Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, November 04, 1910, Image 1

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e 4 ) In the Words of Champ Clark, Democratic Leader n, Congress—\Up Guards MONTANA es-etA, ' , VOLUME IX. SU vT .4 WHITEHALL MONTANA. FRIDAY. NliVENIIIF.R 4, 1910. NUMBER 38 BOUGHT BY SMELTER TRUST M. L. Hewett, Most Prominent Republican Candidate, When President of independent Company, Said to Have Shamefully Betrayed Members of Association and Ruined Pen d'Oreille Smelter PROSPECTS BRIGHT FOR ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC TICKET—COUNTY STATE AND NATIONAL Candidate for the legislature otethesupublienn ticket, hlarcue sisfai*resteisativernew eintledressiscsseenesrees sistatileassaeksireetTi! ' organization of the Montana Mine Owners' torsociation, an organ- ization that proposed to operate an independent swelter for the protection of its members front the ravages of the smelter trust. Membership in the organization within the limits of the state of Militant' in general and Jefferson county in particular, were free- ly solicited and generously subscribed to by the residents of this state and county, wit had long undergone the victims' part in the methoda which has made the Guggenheim* multi-miltionaires. Not only Ives Mr. flewettat prime mover in the Organization ' but lie was selected the president And, as the Sunlight reinembere, the general maneger. Fifty dollars was the prim charged the Jefferson county miner and prospector for the privilege of participating in the benefits of the organization, the pronounced object of whit+ was to Operate an independent smelter, afterward purchased at Ponders, Idaho. What happened to the'venture is -within the memory ot every member of the hetrayed association. The Sunlight bases its information and belief as to the truth - (illness of its assertione upon the word of members of, the defunct esaociation who assert that after purchasing the Ponders property for $1,000;000, end after establishing what ass thought to be a successful business, Mr. Hewett, who at that time was the opera- tor of the Cornet and other mines in Jefferson county, sold his smelting birthright for a meesly mess of t pottage, consisting of a reduced price for the reduction of his own ores, bargained with the devil trust to whom lee bartered his master's raiment for ehackles of silver with which to amn the—pleasure and approval_of- TOM. -- Critter and the republican party The outlook for the success of the democratic ticket, county, state and natiomil, was never brighter than at the closing moments of the •preeint Campaign. The fight has been made principally upon the record of the candidates involved. For state officers there are, proper- ly speaking, only two to be vo- ted for—one tempt.. of the state railroad cemnsig - .Seikisheabssidstise state- supreme court. - With the judges themselves taken from the list of political candidates by the law which provides for a non-Intr- time judiciary, it will be seen that on the state ticket, practically, there are only two candidates who seek the suffrage of their political brethern. In addition to these there is a congressman to be elect- ed, and the members of the next state leginlittit re will select an Uni- ted States senator. It has been the endeavor of the Montsna Sunlight throughout it. existence under the editorship, ownership, and management of Ijite.4..r -Arta*, to so - conliet political u &limns that after the mnotke of battle has cleared away that there would remain no state- ments of facts so heartrending to the opposition_thnt time, and the count of the ballots would not heal. We believe sincerely in the tenets •••••1•••1111i. The \Afhitehedl HOME L, F. E. NELSON, Proprietor G co o d R co 0 tri s Pirt - Clets Service Excellent Bar arid Sample Rc•orn in Connection lie4 4 6/114 4 4,410141/to 1, 0 %1AelsAVIAs-Whe% McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHALL, MONTANA We are dealers in everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \Pittsburg Electric -Weld Woven Wire\ fence for hogs and cattle. Slist received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best in Mon- tana and the price is right. Cali and See Us McKay & Carmichael Mercantile Co. I of the democratic party, and we I i t , fisseairgisissalAselieess inssjsa, sssu s k cies of the republioan party. We have never tried to curry favor with the oppoeition: we like one present . acigithors, and in support - leg thoeue*ho were candid:0,0i et this .