Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, May 27, 1910, Image 3

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Corp., sole proprietors, Boston, for their free Cuticura book, 32 pages of invaluable advice on care and treatment of the skin, scalp and hale For the Critics. Creston Clark, whose untimely death at Asheville robbed America of a serious and capable actor, wits eomewhat Impatient of criticism. To a Philadelphia critic he once said: \You chaps are unwilling to accept' a man for what he id. You want to change him . to your own taste. But each of you has a different taste. To whose Inclination, then, is he to bend? \No no! Tette the artist for what he is. That Is the right critical atti- tude. Don't be like the farm urchin once saw -an urchin who, as he stoned a frog to death, repeated se- verely: \'I'll l'arn ye to be a toad.'\ From Habit. • Life Insurance Agent --The company has rejected your application on the ground that you lied in your answers. Why did you say that your circulation Is good? Mr. Koloom-Honest, I couldn't help That's my business. 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DODDS • .=KIDNEY 0 PILLS ';] 1 ,, , A L , \ KIDNEY-\ -- Eit Ali 5 r44 1'. 12 15 0/ 4 ` . b I 4 :IABETES• e Guara ri , WESTERN CANADA Met LIMN, tee obreet filagreed Magnate, O we Abort his Wheat-Peed...Mg Peweri The greets.- seed of tble country I Hated Mateo) In &bother genera tam or tem el II he the pro. •Idling of 110m01. for Its •-t,t\ red EP M. 1 P4. km,. Of our prominence a. a alwil o.a.f11.1 ooantry are nem, uane ad. le to be the area whoa country.\ rile greet rellroad ante II taking ad•antase of t.40 atualon hy ex- tend*. rplIgny bon t the wheat field. ttee tri today in the TALKS ON OUR NEW TARII - 7-SAYS THe FARMER HAS COME INTO HIS RIGHTS. IS BENEFIT TO PRODUCER Says Cheap Politicians Hays Bndestver. ed to Sing One Song in City and Another in Country.-Spimeh is Snappy. Washington, May 20. - A tariff speech, snappy with epigram, bristling wtth aphorism, preaching the doctrine of the . simple life as the bulwark of civilization and protection as the pro- ducer of prosperity, was delivered in the house today by Representative Hamilton of Michigan. It pictured nine months of increasing revenues and encouragement of the mer- ican industry under the Payne bill. It drew on tke legitipate spoils of trade and thg„ policies and declara- tions of foreign statecraft a• the Judi- fication of the protection policy. It at- tributed the high cost . of living to in- creased gold production, to demand crowding eupply, to extravagance of feverish generation and to almost ev- er ' ything else but the tariff. Mr. Hamilton is chairman of the ter. cActries CAnlanittse 4he bowie and. Ms speack -iv likely to - Ogees conspThr- ously in the next republican national campaign propaganda. He favored the creation of a bureau in the department of commerce and labor to permanently carry on the work now being done by the tariff board, supplementing it with a corps of foreign sptaking experts the reports of whose investigations of selling prices and labor costs at home and abroad would furnish a standard of measure of conflicting claims in the framing of a tariff law. , He contended thati the tariff plank In the republican platform provided both upward and downward limits and that \by so much as you raise duties above the difference in cost of produc- tion at home and abroad, after due al- lowance for the foreign custom of sell-' ing goods cheaper abroad than at home, by so much you permit domestic mon- opolies to overcharge domestic con. 'timers.\ WIDESPREAD CONSPIRACY. Startling Disclosure in the Sugar Corn' patsy Steal New 'York, May 20, -The further im- portant revelations by the government witnessed were looked for today with the resumption of the trial of Charles R. Helm, secretary of the American Sugar Refining Co., on sugar under - weighing conspiracy charges, follow- ing yesterday's sensational develop- ments, which held the crowded court- room spellbound and amazed every- body by the new features of an alleged wide spread cheating conspiracy, laid bare. The counsel for the defendants, who include, besides Helke, five former em- ployees of the company, were visibly taken back