Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 03, 1910, Image 2

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MONTANA SUNLIGHT. W. L. RICKARD, PIM. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FOR THE BUSY MAN NEWS EPITOME THAT CAN SOON BE COMPASSED. MANY EVENTS ARE MENTIONED Norse and Foreign Intelligence Co ,densed into Two and Four Line Paragraphs. t Washington. Hot Springs, Ark., will never be- come an Ideal health or pleeure re- sort unless the United States- min ex- ercise complete administrative juris- diction over the entire region now covered by the city of Hot Springs. itif Contiguous territory and _thy gov- ernment reservation, according to -a report to Secretary Ballinger by Cle- ment S. Ucker, chief clerk of the In- terior department, wno recently n- vestigated the conditions at Hot .Springs. Two sets of charges affecting the administration -or Hart. H. Notth, im- \ 0 \ reeedrAlitEnitiou sointaisMosser - et -.1tsif . 7 Dora, of San Francisco, were received by Secretary Nagel of the department of commerce and laobr today. They in- cluded those of violating the laws In giving entry to diseased oriental's, which the eexcutive committee of the Asiatic exclusion league recently was instructed to make against the com- missioner, and charges made by Im- migrant inspector F. H. Ainsworth, alleging leniency towards the Hindus and a disposition to admit them to this country. „. Chairman Taney of the house ap propriations committee has succeed- ed in framing an amendment to the sundry civil bill providing the pres- ident with a fund of 9250.000 for the purpose of obtaining information con- cerning prices of manufactured arti- • cies at home and abroad that stood the test of conformity with the .. rules of the house. By a strict pagft vote of 110 to 83 the amendment was adopted. Representative McLachlan of Cal- -'s ho l ie on his resolution milling on ttle secretary of war for detailed informa- tion regarding the military readiness of the country. Domlnicio da Game, at present minister of Brazil to the Argentine Republic will be appointed ambas- sador to the United Stud. No of- ficial announcement on the subject has been made but there • is little doubt such Is the fact. Genera:. The Standard 011 company has in- creased the wages of its workmen from 8 to 10 per cent. The order is retroactive and became effectiye May I. It is estimated that the company will add from $6,000,000 to $10,000.000 to its animal pay roll expense. The new scale affects employees engaged In the company's works and factories, but the office men will not be bene- fited by this increase. Most of the employees who will get the increese are laborers, and the advance applies to all the subsidiary companies In the United States The company has Ap- proximately 70,000 employees. The Standard is one of the very few big concerns of this countcy which has after had a strike among its employ - The national association of poor law officials was organised at Si Louis. Two towns were wrecked and several people killed by a tornado in Oktahoma.. Congressmen whose home fences are out of repair are worrying over the prolonged session of congress. An experiment of immense potential value, the establishment of a \credit union,\ will be - tried at Springfield, Mass. Augustus L. Revers, the great grandson of Paul Revere, and said to have been the last direct descendant of the revNutionary hero, died at Morristown. N. J. It was announced at Houston, that Edwin Hawley had purchased the Texas & Central railway and that the line would become part of the Min sourL Kansas & Texas system. Rev. William A. Wasson, rector of the Grace lapiscopal church at River- head. N. Y., a fashionable summer re- sort, is going to give up the pulpit to defend the liquor cause In the United States. The Methodist Episcopal church south Is agistating the question of removing the time limit of ministers. Theodore IL Price of New Yorh, the cotton king, indicted in Washington for connection with the cotton leak scandal of 1908, cannot be prosecuted In the District of Columbia. After eluding arrest for thirteen years, William Allen,' wanted in Barry county, Missouri, for the murder of Samuel \Gibbs is under arrest at Marshfteld, Ore. President Taft takes full responid- Witty for the Lawler letter. Appropriations of more than $700,- 000 were made today by the general education board for the