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MO TANA c r. t t, S' SUNLIGHT, VOLUME IX. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, 1910, THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT FUELISHED EVERY FRIDAY. it DUDLEY AXTELL SUESCRIPTION PRICE. One Year. (invariably In advance) $2 00 Six Months I 00 three Months 50 Single Copi414. Entered it the Poste/lice at Wittteboll. as Second -damn Matter. _ ADVERTISING RATES. Display -One Dollar per Inch per month. Locals -Ten Cents per tine first Insertion ; coats per line each subseouent Insertion. NOTICE All communications intended for publica- tion in this paper must bear the si g nature of the author; otherwise they will find their Way to the waste basket. COUNTY OFPICE118. oun.Fiftitjadietal Dist—Low. L. Callawai ksUhsOOUrt vim. T. Sweet P. J. Planning t abet Illionriff C. W. Wolverton E. IL Sumner row , .W. B. Hundley -0/01 Hatiordirt E. R McCall earlitttowney ...... . . M. Kelly Jos. H. Mitchell 3 u▪ .eyor R. M. Cralle Inip't of Schools ..Leth M. Thompson utile Adatinistrotor VI L. Beardsley <Weser Curds Deisbow COMMISSIONERS. fazes Steel*, Chairman Biotin Jahn U. Reilly clone! A. J. McKay. • ..... Whitehall The regular zseetinifs of the boaid of county commlssiontra be g in on the lint Monday In March. June. September and December. The members also serve as a board of e q ualiza- tion. ineetlas for this purpouts on the third Moeda/ in July. ACACIA CIAPTER, No. 21, 0.!. 5. a.m. 05 FIRST sad THIRD ItTESTlAY evenings of each month at Masonic Hall. Visiting seentherg are cordially invited to attend. Manta J. NIII/0111. W. M. Walk LUTA, L. IITAPLAT,14,e7 MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, .A. h. Writs - on the IIERID and FOURTH Trap , PAY evenings o eseh month at Masonic Noll. Visiting members are cordially W- elled to attest A. A. . FaAlgi E. 11111.11011, W. M. 010 BALER. sad Hydraulic Engineering irrigalia CHISr.e over the Postoffice P. 0. Box 75 Whitehall, Kent W. P. CCOGHL,P1N. oda ritlint. Nested permanently over P. D.. Whitehall. Mont. firs. 11-11 am.. I -if rim. Except Sundays. CONSERVATION CONGRESS Governor Edwin L. Norris Delivers Address Insist- ing on State Control and Ownership of the Waters of the State. The inueli heralded conservation congress was opened in St. Paul at the Auditorium, which seats 10,000, on Monday, when Presi- dent Taft addressed the session. The anditori ..... wets fitted to the c540ci4., oAsseiziebt„ . .,we received by the vast and ience with hearty applimse which frequently interrupted hi. address. In the iifternoon. our own gov- ernor, Edwin L. Norris was one of the speukers. Governor Nor- -re came out squarely fur state conservation, and in his address, said Motitnna wiil lead in conser- vation in the future as it has in the past. The dispatch gives the follow' ing excerpt front the governor's address; Governor Norris of Montana With the third speaker at the after- noon session of the second nation- al •conservetion congress today :, He said he ego glad to find that the original ides, that the opinions of the congress were to be eur- tailed by the dictation of the pro- gianone committee. was wrong. I want to contradict tin im- pression the Northwest is against conservation. On the other linnet, we were the fist exponents of conservation. We got the nation- al gouerntnent to pens the censer- Nretion laws and you mime to us for lessons. \So sure am I that the owner- ship of the water of the state is vested in the state that I believe the next legislature of Montana The Win itehall HOTEL F. E. NELSON, Proprietor. Good R ooms First - Class Service Excellent Bar arid Sample Room in Connection N.111 McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHALL, MONTANA We are dealers in everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \Pittsburg Electric -Weld W o v en Wire\ fence for hogs and cattle. Just received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best in Mon- tana and the price is right. Call and See Us McKay & Carmichael Mercantile Co, will pass a law defining the use of the water. \We will admit that the water- power sites are owned by the federal government, but we will say to the the federal govern. Meg& -yob. own Atti - ..