by the Schwerdtferger tes- timony as he related how each Al the, several' weighers he named had been supplied with a steel wire to be used as a spring for retarding the aetion of the scales and bringing about un- derweights through which the govern- ment was defrauded out of millions of dollars in duties. Schwerdtferger, who was formerly sugar company employe testified that even before the wire earths was Used to Nictitate the fraudulent weighing • cloth bag with pieces of lead inside had been employed about the scales for similar purposes. The government contended that written statement made by Schwerdtf- feger in which he stated that he was not aware of the existence of any Meeting devices was in part a for- gery, the examination having been In- serted in the space between his sig- nature and a simple statement that. he was formerly a sugar company em- ploye that he signed. Chicago Polio. Criticized. Chicago. May 20 --Stephen Zacelt, 24 years old, who yesterday after fifty- two hours of almost cobtinuous (MON- tIoninf, during which it is sairk.fokiwas, not permitted to conSee‘e& to: the murder of st Policeman. coL suicide today. The _alleged • STA beneted himself with handiceriohfer , while in his cell at the stockyaids lice station. The patrolman said to have killed by him met his death attempt- ing to arrest ribber. plundering • freight ear. 'rti Ordeal to wMch &trek . 1 1 =14 1 4 0 , 0 1::ceted and the shooting/ of ' , Ymeterday who did not 'Balt at cowhand of detectives not in -groused much comeliest in this city. - We Rs Probe Case; May 20. 7 -The Meanie r- h InVestidation ut calling any 441 ,1E ezazatuation of wit- ney Brandelte *Oa'. iirospect of' reaching the: y taking ring the day OInchot investigation 4 °- • t Weish . the rested t ffirther n't once lessen '.Wit en Ill tto urn, - of of VV' wf .r ° ate office.' Rothlsi vs agreed to, OpUfgrda of 12S 114115011 sostrIude diver /filly as pow . ' r ta A! trajleit venter ensile \FnentMdi diastni th .Afgarloa, Initial lecture farming n etscreem Write RA to mret plaro for het .qn s the Bauer que Mr. Bryan Is cm rai • lway rah, Seotland, • hls-esity• to reo- to attehd an in tIm perancs wor cussed the liqu ,- . 1,..011Alkilt.LIffil • r ..standpoint of th Both, It. „tattoo. As to Ar s 490 - ttryan said that:. 41/frfs ,( • f t t l if 'reirn thlyeitt of Sal meeting of thin :dur Bri t tsti e dis- dual Mid Os- he/Ideal, Mr. e1Ava of Montana TO RUN FARM TRAIN, 'Northern Pacific Tour to Take Lec- turers and Agricultural exhibits. Bozeman. -The Northern Pacific /railway will run a unique special train !through Montana beginning at WI- haus, in the eastern part of the state, on June 20 and ending at Heim; the last town on the western side Jaly ,3, a total of 1,348 miles. The train will be a miniature farm on wheels. It will make the trips on nearly all the branch lines as well as stopping at most points on the main line. About twenty men will be on the train and at every stop lectures and talks to the farmers will be given partially il- lustrated by the practical displays on board. The lectures will cover nearly ;every phase of practical farming. Although the Northern Pacific is equipping and running the special, the management 'and methods of handling the work to be done by the train have been turned over to the Montana Agri- cultural college. The equipment of the train will probably consist of Ave or six cars. It will carry a comPleto set of farming implements necessary for . the tillage and handling of crops on a ry d farm. There will be an agrononly depart- ment where will be found a display Of grains and various seeds showing 4asuits of varioes methods et trestle( meat. Animal husbandry distal -25 Sni be shown in another department. The jiorticultural division will be extensive enough to occupy a car by itself. J. M. Hamilton, president of the cot lege, F. B. Liniteld and R. S. Cooley, will glee .the general lectures to ex- plain the purpose of the train: Pro- fessors Clarke, Griffin, Jones, )3choppe and Taylor will lecture on animal hus- bandry. Professors Atkinson, Putter. on and Spain will give talks on agron- omy and weds. Professors Whipple, Fie/Ingle, Cooley - and Dean will handle discussions on fruits, vegetables and bacteria