Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, October 07, 1910, Image 1

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MOCRATS THROUGHOUT JEFFERSON COUNTY WHO DESIRE TO BOOST THE ASCENDEN6.0F THEIR PARTY SHOULD BOOST THE MONTANA SUNLIOHT MONTANA VOLUME IX. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 7, 1910. Out all of tlie people of NIontann, 'TERLING YOUNG MAN I EDITORIAL COMMENT that the 11th legislative assembly gave money for the erection' of an ACCIDENTALLY SHOT DLLLIGUTON AS A PUBLIC BUILDER hospital building which toddy evolver rails From Holster and Premature Dis- charge of Weapon Results in the Death of Mallorre13. Noble. The citizens of Whitehall were •catly shocked on Friday after on when word reached the city at Mallory B. Noble, of the oat populae young teen of this rtion of the 'static had been cc- dently shot, tend that he was a,atatie_ wounded-- .-..........; At once - 1..iie\ -- lio-pflther,- - Revs eo. 1). King, accompanied by Dr. ackard left Whitehall for the avis ranch, near which place the •eident occurred. While riding inn the mountain road perhaps to miles from the ranch, he (Un- merited from his horse to remove Pme boulder' from the trail, and II he stooped his Colts six-shooter, ;necessary portion of the accou- irment of a forest ranger, which usinese the young man had fol• ivied for the past several months, d from the holster, strik• rock, which exploded a carts ge, the bullet entering the omen and pierced the young inn through, emerging at the telt and dropping into his shoe. ;ith a heroism unequaled he minted his horse and, although was necessary to open two gates. a reached the rangers' cainp here he was eared for until the rival of the physician. He wits placed RN:mind - the Ruby alley train and brought to White - all, from here being taken at nee to the Murray hospital in tutte whete, after a remarkable ispiay of fortitude, he succumbed .) the terribla wound Saturday vening. Mallory Noble was the eon of . W. Noble and wife, hie moth.* awing since his father's death mar- led the Rev. Geo. D. King. He earl born in Sheridan, Madison inty, 25 years ago. but had sown to manhood in this city, where he attended the public echoolni, His life was an inspiration to all who had the pleasure of Ills ac- quaintance. . Kind and generous, yet strong and brave, he w esti- venally loved. As n forest ranger deatinsaita.raceati—fif t ea lus p • ved hiewieffee henetrem many &cowrie; and did valiant service in exter minating the timber conflagrations. His record was such that he was coneidered in line or promotion in the service. • He leaves to mourn their loss his mother, two brothers and three sietrrsone sister. Mrs. J. -D. Lowellen, residing in The Dniles. Oregon, while the other members of the imatntiate family reptile in or near 1Vhitehall. The remains were brought front Butte Sunday, and taken to the family home. The funeral .ser- vices were held at 10 o'clock on Tuesday. conducted by Rev. Fred 'Whitford of the M. E. church, assisted by pm C. W. Tenney. president of the Montana Wesley - Ian college at Helena. Interment was made in the family plot at the old W *ball cemetery. The rein as were followed to their last resting plates by scores of young friends of deceased. The floral tribute were many and beautiful, mute testimonials of high regard and esteem. Notice. All parties owing bills to. Kountz te, Ftzliugh, please re- mit at their earliest convenience - to W. M. Fitzhugh, who line pur- chased the interests of Mr. Konntz In the business of the Whitehall Meat Market. W. M. Fitzhugh. The \AIhitehTa1i HOTEL F. E. NELSON, Proprietor co o R C:3 0 rri s F'irst - Class Service Excellent Elar and Sample Room in Connection 1101.1101-1/1e McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHALL, MONTANA We are dealers in everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \Pittsburg Electric -Weld W o v en Wire\ fence for hogs and cattle. Just received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best tana and the price is right. Call and See Us in Mon - McKay & Carmichael Mercantile Co. 1 0 •0114 ,4 64 , 110611011 , 11\4% 1 1\\ 0 1014\ 0 1 ,4 11 ,1 6 When 1)r. 1. A. Leighton of stands as a monument to the se - Boulder announced himself a can. didato for the position of state senator,' the most important' office to be filled at the coming election. he somewhnt flamboyantly called attention to the fact that he had previously served Jefferson county in a legislative capacity. The statement .was true. He was a member of the lower house during the tenth session. But the doctor hap not of recent date told his con- ' then). Some of us, well remember at ' the close of the emir\ to which , the doctor added eclat