endowment of work of various colleges and for ag- ricultural work in the south. Leslie Clark who was charged by Prince Joseph of Braganza, with com- plicity in a mining swindle, has been sentenced to two years in prison The senate committee nas agreed to appropriate $426,000 for an addi- tion to the Lincoln (Neb.) public building. Seventy-five thousand mines with $760,000 fund behind them are on s strike in Illinois. The army of Mardis is reported hammering away at Bluefields. The senate has passed the omnibus lighthouse bill, which makes pro- vision for aids to navigation prac- tically on every coast of the Milted States. As amended in the committee on commerce it carries item. aggre gating about $2.600.000. A nlatferm atiVoc tins a \protoctiee: tariff that will dove the difference In the cost of produ lion here and abroad,\ but not entioning the Payne -Aldrich tariff 1 w, was adopt- ed by the republicans f the Ninth district of Indiana. Republican factions, of 'Alaska are airing their differences at Washing- ton. Peru has accepted mediation in set tling the boundary dispute with Ecua- dor\. alleged to be o e of the Mabray gang Luther WeeScas Tommy Rogers was arrested at ebb City, Mo., upon orders of Inspector Swenson and turned over to,federal officer @ in Des Moines. A proposal to inaugurate, a world. wide peace movement bearing this name of the late King Edward was made by Sir William Mather at a meeting of the Peace Society. The trouble in Liberia with the wild tribes seems at an end for the present. A message from minister Lyons at Monrovia received at the state department says that the chiefs of turbulent tribes on the coast have taken the oath of allegiance and that those of the interior will do so soon. A notice was filed in the New Jer- sey supreme court 'by Prosecutor Gar. van of Hudgbn county, that he would apply to the court on June 7 for an mour & Co., Morris & Co., Swift & Co., and the National Packing com- pany. New Orleans Is putting forth stron -adenatinewassilesse-thma‘9 60 0 41 ta, tratiffIr - ctmpletien Of the mean canal. By telling robbers that a bank vault was locked with a timelockL. E. Ellison, cashier of a bank at Lay- ton, Utah, prevented the robbery of the bank. A Nt arrant be been issued for the arrest of H. L. Welty, former presi- dent of the Home Security Savings ban!: of Bellingham, Wash., which was closed by the state examiner March 31. He is charged with ens. bezzling $10,000. The government of Peru formally accepted without reserve the medita- tion of the United States, Brazil and Argentine in the boundary dispute be. tween Peru and Ecuador. The abolition of the national forestry in Arkansas as contemplated by bills which have been introduced in cqngress, have been enumerated before the house public lands com- mittee by Alec F. Potter, associate forester, and S. J. Record, supervisor of the Arkansas national forestry. --SpealdeaVratt - laaaaastaad ten1u . live decision to make a trip to Pana- ma to inspect the canal next, Novem- ber. He expects to be 'away from Washington about three weeks, re- turning shortly before congress con- venes early in December. Sweeping reductions in express charges was ordered by the Kansas state railroad commissioners. Fire destroyed the storehouse and oil tanks of the Union Portland Ce- . ment company's plant at Devil Sli ithirty miles east of Ogden. The losi is estimated at $160,000. An edict recently promulgated en tablishes national decimal coinage throughout China and orders the ces- sation of all coinage by provincial mints. House insurgents are very angry over the speech of Speaker Cannon at New York. John H. Converse, late head of the Baldwin LOcomotive Works, of Phila- delphia, has created a fund of $200,000 to carry on evangelical work. The claim that American people have gone navy mad was made in the senate by Hale and Clay. It Is made prominent that the Bur- lington has control of the Colorado & Midland railroad The senate passed the naval appro- priation bill providing for the build. lag of two Dreadnaughts, A moderate earthquake, estimated at 45,000 miles away, was registered. on the seismograph at Georgetown university. Edward Trickett, former chief ot the Kansas City fire department, died of pneumonia after thirty-five years of active service in the department. The Democrats in the senate refus- ed to make an agreement to aid the \regulars.