Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 10, 1910, Image 1

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PRAY'S WORK. Establishment of Mine Rescue and Experiment Stations. Washington, June 6.—Repre- sentative Charles N. Pray of Mon- tana is receiving congratulations over the successful conclusion of his fight for the establishment of mine rescue and experinienklia- tions throughout the countryoWa supplementry service to his bureau of mines bill which was passed by congress several months ago - Mr. Pray made a visitant and sae- ceStdisd As& for. Sims bureau of mines anti the rescue station bill, which has just passed, makes this bureau a great and powerful force for the prevention of accidents and the proper.swift and scientific work of rescue after they happen. White Sulphur &wings Bon. tVliite Sulphur Springs, Mont., June 3.—This sleepy old inland town has suddenly awakened from a sleep of more than a quarter of a century. With the announce- ment of the coming of the two railroads,- the lines for which are now being run by several gangs of survesors and a proper realiza- tion of the agricultural possibili- ties of the Smith River valley, the town has suddenly taken on a boom that promises to force it to the front as one of the most pros- perous and lively communities in the state. Preliminary survey % have been completed for the brunch line from Dorsey on the Chicago, 'Milwau- kee and Puget Sound Railway in - White Sulphur Spriags and actual work upon this railway will begin about June 15. Surveyors are now in the field driving stakes for the proposed Northern Pacific Glendive-Helena cut-off, which will _go directly. _.sise,Agh the Springs. WHITEHALL. M To the American Flag. All hail our starry banner, The emblem of the free, Whose stars and stripes forever Shall stand for liberty! The world beholds thy glory, Bright banner of the stare, And nations held in bondage • Shall break their prison bars. In -thee the bile ofheaven Proclaims thy purity. And Peoples plunged in Perron , Shall fondly turn to thee. To lead the world in honor, The weak to cheer and save— These are thy tasks tower; Dear banner of the brave. ikr4t,v - essar 4toly pledges We solemnly renew. Uatil our hearts are silent To thee we will be true The centuries shall claim thee Till tinie itself shall end And all the world proclaim thee Protector, savior, friend. --General Horatio C. King. Dragging Red Herring. Bolton Hall, son of the late Rev. Dr. John Hall - was not pleased with the attitude of the Prtsbyte- rian general assembly in regard to the Jeffries Johnson fight. He sent an open letter to that body in which, among other things, he said. \While in every big city young girls are snatched away to lives of shame, a bile all over the land lit- tle children are worked to death in our -factories, while the monopo- lies have increased these shrieking evils,is it possible that the church can find nothing more tl ' erious to attack_ than a prize fight. already sufficiently advertised? I am the son of a clergyman myself, a membee of the Presbyterian the churches, and it makes me sick to see the petty, ineffective, time- serving church organizations. Whenever there is a real fight on against political or social evil, the churcheikare sure to be found drag- ging A red herring across the trail with a 'crusade' against some such horror as Sunday saloons or play- ing craps. \Religion only makes itself coh- temptible by such a bid for sup- port as an anti -prize-fight protest.\ Erroneous Locations Erroneous location of a mining claim, resulting in the !ode travers- ing the claim laterally, instead of longitudinally as cleaved, has the effect of restricting the locator to that length on the lode which cor- responds to the width of the claim, that is to a maximum of 600 feet. In other words, as construed by the courts in such cases, the orig- inally intended end lines become side lines, and the side lines become end lines for purposes of deter- mining the extra lateral right. An amendment to such a location may be made at will, but in so doing the amended location becomes jot. - ion to all contiguous or neigbbor- ing claims% and cannot concede any extra -lateral right in conflict with those properly pertoining to them. The claimant, under such circum- stances, may easily lose more then he would gain by amending.