by his be- nign presence. the good citizens of Boulder tendered aleception to him upon his return to the comity seat. While the other member, of the legislature were invited, Dr. Leighton was really the supposed hero, and as such got into the limelight and stayed there the whole blessed evening. The tune of his political song on that oc- casion was that he was the great - eat parliamentarian of the age, for low and behold, he had succeeded in getting through the unfeeling and inhuman legislature arr appro- priation for it hospital building at the mute school for the deaf, dumb, blind and feeble minded at Boulder. All of which was told with such earnest unction that no person doubted the authenticity of the assertions and being firmly con vinced those present yelled them- selves hoarse for \Little Doc.\ But how rude the a - wakening! Plans and specifisettione were drawn, and our remembrance is that the contract was let for the building. Everything to this point in the procedureliad,slipped mer- rily by and it looked as if at last .he great state of Montana and Dr. Leighton were going to do the right thing by the unfortunate little tots who fell ill away from mother end home. Needing money the board of control made a requisi- tion upon the state treasurer fur the appropriation. Little Doe had been jobbed. There was no such appropriation ever made by the tenth' assembly, notwithstand- ing that, the gentleman from Jef- ferson, as the speaker would say. had carefully watched the bill, and had acted as special messenger to the governor, who signed the paper the doctor brought to him The above is nearly p complete history of the legislative services performed by the present cende date for senatorial honors front Jefferson county. We say nearly complete. Add to it the fact that he voted for Lee Mantle for U. S. senator, and you will have the complete' record of one who man- aged to be wrong all the time. However,. and in keeping with the caption of this short article, undaunted by failufts to build a hospital for , sick eitildrtn who needed it, two years later ns chair- man of the county high school board. the Boulder orator, doctor, (. educator and philosopher found a treasury he could break into, and this time he erectect a building for imaginary pupils 4ho didn't need it, albeit, it cost the taxpayers of Jefferson county in round numbers forty-eight thousand dollars. or will if it is ever completed and furnished. The democratic party has nom Mated a man for state senator who did get the nppr priation through, and to him is due the thanks, not only of the citizens of ltoolder periot sagacity, wisdom and benev- olenee of the Honorable E. V. CANNOT COMM) BOTil In nearly every instance ii lieu the republicans of Montana commend Senator Carter for sonic legisla- tive act they conde,nn Senator Dix- on, for the reason tlint the two ;gentlemen seldom teok the same position upon important measures, the junior senator beinganore pro - Thus it is found that the repub- 'item platform and ivress praise Senator Carter for getting through a bill providing for the insurance of $20,000,000 worth of irrigation warrants, although thy president, Secretary Ballinger and Senator Borah and other western senntorn desired to have a straight bond bottle on account of Ova more ready sale of bonds. The question of bonds or %amino.; was not so very serious, but it was found as usual, when Senator Car- ter's bill was examined, it contain- ed R \joker\ tattling the cedilla' tion service over to the United States army. Senator Dixon denounces this and said upon the floor of the senate that in his opinion it would- be better to defeat the 1411 than ac cept the authorizntiog for these warrants, coupled with a propo- sition to turn the reclamation Fier - over to army officers, who know little or nothing about farm ing. Still the Missoula convention and the prems of the !HMO would have us believe that this measure was one over which Senator Car- ter has n right to feel proud. Most persons is this , state, it is thought, will prefer to accept Senator Dixon's view of the bill. The other day the Helena Word quoted front the Congressional Recordshowing that SenotorDixon got considerably the better of Mr. Tillman in relation to the proposal of the South Carolina senator that a tax of ten cent. a pound should hoplaced.epon tea jn order 10 pro- tect a tea plantation in Ilia pante. Of course Mr. Tillinen'e propo sition was indefeneible and 1t is possible that he did not proper it In good faith and it is all right tot - the Helena newspaper to praise Mr. Dixon for yoting against the outrage„ but what ii that newslai per going to say about Mr. Carter. who voted in favor of playing this x of ten cents per pound upon tea/ Fift) tiAts during the tariff hate when the vote clime upon the different echedulee Mr. Carter vo- ted against Memoir Aldrich, • of theme five was wheel he %import- ed thins proposition to put a duty of ten eento upon test. Thnt aims too rank'even for the senator from Rhode Island.