Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 10, 1910, Image 3

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GNAT CAUSES PELLAGRA. Committee on Di In Europe Says Corn Is Not to Blame. London, May 14.—Dr. Sambon, a Member of the Field committee which has been investigating the disease pellagra, telegraphs from Rome that the committee has definitely proved that maize or Indian corn is not the cause of pellagra. The committee finds that the para- sitic conveyor of the disease is the nalmullum repans,\ a species of biting gnat. The Business instinct. An English farmer, taking, his little son with him, was going to the polling ltation to give his vote. On the way he met a friend on the same errand, and the two entered into con- versation. After an excited and heat- ed argument about the budget they came to blows. The poor lad was much frightened, and, seeing that his father was getting the worst of it, suddenly called out to him: \Hit him in the watch, father; that'll cost him something!\ A Wonder Worker., Sapleigh—Ah, speaking of elec- tricity, that makes me think— Miss Keene—Really, Mr. Sapleigh? $sn't it remarkable what electricity ian do! The best way to lead the weak to wrongdoing is to make a mockery of t he punlah ent of the strong. Food Products Libby's Cooked Corned Beef There's a marked distinction between Libby's Cooked Coned Beef and even the best that's sold in bulk. Evenly and mildly cured and scientifically cooked in Libby's Great White Kitchen, all the nat- ural flavot of the fresh, prime beet is retained. 'ft Is pure, wholesome, delicious, and it is ready to serve at meal time. Saves work and worry_ In summer. Other Libbir ' 4 Healthful\ Meal -Time -Hints, all ready to serve, are: Peerless Dried Beef Vienna Sausage, Veal Loaf Evaporated Milk Baked Beans, Chow Choir Mixed Pickles \Purity goes hand In hand with the Libby Brand.\ Insist on Libby's at your grocer's. Libby, McNeal & Libby Chicago News of Montana BLOW FROM FIST FATAL Engaged In g Combat Over Results of Dog Fight. I Billings—After lingering for some days, after he was engaged In a fletIci encounter with Walter J. Scott over a dog fight, John P. Oberweiser died here, and Scott was taken into custody on a charge of manslaughter and later released on $5,000 bonds. The body of Oberweiser was takes in charge by the coroner and a post mortem examination will be conduct- ed. It is alleged that Oberweiser was struck in the face by Scott after he had interfered In a dog fight In which Scott's dog was participating. Ober- weiser was rendered unconscious by the blow and was carried home. He gradually grew worse, although it was not believed at the time his injuries were serious. He resided here for about 11 years. was a saloonkeeper, and was a mem- ber of the Elks' lodge at Menasha, Wis., to which place the body will be shipped. . Scott has lived here for several years and is • chauffeur. NABOB MINING CO. GROWING., •-awool:ak•---wargi WESTERN CANADA Meet Prof. Show. the W•11-Kaowe Agri. Isetwiliat. fare About its \I would evmer miss cattle In Western tithe'to thanin the core belt of the United eltatan Feed I. cheaper and climate better for the perPma Your market will im- prove fester than year ferment will_prodelatbe eeppile. Wheat nun he grown ap to the Inth allel IOU miles north of the International b.:and- :flit be Your e'n'Tt r. 1 ::t! beyond present l.,11 tion. e hate sea th people In e Ilni Hint.. alone who want home. to take up till. lend.\ Sway 70,000 Americans will enter and mak e their Mamas inn Western (Unsung this year. 1009 produeed another large crop of wheat. owls and barley. In addition to which the cattle imports was en Immense Item. Cattle raining. dairying. Wad faring anDul n a f Lowing ba. lt a h cre n wel's Ra s a Alberta. Fres homestead and pm -snip - Mon areas, es well as lends held by railway and land oorapanies.will provide homes for millions. Adaptable bell, healthful cli- mate, aplendid schools and church.% and gnarl railway% For pettier. ret,s, deeerlptim literature Lase Bent Wee.' how to merit the reentry and etkr par- ties's.% write to Suet of Demi- Ottawa. Caned. or to the an,Ilea Government Arent, CHAS. PILLING BMWS ilea limed forks. II to. Wee undress twareet you) BS - lieDile...../ Nee RMS . .:- 1 \ O f l'Zicart---ray with rii.lei.: ' if ; ' 4 P 1 I ,,,,, lawi ”.. e al ...... ? .. h..