Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, November 11, 1910, Image 1

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In the Words of Champ Clark \Up Guards and at Them.\ And They Did Right Royally MONTANA VOLUME IX. SUNLIGHT.' WHITEHALL, MONTAOA. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 11. 1910. NUMBER 89 DEMOCRATS TAKE CONGRESS Majority of Thirty for Democrats In the National House of Representatives—Republicans In Control of Senate—Possible Tie In Mont50a Legislature on Joint Ballot Still TWENTY STATES POSITIVELY KNOWN TO HAVE GONE DEMOCRATIC EVEN NEW YORK LC . .. ± RDWELL Mat Arnold with his smiling countanence was in the Valley a few days. Mr. and Mrs, Will Drake and Miss LeTerman the Summit val- ley teacher were in Whitehall on Saturday, Bessie Cardwell went to Billings Sunday to visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. East ridge retu rued to her home in Logan after a visit with relatives here. Work is progressing rapidly on G. B. Frank's new barn. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Noble drove to Whitehall Tuesday. James Ryan was a Butte visitor Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Newkir went to 1V hitehall Tuesday. Miss Devadele and Willie Johns were Butte visitors Sunday. Mr. Irvine's brother of Butte Was out Sunday for a hunt. Mims Bernice Irvine is expected home Thursday. Mrs. McKeown and son Charles departed for San Diego Tuesday where they will spend the winter. Jielt Mahoney tame down from Butte Tuesday, lie will spend n few days in the hills with his rods and guns. Mrs. Chas. Lyons and on Rob - hie are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brownback. .M. Ijonard MEC down from Butte Tuesday to ace about shipp- i ng his grain. •C 1-11f >, - Jack Peranit the - \oid - timer\ of the Biainitrk mines, spent Tues- day in Card well. Mr. Sehoner has taken charge of the Cramer and Saunders ranch.• The Island school is progressing nicely. Two new pupils have been added to the roll, Esther and Chas. Schoner of Whitehall. Miss Joeie 0 Henan is confined to her home under the doctors care with a severe attack of gnstritas. Mr. and Mrs. E T. Noble end daughter, Alice, were in 'White- hall. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Cole, Mrs. Letwrence, Asyl and Will Law- rence left Tuesday night for Port , land where they will make their future home. After en extended visit with his daughter, Mrs. E. F. Artnatrosig, Mr. Lucas returned to Ilia home in Iowa. Mr, and Mrs. Will Seery were Whitehall visitors last week. Mr. and Mrs. John Powell spent one day last week in Whitehall. Mrs. Harry Seery returned with them for a abort visit. Miss Winnie Carleton, the Cardwell Basin teacher was visit- ing in Cardwell lately. Kitts a litudater A tnerelle,s murderer is Appendicitis with many uluim.. But Dr. King's New Life Pills kill It bi prevention. They gently stimulate stomach. Ilver and bowels. preventing that clogging that Invites appendicitis. curing C&nstipation. Headache. Billuusne., Cbills. 5c at all druggists The XA/h itehetll HOTEL F. E. NELSON, Proprietor G c o d R 0 c• m s First - Class Service Excellent Bar and Sample Room in Connection McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHALL, MONTANA We are dealers in everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \ Pittsburg Electric -Weld W o v en Wire \ fence for hogs and cattle. Just received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best in Mon- tana and the price is right. Call and See Us McKay & Carmichael Mercantile Co. 4%/4,10%eir%% 0 1•1 0 1.1 0 V1AeSoN401 4 / 4 /4/V4pii% • AtIlie time the Simitshi .g. tpress the returns„4 show that the legislature is a tie on joint ballot --51 to 51. There are four members of the legislature in dispute in Granite, Carbon, Custer and Rosebud counties. The state chairmen of both parties are claiming working majorities, but official returns only will decide it. In any event very little margin will be lea for ,either party. The Winners Congressman Charles N. Prey Clerk of the Su pren e C tort John T. AtheY Railroad Commissioner E.,. Morley Stare Senator Dr. I. A7Vigliton Repreeentativese F. E. Nelson S. F. Tuttle M. L Ilewett Sheriff P. 3. Manning Commissioner A. J. McKay Image rer W. B. Ilundley Clerk and Recorder H. It Houghton County Attorney Frank eihowev* - Assessor ,James H. Mitchell Superintendent of Schools Miss Sadie McGuire Public Administrator Monroe Dunk* Coroner Dr. C. Denbow The above are the victors in Jefferson county --the drnaocrats landing one representative, the sheriff, treasurer, assessor and superintendent of schools. The ungodly ones took all else into camp. WHITEHALL TOTE Pray - 76 Hartman ..... 