- . liarty to. which we belong, hriear . it-Ppt ever im . mind that L hole of the opposite political be- t were all good citizen's and such were entitled to the respect (a newspaper published in their an town and county. This may some, have proven disappoint- 4ng, but to those who hold the ceetrary view the Sunlight doer not y le Id. Thin paper believes that if all good democrats go to the Wolfs on Tuesday and clime out theirdtities- 1 and privileges—as citizens that the entire ticket from congressmen to constable will he surely elected by everw4reirrting rote that the hated political enemies will he eo effectively snowed under that we will never again be called upon to wanes.; the probable ascenttience of the reputdiean party. As has always been, and as al - Ways will be, under a system of \alleged\ protective tariffism, the party so espousing that cause will here all the money gathered from sleek funds at its disposal. This fact has never how . more 'mine- able than during the present cam- paign, for the republican party, both state and county, has been ample supplied with what its henchmen are pleased to style the \sinews of war.\ If for no other reason ender the Run the tariff in this country should be abolished in the United States, for so surely idowee permit politicians to peddle tthe thought . and deliver the goods of the system, then shall the re public fade from the sphere of the earth. • OUR CAN S. Hartman. The democrats have nominated an excellent ticket, state and county. For congreeriman they selected Charles S. Heitman of Bozeman, for years the congress- man from Montana, In then, day! of insurgency, let it be remem- _bered that ha was one of the original insurgents arid walked out of the republican convention at St. Louis in 1896, and thereby for- feited his seat in congress, while the 'font Carter, who now poses as One of'the great friends of the hintented McKinley stayed in, but never voted for the martyred man. Against Mr. Hartman is Mr. Pray, the present congressman, who de- ceived the people of the state when he tofd r theft . that be would not vote for Joe Cannon foe speaker. Peter Sanger. For railroad commissioner the democrats offer the candidacy of -Pet Sanger, present chief of the fire department of Butte. The republicans offer Mr. Morley, at present a member of the railway commission, whit' ` is galivanting around the state asking the stif- frage of the • people of the state, using free passes issued to hint by the railroads. . Edwin Keyes Cheadle. For chief justice of the state su- preme court, the Sunlight believes, On view of the fact that the office great pleasure in stating te a t, character which he has built for t haat:leen taken from politics, that while it has -a great personal re. himself. Allot the old Pioneers Hon. Edwin K. Cheadle of Fergus gard fOrIthe reilplican nominee, know both Mr. Locker and his county, is the most acceptable can- it further etands for the re-election father mind in indorsing the son clidate. No other man in the state of P. J. Manning for the shrieval- for thlik very impoitantoffiee the lies acquired the exalted position. ty. For a beriod of four yesis'he pedpfe ore inakinw no mistake nod with the bar and with the people has made one of the ,b es t o ffi cers his election will bring no regrets. at large. He is the ideal judge and that the state has in hie lisle. The James H. Mitchell. i should receive a handsome vote In solid vote of demtlemey•ehould go James II. Mitchell hits made -one 01h4ihiovvvivivvvviiiiiievivievsiokiowfv - Jellerson county. to him. Every taxpayer in Jet-- of the best assessors that this' V. E' 'eraiti,s; . \'neisirs7we-tesote -she --Snot ight eurneetty hopes that till members of its Party - will give unalles•ed support Lathe Hew V. E. Willem of Clancy, who for two tering hes been a re pre se ta tive in' the state 'legislature, end has tWeOlaphialled a great deal for his constituenta. Mr. \Villeins is a permanent resi- dent ofqefferson county, and has been fae.yeers. Hie -work in the many political capacities he hiss tilti'deutitles him to the confidence of the people. He will never vote for 'loin Carter and the ''systern.