\ Personal. Representative Norris accused rep ulars in the house of forming an al- liance with democrats. Attorneys of Dr. Hyde of Kansas City have filed a motion for a new trial. It will be heard June 4th. President Taft's action in sending a letter to Gen. Grenville M. Dodge, commending Representative Smith for reelectidn has stirred up consider- able interest in Washington. . President Taft accepted the posi- lion of honorary president of the league of Unitarian laymen. Hinshaw and Norris (Nebr.) have declined to go into a caucus to de- jide on action to be taken on postal banks. Oliver Spitzer turned informer la the sugar fraud investigation. Hon. W. J. Bryan publicly discussed the liquor traffic in Chicago. Memorial services for King Ed- ward were held in Washington. Census returns show that compara- tively few people attain the age of 100 years.. Bishop and Lady Van Scheele of Sweden will make a tour of the United States. Clara Morris, the famous actreu, is seriously 111 with fear of entirely losing her sight. Representative Kendall has asked that the eight -hour bill - be reported to the house immediately. Lieut. Boyd Alexander, the noted traveler, has been murdered by na- tives near Wadal, in the French con - go. Lietenant Boyd Alexanderghe noted British traveler, has been murdered by natives near Wadel in the French Congo. Congressman Boutell favors taking the tariff out of the domain of panics. Washington R. Thomas, head of the sugar 'trust, was suanioned as a wit- xess for'the government. San Francisco ministers were over- ruled In their obeictions to the Jet- I . :les-Johnson fight. , SUMMING UP CASE ATTORNEYS FOR PROSECUTION CLAIM THAT THEY HAVE MADE GOOD. titAR FINAL ARGUMENTS Attorneys for Oliva Use Stinging Terms in Their Closing Teat Be- fore Committee and Ask Re- moval From Office, Washington, May 27. -The lawyers for the 'prosecution in the Ballinger- Pinchot inveitigution made their sum- ming up arguments before the con- gressional committee today, and in no uncertain terms, declared that they had proved their cave against Secre- tary Ballinger. \His constant yielding under •pres- sure makes him untit .for the office of secretary of the interior,\ exclaimed Attorney Brandeis, counsel for L. R. (lInvis. who addressed the committee for ' two hours during the forenoon. Brandeis said that Ballinger lacked that quality of reseldteness which was so essential for a man in his position. and that the -only time there was ever take was when there was \pressure from both sides.\ After criticizing Ballinger's action in the Cunningham coal cases, Brandeis a safe trustee. for the p elieroommitteel \le v eli p t o gg , erty\ He said It had been conclusive- ly establiehed that Ballinger was not a man so devoted to the interests of the people and so reiolute. In resist- ing aggressions of special interest that he might he safely relied upon to carry on a broad policy of conserva- tion of our natural resources. , Brandeis referred sarcastically to Ballinger's \Inability to remember when on the witness stand,\ and he charged that Ballinger intentionally Pvaded his questions, He deeounced the discharge of Glaviii without an op- portunity to be heard on the charges preferred against him, and said, but for this investigation. Glavin \the Ideal public servant, would have been permanently condemned and held up to public disgrace with the knowl- edge that the charges had been pre- ferred against him. He extolled Mavis and Stenogra- pher Kerby as the \two courageous young men who had refused to be disloyal to their government at the price of loyalty AIS their -superior.\ He said they' would have the ad- miration instead of the condemnation of the AmvrIcan people. -- Hughes Lost Pet Measure. Albany, N. .y., May 7. -With visions of being called back into extra session because Of their failure to enact such electorial reforms as are advocated by Governor Hughes, 200 tired legislators prepared to leave for their homes to- day. Starting with the most sensational bribery trial in the legislative annals of the state and ending in a red hot fight over various direct primary mtas- urea, the session which ended at noon today has been one of the most strenu- ous in years. As one result Governor Hughes fails to secure his pet direct nomination scheme, but has obtained favorable legislation of all his other more important recommendations. Dry Deck Will Se Raised. Manila, May 27. -Open valves and uncovered manholes was the cause of the partial submersion of the U. S. dry dock Dewey at Olongspo in Subig bay, Tuesday. The board of inquiry is pursuing a rigid investigation of all the circumstances that might have a bearing on the affair. The dock has been raised ten inches in twelve hours through the use of starboard pumps assisted by the tugs Piscataqua and Wompatuck. It is expected that the dock will be Pulsed within a few lays. Defend Flour Brands. Kansas City, Mo., May 27.