92 Morley ...... .88 Sanger „ 88 Athey .....L........98 O'Leary ..... Leighton .07 Wilham ; 75 Hewett ..... 73 Nelson _ ' 120 Brooks 66 ..._._. _ W r re n ..... , .76 Sullivan ..... .... 49 McKay .127 Less 57 Houghton 136 Locker 43 Loniselle 52 Manning — .„ _126 Lloyd • ' 91 Hundley Sdeehan 82 Mitchell 92 Shower,' ..... ....... 113 Kelly _ 72 Dentiow 53 Stith . .125 Baker 99 ..... . 71 Outs' leave\ lest Tuesday was some- thing awful for the republicans and put the deimierrte in control of ttie tuitional lioume of repre- sentatives by a majority of thirty. In the senate the republicans have only a majority of ten. Not count- ing the insurgent reptrblicana, who are along with this upheavel move- ment against the long rein of re- publican freebooting, the Renate may go into the democratic column at crucial periods. But in Montana the \barrel\ was wide open -republican money was rampant and the democrats ,1! Montana the ''up - were doing business on short fends. It wa p evidence in Jefferson county and it was in evidence in every other part of the state. The sotialist ticket played a part in this county tin defeating the democrats. '.Thq presence of this ticket in the ilea very materially aided the republicans. The present make-up of the house of congress shows 91i re- nublienns and 174 demoorat.s. The next how'e will show 176 replabli- 111 no, 211 denmeset , and one social 1st. The rqpiliiiino! 10 , 4 is 44. Twenty *wee are known to have gone democratic, sixteen tare re- publican and Seviill a re iii doubt. The list follows: A iletanbra--destocratic. .A rkansits--dernocra tic. California -republican. Colorado-republican. °none& teus--fferaocra t so. Dela ware-repul lican. Floricia---creitea•ratie. Geo' gia --demi s. retie. Idalio--detibt fu t. Indiana -doubt fol. Iowa • doubtful. Kansas -republican. Kentucky-- dettiocret NIaryland democratic. Massachusetts -demovratie. M ichigan-re bl uea n. Minnesota- republican. Mississippi -democratic. Missouri---deniocratie. Montana-repubiiteen. Nebraska --doubtfel. Nevada -republican. New Hampshire -republican. New Jersey- democratic: New York -democratic. North Carolina -democrativ. North Dtkota-lprobably repub- lican. Ohio -democratic. Oklithoms--doubtfel. Oregon-doubtful:probably dem- ocratic. Penneylennia-republicate Rhode laland-repulilican. South Carolina--democr_atic. South Dakote-probably repub- lican. Tennessee -fusion. Texas--dernocrntic. Ctnh-republican., Vermont --republican. Virginia --democratic. Washington -republican. West Virginias -democratic. Wieconsin-republican. Wyoming -democratic. history, the campaign which has just closed, will go dowoens exceptional for the reason tiCat it found a former president of the United States upon the stump in a dozen states laboring in behalf of his ',tarty. This spectacle is not a pleasing one to R large element among the staid citizens of the country„ who have an inborn respect for the pres- idential office, and -who feel that a former executive is lacking in np- preciation of the honor which has been conferred upon him in the paat, when he enlists in a political kettle, and uses all the cheap and questionable , arts of the unmerupu- lows politician. The truth that a former head of this nation is ex peeled to assume an air of stntentensliip, even if he does not possess that high gift. Colonel Rowers elt in the fight just ended ill, thrown all dignity to the aim', and in several instan- ce* has descended to the nastiest kind of polities, involving the charging of opposing candidates ciii, dereliction,' upon flimsy, hearsay testimony. -Miner. New Brick Catholic Church Church spires show progression and in this respect Whitehall is in nowise behind. What is to be a splendid new Ctitholic church is now in . course of erection, the foundation already being nearly completed. 