Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 03, 1910, Image 1

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COURT PROCEEDINGS. On May 23 the court sustained defendant's demurrer to the amend- ed complaint in the case of Sebas- tian Ott vs. Ike E. 0 Pace et al. In the case of Ira T. Wight v State Brewing Co. et al the default of the defendants State Brewing Co., Morgan Strong and Mend Bond Strong, was entered. The defendant was granted thir- ty days additional time in which to plead in the case of Amoa Moulton v Christ. Olson.. The trial of the case of Basin Liquor Co. v T. S. Kline et al was had on May 23d. imd the -court took the case under advisement, giving counsel time to present briefs in support of their conten- tions, plaintiffs having forty days' time and defendants' counsel hav- ing thirty . t!.itya thereafter. The cause being an action in equity it was tried to the court sitting with- out a jury. The case of 6 Clara Leroux v Rob- ert Leroux was dismissed on ap- plication of plaintiff's counsel. A decree was ordered entered as per stipulation on file in the case of Alice Parker, guatdian, v Bes- sie Hannigan. et al. On May 25th the defendant in in the case of Ton P. iNly''Y Cop- per Mountain Mining and Smelt- ing Co. did not liopear and the plaintiff introduced his proof to support the allegations of his com- plaint, and judgment and decree was rendered for him. The action ass an adverse over the Butte, Sri and Stella Fraction lode ,•hoins, the first of which belongs to the plaintiff. The order to show cnuse in the am of Sarah Torpey v Michael Torpey was continued until the first day of the nett term of court. The plaintiff and answering de- fendants put in their proof in the case of Ira T. Wight v State Brewing Co. et al and obtained judgments in accordance with the allegations of their pleadings. The case of Thomas Haddox v Northern Pacific Railway Compa- ny and Thomas Barry was tried be- fore a jury on May 25th and itith. At the conclusion of the testimony the court directed a verdict for the defendants, the plaintiff having failed to make out a case. This action arose over the killing at Whitehall of Onier Haddox. a boy fourteen years old, on January 20. 1909. by one of the Northern Pa- cific Railway Copmeny's trains known as No. 13. Thomas Barry was the engineer in charge of the engine that killed the boy. The plaintiff charged the defendants with wilfully and intentionally killing the boy. On May 26th the plaintiff failed to appear and prosecute his action in the case of W, F. Perrine v John W. Lyon, and the defendant obtained judgm,ent against the plaintiff for the possession of the property the PilhjeCt, Of LIIP Pon- troyersy. The property consisted of a gritting outfit. The court's order made on May 10th Idiernissing the et -lion of Al- bert J. Conner v J. Garneau was made final on May 28th. On May 27td the trial of the case of the state v EdWin S.. Beall and Frank E.Beall was b wen, hut owing to the description in the in- formation being defective, the tie-. tion was dismissed, filnd the de- fendants were discharged and their bondsmen exonerated. The action arose over the digging up of a pub- lic highway in the southern part of the county. On May 28th the case of Leuie - mrtisour sre•YOr pl. a Schools ' s ubtle AdmanLAMM' , MONTANA VOLUME IX.. HE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERT FRIDAY. . L. RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. as Year. (invariably In edvence/ ....1 00 is Mouths 1 00 tee Illoats w 10 ngle Copies ........ ........... :.... 6 stored at the Portolice at Whitehall. Mont.. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. isplay—One Dollar per Inch per month. als—Ten Cents per line first insertion; liv• cents per line melt subsenuent insertion. NOTICE All communicaUons Intended for eitthltea - ion In this paper must hear the signature of he author, otherwise they will and their ay to the nasal., basks*. COUNTY oil-Fu:w- edge. Finn Calla waif ealsof else Court . . ...Ww. T. Sweet g .. P. J. Manning sheriff_ ........ W. Wolverton slier : ....... -.W. B tiendieS 4erit . E. R. McCall only AttOrttel ...... ••••• ..L. W. Kelly Jas. H. Mitchell R. M. Orslie —Leta U. Thompson W. L. Beardsley Curtis Dentxm COMMISSIONERS. ards Steele. Chairman Basin H Rallis Clancy •. J. McKay ...... . . .... Whitebait Iles regular meatless of tee board or eountg onsmiseloners begin on the first Monday in arch. June. September and December. The menthers also serve as • board of equalize - ten. meeting for this purpose on the third Monday IC Jilt. ACACIA CIAPTE1, No. 21, 0. E. 8. mite on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY Orating - a of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially invited to attend. Maws J. Natant , . W. IL Mai. Limo L. 8 Sec'y MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. A. F. k AM. Reetion the SECOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY evenings of each month at Masonic Hell. Flatting members are cordially Is- le - send art4seepdg. W. M. A. A. Nesonan. Sec. