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MONTANA UNLIGHT. VOLUME lx. TIE MONTANA SUNLIGHT 'unbar ND EVERT FRPAT. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. Oka Tear. Shavarlablr is %dram* di eli Bin Months I le Three bloaths SG Slagle Copies__ ... -. - .. ,... c...... j. Entered at the ?Moire at Whitehall. Mont,. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES, %splay -One Dollar per inch per month. LaCtis-Ten Omits per line first insertion: toe Cents per Mae each subeeotient Insertion. NIYTION All communications Intended for publics. Ion In this paper must bear the si g nature of ike author; otherwise they will lad their Oat CO Lite waste basket. , . , r COUNTY OFFICERS. a . Fifth Judicial Diet... law. L. Callswar IV m. T. fR•iret '\\\\ '' '` E W. gil le stii 6 E. R. Sumner r eitserv........ ............. _,W. B. Bundles !left and. Recorder . E. R McCall '.iitaty Attorney • • •••• ..... • . .D. M. Kell, I eds•orse .„.... Jas. II. Mitchell ilvegor R. M. Crane to of O•olveii• .. .... _Leta M. Thompson doll. tdialdietrator W. L. Beardsley .0, .. • Curtis Denbow Co ti SUMMONERS. s• ....s.1.. vhairman Basin tt. • ii. It • tar ..... , ............. ....„.„Clatley .J fleas:_ Whiteb•11 The regular meetings of the board of count; Otsleisedoner• been on the Snit Monday In i zsbe arch. June. September and December. The is also serve as a board of e q ualize - meeting lot this purpose on the third 111Milay in Ja IT. k CACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, a z. s. eats on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting members are cordially inrAtet to •tteud. Mania .1 NE1413111, W. . MKS LULU L. ST•NLef. See'f IYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. k A. M. otion the SECOND and FOURTH Tram - AY eveninds al each month at Masonic fall. Visiting members are cordially lo- tted to attend. FILANK E. NNIAON. W. IL A. A. Ns ..... . Sec. 010 Z. SANER. I.N. Irrigation sod Hydraulic Engineering OtE.-• over the PostOdice . 0. lox 75 Whitekuill, Mont VW. P. CC5C3 H LAN. nepntlot. Limited _permanently over P. 0.. Whitehall. Mont - Sirs. fl If a. in . I Opts. Except &Inds's. ELACTI If if It awl lielVAII1C - CfiR/04 Is • amp rift* foe errerybedy Leen aheet electricity. the dealleg mi.... fed beef, ...,I.. Simple. pees AND V.I. felled pleturee. Sem. 1 r I CI i N I° j &owe ft.. &me, WM. Ilarap••n Pub. Cs. the raper. ft tea vv. ple ape free It r « same Plate .. reeryte4y. A PI •RIC M p.onooaA,.yim.nbnO. O rmolid Orme% weed.. Iy 0.016.IL *Imre w hIdes. Innowl Sample copy tree 3 Tee moue. thl• payer Amerleisfaeureoy III arms N. Boatel. Maim 114 QRAp\sck KAU. rArnainil GeMbrated for styie, perfect fit simplicity An neerly 40 yirO. kola In ion eve• ry city and town in I! e StIt-s Cense* err by well Ai0,01. store oe'd tIv.n any other mak*. Send lot free catalogue. CALL MAGAZINE /fere subscribers his. on; ether Isahle• learssine—million • smooth. Invaluable, Let. e st etyles, patterns, laressMakitig, williet v. p4ai• erming, fancy needless', k, heIrdr••• ellmeette, good stories, et. Oe'.• tO no yew (ererti double), Including a inns r S ubecribe today, of send for 550lp:0 O NDESTUL INDUCEMENTS to A2ents. Tos , s1 pr,,inct nod nem rash ' ,rivulet... Address IletCMI co.. Ma to ti. S1Q St. WTI ltelt: BO YEARS' EXPERIENVID PATENT T.A......: Dumont OorrsessTallt airs .8.41 1:f L e r k r,,l a kit i 4 :. .....,. a.T. .,,,,..1.0. ..., ci arr,=.fowurh. f irr.x. em yt e .. without. ob•no, Int e ntific Alnierican. a. I * elf II %felt,' .0 , 1 ' , reef I y f .. rust 0 aff pfeftlfle .1. urn Terme, I seouthe. 111. Sold by i sowedimo‘ 11 0 sele,\6\. alit lo Fib, vr SB WHITEHALL, Mea/TANk. FRIDAY, AIRIUST 26. 