Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, June 24, 1910, Image 1

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- VOLUME IX. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. JUNE 94. 1910. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISFIRD 'WERT FRIDAY. W. L. RICKARD Proptienor SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. One Year. (invariably In advance) ...... OS Sig Months ho Three Months SS Nagle Copies Retired at the Posta:Ace at Whitehall. nom.. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. Display—One Dollar per Inch Per month• Locals—Ten Cents per line first Insertion: fiv• cents per line each subsequent Insertion. NOTICE All communications Intended for publica - tion in this paper must bear the signature of the author; otherwise they will find their way to the waste basket. touslTr oFr CER9. ' Jades. Atte Judicial May.. Lev. L. Callaway Clerk of the COWS% WM. T. Sweet Sheriff P. J Manning lUnder Sheriff . E. W. Wolverton ... R. R. McCall Ootanty Attorney D. 11, Kelly Jas. H. ilitcbell e .Leta W. Thompson W. I. Beardsley Curtis Denbow comwtsetoutas. • Perris Steele. Chairman Basin Jilts H. Reilly mailer • J. McKay Whitehall TM regular meetings of the board of county conunissicuters begin on tho ersi Monday in Hatch. June. September and December. Tb• members also serve as a board of equalled- ion. meeting for this purpose on the third Monday in July. Assessor Surveyor itup't of Schools Public Administrate! Garotter A CACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. E. P. oats en FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially invited to attend. Mama J. Nctson. W. If. MY. Late L. ST ..... . Seer% YSTIC TIE LODGE, No. IT, A. P. A A. W. t o. the filDIOND and FOURTH TORS - AY evenings of each month at Masonic - alamaii- assailwas ••• sonliaGY Jar. vlted to attend. Fn.tita E. Netamt. W. M. A. A. Nannn•li. Sec. Ike E. 0. Pace, ATTOBBEY-AT-LAW Ass NOTARY PUBLIC Whitehall, Moot. OHO: N. BAILER' E 01, Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic LH Office over the Postoffice P. 0. Box 75 Whitehall, Stunt L. It PACKARD, lohyalellan and illtargerort. regent's hospital care given special attention. mits1.011es sad Residence , u Vint Street. WhItebhaell. Mont. Pts•tee ..... •••••Inda Ala•RICall PNOtoGRAPICT Madman. pannem. mewl. ly wine maw.. Mature e•Olnion. ramrod. an. wirmatt Suede copy fr. If yea mutation thl• man, Nasalise lesiarnOy • lessee St. econton - . WM. 4 Ilact tau,' and III Orn•latf It a =ocarina for, a Loan about alactrIalfy. the a• ming mimeo. ma ho. to use Yoh. SImple, pro, M.1.1'4110 platurna lam • pia wV.1'• It yes Nue Ms pain.. 51 •• • Tema il•inp•oa Pub. Co. P.m. I lastaa, Mao. 15 *St woo A Dilee.ALL PAirEalus Celebrated for style, perfect ft. i etemlielty mad reliability near ea nanny 40 yrs. Sorel n nearly ever7 oity •nd town in the United State. and Canada, or by mail direct. Ilona sold than my ether snake. Send tor free estabogae. NJUSAZYNE More subscribers lb... nay ether ftlettio• anap•ino--million a month. Invaluable. Lat. set etylee, patterns, dreameaking, plan. yawing. fancy needlework, hairdresaing. etisprette, good storlee, eft. Only IM cents • peso (worth double), lack:ding • ire. pattern. 9•Isscribe today, or Bend for sautple e ,opy. WONDa*FVL INDUCRIDIENTS •t• ATents. Pnatal brines premiere estalognat and Iona/ cash prise eller.. Addrese SU &CM CO.. pits NS W. Itth IL. MIM SO TRANS' EXPENIENCII PATENTS TRACK Mamsis °comas COPYPHOHTS AC. 4 11 1 melseVein e105 Vr k.' esinire ti d rr w ertTer m aar \ suiety ld eontidentfe. Nile on recent' lemsatton In probably natoptabli? ommunlor soot fr,& tnat e eit trger i tn= ; I Cr ieb\. e easoltatAcia, without. chervil. In the rw\ Stielinfie Ylinerkatio A Iss1)diewe•17 Illelartfterd weekly- lerreet n _o nak141011 of any easentine journal, Term..aa a neat four months, SI. Sold by an noomseler. hi TIPLOr Set Samatet. New \What is the difference between an insergent republican and a dem- ocrat, They work together and vote together, and all seem to be in favor of the same things. -- Freeport (Ill.) Journal. The Difference I Why, one is a democrat and he knows it. Uncle Sam:—\Jest Come right in, Misses Arizona and New Mex- ico, and make yourselves to Nome. 