- f P..o it a inewswe. rod L.1„.11psnearlierteu.11.! NOES IN SUNNY SAN JOAQUIN Send for descriptive matter of lends for homes/wit ers now being slaeod naal the market by the oldest established reel estate finn in Ban Imelda County, California. nay years experience In the boldness In thin city and oceigar• Yereonsl attention given to ey•ry Inquiry. beams promptly snewered Touts from 5 to 3,000 acre. Thew land,. lave had any boom advertining and at the prewnt time atn be bought at very low pile...compared to ether portion• of the state for lend of the mole character. Ia r II.. phnisellt.,/webas,eat. Solid Shaving Comfort NO STROPPING • ' NO HONING 41111111111 4 1111111111 moan yin WORLD OMR pALSY FLY KILLERM•ra=g; 1 , wet.elewa.ereesies. selenieveeleet,aeimpi. L ee.. 51115..18m Nat. etninaleseeel ▪ iIIoOU ever, wit! winalerhememr =. 41seresinel eit WWI dram feiMatplipellheNh 1411111=1 11.161er DeViNat Annual Stockholders' meeting be WU and Officers tor Year vadat •_siipttrxrviran.,tfitknia MMUS cvni operating a property below Wardner, had 736,000 shares of stock represent- ed at the annual meeting held recent- ly in Wallace, Ida., and the following officers were elected to serve for the ensuing year: President, A. E. Nich- olls; vice-president, L. W. Gay; treas- urer, D. W. Price; secretary -manager, H. M. Ross; director, A. D. Mars, all of Kellogg Messrs. Mars and Nicholls are representatives on the _board of the eastern syndicate that recently took over a large stock of Nabob stock. The Nabob will start work on a larger scale as soon as the compressor and other machinery ordered arrives. The eastern people took over 460,000 shares of stock and furnished the money necessary for completing the long tunnel started In 1908 and for the erection of a $20,000 concentrator, MANY CALLED, FEW GET — CLAIMS. Three Thousand Applicants for 422 Farms. •tiiiliageits—Tha Flathead - regerva lion land drawings ended so far as the calling of names is concerned, 3,000 having been called. The' last man was Cherie\ B. Blank of Brocks- burg, Neb., who held No. 2988. There were 422 selections made, and 329 filings, leaving possibly ninety-three filings still to be made. The land office will remain open to receive Sl- in g s of those who selected lands and wished to visit them for ten days yet, after which the call is off for this spring. Next tall 2,000 more names will be called. The call at the Missoula land office Is one week behind that of Kai. !spell, and will end next Wedlesday. Killed by Fall From Horse. Missoula. --Word reached Missoula of the death of G. Hopkins, son of a rancher near Iron Mountains, who died of injuries caused by being thrown from a vicious horse. The young man was engaged In rounding up some cattle when his horse shied throwing its rider violently to the ground. Young Hopkins only lived four hours after the accident, and never recovered consciousness. Closing Program of State School. Boulder.—The closing exercises of the Montana school for the deaf and blind and the training school for back- ward children were held. The stu- dents have been trained by the teach- ers of the institution, and gave gym - !nestle exhibitions, musical programs and bits of elocution. Many persons came from Butte and other cities of the state to be present at the closing orograms. Butte Japanese Killed. Missoula.—The mangled body of I. Yakanabl, a Japanese laborer em- ployed by the Puget Sound railway, was brought to Missoula from Kyle and will probably be Interred here un- der the direction of the local Japanese colony. Yakanabi was killed under a work train yesterday morning, two miles east of Kyle. New Rates For Montana. Helena.—State Commissioner Cun- ningham has returned from San Fran- cisco, where he secured from the Pa- cific board of underwriters a reduc- tion of insurance rates for protected cities of the states of 25 per cent, also a rerating for the entire state. Asks Divorce After 38 Years. Butte, — After being married over thirty-five years, and separated from her husband twenty-two years, Matil- da I. Carnen brought suit for divorce from Daniel A. Carnen on the grounds of desertion and nen-eupport. Faces Serious Charge. Billings.—Arrested on a charge ot statutory crime on the person of Viva Sherwaad, said to be under 16 years of age, W. Ponsford, aged 21, is be- hind the bars In the . city jail while the authorities are investigating the case. The couple was arrested in a rooming house on a charge of using rooms for immoral purposes and were released on a small bond. When it became known that the young woman was under 16 Ponsford was rearrest- ed on the charge first stated at the Instance of the County attorney, Memorial Day Cseuslties. New York June 1.—Charles Her- bert, one of a pleasure party of thir- teen out for a sail on the H1.1111 , 011 river, was struck and Instantly killed by lightning Monday afternoon. The river tragedy was only one of a long list of casualtlerthat marked Memorial day, Emil Anderson. 