\ Pied R. Warren. ' Hon. Fred It. Warren of ‘‘'llite- hall heads the list of three demo - crane caliumutes selected, lie has had foul; years of experience in the halls of the state Assembly, and he has ever been faithful to to the interests of Jeffersonaaninty. tlis reeord is beyond reproach. Any ham; rumors or assertions by hi* enemies- that Ito has ever in any way, been connected\ with eorrmeitin legislation is ab. aolutely without foundetion in feet, as the twinge jonrnnt will show. tieing 'clutirnian of one of the most important eomtultteea of the limiest he :Ned an oppoetunity to show his lental calibre, and the people ty ehottld be mitt aid' pro • 'the reenird be made.. The Soliiight heartily in- dorees hie candidacy, and- believes that his many friends in the county will rally to his support . and re- turn him to the legislature. He will never vote for 'font Ceder and the \system.\ I. F. Teals. S. F Tuttle, another nominee of our party, for the legislature, • of the Saw mind order tio ?serration ofthe county funds, from whieli Sheriff Manning hoe drawn • aparingly, sltould see that Isis e leetion is runde praetically uminj- utouely, Sheriff hienning is it carr diddle for n third term. Ile is be- ing'oppoe' ed by Gibson,. time pies. eat chairman of the republican committee, who hintsQl asked for a third term. The flyer , year,' of Manning'n term, us compared with Out of Gibson's . saved the county taxpayers over three thouitand dol- lars. And during Mist time lie wits compelled to serve more criminal processes by two its one than was hie predecessor, Voir' for Paddy Manning, stud good government, also Manning for money in your pocket. \ Daniel N. Kelly. Another candidate who is seek. ing the suffritge of the peopje of Jefferson county for the third term is Dnniet M Kelly, Mr. Kelly has for the past three years and over proven one of the best -county ettorneye that the state has eve,r had. ' Ilia record for convictions has never been exoelled except by thnkeetahlished by Roy E. Ayers of the counte of Fetartim. .During the period of Lime when Mr. Kelly bins been the county .attoreep of Jefferson he has been called -upon to prevent,, nior criminals for erlines in the first degree than any otherabtoeney in Montana, and lie lute secured wore convictions in that line. Wo all remember the Welch'. Spur cake and the -trouble arising therefrom. They are mull in the penitentiary. Vote for D. M. Kelly and remove the criminals from the face of the earth. is it man too well 'known to the W. N. Headley. • people of the county to need any This paper hiss rm Plynointhy for indorsement or special plea from those who 'would endeavor to met this journal. He conies front the aspersion upon the official nets of Permits and is of them. He will any men, eo long ite that man lied receive ninny votes in addition to acted within the hits and within the the solid indorsement of his own 'procedure laid down by long years minas Ile will never vote forTotu of (tango. The di•mocrats Present Caster and the system. to the voters of Jefferoon county the, slow of W. It. Hundleat for the position of treasurer.. 'Ms gentleman has hi every way com- plied with the nrovieione of the law in the, matter of the custody of the county funds. When a man conies before the electors and tells them lie is better than all others who proceeded him, then it is- a Wonder on our part that this gentle- man - hay never been diecovered be- fore. 11r. Hundley is again a candidnte for the office of county treasure, and in so announcing himself prinuises to the- people of this great -county that lie will at all times carry out time moral and material trust endowed unto him. Thug paper heartily endorses ,the candidature of Hop. B. Huntley ftliciellir1641414 is% csailottig(t IMO in Jefferson county, the Sunlight would feel that it was dirtied in its duty to the totem if it did not call intention to the enormous eititipaign fend which the republitsin party possesses, and to the great servieee to the cause of democracy rendered by the state cheirmart of the party, - find the various precinct and.count.y committeemen. Hon. S. V. Stewart, of our neighboring county of 'Madison, was selected by the dentocents of 'the state to curry on the fight in the name of the great party of Jeffereon. In • performing this eervice for the state mid thesfesnocrirts thereof, he has been hantii- esPPed by the extreme deliciem•y of funds.. It had become to be recognized that in NIontana no poltics1 Campaign -could he sue- ceesfiilly carried out without the usual mount of slush fund, and the efforts. of Mr. Stewart to so mamma the cantle ef democracy without this 'slush fund, . and at the same time reap the fruits of • victor,-, commends that gentleman to the kindest future