Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, November 11, 1910, Image 2

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• • MONTANA SUNLIGUT. sAvED DUDLEY AXTELL,'PAlistuir WHITEHALL. • • MONTANA. FOR THE BUSY MAN NRWS EPITOME THAT CAN SOON RR COMPASSED. MANY EVENTS ARE MENTIONED Meow and Foreign Intelligeno• Cele , goosed Into Twe and Four Line Paragraphs. Washington. ' - Captain Robert E. Peary, the Arc- tic explorer, returns to active duty la the navy department on November 9 all engineer expert of the department Si justice in cases before the bureau of claims involving construction work For the naval bureau of yards and docks. With those national currency also- giatloas already formed and those in proses' of formation, officials of the treasury department believe the financial centers of the country are amply protected against financial stringency. Eleven cities already beak fi\•7 •4 e craoolation. and wed F Pi . re of ifEllwrealkieefricearo. ‘Wer are about to do so confirms the power of Lydia E. Pink. 'At `At a meeting of the board of trus- ham's Vegetable Compound to cure female diseases. The great volumes of tees of the postal savings system it Was practically decided to summon to Washington the postmasters of the forty-eigat postoMces designated as the places at which the preliminary teats of the system are to be made. The intention is to instruct the post- masters thoroughly in the plan adopt- ed for the postal banks. S ome idea of the vast amount of work that is done In the government printing office annually can be gain- ed from the figures just completed from the type composition for last year. More than 3,000 tons of type metal were used in making 1,963.899,- 1100 ems of type of every description. U the individual lines of type were placed end to end they would stretch eat over • distance of 31,000 miles. FROM AN WILL - BRING SUIT JUDGE BALDWIN IS DISPLEASED WITH ROOSEVELT'S STATE- MENTS. OPERATION SAYS HE DIDN'T SAY IT ByLydIaaPinkbam's V etable Compound Foreign. A dispatch from Paris to the Lou don Daily Telegraph says a. rumor is current that • revolution has broken out in Madrid. No confirmation of this rumor has reached London. • meeting in Paris called by M. Pelletan and other members of the chamber of deputies to pay honor to the memory of Frenclsco Ferrer, the Spanish republican leader who was executed at Barcelona last year broke up in a riot Senor Franco. ex-ptemler of Portu- gal, who held °dice at the time King Carlos and Crown Prince Louis were assassinated in 1908, has been arrest- ed on the charge of abuse of power during his incumbency. It is declar- ed by the government that it did not Insrdre the arrest of Franco, but that it was the result of an investigation bald by the judiciary. Joe Reins, Portugal', minister of finance. In an interview declared that he was appalled at the corruption of the old regime which his investiga- tion is revealing. For the future. he said, It would be war to the knife against special privilege abuses, and It was almost unnecessary to say that all the old government employes would be dismissed The king's civil hit of 5800.000, the minister added, would be replaoed by a modest presi- denUal salary. Asks Colonel to Retrace and Latter Denies Making Rem•rke Atrib• utaid to Him—More Elig- ibles for Ananias Club. De Forest, Wis.— \Aft er an ODOM- - New Haven, Nov. 5.—Judge Simeon (Ion four years ago I hs t d pains down- E. Baldwin, democratic nominee for ward in both sides, governor, tonight announced that he backache, and a will bring suit against former Presi- weakness. The dom dent Rosevelt on accaunt of cartal tor wanted to statements reported to have been made have another opera. fl,,. I took Leis E. by Roosevelt In • speech in New Haul 111. e fire ts . shire relative to Baldwin's &Made on hie Compound and I am entirely cured of my troubles.\— Mrs. Atiorrevi Vzsreateturx, De For- est, Wisconsin. Another Operation Avoided. New Orleans, La.—\For years I suf- fered from severe female troubles, Finally I was confined to my bed and the doctor said an oration was neces- sary. I 'Ave Lydia Pinkham's Veg- staple Compound a trial first, and was saved from an operation.