8 years Old. was run down and tilled by an automobile In Brooklyn, and at Maine - ton, State Island, John Spicer, a driv- er, fell from his high searainid was etuilied to death under his own truck Thotrum Cilftbh was killed by a fall OR the Steps of the Yetussylvania sin - U. S. MAY LAND TROOPS OPEN INSULT AGAINST FOREIGN- ERS AT NANKING . State Department Reoeiviais Report That Other Nations Will Co-op to Prevent Riots Pekin, June 11. -:---The consul at Nan- king reports that native disturbers in that city have taistreed ouenly an in- sulting attitude toward foreigners and have defiled the walls of the American tonsulate in a disgusting manner. Washington, June 3.—The city of Nanking, China, has been posted with placards, inciting the peop.e to destruc- tion of foreign life and property. The feeling in several of the prov• /aces of China Is still giving the au- thorities much concern. United Statei Minister Calhoun at Pekin, !n a cable - tram to the state department, trans- :mita a message from the United States iponsul . at Nanking that the United 'States ship New Orlean• is there and As prepared, with German. British and Japanese ships, to land a consider .ble force If found necessary to protect the foreign consulates. Taft Denounce, muckraking. Ada. 0., June 3.—P-esildent Taft In an address to this graduating Maas of Ohio Northern university bore today, gave a word of advice to the young men and women, and discussed at some oppertaaJrIza. suad limits of prefeleasor sta. leasitteas pa I-- Inuits. The law, nilnIstry, medicine. 'to aching, journalism. farming and modern Industrial conditions all came in for a share of treatment in Tatra remarks. In discussing journalism the prest• dent took occasion to denounce \muckraking\ and expressed' the belief that this unjust phase of newspaper ac- tivity soon would be a thing of the 'past. He praised Theadore Rooseve lt'. crusade against muckrakers in this connection. Socialism was denounced by the president, but was referred to as ene- of the problems that will have to be considered by the next generation. Still Porooeuting the Jews. St. Petersburg, June 3.—In further- ance of the purpose to drive back into the pale—the district formed by the Polish provinces and Ukallne--all the J ew. who cannot establish a legal right of residence outside its confines, the Russian government is now pursuing • close Inquiry regarding those engaged In the drug business or who claim to he so engaged. The proprietors of Russian drug stores chiefly are Jews, and their employes as well aa sales- men for drug houses, traveling in the Interior are now called upon not only to exhibit pharmaceutic certificates but to satisfy the authorities that they are actively occupied with the business for which they, are licensed. The certificates are easily obtained. and many Jews, it is claimed by the government, have established residenc- es on the strength of them, and sub- sequently ceased to follow the profes- sion or business. All sgich are now subject to expulsion. Hit by Railroad Train. Dickinson, N. D., June 3.—A middle Aged man In an unconscious condition Wan found near the railroad track. eleven miles west of Dickinson this morning. The body was cold, evident- ly having been hit by • passing train some hours before. He was brought to Dickinson and placed in a hospital, but the chances are much against his recovery. Papers In his pocket Indicate that he Was for- merly a railroad employe In Chicago, but no name la given. Taft Signs Fort Berthold Bill. Washington, June 3.—Before leaving for Ohio this morning President Taft feigned the Hanna bill opening to set- tlement the Fort Berthold Indian res- ervation. Over 400.000 acres of rich agricultur- al land will be subject to entry as a vesult. The bill was signed In the presence of Representative Hanna, The pen will be sent to the North Dakota His - !mica', society, Transport Sinks. Manila, June 3.—The United States army transport, Indianapolis, sank to- day in twenty fathoms of Water eight- een miles outside the harbor of Cor- regidor island. It struck a log and went down rapidly. All on board took to the lifeboats and not s 3 ' single life was lots, the reports say. Obeerve Jefferson Day. New Orleans, La., June 3—The bIrth_ day anniversary of Jefferson Davis, president of the confederacy, was cele- brated throughout the south today. It is a legal holiday In Florida, Georgia, .Alabama, bflasissippl, Tennessee, Tex. as, South Carolina and Louisiana. Missionary Is Drowned. Bombay, June 4—Miss Mary E. Wil- liams of Philadelphia and Howard Francis Bishop of Ames, I ., mission- aries of the board of foreign missions of the Methodist Episcopal church, were drowned while sea bathing in the Quit of Cambay ildsBulsur, north of this city. England Cuts Diseount Rate. London, June 3.