11* staucture is to be of brick, 30x60 feet, and when completed will cost $5000. The foundation is concrete with basement and a furnace will supply the heat. Messrs. John (Trick and Dick Cummings have the contract for the wood and brick work and nom have a good fotce of men working. Go to Negley for watch repair- ng. All work guaranteed. ftf. It ia eurrently reported that an election was held in Jefferson coun- ty last TueaclaY and that the demo- crats were in the.race bui not to eny noticeable extent. The re- port seems to be true. 1 We have met the enemy and they have carved out a big slice of us -so far sa .Jefferson county is concerned. We are at least half walloped. The Anaconda Standard says that the rain of fire and brimstone that descended upon the wicked and ungodly republicans assented the proportions of a Notichic de- luge. Anyway Manning came under the wire some ahead. Have you . noticed Kelly around; Oh, well let's forget it. Death of Old -en Montana post one of her strong women enda civil war veteran lest his life-long companion Saturday morning when Mrs. Mary Mallory breitthed her last at Baron, it new station on the Milwaukee, in Broad - water county. Death came as a welcoine relief after several weeks of illness with one of We stages of Bright's di- sease. Mary M: Mallory WW1 born in Canada on Feb. 28, 1838, - and was therefore in the 73rd year of her life.__,She was married prior to the freat civil war to Charles Mallory, who afterwards served in the Eleventh Connecticut infan- try, reeching the rank of major. One child, Mrs. F. 11. Craws was born to the couple. She now lives at Baron and was et the bedside of her mother alien death celled. The funeral was held Monday from the family residence and was in charge of the Odd Fellows, of Which lodge Major Mallory 111 member. Interment was 'undo In the Willow Creek cemetery. Notice to Debtors Having sold the Montana Sun- light, and retaining all book and iteseription accounts imp to August 16, 1910. notice is given thet all aceounte remaining unaettled have been placed with A. A. Marsh, ju.tice of the peace, for collec- tion. Prompt 'settlement is re- quested. W. L. Rickard. BRIEF NOTES -- Ls K. Finch hits started a dray line in Whitehall. Robert Snyder was n business visitor in Butte Thursday. Mrs. F. E. Houghton wits ,,hot - ping in Whitehall Sitturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J, McKay were visitors in Butte last Thur, day. 1); F. Ring, the Piedmonk real estate man, was in town Wednes- day. • Miss Isabel Morrison is visiting with friends in Lit ingston this 'week. Senator Cardwell was in town Tuesday mingling with the poli- Poises. • (1 IV. Hatch was a Litisineas visi- tor in the copper city the first of the week. Marvin Stanley loft NIontlay for Osborn, Idaho, for a weeks visit with friends and relatives. Deyuty Sheriff Wolverton and family came over from Boulder Tuesday and remained in town for a few hours. C. FL Lytle, representing -the Bell telephone system, wits in town this week arranging to put in a keel exchange. The hang dis- tance office is located in the drug store at the present time, and if a aufficient number of subacribers can be obtained a local exchauge will be installed. Popular Couple Married in Butte, The friends of Elbert G. Miller Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZHUGH, Proprietor Fresh arid Salt Meats; Ranch Butter. Pc•ultry and Eggs F'urchasid and Sold Whitehall Montana Ti!! Whitehall State Bank Capital Pala In, Sa2111.00 0 - 670 K. JOHNSON.. A. J. licKAY. President: Tint PrealSonl. •••••••111=11. , Esinootora U. J. TETTI.C. • A. J. WHAT. L. IL PACKAED.: b. Y. TUTTLE. WU SIM to extend to OUP eustorners every accommodation consistent with corniervative banking WE RESPECTFULLY SOLICIT TOUR IlLSINERs J. I. FLAI Cubit, and Miss Alice Noble were treat- 1 - Pd to a %u prise when word came ftle d ‘Ver‘1,141,111/to from Butte Saturday that they ; were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony mid would go from there to the 'Pacific contd. Both are well known in White- . hall having been born and reared in this locality. Their many friends in this vicinity will wish for them unbounded prosperity I and happineas in their journey through life together. JAW*\ Se1e1A/4/44 They went from Bee', to Cen- tralia, Witmhington, where they - 11/1 \ . - will make their future home. Rev. Geo. D. King was called to Barron, near Lombard, last Set- , urdity to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mary Mallory, wife'of Major Clete Mallory. The burial was at Wil- ' low Creek and wits Attended by a number of Ladies of the Eeastern Star from Three Forks. Mr. andl Mrs. Mallory lived in and near , Whitehall in 19 0 2 and 1905. F. H. NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry Prescriptions and Jewelry Repairs pectealty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware W. S. CLARK & CO. Are still doing business at the old stand with a fresh,line of General Merchandise At Renova 21

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 11 Nov. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.