-fAttor- neys for the millers in the \bleached Ague' cases filed a petition id the United States District court today to have that portion of thp government's allegation charging false branding stricken out, on the grounds that even If the flour was bleached, calling this \high patent\ flour does not constitute false branding. The argument on this Petition will be the first step in the case when it comes up for trial here on May 31, Sugar Employes Pleaded Guilty. New York, Ma); 27 -Three of the de- fendants in the sugar underweighing conspiracy trial will plead guilty, their counsel, Henry H. Cochrane. announc, ed today. The men are Former As- sistant Dock Superintendent Harry W. Walker, and two government Weighers, Jean P. Voelker and James Harrigan, jr. Death in Collison. • Aberdeen, S. D., May 27. -In a col- lision on the Milwaukee, toad near Boe-dle, S. D.. between a work train and a engine and caboose, Arthur Johnson of Aberdeen, enginee• of work train, received injuries misting his death in a short time, Not Guilty of Heresy. Atlantic City, N. J., May 27. -The Presbyterian General assembly today practically exonerated the New York synod in the heresy case. The report of the judicial committee was a com- promise. Working for Reciprocity. Washington, D. C., May 27. -Certain negotiations which are not obtain- able in detail, between Canda and the United States, indicate that the ef- forts to secure reciprocal trade rela- tions between the two countries will he iuccessful. Immediately after this reciprocal treaty is arranged the Unit- ed States government will endeavor to 'conclude a similar agreement with Mexico. It Is admitted by all the of- ficials that the beet thing for the United States to do is to bind to her- self with special treaties her great and bowertul.nelfghbore on the south and north, Expert:. Will Testify. St. Louis. Mo.. May 27. -That expert testimony is to play an important part in the at Mrs. Dora E. DoxeY. charged with the murder of Wm. J. Erder, developed during the testimony Dr. J. A. Hartmann, of the coro- ner's office, was the first witness call- ed when court reconvened, having been sworn when adjournment was taken lapt night. 'The question of whether 'Erder, before his death, was suffering .frem a malady for which affienical compoufids are used, was raised repeatedly In the olsou-exami- nation of the witnuees by Mrs. Doi- ey's attorneys today. NO ACTION TO BE TAKEN VESSEL SeAkSHED BY NICARA- GUANS NOT AMERICAN. • Advice' Received at Washington State That Esfuerno Was a Nicara- guan Boat, Washington, D. C., May 26.-1f the Schooner Eatuerno which was search- ed by the Nicaraguan gunboat Venus, was flying the United States flag . at the time she wee overhauled, as has been reported, she was carrying the stars and stripes without any author- ity, according to official advice. re-., ceived here. The navy department has authentic information that tile Esfuerno is not an American schooner. She is said to have a Nicaraguan register and it entitled to fly the Nicaraguan flag. It is thought that she may be partly owned by American capital, but that in no sense entitled her to the protec- tion of the United States as an Ameri- can vessel. Under these circumstances the American government would not be justified in taking any action what. ever. Jaws DRIVEN OUT. Affecting ernes in Kiev, When Pau- per, areaDriven Out. St. Petersburg, May 28. -The exolus of Jewish families from 'Kiev has be- gun. The total departures from that city up to last night were 30e r'ifitt^ * _ be the poorest classes. The expulsion is attended with harrowing sights. The exodus is compulsory and in ful- fillment of an order of the Russian government that all Jews who cannot establish • legal claim to residence outside the pale return forthwith to the confines defined in the original Jewish segregation laws. The pale was formed by the Polish