Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 17, 1910, Image 1

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• • II ANA VOLUME IX. 4 SLN WHITEHALL. MONT.ASA. FRIDAY. JUNE 17. 1910. IGHT. ,NUMBER 18 TIE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED RYER!' FRIDAY. • W. L. RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRIOR One Year, Esvartably In advance) Six Months Three Months Stualle IN 00 I 00 so MOWS at tie Postoffice at Whitehall. Mont.. Sesond-class Matter. ADVERTLIING RATES. Display -Os* Dollar per inch Der month. Locals-Tes Piste per line Gat insertion; are cent* perils. each abutment insertion. SPV1431_ .. . AU essassenbarless Merged for sublets- Z11Pteat..eewtas 1 heignare gng;ot ek wttr al to sate basket. COUNTY (IFF/CEES. . fl d 'An'Teger. sserta. .,..... ..-....-. 4 . f' . ..a GaWria . ..........-..._ 4. w. • isr • .e..e...... awn -a 01.111110a141 Went end Record*, X. R. McCall County AtAtiamis - ..Tiali Uteri • r II era R. it. Crane Sept of Schsole -Leta IL Thompson P a blIc Adathestistor ...W. L. Beardsley SIG nerer ...... ... ..... ......... ..Ourtis Denbow COMKISSIONERIL John H. y reds Alt elt$1121•111 A J. M GT Tbsreqelar meetlage of the board of county en bight on the Ira leasday_ in Ilesitesday and Deosaber. The ff serve se a booed of spina- li all 'emdleg ilt i e ola for this peeps* on the third Basin Clancy Whitehall ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. E. S. Mats ea FIRST and THIRD TUSZDAY g_Intsiago of each mouth at Wasollte Hall. Yisitieg m embers are cordially invited to Masts J. Tindall, W. M. & IINId Lout L. STASLAY, Seel. MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, ' A. F a A. E. Illeele're the SECOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY evenings of each month at Mamie Visiting -Members are cordially In - v155 to Fuser E. NILSON. W. M. 4. A. WIMPRAII. SOC. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTOSNITY-AT-LAW ASP NOTARY PUBLIC. Wliiteball, Moat. The Woe of Nation. A society calling itself the In- terparliamentary Peace Union has been formed and has already many distinguished adherents. Its ob- ject it to abolish war and to legis- late into existence the United Na- tions. In the New York Times Mr. William George Jordan ex- plains the objects desired and what has been accomplished up to date, and with the . art;cle the Times published the new official map ot The Ham. allowing attew for the ptuigietritilding of the el:Witt - net .110147011. tO.Tioi-:;4414ttr-Itrel*feri-A tutional Convention of the world, not unlike in purpose to the non- vention that united the American colonies in 178T is gaining head- way, the object being to frame and have accepted by the nations a constitution binding upon them all, and under which international difference* must be settled. Sen- ator and ex secretary Root ap- proves of it and urges that the ex- ample of the federated American states, working under independent goverment', for their general wel- fare be held up to the govern- -mente of Europe afi -proof of its pnictioability. Much has already been eecom- plished through The Hague Peace conferences; the trouble with them is they have no power to enforce their decrees. Their force up to data - has been a moral force only, and that is not sufficient to curb the anger of nations or the anibi tion and avarice of rulers. If a work could be accomplished - itib7 - 1rittterelrie - -aki41 \ — 4 4.11 1- rrigation genic !wt and hind the civilized na- Engineering tions into a union to support that ud Hydrattlic law,one Can Pee at a glance the im- Mos over the Postodice med,iste and all embracing benefits P. 0. Bo: 75 Whitehall, Mont that would follow. The standing armies of the world would be re- duced to numbers merely sufficis ent for national police duties; the rush for increasing armaments would cease;the world's industries could have the reinforcement of hundreds of thousands of men who are n'ow consumers; and thousands of men-of-war's men would have places in increasing - merchant ships The moral force that would be worked on the semi - civilized nations and tribes would be very great. Surely these are results worth working for. They would not, if accomplished, give an absolute guarantee of peace, of course. Our constitution could not 'prevent the moat consuming war of modern times among a people - speaking one languege. and at heart inspired by the same fun- dimental sentiments and withal the most generous on people earth. But such a compact would change the sentiments of mankind, half - savage as well se civilized; the thought orputting by the sword\ because \states can be saved with- out it\ would take on a new sig- nificance; the proof would be sup- plied that