Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, October 28, 1910, Image 1

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asellmenew 11110177. , .;1!\ 6 p TS THROUGHOUT JEFFERSON COUNTY WHO Desma To esOST THE ASCENDENCY OF MIR PARTY SHOULD BOOST, THE MONTANA SeNiiiitT MONTANA VOLUME IX. SUNLIGHT. WHITE ALL. MONTANA. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 98, 1910. 11111111111111111Yam. WHITEHALL MINES SOON TO OPERATE Th. Golden Sunlight -Ohio Gold Mines Will Soon Start Force of lien at Work --Report of Expert Favorable. All indications point to a go1- 411en era for Whitehall in the way of mine operations in the near future. This place has in the past been in the spotlight as a mining weer but litigation and other sews* have been the means that gib* 'Iowa active work. , But it ietdts favorable for thriVilee el this locality to be in full work - log order eetto.7,which will mean for Whitehall • new era of pros- perity. D. E, McPherson, an expert gaining engineer, is in Whitehall Is charge ef the Golden Sunlight - Ohio Gold mines and he is very eseguise in the belief that the mine Will soon have a force of men at work. Prof. PT, Harvard of Colum- bia university, representing New York espitalista, recent, made a dust examination of the Sunlight 'properties midi it is understood Sat Prof. Howard's report was very favorable. In conversation with a represen- tavive of this paper relative to these mines, Mr. McPherson said \The old Sunlight, which is lo- cated five utile' northeast of Whitehall, has a record produc- tion of over half • million dollars, tied as Prof. Hevard'a report is fayorable it is probable that the mine* will noon be operating again. With the modern mining methods which will he installed the Sunlight will fall in line again among Mon- tosta's wealth producers.\ This is indeed good news to Whitehall, and it is to be hoped that the re -opening of work in theee mines will gire an added im- petus to the mining industry of this locality and others now idle will renew,operstions. Jolly Party of Hay-Rackers A jolly party of young people resolved themselves into a hay- rack party Saturday night and visi- ted the farm borne of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Collies, eight.- stiles from entertained. The trip was made in • big hay -rack and it is unneoes- sary to say every one in the party had a royal good time. Those ootnpoeing the party were: Misses Kate Greene, Anna Wall, Maggie Plumbeck, Mamie Brooke, Dorothy Needham, Ethel McCall, Bernice Watson, Alice Tuttle, Eth- el Hindman and Cloe 'McCune. Messrs. Marvin Stanley, Joe Koon- ta, Arthur Wall, Ed. Wall, Boyd Teaby, Louie Lepp, Albert Cain, W. Lindell, Emery Roller, W. M. McLinn, Ed. Bowdon, Joe Beck- ley, and Masse Beckley. A delectable luncheon was taken along and served at midnight, the party returning in a happy mood in the small hours of Sunday morn- ing. Birthday Party A very pleasant combination birthday party occurred at ' the home of Lot Borden Thursday. The birthday of Mr. Borden's mother, Mrs. C. B. Shrauger, is on Friday of tile week, and the birthday of a daughter in-law, Mrs. Frank Schratiger, was on Wednes day. As a compromise the party was held on Thursday and was at - Leaded by only members of the family. Mrs. Shrauger, who is now an even three-acore palm was the recipient of many useful presents. The Sunlight is proba- bly not giving away any secrets in saying that a suprise party is plan- ned for Mrs. Shrsuger tonight. The Whitehall H 0 Pr - a La F. E. NELSON, Proprietor Oaad Roams First -Class Service n3CCel1ent Boar and sample Racom in Conrsection McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHALL, MONTANA We are dealers In everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \Pittsburg Electric -Weld W o v en Wire\ fence for hogs and cattle. Just received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best in Mon- tana and the price is right. Call and See Us McKay & Carmichael Mercantile co. ak‘caftwa.....= NUMBER 87 RIZEf Lein no? •Oittrk4 ouv P &PRA' I/ / PiLzzL E PICTUR5 de. WHO IS IN THE. 1311fift L L ? CARDWELL Ii FREE PASS QUESTION Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Church of South Boulder were Whitehall visitors last Friday. Geet week ended the threshing season in that vicinity and Mr. Church ran his threshing machine in the shed and reported an extra good season. Mrs. W. M. Poore spent kat week is South Boulder, visiting at the home ef her dsughter, Mrs A. F. Church. Mr. and Mrs. John Powell were in Butte last week. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Noble went to Livingston Tuesday fort visit. Ryan, Malley Well, and Fred Teby returned Saturday from Chi- cago where they have been with their stock ahipments. Glen Creasey has returned from a short visit in Billings. Mrs. Oberon her deughterJosie, Miss Love and Mr. Geo. Dillet were in Whitehall Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Brown were in Whitehall Saturday evening. Mr, and Mrs. D. Owen drove to 1Vhitehnll Monday. G. S. Johns made his weekly visit to Whitehall Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Irvine were called to Butte Sunday on account of the illness of their daughter Ber- nice who was taken suddenly with an attack of appendicitis. She is attending school at Dillon and was taken ill there. She was taken to Murray's hospital in Butte, where an operation was performed by Dr. Kiatler. She stood the opera- tion well and at present writing is getting along fine. Mrs. F. E. Benton was visiting relative* near Morris a few days. Chan Reed of Pony has just loaded a ear of mining machinery from Mammoth for the A. C. NI. Co. at Great Falls. Margaret Dulf,v left for her home in Butte Sunday right. R. E Burns walla passenger for Butte Tuesday. Mrs. F. W. Firownhack Jr. end Mrs C. U. Brown were in White - hell Tuesday. Flora Brownhitek was down from Mammoth Sunday. May Lyons is up from Hubbard visiting her sister Mrs F. W. Brownhack Jr. Jacob Witzke has moved his family and household effects to Butte where he is working for the N. W. Co. Fuel Mrs. John Ennie of Boyd Mont. is visiting her parent. Mr. and Mrs. Deatley. It is reported thatoJames Ryan hne recently sold his ranch on So. %nide*. A recent decision of the su- preme court nekra all pia /OWN i NOM hA the nunIrstari rompanica null and void, with t wo ,•xceptions and these exceptions are railroad emplov es and the hoard of state mimeo commismionprm. of the brat natticd thi• paper hes no fault to Said, hilt of the last named there is a wi id flog.' for opinion against the hoard of railroad commis- sioneim being included in the fa- vored i-lass. The very fact that the railroad commis•ioners have to deal almost solely and exclusively with the railroads is sufficient to put these gentlemen on the -prohibited list along with the balance of the state officials. This paper is making no contention that officials of the state are entitled to any special privi- leges from the railroads, On the contrary it takes the view that they are entitled to none whatever, They should be free moral agents, accepting no favors front corpo- rate interests, thereby being in position to deal fairly with not only the common people but the capi- tal interests as well. While a rail- .oad pose is not much, yet it car- ries a flavor of suspicion that it is handed out to influence legislation. Coming right down to hard and cold facts, why should any state officer, legislative or county, or a member of the board of railroad commissioners, he entitled to free transportation o‘er the railroad systems of Montana more than any other citizen of the state, it is, and has been all the time, in direct opposition to the interstate law. 'the railroads of this state have no more right to issue passe* in the state of Montana than they have in the state of Washington—and down in the state of 1Vashington not even the members of the railway commis- sion ride on free passes. Why, then, in this s'atel Coming back again to hard and cold fact*, does not the state of Montana pity tha transporetion of these railroad commissioners to go about the state and perform their dutieal No public officer is even supposed to pay out of his own pocket traveling expenses, and neither does he. Who, then, draws down this transportation money but the railroad com11114- ginner with a pal\ in hi , Pcx'kPli. arDurc)RIAL, cc/v1/v1EN'r OtIl - YOU \UN- GODLY Ahoi All ' , Mete offivials the rail- way lllll mire:inners are the Nat to recolvP or ticeept favors from the railroads. It's their business to arbitrate between the public and the railroads, and this paper submits that hut few men are so strong that a free pass might not biota their judgment. Eliminate all this free ride business down to elerostaatt utiseuee thereby also eliminates a possible attapicion that the public is not getting a square deal. Republicans who have any mym- pat by with Mell like Cuminina and IAFoilette cannot conscientiously rote the stand pat republican tick- et. Carter is a atandpatter; 80 is Pray. They are trying to hedge, but they have the brand of Cannon- imm, A Idriehism and every other iniquitous imm the republican par- ty is responsible for, written all over them. Joe Cannon is an arch enemy of Cummins and La Follette, and both of these men are insur- gent republicans and progressive democrats. They may not claim the latter title, but they are just the saute. Poindexter, anoth- er inmurging republican, the proba- ble next senator from the state of Washington, is a foe to everything that amella like Cannon. Besides that he is an ex -democrat end the way he has gone after the Cannon - Aldrich hunch in congress in the plod two years leads his friends to believe he hasn't yet forgotten the good old teachings of democracy. A vote against Pray is snail in Joe Cannon's political coffin. One mot excellent way to ditch that Carter hand wagon is to vote the democratic legislative ticket from top to bottom Thomas isn't Pi/tiring on any democratic votes, but his faith is lung on every re- publican who creeps into the leg- islative halls doing hia solenin duty --and that solemn data is to 'tend Itionias tack to the l'nited States senate to boost for Cannon and Aldrich. Aldriehism, Cannonism, Carter - isms are the issues. Don't over look the fact when you go to the polls to vote. Drives little nail in the coffin. Have you regh.teredl Better do it now, as you haven't many day. left to get your name on the book that gives you a right to vote. Old Timer