—The Influx of gold and the prospects of the miserly release of government balanced resulted in a lower bank rate which the directors of the Bank of England today reduced from 4 to 3% per cent. Baggsgman Commits Suicide. Kenmare, N. D., June 3.—WIlliam Thomas Mitchell, baggageman of Kenmare committed suicide with a re- volver here last night. The holy was found this morning. No cause can be assigned for the act. He formerly lived a Hancock. Wis., and has an uncle who Is superintend- ent of the mail 'service at Chicago. The bullet passed through his heart. The deed is supposed to 1 eve been com- mitted last night about 10 o'clock. The body of John Lewis, who died On a Soo train yesterday, was shipped back to Presto Iowa, where the de. ceased was a wealthy farmer. Twenty-five are Injured. Kansas City, Mo., May 31.—It is i'e- ported that twenty-fiveepersons were Injured, none 'seriously, when Union Pacific passenger train, 101, was de- railed near Ogallah. In western Kan- sas early today. All the coaches ex- cept the Pullman ang tourist cars lett the track, aocording to the report. To Install Sieben June 16. Bismarck, N. IS, May 11.—At. 'Rev. Vincent Wehrle anr.ounced today that hie Installation as bishop of Bismarck elm-- • srfli taireeptaistriikseeN Jane-te Beebe- amernitthatit arc - being Mai SW. -_-_-_-__ ttre ci AN ACHING SACK Means Weak Kidneys. Well kidneys filter the blood of uric acid and other impurities. When the kidneys are sick, waste matter accu- mulates and backache, headache and urinary troubles re - suit. To Olimlnate the aches and pains you must cure the kidneys. Doan'e Kidney Pills cure sick kidneys, and cure them perms- nuntly. J. N. Markham, Montesano, Wadb., so 8 . \Kidney trou- ble came on me grad- ually and before long 1 was suffering rota dropsy. My body bloated and my flesh was soft and flabby. I tired easily and suffered severely from pain in my back. Doan's Kidney Pills cured me and I am today in much better health.\ Remember the name—Domes. For sale by all dealers. 50 tents a box. Foster -Milburn Co.. Buffalo.N. Y. HAD TO PAY THE BILLS. Mrs. Wise—I think there is a robber in the cellar. Mr. Wise—Nonsense. The only rob- ber there is the gas meter. His Pull. \Does that 'ere thin, stoop -shoul- dered, dyspeptic lookin' drummer that you bought so much from today sell any better or cheaper goods than the fat one ye turned down so hard yester- dayr inquired HI Spry. \D' know as he does,\ confessed the Bquam Corners merchant, \but his views on the criminal rapacity of the trusts are a whole lot sounder.\— Puck . grate an ono orrr Lycra Otturn. OIL 7551,5 3.011IPSIFT rsakas oath that be Is wake = of Os B O( F. .1 (Uglier • Co , &dm la Oa Of Toledo. Conety and Mate alormate. sad see arm wilt pay the sum of ONL 111111DIAD DOLLAaa It emit and hvey Ye Of Caruso Yet awast be gored by the tea ce Ruh% Watts Mee MAMA J CHENEY errs Is Mame las sad gebetelbed It ny preisam ISle tth ear at Dearabg. b. D.. MA A. W. OLZAJION. SIAL NOTARY IPVIIIJ.C. Hairs Cialardi in,. Is labia laurettily &AA arts tinetty upot the banal and mow. sorteee ot the healehheieie. kee F CHEN el' a CO . Toledo. o Sold by an Druegists. lbr 'rake Haire Family Pills I.e sonstipation. Resuming of Youldtful,MInd. A schoolmistress whose hair was of the blackest hue, was one day giv- ing a lesson on a coal mine to a class in Suffolk, England. To make the les- ion Interesting as possible she went on to say she had herself been In a coal mine. A little lad put up his hand, and when pointed to said: \Please teacher, is that what made your hair so black\ Up to Pa. \Papa sister', a liar!\ \Why why! Jennie, you mustn't say such things\ \'I can prove It by your own self. Last night I heard her say, 'Charlie, I'll call papa if you dare to do it *gain!' And he did it twice more. Did you hear her call?\ Rather Personal. Tallman—Only a tool makes the same sort of mistake the second time. Shortman—Do you mean to Insinu- ate that I am a fool? Tallman—Certainly not. Shortman—Well, I didn't know. I've been married twice. An Average. \Doesn't It annoy you to be bald- headed?\ \Not at all,\ replied the genial citi- zen. \When we go out evenings my wife wears more than enough hair for two.