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MONTANA • • VOLUME IX. • SLNI AGI IT. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 28, 1910. THE MONTANA SUNLIGHT PUBLISHED EVERT FRIDAY. Montana Sunlight Publishing Co. DUDLEY A XTELL, Editor SUBSCRIPTION PRIOR. eett Tsar. (Invariably in advance) SIR Months Three Months Sla g le Copies r. 00 00 50 Enema at the Pootofflos at Whitehall. Mont.. as Second-class Matter. ADVERTISING RATES. ris ,ee p as lay-One Dollar per inch per month. -Ten Cents per line iirat insertion: liv• oasts per line ea.Ntsubsenuent Insertion. ZOTIOZ - AiWOMIWI:eutli•cut tmamactuf -ter Onbitea- DaPer 131551 boar the algo•ture of Vas otherwise theT will Rod their way se tim waste basket. COUNTY OFFICERS. J ale*. roil Judicial [list... hew. L. Cantinas •Ierk of the Court ..... .......Wm. T. Sweet Inert/ P. J. Manning Wader Noon( ' E. %V. Wolverine Jailer .. . ..... . E. R. Sumner 'Rime or nr ....... ..............W. B. ilundley eters' USIlm.mrdor E. R McCall Csmisly-Attorany D. M. Kelly Jas. IL Mitchell SoreesoeR. B.I. Crane Sun of Schools -Leta M. Thompson ?Wills Adialalstraaor W. L. Beardaley Curtis Doubow 0011111111110Naa5. !aryls Stools, - Olsalriama Basin 4: 0 aslui cisme; 1 . 11 f Yale, ..., 'Whitehall The regular mseWure of the We i rd of county ril laftioners ileeD on the first Monday in itt. Juno. Remember and December. The memakises also serve as a board of equalize- isisompoting for this purpose on the third In July. ACACIA CHAPTER, No. 21, 0. Z. L. Isom ea FIRST and - THT/M -mums ',vantage of each month at Masonic II•11. Visiting members Cr,. cordially Invited to Masse J. Noisome, W. N. A a ll s rt Lets L. Seel YSTIC TIE LODGE, No. IT, A.?. A. IL t uition lb* SEVOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY *wooing* of earth month at Masonic Mall. Visitin g members aro cordially in- ched us attend. Weans R. NaLeCon. W. U. A. • N St 010. It BAKEB, 3. Tit Irrigation M I and hydraulic peering OdBrs crow tlis Pertetles 0. Bs: 76 11Whtteha1l, Wont W. P. CCIGHLAN, n4111 , 14Dealw4: _permanently 1' 01,mt. Sr. S 11! a m.1 6n m alwapt aundityll. DEMOCRATS TO HOLD ROUSING CONVENTION Result of Primaries indicates that the Party Is Thoroughly United and Convention Will Be Made Up of Representative Men. The democratic primarieis were held throughout the county Satur- day, and. although the lain pre- zatteadanon. yet froni every precinct hear& from a friendly rivalry for po - sitions on the delegation to the county con- vention which convenes at Boulder tomorrow. The primary at Whitehall was held in the Warren building on Railroad street, the clans gather- ing amid torrents of rain. One of the largest conventions ever held county in the - and a full delegation is expected from every precinct. Unlike the cut and dried conven- tions of our lamented friends, the republicans, no attempt has been made by anyone to close the door of hope to any candidate. The Sunlight has taken absolutely no part in the preliminary skirmishes, believing in the wisdom of the par- ty. in convention assembled, to se- lect itich successful candidates as will distribute the emoluments of of office throughout thecounty and also secure to the taxpayers the greatest efficiency of service. Each office for which miming- ./ Wine are to be made tomorrow at Boulder tine two or three aspirants. while for sheriff there are said to be not less than a baker's dozen. So far as the Sunlight is able to learn there is nothing to the buga- boo of the north and south sides balm at Loggerheads. and when the meeting of democrats at Boulder occurs the result will show that the winning ticket has been named. The list of delegates so far learned by the Sunlight is as fol- lows: WHITEITALL. Delegates - A. R. McDonald. The Win itelnall HOTEL F. E. NELSON, Proprietor O o 0 d R o 0 m s First : Class Service Excellent Bar and Sample Room in Connection 1/4\4/4\4\1/6•410 McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHALL, MONTANA We are dealers in everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \Pittsburg Electric -Weld Woven Wire\ fence for hogs and cattle. Just received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best in Mon- tana and the price is right. Call and See Us McKay & Edward Costin. , S. H. Woolverton. Earl Tuttle. 