1910. EDITORIAL COMMENT MANGE IN MANAGEMENT. With this issueof the Montana Sunlight the plant, good will and equipntent passes into new hands, and henceforth the Sunlight will he run strictly as a democratic newspaper. No extravagant promises will be made as to the paper's future. At once a new cylinder press will be installed and a &towline en- gine. The kindness manifested by the people of Jefferson county and 4 7 :e1ill. Medi :the new _urtsKie s tor to believe that under the new regime the Sunlight will continue to be a welcome visitor to the many ii iii Ii to and will be a power of good in the county and community. DUDLEY AXTC.L. - Editor. ANINT Tag 1011.NAT TIRES The present deplorable state of the national forests in the west serves to accentuate the patent fart that the forestry serviee organised by Gifford Pinchot Is wholly incompetent and inea petite of protecting the valuable timber on the mountain elopes of %Ilia that bureau's former chief is so fond of toting the American peo- ple through the columns of muck- raking tuagazines. In the days when the forests o the country were under the pro tection of local people it was con- sidered a patriotic duty to gumrd then) zealously. Now, however. the order ol..bisiage have chaser*. and we hove the spectacle of the annual wail of woe going up from these self-appointed sestedians who. though under lieu vy eatery. do nothing the greater portion of the year. and when enlamity over- takes them seek to save them- selves by offering government money itt the rate of fifty ecntm iwr hour for assistants. AGAINST INSTRUCTION There' io good many versions of • . tory of %% toil occurred ie Bill - ji g s in the twitter of it dechtrotion al. the senatorship in the eratio state convention. Bather. it is baud') It mattl r of versions of one story ; it is II case, in feet, of a good ninny stories which conflict with respect to essential points. Wc don't see, however, that it makes very much difference. In this case one story is as good as another, because it seems not at all probable that the state convention will be influenced, in this instance. by proposals from Billings. These cannot be distorted into an ex- pression by Yellowstone connty demoernts in fat or of n mut te.con- vention denlarntioti lit its selottilf al p f erence. As neatly es Pt .sii A:, I tat ilia. county eatiesniftee tint jog Nail • •qtyttli Pillik; • ml Bill ingm itt b hick fifteen mend cr.. Welt' present. By ii Pitivp this fnignient of the eounty com- mittee voted in favor of an in- dorsement of a senatorial candi- date by the state ronvention. It strains the Meaning of plain words to construe this asS primory ex- pression of the dem/terms of Yel- lowstone county H s t o !is it ctindidete; hf i.iirue.• itO bIg of the sort is coin- ing, on Hi, si iii shoe ing, rrfim Hi Iirigs 111 the Livingston conven- tion. lio3 On! , d .1111 or dispute, the Nionome democrats ought to have si ranged for it IA111116(44 expres- sion oil the senatorship. In their time these democrats would have had more federal senators if they had shown more sense. As It Iv, there is no second-best way, unless it be assumed that a state conven- tion's choice is better than a legis- lature's choice -the state conven- tion being made up of delegates not chosen with reference to the senatorial preference of their con- stittiente.-Anaconda Standard. We came back. Now is the time to subscribe. 1.eave ajar the politieal door of &sr ttif seatitoriel candidates. Jefferson county's delegation to the democratic state convention will be found lined up with the majority- against senatorial in- struction. Outside of its polities. its editor, nevem service and method of doing business. our esteemed contem- posery, the Boulder Monitor, may possibly be all right. • No effort has been made to change the stomata...Ince of the Sun- light this week. Our piedeessor has remained the local editor, and to him our readers owe thanks for the excellence of the local column. One of the delectable exhibits of the republican preliminsry cam- paign is the effort of the Hon. Marcus IAFayeue Hewett to beat Doctor Leighton for the 'minium lion for state senator. • Lai on McDuff, and if the devil gets the two of you it just suits us. Just to net at rest idle rumor the Sunlight wishes to state that its effulgent rays nre neither to he purchased or dodged. There being no further business in the office the Sunlight goes to press, The real fireworks have begun in New York state with Teddy It thumbing the tannon. The mime of every democrat in .Jefferson county should be on the subscription list of the Sunlight. TIIP republicans of Jefferfton county are now engaged in it fnetional tight, which is passing strange in view of the fact that no candidate on that ticket will stand a ghost of a show of election. Bozeman Carnival Bozeman is continuing without atbatement the preparations for the sweet pee carnit al and fair next week. The eteetion of flit nrelt ioni colonnade on Maio street is t..