Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 27, 1910, Image 1

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MOXTANA VOLUME IX. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. MAY 27, t910. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT FUBLIAHEDIYERY FRIDAY. M. L. MCNABB Proprietor OVISOSITTION PSICR. Oatjear. Onwafebli SAOSSaneW ..... a lizNaas . 100 Vase Yanks 50 anew Copies .. 6 Smiseet1 at the PostodIce at Whitehall. Mont.. as Second -cites Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. Display—One Dollar per loch per month. Logan—Ten Cents per ibis first insertfea; five cents per line each subsequent Insertion. NOTICE AU communications Intended for publica- tion is this paper must bear the signature of the author; otherwise they will and their way to the waste basket. COUNTY OFFICERS. -- arc •\ ifero.... Leer. L. .4... ...— . ......... Manning ....................Alt W. Wolverton .. _...... ...... ....... .W. B. undleY tuzsad lestmelhar. ...... ... F. It. McCall thismay Attains,' ...... ..... .1). M. Kelly ,4 1 7 • 50 .war atif .. . ....... Jas. H. Mitchell MM. Crane m iE r Sonora, Administrator ..... .. .Curris Denbow Leta M. T W. L. Fre in j wu eier 0011111116IONZRA. Stale. Charism Baelo B. Reilly Clancy •. . McKay .. . ........... . .... Whitehall Tles regular tussling.; of the board of county gominissioners bees on the first Monday in Maid'. June. September and December. The wirenbers also serve as a board of equalize - %lots. meeting for this pu2ose on the third Mainlay IO Jule. •11, ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0 KS. Reels en FIRST and THIRS_ TUESDAY ere of each month at Masonic Hell. Viol members are cordially in•lted to at Swats J. IINLS011, W. U. Msg. 01•Ct L. STANLEY. BOC'Y MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. A A. U. eation the SROOND and FO1'R1II Trim- pAr evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially In- vited to attend. ['SANK Z. NELOO/I. W A. A NMISISAU. See. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT -LAW Airs NOTARY PUBLIC. Whitehall, Moot. TINES. IOTEL JEFFERSON X. I.. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders L. R PACKARD, Physician anal iihurasecon. Cases requiring hospital ciao giveaspecial attenUon. litispital.Oflice and Residence on First street. I.A/hitahril. Mont. ELBCTIIK I awl biervesone ll Is mege.hoe b. ben/bob Leen abet eleelrldly. the Irma' eileseasail ben re me MS. Ilreela. pm. nod. raletpieseres. Sam. pee earelf bee If en awe thse pspee. SI Ms yew. gassisrson Pub. CM boom ei lama. Wire rblibtlirragbi 1.0•74•11/ A II II I I C • PINOTPOWNT swam. It. fassand mamas, waste- ly 'ebb embele, Moo.. witionw. twain. oweemt duple ceey tree a ems bobble 00 peps, Amyl me NolsgnMy • Ilessiea annee. wen PASCALE PATTERN, Oeslied for style. perfect it, iimplicity and trallay nearly 40 ye ire. Sold In nearly way city sae town In the United St.t. and Casimis of by mail direct. More sold than mg Mier snake. Send for tree catalogue. INIKAILL'S MAGAZINE Mere subscribers than any other fashion magazine—million • month. Invaluable. Lat- est MOH, reel tern e), dressmaking, millinery. plebe bowing. lane, needlework, hairdressing. etimsette, good static; Ht. Only 110 cents • yew (e0rth double), including • free mitten.. Subscribe today, or send for sample o cery. WONDERFUL INDUCEMENTS t• Agents. PoelnI Mingo premium ntalogeie '\ awl new cash prise offers. Address ME EMMA CI.. 0011$ W. INIa St..NEW TIM Oar' coca PROCEEDINGS. On May 16th the (*se of the state v Wtn, B. Dolenty came on for trial, but the objection of de- fendant's counsel to the introduc- tion of testimony on the ground that the information failed to state facts sufficient to constitute a pub- lic offense was sustained, and the defendant was discharged and his bondsmen exonerated. The de- fendent was charger! with perjury in awearing falsely before the f county commissioner.) of water -count' sitting as a hoard of eqese4inteireot credits which he claimed belooged to other parties. On May 17 Edwin S Beall and F. E. Beall were informed against and they entered their pleas of not guilty, and the (11.40 was set for trial on May 98th at 9:30 a. m. They are charged with digging up a public highway. The setting for trial of the case of Soutlimayd v Sockerson was vacated nod the case continued for the term. The two cases of C. E. Trescott v The Boulder Publishing Co., and C. E. Trescott v Jefferson county, were dismissed on application of plaintiff. This setting for trial of the