7 -Alfred Longley. F. R. Warren. George Barnes. W, G. Tebay. Andrew Less Eugene Motley. John Andrew's. Alternates - Thos. H. Fox. Thos. Gannon. A. R. Andrevfs. J. 0. Jordan. C. W. Hatch. Samuel Campbell. (ho. Shbemaker. Win. Shrbuger. W. G. Tebay. D. L. Morris. Dudley Axtell. B. Knight. . CARDWELL. Edwnrd James Flaherty, BOULDER. Lloyd Locker. Jas. E. Kelly. Henry L. Sherlock. A. T. Smith. Will Woods. D. M. Halford. S. F. Tuttle, Arthur Tuttle. C. Thompson. Chas. Scharf. Martin Flematiag. LOWER Bori.or.a. Patrick N1 ickhani, Jr. Con Sniith. M. J. Quinn. Richard Dunn. NORTH SIDE BOULDER. Ed. Ryan. Richard Swarbrick. BASIN. C. H. Axtell. J. P. McGowan. Ferris Steele. J. M. Marcus. Bert Kelley. )avid Corby. Richard Berry. CLANCY. Peter Romer. _John Hobb. Mike Sullivan. Richard Redding. Patrick Conway. Hugh McClain. W. H. Laromeore. Ray Holt. N. A. Johnson. From Baltimore to Marry Montana Man The culmination of a beautiful riSmance occurred this week when Miss Norma Cleutice of Baltimore. Md.. arrived in Whitehall and de parted Wednesday on the South Coast Limited for Lourin where she was greeted by James Bock to nhons she had become engaged through means of the mails. Reared in the staid old Maryland city, once the proud center of southern society, of which her people were distinguished members Miss Clautice possessed all the graces and charms which in other years had made Baltimore famous as the home of the most beautiful and accomplished women on earth. But the gentlemen of the south possessed no charms for petite Norma, and she pined for the love of a western man. Mr. Bock is a young man of wealth and excellent attainments who Was mimed and still resides at Laurin. The couple were married Wednesday at the home of the groom. The Sunlight wishes for Mr. and Mrs. Bock a long life of con- jugal felicity. I havea number of wood stoves for sale at reasonable prices. -F. E. Nelson. Proprietor of the 4 &%%%14 , S444.4%4W‘PWWWWW‘ Whitehall Hotel, (81-4t Carmichael Mercantile Co. NUMBER 32 EDITORIAL COMMENT REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION Last week the Sunlight devoted R large apace to the publication of the keynote speech delivered at Missoula by the temporary chair- man, E. tt. Cooney of (ireat Falls, and an expositi of the standpat tencion•Y of th4 state. Every ins publicans of the rgcnt who dared j ell y .jeLcagolory . . luak..o4.118, (lead. ,Getieratdisrierti. W arren of Butte, evidently forgetting the solemnity of the occasion, butted in when our own Judge Callaway was reading the platform with a statement that every honest dele- gate knew to be true when he said: \We've been lying an awful lot - the Wile al lies every conven- tion.\ The peculiarity 'of republicans, ti.oligh in private life they may be honest men, when they get to- gether the form a gigantic com- bination of Ananias' disciples. No wonder that occasionally one of the wheel horse -1.d the party for- gets the sacredness of the combi- nation and blurts mit the truth. - The Sunlight wishes . especially to call the attention of its readers to that portion of••the honvention which had to do with the endorse- ment of the two la:Ilatarn and con- gressman. It ; • I notorious fact that, during the last session of congress. Senator Dixon was an insurgent about loOlf Wuc time, while Carter lied Pliny never wavered from ts...3 allegiance. to Cannon and Aldrich. How, then, could the convention wholly en- dorse the actions of the entire con- gressional hunch/ Two years and four years ago de battle cry Was \Roosevelt.