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY AT -I AW Alin NOTARY PURI IC Whitehall, Molt. HOTEL HFERSON X. I.. Tuttle, Prop. Prices are Moderate. Special Rates to Boarders L. R PACKARD, IIPhy.lclan and Murglacon. Cases requiring hospital care agree special attention. •splati.OSce and Residence on First street WhItathaii. Hicont. •Larf*P - - 111Omed 111•CNALAC Is magarloo I.. woorylloody Loom stout olocl•011y. cooing sciocoo sal b00% bcoio. lemplo pew- 0cal . t.Ilal pia -Woo Su - pie copy (no If poi. ammo WA pap., el OD • you. 111•■••••• Pub. Co. • as... is., 11••••• Wm. Pilot aarTa•IST so e • • rarrroosairererawkesis. aissesiblesetwocsuietb- ir pO ••••••••. plasm Macho. ...NW. c000rd. %wool. spy tree V yes mention sass wows. a Moms a.. s. roe. Allsarlsaa 4 I P O ivi e 1 5: 4 0 44 15 1 1 / 4 ( EAR, 4 st 100 IIMCALL PATTERNS Celebrated for style, perfect ft, simplicity and reliability nesrly 40 ye ,rs. Sold In nearly every eity and town in the United States and Canada, or by mail Street Store sold than any other intik!. Send for free catalogue. bleCALLII MAGAZINE Store solnicribera than eny other fashion via/saint —million is month. Invaluable. Lea net styles, patterns eressmeking, plaits sawing, fancy needlework, hairdressing, etiquette. Kona stories, etc. Only 10 cents a seat (wort double), including a Iree palters. itubacribe today, or send for sample imyy. siroNzmietn. esnocesersrrs • • Awents, rand hr,r,gs prenidarn cstalogoit d new rash prise oily s. Address SIB WW1 CO... 179 te NA V. UN St, KW MI ISO NEARS' EXPERIENCE Mame Cleeemeirre &a. siesta me \e ntre= IMMO S. is Mad, Wank atrium A 5sVy Mistretta weakly. LUNI MI Y tile Tses. el .11 IL by salltreedeey. in I , se. w — WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. JUNE 3, I910. Sponheim r Minnie Camp et el was continued fot the term by eon - set of counsel. The case of Jefferson County v Edwin S. Beall et al was tried to the court on May 98th and was taken tinder advisement, counsel agreeing to submit briefs in sup- port of their contentions. This is an action in claim and delivery for the recovery of some wire fence which the plaintiff alleges the de- fendants took and used ;or their own purposes. 2 p. m. Itttah . • - ' TR BEST How to Insure Success in Drrlarm- log. With the thousands of new set tiers coming to Montana and bes ginning this seitoon, and immense need and demand exists for in- atruction in proper dry - farm methods. Two cars on the Better Farming Special are being fitted up for this purpose. One of these will carry a line of tillage ion elements selected and adapted to dry land Whore, including some of the latest improvements and in- -flessiiefte foe sorb week: \'Another needling Dillon car will show in its exhibit the year. various systenia and lack of eye - tern pursued on unirrinated Mon- tane lands and the results of prop- er and wrong methods compared, False prophets have arisen a ho cry that funning is much the same whether in a humid.or an irrigated or a dry country. There ia a cer- tain reletionship, bat yet there is a wide difference. They are em- phatic -filly not the same. Fifteen or sixteen inches of rainfall with dry atmosphere and dry evapora- tion present very different proh hems from 35 to 45 inches of pre- cipitation and a humid atmos- phere. Men of long experience and extended observation in Mon taninay, successful agreulture on dry lands wittout irrigation is im- possible. New corners are confi- dent that farming will succeed. Which is right? In a way both are correct. Crops have failed end will fail in the future beceue of lack of understanding and prat. - (ice of the proper tillage methods; on the other hand by observing the rules of recent experience and 'scientific research crops can be in- sured to pay in the majority of cases. Fifty eight bushels of wheat per acre have been grown on land con denied as worthless in a dry sew - on, without irrigation. Thirty- six and seven -tenths . bushels have been securest as a fire year aver- age in several localities under tin , hest . methods. What are the hest metholef 110e to begin; how to proceed; how to insure .iii'vems on dry lanes, will he taught by (hi)85. who knot% from personal experience, on the Better Farming s I.i. 11 vvc.1 stops et Whiteliell on WedneaditY. June 29. at 9 a. in. o'clock. LOCATING UNE. No', May 27.