case of Florence Hoffman v the • Nor- therit.Pacific Railway Co. was va- cated end the CARO continued for the term as per stipulation on file. The setting for . trial of the case of Beall Bro.. v Northern Pacific Railway Co. was vacated and con- tinued for the term as per stipula- tion on file. Plaintiff's motion to dismiss the apeal in the case ert' 'Louis Soon' - helm v Minnie II. Camp et al was overruled and the case was set for trial on May 28th at 930. a. no. The court overruled the motion to retax the costs in Columbia - Bette Mining & Mil. Co. v H. H. Roberts at al, except RS to the item of $31.80 witness fees of W. H. Mascolm, which was stricken out. On May 19th the court sustained the plaintiff's demurrer to the an- swer on the merits in the cage of Alice Parker, guardian v Bessie M. Ilannigan et al. In the ease of Joseph Pernauer versus Joseph Gernemu the court refused to settle the pro- posed bill of exceptions because the same was not a - fair statenient of the case, none of the testimony being embraced in it. and the de- fendants were grunted a writ of restitution placing them in pos- session of their mining claims. On Friday. May 20th, the case of Frances Reugamer v Montana Independent Telephone Co.. which WAS to have been tried on May 28, was dismissed as nettled as per stipulation on ofil e .- In the case' of W, H. Tebay v Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y Co. the plaintiff was granted twenty days in which to file and serve his second amended com- plaint. On May 20th the case of Han- nah White v A. L. Ward was tried before a jury. The testimony was concluded on Friday, and on Sat- urday the court instructed the jury and counsel argued the ease. After deliberating about an hour and one- half the jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for the full amount for which she sued —$119.- 81, with interest at 8 per cent, per annum from May 28. 1909. The jury were unanimous in finding the verdict. The defehdent was given sixty days to prepare his abstement on motion for a new tri- al, and a stay of execution was granted pending the motion, pro - Tiding the defendant filed n good and sufficient bond within ten days. The plaintiff sued for the amount recovered as wages due her for working as a domestic in the fam- ily of the defendant. The defend- ant claimed that he did not owe her anything but, on the contrary. claimed that the plaintiff was in debted to him for medical services in the sum of $10.00, and for the value of certain dishes which she broke, an oven door and a glass door. On May 9.1st the case of Frey- ler v Fourneir was continued for tognep4-nf counsel. On May 21st the ease of The First National Bank of Kansas City, Mo., v Frank Black et al. waa submitted to the court for de- cision upon an agreed statement of facts. Plaintiff's counsel was given until June 10th, and defend- ant's counsel until June 25th to tile iefs in the ease. This action arose over the giving of a note by the defendant's to McLaughlin Bros. in payment for a stallion. The note was sold to the plaintiff by McLaughlin Bros. before the maturity of the note, and without the plaintiff knowing anything concerning the transactions be- tween the defendant). and Mc- Laughlin Bros. The ease of Pingle v Ring et al was continued for the term by con- sent of counsel. The court refused to grant the defendant, Morgan Strong, any further time in which to tile his answer in the came of Ira T. 1Vight v State Brewing Co et al. Job S„ Ott Dead. Twin Bridges, May 24.—Capt. John S. Lott. one of the strenuous pioneers of Montana. passed sud- denly away Monday night of heart failure. Mr. Lott had been fail- ing for several years and his death was not unlooked for. Monday he drove out to his ranch for the first time for several weeks and appeared to be much better than he had been for some time, Dur- ing the evening he was engaged with his nephew and family look- ing at the eclipse of the moon and Aso admiring the effect of Halley's comet. Just before 10 o'clock he became tired and went to bed, re- questing his nephew to call him if the comet became brighter when the moon was fully obscured. Mr. Ellis stepped into hie bed• chamber to call him some 15 min- utes later and found he had sud- denly expired. He was 80 years old. Captain Lott ells born at Lott- ville Pa., in 1830; went to Kansas in 1 57 and came to Montana in '63. He took a leading part in the or- ganization of the vigilantes and in helping to rid the tountr.t of the road agents. With his brother Mortimer Lott he founded the town of Twin Bridge -4. He was an honored pioneer and citizeu whose name occupies a conspicu- ous place in the early history of Mon bins. The funeral was held Tuesday. Rev. Wiley Mountjoy officiating. Advertised Letters. List oi letters r..mitining tin - celled for in the postotfiee itt Whitehell, Mont_ for the week ending Nlay 25. 