\ LILY Plint0171, 1111 Aerlereo St, New Orleans, La unsolicited testimony constantly pour- ing in proves conclusively that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound fa a remarkable remedy for those dis- tressing feminine ills from which so many women suffer. If you want special advice about roar case write to Mrs. Pink ham, at t L= Maas. Her advice is General. Women of Cincinnati ask that they h ave representation in the city de- tective force. (Mord Pinchot says the people Sr. rebelling against the present or- der of things. Fourteen deaths due to smallpox h aving occurred at Saginaw, Mich., within a month. President Taft insists the -tariff board must be selected regardless of i political affiliations. • 1 An American loan of 550,000.000 to the Chinese government has been ; consummated is New York. Governor Stubbs of Kansas was the star witness at the Chicago in- terstate commerce rate hearing. Federal judges at St. Paul restrain- ed the commerce commission from ' putting in effect the new lemon rate. The directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad company declared the regu- lar quarterly dividend of 1 1 ,4 per cent. Fire at Alexandria, Egypt, de- stroyed several large cotton sheds and 6.000 bales , of cotton. The loss was 51,000,000. The negotiations by a syndicate to secure the controlling stock of the Cramp Shipbuilding company have been declared off. Melton Prior, the British war cor- respondent and artist, who saw serv- ice in twenty-four campaigns and revolutions, is dead. Many lives are thought to have been loet in the Thousand islands dis- trict during the recent hurricane. Memorial services for the late 'gen- ator Jonathan P. Dolilver of Iowa were held in Washington in the Foundry Methodist church. Lieutenant Sagllette fell with a mil- itary biplane In which he was maneu- vering at Rome and was instantly killed The machine was wrecked. Examination of thirty witnesses made a hard day's work of the special grand jury which began the investi- gation of the Los Angeles Times ex- plosion. The interstate commerce commis- sion suspended the rate advance of the transcontinental freight bureau. Determined to ascertain the exact number of people in Tacoma, Chief Statistician Hunt. of the census bureau, has gone to that city. Edward N. Whitson; judge of the United States circuit court of the eastern district of Washington, died It Spokane. Divorce decrees granted In South \bakota are not \legal tender\ In the District of Columbia, according to a decision rendered by Justice Medford 111 lid district uprises court. rete a1w072 helpful. swAmp.. I. not recommended for everything; but If you ROOT have kid\Y' liver or bladder trouble It will be I found just the remedy you need. At drug - gluts In fifty cent and dollar sizes. You may have • sample bottle of this wonder- ful new discovery by mail free, also pamphlet telling all about it. address. Dr. Ills*\ • Os. Dlagbaston. N. Y. — PATENTSPSYLII 2 Eva Lover's Wedding Cake. Four pounds of flour of love, half • pound of buttered youth, half a pound of good looks, half a pound of sweet tember, half • pound of self -forgetful- ness, half a pound of powdered wits. half an ounce of dry humor, two table- spoonful' of sweet argument, half I plot of rippling laughter, half a wine. glassful of common sense.. Then put the flour of love, good looks and sweet temper Into a well - furnished house. Beat the butter of youth to a cream. Mix together blind - Drell of twills ilelf-fole.•Illlineffll. pow- dered wits, dry humor fatO Sweet argu- ment, thou and mein to the above. Pour In genii) rippling laughter and common sense Work It together un- til all is well mixed, then bake gently to • A Complaint We're for women, first, last and all the time. We like her beautiful or plain, clever or just ordinary; witty Or not; shapely or pudgy, but con- found It we do wish that each and ev- ery one of them would get over the notion that a man hes no right to turn the pages of • newspaper just because he's wedged against her in a street car. We've been frozen by • look, stabbed by a sneer and wounded to the quick by • sigh just because we've tried to read the story contin- ued on Page seven, column five, and the thing that hurts the most is that we still think that we had a perfect right to do so.—Detroit Free Press. The Test of Time. Benjamin Hapgood Hurt and U. 8. Epperson of Kansas City were motor- ing in Long Island the other day and stopped at Evan's hotel in Douglaston. They ordered large quantities of raw orders, some of which were thrown aside by the oyster opener. \How do you determine when an oy- ster is bad?\ asked Mr. Epperson. \You wait a short time and if you have ptomaine poisoning the oysters were bad,\ said Mr. Burt \If you are not Ill they were good. That's the only site way to tell good oysters from bad ones.\ STOPPED SHORT Taking Tonics, and Built Up on Right Feed. labor legislation. Baldwin said he had salted Rost - volt to reiterate the statement and that the later had failed to do so. The statement referred to was re- ported to have been made in a speech at Concord, N. H., by Colonel Rose - visit and was to the effect that the position taken by Judge Baldwin 011 the employerc' liability question use retrogresive. \I have asked Rosevelt to retract that statement which he made in a speech In New Hampshire, as to my holding a certain viewpoint of law,\ ElaldwUt• sad , Kedessles.;.be the statement.