and insects in their relation to - the - farmer. BLOW ON HEAD FATAL. Steamboat Engineer Dies on Train While Physician; Glasgow. -Charles Ournsey, a steam boat engineer, died In this city as a result of a light in Mondak a little over a month ago. While in Mondak, March 24, be got' into a row with Pete Cringewa, • a 'Japanese storekeeper, and was hit on the bead with a club and his skull crushed: He was taken to Williston and placed in the hospital, but after about two weeks was discharged. He re- turned to Mondak, but a few days ago his head commenced to bother him again and finally grew * so bad that he started for *Glasgow to consult a doctor, dying on the train before he twitched hare. The coroner took charge of the betty. vben it reached here and ,a War' rant was issued for the arrest Of. Cringewa on the charge of murder. The dead man was a widower lad' had several children id' Itiondak. CLARK SELLS COOPER MINS& arejeetles In Stotts Transferred 36 . 41m Amalgamated. • New York, N. Y. - Indleitforis are that the long continued war between klie Amalgamated Copper company and former Senator W. A. Clark of Montana by the transfer to the Amat. gsmated of the Clark copper proper-• ties in the Butte territory. The property includes whatvriginak lY was 'known as the Steward mines and the Butte Reduction works, where the Clark ores bee' been treated. l3enator Clark, hoer, will retitle his zinc.minee in theVorthern part of the' Butte field. Hills , F Paul. lerratoti. -L- Paul is now heir e street rails through taw litrvttir Leivii . t50, this being the Move to the Mg of actual con- ractron °fits MteWfisheff-Oritat Falls line, 'T315 Miles lolig. ' I r The rails are\ goingdown without' log northerly from the depot rough the city When the city lim- its are reached gravel trains bill' run over it anti the track will be -ballasted. The fight voill irjee.between the St. Paul and treat NbPthern . over the right of way thrbegh the alto , . Tb\ Itnes,wili coiever .. ge and cross on the Jackson property;,abo fifty' feet from Main street. . The . Paul, ,glairee, right of wary er an extension tok Its franchise: V . by .0141 7 city ever .4 year ago, but records of the ac- tion cannOt be' fotind, and the treat Northern beople eledralieecedeace dtPs reesen of its condemnatios, snit hart e' hut ',Veit The St. Pail his bittight twelve loteo covering all the private property . 1m 7 mediately involved, and now oWns'tha land where the tracks are supposed- t‘,.• FAMOUS DOCTOR'S '*. O'BRIEN FOR GOVERNOR 'PRESCRIPTION. Name of Lawyer and Ex -Judge Con. fleeted With Nomination by New York Democrats. • New York. -The name of Judge Morgan J. O'Brien is being used 4.n connection with the nomination by the Democrats of a candidate for gov• ornor of New York. Whether he will agree to sacrifice a great law practice for which he retired from the bench, even his closest friends do not yet know. It is agreed on all sides that Judge O'Brien ha. all the capabilities of a governor, but his corporation conneo SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE -To de n - ()lignite the value of Teraina in all ca. tarrhal troubles we will send you a gam pie bottle absolutely free by mail. The m&it and stocess of rerun& itr - v\ A so we!l known to the public that our readers are advited to send for sample hottlet likeldeest Pcrtma Conlmnry, Columbua, Ohio, Don't forget to men- tion you read this generous offer in the 'Lieges's' atit.we orree_maritiedical Ileretteent, - easting lour come (+tit'. Our physitian in charge will send you 'deice free, together with literature con- taining common sense rules for health, which you cermet afford to be without, Cross. .. Held on Shoetage'Charge. . Glasgow J Liddel, 24 year* old, traveling representative .tor a brewing company, was .arrested at Mondak, and brought to this city On a , charge of embezzlement: Ha 'wow, eirrested on the complaint of C. H. ritereon, auditor of the company, who Checked him up and, IV alleged, (sued him short $636. Liddell nye' /roes noteirrat* What ,benetine of Hilt Money. no9e of It on. his person. He thinks he spent a part er ° V.F °Pttmit r Y 4 t i lt while , drtoking and the - balance s to abstain Mb/ea. , .t in -any form 4 • ' ' ' • 61•41 North • Tovilie; • fgarppr, ri 11. -Three new to will be Oiwi In the southern - \of McHenry ty to w n ' ;Nee - the running ew Ayr s to - ifue: ‘• rey cut-off line „ Great Northern • The now towns through this -1• He, Karleruhue wiff be located, ti ditOPHO north of &trout while Sincee will he lust five miles from Drake,' New banks will be established In each of Memo tau there towns by the Tallman Inver:t- ee:ow nos ,,rnent compeny, beaded by A. Telhnan --. of Willmar, blinn. Neve North Dakota town.. reetrner, Ay, May 18. -Three td ‘ er townie will be platted In the southern part of McHenry county as a result of the semang, pie new 4,yr to Snr..,, Ithe of the Great NorthInri through this section Tfie'now towth will be known as titithrie\Keelerehife and fence. Guthrie erili lag lOc•atel seven miles south :of dram' I lie? arieruffpee will ) ocat e l k tan anika eprtb off!alfour,AMIllle tile..°84,4 - ,„„t mires from talc.), e'W bank,' will be established In each of these towns by the Tallman Invest- ment company, headed by A. Tallman of Willmar. Minn. Constipation Vanishes Forever Prompt Relief- Cars CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS neves let Pearly reset- able-oct serely but gently oa the liver. Stop Jur diaoor distress - cure indi. re; t \ a17 Pill, ;1:11t z et,1 - a I 1 6 r igkssa GENUINE must bear signature Weiss -to Pay for Rammer. When the British square at the bat- tle of Abu Elea, In the Nubian des- ert, was penetrated by the dervishes, one of them attempted to spear a gun- ner who was in the act of ramming home a charge. The Briton brained the Sudanese, but the rammer head split on .the man's hard skull. Next day the gunner was sent for. Mistaking the reason, had knowing from experi- ence that soldiers are charged for government property which they break, he led off with: \Please sir, I'm very sorry I broke the rammer, but I never thought the fellow's bead could be 'so hard. I'll pay for the 'be as.,\ to hear no more of Old Men in Responsibility. The 'Ametican business systen., which gives mere boys responsible po- sitions before they have acquired prac- ,Ucal experience, Is. 1,0 an Englishman malts unaccounteble. He wonders whether it does not • cause reckless trailing And wild speculation. In other countriei they brefer to keep elderly men le responsible positions because they can be depended .upon. Messrs. Dyke Ir sons, Somerset, England, em - F 96 men. More than half have com- pleted r,0 years' service, 20 have been there 40 years, nine over 60 years and one 70 years. it...Made No Difference. Congressman Ragsdale of Louisiana, reoliatlyi told a story of Alec Trimble, thq . ,let and factotum of a physi- cian to New Orleans; who took a' fan- temae of the summer shirts of his master, and finally went and bought otrexadtly lige it. Hie showed It to hie -mistress, who solid that he had done wrong, ' es the ten Shirts .mIght gisemiked. In tlm. washing; .and Alec The Valuable Match. There was a loud splash, and a mo- ment later a dripping head appeared above the waves. On the end of the dock was a stevedore nonchalantly Lighting his pipe. \Help meat\ , cried the chap in the water. \Can't you see I am over. board? I • can't swim.\ \How often have you been down\ asked the stevedore, shielding the flickering match from the wind. \Once I beilive, but hurry up, man! Give me a hand!\ \Ycru wait! Yen Imre two more times yet to go down, and I have only Dee match. I'll catch you on the last trip.\ -Exchange. • Morgan O'Brian. lions and his Milano* wits the money Interests, say ROM, would give his op. ponents, should he decide to be a egoa• alatts,and get the nomination, an op- portunity which they would not over- look. Morgan J. O'Brien was born In the no of New York on April 28, 1152. Ile was educated in the public schools of New York, and afterward studied at St. John's college, Fordham, from which institution he was graduated in 1872 with the degree of A. B. In the following year he entered the College of St. Francis Xavier In West Sig teentk street, New York city, where be received the degree of A. M. After two years in the Columbia law school he was graduated with the degree oi LL.D., and upon admission to the bar loitered at once upod a profitable prao lice. He was consulted