(srmaiiir-: - .7nZ sites, but they are worthless if you undertake to encroach on our Irrigation fights. \The doctrine of riparian rights does not prevail in the arid west, I think there has been to mistaken idea regarding the position of the arid west. We are insisting on state control and ownership of the waters of the state and not the water -power sites. Water will irrigate and re- claim arid lands, and I want to say that in the future Montana .will lead in the work of conservation, s it has in the past.' • Labor Day. \ tarbek DAY SP - Wfiitehatli observed by business houses gen- erally closing their doors, and practically all forms of week day activity were suspended. Many availed themselves of the op- portunity for a hunting and fish- ing trip. The city was rendezvous for . many sportsmen from Butte, and the crowd which boarded the evening train for the great oo camp was perhaps the largest ever carried in at that hour bg the railroad. In the afternoon at the ball park, one of the best games of hell ever seen here was played between M. J. B, coffee team of Butte and the local boys. The Butte team succeeded in getting two runs over in the second inning, wit* afterward they got one more, and it was not until the 8th that the locals suceeeded in tieing the score. The game went to the last half of the 10th and closed in a spectacular finish by Whitehall securing the winning score, with one man out. The score stood, M. J. B., 3; White- hall. 4. The attendance was not so large as it would have otherwise been had not a heavy wind prevailed which filled spectator's eyes with dust. Methodist Episcopal Church Services for Next Sunday Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Mrs, D. McCall, Supt. Rev. Edward Laird Mills will hold the first quarterly conference on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Regular services on Sunday with Brother Mille preaching. After the morning sermon the s...-ranient of the Lord's Supper will be celebrated. Sur•day school preaching by Rev. Mills at Pleasant V a ll e y i n the afternoon at 2:30. Whitehall ILgidiee' Aid society will meet on Thursday at the home of Mrs, David McCall. The an. nual election of officers will be hill. A goodly number of the officers and members of the Metliodt-t Episcopal churelt responded to a call for n round table on Tuesday evening. Devotional exercises were engaged in, after which plans for the success of the work were considered. it Was decided to do the best possible to make this year notable as a year of soul winning. Re. view meetings were arra-aged for, and it was thought best to hold cottage prayer meetings in as mans homes its will open their doors. The financial system we. ta k en tip and it. wns deeided to adopt the \disciplinary plan\ and carry it out to the letter. It was anggested that the church and personage be kaleomined and painted. The pastor diaires to thank the people of Whitehall for .. their co- operation during the past year. and invites them to extend their preaence and interest towiard the word this year. You will be always Welcome at the ser- vices and Your presence will be apprecinted FRED WHITFORD. Minister. .EDITORIAL COMMENT I OISTOITED IDEAS With reluctance the Sunlight pays heed to anything emanating from the office of its contemporary, the esteemed Boulder Monitor, for that benighted journal of repub- licanism is notoriously bad in arith- metic, uneducated in geogrephy, simply 'lyr&d in grammar, and ea' fully simple ltslogie• • Last week There was Published cei;tevisi columns of the Boulder travesty an article, evi- dently contributed. whith ittre- ported to give an outline of a job the democrats had for dividing Jefferson couoty. Not exclusively educational, yet at the risk of tiring its many in. telligent readers, the Sunlight will maudlin into the endeavor to assist its friend over the divide pathway of right thinking. The political hrstory of Mon- tana will show that no bunch of politicians ever yet succeeded in creating a new, or dividing an old, county without the consent and approval of a majority of the tax- -t-treor-of laarritosy l. volved. Bad as some legislatures in Montana were reported to have