Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 27, 1910, Image 2

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IMONTANA SUNLIGHT. W. L. RICKARD, Pub. WHITEHALL, - MONTANA. natittettAnstnetateteatitteetentill I NEWS AND !VOTES HERS AND THERE. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL Other Matters of interest Con- densed From the More Important Telegrams. Washingeon. By the lack of one vote the house declined to accord the neesesary two , thirds vote to submit Girths several states of the union the question of changing the date of the inauguration of president and vice president from March 4 to the last Thursday in April. In the vote there was no indi• cation of party lines. . A bill providing for the opening to ago% n f areal erzitt e eat And develop- ment of the surface of lands which have been classified as coal Londe was passed by the house. The measure weetr-erenid reserve abontaglieleggIder as coal \lands. A bill was introduced in the sepias by Senator Burkett increasing the limM.Qf cost -of the new federal build- ing abb,çolumbus, Neb., from $65,000 to $75.0, It was found that under the spec! cations called for contrect- ors could not undertake to construct the building for the amount allowed in the bill. Attorney General Wickersham will have a rival in his investigation of the so-called cotton pool. The sen- ate committee which is inquiring into the cost of living decided to turn its attenton to cotton is well as food products. Protest &genet the bill conveying to the cities of Colorado Springs, Mani- tou and Cascade. Colo., 21,000 acres of land on the north slope of Pike's peak to be used for bettering the wa- ter supply of the cities was tiled by the forest seevice through Associate Forester Potter with the house corm mittee on house lands. Genera/. John D. Rockefeller, always popular among the people of Tarrytown. N. Y., where he lives, is adding to that popularity this spring by his fondness for taking his friends and neighbors out driving. Not a pleasant day goes bf without the oil king Inviting some of them, men, women and children, to ride with him in automobile or car - time, and it is safe to say that the in- vitations are seldom declined, for his vehicles are the best to be had, and the drives around Tarrytown are beau- tlful. Mr. Rockefeller, before starting for • ride, always dons • paper vest, declaring it a great protection against colds, and he Insists that his guests do the same. After the ride he refuses to take back the garments, and con- sequently in nearly every home in Tar- rytown may be found a paper vest pre- served as a souvenir of a delightful ride with the multi -millionaire. President Taft takes full responst• Willy for the Lawler letter. The directors of the Aero club ot America decided to hold the interne- tioral aviation meet on Hempstead plans, Long Island. The race for world's championship will be held October 2. At Washington information receiv- ed points to an early conflict between the armies of Peru and Ecuador Over their boundary disputes. The American Sugar Refining com- pany has appealed its case to the supreme court. By the lack of one vote the house declined to accord the necessary two- thirds vote to submit to the several states of the union the gumption of changing the date ef the inauguration of president and vice presidebt from March 4 to the last Tuesdiy in April. A petition for the pardon of ,John R. Walsh, now serving a term in the Leavenworth penitentiary for viola- tion of the national banking laws, soon will be forwarded to the depart- ment of justice. At the annual national convention of paper Jobbers held in Chicago it , was ,announced that print paper peices will remain unchanged during the ensuing year. It is said 'Tere are between 700 and 800 men in Seattle who live from the revenue of the white slave traffic, almost all of whom could be reached by the state courts if prop- er effort were made. The wage question of all the Vam derbilt lines has been settled. Colonel Ira Copley, millionaire Lae magnate of Aurora. Ill., has offered to contribute a large sum of money to assist in carrying on the inveetigs, 'Bon in the election of William Lori- mer to the United States senate. Mr. Bryan made an address in Omaha favorable to county option. The senate has passed the omnibus lighthouse bill, which makes pro- vision for aids to navigation prac- tically cin every coast of the United Stites. As amended in the committee on. commerce - It carries items aggro. gating about $2,500,000. Since a decision was rendered hold. Ins the South Dakota employers' lia- bility law invalid the Nebraska statute is being closely watched. Death claimed 1,596 lives in Iowa during the month of March, so the monthly report of Secretary Summer of the state board of health, just is. - sued, allows. With ffmperor William as an audit- or Theodore Roosevelt delivered a no' sable address at the university of 'Berlin P'. Augustus Helnze was acquitted Lee the charge of misapplication of the funds of a bank. Three masked men blew the safe of the First State bank at