Provinces and Ukraine, The scenes In the streets of Kiev yesterday were affecting. The evict- ed ones were veritable paupers, lack- ing all means of sustenance. For the moment the Jewish families' posses- sions were undisturbed. Wheat Corner Smashed. Chicago, May U. -Sensational de- clines In the wheat market at today's session of the hoard of trade follow- ing a private settlement of ' the May -wheat option declined an extreme of Ai% cents from last night. September at the bottom showed a decline of 6 cents. In the unloading of a long line, estimated at 1,000,000 bushels, James 'Patten use reported to have been the seller of the latter preparatory to ar- ranging his affairs for an extended va- cation, but the statement was denied by Mr. Patten. Smothered in Pillow. Mandan, N. D., May 26. -Mrs. Mar- guerite Pope was smothered to death in a pillow . at the home of her mother here today, She had gone upstairs on en errand during the forenoon and fainted away, falling face downlacross a bed with her head buried in a pil- low. When she was found her life had been smothered out. She was about 26 years of age. She was formerly • teacher in the Indian school here and had been married about a year. Gets Honorary Degree, Cambridge, Eng., May U. -Roosevelt came here today to receive the hon- orary degree of doctor of laws from Cambridge university, His OFR to the ancient town \should be one of the pleasantest memories of his stay in England, for the' reception given him by the faculty, students and towns- people was notable, The former presi- dent was accompanied from London by Mrs. Roosevelt ahd his daughter, Mrs. Nicholas Longworth. Awaits Teft's Signature, Washington, May 26: -The house has concurred on the senate amendment to the Hanna bill providing for the opening of the Berthold Indian reser- vation In North Dakota. The bill as it now stands is sub' stantially as introduced by its author In the house. The president will probably sign the bill some time this week. Over 4.000,- 000 acres of land will be made subject to entry as a result. Five Brokers Go to Prison. Cincinnati, 0.. May 21. -Louis W. Foster. Ed When, Waiter Campbell. J, M. Scott and Arthur W. Baldwin, the flee - Inembers of the O'Dell Brokerage company, who were sentenCed to jail on charges of using the malls for bucket shop operations, surrendered to United States Marshal Eugene Lewis today. They were taken to the county Jails in Dayton and Troy, Ohio, Meehan Out en Sail, Minot, N. D., May 118. -Pat Meehan, who has been held in the county jail at Rugby for several months on a charge of murder, arising out of the killing of Ole Rice, at Rugby, during a celebration following the last elec- tion in that town, has been released under $10,000 bonds. Attorney G is in C Con. St. Paul, May 37. -The election of officers and the selection of the next convention city and the report of the committee on regointions were the most important matters\ to come be- fore the national association of attor- neys general, which is holding a meet- ing here. Legal Lights Gather. St, Paul, Minn., May 26. -Attorneys general and their assistants from more than half of the states In the union are here to attend the fourth annual convention of the National As- sociation of Attorneys General which opened at the state capitol today. The convention will continue through to- morrow. Attorney General George T. Simpson of Minnesota called the meeting to order at 11 thin morning and delivered the opening address, his subject being The Removal of Cases in Which the State is a Patty From State to Fed- eral Courts. Wireless for Pike's Peak. Denver, Cele., May 26. -According to Information received here, Marconi will establish a wireless station on the top of Pike's Peak, to be used as a midway transmitting and receiving point, in the effort to send messages from the At. ludic to the Pacific coast. Meelonber Improving, Waehingten. May 26. -Senator Mc- Cumber's condition shows continued improvement, although Pram; for his removal to his home have been put off for- the ptesent. Indications are that fie will leave 'the hospital early eevt week SPIRITED Off ENSE LORIMER SAYS CHARGES ARk PREFERRED AGAINST HIM BY ENEMIES, GRAND JURY GETS BUSY And Returns an Indictment Against John Brodeciek of Chicago for Bribery in Case Whitt, Sen- ator is Speaking. , Washington, May 2a. -For two hours. today Senator Lorimer of Illinois