— Butte Miner. FOR STATE RIGIITS The American Minting congress yy hid) met last eeek in Los Ange les came out squarely for state control of water power nod all . other natural resourcen lithe res- • olutions, which were adopted by an almost unanimous vote. This action on the part of the -mining congress. which it will be conceded is composed of practical western inen—men who are fa- miliar with the actual problems which confront the people; of the west—may have a dampening ef- fect upon some of the blatant en- thusiasts of the east who would stifle western development to af- ford an otlice sinecure for -some eastern college professor, and a horde of pap -slickers such as ex- isted under Roosevelt and during the regime of that prince of grafters, Pinchot, whom Tom rtrr 11.14 eaui.ed a hjll! or #20,000,000 to the west. • The press dispatch which tells of the 1403 Angeles meeting in part says: Next to the state conservation stand, to which the . resolutions pledged the cangresm, greatest in- terest wits arotibtd hy the report of the Alaska Mining laws commit- tee, which advoeated immediate opening of the vast coal fields be- yond the arctic circle, denounced the. proposed leasing e.vstem as eonffseetot•y•and unjust to legiti- mate clainitints, and declared for . more \hOme rule and less inter• ference . from Washingtou in the affairs of the northern territory.\ 'Referring to the activities of the that ninny of the .special; 'manta had not visited Alaska, but had written their reports on AlamkeIn Seattle, and stating that \it might be well if it were generally. knoWn that Special Agents L. IL lavis and Horace T. Jones, whose at - tat -km on the interests and integrity of Maskene have been so widely quoted, have never been within 50 miles of the coal fields of Alaska.\ Other government agents, the report continued, \would- not re- cognise a coal mine if they were trniemorted to it in a palace ear.\ It is reported by those politi- cally wise that the republican state committee has decided flint the counties of Jefferson; Broad 'cater mind Miidison offer the beat oppor- tunity for them to severe votes for Carter and that the strgunient to he used is money, So sure are they of the efficiency of the bar- rel that they have appropriated $10 ino• with which to buy the tametc - eary votes. You republi; cans who are not for solo should vote the democratic ticket. All others should by all means got the 111 9 17 first. In nominating W. B. Medley. the present treasurer to succeed himself, the demoeratic party eame near putting the reptiblicami off of watch. The county conven• lion failing to tied any one sa sacrifice offering. the central com- mittee selected a victim in the prrson of C. F. Lloyd of Corbin Who femme willing to east discre- thin and the better part of valor to the a incis and be the human chop- ping . block for that position. The Indere of your Knelt) 'Denim+ Henry to keep his date Imre on October 3d Kill prove as nothing in camparison to the la- mentable failure the oily gentle - 111110 will make in keeping a cer- tain rippointhient nt Waeliington about March 4.1011. Under democratic administra- tion Jefferson county heti one of thiet im•si itiNd need economical coanta governiliente in the slat . Vote the straight dem- ocratic tit•ket. and help the tax- v iyers to hung onto it good thing. ..\ The Honorables Thos. J, %deb and Charles S. Herman are out in the hustles doing valiant service in the cause of dentotoney and good government. P. J. Manning deserves 'well of du -taxpayer voter of the county. Not only has he made a good akerig, but he has, been an redeem- kat one. • —James II, Mitchell. assessor, will be re-elected by nearly an unanimoum vote. sooesesseesse.o A vote for Andrew Less for commissioner is a vote for it good man who will woke an efficient Officer. Forty-eight thonmand dollars'for it school house, but not one cent for a hospital. Vote for D. M. Kelly for county attorney. Who is Brooke? . • For Sale 1 ToJOI1N N111.Es: . For pasture bill from Jan. V, i 1908, we offer for sale one black 1 horse branded It on left shoalder: small white spot in'forehead. LITTLE PT rygTirr:r. D. & M. Coi. 4 . 