—Min- ing Science. Notice. On account of the advanced cost of living we, the undersigned, are compelled to raise the price of meal tickets to 117 00. and all meals out- side of meal tickets will be 50 cts. straight. beginning on Monday A. M., June 9th, 1910. F. E. NsiiSoN, Prop'r Whitehall Hotel. SCHNEIDER Stlit ATHEY, Propr's Germania Hotel. JENNIE WILLIAMB A Prop'r Butte Cafe. agriculturists are pouring into the JASPER YOTTVA. \74'414 Prop's- f otet Jefferson. Pe/f1-1N.___ — . • I. The coming of the railroads will open up what, according to Prof. Linfield. head of the State Exper- imental Farm at Bozeman, will be one of the richest farniing coun- tries in the state. At the present time, a larger part of the land in the valley is held by old time ranchers in tracts of from 5.000 to 15,000 acres. Homesteaders who have come into the valley during the past five years and who were the first people to really discover the agri- cultural possibilities of the land about here, have cut off much of the grazing lands of the cattle and sheep kings and they have recog- nized the inevitable. As a result more than 500,000 acres of these big ranches have been put on the market. As the laud can still be purchased at very low figures, it is exp4cted to pass quickly into the hands of colonisation companies and- then be cut up into quarter section farms. In a report which he has just made, Prof. Linfield states that he has fouad the average rainfall in the Smith River valley for the past four years to be more than 19 inches. With this rainfall and a very fertile soil, most of it it black loam With a limestone in- gredient, he believes conditions are ideal for Successful dr.y farm• ing. There is -also a great. deal of water in the_ valley for irrigation purposes, a largo part of which has never been utilized. With the coming of the two railroads, which are to enter this city, more than 500,000 acres,. now in big ranches, will be cut up into small farms. Already many were 4 SL NLIGHT. A. FRIDAY. JUNE 10. 1910. There. Pony, June 6. -e -During a base- ball game yes+ afternoon, iit Ennis, lighttlinerstruck the grand stand and Mrs. M. E. Buck and nins other persons were injured. Mrs. Buck. who is the wife of Su-. perintendent Buck of the Madison River Power company, was hold- ing a sunshade over her head. TI lightning lilt the shade, break' off four ribs of the tilled° atid tear- ing LW*, llu'elc'erelothiag frousisar body and her thoes from her feet. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Deportment of the Interim, U.S. Lind Qt1i,e, at lick-ma, Mont. May '24, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that - Fred A. Telety, of NV hitehitil, Montane, who, on Octi;ber 1907, made Homestead Entry No. 14695, Serial No. 09003, for Sir t4Ef Section 8, Township 1_ N., Range 3 W., Montana Mvriclian, has filed notice of intention to make final commutation proof, to 4altu to thortaild• above described, before the Register and MOS.. Dock. NO1PAPIsiR0414sAniOiSda, .Receiver U. S. ,TAss . 7s Oa*, Helena. Montana, 'on the 7th day of July,.1910. Claininnt names as witnesses; Edward Huston, of Renova, Mon- tana; Frank Moriarity, of Renova, 1Slontana; William G. 'rebus of Whitehall, Montana; William H. Tebay, of Whitchnll, Montana. Dillon. June 6.—After spending STEPHEN CARPENTER, nearly all his life trying to find ii 5-27-51] Register. mine that would ninke him a niill- ionaire. Philip Miller, a well- known old-time prospector of this country, was brought to Dillon yesterday, examined twiny for his vanity, pronounced insane and will be taken to Warm Springs during the next day or No. Miller came to this county in 1865 and has pros- pected and mined ever since. Dur- ing the past several sears he hes worked on Dice creek, seeking dil- igently for R IHR:ket of very rich gold ore which lie believes hidden there. until lie finally lost his mind and can talk of nothing but the hidden riches. roinaining unconscious until late et night. It is thought, however,she will recover. Five of the others injured were ladies and four were men. All were knocked down and more or less injured. A dog at Mrs. Buck's house wag instantly killed by the same bolt. MONTANA VOLUME IX. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. W. L. BICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. owe Teas. (Invariably in advance) , S ix Months. Three Months SO Slagle Copies........- - ..... Metered at the PolitoMce at Whitehill. Mont,. