Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, July 01, 1910, Image 1

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\TANA voLumt lx. E MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISH ED EVERY FRIDAY. . L RICKARD Proprietor SUBSCRIPTION PRIOR. Year. (Invariably In adverts*/ N 011 Months 00i41111 - tend at the PostoffIce at Whitehall, moat.. as Second-class Matter. ADVIER'TISINO SATES. —one Dollar per Inch per month. Ten Cents per line Orstinsertion; lire ciente per line each subseq tight Insertion. NOTION All communicsUona intended for publics - Loa In this paper must bear the signature of he author: otherwise they will Ind their la to the waste basket. cou,NTY OFFICERS. e dge. Fifth Judicial Dist.. Le OallaW117 !ere of the Court T Sweet _ i.11.11teleertoo leek sad Record r K. McCall IMO', A tteruel . D. IL Kelly Jas. H. Mitchell R. N. Cralle u 't of Schools . . . . :Leta M. Thompson o Administrator W. L. Beardsleg r...... ..... . .Curtis Denbo, COMMISSIONERS. Swots, Chairman Basin Reilly Clancy McKay Whitehall The reviler meetings of the board of ISOUSW insolseloners begin on the first Monday in sash. June. September and December. The embers also serve as • board of a:mm.11n- m. mooting for this purpose on the third Monde, In JUL,. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, O.K I. on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY ginning, of each month et Maeonic Mitts& members are cordially Invited to *Mad. M•itte J N Kieran. W N. Ms. Leto L. Sr•eiter. Reel' YSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A F. & A. N. eetion the SEGOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY evenings of each month at Masonic Mall. Tinting members are cordially In- vited to amend. FILO NI R. SI SIADOld W. W. •. A. Nennstan. Sec. a Ike E. 0. Pace, ArrosNity-AT-LA W AID NOTARY PURI ic. Whitehall, Most GEO. R. BAKER. E M. Oil, Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Offlc• over the Postoffice P. 0 Box 70 Whitehall, Mont L. R PACKARD ease' re q uiring hospital case glees special attention. Reapltal.OIRce and Residence on First street. WhIltseshas11. Mont. AND taiaf ll_orrosciods•110411C1tAIIIC 111 1. • modoolo•In. omoryOodf Idaro Yowl limoIrledly. *Mod odoomood bowie me Woks Shoold peat Odd, foll otokodoo. 1mm. pi* oopy Ivo If ye. our thi• mar. St IS • you. Ilasoneen P.S. Co. II I.e.. St. Senna. M. Pallet Womb ...Stead AS, ,... riterettewiert umel••• M. Ileseellhl enema owed.. IT oda ••••••te. ololor• ..10•Iden. owners so •••rord Sample dopy bee Id ye. meldies Olds poor. •imam St. P r gr od. i ts1. Peerless 014 Q f P a k St 5 PATTERNS Celebrated for style, perfect tit, shisplieity and reliability nearly Al yr-ira. Sold in nearly orrery eity Sod tow* In the United Iltotee •nd Ganda, or by mai I d intl. More sold than any ether make. Send for free aft in.'. 111•CALL'S MAGAZ•42 U•ris subscribers then nay Aker fashion • magazine—million • month. Invaluable. Lat- est elyleti, patterns, dritissolatiorr, toll1Lne,7, foe treeing, fancy needlework, hairdressing, olagoolte, good stories, etc. Only 110 cents • yew (words double), including a !me pattern. Subscribe today, or send for imamate copy. WONDERFUL IFINDUCIPMENTI • • is Agitate. Postal brings preiiiiien COSIIIOrld/ Sad new teals prise eller s. Address In WC= CO. 828 Is NON. VS IL. NM TM 60 YEARS' EXPIRIANOS PATENTS Tome. NAM* Demme OOPYRIONTI •43. .• .:,=f 0 2.1,111V \\:3:M.P:Z 4,,vg.1.1=011111. Communing, on Patent@ te. taloa r nei WIIIIII * melee ro eon\ witbailt 555.15.15 tam atrican. ii W so essel,. Lenart dr. 4 1 1=3 ere i e l r: n,.... r . N ew h i t r 14.,er . , • DRY FARMING. — Fifth Congress to Convene at Spokane October 3 to 6. -- Spokane, Wash., June 29.