enlightenment and Chris- tian principles were winning their way. The business of legislation could be directed entirely to local affairs among nations, and in the event of serious internal differences, a court would be supplied to adjust them. It would make an epoch in the twentieth century only less in importance than that ushered in with, the coming of the Messiah; mothers looking upon their sons would not fear that they were growing up to be given to the sword; the thoughts of men would turn to peaceful channels, and the triumphs of peace would be multi - pied; the redemption of mankind sup- - plied L. 1 PACKARD, 110heristalian and 11111targebon. Oases recalling hospital case rives @Deceit atteuttOn. Eespital.0111es and Residence on First street. WIsittshaall. Mtont. ts-rotbtatt allICISAII1C • • otagarlso for soorybody Leon &boot dostrIcky, tfro rumba raison. sod boo to too tools. Maple. pato tIcal.full Moistures. Sam- ple sop, *05 11 yoo tams tale yew. Slabs caw. ••=pecia Pub. Cs. Issorea Seen. Wm. Pb•ll Stamm otoroassty AMIKIRICAM PNOTOGRAFFIV las , 11•• 11 brefful pirtureo. o tb ly pei .0 women. oh/do, ^ sawed Stensto tory Oro IS Tre... maws. 'to panel lhasrlarsNotorrishy • boson aa.. Bo l,. USW alleCALL PATTERNS r Caletaiited for kyle, perfect dt,shsplielty and reliability nearly 40 years. Maul in Nearly •-.r7 city and tows la the United -States aei Canada, or by mall direct. Wore mord than any other fe•ife. feud foe his catalogue. IbileCALL'S IMAGAZINS Mors sultscrtbens than say other fashion sksiputios—wIlitou • woolly Terralnable. Lat- est Sty).., patterns, dressmaking, millinery. Idele searlig,faney needlework, hairdressing, good stoWes, car. Only SO nuts a gem Werth thimble), loctuding a free potters. weribet toil, Of Mid for sample„eopy. Wesscatartm_ macaws:as 1 ' **Agents. Postai premium catalogue '•asii sew cask pito/elms. Address BE Ike= CO.. =1.14;17. Mk NEW visa BO YEARS' EXPERIENCE PATENTS TRADIE MARRS Dttuome COPYRIGHTS doyens minding • sketch and dooerlptIon LOOT allekly socortoln our opinion fro* ahrabor Inrontion Is probably pelentablo. Coro munloo tIons se rletly confidential. HANDBOOK on rat.solts sent free. Oldest avow, for mewing patanto. er f .. .tintir taken throuth Munn • Co. ream, *Mee, without charge, the Stientifk Rmericat efilattion of any scientific lonrnal. „ Lavas, * A haedeonnely illnatrated weskit. Tareset . l. set foot months, IL BOW by all “ d Co i _36113-0— , ew tri st.. te *on. With this new constitution and a new code under it, men would realise more fully the necessity of every citizen submitting to right - 80118 laws; and that men who would not accept that rule must be restrained. All this has not yet come, but it IS coming. Men will not yet cease to learti,war, not yet is the sword to be beaten into plough -shares, the light of that new day is begin- ning to warm the east, the echoes *he- old- eetqr \Ware on Earth and to 'Man Good Will.\ will he heard again by those who listen in alatteet-isteusia.- 4 / 4 adw.i4e Weekly. Community Center. Spokane, June 14. -When th3 country life commis3ion of & the state of Washington, appointed recently by Governor Hay. meets in Spokane the week of Novem- ber 14. plans will be presented for model community center and con solidated country school, to be es- tablished in one of the rural dis- tricts adjoining Spokane, early in 1911. David Brown, of Spokane.chair- mem et theoemmienienr, -announces that Governor Hay and possibly Colonel Theodore Roosevelt will attend the conference and assist in formulating a practical plan for the betterment of life on the farm, along the lines suggested in the re- port of the Roosevelt commission on country liff.. This is to be the preliminary step of a nation-wide movement. Cooperative with the various states gad territorim, is an endeavor to teach the youth ot land the fundamental principles of agricul- tural and domestic economy and manual and industrial training, al- so giving the farmers in the com- nitnunities the benefit of the most approved' methods of agriculture anti allied subjects.,The commu- nity center is desined to furnish' a place where men and women can meet for the interchange of idea.. Primarily the school is for the average boy and girl. whose insti- tutional education ends even be- fore they finish the . secondary school, the purpose being to train them to in 1 . 