Dumont, Winn. So great was the crowd that gath- ered to do honor to the Memory of the late King Edward VII of England at • Chicago theatre that many men and women fainted In the crush to gain entrance. , The Douse pentad Wino bank bill, as favored by the republican mem- bers of the committee on post offices and post roads, was introduced to the house by Representative Gardner of New Jersey. Mrs. George M. Pullman, widow of the late palace car magnate, was suc- cessfully operated on in Chicago Tuesday. Her speedy recovery is pre - dieted. • ' The National Municipal league will hold its next annual meetini in Buffa- lo. , Plans for King Edward's funeral istemonies include a great military pageant. The Hyde jury found the defendant guilty, fixing punishment at life im- prisonment. The administration is embarrassed by recent disclosures in the 131.:linser Investigation. The ;high cost of living was at. tacked by the convention of the Amal- gamated Association of Iron, Tin slid Steel Workers. Champ Clark may not get the speak ership even if the democrats get con- trol of the next house. Five carloads of macaroni shipped from St. Louis to Chicago and alleged to contain poisonous coloring sub - static., 'was ordered destroyed by Judge Landis. Ii`le\seatntize gisrtholdt of sour', charman of the American group of the inter-parliementary piece union, - 4e in vecelpt of a notice from 4 1 the conference of the union wig he held at Brussels August 29 to Septem- ber, 2. inclusive. Dr. Bartholdt will call together within the next' two weeks the members of the American group in congress to select delegates to attend the conference. An . engagement between the pro 1 , 11110110 and Madriz forces at Rama is looked for at any moment. The two armies are practically facing each other. The Jockey club of Juirez has am flounced that a gross sum of $30,000 in stakes and pursee will be given during a 100 -day meeting Thanksgiv- ing day, an increase of $1,000 a day over the meeting last season. After quarreling over a $10 skirt which her husband had bought for her under protest. Mrs. A. J. Sun- derland of Chippewa Falls, Wis., shot and killed him. One hundred and fifty delegates to the National Socialist congress, rep- resenting the entire- Aerialist more ment in the United States met in Chicago to prepare for the coming state ,and congressional campaigns. The International & Great Northern railroad is to be sold under foreclosure to satisfy the claims of the holders of second mortgage bonds, aggregating $12.165,545.60. The date of the sale will be fixed later. - Senators Burkett and Brown have given no assurance that they will vote for the railroad bill President Taft paid tribute to the foreign soldiers who helped the Unit- ed States to win independence. The house will investigate to de- termine if the sugar trust bought the friar lands. Former President Roosevelt is ex- pected to be the guest of honor and principal speaker at the formal open- ing of the internationad bridge across the Rio Grande at Brownsville, Tex., In July. Statues to two Polish -American heroes were unveiled in Washington. President Taft's railroad bill as amended is a long stride forward in railroad legislation. The New York Stock exciting° will air closed for two hours on Friday, May 20. during the funeral of King Edward. Montreal exporiers fear a grain fam- ine at that port, owing to the refusal of Manitoba grain men to market last year's crop for less than 99 cen.a. Advice' received at Guayaquil state that the Peruvian government has sta. tioned 100,000 men along the frontier to resist invasion. The county treasurer at Seattle forced the Seattle Electric company to Par up $167,000 of delinquent taxes by seizing 12 of its cars. ADMITS HIS GUILT /WIN B. WHITE, EX -COUNTY AUD ITOR ENTERED PLEA OF GUILTY. FORGED TOTAL Of $43,000 Former Strong Man H•• Grown Emaci• steel •nd Grey in Six Months—Will Report to Judge Twice Each Day. Dickinson, N. D., May 16.—John B. 'White pleaded guilty in district court this morning to forgery in the second degree as charged in 'the state's infor- mation. He reports twice each day to Judge Goss until sentence is passed. The courtroom was full when the ex. -ounty auditor stood up before the Judge. His crime is forging $43,000 in warrants during the past eight realm lie la not the strong, robust looking man that he.waii six months arra, when arrested. He is emaciated and gray. Personal. Congressman Hinshaw has decided not to enter the race for the gover- norship of Nebraska. Tex Rickard has been selected as referee in the Jeffries -Johnson flight Prospects are for a month's debate in the house on the sundry civil at , eropriation bill. Congressman Walter I. Smith of Iowa opened his campaign for rencs 0:situation as a stindpat republican., Secretary Ballinger dismissed Fred- erick Kerby, the stenographer, \for the good of the service.