\ \I shall waste no more words upon him, bat intend, when I have illsure, to attend to it, to bring suit on account of his making the statement, which I hate ne doubt was in fact, correctly re- ported.\ '1 should have been better pleased if he had made a frank retraction. As he has refused to do this. I regard it as my duty to bring him to justice.\ TIMBER LOSS IS GREAT. It is Estimated That filx Billiton Feet Were Burned in Forest Fire*. Washington. D. C. Nov. 5.—A rough estimate of the Ore losses upon the na- Donal forests in Montana asp northern Idaho, upon which the fottst officers of the U. 8. department of agriculture have been engaged since the fires were put out, puts the total amount of tim- ber killed or destroyed in this one dis- trict at over six billion board feet. while the area burned ever is put at over one and one-fourth million acres. The heaviest losses were in two districts in Idaho, the Coeur d'Alene, where over three Melon board feet of timber are reported kill or de- stroyed and over 450.000 a burned over, and the Clearwater. where one billion feet of Umber were killed or destroyed and 600,000 scree burned over. On the Helena national forest in Montana, the loss in timber is be- lieved to have been Mein nee feet, on the Cabinet forest eoceoc000, and on the Leto forest 300,000,000. Cannet Agree on Terme. New York, Nov. 5.—The most sort ous rioting that has yet marked the strike of the express drivers and help- er., fulminating in ,the shooting of • striker by the guard on an Adams Ex- press wagon occurred this evening as a climax to the abrupt terinination of the negotiations. The situation to- night is regarded as increasingly ser- ious. with the added possibility of a ivmpathetie walkout throughout the city of all teamsters. , Peter Roach was • victim of today's rioting. He was shot through the • body during an attack by the Mob on an Adams Express wagon. He was hurried to a hospital, where his condition late tonight was reported as critical. John Perry. g , erd .n the wagon, was arrested and according to the police admitted the shooting. He said he fired after he had bee. hit In the face by a stone hurled by Roach. Roach denied any part intim riot The mistake is frequently made of trying to build up a worn-out nervous system on so-called tonics—drugs. New material from which to rebuild wasted nerve cells is what should be supplied, and this can be obtained only from proper food. \ \Two years ago I found myself on the f a complete nervous cot lapse, due to overwork and study, and to illness in the family,\ writes a Wis- consin young mother?' \My friends became alarmed be- cause I grew pale and thin and could not sleep nights. I took various tonics prescribed by physicians, but their effects wore off shortly after I stopped taking them. My food did not seem to nourish me and I gained no flesh nor blood. \Reading of Grape -Nuts, I de- termined to stop the tonics aid see what a change of diet would do. I ate Grape -Nuts four times a day, with cream and drank milk also, went to bed early after eating a dish of Grape -Nuts. \In abbot two weeks I was sleeping soundly. In a short time gained 20 pounds In weight and felt like la different' woman. My little daughter whom I was obliged to keep out of school last spring on account of * chronic catarrh has changed from a thin, pale, nervous child to a rosy, healthy girl and has gone back to school this fall. \Grape -Nuts and fresh air were the _Only agents used to accomplish the loopy results.\ • Read \The Road to Wellvtlle,\ pkgs. \There's a Reason.\ Ewer reed tbo above letter? • ors ea* aporaws trona Dow to time. They se• treertse. Use, and tall Ot awe Isteseed. Taft to Insist en Economy. Washington, D. C., Nov. 6.—Preel- dent Taft intends to take • hand in the economy policies he is anxious to see Introdueed In all government de- partmerits. Taft plans today to have a heart-to-heart talk with the commit- tees of government employee that have been appointed by various secre- taries to work out plans for Hone - mining. Each department has appointed a committee of three or more, so about tarty men representing the rank and file of the ferret, will meet the presi- dent. It Is said the president may touch upon the sithject of the dismis- sals of old employes. Three Perished in Fire. Sioux City, la-, Nov. 6.