regards of Ute.whole people. • • Comm i ttee me n in our own milli ty have been pineed - under the- - same bans of poverty. They 'have been importnnedby neighl o •s of those who have . cuesortederwith thus wicked. gods of lattlaa1011-- • 'conlitionly known as repuldietbia-ewho, placed in their position, winced fel in the wealth of pelth. These conimitteemeN despite the fact that they were doomed to dimppointment, linen proven true to their belief. There has been no nioney in the hands of any one to spend. The cempaign, so fur ma the democrat. are con- cerned, line been ono of a like purity of the argument which musks a dying sinner to cutter the kingdom of lienven—there were no reniirds except !hoot offered by decent possietys The praise of 811 Montana people is due to the Hon. S. V. Stewart of Madison county, and to James E. Kelly of Jeterson, county has ever had. When he wars first elected to the • office ho now holds there were those who professed to have a great forbod: ing of the results, of hie adminito trillion, but Ito succesaftil line he been that today there, is not a re- publican or democrat who would not rnther see him again in Mete' than les opponent/ Vote for him. Miss Sadie Itittaire. For the office of superintendent of me110014 the democrats have a carididnte in the person of Nlisn Sadie Altditaire--a young lady of irrepronehable character and high educational attainments. • It is un- necessary to my that this ogled is among the most 'importnnt in the county and a tote for Miss Me - (hire will be it tote for coin- •Peteney. Pf• Vote for R. M. Cralle for stir- vevor end you are voting for a men well known to be competent and trustworthy. Stith. Wm. Stith, one of 1VIiiteliall's responsible bueinees men, will be the next coroner. and w ih# preside at the poet thortem over tlisi re- publican corpses Nos. Ink W. L. Baardst9y. --For public itdminiatrator the denmerats have nominated W. L, Beardsley, a worthy and com- i !meta man )in't present incutii- t'hent of the office. Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZHUGH, Proprietor Frec.41-1 arid Salt Aitcrett Ranch Butter, Poultry arid Egga Purcliasd and Sold Whitehall Pliontatia Whithhall State Bank Capital F.s, id fn. fa2 .3,00( -3 •C 3 C 3 CRAP, S.10111110011. A, J. 11141:A1`. rtesident. • VI..e President. Maroc tore CHAP H. JOHNION. II. J. Terms. A. J. Ali:KAT. in PACKARD, S. F. 1 CTTI.E. • • Wo sum to extend to oar rustomer. every I, eormintent with eon.ervative banking WE RESPECTPCI.L.V POLiCIT VOVIL Rt'SINERN I. I tIV N. .7. Sullivan. The third place on the ticket for the legislatere is that. Occupied by J.Sullivan, of Alhambra. Mr.- Sulliyan is welt known to most of thm people of Jefferson count, He is the senior member of the firm of Stith% an and Fenlon of the famous Alhambra I lot Springs Co., and as such kis a widC acquaintance throughout Montana. As a cam- paigner the gentleman has endear- ed himself to rill who have niet him. Mr. Sullitaii should receive every vote of the democratic' party Of the county. He will never vote for Tom Carter or the system. Andrew Loss. For cOtinty commissioner the democrats of the \soutliside\ present the name of Andrew Lela.' Mr. Less has been identified with the business interests of the county for many years. lie has estab- lished himself as one of the utmost upright and honest men of the county nf Jefferson. the friends of Mr. Less are as minierous ns commissioner of Jefferson county, P. J, Manning, For Sheriff the Sunlight takes and feels sure that he will be . re- $ elected to till the important office ' $ of county treasurer. Vote ' tot NIL 11.-- H. und I iy . F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry Lloyd Looker. I Lloyd Locker, for county clerk Proscriptions* and Jewelry Repairs and recorder, is a native -torn et Specialty Montrina s toy. He line spent 'tile the sande of the sea, and it ie with entire life in working in the inities a great deal of unction that the nod upon the ranches of grand old Sunlight presents him as the -next Jefferson county. He is a Soy essentially of the people—one whom the people loves for the work he has Atte and the lofty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches, Clicks, Silverware te$0 4 ‘1,eribloVVVICIAVV W. S. CLARK & CO, C Are still doing business at the old stand with 11 fresh line of General Merchandise At Renova

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 04 Nov. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.