stood In the senate and in' vigorous language denounced as untrue the charges \of bribery made against him in connec- tion with his election to the senate, Upon leaving the chamber at the conclusion of hie speech, Mr. Lorimer, hurriedly put hje, affairs in order and caught a late afternoon train for Chi- cago. In his addrees Mr. Lorimer made emphatic d !al \ et 41 the i al- legations of cor Bon and sought to turn the accuse on of wrong doing upon the Cgicago Tribune, in Which newspaper the charges were first pub- tisbed-. - The speech was &toted to a review of charges and Illinois politics for the past 24 years. He charged the Trib- suse..aelegfesindskes..meselffisseelleseewssetems- aiternoweed-nsaing - - that IS' -.had -- been fighting him ever since 1884, charged that it was inspired because of its, failure to control his course as a pub- lic man. • Mr, Lorimer gave many particulars concerning his election, saying that •fter permading him to enter the race. Governor Deneen had deserted him and sought to turn against him those whose support he had formerly pro- cured for him. At the close of his speech, Mr. Lorimer offered a resolution direct- ing that an Inquiry into the charges he made by the committee on privi- leges and elections. Under the rules of the senate the resolution was re- ferred to the committee on contingent expenses to consider the question of cost. In case of a favorable report from that committee of which there Is no doubt, the resolution will go to di) committee on elections for considera- tion of the merits of the matter. -Upon the report of that committee the sen- ator's action will largely depend. Springfield. Ills., May 28. -The Ban• gamon county grand jury exploded a bomb under the political tent of United States Senator Wm. Lorimer here to- day by returning an indictment against State Senator John Broderick of Chi- cago on a charge of bribery. The ex- plosion occurred just as the echoes of the senator's \explanatory\ speech at Washington were reverberating through the columns of the evening Illinois newspapers, completely drown- ing out, for the time being the sound of the senator's voice as It was lifted in his own behalf. Broderick, who is a leading Chicago democrat was indicted as the direct result of a confession made to the grand jury by -Mate Senator D. W. Hoistiew of luka, Illinois, who says Broderick paid him $2,600 to vote for Lorimer for senator. A maple, was at once ordered for Broderick and a bench warrant issued for his arrest. BOTH ORGANIZED. Renville and Burke Counties are Both Legal, Says Supreme Courtt. Bismarck, N. D., May 11. -Both Rem Ville and Burke counties were organ- ised by the vote tairen at the last elec- tion, according to a decision, promul- gated by the supreme court today. The opinion of the court has not yet been handed down, but the effect of the de. Melon was announced by the court. The decision came upon a rehearing granted and argued some time ago be- fore the court. Under the previous, decision the court of Burke county was declared organized, but Renville county was knocked out, on the theory that the two hundred - iiotes in Kenmare, which were cast solidly against both propositione were registered defect° and could not therefore be counted. There were some six hundred votes cast in Kenmare on the proposition of organizing Burke county and Renville counties. They were cast nearly solidly against both propositions for the rea- son that in either case Kenmare would Pie left In a pocket i old Ward county. Only two hundred votes were cast at the June primaries in Kenmare and as there was no registration at the fall election, the court held In the for- mer decision that only two hundred votes could be counted, and that they were registered defect°. by the fact of the vote at the June primaries. This conclusion is abandoned by the court in the decision on rehearing and all of the vote in Kenmare is thrown out, as not having beA registered and therefore illegal. Bowbells will probably be the count) seat in Burke county and Mohan of Renville county. Kenmore is left in a 'corner of old Ward county. Horne on Wedding Anniversary. Washington, May 20. --Senator Mc Camber's condition was so fitt im- proved today that he will be removed to his home tomorrow. Sunday will be the twenty-first anniversary of his wedding. He had expressed a desire to be borne on that occasion, and his physicians