•inv limnilId s,li Ii nutpy - A lit ti revel% .41 from Preeidetii of ow II .• urriv.• in lloze 111.1n tin Tuesday . August laths and eir math Thiarsday, when lie makes...his liddress lie will be a spectator dermas tl' carnival. Dur- ing his stay in Bozeman he will he Ii guest at the ranch h.tute of JAI. Dureton. Exhibits are now being installed nt the fair grounds in considerithle moister , it 11,..1.• oo ot the fine -I set ot its ever shoe ii at the fair, Estray. Strayed or stolen from Gates' r .m -h. Whiteholl, I sorrel mar.' 4 years old, a ith blaze foots 16 hands high, and 5 -months old volt; 1 bey mare 4 years old, weighs about 1200 pound's, wire cut sear on breast. ill50.00 reward. - 1 • re, azatigtitia 'for the Stektek ix Are in iDraiet• ' NUMBER 2S Boulder, Mont. ‘ Aug. 14. 1910. I anima a trip *rough Jefferson county for. tile purpose of gether- ing exhibits Vir thttate fair. I have at this tWde * amber of fine samples mat intend to get all I pool ibly can d my trip. Now, toy friends, it wilrbe impossible for . 00 reacItliiii iation this trio, an time will not perntit me. But I most eartertly heg you to.essist me as Flitch as you can farmers get your fruits, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, grains, grasses or anything you mats - have and send it to me at \Helena or send it to the secretary of the state fair about the 21st or 22d of Septem- ber, not later than the 24th. A to the mining men 1 wil- say lip - olt1111 .-- We l t nil the best pot ni- ples of ores you 11111 MIA a rite the names on it e 'Noe it wits tat,. from Ms tag Ito pOo•li , 14 . and glue it on the speci- mens. \Iso the bodies: I also ask you to help us. Send me your fency work, sea ing,ettiltroidery , all kinds of lare totting draiwn a ark. a rit- ten work, art and glass and chinn, and compete for the prizes the state fair Alto ing. You may as well have part of them; if you don't, some one a ill got . them. So let 114 n11 unite. I nee 3 d out. help. and by so doing %till cone• back 'from the fair as one of (lie proodeitt COUIllks in the state. Let Yonisti - 7070 - rellritly, JAMES JEROENSEN, State Fair Commissioner for Jel ferson county. P. S -On my return I shall try to send you Rll a copy of the pre- m m iu list and progreni of the fair. Methodist Conference — - - The nnnual conference of the Nlethodist Episeopal church of %font:Ina was opened at Helena on Tuesday evening with an address of welcome by Mayor Edwards and it re•ponse by Bishop McIn- tyre of Minnesobi, who presided. After the sacrament of the Lord's supper, Wednesday morning. tlw ..onfer. nee Wila formally opened 1 ty the bishop. A number of re - !torte, showing the ehurch to be in a healthy state of finance and growth, were submitted. In the afternoon the anniverseriee of the American Bible society and of the Methoeist Deaconess nesociation acre celebrated. the Rev. Dr S. 11 KIrkbride of Denver preach ing the sermon The conference ntill continue throughout the week. New tales Asked For A nuinher of ille voinmercial oodies throughout the state have urged flthI ttic coAittlissihn the de- sirability of adopting what is know.' as the \Cilifortal Code of Demiirrage Rules.