chiefly In cases foaling with large commercial and corporate Interests, and was also milled upon in litigation affecting the city of New York, its docks, water !routs, bonds, etc. He proved hitneelt such an able and successful counsellor In the various causes, public and pr6 rate, intrusted to his charge, that Mayor Hewitt selected him for cor- poration counsel. In 1887, while still meting as corporation counsel, Mr. O'Brien was elected justice of the su- preme court, and in 1896 he was ap- pointed by • Republican governor, Levi P. Morton, a member of the ap- pellate division. Upon the completion of his first term as justice he was aominated by acclamation to succeed himself, both the Republican and Dern- peratic parties joining in the nomina- tion. His re-election was, therefore, practically unanimous. Upon the teeth of Justice Van Brunt, Judge D'Brien was promoted to presiding 'twice Judge O'Brien's term would not have ended until 1916, but he re- signed from the bench In 190$ and be came a senior member of the firm of O'Brien, Boardman Platt, now O'Brien, Boardman, Platt te Littleton When the Equitable Life Assurance so :ley underwent reorganization, the controlling stock of James Hazen Hyde being conveyed to three trustees who were to hold the same in behalf of the policyholders, Morgan J. O'Brien was selected as one of the trustees with the late President Gro ver dleveland and George Westing house as his associates In the itupop tent trust. Did Not Look the Part. The Rev. A. N. Cooper, vicar of Ft ley, has 'darted another of those lengthy tramps which have justly earned for him the sobriquet of \The Walking Parson.\ This year he 1/1 bound for Lourdes, and, with the en ception of the cross Channel, he pro posed to do the whole journey of 604 miles on foot. Among other loos tramper accomplished by Mr. Coops)x are his walks from Hamburg to Buda. pest and from Hamburg to Venice. Of all his wandering yarns \The Walking Parson\ associates the Bun rey hills with the most amusing. Hs was walking briskly along when he was accosted by a weary wayfarer. \Sixpence is all I want,\ whined the stranger; \that small sum stands be tween me and starvation.\ \If said Mn. Cooper, who among other things la a total abstainer, \I give you , sir ,pence, whet assurance have I that you 'will not get Intoxicated?\ \Sir ex- claimed the other, \do I look like a 42.5 'l lv t' ert d d iriake no'difference, person who could get Intoxicated -on Peause-/my's ree , ‘ixPencer prlce.\.. • Typhoid. • • - The very great decrease in typhoid \aw1ft-1t lane lOn fashionable A Grievance. . l h i a ch mt n o en n y t o ir f it t h he ge fl ui ltr ra uro eg n imit sys e te m m it is A i co n fever in Philadelphia since the estale„ Jewett -I know .t; you long -armed t ie t k x, s .r hav t 6 . dud ,. 4,1•cording to • ceeegt 'bulletin of, the Vermont, state board of health, the • feet re change id the water stupid* in Beveo . ,American cities has been to re - . duce the combined annual average demith , rate tennt typhoid laver by some - 70. pee . cent., But it must not be for. Joy gotten that while polluted•witer , main cause el epidemics of typhoid, It. Is not the only carrier. The same au- thority - believes Mott abriut 80 per cent, of all cases are borne by water, or by milk. In the other 20 per cent the. (theatre mar be ebtem2 by' the agency of Ales, persomil contactshell- flab ratted In Pellets& waters, or fruit or Vegetables raised in- polluted 'oil.- • Thee& Vertoth agencies', will explain TOaStleS..- whir. Attkatima ,of, the wear alone doe* . not entirely eradicate' typhoid, While • e. • .1 • ,• ,aut,,the.eatne time It is evident that ad to serve.:froin. ,this is the first and infilit' ithiteirtaitie. .f ) 4-t hage wait !c i l i a • *tiepin tSS A I:p i pa y r f t es o l: hattee, \14$7.!is , oem t -• • •+. ng necessary. , naturedovers are , mr, • • 0. \Tie nennktingers \That's; seep. towgilleln.\ Pkgs. 10c sad ISc. \ \A W : y op s e o n r. field is as depressing to a POSTU: sill e s a c tA h l : iffh garrulous man as a vacant room is hi JSrealdist. Sweet, Crisp, •-• ,G4:44,eits.nrown Post a small boy.