\ Theodore Roosevelt made an un- malified denial of the letter credited to him at Washington. A telegram was sent by President Taft to General and Mrs. Ballington Booth congratulating them on the . celebration of the fourteenth anniver- sary of the \founding of the Volun. titers of America. Congressmen will try to get away from Washington in June. Secretary Ballinger pictured Gif- ford Piechot as a crafty conspiratf who sought to discredit him. Ring Alfonso has left Madrid for London to attend the funeral of the late King Edward. Governor James 0. Davidson of Wisconsin, it is authoritatively an- nemiced, will not be a candidate for renomination as governor or for any ether office. Commander Robert E. Peary's lec- ture was given before the Geograph- ical society at Rome, King Victor Enlmannel and the duke of the Ab- ruzzi attending. The socialist congress at Chicago discussed the question of exclusion of Asiatic labor. A warrant was issued for the ar rest of Joseph 0. Armstrong, director of the department of public works in the city of Pittsburg, charging Alton with. forkery,.. Perjury and false pre- tenses: Signor Marconi has completed the reconstruction of the eirelese station at Glace bay and Is now enroute to Montreal. e Orville Wright ha led that he • or his brother will at Tempt an aero- olane flight from Dayton to Chicago. • U. 8. MAY MEDIATE. - Offers Services to Peru and Ecuador to Frevent Wart Lima, Peru, May 18.—It is reported that the cabinet at a meeting today decided to eentopedibta.propeaal for the - 112tftverldlidiN'Irtie - Pergenenser for a joint mediation in the boundary dispute between Peru and Ecuador which has brought the two republics to. the verge of' war. Washington, May 18.—Information received here today confirms the re- port from' Lima that the United States, Argentina and Brasil will mediate be- tween Peru and Ecuador to prevent hostilities. While no official accept- anoe has been received it is not doubt- ed that both Ecuador and Peru will concur. . Small Boy Hero at Firir. 7 Detroit, Mich., May 13.—Dudley Lappin. 13 years old, made a hero of himself here by rescuing his 2 -year - old baby brother from their burning home after the children's mother and a neighbor had been driven back by the flames and 'given the child up for lost The little boy had the presence of mind to throw his coat over his head. With this protection he groped his way through the smoke and fire to the baby's bed --prissentte— staggering out with the Iltpis one safe in his arms. The bed' clothing had pro- tected the infant from being burned and the boy rescuer escaped with painful though not serious burns. Taft Didn't Say It. Washington, May 11.—President Taft today authorized moral of the admin- istration senators to deny absolutely the stories in circulation during the past few days that President Taft had recently denounced the insurgents in unmistakable terms and had used lan- guage to whicb these statesmen took offense. The reports reached the White House today that some of the insurgent& smarting under what they had heard had been said of them, were determined to defeat the railroad bill and others of the president's measures, regardless of what might happen te them or to the party. Officials Probe Explosion. Canton, 0., May 18.—State officials arrived from Columbus today and be- gan investigation into the explosion of seven Wien; at the plant of the American Sheet and Tin Plate Co. yes- terday afternoon resulting in the death of fourteen men and the injury to a MOTS MOT*. Although It is believed that no more bodies will be found, t careful search ,f the ruing is in progress. At the hospitals physicians say that several of the seriously injured may die. 'The property loss on the wrecked pla,nt has not been estimated but It viii be large. Cathelie Notables Gather, St. Paul, May 18.—Rev, Diomede Pal - conic, papal delegate t the United States, arrived in St Paul today and Is the guest of Archbishop Ireland. He is here to attend the ceremony of con- secrating_ he six new bishops, which will take place on the grounds and in the chapel of St Paul seminary. For this notable event in the history of the ROTII&D Catholic church, arch- bishop., bishops and priests from var- ious parts of the United States are ar- riving in St. Paul today. May Have Ferry Over Rod. Grafton, N. D, May H.—Grattan is desirous of extending the limits of its territory and with that end in view the Business Men's club has taken up the question of establishing a ferry across the Red river ten miles east of here. If such a ferry were established, a great deal of trade would be attract- ed to the city from the Minnesota side—a trade which the city is not tow able to secure. Prepared for Comet. Neenah, 'Wis., May 18.—Fearful that the rods might attract dangerous sub- stances that might accompany the comet today, many farmers in this Vi- cinity removed the rods from their homes and barns and took other extra precautions In the Polish settlement of this city. The families will remain in their homes in prayer. Will Not Permit Bombardment ' Washington. May 18.