\ Yet, to the best of the Sun- light's information, Rooeevelt's name vrai not mentioned at Mis- soula. The recent exposure of the method of fattening hogs in Butte. when it was found they were be- ing fed and fattened upon rotten dead meat, is one of the best ar- guments we have heard lately for the adoption of a pure food law. Candidates for the legislature throughout the state should pledge themselves now to enact a strong law with penalties sufficiently large to eradicate such hellish practices. With a!ftling of satincsti that there you'd exist such extreme credulity in an enlightened com- munity, the Sunlight mentions the fact that the reptiblicans of the comity have succeeded in locating a group of men who think they will be elected to county office. Marcus L. •Pi ability to swallow the bitter pill that the doctor ad ministered to him is no indication that he can get by with the he has coming to him on No em- ber 8th -and survive. Verily, verily . We Amy repent and quit voting lien legislative ticket. to you, Sc repub- You are v mg for Thomas H. Carter, alias \Slippery Tom\ when,,you do. Will Charlie Pray, whom the delegates at Missoula fondly term- ed \Kid.\ tell ins again whether he intends to vote for Cannoti for speaker? • A vote for the republican legis- lative ticket is an endorsaanant of the cindidacy of Tom Carter for senator. Bryan says he'll take his'en dry. FOR SALE CHEAP The Sunlight, having reformed In polities, now offers for sale cheitii'various and sundry etas of Senator Thomas H. Carter and Congressman Charles N. Pray. Arm newspaper desiring them will be given a liberal discount if they are taken away immedintely; . or trade entire bunch for eletitro- . AleerSseo OV6 brUralintli s aliam. In 1896, when the democratic party, in its national platform, in- timated that, since the euprenie court had changed its mind over night at the bidding of Wall street it might be induced to change it again under proper political condi- tions, what a groan went up till over the country from the privi- leged classes and their. creatures and toadies. Among the groans that found expression in the pub lie prints, was the following from one Theodore Roosevelt, ;Militated in the Review of Review's: \Fur- thermore, the Chicago convention attacked the supreme court. Agaiu ati• represents a species of atavism -that is. of recurrence to the ways of thought of remote bar- barian ancestors. Savages do not like an independent and upright judiciary. The,y want the judge to decide their way, and if he does oot they behead him. The popu- lists experience niuch the same emotions when they realize that the judiciary stands between them and plunder. -Ex. From the Great Falls Tribune - The election in Maine will give encouragement to Montana demo - crime. Next Kormtmer we will add one more democratic congressman to the house of representative's at Washington. and one who never deceived a man, woman or child in this state, whose personal honor is stainless, and whose long experi- ence and tried nbility will make his constituents proud of their representation at Washington-- as they always were before when Charles S. Hartman served them. From the Havre Promoter. -- The prediction niade by James J. Hill; that Montana will be a great corn raising slate one of these days. seems likely to come truo.. while no great amount of corn is produced in the treasure state at present, and many attempts have ended in failure, every little while some rancher goes about in a systematic way and brings forth a field of corn which averages up well with the eastern Product. Any way, Sunny Jim got his in Utica if lie doesn't get it in the convention eity. The place for ft republican in- surgent is with the democratic party. Advertised Letters. List of letters remaining un- called for in the postotfice at Whitehell. Mont.. for the week endinsfSsot. 1-1. 1910: Barton. 0. D. at Sidney Mallehan. Minn] Ohlhausen. 'mono Wolfe, John E. For the week endivg Sept. 21, 1910: Burns; Chas. . Miller, W. 1). McGonagill, Valter O'Toole, W. Reynolds, Ruby Thomas, W. S. Persons callthg for the above letters will Pleme say \'dyer- ised.