— Recognized experts from various pelts of the world will partici- pate in the deliberations at the fifth annual sessions of the Dry Farming Congress in Spokane. October 3 to 6, and explain mod- ern methods of tillage, conser- vation of moisture and adaptation of crops to climate sod soil in farming districts of limited or ir- regnIsr rainfall. They wNl also legislation favor the further development of dry lands, by establishing denionstra- tion farms and experiment sta- tions, and ways and means by which the unoccupied agricultural acreage of this and other coun- tries may be made to successfully produce profitable crops. In the official call, issued today by Congressman F. %V. Monde!! of Wyoming, president, Alfred Atkinson of Montann, chairman of the executive committee. and David T. Ham of Spokane, chair- man of the Washington board of control, it is announced that some of the most distinguished men in America. including governors and ministers of the western states and provinces, will deliver addres.- es, also that agricultural colleges in the United states and interna- tional 'sections will be represented by experts in various lines of work. There will be exhibits of dry farm products from many districts in the United States, Canada, Mexi- co and possibly Germany Ruse* Hungary, Turkey. South A fries, Australia and Brazil at the inter- national exposition in oonnection with the congress. October 3 to 9. Trophies and cash premiums of a total value of $3.500 will be awarded for exhibits of grains, grasses, roots and fruits in compe- titions open to the world, under the direction of Prof. W. H. Olin of Colorado. Growers may also compete for $3.500 in prizes, of- fered by the Spoksne inter- state fair, by bringing double ex- hibit.. The display. comprising 5,00 entries, will he housed in the largest tent in America. to be erected on the fair grounds. \This will be a congress devoted exclusively to agricultural mat- ters.\ President Mondell says. \Live issues pertaining directly to the development of dry lands. including plans for a world-wide cooperative movement of general uplift will be one of the most in- teresting ever presented at a farm- ing convention. The practical ed- ucational side of farming will be given protninen - ce and several hours will be devoted to talks by experienced farmers, truck gar- derners and orchardists. There will also be a number of institute sessions, under the direction of dry farm experts.\ Beside,. its membership the congress is composed of the presi- dent and vice president of the United StAtes. cabinet officials and members of Congress, representa- tives of foreign nations interested in arid agriculture, ministers and secretaries of agriculture, govern- rs of states, territories and min- isters of provinces, officers and members of faculties of agricul- tural colleges and experimental stations, officers of railroad com- panies, commercial bodies, county commissioners and presidents of towns. Delegates may be ap- pointed as follows: Twenty by the governor of each state, territory or previnee. SUNLIGHT. WHITEHALL, MONTANA, FRIDAY. JULY 1. 1910. —ate Ten by the mayor of each. city GANDERBONE'S FORECAST and commissioners of each county. FOR Jtit...v. Four by each railroad or trans- portation company. Two by each livestock, county or 1 0(111 WIMP , lodge or farmers' association. chamber of commerce board of trade or other conitner- c;a1 body. COMING! BURK'S BIG UNCLE TOM'S CABIN CO. UNDER MAMMOTH TENT 1. 1 .90...,Ikaiill . Whittiali Monday At: ternoon and Night, July 4. Among tne many tented organi- zations in America that have be- come famous the Ringling Bros. end Barnum & Bailey shows are conceded to be the largest and most popular circuses, hut the largest dramatic organization exhibiting under canvas is Burk'os . Big Spec- tacular Production of Uncle Tom's Cabin. This mammoth aniusement enterprise is the acknowledged Barnum of all Uncle Toni's Cabin companies. Like the big circuses, they travel in their own cars and renuirb a special train of their own to transport their paraphernalia from one city to another. This organigation embraces more men, women and children, more horses, ponies,donkeys and Siberian blood- hounds, more chariots, floats, tab- leau wagon.. etc., than any other si.nilar exhibition in America. The Parade which may be eeen on the principal streets wherever this mighty show exhibits is the largest of any dramatic exhibition ia the world. The immortal play, Uncle Toes Cojaio. is Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe's masterpiece of