\ applicable alike on all_sttitte and interstate ehipments. Vrider the proposed code all ciifunloditie- are allowed forty-elght hour, . free time for loading or unloading, whet ens our present plan in Nitintenn nllows seventy-two hours for the unload ing tsf himber. stuhhs. legging, coal ei.k.. line.. lime reek land batik preeipitstes. The new rules. how- ever, provide an \evernge iiiSti\ whereby time gained on one ettr na t y be opplied oil another as an off -set, thus liver:aging the deten- tion for a period of thirty dmys, and it is thought by some Butt the unifoim code is preferable t o th e present rules reasons. tended free time on lumber, etc., as above, after much controversy and deelings with the carrier com- panies, and before we could feel warranted in authorizing its can- cellation, we must know that the people of the state fully under- stand and denim the adoption of the proposed code. Therefore, to determine this question It has been decided to hold a public hearing in the house chamber, capitol build- ing, Helena. at 10 o'clock a. in., Sept. 7, 1910, to which the public is invited and will be given an op: . pertunity to be heard either for or - egttinst the unggested change. A copy of the proposed schedule and rules may be had on npplication to thii office. MONTANA RAILROAD COMMISSION R. F. ltdoLuitor, Sec's. Valuable Coal Lands. , In the recent hearings before the joint .1,1%11114We that investigated the interior derattnant and the forest service, A. II. Brooks of the U. S. Geological Survey tenti- tied that the acceesnible coal of the best Alaskan fields the Bering river hind NIRtattatiska - Was worth half a cent a ton in the ground. 1'0 Willie persons this meant that the coal lands of Alnska lind no value whsteyer, tett the value stat- ed by Mr. Brooks is higher thato thot of most coal lands In the enst ern staters, not their to lines of tratimportation land to niorkets. In fact. good bi- tuminous cool in some well -devel- oped eastern fields hits recently issikrfor one- thirteen( h of tr cent a ton in the ground. Priced at the Into given, the beet Alaska coal holds axe worth from $50 to $500 an acre, values far above the aver- age price of bituminous coal lands in the United Staten. -Mining Sci- ence. Delegates Selected At a inseting of the -ealocratic county cential committee held at Boulder on the 13th of August the following delegate/4 and their alternates were selected to attend the state convention in Livingston: Edward Cardwell, Jefferson Is- land, and John Flaherty, Cold Spring; P. II. Romer, Clancy, and V. E. Willioni, Clency; Richard Dunn, Boulder. and Curnelium Smith, Boulder valley; Ed. R3 an. Boulder Valley, and Charles How kins, Elkhorn; George Leslie. Elk horn, and Ben Weide, Boulder; D. M. Kelly, Boulder. and S. F. Tut- 110iodt.i.% P. F. Dowling. liii sin, and P. C. Kininan, ‘Voodville; P. C. Comeau. Bernice. and An- drew Ultdier, Bemire; Henry Slenee, C,orbin. end D. E. Vuonde- in Corbin; F. B. Watrren, White- hall. and 14 II. Knight, Whitelts11; A. R MeDowild, Whitehall, and M. L. Tuttle, W hitelis II. 'flue rommit tee authorized the chairman to call the et) inty vention ;It a latter date, after the state convention is held. Advertised Letters. of letters renntinilig mun- alhed for in the postolfice at Whitehall, Mont., for the week endieg August 24, 1910: Braineid. 11'. K. Nlable NI lay er. John ,Nlorlain. It. J. Persone calling for the above letters will vivant. eny \adver- 'med.' . 0. H. DA - vri, P. M. Butterfly Mine near Sher - 01 . 011 SALE or LEASE'on royal- - ty. For particulars. write to W. . .Themotoiesion obtained the et- ,1.. Rickard, Whitehall.. Meat ' \ 0 • . . for this and other Greettesst of A II Cell/Amities of the Age Forest fires in the west hove rettched the stage of a national enIllnlity. From every 'section of the fair west comes reports of appalling death n tlin hers. Whole companies of fire lighters have been lost, and there is no report indicating what horrible fate they have met. AS will b eIi by the following delegates from vounty commisson• era and fitriners organizations, from cities, or as personal men'. berm of the congress. NIontittut allowed to the world at the fourth dry farming congress and exposition at Billings, last Oc• totter, that she was the leader in the dry farming movement. Let us keep the wire this yenr. The loyal vonitnittee moires me that attractive rates will be niado tato Spoittine, and a• Montana, as tt state, Is interested' in the work• dispatch our governor, with his. -eat of this prohlete,I• believe that, force ofs , sehoodlestos c •'is a hand in the protection activities, and therein lies Mon- tana's best hopet \Five companies of the national guard of Montana have been ordered into the field by Governor Norris to tight the forest fires in this state. The companies selected are nt Libby. two et 'Kalispell, Bozeman and Lewistown. 