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. gross -One Dollar per inch per month. LIPCSIII — Ten Ovate per line first insertion: five rotate per line each subsequent insertion. NOTICE All communicatioee Intended for publica- tion in this paper meet bear the signature of the author; otbenrise.they will And their weir to the waste basks& 001JNTY OFFICERS. ss, , Judge. Fifth Jodielalt;T i rs ...Lew. L. canssray Sheaf. .........— 11 1 . J. I' nde, .:norill LW. Wolverton littler , .R. R. Sumner 4r ...W. B. Handley Cirtrit and Retvotler E. K. McCall *Ninety AttorneY U. Kelly Ausee,or .......... .. ... ..... . Jas H. Mitchell Surveyor R. M. Oralle Illeirt of Soboola -Leta M. Thompson Public Administrator W. L. Beardsley Sommer Curtis Denbow . COMMISSIONERS. eitssis Steele. Chairman Basin Jeers LI Reilly Clancy A. J. McHay W /Menai! Who regular meetings of the board of county =l oner , begin on the first Monday In une. September and December. The sasalbers also serve as a board of equaliza- tion, meeting for this purpose on the third Monday In July. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. It. S. Meet' on FIRST and THIRD Ti'ESDAY evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially invited to attend. MAnIll .1. NICl/On. W. M. Max. LtfrAt L. iiv•xLelf. Seer MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. IT, AFtAll Wileteon the 14E•OND and FOURTH rrEs- DAY evening. of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially In- vitod to attend. FRANK E. NILSON, W. N. A • NIIIIIHLAW. Sec. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTORNEY -AT -LAW /MD NOTARY Prime. Whitehall, Mont. GEO . E BAKEi E. N. MI, Irrigation and Kydraelic Engineering OfIlre over the PostcdIce P 0 Box - 7s indiskiln, *Ed L. R PACKARD, W hysiolan and 11111sergeion. saes requiring hospital Cars [Puna 1 0 0 C 101 attention. Respltal.Office and Residence on First street. Whiteiheall. Mont. Itcarreertcnsetticernsinc 4,kcJill/C4, is • rescernie far everybody ...Ise stiss.. awl 01.. to v. tools. boots peas. mu. MI otpketsse. Su- i riC110 \most; .11emes. Mao& Ifsmo•ors Pub. Co. thie mem. IN eS • you. pl. espy Imo It yes suss • . Immesh. A11111111CSII nen' lettitet It 11•1.11100 ittrturss. stestit • prise sm picture , s.stiess Ssesl•.10, frt. 111 ps• OttntIos dl. pap. Amortise Phoissr*s • a......St , Bottoit. Man. SINCALL PATTERNS ColobroMd ler style, perfect fib simplicity sad velliebtlity seedy 40 years. Sold in slowly every wiry and town in the United Stale,.. Camthr, or by mall direct: More - sold then o sty ether make. Send for fru* catalogne. liSeCALLNI MAGAZINE /fore subscriber.; than any other Wines ...vitals! —million a month. Invaluable. Lat- est styles, patterns, dressmaking, ptsin sew i ny, is ncy needlework, hairdressing, \ etimsette, good stories, etc. On!y to cents • year (worth double), {minding a Inrejlettern. Rubseribc tortoy, or 9411.1 for Stlyorpfli * copy, WONDERFUL INDUCEMENTS si is Agents. P0,tAl brings premium •ntaIngsur srd revs cash 'wire °Irma. Addres• IleGILL CO.. Zees He N. Fith St.. NEW Telt 0 ,34 'RAW 50 YEAR 1 14 ta eat ken t esti., nit bout 50 yILARIV EXPERIENCE an. 1 ,'\\ eii bit s riee L 8. 1 4 b emu*. s r ata*. $ yell ,,.wldesl S CO liSliersedvms. New ereArt F si, w c.--4 -ttr ' NOTICE OF SALE OF BONDS. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of School Dis- trict No. 15, Jefferson county, state of Montana, on Saturday, tho 25th dity of June, 1910, at the hour oteight (8) o'elock p. ui, at the residence of the clerk of said board —Uriell Elmer— on section thirty (30), Township one (1) north. Range four (4) west, Si. NI., will sell at Public Auction to the high- est bidder. that is to say, to the bidder offering the higheet cash price for them, school district bondsfor said Jellied district No. 15, in the sum of $2.500.00. Said bonds are of the &nom icetion of $100.00 each. bear- ing dete July 1st. 1910. and ma- ture July 1st, 1915. Said bonds bear interest at the'rate of six Pei' vent per ennum—payibte nrinuelly. - Yrencipot ism interest pnyable in the office of the C'outity Treaemrer of Jefferson county, in Boulder, Jefferson county, Montene. No bids will be necepted for less than per, and all bids must be for cash. ('ash or ii certified check to the amount of ten per cent, of the hid must accompriny all bids as a gunrantee of good faith of the bidder and that the hid will he ful- filled in necordance with the terms thereof if areepted, the mild cash or certified check to be held and considered a pert°, the purchome price of said bonds if the bid its accepted, and if the said bidder shall fail or refuse to fulfill the terms of the said hid by A ugioit 1st, 1910, the amount of the said deposit shall be considered en liquidated damages and held by the said Wheel District as much. Sealed bids for said bonds will he reeeived by the Clerk of said a r o Board at his residene n the des of the 25th of June, up to the hour of twelve o'clock, noon. 