dramatic fiction. The management of Burk's big earn pony has spared no expense in securing a metro- politan cast to properly prctduce this grand old drama. In combi- nation with the dramatic talent the management presents a contingent of high delis vaudeville artists con• sisting of merry -makers, jubilee singers, dancers, wire walkers, hoop rollers. etc. These artists are introlu el during the action of the play and always create the great- est satisfaction. Fred R. Pilcher'e Famous Concert Band and Sym- phony Orchestra is Rig° one of the many strong features of this tip - to -date, modern American amuse- ment organization, which is com- ing in all its vast entirety and will exhibit at Whitehall July 4, under a mammoth water-proof palace pavilion theater seating 2.500 peo oh. Advertised Letters. List of letters remaining un- called for in the poetoffiee at Whitehall, Mont.. for the week ending June 80. 1910: Mabel Driscoll. F. C. Erb. Lynne D. Francis. A. W. (2) Groff. John Johnson. Geo Mathews. Art Miller. John Quirk. John Slums. A. G. Street. Geo. Thompson. Ora Wilbur. Persons calling for the above letters will please say \adver- tised.\ 0. H. DAVEY* P. M. When you want a good smoke, tobaccos, pipes or a nice box of candy call on Fay McGill. While here leer. year larindr.v. (44tf ;Mr Copyright 1910 by C. 11 When the Ballinger trial is ended, And the jury has said 'that it thinks; When the case has been made and defended With the wonted political winks, We shall smile—and gads, we shall need to That feel it ai well had been dropped. And the Guggenheim crowd will proceed to Resume where it was when it .. The signs ideal come down in the timber. And the patents shall tie up the coal. The len will get flabby and limber, And the trusts will do well on the whole. It always turns out in that manner. Although we may blush to con- fess it, And we do not regard it a banner Ach ie vninent.exactly , to guess it. July is a tribute to Ciieser. One day, e ith some other insurgents. he talked by the Pillar of Pompey on things of political urgence. He was just on the point of ex pixie- ing the key to some government ridddle When a tinny of regulars jumped him and cut him in two in in the middle. There were Decine Brutus, the speaker, and Cassius. the boss of the senate, together e ith otheis insistent upon Some polit teal tenet. \The party forever!\ they shout- ed, and walla with that terrible slasher Servilius Cases great Cite - stir em wor had been rein through a lusher. At any rate Antony found him cut up into fodder for the fishes. and begged this recpiest of the Ro- mans, who granted the least of his wishes. And thus it ha. happened and shall he so long as the Tibet runs by the Piller of Pompey that Caesar shall live in the nnme of July. The Fourth shall return to discover Us waiting in battle array, And what with one thing and an- other Regretting we won, anyway. The cannon shall boom, and th13 scramble Por things on the medicine shelves Shall warn inexperienced coun- tries Aspiring to freedom theniselves. The dynamite cap and the rock- et shall remind us of tyrrany thwarted, and the valient forefa- ther shall turn in his coffin to nee what he started. The eagle shall mount on his pinions and circle the North and the South, and the rap- id-fire orator stand on the plat- form and shoot off his mouth. This latter, however, is harm - lest; in a strict pathological way, but remains notwithstanding an evil we must in due season allay. Alas, how deficient is nature that might lay the pest on the shelf with ruling that shooting his mouth off lie gave the lockjaw to himself. This tetanus, we are quite cer- tain, has good and defensible uses, and all of its manifestations 01115 fee have been only abuses. The idea, as we regard it, is not flint it should be the cause of ancinore serious matter than locking the or ator's jaws. You know that we never hear of it except on the Fourth of July, and whenever some innocent gets it we are forever wondering why. Well, this is the feet of the mat- ter,land by jove, we are willing to bet it turns out in, the long run that no one hut a lot of old wind- jammers get