01111 . women and cittiahle of ..upportiou themselves, end dins adding to the wealth production of the country at large and the districts in which they live and to better their con- dition of life. The Washington commission has prepared tentative plans for a community center, including a con- solidated school. The school and other buildings will be under the direction of a principal trained in the various branches of agricul- ture and familiar with conditions in the Northwest. This officiel will he assisted by a supervisor and a corps of teachers. The community center is to be beautifel with trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns without being ornate, and no saloon, store, or other commercial institution can be located within half a mile of its \ boundaries. .The keynote is that the best de- fense against misfortune is to give every child in in the country such education that will enable it to make its own living on a piece of land, if necessary, when it become* of age. The consolidated rural school will be similar to the graded city institution, the betterment of the curriculum being by emphasizing industrial and manual training and domestic science and adding such 499 Leave Whitehall ..8:40 sin 499 Arrive Alder . 11:40 am other studies as will give students iscx) Leave Alder .... a khlrelearrtirthregli_akIrgri14610. - -Triiiip they come into eontact in actual life and presentfigi means of work- ing out the Alter studies in prac- tice,t It is alma'o posed to teach the students the . inciples of bus- iness. . e'l \This may be lirtned a 'back to the term' movement, the necessity of which is beoosOng more appar- ent every day.\ *id Mr. Brown. .................-.... \ \ BETTER FUMING. Arrangements fou‘ospel Train New !y Colifeted • gelaiseratellareotatouttist of in- -wfrieir - erili-stecom pa the Better Farteing Special train across Montana the latter part of June was held in the Farmers In- etitute office,in Bozeman, Monday June 6. The following will con• salute the leetare and instruction staff; President, James M. Handl- tor, Director. F. B. Linfield, Sup- erintendent. F. S. Cooley, Pro- fessors A. Atkinson, R. W. Clark, R. A. Cooley, D. B. Swingle, 0. B. Whipple and M. L. Dean, state orchard inspector. Mentors. H. F. Patterson, H. P. Griffin. W. F. sciloPPe. R. C. Jones and J. B. Nelson will also assist in the in. struction of the people. • The train will be in charge of J. 0. Weal! of the N. P. Railway com- pany and W. II. Merriluatu,gen- eral agent. Butte, Among the topics for discussion will -be fruit and ornimental plants for the new home, how -to get eggs when they are 50c a dozen, profit in pork production, fatter horses with Ie.. feed,- what to . do the- a. 4itit shret4stes, seed selection and treatment, lire stock, dairying. etc. Over 2.000 people turned out to see this train in North Dakota the first day.. A car load of illustrative mater- ial is being prepared at Bozeman to take to Wibaux where the train will be equipped for Mon- tana June 19th. The train now comprises nine cars and is one of the most complete educational - trains ever run. The stop will he made at White- hall. on Wednesday June 29, at 7 R. M. F. S. COOLEY, Director. Unique Memorial Observance. A unique observance of Memo- rial day took piece on a farm near New Cumberland. Ohio. In 1861 Andrew Riggle, who was working in a field heard the sound of a drum. It was the time when the first cell for soldiers was made. He hung the scythe with which he was working upon the linib of a tree and joined the ranks of a pass- ing troop of volunteers. His whereabouts were unknown to his family until some months after- ward, when they heard of an act of bravery with which he .signal- ized. himself. Some time after a battle occurred, and young Niggle was reported among the tniesing. A sister of the boy who went to the front at the first call, never to return, now -lives on the old farm, and each year when Memorial day comas rotund the ItiggIe others under the tree upon which he hung the scythe and holds a brief service in memory of a patriotic youth whose ashes are mingled with those of the thouftands of ”unknown\ who died upon the battlefield. Times Tables WESTBOUND Due Northern Pacific R'y Co. No. 41 178 7 169 . 6:40 pm EASTBOUND 42 12:85 am 170 8:30 am 174 12:15 pm 8 5. 2 pin RUBY VALLET 3:10 am 6:58 am 11:08 am BEANO 8. s i - r i ff i * :\ . . , — o uo•ooss NOTIO2 FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office, at Helena.. Mont. May 94, 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Fred A. Tebay, of Whitehall, Montana, who, on October 25, 1907. made Homestead lEnt'ry No. 14695, Serial No. 02003, for St1 SE/ Section 8, Township -1 N., Range 3 W., Montane Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final commutation proof, to estaWiell del in to the • rnitt ow% diweribed, before the Register and I. --14tve, at .iffeiwtwiti7ww-the 'kb daY of July, 1910. _1 Claimant names as witnesses: Ecittnrd Huston, of\Renova Mon- tana; Frank Moriarity, of Renova, Montana; . William (I. Tebay, of Whitehall. Montana; William