4 ----r-4 NUMBER BELOVED PIONEER CROSSES THE DIVIDE Harrison Jordan, a Resident of Montana SITIO 1864, After an Illness of Oyer a Minth, Dies in this City at Age of iiighty-five. After a lingering Bleeps n?over front Indian outbreaks. this aplen• it month, Harrison Jordan, ono of tilt - Colon' was that end foremost in the most widely known pioneer,\ the work of gethering forces to of hlontnne, .passed niyay at the drive them back, Ile mid consid- heme of his daughter, Mrs. tVeriley erable knowledge of the law and McCall at noon -Sunday. October wits the legitledv isor for the %allele `2d, at the age of S5 years. He was conitutinity; lie was at the head of diatakeren.oratialgysseldlioesisitoall s 4nevaisiarisesto...asauserr' mot_ oirMetalrilt -'.- , tee The deceused wits veteran of his late .% ears, a premien.' factor the SleXican . war, (luting %hid' in polities and owned two or more hostilities lie perfornind many netalterins him the state legislature. A of conspiettoua bravery. He tame. more hompilehle, broadminded and to Alder glitch Nlottlana in the charitable moul never 'brentlied. year 1864, being necompanitel by and hundreds of travelers found his wife and family. Two years in hie home a haven of rest, and later he located the Jordan home- never one,' did it wnyhirer fail to stead ranch at Fish creek in this find the letch at hanging out. county, where he lived until twelve \The voice of the man . who help- yenrs ago when lie removed to ed in the shaping of the deathly of Renovii. lie leaves a family of title young state is still and hushed five chi! :ken - 'Arra. 11' esley . NleCall but his mighty timid, staunch char. and Jasper O. Jordan of White- meter and generous, whole -solder! hall. Rev. Willer Jordan of Bette. endure have combined to build an Mrs. Reese W•nimpler of Holdlielcl, iiiiperiehable' monutnent in the state. and Mrs. F. A. Riggin who hearts of the people of Montana t resides in he northern part of the - more enduring than marble or tate. granite. Mr. Jordan Was it faith - The ftineral wits held Tueoley ' m f ii n il d nr igi n ito tise i r ne of fi t 1 1ii ) e n e t t e ri e s a t r ia li n es e t h ( iii i ii . i l t afteritoon at 2 o.clock„ interment of the elate tens always open to being made in the foully plot in c . e rattien of every denomination. the Fish creek cemetery. The eel.- -\This noble nein bad 4R) intern 0 - vices were 'Mended by a !erg'. yen himself within and around the , concourse of relatives, friends and elate of Montnna and its People and many pioneers, arid were yen- interests that lie had yew.% ago be' come a part of the state. Ile vele- ducted .under the auspices of the, brated hit eiglityrfiftli birtfeinv Masonic order. Rev. Riley Mount- I imi.d keying a reunion of joy of Twin linidgem, who had been-, hie (Healy, with grandchildren end an esteemed friend of the deceased great-grandchildren around bl ei , for awpiarter of a century, officio-tenifqint: the day ter thinotiely ting. as lie would have lin I f a century ago, ' He retained his facultiem to the From a just tribute to his went limit mind iern„ae his lim o d i ne „ as wry,- contributed to the Butte through his long life he showed Miner, the Sunlight rePrintr‘ the the true emolument' fortitude Vial following: - ' mottle tieopfe call him a hero. Vic \in the early days of the terri: tidieda to know his ditty nd labor- , ; l el in till thingm to tlo e•hich re- torE In' ti ems P ktunial Y \\, calls the linem from an intinortml tIme tight aguinit higheaf crime writer. flint 'The generotie who is end iirelie late 60's, when the little !always just and the just who is 44- ,,,,, timent i n J ef e e ' rson .,• n ii ty was Ways generous niay unannounced in grove danger more than once!Ipproncli the throne of heaven. ' ' Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZt11:011, Proprietor IFreh and Salt Meats Butter. Poultry arid Eggs Purchasci and Whitehall • ••••••••••••••••• me. or. •••••••••• • ' , en am. - ••••••1111.1.1. Montana Aff,W AitintifiCifiti irl t il_Je-ffersan Dining Room Serviate. Unexcelled * 116f4 1 6 1 &../ -el MEA 1,S. 35c. MEAL TICKETS, $7.00. ROOMS, 50c. and $1. BOARD and !mom PER MONTH 11,32.50 and 485.00 1 , 1111••1!I V CS 'I' if 0 IR. Proprietor. ' irirAlf WA , oryonormo, etvvi,w,ivilvvaivaPtawirviev%vitesi F. H. NEOLEY Drugs and Jewelry Pee-oc-ropricsrato rind Jews.\Iry Rt.pairas Specialty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oilt, Paints, Watches, Clockl, leirleieleild‘die$1/ffeleiegiblele‘leViwiria We will tell you where to get your grubs and your grid) wherkyou conic here fishing, as You surely will. You_ can find a NIrati• Ihneli here, which 'save the annoyanee.ot home. We have :delicious cheer. HA we only keep; plain and holey crackere of the - finest makes; cookies: preserves, delieimon meats • ennned, pickles. preserves. etc. Hive us a call, and we Will tix 'you up right. . W. S. CLARK if< CO.. Renova, Mont.

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