—Commando. Gilmer of the United States gunboat Paducah has served netice on General Tries who Is In command of A war vessel that he will'not permit a bom- bardment of the city of Bluefield*, NiCaragua and has also notified Gen- eral Madris that he will not permit any armed conflict within city. These notices were sent after Gen. eral Tries had given notice of his in- tention to bombard the city should General Mitred& NM Surrender in the meantime. General Estrada, it is learned, has refused to comply with the deriand for surrender. Nine Jurors Secured. Minot, N. D., May 20.—Nine Jurors have been secured for the famous Noah trial out of seventy-five who have been examined. A new panel of fifty jurors have been called and it is believed that the necessary twelve men will be se- cured by -tonight Withdraws from Race. Towner. N. D., May 20.—ButIni !Juni, Of this city formally announced this morning that he had withdrawn his candidacy for nomination as rep- resentative in congress on the demo- cratic ticket at the primary electios Br Food Prip_du Never Vary In Quality or Taste Because the utmost care is taken by Libby's Chefs to select only tile choicest materials and prepare them in the same careful manner every time. You are thus assured of uni- form goodness, and this is the reason that the use of Libby's gives such general satisfaction to every housewife. Try Libby Dried Beef Mexican Tamales Ham Loaf Chili con Came , Vienna Sausage Evaporated Milk For luncheon, spreads .everyclay_meals they aTe just - the thing. Keep a supply in the house. You never can I tell when they will come in handy. Ask for Libby's and be sure you get Libby's. libby, McNeill I 8( Libby Chicago 411 HAIR BALSAM Chows sod Nominee Um Mb. Promote. • Intuntnt myth Never Palls to Restore Oray Bole to ha Youthful Vo?or. Danescalp dimmer • half lel DM end LOOM PATEIITSS- 6 .1° u V: 1 „ 1 :717,2; Thompson's Eye Water Fargo Directory RUBBER STAMPS rrn.d en i s, s mx. 2 . WAmiso IMAM, 11,401110717E GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS Sporting gond• of all kinds. Baseball goods and uniforms. hell ordrrs solicited. Beekman itareeare Cin. 57 Breeewas, Fares. N. I. Very Fishy. She was a fisherman's daughter, she wore her hair in a net, and she pre- ferred love in a piscatorial way. \My love,\ he whispered, \you hold first 'place' in my heart! Although I 'flounder' about in expressing myself, my 'sole' wish is that you will save me from becoming a 'crabbed' old bachelor. I shall stick to you closer than a 'limpet,' from you a be the road to guide me. Together we will 'skate' over life's 'rocks.' and when I look at your hand beside me shall say to myself: 'Fortune was mine when I put 'herring' there!\ And then‘the lady dropped her eyes In sweet confusion, and murmured: \Pass the salt.\ A Quick Cat. Some years ago the proprietor of a hotel in southern New Hampshire told the following story: He said that when he was a boy he bad occasion to go into the garret of his house one morning and that the family cat fol- lc , wed him up the stairs. One of the windows was open, and when they en- tered the garret a frightened mouse jumped out of the window, and the cat, jumping after it, caught it in mid. air and, whirling round, jumped back again Into the same window. The Man Invasion. The witch out for a moonlight jaunt on her favorite broomstick, had just escaped being run down by an aeroplane manned by a joy-rider. \Oh this is simply maddening\ she cried, hysterically; \to think of man invading the one field of which we women have had a monopoly for centuries! And I believe I heard the brute say, as he passed: 'Oh, you kid eitch!\' Appreciation. \That sucoessful poker player cer- tainly paid a tribute to his winning game when he selected his handsome home.\ \How so?\ ' \Don't you know he, built It is II bluff?\ Equality: Doctor (politely)Good morning, Mr. Schmidt. - Janitor—Howdy, Doc.—Life. We are our best when we try to be It not for ourselves alone, but to: our brethren.—Phillips Brooke. There is a reason Why Grape -Nuts does correct A weak, physical, or a - Sluggish mental condition. The food is highly nutritious And is partially pre-digested, So that it helps the organs ot the stomach To digest other food. It is also rich in the Vital phosphates that go ectly to.make up The delicate gray matter of brain and nerve centres. Read \The Road to Wellville\ In pkgs. \There's a Reason.\ rosTI.M CIIRICAL COMPANY. Lid - Settle Creek, Mob -4 ADDRESSED BY PRESIDENT WORLD'S WORKERS MEET IN IN- TERNATIONAL CONVENTION. Sunday School Convention Now in See- sion Will - be Great Force for Chris- tianizing the World Washington, May 19.—More than 1,000 delegates from the United States and Canada and 500 from other coun- tries are in Washington to attend the World's Sixth Sunday School conven- tion which began this afternoon. At the opening session in the con- vention, planned to be the greatest gathering for the christianizing of hu- manity that the world has ever seen, Bishop Grantson of the Methodist - Episcopal church of Washington will deliver the invocation and read from the scriptures. Tonight President Taft will extend a welcome to the delegates. FIFTY DIE IN EXPLOSION, Workman Drops Case of Dynamite With Fatal Results, Havana, May 19.