it. However, be that as it may be. And get whoth the tetanus will. The jubilant youth of the within Will k resutue' . with its shooting to ill fhe safe and the sane celebretion Will suit us who are not so skit- tish, But the youngsters have got to do something To show what we did to the British. There never was anything safe in the way the forefathers attacked them, and as for the;wener attain- ments, the old fellows flelf111 to fen i ;4‘ret]l• east fear to the bow wown and wad- ed into the affray, and a boy does not think himself worthy if lie can't shoot himself. anyway. At any r Ito Jeffries and Johnson will growl like a couple of poodles and observe independenee with beating the hair off their mutual noodles, Thly'll alternate mak- ing the other leviathan howl for his( mother, and if the country at random is lucky they'll manage to kill one another. It's only it plan to make 1110111.y. deserving the strictest of strictures. for what they will have is it race War, divid- ing what's ninth, on the pictures. We've been pretty mad in this country for dollars, And ruiner, and pIncee, but thie is the first timely e' ve treffickedupon the abyss between races. The fat occupant of the White i i °u WIlllie: n on his back in the grass Beneath the green Beverly maples Observing the aeroplanes paw The chauffeurs will keep right, OA eilithelind, With seeing it's no one hut Bill, Andthey'll sigh just to thing what had happened Had they flown over Sagnmore hill. But not every man can he Cue - sir, as someone has suited, alas! and in the due course of the nut- ter somebody must lie in the grafts. It's hard on a etrentious nation, afflicting us all in a way, but we'll look on the brighter side of it. and conclude it is good for the hay. However, Time flies is a proverb. And one day, his foot on his gong And his engine back-pechiling. Au- gust Will come aeroplaning along. Methodist Episcopal Church Services for Next Sunday Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Mrs. D. McCall, Supt. Morning Subject: —\Our Flag and Citizen's Obligation.\ Eveiling- - The Lord's prayer Paraphrased.\ - Sunday School and preaching 2 ser i t ) ( 1 . ,. ni, 1es at Pleasent Valley at :3 An invitation to all. Coise. FRED WITIECORD. Ministar. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Berisi No.9215 Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office, at Helena, Mont. June, 4. 1910. NOTICE is hereby given that Ella S. Davison. of Cardwell, Mon- tana. who. on July 2d, 1908, made I lomest. ad A indication No.025. for NiNEt and MN Wi, Section 14. Township 2 N, Range 8 W, Mon- tana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final five year proof to establish claim to the land shove described, before Register and Receiver U. S. Land Office. at Helens. Montana, on the 13th day of July. 1910. Claimant names as witnesses: Thomas Dnwson. of Co' Idspring, Mont.; W Whin Dawson. of Cold - spring, Mont.; Muriel Irvine, of Cardwell, Mont.; DavidTallerday, ofei Bo o- ulder Mont. Erir . i sT, cAitnNTER, tj mi Register. - NUMBER 20 BURK'S 131G UNCLE TOM'S CABIN COMPANY A Mammoth Amusement enter -prism, Under a Palace) Paull I ion Theatre)! 70—People Engaged -70 Pk Grand Spectacular Production More Men! Women and Childien! More Horses! Ponies and 'hoikeya. Largeetpack ofSiberian Bloodhounds A BIG TWO CAR CITY SHOW ! ! Conart Band and a Symphony Orchestra WATCH FOR THE BIG FREE STREET PARADE! 1./VII—L EXHIBIT AT Whitehall, Monday, July 4 Afternoon arid arJI g F i t 1 Grand Free Exhibitions on the Show Grounds at 2:30 and 7:30 p. m. Excursic•ri Rates on - all Railroads 1 Money Loaned.- iu ON ESTATE. LONG TIME EASY PAYMENTS. Reliable Representatives Wanted. The Jackson Loan and Trust Company, 120 West Capitol St., Jackson, Miss. ft.1.0%$10NOVVVVVW‘SII F. I - 1..NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry Prosariptionn and Jleifilairy Repoires a Specialty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, sad Oft.. Pain* Witches, Clocks, Silverware f l $4‘ . **VkieSipob%4\.1r. t.P

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 01 July 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.