'Re Board reeervee the right to reject nny and all bids. This notice is elso given imbject to the right of the State of Mon- ana to purchase said bonds in ac- cordance with the provision of the laws of Montana. This notice is given by order of the Board of 'frusteem of School District No. 15. Jefferson county, Montana. U. W. ELMER. Clerk of Board of frueteee, School Di . titriet No. 15, Jefferson county. Montana. SEWING MACHINE. ROLL -FR REARIM(2. HIGH GRADS. Money by bilging this reliable, Lonent, high grade sew- ing machine. STRONGEST GUARANTEE. -National SewIna Machine -- 71)eivfelerei - - Dillon, June 6. --A very and Rs , . eident occur?eriesterclay at the home of John Herkness, one of the prominent ranclimen in Sheep creek basin, about 30 miles south of Dillon, particulars of which reached Dillon today. A poin of sheepshears had been hung on a nail driven in the side of a shade tree near the Harkness home. Yesterday Frank. 12 years old, son of Mr. Harkness, grabbed hold of a hind) end started to swing himself by his arm. M he l inede the first swing the points of the shears struck his breast and pene- trated so deeply that lie was stabbed in the heart He tittered a single word and dropped down dead. Notice. The Whitehall Cash Meat Co. bare sold their business to Koontz & Fitzhogh. All persons tiering accounts with the old fiem will please cull at the meat market and settle at once. Whitehall Cash Meat Co- - W. W. MCCAW.. • NOTICE POE PUBLICATION. Department Of the Interior, U. S. Land Office, at !Newt, Mont. _ . June, 4, 1910. , NOTICE is • hereby Oleo that Ella S. Davison. of Cantwell, Mon- tana, who. on July 2d, 1908, made Homest al A ppl'c tion r N/NEf and Section 14, Township 2 N, Range 3 W, Mon- tana Meridian, ha) filed notice of intention to mato final live year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before Register and Receiver U.S. Land Office, et Helena. Montana, on the 13th day of July, 1910. Claimant mimes as witnesses: Thomas Dawson, of Coldspring, Mont.; William Dawson, of Cold - spring, Mont.; Meriel -Irvine, of Cerdwell, Mont.; David Tallerday, of Boulder, Mont. STEPHEN CARPENTER, 71 - jEtisti g4K._ NUMBER 17 also C. W. WINSLOW Pkger - at for DE LAVAL SEPARATORS ear lJ r p i ;o a -Utt nii : line of IMEIbtri NEWTON Farm - lrt .. JEleints and Vehicles Emerson Foottlift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and Newton WAGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles 4 RIGGS REAL E$TATE BULLETIN. • See Me. D. F. Rigger, VVhitehall, Mont. We will tell you where to'gct your grubs and your grub when you come here fishing, as you surely s ill. You can find a dainty Innch here, which save the annoyance Kt home. We here delicious cheese, as we wily keep; 'dein and fancy ciackers of the finest make.; cookies, preserves, delicious meats canned, pickles, preserves, etc. (live un a rail, end se will fix you up right. W. S. CLARK & CO.. Renova, Mont. `1 1 ! Whitehall State Batik Capital Ismim in. tiliasvocscs.coc) OEM U. MISSION. ,1 _01. J. lecKAY. Presidest. Vies President ESirectorm cilia M. JOIVIII0i. H. .1. TU L A. J. Al'. L. R. PACKARD. 14. F. 'I UTTLE. Ws aka to extend to our customers every v•commod•tIon consistent with con lye tanking WE RESPECTSTI.LY SOLICIT TOUR BUSMEN .1 I liSt T * 1 1/ft/VVINAL/Wk( )4 1\14 1 1.110.1101001 , 141 You get the I3EST if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r __---- Open Day and Night IFurnished-:-Roorns $ ItAsisIsisi.41^1.4414141,41/16101/ 1 111, 4 11J Whitehall - Montana ofwvvvvvv,A4wwvvvw.,4% , \ F. H. NEGLEV e Drugs and Jewelry PresscrIptIconss and JestAres1Py Ftsspeibro ( a SpsecIselty Meals at All Hours in connection Plugs, Perfumes, Soap), and Oils. Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 10 June 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.