in Town Fred Vail was up front his home at Waterloo Tuesday greeting old time friends. Mr. Vail is is dia- mond in the rough of Montana, having come to this state in 1876. He drove stage through here in the early days long before Whitehall had a place on the map. He owns a good farm near Waterloo and is now enjoying the life all old ti Illi•rq are entitled to enjoy. Dinner Party Mrs. A. A. Needham entertain ed very delightfully at her home Sunday evening with a dinner par- ty to a few friends. Those who enjoyed the hospitality of the charming hostess were: Mr. and Mrs. Negley, Mr. and Mrs. Pace and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. • *Free! Free! Free! McKay 8\. Carmichael Co. will give one pound of thint'e Perfect Bilking ponder free with every 49 -pound Pavk of Ceretana flour you will buy at our store for cash only. McKar & CAR141(71AEL MERC. CO Special meetings are in progress at Silver Star and the pastor will give the whole of Sunday to the work there. Special invitation to All. The Admonisher of the county seat town i + losing it great deal of sleep over the liossihility-and more than that, prohahility Its well — of some of the democratic Csndidatea getting a third term in offiee. It is no time out of place to reettrd Wfaithful servant, be he office hold - der or workman, and in this came our trust -crusted friend has some thaw. wisps of hair from his devoted head. Thelit pdmaible and probable third term - era have mdde good and the ver- dict of the voters of Jefferson county on the 8th of N‘iventher will be \well done thou good and faithful servants.\ Hence .the ranting of the Aditionisder, which A vaileth nothing. They are going to come under the wire four laps ahead, AO get good stud ready to take the hitter pill. assams-wansammip The Butte Ne1t4 is ,iii king ii stupendous effort to unload the 11111Ignmated Copper column) int() tlw democratic tanks. Noth- ing doing, hoe ever. The- trust - crusted republican Party is enti- tled to its own -mini all these truatm own the repuhlicen party. Who's Sheeheni A great, big joke, Whatever possessed this misguided young man with the idea that he could he elected asses- sor of Jefferson county is past find- ing out. Go out, son, and accum- ulate a little propertY and come back a few yearn hence stud we will talk shout this assessor job. You are too young to know the value even of an old \aliek.ear'! cow. No, Geraldine, dear; his name is Pray, not Prey. You have con- fused the two trainee the same as Charley is doing. He is prey to the idea that he is going hack to congress, but it is only a mid -Indian mummer'm dream on his part. Speaking of good men and can- didates, what's wrong with our corpulent friend, Fred Warreat Having twitle been to the state legis- lature he is iii betier position to look out for the needs of thih•oun- ty than an untried man. As Hart- man would say, he has a \lead pipe cineh on the job.\ The Achuonia1uix.-44 Boulder town Raya lie \thinks not\ that \- the voters of this clients , will stand for any third ternui. But his think tank is out of order on this kind of thinking. 11. hen it public servant makes goad ha is just the man to keep in office. ''Untried neophyte.,\ are 'mutinies costly experiment*. \I never believed Iliad any go 01115,'' says one Theodore Roose- velt. There h. nothing on record that he WA, ever accused of hav- ing any genius. As a hot air and spotlight artist, however, he le Ile titled to all the doughnuts in She. !bakery. A Cornell iiniversitY .professor hazards the remark that COlOpal Roosevelt is an' unmitigated liar,\ which leads tis to think that sOttte university vofeasors are some- times right after all. Anent that Crow Indian propo- aition, Mr. Carter will have a do - lei -bible dish of that bird coming to him after the 8th of November. There are others side by each with It im, Loiselle is a good looking young man, but he would have an awful tinte trving to fill Pat Manning's shoes in the sheriff's office. how- ever, he won't be called on. After the 8th of November the \Ungodly\ republicans of Mon- tana will be in the atone class ao the Chicago ba4ehall players. Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZUU9H, Proprietor Pretah and Salt Meatia Ranch Butter, Poultry and Egg a Purchasid and Sold Whitehall Montana *oucimosotoriormovio Hotel J e F Fe rsc3n Dining Room Service Unexcelled . MEALS. 35e. MEAL TICKETS, $7.00. ROOMS, 50c. 'and $1. BOARD and BOOM PER MONTH $32.50 tifrd $85.00 JASPER CPT E R. 'Proprietor. PrAIGPAMMOOGirtAil l tifinfAV 1 Prescriptions end Jewelry Repairs ca ape -cushy ftw.wevvv.i\ F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry Drugs, Perfumss, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware We will tell you where to get your grubs and your grub when yon come here fishing, as you surely will. You can find a dainty Innch here, whieff save the annoyance at home. We have delicious cheese, as we only keep; plain and fancy . crackers of the finest makes; cookies preserves, delicious mists canned. pickles, -preserves, ete. Give no call, and we will fix you - up - right. W. S. CLARK & CO., Renolia, Mont..

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 28 Oct. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.