I don't know!\ \How was she dressed?\ guess she wore her coat and hat—she took the dog with her.\ \What kind of a dog?\ \Brindle bull terrier, weight 1414 pounds, four dark blotches on his body, shading from gray into white; a round, blackish spot over the left eye; white stub of a tall.' three whltet , legs and the right front leg nicely brindled all but the toes; ,a small nick in his left ear, gold filling In his up- per right molar, a silver Bak collar with—\ \That'll do,\ gasped the official. \We'll find the dog!\—Puck. Drugged Through the Keyhole. A robbery of the most ingenious kind has just been perpetrated at a jeweler's shop in the Rue Neuve, Brus- sels, which is much frequented both by day . and night. Thieves entered an empty house next door, climbed along the roof, broke through the skylight of the jeweler's premises, and went downstairs. They evidently knew that the jewel- er's brother, the only person In the house, slept in a room on the second floor. Working silently they pumped soporific fumes through the keyhole of the locked door. The jeweler's brother awoke next day with a bad headache and found the room still full of the fume. On going down to the shop he found that jewels valued at 830,000 had been stolen. The Teacher. The teacher should strive Bret to be a man or a woman in the best sense of the term, strong mentally, morally and physically, with person. alit); and independence, but wilhout rudeness. He should command re- spect as a thinking person, avoid ec- centricities and partigan measures, have opinions of his own, but without flaunting them in the face Of others to provoke combat or opposition. Then to the respect due him as a man will come, if his teaching Justifies, the additional respect due him as a teacher. Alpine Monument to Professor. In memory of Prof(ssor Tyndall, one of the English pioneers of the Swiss Alps, a mopument will be erected this summer bs his widow on the Bel Alp (6,735 feet a little above the professor's former residence. M. Correvon of Genera has designed the monument, which consists of a tall 'block of rough granite. • N. D. MAN GIVES FIGURES DEAN SHEPPARD STARTLES SEN. ATE COMMITTEE. Democrats Som•what Surprised When They Learn Machinery is Higher In Canada Than in La. 8. Washington, May 12.—Testimony re- garding the relation of the farmer to the cost of living was given yesterday before the senate committee. investi- 'gating the subject by John H. Shep- pard, dean\ of the North Dakota Agri- cultural college at Fargo. bean Shep- pard spoke of modern farm life, many of which, he said, added to the cost of living on the farms, and to the cost of Producing farm products. He said: \I have made a rough estimate as to how much this higher standard of liv- ing amounts to, and have placed it at 50 cents an acre. It adds that much td the cost of production per acre.\ The witness startled the democrats when he testified that agricultural im- plements were 25 per cent higher in Canada than in the Uhlted States. Dur- ing ate early part of the inquiry the democratic members of the committee referred frequently to tile \harvester\ trust and the tariff, and asked many questions about the increase ill the cost of farming implements and machinery. \You should compare the prices in the United States and ai•ross the border In, °amide,\ suggested Senator Clark of Arkansas. - \Agricultural implements are 25 per e,mn&w,i In North Dakota,\ said tian \Higher exclaimed a democratic; ienator. r The reply was in the affirmative. Dean Sheppard told the committee that dollar wheat today le worth no more to the farmer than 80 cent wheat 10 years ago. There has been an in- crease of 150 per cent in the price of land while its producing capacity has been reduced 20 per cent in the same period. There has been an increase of 19 per cent in the cost of farming im- plements and an increase of 60 per cent in wages. The witness also asserted that with the Increase of wages paid to farm help has come a decrease in efficiency. Tbere has been a scarcity of farm labor, and the hired help are more in. dependent than formerly. English Mini Horror. Manchester, May 12.—An explosion in the Wellington coal mine at White Haven during last night cut oft the exit for 136 miners who were working below the surface. Rescue parties succeeded early today In saving four men who had been work - lag, at tes issiturs et .tie abaft; were prevented by gas from penetrat- ing to the point where the main body, of men is imprisoned. At 12:30 this afternoon no further rescues had been accompliehed. Every' indication was that the inner workings of the mine were afire and there was gravest apprehension regarding the en- tombed men. The colliery is owned by the Earl of tionsdale and its workings extend four or five miles beneath the see. The spot where the eigbiy-flve hew- ers and some fifty odd !hitters still imprisoned, were working at the time of the explosion is about three miles from the exit. The rescuers directed their efforts to tunneling a road through the accumulation bjocking the passage way and by mid -afternoon had reached a point within • mile of their goal. Their progress was slow elnd derreerous as fumes filled the vorltings. Florida is Launehed. New York. May 12.—The biggest ship in the American navy slid off the ways today at the New York navy yard. when the baaleship Florida dropped into the water. Later on when the Arkansas and the Wyoming, now under construction are afloat they will exceed the Florida in size by 000 tons, a differeAce sufficient to make a pretty good little liner in itself. The Florida herself 1.1 by no mean, fin- ished, for as she %%era off the ways today she was only about 60 per cent advanced towards completion, which means that she was not much more than a vast empty hull and still awaits all of the 1,000 boilers and main and secondary engines and armor and equipment that go to make up the ship ready for commission. Wouldn't Answer Census Man. Chicago, May 12.