been, no ramenibly has yet shown such a degree of intolerance of the man who pays the bills\( But why should the democrats desire to have the county of Jef- ferson divided! At the present time there are four mu embera of state assembly --all democrats. It is an assured ft that this county is dernoerritic--wfweys w as and always will he. Manifestly then, if there is any proposition on foot to change the geogrsphical lines of grand old Jefferson, perforce, it is the offspring of a few defeated and disgruntled republican poli ticiann, Without having the figures by it, the Sunlight ventures the as- sertion that the rate of taxation in Jefrerson county, after the many years of democratic rule, is among the lowest of any in the stele. The Sunlight owes its. first nlle- giance to the town of Whitehall hut it is not so extremely narrow between the eyes nor so devoid of love of congenial political coin- Panionehip that it .will confine it- self to one side of a mountain range. lahicht, though it may di- vide. does not ...parade it from its friends. It, matters not from Ishtar por- tion of the county comes the lar- ger portion of the candidates on the democratie ticket, the entire phe tans will meet with a cheer hearty and unanimous support from their political brethren at the r ..polls on the 911, day of Novella- ie The werld does °move. After eighteen years in the lower . house of congress mnd fifteen year. in the senate. Julius C. Burrows's of Michigan was defeated for renom- ination. He was stand-piitter of the most virulent type. But wait till you hero- what lintiperia to Thorny,'.. henry. Medison eountys' delegation to Livingston is solidly against the W. B. George ides of endorsing a candidate for United States semi - tor. Silver Bow county detnocrats are against endorsement of any enndidnte for United States sena- tor. AMENDMENT SHOULD CARRY It is the opinion of the Sunlight that the proposed amendment to the constitution of the state of MOIltann, as proposed by the last legislative assembly, and which is to be voted upon at the coming election, should receive the hearty support of every nein who has the welfare of this great common- 8441. 1 10 04 ,AbW • - • • Under the provisions of the conatittitiou of the steteas it now stands the rate of taxation must be reduced next year. the assessed valuation of the state having this year passed the mark, established by the constitution, when the rate shall be cut down. Thus NIontena will occupy the pantdoxial posi- tion of one who. letving grown so iieli that his ineonie is less than when oe ens comparative's poor. The Sunlight will endorse the contentions of Governor Nor , via mind the state tax board, for it verily believes. that as we have grown richer, we should not now allow ourselves to beconic_poor o tri - the Irnp of public 'Aron ture. The Sunlight believes that Mon• tuna people have /41101 it pride in their state that they will not tie the hands of the legeslative assembly, nor of its executive officers In the administration of public dillies. Every patriotic M o ii 1.11 mi a h should vote for the constitutional amendment. OF WHAT BRAND? On the 13th of this month the republican county convention will be held in this city, and it may be a little amusing if not instructive to wntch the proceedings. It is n foregone conclusion that the repulicans of this county are out to elect Tom Carter for Sena- tor and as he is a -stand -patter like your uncle Joe, it means that the party 'in Jefferson county is of that veritey. But is iti Will the the party in convention assembled dare come out and endorse the action of the stand -patters, or will it be the old effective cry ----\rally 'round Roosevelti\ During the past week Teddy has come out flat for the insurg emits, and this has widened the split in the ranks of the 0. 