'flit' news of this action of the governor was received by his secretory. Will Aiken. this morning by tel- ephone from Libby. The order was issued from Kaliepell by the governor. Governor Norris itlso notified President Tnft of the efforts being made la the state to stay the progress of the flames.\ Pasture. Bids will be received by the undermignad until September first for the purcIntse of about 2000 acres of pasture and 150 tons of hey on the Parrot riincli near Whitehall. Fine timber shelter told open water. Possession Sept. sow Is A paii Vt.\ fall imartictilara address M. B. Robbine, Manager. Great Falk. Montana S. B. Ititnetsts, Manager. I25 -4t. Dry Farming Congress - -- State of %intone. Executive De- partment, Helena, August '21. 1910. To the Citizens of Montana. The time is drawing near for the Fifth Dry Farming Com/noel and Exposition in Spokenr. The ex position will opens - Moniny. Oct. 2, att 10 o'clock, end a Ill last one week. The congress will open Monday evening and close Thurs- day evening. Montana should be well Ettore- eented by strong delegetions from) the various organizations entitled to representation from the fam- ine sections of our state, either b.v as governor, 1 • know of no important niovement Before our people, and I herewith appeal to you to begin the assembling of ex- hibits and the nppointment of del. e,to telt. You mity correspond, if you please, directly with the secretary of the congress, Mr. John T. Burns, at Spoknne, arid he will be mind to send in formatiOn, premium lists, etc., when requested to do so. Very respectfully yours, Eowts L, Noutos, Governor. CORRESPONDENCE tIESINFIEL- L. Aug. 25 -Misses Drownbnek i Irvine and Brown, nnd Messrs. Irvine, DeFrate, and Wilber Cur' tin, spent last Sunday rut the South Boulder lakes. Mrs. Ed. Mick woe in Butte a couple of days last week. Frank Black was, in Whitehall Thursday. PM& Ilarre Dille. of 'Waterloo is vie. icing his folks on South Boulder, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and little son spent Sunday n ith the DOM. s. Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis of Butte eery vlsitutug Mr. and Mrs. Brownback Monday. After an extended visit with Ida sister, Mrs. Johns, James Wied• enlatrit returned to Butte Sunday. tVill Dawson of North Boulder left Wednesday for Bozeman where he will attend the races during tho tweet pea carnival. The son of Mr . . and Mrs. Chns. Mvraniels left Tuesday for a visit wit.' relatives in Missouri. His 'wents went as far as Sappington where he met his grandfather who was to go with him. 1,411061%1641401/AVUOtif Hotel Jefferson Dining Room Service Unexcelled MEALS. 35c. MEAL TICKETS, $7.00. ROOMS, 50c. and $1. BOARD and ROOM PER MONTH $32.30 and $35.00 J A SI RER VOTTE R, Proprietor. OtiltAWSCOOMIWWX#000 1 614 ewwvvvvvvvv4svwwvv“,%%% F. It NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry Prescriptions nand Jewe.lry Fteepalre so les It y Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches, Clocks, silverware 1A/VNAWWW4f$ We will tell you where to get your grubst and your grub when you come here fishing, RS you'enrely will You can find a dainty Innelt here, which r' save the annoy since at home. 1Ve lines delicious cheese, R R we only keep; plain and fancy crackers of the finest runkes; cookies preserves, delicious meats canned, pickle', preserves, etc. Give us a enll, and we will fix you up right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont.

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 26 Aug. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.