—After an enumer- ator, a census inspector, a special agent and a policeman had failed to make her answer questions relative to the taking of the census. Mrs. Kather- ine Holtrop was arrested by deputy federal marshals hire and held to the federal grand jury. After her husband had signed bonds for her release before United States Commissioner Mark A. Fotte, Mrs. liol- trop broke down and begged to be per- mitted to answer the questions. Shp was told that it was toe late. Feet 'train Jumps Treek. Cleveland, O., May 11—Pennsyl- vania passenger train No. HT leaving Pittsburg at 5:30 and due In Oleveland at 11 o'clock, jumped the track at PensIngton, fifteen miles from Alli- ance, Ohio, and some of the coaches rolled down a thirty foot embankment. Many were reported injured. The en- gine and baggage car and two coaches are in the ditch. A special train with physicians was made up at Alliance and rushed to the scene of the wreck. Minot Has $20,000 Fire. Minot, N. D., Ma) 12.—The north end of lliwer Main street, Minot, was destroyed by fire early this morning, which was only prevented from spread- ing to the business portion of the city by the splendid pressure furnished by the new water system. The flrg started in a cigar factor), spread to the European restaurant, McDougal's dray office. O'Lander's em- ployment agency and Smith's pr 11 hall. The total loss on the buildings, which were owned by 'fit. F. Tompkins, Is es- timated at 820,000, insured for a r.ird of its Value. The loss on stock amounts to $6,000. Partially insured. Ice Breaks on Yukon. Dawson, Yukon Territory, May le.— The Ice on the Yukon river broke up in front of Dawson yesterday after- noon end thousands of doHars changed hands. One hundred tons of supplies were caught on Lake Labarge, and as the Ice Is too soft to permit the use of horees, dog teams are being used to carry tern off before all the ice goes south. Tile first steamers from the Upper Yukon fee Dawson will start lemur- dny. The first of the mall boats bringing the advance guard rushing In for tarring work Teased Hootonsea. yisterday. AN OUTRAGE. Mrs. Bugg—You rude thing, to stand in my presence with your hat on and Plea In your mouth. Don't you know I'm a lady -bug? HELP FOR THE AGED. No Need to Longer Suffer from Kidney Trouble. Mrs. Catherine Sullivan, 1712 Mof- fatt St., Joplin, Mo., says: \Like most elderly people, I suffered from kidney trouble for years. My back ached in- tensely and there was a feeling of numbness in my spine, cramped my hands and the urinary passages were profuse. Doc- tors prescribed for ara . haat ....L..was — iet benefited. At last I' began taking Doan's Kidney Pills. They drove my (roubles away, and I now enjoy excellent health.\ Remember the name--Doan's. For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a box. Foster -Hilburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 4. The Jevieled Set. An actress said of Eleanor Robson: \She is a dear. She has married Au- gust Belmont. Now she is in the set that I once heard her so wittily ridi- cule. \She said that in conversation with • leading matron of this glided, this jeweled set, she once said: \'And where do you think you'll spend the summer, Mrs. Van GOO' \'Er—the North Cape, I believe,' Mrs. Van Gelt answered. One can get ski -log there all through August, you know.' \'And where will you spend the win- ter, then?' \'Oh. Florida, by all means. 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Every dealer everywhere; If not at yours, write for Descriptive Circular to the nearest agency of the Continental Oil Company (Inenrporsted) TeaTI me Talks It's always lea time who, you are tired or ihsr:ty. Tea When You're Sick It is lea and toast, not coffee and toast, that go to the sick room. Neither the stomach nor nerves of the sick are stronr.e.49(h to endure coffee. Right there you get a suggestion of the comparative ef- fects of tea and coffee. Tea is a stimulant and a sedative. It is more refreshing than coffee and its after effects are sooth- ing instead of straining to the nerves. * \Salads\ Tea 'Its pure tea, fragrant and of delicious flavor. It comes in air -tight packages to ensure plantation goodness to the purchaser. Ask your grocer for ••Saladif\ Tea st send to cents for a sample package which makes so cups of delicious tea. Say whether Black or Green tea is desired Our booklet, \The Stery of the Tea Plant,\ sent free. \SALADA\ TEA CO. Yearly gale CITeT20.01/3,00EZI•Obielle %MAT ..c SC. 'ual WESTERN CANADA Senator DollIver, of Iowa, says,— stream of emlirotnt• from the United Beale. (Mamie onntinm.• Senator Dolliver recently mid • visit to Western Canada. tt i ll :wrir:c h oi g ora he removal of men, lows farmers to i rjA ‘0 , w E lt r h .41.\ ape the ewe' adminis- tration law, and they • ymt n homands, and still condos. nw ntrIbuted large- ly to the 70.000 A merl- con farInCr• who made Canada their home during 1909. Field crop return• alone during year added to the wealth of thecountry upward. of 8170,000,000.00 Grain 'Tossing, mixed farm- ing. rani.. redoing 61141 dairying arc n11 profitable. Free Home - tetrads of 100 wives are to be had In the very beet dielricts, 1(10 si74. pre-emption. at 113.00 On acre \Within certain areas. achools and church... 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 20 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.