\ Still a Chance. \Have you ever loved and lost\ asked the sweet young thing \Not yet,\ replied the man who had been divorced three times. LOADED TO THE GUARDS. Jiliga — What makes Boozer hare such a vacant look? Jaggs—I guess he's full. 16 YEARS OF SKIN DISEASE \For sixteen long years I have been suffering with a bad case of skin dis- ease. While a child there broke out a red sore on the legs just in back of my knees. It waxed from bad to worse, and at last I saw I had a bad skin disease. I tried many widely known doctors in different cities but to no satisfactory eesult. The plague both - tared me more M warm weather than in winter and being on my leg joints it made it impossible for me to walk, and I was forced to stay indoors in the warmest weather. My hopes of recov- ery were by this time spent. Sleepless nights and restless days made life an unbearable burden. At last I was advised to try the Cuticura remedies [Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Pills] and I did not need more than a trial to convince me that I was on the road of success this time. I bought two sets of the Cuticura Remedies and after these were gone I was a differ ent man entirely. I am now the hap- piest man that there iis at least one true care for skin diseases. Leonard A. Hawtof, 11 Nostrand Ave., Brook. iyn, N. Y., July 30 and Aug. 8, '09.\ FEED CHILDREN On Properly Selected Food. It Pays Big Dividends. If parents will give just a little In- telligent thought to the feeding of their children the differetice in the health of the little folk, will pay, many times over, for the small trouble. A mother writes saying: \Our chil- dren are all so much better and stronger than they ever were before we made a change in the character of the food. We have quit using pota- toes three times a day with coffee and so much meat. \Now we give the little folks some fruit, either freith stewed, or canned, some Grape -Nuts with cream, occa- atonally some soft boiled eggs, and some Postum for breakfast and sup- per. Then for dinner they have some meat and vegetables. \It would be hard to realize the change in the children, they have grown so sturdy and strong, and we attribute this change to the food ale. ments that, I understand, exist in Grape -Nuts and Postum. \A short time ago my baby was teething and bad a great deal of stom ach and bowel trouble. Nothing seemed to agree with him until I tried Grape -Nuts softened and mixed with rich milk, and - he improved rapidly and got sturdy and well.\ Read \The Road to Vv'ellville,\ found in pkgs. \There's a reason.\ Meer read tbe above letter? A aew ease appears trots Hits* *a theme They: are ermeetee. time. es4.1011 on Asataa4 A Child's View. Scarlet fever was Iii the house next door and a little girl of eight had Ii. - tuned to the recital of what was hap- pening. A caller came and the child attempted to entertain the stranger until her mother came into the draw- ing room. She told about the trouble next door, but in the telling \broke in\ and \broke out\ got tangled in her child - brain. \Johnny's got scarlet fever, because his face Is all red and his chest is broken In!\ she announced. Jimmy's Definition. \What Is geography?\ asked the father, who was testing his son's prog- ress In study. - Geography,\ replied little Jimmy liege, \hs what you put Inside your trousers when you think you are going to get a whipping.\ ---Sunday Magazine of Los Angeles Times. Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a sate and sure remedy for Infants and children, and see that It Dears the Signature of • '‘IfolgrCeel 4 e In ITse For Over NO Years. The Kind You Have Always Bought. When our names are blotted out, and our place knows us no more, the energy of each social service will re- main.—John Morley. KIDNEY . P I 1_ L S I xioNEY, e „, ' 44 1 r!t r inViriltc l ii;1 bukEsurcs mi t FREE Send postal for Free Package of PaatIne. Setter and more economical than liquid antiseptics FOR ALL TOILET USES. P TOILET ANTISEPTIC Gives one • sweet breath ; clean, watts, gem -free teeth—antiseptically clean mouth and throat—purifies the breath after smoking—dispels all disagreeable perspiration and body odors -much ap- preciated by dainty women. A quick remedy for sore eyes and catarrh. A little Piatine powder &- solved in • Rhos of hot water makes • delightful antiseptic so - Inane, possessing extraordinary clowning, germicidal and heal - Mg power. and absolutely harm- ler. Try • Sample. 50c. • large hos al druggists or by mad. Tug PAXTON To i LET 00., Marrow, Muse. 1 rt) The Wretchedness of Constipation Can quickly be overroMe by CARTER ' S LITTLE LIVER PILLS. Purdy numb\' --set surely and lit. Cure I on the Bihouterms, Head- ache, on., - mew and Indigartiee. They ae diair dnp. Swan eal. Small Data. ams Pena GENUINE meg bear simulates W ze-A7P.o .-- atext\ W. 111i41. FA5g26. . 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 10 June 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.