granted the request reluc tantiy. Two nurses will accompany him. Nicaraguan Insurgents Win. Bluefield', Nicaragua, May 28. -Al- though the fuses of President Madris gained • victory yesterday over the troops of General Estrada and captur- ed Bluefield@ Bluff, which was garri- soned by • small section of the provis- ional army. Estrada today succeeded In repulsing the enemy with heavy losses. The government steamer Venus to- day signalled with heavy cannon to General Lark who began a desperate assault against En trada's positions around the city Of Blueflelds. The en- gagement was kept up all day and the Madriz forces were driven back. Chicago May Land Meet. Atlantic City. N. J., May 28. -The Presbyterian General assembly sought to finish all the remaining business at this morning's session, in order that final adjournment may he taken. The principal question yet to be decided Is the place for holding he next general assembly. Chicago is the favorite add probably will be chosen Former Congressman Dead. / Indianapolis, Ind., May 28.-J• see P,veretreet, who repr tented this, the teventh district of Indiana in congress from 1896 to 1908 died today at his home in this city after a long illness. When You Think Of the pain which many women experience with every month it macs the gentleness and kindness always associ- ated with womanhood seem to be almost a miracle. 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MANY LIKE HIM. \What kind of a fellow is he?\ \The kind that weirs good clothes only on Sunday.\ BABY'S SCALP CRUSTED \Our little daughter, when three months old, began to break out on the head and we had the best doctors to peat her, but they did not do her any good. They said she had eczema. Her scalp was a solid scale all over. The burning and itching was so severe that she could not rest, day or night. We had about given up all hopes when we read of the Cuticura Remedies. We at once got a cake of Cuticura Soap, ail box of Cuticura Ointment and one bot , ttle of Cuticura Resolvent, and fol- i lowed directions carefully. After the first dose of the Cuticura Resolvent, we used the Cuticura Soap freely and applied the CaUcura Ointment Then 'she began to improve rapidly and in two weeks the scale came off her ead and new hair began to grow. In very short time she was welL She is ow sixteen years of age and a plc- ure of health. We used the Cuti- cura Remedies about five weeks, rag - Warty, and then we could not tell she iad beanyffected by the disease. We 'Si° other treatments after we ound out what the Cuticura Remedies ould do for her. .1. Fish and Ella If. Mt. Vernon, Ky„ Oct. 12, 1909.\ S preading the News. Postmaster Fuller of Rockland, Me., Was the sparkling wit at the postmas- ters' dinner. He announced with mock !solemnity that he had just received word from his congressman that his name had been sent in somewhere in Washington for reappointment in recognition of his efficient service and 'the votes he could swing. \I have dashed the momentous news of my triumph to distant Rockland to 'my wife, and if I am acquainted with 'the lady, as I believe that I am, the h ad tidings have ere now penetrated the most remote sections of that district,\ was a sally that brought own the house, $100 Reward, $100. 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Many farro- we, have paid for their land oat of the proceeds of one crop. Splendid climate, good schools. eseellent railway facilities, lots freight . ..Mee, wood, water awl har r h. ,, t711 , 14? . bla . l , nr .4i partionlem as to tenable location E nd low settlers' rate, apply to 'it of Immigtstices._ Ott t• w , or to Vsnadian Violet heat. CHAS. PILLING r an Mika n mama nm/ Crud fern, 1.14 i Gabe/ Ikak H IN SUNNY SAN JOAQUi sec E b; for seri pure matter of lands for homeetek- or w be placed upon the market by the OldeeS crash !shoo al estate lino In Man JotiquIn ()minty, Calif la. 'HIT years experience in the businesa In th city and county. Personal attention given Mit every Inquiry. Letters promptly answered. Tracts f rout St° 4i.001) seers. These lands his volleyer had any boom advertising and at the present time On he bought at very low prices a% compared to other portions of tOkstate for Ian* oreee tame . Oha racier. L. IL WM., CIL Sonar , Mentes, Cal. 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 03 June 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.