1910: Bourreen. Rene. Tromp). Mrs. Ann. Vale, (;eo. Wilbur. Omit. WilEkta, Jesse. Persons Methodist Episcopal Church Sertioes for Next Sunday Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Mrs, D. McCall Supt. Regular services at 11 a. tn. and 8 p. no. Morning subject—The Secret of Moises' Ur reatnees.\ Evening Subject: The Evolu- tion of a Christian.\ Sunday school and preaching -service at Pleasant Valley in the afternoon -et 2 o'clock. An hirtitattoi2 to all. COMO. • ..: More Pay Fir Postal Clerks. Washington, May 23. —To meet unusual conditions in the postal service. Senntor Carter, a mem- ber of the postottice committee, and ode of the best informed sen- ators on postal affairs, has intro- duced a bill in the senate. It provides that whenever a poatimister certifies to the de- partment that owing to unusual conditions in his community, lie is unable to aware efficient employes at the commencement salary pro- vided for poatoffice clerks and letter carrier., the postmaster general may authorize in his dis- cretion the appointment of clerks and letter carriers for that office at such highei I Ills oi pay within the grades prescribed by law as may neces.ary in order to in- sure a proper conduct of the pos- tal businesa. Remand There. --- Mayor Weeks of Sheridan has issued a notice prohibiting the nee of dangerous explosives within the city limits on the Fotirth of July. John Forkenbrock of Dyersville. Iowa. purchased Frank Riley's 2.1500 -Here ranch. located thirty miles southwest of Bozeman. on Spanish creek, tne deal being con- suhiniated Saturday. The land is grazing and dry farm soil, and is reported to have sold for $30,000. Mayor Berthot of Bozeninn has received from Theodore Roosevelt a reply to the invitation Rent him by cable some time ago urging him to attend the sweet pea carnival and inter -state fair this fall. Mr. Roosevelt says that it is impossible to make any proitilieft at this time. However. Mr, Myers. Secretary of the fair, has not given up hope of his c'orning. A Sheridan news item reports \cousidentble excitement in the town at present because of the dis- covery of tungsten In Georgia gulch. Several aseeyers have passed on the material as the gen- uine article. -The parties who made the discovery are keeping the whereaboutq . of the valuable metal a secret aruitheir movements are being closely watched. \EMCEE OF A TAREFF\ is the title of it document of 480 pages just issued by the American Protective Tariff League of New York, which will undoubtedly prove of YRIIIC, not only during the congressional campaign, hut for the MP of speakers, writers, etc.. for years to t•oine. This doc- ument or book includes speeches of President Taft, quotations and atatiatiial matter from the speech- es of over 150 senators and repre- sentatives in congress, delivered on the 'feriff during the mperMI session of the 61st congress. for the above W. H. Tetley was a busineas vis- letters will pleaes sag \adver- itor to the state capital the first of timid.\ .0 • 0. H. DAVIT, P. M. the week. SUNLIGHT. 1 NOTIOZ FOlt PITSLIOATION. — Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Offiee, at Helena, Mont. May 24, 1910. NOTICE - is hereby given that Fred A. Tebny, of Whitehall, Moetana, who, on October 26, 1907, made Homestead Entry No. 14695, Serial No. 02003, for Si SKI Section 8, Township 1 N., Range 3 W., Montana Meridian, has filed nOtive Q f intention to make final commutation proof, to establish . clainn tii - theland - above described, before the Register and Receives. S. iAed 04141*. el Helena, Montana, on the 7th day of July. 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Edward Huston, of Renova, Mon- tana; Frank Moriarity, of Renova, Montana; William G. Tebuy, of Whitehall, Montana; William 11. Tebay, of Whitehall. Montana. STEPIIF:N CARPENTER, 5-97-)5t] Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, UAL - IAnd Office, at Helena, Mont. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Lillie M. Root, of Whitehall, Mon- tane, who, on .1111y 17, 1906, made Desert Lund Application No. 8694, Serial No. 0431, for EfSWI and SEINWi. Section S. Township 2 N.. Range 4 AV., Montana Meridi- an. has filed notice of intention to make tinel proof, to establish claim to the hind above described, be- fore William T. Sweet, Clerk Dis- trict Court, at Boulder, Montana. on the 15th day of Juno, 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Root, Shirley D. Houghton, Jacob J. Bondea, ell of Whitehall, Mon- tana. STEPHEN CARPENTER, Register. NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office, at Helene, Mont. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Frank E. Houghton, of Whitehall, Montana, who; on July 17, 1906, made Desert Lind A pplicetion No. 8695, Serial Number 0432, for SEISE*. Section 32, Township 3 N., !tinge 4 W Montana Me- ridian. has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish Haim to the land above described, before William T. Sweet, Clerk District Court, at Boulder. Mon- tana, on the 15th ds.v of Jone.1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Nathan D. Root, Jacob J. Bondea, of Whitehall, Montana; Henry H. Houghton, Ernest R. McCall, of Boulder, Montana. STEPHEN CARPENTER, Register. NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION. Depertment of the Interior. U. S. IAnd Office,nt Helena. Mont. April 30. 1910. NOTICE ia hereby given that Ida M. Houghton, of Whitehall, Montana, who. on July 17, 1906, made Desert Land Applicetion No. 8693, Serial No. 0430, for NW/ NW*, Section 8, Township 2 N., Range 4 W., Montana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described. before William T. Sweet. Clerk District Court. at Boulder, Montana, on the 15th day of June, 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Nathan D. Root, Frank E. Hough- ton, of Whitehall; Montana; Hen- ry H. Houghton. Ernest It. Mc- Call, of Boulder. Montana.. STEPHEN CARPENTER, Register. NUMBER 16 %# 1,41, •1 0 11 ,1 1. 0 %0 1 141411.$10%/‘1,41\1/410VIVIIir Gettysburg. You wore the blue and I the gray On this historic field, And all Omuta the dreadful fray We felt our mumcles steeled For deeds which Well may never know Nor page of history ever show. My father, sir, with soul to dare. Thruuot dot „day and night Stood on old Little Round Top there And watched the chaegeful tight And, with a hoarm i _inaPfring Held the stars and bare on high. hef..thaJleg sfeat.clawn, sod lien— tke I never saw his face again. NU father's loyal brenst Is strewn with the sweet fiow'rs, I wot, That seem to love thin sacred spot. The smoke of battle's cleared away And all its hatreds. too. And as I clasp your hand today, 0 MAD who wore the blue. On yonder hill I Rem to see My tether smiling down to We. —Eugene Field. isir1 , 11010 1 111A1S4.141r$101 , 11 , 141/41,4%11\ RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. Six -room hollow with three full size lots 4, 5, 0 in in Block 12 Northern Paeitic eddition to 1Vhiteliall, with good, deep well, chicken house. faun 10s12: all fenced; good garden. Renting for twelve dol- lars per month. Here is a chance to stop paying rent. Price $600.00. Can give time on $300.00, if desired. I am now prepared to Write nail Insurance for those who want to insure their crops against hail. See NI e. Frank E. Houghton, Ntfthan D. F'. Riggo, 1A/hitelhall, We will tell you where l a to get your grubs and your grub when you come here fishing, so you timely will You can find a dainty Inn. -hi here, which' save the annoyance at home.' We have delicious cheese, as we only keep; plain and fancy crackers of the finest makes; cookies. preserve.., delicious meats canned. pickles. preseri es, etc. Give us a call, and we *ill tix you up right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. Th.! Whitehall State Bank CapIcai Pala in. ..2111.0C0Ci.00C, CI1An. M. JOHNSON, A..1 McKAY. President. Vice President niractors C1141i M. JOHNSON, 11..1. TUTTLE. A..3. McKAY. L. It PACKARD, S. F. I UTTLI. We aim to es nod to our customers every accommodation conalatent with coneervatlee banking WE RESPECTFULLY SOLICIT YOUR BURINESS I.. PLATT I •ebire • 1.1014110 4 WWWWWVO/WWW1)%0%, You get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms Meals at All Hours in connection Whitehall - MeDritaria. ‘1\ , 104/4^.1/0/OWtriAlhollsoVis11 0 •4#1 0 •40 4 110%49 ow%%%iev%A.wvovv., F. It NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry PrenacrIptIona and Javvehlry Repairs a Specialty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oil., Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware e..1\1 N.1.1.4 4 ‘14•14/4, 1 •4

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 27 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.