—Otmir Scott, 90 years old, who (lime here from West Virginia. and n ho worked for different, parties. -ailed f the pomtoffice for Randell Bros.' mail, -which lie opened lifter getting aut of town. He found a r 5 check in one of the letters, forged R. M. Randell'a nitme to Rand attempted to pm it on several different par- ties. He Wits arrested and jailed. Sheriff Treuffier was notified and came to Pony after him—Stand- ard. Gilmore & Pitsburg Surveyors have Begun Work. Dillon, May 27.—In accordance with the resolutions recently tiled with the secretary of state by the Gilmore at Pittsburg Railway company expressing intention to extend its road from Armidead to Whitehall, via Dillon, and thence to Butte, a party of about 25 sur- veyors in the employ of that com- pany pitched camp at the mouth of C Ar s eanyon.„*Woul 16 niri up the Beittelthead river from Dillon yesterday. Work was be- - -br ;the forty. today. First survey will be made at that point to -learn whether or not an over - heed crossing can he secured over the Oregon Short Line tracks. Then the suveyors will go to Arne at ad and siegin surve.% nig the line down the Beeverbead canyon to Dillon. Reports have it that preparations are being made to begin construction wor‘lc within the next few weeks, brit wheth-r er not actual building of the road will he started this year is not definitely known. The route of the road through Rea% erhead can yon will present much heavy rock - work and there is little likelihood When Roosevelt Returns. W - eshingtonn, May 28. — Con- cerning the 'reception of former President Roosevelt in New York on June 18th Congresamen Charles N. Pray of Montana mid today: \Col. Roosevelt deserves ri hear- ty welcome upon his return front Europe and Africa and I for one hope my suite will be well repre- sented. The tremendous recep- tions tendered (iota and Dewey showed the importenee of hiving es much s.% stern in caring for dele- gations. elso that handling such a crowd is a tremendous proposi- tion. \It seems to me that it is par- ticularly happy that this is to be strictly a non-partisan affair. Pol- itics should not enter into it in any way, and I don't believe it will. Roosevelt is uadouhtediy the moist popular living American in private life and is one of the first citizens of the world. As president lie stood for big things and he accom- plished wonders for the good of all the country. It would be im- possible for tlic crowned heads of Europe to show more signal hon- ors to one of their own number than they have shown him. and yet he is the holder of no effice what- ever. The most distinguished commoners of the world have vied with each, other in their efforts to show their _appreciation of this great American. but I guess the haPPirmt daY of Asia trip 'he iyhen . lie sails into New York liar- 'or and twee nlimit his fellow Allier - hogs in siert , for him. Methodist (Fiscopol Mord Services to- were evaday Sundity achool it 10 o'clock. Mrs. D. McCall Supt. Regular otereieea . 41 a. m. sod 8 p. m. , - Nlorning \l'brietian Giving.\ • Evening Subject: \Segues Div Vices.\ The 'Ladies' Aid society will meet with \ire Cameron on Thin a lts• t noon. Sunday scltool arid tireeching sie tee at Pleasant Valley in the afternoon at 2 o'clock. An invitation to all. Come. 1)Mo WwlifrOltD. Minister. , _ NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION. , Department of the Interior, U.S. Lind (Mee, at Helena: Mont, May 24, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Fred A. Tebay, of Whitehall, Montana, who, on October 25, 1907, made Homestead Entry No. 14695, Seria4 No. 02003, for Si SE* Section 8, Township 1 N., Range 3 W., Montana Meridian, has 'filed notice of intention to make final commultion proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before theegister and Receiver U. S. Land Office, at ileleisit,--Jilontaas, on the 7th day ot - hdr, Mei. ----- Claimant mimes as witnesses: Edward Huston, of Renova, Mon- tana; Frank 5toriarity. of Renova, Montana; William G. Tebay, of Whitehall. Montana; Vi11iani H. Tetery, of Whitehall, Montana. STEP II EN CARPENTER, 5-27-50 Register. NOTICE POE PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Ofeee, at Helena. Most. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Lillie M. Root, of Whitehall, Mon- tana- who. on July 17, 1906, made • rt . Li e d ApplkeetiuuNo. Serial No. 0431, for USW* and SUNNI. Section 8. Township 2 N.. Range 4 W., Montana Meridi- an. has tiled notice of intention to make anal proof, to establish claim to the land above described, be- fure.William T. Sweet, Clerk Dis- trict Court. at Boulder, Montana. on the'llith day of June. 1910. Claimant 'aux* us WitneNliell: Frank E. 'Houghton, Nathan .11. Root. Shirley D. Houghton, Jacob J. lienden. - tin of Whitehall. Mon- tana. STEPHEN CARPI , ' NTPII, ItsIrloter. NOTICE 101 PUBLICATION. -- — Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Offi(4e ertlelenn. Mont. April 30, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Frank E. Houghton. of Whitehall. Montane, who, on July 17, 1908. inside Desert Lind Application No. 8895, Serial Number 0482, for 8KiSEe, Section 32, Township 3 N., Range A W., Montana Me- ridian. has filed notice of intention to make.finel proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before William T. Sweet, Clerk District Court,,at Boulder, Mon- tana. on the 16th day of June.1910. Claimant name!, as witaelses: Nathan D. Root, Jacob J. 13ondes. of Whitehall, Montana; Henry . II. Houghton, Ernest' R. McCall, of Boulder. Montana. STEPHEN Cserterae, Register. NOTICE TOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U.A. Land Helens, Most. s April 99..1910. NOTICE is hereby given that bin M. Honeht,On, of Whitehill, Montane, who, on July , 17, 1906. made Desert Lied Application No. 8893, Serial No. 0430, for NW* NW*, Section 8, Township 9 N., Range 4 W., Montana Meridian. has filed melee ortientIon to mAke tinel limit, to estAliah claim to the land abovevieiteribed. before '‘Villirtin 1'. Sweet. Clerk District Court. at Boulder, Montana. on the 15th dela June. 1910. Chinaint names as witnesses: Nathan D. Root, Frank E. Houfrh- ton, of Whitehall, Montane; Hen- ry IL. Houghton, Ernest R. Mc- Call, of Boulder. Montana. •SilITNEB CARPENTER. Register. ' NUMBER 16 iriA/ 1 1•1$1101, 0 1VVVVVilpAAA1/00 The Lure of the Desert Land. Have you eleptin a tent alone tent Out under the desert sky - Where a thousand desert miles All silent 'reeled you lief - The dust of the aeons of ages dead And the. peoples that trampled b.v! Have you looked in the desert's painted ru t ), Have you smelled at ( - limn the wild sage musk, Have you seen the lightning flashing up From the ground iu the desert dusk! Have you heard the twain the desert rain (Like the undertonahalette r rave you watched the glory ortiofore flame In its marvel of blossom time/ you WA .with your frice.;n your hands. afraid. • •—•Ikee-clown—elat-skiewwein•reer fete—and Prayed, While the terrible sand -storm whirled and swirled In its soundless fury, and hid the world And quenched the sun in its yellow glare, — Just you, end your soul, end nothing, there? If you have, then you know, for you've felt itasepell. The lore of the desert land. And if you have not, then I could not tell,— For you could not understand. —Madge Morris, in Lippincott's Magasine. 14, 4 4/41\ 1 / 4 \41/VVIAA , '‘%1Akeir%1111,160%, RIGGS REAL ESTATE BULLETIN. rt 7 V411.- - .T-eetweasfsesure.sseese.. --. . • ..r , , , ,,..„ , stotaestvemaistrowstwiseimmieliWow4 sal , ID. F. Riggs, VVhltelnall, Mcont. We will tell you where to get your grubs and your grub when you come hare fishing, as surely will. You can find a deinty Innch here, which save the annoyance at home. We have delicious cheese, as we only keep; plain and fancy crackers of the finest makes; cookies preserves, delicious meets canned, pickles, preserves, ete. (live us a call, and we will fix you up right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. Th.! Whitehall State Bank iCapitai Maid in. 115.21111.000•00 CHAP U. JOHNSON. A. J WRAY. President Vi,. Preeldent • 7 Cilripc tore CHAS U. JOHNI401i. H. J. TUTTLE. A. J. McKAY. L, R. PAcEARD, N. F. I 1.7TTLIC. We sloe to Mend to our customers ....y accommodation consistent with conservative banking WE REsPEcTITI.I.V sol.lcIT YOUR RUMNESS .1 I- PLATT Cashier. • IsAIAAA.WW\ialoWWWWWV You get the BEST if you eat at The putte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms I , Meals at All Hours in connection Whitehall - Montana $ 114#14 0 WVIteW1 , 4,1 0 61\AVVVVNAAril foNAWfriKleil,%%$%41/4/VWV111/•\%i F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry Prouscripticbris mend Jevureellry Ftepep5r. se pecletity Drugs, Perfumes, soaps, and Oils, , Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware 4144,Vvvs,fievi\Svi:wkowit\ ,444 let

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 03 June 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.