'Pears like your coestitutions is sound and you'er a healthy pair o' tv;ins. So glad you've come! How is all the folks,\ Aiteeeinas Harmony wrflitiPtit fi in the Ohio democratic state c9 - voodoo, which was held this wee. There was also a Johnson in it, who is a . good fighter. Having been robbed of the rest of his clothes, what will W. J. B. wear if Taft books his campaign - contributions trousers with a pub- licity lawl Possibly Governor Gillette has experienced a change of heart and immagines he is called to save the Sodom of California. When is a boxing match a prize .Whea. ..guiternor sass it's \no go.\ POSTAL SAVINGS BANKS Becomes Law When President Taft Affixes His Signature. Washington, June 22.—After voting down sevoral amendments the senate decided today, 44 to 25, to concur in the house amendments to the postal savings banks bill and thus took the last legislative step necessary to the establishment of postal savings banks ie the United States. The measure was included in the administration schedule and its passage marks another triumph for President Taft. The postal bank bill, as it goes to the president provides for the designation of postoffiees as postal savings depository offices. The opening of such depositories is left to the discretion of a board of three trustees, consisting of the postmaster general, the secretory of the treasury and the attorney general. This board is given coin- plete control of the depositories and their funds. As it will require considerable time for the board to prepare its regulations, it is im- possible to predict at this time wheu the postal banking system will be in operation. In these depositories any person over ten years of age may make deposits of funds amounting to $1 or multiples of that amount. Pass- books will be issued to depositors and interest allowed at the rate of two per cent. No person is to permitted to deposit more than $100 in soy month, nor to be al- lowed to have exceeding $500 to his credit at any time. The With- drawal of funds is to be permitted at any time. The postal funds thus accumu- lating are to be placed in state and national banks in the communities in which the deposits are made and the banks are to -pay therefor 2f per cent interest. Five per cent of the tote) deposits are to be held by the treasurer of the Unit- ed States as a reserve to guerantee the payment of the depositors. Banks are required to deposit public bonds to insure the safety of the deposits A provision au- thorizes the withdrawal of thirty per cent of the deposits for invest- ment in government bonds and de- peeiasae are- permitted to tra mute their deposits into bonds when they desire. There is also a special provision authorising the investment in bonds of the remaining 65 per cent of the savings funds, but thid step is to be taken only when di- rected by the president. Postmaxters in fourth class offic- es are to be given additional com- pensation for their services in con- nection with the depositories and postal Savings accounts in the basks are to be kept separate frotn all other accounts. One hundred thousand dollars is appro4iated $1k 4 f.'\!tr2tiPv.r. - !'\naPaci 1 415._1144 d- feot and to establish the first of the depositories. The bill contains the following: \The faith of the United States is solemnly pledged to the payment of deposits made in postal savings offices, with accrued interest there- on as herein provided.\ WATER POWER. A FIVE THOUSAND HORSE -POWER TURBINE. $200,000 Hotel and Bath Douse for ' • WhIte Sulphur. White Sulphur Spr . iigs. t June 22. 1910. I Preparatory to a thorough ex- ploitation of White Sulphur Springs as the most important watering place along Its lines, the Chicago. Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway has had a come of writers and photographers at work in the Smith River valley during the past week. With the construc- tion of the branch road from Dor- sey and the erection of a $200,000 hotel and bath house, this place promises to become one of the big- gest resorts in the northwest. In the advertising matter to be issued speciel emphasis will also be laid on the extensive farming possibili- ties of the surrounding valley. Chicago capitalists have a repre- sentative here at present figuring on the Aevelopment of the water power is the Smith river it Thom - son's gulch. Their present plan is to install a 5,000 horse -power turbine wheel to be used for the development of an electric light and power plant. They believe that power can be developed at so low dcost that they will be able to install electric lights and power apparatus in practically every house in town and in every farm residence withio a radius of twenty miles. There and several districts in California where power plants for these purposes are operated at a profit, and the Chicagif promot- ers believe the !tame can be accom- plished here. In the California districta electricity is used to do the family washing, milk the cows, saw wood and, in some cases, even for cooking. With the coming of the railroad, practically all of the big raiehes will be cut up into small farms, and the Smith River valley will soon be a densely pop- ulated'clistrict. G. J. 8, Advertised Letters. List of letters remaining un- called for in the postoffice at Whitehall, Mont., for the week ending June 23, 1910: Jackman, J. L. Miller. W. D. Smith. J. G. Whitzke, Jack. Persons calling for the above letters will please isau \adver- se&\ = .- --1116111114V1111101M - B. B. B. MERCIIANT'S ASSOCATION ARRIVES ON TIME Whitehall Listens to Band, Shakes and Says Howdy. , The Butte Merchants' Associa- tion, out on a Northern Pacific special for a four days jaunt, ar- rived here Sunday morning, as ad- vertised, and were _met by num- bers of the -towp ., _wilv woulave been g iarraiitir stay could have been longer than the scheduled forty -fire minutes. The B & M. band which accom- panied \Butte's Busy Bunch.\ gave a concert at Railroad and Di. vision streets while the buoys put in the time making brief visits with the people. The Standard's report of the three B's trip is to the effect that everywhere they met a . most cor- dial welcome, the town of Pony malting the most•enthusiastio dem- onstration. 0, you beauts, of Butte! Sappington Wigs, 9 to 3. Special corespOndence. Sappington, June 10.—The Sap- pington baseball teem defeated the Harrison nine at Sappington today by the some of 9 to 3. Batteries: Harrison — Mills, War- btiton and Uillispie; Sappington— Hagerman mid Boyd. Hagerman was very effective, allowing ofity three hits clu,OL . sg the entire game. Two costly errors in the fourth gave Harrison two of their runs. Maxwell's batting and Hager - man's pitching were the features of the game.. \JIM\ BROWN DEAD \Colonel\ James Brown, an old-time miner, prospector, and newspaper man.known all over the west. particularly in Silver How nd Jefferson counties, Montana. died Thursday evening in Merino - nil hospital, in New York, *Fiero he had been a couple . of months. Brown's death was canned by an injury Me received by being -run over when a boy. His body will be cremated Saturday. On account of the advanced cost of living we, the undersigned, are compelled to raise the price of meal tickets to $7.00. and ill meals out- side of meal tickets will be 50 co. straight. beginning on Monday A. M., Jane 9th, 1910. F. E. NELSON, Prop'r Whitehall Hotel. SCHNEIDER & MATHEY. Propr's Germania Hotel. JENNIE WILLIAMS. Prop'r' Butte Cafe. JASPER YOTTSIL Prop'r Hotel Jefferson, riesemwslriee•••••=w \STOAT OF s_Taxtur , is the title of a -document of 480 pages just issued by the Amerieare Protective Tariff League of New York, which will undoubtedly prove of value, not only during the congressional campaign, but for the use of speakers, writers, etc.. for years to come. This doe- • ment or book includes speeches of President Taft,,quotations'and statistical matter from the speech- es of over 150 senators and repre- sentatives in congress, delivered on the tail, during _the _swim Ióá of - CHRISTIAN CONVENTION. - Reports Show Two New Chirches and 400 Added to Membership. The thirtieth annual convention of the Christian churches in Mon- tana assembled in Butte last week. Many delegates representing' the different churches in the state were present, and all enjoyed it very pleasant and profitable time. The reporti read stated that \ 4. there were twenty-six e ngreira tioni of Dieeiples in Monta with 11 ministers. Two new churches were organised during the past ..11;c/-..ateiet0494-itthwtheel added tothe old churches, About $2,000 was given by the churches in the state for state work in the past year and there it a probability that $9.000 will be given to this work this year. Fifty dollars of this amount will be giv- en by the Whitehall church). .. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McCall, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Riggs ; Mrs. Ida Grimm. and Miss Bessie Riggs were delegates to the con- vention from Whitehall church. NOTION 702 PUBLICATION. _ Department of the Interim . U.S. bind Office, at Helens. Mont. • 1...--.11 , 141 940910. NOTICE is hereby given that' Fred A. Tebay, of Whitehall, Montana, who. on October 2d. 1907. made Homextend Entry No. 14195. Serial NO. 09003, for Si SRI Section 8, Township 1 N., Range( W.. Montana Meridian, has ilea notice of intention to make final commutation proof, to establish claim to the land shove described, before the Register sod Receiver U. S. Land OS*, at Helena. Montana, on .the 7th day of July, 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Edward Huston, of Renova, Mon- tana; Frank Moriarity. of Renova. Montana; William G. Tebay, of Whitehall. Montana; William H. Tebsy, of Whitehall. Montana. Swum( Csarawraa, 5-27-50 Register. NOTION 102 PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office. at Helena, Mont. June, 4', 19111 NOTICE is hereby given that Ella S. Davison, of Cardwell, Mon- tana, who. on July 2d, 1908, made Homestead Appliestion No.025.for NOE+ and NOW*, Section 14. TowniMPA 2 N, Range 3 W, Mon- tana Meridian, has tiled notice of intention to make final five year proof to establish claim to the land al;ove described, before Register and Receiver U. S. Lend Office, at Helena. Montana, on the 13th day of July -1910 7 Claimant names as witnesses! Thomas Dawson, of Coldspring, Mont.; William Dawson, of Cold. spring, Mont.; Muriel Irvine, of $ ardwell, Mont.; David Tallerday, Bbulder, Mont. STEPHEN CARPENTER, tJe10-5t1 Register. Northern Pacific R'y Co. Time Table No. WESTBOUND Due 41 3:10 am 173 6:58 am 7 11:08 am 169 6:40 pni ... ICASTBOUNIXA 12:35 am 170 8:30 am 174 • 12:15 pm 8 5:52 pm viral - VALLEY BRANCH 490 Leave Whitehall .. _8:40 am 499 ... Arrive Alder ... 11:40 am NV Leave Alder .. .3130 pm - Arrtee Whitehall ,-4811 41G1 . N MBER Us Money Loaned CON REAL ESTATE. LONG TIME. EASY PAYMENTS. Reliable Representatives Wanted. The Jackson Loan and Trust Company, 120 West Capitol St., Jackson, Miss. C. W WINSLOW EMERSON NEWTON Farm Implements and Vehicles Emerson Foot -lift Sulky, Gang and Disk Plows, Disk Harrows, Alfalfa Renova- tors, Boss Harrows, Standard Mow- ers and Rakes, Harrow Carts,Van Brunt Drills, and Newton WAGONS AND BUGGIES Harness and Saddles We will tell you where to get your grub. and your grub when you come hors fishing, as you surely will. You CUD find a dainty - Annuli here. which save the annoyance at home. We have delicious cbeeth. as we only keep; plain and teary crackers of she finest makes; cookies, preserves, delicious meets canned, pickles. preserves. etc. Clive us a cull, and we will fix you up right. W. S. CLARK dc CO., Remy*, Mont. Ti!!Whitehall State Bank Capital Pala In. *25 .COZ00.00 CHAP. M. JOHNSON. A. J McKAY. Prealrlent Vies President. \011111=1M M.•••• Inirasseoras cR•S H. J. TUTTLE. • . J MeKAY. L. it. Pet:KARI), II F. UTTLI We elm to extend to our rustorneni ..... accovatoodatioe , onsistent with conservative banking WE RESPECTFULLY S01.IC1T YOUR RUSINISS .1 I_ PLATT Cashier. • 4 1 %ii,%%%%%%%%%%ileWP10%10%%%1%, You get the BEET if you eat at The Butte Cafe JENNIE L. WILLIAMS, Prop'r Open Day and Night I Furnished -:-Rooms Meals at All Hours In connection Whitehall - - Montana $ 1 ,4 %?1, 0 •4/% 0 N.1 , %A\ , %4Iia frawv.,16.Avvvvivvysi,i,4%,,i,40161.4,4,%1 ‘• F. Ii. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry 1PraacrIptloria and Jowsialry Repairs a Specialty ea Drum Perfumes, Soaps, and Oil., Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware 10 11 . •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 24 June 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.