—While alone in a farm house near Harlington, Neb., thirty miles west of hero, this morn- ing, Clarence and Ernest Peterson, aged 6 and 3 years, the sons of Peter Peter- son, and Leo Peterson, aged 14 years, the son of Sever Peterson, were burned to death in • fire which destroyed the Peterson home. Crosses Channel In Dirigible. Corbehem, France, Nov. 5.—Cruisi Willows, the young.Weishrnan who as- cended in his dirigible airship at Worwood Scrubbs yesterday afternoon for a flight across the English channel and to Pails, arrived het.. safety this morning. After Weer on a new sup- ply of fuel he proceded to Paris. • Deadlock In Strike. THOUGHT SHE HAD PRACTISED RAIN SNOW • Frenchman% Suspicions Really Some- thing of a Compliment to the Men of America. Claude Grahame White, the English aviator, praised, at a dinner in New York, the good fellowship of Ameri- cans. \The American woman is regarded abroad as an angel,\ he said. \The man is admittedly a good fellow, but an angel he is far from being. \You've hefted of the Frenchman, perhaps, whose se eetheart spent the summer in America? After her return the poor Frenchman seemed quite blue, \'What's the waiter with your a friend asked. \'I am worried,' the other muttered, 'about my Ban, i.e You see, since het return from Ane Ilea she kisses so much better than she used to.'\ AN INTOLERABLE ITCHING \Just about two years ago, some form of humor appeared on my scalp. The beginning vas a slight itching but it grew steadily worse until, when I combed my 4sir, the scalp became raw and the ends of the comb -teeth would be wet with blood. most of the time there was an intolerable itching, in a painful, burning way, very much as a bad, raw burn, if deep, will Itch and smart when first beginning to heal. Combat my hair was positive torture. My hair was long and tan- gled terribly because of the blood and scatm. ,TAIA.coetieufei growing worse W I Wein half wry train felt out. I WWI In despair, really afraid of becoming totally bald. \Sometimes the pain was so great that, when partially awake, I would scratch the worst places so that my finger-tips would be bloody. I could not sleep well and, after being asleep a short time, that awful stinging pain —would commence and then I would wake up nearly wild with the torture. • neighbor said it must be salt rheum. Having used Cuticura-Soap merely as a toilet soap before, I now decided to order a set of the Cuticura Remedies —Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Pills. I used them according to directions , for perhaps six weeks, then left off, as the disease seemed to be eradi- cated, but toward spring, eigbteen months ago, there was a slight re- turn of the scalp humor. I • com- menced the Cuticura treatment at once, so had very little trouble. On my scalp I used about one half a cake of Cuticura Soap and ball • box of Cuticura Ointment in all. The first time I took six or seven bpttles of Cu- ticura Pills and the last time three bottles—neither an expensive or te- dious treatment Since then I have bad no scalp trouble of any kind. Standing up, with my hair unbound, it comes to my knees and had it not been for Cuticura I should doubtless be wholly bald. \This is a voluntary, unsolicited tem timonlal and I take pleasure in writing It, hoping my experience may help someone else. Miss Lillian Brown, R. F. D.1.Liberty, Me. Oct. 29, 1909.\ New York. Nov. 4.—Union recogni- tion, the rock on which it was appre- hended the peace movement In the ex- press strike might split today, appear- ed to be the stumbling block in the way 'of effective preliminary negotiations between the companies and the men. Two of the companies will hold out against a treaty with the strikers el& rept as former employee. The men deciaredthat while tbey do not insist on a closed shop they must demand recognition of their organization. This =tate of affairs has brought the situa- 'ion to a renewed deadlock. No Errbr in Distance. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 4.—That the bal- loon America II made 1,35,5 miles in the international race was maintained here today by the officials of the Aero club when they read a cablegram from London that the distance was ques- tioned. Albert Lambert of the race committee computed the distance the night Meshes. Hawley and Post re- ported and it is subject to correction - nly by the war department of the United States. The 'America II landed eight miles north of Lake Tahlstlgama lit the province of Quebec and not at Chicoutimi as the Landon cable states. WHAT? erseresese Weeks—Why are you stoppingl You didn't run over that man. Swiftly—I know it. I just want to see what ails the steering gear. SICK, SOUR, UPSET STOMACH Indigestion, Gas, Heartburn or Dye - peptide Relieved