\ 0. H. DAVEIT P. M. Notice. All parties owing bills to Kountz & Fitzhugh, Owes re- mit at their carlie9t, convenience to W. M. Fitzhugh, who has put - chased the interests of Mr. Koontz In the business of the Whitehall Meat Market. W. M. Fit:bosh. JUDGES APPOINTED FOR COMING ELECTION Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Hold Important Session at Boulder and Much of interest Accomplished. The board of county •commis - shiners at their recent session ap- pointed the.eleCtion judges for the. - 4 4esetios..selliaiiugv.f.tRNItz:*611 her 8, 1910, :Dove who were selected for this 'metier] are: l‘'l11Wh, all No. 4, at lliber's store - 14. R. Knight, chairman, George Barnes. 5, D. Houghton. J. F. Jackson. C. W. Brooks. Piedmont No, 18, at store - U. W. Elmer. Ed. I.. Costin. W. S. Clark, chairmen. Cardwell No. 8. at School house -- F. F. Irvine, chairman. F. A. Tebey. Robert Doherty. Jr. Jefferson River No. 9. at School house - F. M. Williams, K. W ii km's Hale, chairman, Geo. P. Harwood. Also an order of particular in- terest to this section Wits made as follows: \It is hereby oriered that an undivided one-half interest in and to the Lord Byron quartz lode mining claini; and also lot 8, block 5; and lot 7, block 13, in the North- ern Pajtic 'addition to the town - site of Whitehnii, be sold at public auction at the front door of the court house after notice as Provided by law.\ An excerpt from the official pro- ceedings follows: It is hereby ordered that Jeffer- son county he and is hereby classi- fied as a sixth class county, in ac- corance with Chapter 20, Section 3. Ninth session laws, laws of the state of Montana. It is hereby ordered that the • various road supervisors within Jefferson county, be and are here- by apportioned the following • etf/Altlitc a wtiathettait - arow'' . \'\ v‘rv board they exceed the amounts uriportioned to said districts or road supervisors, they or their bondsmen will have to pay and be held liable for all over the amounts apportioned said districts, Clancy, No. 1, C. E. Brown, $15 %1 0: ickee, No, 9, %V. E. Litton, $200. .., . • I3oulder tit?. 3. ' ,An T. Murphy, $500. iVhlteltall No. 4, Geo, H. Iloey, Basin No. 5, J. H. Doty, $900. Lower Boulder No. 6, John Mc- Cauley, $100. WillowCreek No. 7. K. 1Vilkes Hale, $100. Woodville No. 8, Joieph Page. $75, Elkhorn No, 6, Ed. D. Parker, $100. Lumplio. 111. flask Conway. $150. Mitchell Gulch No. 11, E. E. Kottke, $75. Boulder No, 19, C. L. Thomp- son. $150. • Cold Seri,* No. 13. Wm. Do!' son, $100. Homestike No. 14, W. P: Will, $100. - - •. • NNW** I will sell - at public sale at my ranch 5 miles south of (ardwell, Saturday, Oct. 15, the following live stock: Five brood mares; 1 gelding, 4 years old; 4 fillies, 3 year's old; 2 fillies, 9 year's old; 9 geldings. 2 years old; 8 yearling colts -all high bred, three fat cows; 1 hull. 2 years old; 6 head stock cattle; 6 calves. E. T. Nonts, Prot). 1). F. Rums, Auctioneer. Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZHUGH, Proprietor Fresh and Salt Meats Ranch Butter, Poultry and Eggs Purchase' and Sold Whitehall Montana Service Unexcelled MEALS. 35c. MEAL TICKET'S, $7.00., ROOMS. 50e. and $1. BOARD and ROOM PER MONTH $82:50 and $85.00 (RAOWVirA\ArAV I IklirAr$ Pre-scrIptlorass eland Jirwelry Fropaairs Drugs and Jewelry F. H. NEGLEV ea Spe•clealty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils. Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware i lAri• 4 / 4 \VVVVV%SV%'NWVVVVVb - We will tell you where to get your grubs and your grub -when you conic here fishing, as you surely will. You can find n dainty Innch hen', which save the annoyance at home. We have delicious cheese, ns we only keep; plain and fancy crackers of thin finest makes; cookies. preserves, delicious meats - canned, pickles. iserves, etc. Give us . a call, and we will dx . you up right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renovn, Mont. •

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 23 Sept. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.