0. P. But if the republican convention of Jefferson county endorses Car- ter, thus joining the rankm of the stand -petters, what will they do with little Cludie3 Prey, who got into congress twice by shouting for Poor old republican party! The memory of man runtieth not to a time when it had so much trouble Over in Flethend county at the recent di nownitic county conven- tion. it tien•piri d that Fred 'Lain in the saddle, and ea- in full control of the con- vention. Senator Thomas 1). Long of that county will retire from Nlontuna and will go to San Francisco to enter business, Montana democrats will greatly miss Senator Long who has ever been a faithful pnrty worker. Announcement I wish to announce to the citi- zens of Jeffersoh county that I will be a candidate for the nomi- nation, on the democratic ticket fur clerk and recorder. James Flaherty. The Butte Inter Mountain eon - Mined a dispatch from Anaccindh on -.September 2nd. which tells of the arrest at that place of one Jones, who a short time ago is believed to have %disked Whitehall, where lie seeured a number of victims.- The dispatch follows: \Charged with taking orders for the Ladies Home Journal tind the Delimiter magazine and pocketing the payments, Fred A. Jones, a man about 25 years of age, 6 feet G inches in height, smooth shaven and well dreamed, was taken into custody h. r by Chief of NUMBER 3') rick. Jones is known to have operated extensively in both Butte and Annconda,. is believed to Wive worked Billings and other cities, \When arrested he first entered a general denial, said lie was iodic , iting through the Union Publish- ing company of Chicago, and seemed V e ry indignant. But when confronted by representa- tives of the magazines mentioned, now in Anaconda to nroseeade, he is said to have broken down and confessed. \Jones WRA first !twitted in Far- go, Devils leike and Grand Forks, end in various parts of North Da- kota and followed him to Mort - Report of Cond1;47 •...Arr Mtiall , K . 1.0 , re' 4 OF The Whitehall State Bank of Whitehall, Jeffersou County, Montana, at the close of business Sept. 1, 1011), made pursuant to call from State Bunk F.xuminer. RESOURCES Cash in other banks pnyable on demand., Cash reserve in batik. viz.: Currency $ 6,606 . 00 Specie 8,984.7g Checks and other earl] . 16.00 ----- Loans and di?counta Overdrafts secured and uneecured .. Bonds and warrnnts Bounty claims . • • . • .. . • . Banking house, furniture and fixtures.. , • ... Vaal - Capital stock paid in Surplus fund . Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid Individil deposits subject to check Demand cirtificates of deposit Certified checks • Due to banks and bankers ti. f I,. 'tiM'i1TITIii' Total $ 47,767.67 J0,56.7() tiR,142.25 3,030.64 10,000.00 12.50 249.00 4.990.00 - 316.1,775.76 25,000.00 2,500.00 2,824.66 109,650.38 16,043.45 100.00 8,657.27 • $164,775.76 State of Montana, County of Jefferao us: I. J. L. Platt. cashier of the above named bank, do aoleinnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. .1. I, PLATT, (insider. elociied and sworn to before me this 7th day of September. 1910, lice Notary Public in and for the state ofN ' fi f : t) PA c s r iding in VIA,itehail, Jefferson county . . Montana. My notarial commission expires Auguet 5, 1910. COSISSICT—Atteet: Cuss. M. Jolty:ens L. R. PAcesito Directors. Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZHUGH, Proprietor Fresh and Salt Meatsa Ranch Butter. Poultry and Egg es Purchaad and Sold Whitehall Montana r.., at/ it / #1# Ole a. nowitiotot~txowvootiAlo Hotel Jeffer son Dining Room Service Unexcelled MEALS. 35e. MEAL TICKETS, $7.00. • ROOMS, 50c. and $1. BOARD and ROOM PER MONTH $32.50 and $35.00 JASPER V C:O T T E R. ProprItstar. noonuaneneignimanosiosowiti 00%401,110•440%.1141,11 F. H. NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry FibrequicrIptIcsess sand Jesweiry Re/pairs ea Spocfalty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware S 4 4/tript) We will tell you where to get your grubs and your grub n hen you rope' hgte fislting. as you surely will. You can find dainty Innen Mere, which save the annoytince at home. We have dcjiicione cheese, as we only kcep; plitin and fam.v (Inciters of the • finest makes cookiea proaervea, delicilais meats - canned. oicklee, presert os, Vie. GIVE. ItS n and we will fix you no yield. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renova, Mont. ...••••••wrem•••••••••••••••••••Mirolodol...i.,•••••••••••••••,.. • \ •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 09 Sept. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.