—Until the ruins have been more thoroughly examined it will not be known positively how many lives were lost when the rural guards; barracks in the city of Pinar Del Rio was demolished by an explosion QZ dy- namite late yeeterday. There is rea- son, however, for the hope that the fa- talities did not succeed fifty. The wounded will number more than 100, it la believed. !het -rho , explo- sion resulted from the accidental fall of a case of dynamite from the hands of an employe of the public works de- partment, who, with others, was load- ing upon wagons seventy-two cases of the explosive which was to be trans- ferred from the barracks to the gov- ernment magazine in the city. This morning twenty-eight bodies had been recovered and forty injured persons have been taken to the hospitals. Merry represented that he was the authorized agent of the Diekinson Commercial club and obtained 8100 from Dr. Johns of Hettinger, which he stated was to be used in making a preliminary survey, and he fought the decision of the lower court on the ground that the money had been used as specified, The court held this did not let him out. Since this ease has been be- fore the supreme court, Merry has been placed under arrest in connec- tion with the promotion of another road, and Is but under 82,000 bond, but has left the state and the authorities are looking for him now. Merry has been in trouble many times before in vonnection with pro- motion schemes, but has always as - raped arrest and prosecution, Comet Puzzles Scientists, Williams -Bay, Wis. May 18.—Shat- tering all scientific calculations and completely puzzling the learned astron- omers, who declare they made sure of the phenomena with repeated obeerva, lions here before day break this morn- ing, the glowing tall of Hallers comet appeared in the eastern sky today at a time when the world's comet authori- ties had agreed it would he in the west indicating that the Perth did not outs through the diaphantioes light band 'ast night as supposed Such astronomer,' of Prof. S. A. Mitchell of the university staff and Prof. Edwin It Frost, head of the York's observatory staff and professor Edward Barnard of the Uni- versity of Chicago, witnessed the start- ling fan of light in the east and all agreed that it was the comet's tail. Pullmans llegin Fight. Chicago, May 19—Legal warfare against the interstate commerce com- mission to prevent lowering of sleep- ing car rates as ordered by the com- mittee, was begun here today in the filing of a bill for an injunction against the commission by General Solicitor Daniels of the Pullman company, with the clerk of the United States circuit A hearing is expected next Wednes- day. The bill attacks the jurisdiction of the commission over the company and alleges that the company is not en- gaged in the business of furnishing transportation, merely renting its care to the railroads as tnivelIng hotels. Meets Distinguished Men. London, May is.--no.•seveit spent the morning writing and reading. He saw no visitors, At luncheon at Dorchester house, the former president met Lewis Har- .0urt, the first commissioner of pub- lic works. During no. visit here he has met some forty men distinguished in the public life of Great Britain, Includ- ing, with two or three exceptions, all the members of the cabinet. This afternoon Roosevelt Called upon Em- eeror William at 'Buckingham palace. Tried Carbone Acid Route, Minot, N. D., May 20.—Despondent because of disappointment in love, Miss Pearl Crawford, who is employed In one of the local hotels as waitress attempted suicide with carbolic acid The girl's home is at Devils Lake, where her father Is a blackeniith. The girl's face is badly burned but she will recover. Denver Goes 'Wee Denver, Col., May 19.—The Vaal- sa.\ loon element which sought to make this city \dry were beanie in the election yesterday by a majority of from 6,000 to 10.000. Dog Lands Fugitives. Mitchell, S. D., May It —Three mai' broke jail at Chamberlain, Sunday night, and Fire Marshal Craft went there with the state's bloodhount• Fourteen hours after the men got away. the hound took up the scent And fee - lowed It south along the Missouri river bank until darkness set in. In the morning, after a light rain hail fallen, the hound was put to work 'grain, and after traveling until o'clock the following day and never losing the scent, the escaped prisoliers were discovered twenty-dee miles south of Chamberlain, concealed in some bluffs *lois the river bank,,, Merry Case Affirmed, Bismarck. 'N. D.,\ May 19Th• su- preme court this neon handed down'a declaim 'affierning the verdiet of the Stark county court _in the case of Chink Ir. Minty. charged . erith obtairi-' lag , money under_ [also uretanse in connection with the promotion of a ratfroad between Oddeldebo u . and mkt lot. Robber Shot in Fight. WapanuelM, Okla . Nrav 19 —In a running fight between a posse of eltit teens and a band of r.,libets who entered a bank bare early today a member of the DOWN War shot . 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 27 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.