\ (pi) Ditoi , ;) MI -_. - - ALCOHOL -3 PER CENT Aiietabte Preparation for As - similating the Food and Regula- ling the Stomachs and Bowels of INV Vsi PI ( 11ILDRI.N Promotes Digestion,Chterful - ness and Rest.Contains neither Opium,Morphine nor Mineral. NOT NARCOTIC .(Ohitia.5.4,WEI/470121, /L.v.4.. ,f../ • •41.• j•••••• • • lit WA fair Soar .. A... Se•J • Itirog Arrd • (1••••1.1 Ji•f•• 11•••••inva Ikrovr A perfer t Remedy for Com tipa- lion , Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, Worms ,COnvulsions.feveriall : ness and Los § OF SLEEP. - . . l'ac Simile Signature of .:- ...‘e?',#..... _ TIM CENTAUR COMPANY.\ _ NEW \YORK. Ill,. ,,,.,..ths old 3j Dos's ,jic 1 , • -. - - - - tearantred under the Foods e Exact Copy o Wrapper. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Plod You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of In Use For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA Ask Your Dealer to 'Show You The new wing -tip, \short - toed\ model of the We guarantee that it will wear as well as it looks. Price $4.00. \Gitche Ganiee\ Shoes Always Make Good on the Feet of the Wearer. Manufactured by THE NORTHERN SHOE CO. Duluth - - - Minnesota What Me Knew. \You can tell me the name'. of tile twelve anodic* Sam?\ said the pro ty Sunday school teacher one morn , Mg. Snui's face fell, and he whined his weight from one foot to the other \Can't do it, nie'am,\ . he said, ger rowfully. and then his eyes bright env& - but I can call off nil of the ppchere In the league team., he vol unteentd. - - I larpers MagazIni• The Idea. \Jack sent me a handsome mirror tor my birthday.\ \Oh that accounts for it.\ \Accounts for what?\ \Yesterday he asked me if a woman ever got too old to be pleased with a looking -glass.\ If You Have Common Sore Eyes, If line\ blur or run together, you need PETTIT'S EYE SALVE, 25c. All drug- gist. or Howard Bros.. Buffalo. N. Y. I love everything that Is old; old friends; old times; Olt manners; old books. --Goldsmith. DR. 14. RINDLAUS ' (Specialist), Eye, Ear, Nose Ind Throat Fargo, N. D. A trickster is merely a potion Who gets the better of us. PERRY IIPAVIT.PA:liffIPLICII \ For a midden Chill or awaited. or }Matey) oft Painkiller 5 or colic, diarrheas $111.1ffilirsomplaint this medicine n,,er fatia SA:. Ss sad Me bottles. The man who plants a ladder never knows what will come up. Mrs. WInalOW\. Soothing Syrup. irn 1,011410M tdeuni ns, salons the gown, reduces In- ienonation.a I lay • pan, earl.s sled culla Se a *Acta It takes an oculist to make some .people open their exec, Dr. Pierre'. Pellets, coal!, gosnr-eitiated.rm\Yas' tate a• candy, replete line 'Inelgiorate stomach II•er and bowels. llo mg gripe. Farmers and washladies get their living from the soil. t Pocket Illnw A postal brings lb. W. L. DOUCLAS SHOES 55,14, 1 3.50, 1 3. $2.5O& 52 \ T 4 It , STANDARD ....I,I T .. L Qouglao •kbee• saw., thoy oro dm Iowa FOR 30 YEARS. Millie.. of moo wear be▪ st leathers, by alto wookaboo. I. W all D la ... 1•611 .1.. fmh il iemed s.00 and $4.00 Ass. .aall Cootom Roach Work seats. 14.00 Se 88.00. Boys' Shoos, 13. $2.60•$2 W I- Ikniela• imarantem lb.:Lyre by Mao.pls „ A ea yowler ...dor for W. I. Idmiglooelmm. If ide• fremiefeyoor town writIfor Magi inimillialocabow. In. how to order by maiL .40 1Le . de pi l i r!ered Moon from belay tialeered rem Urtraltun. Masa • . StOP , • \: taking liquid physic of big or little pills, that which Maine you worse' Instead of curing. Cathartics don't cure -they irritate and weaken the bowels. CASCARETS make the bowels strong, tome the muscles so they crawl and work -when they do this they are producing right results. CAfiCARFT/1 tee • hoz for a week's • trail men t All druggists Dissent miler in the world Million bones • asonsta. HOMES IN SUNNY SAN JOAQUIN desert ',CVO matter of lands for hoonesek- er• now Milne placed uvIttm . =et by the o i , ii s tsh ntrit i gihi 1 r 0 71 1 tV;Ipn I Sence j rnre l' hualseL In tin • el tsi only. Persona I • tten tion sirs nd every I .1,csinrc , sdromptly anntreeed. Trani. fon* 5 • iff011/11411 The. 1•042.1 h••• Dever had any 00010 alveoli... and at the present time tan to. bought at ••ry pried. as compared to ether partIone 'of tan . Sala for 1..1 of the naribe ammeter. 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 27 May 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.