H. Tebny, of Whitehall. Montana. STEPHEN CARPENTER, 5-27-50 Register. NOTICE or SAL]; or rosrns. Notice is hereby given, that the Board of Trustees of School Dis- trict No. 15, Jefferson county, state of Montana, on Saturday, the 25th day of June, 1910, at the hour of eight (8) &slot* p. ni., at the residence of the clerk of said board -1;60i Elmer -on section thirty (30), Township one (1) north. Range four (4) west, M. M.. will sell at Public Auction to the high- est bidder, that is to say, to the bidder offering the highest cash price for them, school district bonds for said *hoot district No. 15, in the sum of 112,500.00. Said bonds are of the denom iination of $100.00 each, hear- ing date Jtily 1st. 1910, and ma- ture July lit. 1915. Said bonds hear interest at the mite of six per rent rer annum -payable annually. Principal and interest payable in the olive etas Questy Treasurer of Jefferson county, in Boulder, Jefferson county, Montana. No bids will he accepted for less than par, and all bids must be for cash. Cash or a certified check to the amount of tan per cent, of the hid must accompany all bids its guarantee of good faith of the bidder and that the bid will be ful- filled in accordance with the terms thereof if accepted, the said cash or certified check to he held and considered a pert of the purchase price of said bonds if the bid is accepted, and if the said bidder shall fail or refuse to fulfill the terma of the said bid by,. August 1st, 1910, the amount of the said deposit shall be considered as liquidated damages and held by the said School 'District as such. Sealed bids for Reid bonds will be received by the Clerk of maid Board at his residence on the dny of the 25th of June, up to the hour of twelve o'clock. noon.. The Board reserves the right to reject any and -all bid* This notice is also given subject to the right of the State .of Mon- ana to purchase said bonds in tic- eorchinee with the provision of the laws of Moistana. This notice is given by order Of the Board of Trustees of School District No. 13. Jefferson county. ofitana. U. W. Eturn. Clerk of Board of Frileteea, School District No. 15. Jefferson county. Montana. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office, at Helena, Mont.. Jiirie. 4 ,1910. NOTICE its hereby given that Ella S. Davison, of Cardwell, Mon- tana, who. oh 3uly 2d, 1908, made Homestead Applic ttion No.025.for NINE} and NNW*. Section 44. Township 2 N, Range 3 W, Mon- tana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final five year proof to establish claim to the land above described, .before ,Register and Receiver U. S. Land Office, at Helena. Montana, on the lath day of July, 1910. Claimant names RS witnesses: Thomas Dawson, of Coldspring, Mont.; William Dawson, of (1d - spring. Mont-.; Muriel Irvine, of Cardwell, Mont.; David Tallerday, of Boulder, Mont. STEPHEN CARTIONTER, Vastater. Money Loaned CON REAL ESTATE. LONG TIrlE. EASY PAYMENTS. Reliable Representatives Wanted. The Jackson Loan and Trust Company, 120 West Capitol St., Jacicson;Miss. ad . I A 47\ ' also SL01 1 Agent ** for DE LAVAL SEPARATORS carteJp_iefton- full line of EMERSON NEWTON Farm Implements and Vehicles Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and Newton WAGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles .We will tell you where to get your grubs and your grub when yen come here !Ming, as you surely will. You can find a dainty Innch here, which save the annoyance at honie. 1Ve have delitions cheese, as we only keep; plain and fancy crackers of the finest makes; cookies. preserves, delicious meets canned, pickles, preserves, etc. Give is n call, and we will fix you up right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. PP!! Whitehall State Bank Capital Pahl In, ..316,0000.0Ce CRAP. 14..101INSON. A. J. McKAV. President. Vie President. 1011rwctora CHAS M. JOHNION, It. J. TIIITTLR, A. J. NeKAY. L. R. PACKARD, P. P. TUTTLe. Mesita to extend to our ruainmera every accommodation eonalstent with conservative basking WE RESPEcTI.I'LLY SOLICIT 'Vont til'INEftit J. L. PLATT Cable,. 411.11111111WIWNW • O•mmomiO You get the BEST if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night Furnished -:-Rooms Meals at All Hours in connection Whitehall - Montana A VVVV I VWW•V‘Ar d IA/W0A, 0 64\4/Vm1 44 ,4 1/%0101411 , 14141/‘$1%%10%01. 4 %. 0 WW44 F. ft NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry Pr•scrl ptlaris end Jewelry Repair** a Specialty , Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils. Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware 1*/ • —a— •••••

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 17 June 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.