Five Minutes After Taking a Little Diapepsin. Here is a harmless preparation which surely will digest anything you eat and overcome • sour, gassy or out of -order stomach within five minutes If your meals don't fit comfortably, or what you eat lies like a lump of lead in your stomach, or if you have heart , burn, that is a sign of Indigestion. Get from your Pharmacist a 50 -cent case of Pape's Diapepsin and take a dose just as soon as you can. There will be no sour risings, no belching of undigested food mixed with acid, no stomach gas or heartburn, fullness or heavy feeling In the stomach, Nausea, Debilitating Headaches, Dizziness or Intestinal griping. This will all go, and, besides, there will be no sour food left over in the stomach to poison your breath with nauseous odors. Pape's Diapepsin is a certain cure for out -of -order stomachs, because it takes hold of your food and digests it Just the same as If your stomach wasn't there. Relief in five minutes from all atom ach misery is waiting for you at any drug store here In town. Theee large 60 -cent cases of Pape's Diapepsin contain more than sufficient to thoroughly cure almost any case ol Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Gastritis or any other stomach disorder. An Effort to Oblige. \Mr. Lobrow does his best to be agreeable,' said the sympathetic young %omen. \It's too bad that he has so little tact.\ ; \I understand that Miss Coddleyap releilles to speak to him. He sent her a box of candy and she fed it all to her pet terrier. So be tried to be still more kind and thoughtful arid sent her a box of dog biscuit.\ ED CfEERS, \The grand old man,\ he Is railed for he is Do honest handling horses in races. He says: \I have used SPORN'S DISTEMPER CURE for 12 years, always with best success. It I. the only remedy I knew to mire all forms of distemper and prevent horses in same sta- b% having the (Muse.\ 50e Ind III a het - He. All draggiats, or nel.nufacturers. Spohn Medical Co., Chemed.. Goshen, Ind. All men are equal before the law, but some are more than equal to the task of getting around it. AND WIND SEVERE BLIZZARD STRIKES AT- LANTIC COAST. Wires •re Down and Communication Interrupted—Storm iteaohod Mid -winter Proportions. New York, Nov. 4.—A storm or mid- winter intensity which came booming up the Atlantic coast last night bring- ing with it gales and heavy falls of snow and rain left today a broad trail of broken wire communication along the seaboard. Telegraph companies were beset with difficulties. The storm was apparent- ly eeverest between Baltimore and Washington all the wires being down. Pennsylvania suffered from soggy clinging snow and the wires across the state were either down or working only intermittently, Early communication with Chicago was obtained bte:way of Boston thence west. Communication with eastere points was affected by the storm which brought snow coated wires. The broken wire communication affected some of the railroads and trains from dis- tant points were behind their schedules. :Five steamships due at quarantine this morning were still unreported at a late hour. The steamers are evi- dently detained by gales and high leas. The steamship Koenigin Luise which came here early today retiorted a small disabled American steamer anchored in the outside harbor. Shamokin. Pa., Nov. 4—Twenty-one inches of snap 1411. resuLted.trom 414114 eeretis storm in this Aect14.0. .2'h. mow is still falling today. STRIPS FOR ACTION. Gunboat Princeton Ready for Business at Amalpa. New Orleans. Nov. 4.—The United {States guriboat Princeton, at anchor 'off Amapala, Honduras, Is cleared for :action and its guns are trained upon elle governor's residence now occupied l by General Joe. Valladares, leader of the revolt against the Davila govern- ment according to a special cable to the PicaYune from San Salvador.. The dispatch states that Valladares yesterday insulted the American con- sular agent at Amapala, George Schmuck, sod threatened to shoot up his residence. Immediately upon be- ing notified of this, Commander Hayes of Princeton prepared his ship for action and sent word to the noted revoluntionlst that if the foreigners were molested he would shoot the 'governor's palace full of holes. The dispatch adds that chaos reigns throughout the western portion of ,Honduras and that inflamatory mani- festo' are being circulated by Vella - dares and his followers. Fine Epidemic in New York, New York. Nov. 4 —One woman was killed, several persons were injured, end there were numerous narrow en - capes in fires in various sections of the city today. Mrs. Rebecca Avner, the woman pilled. is declared by wit to have been kicked from a third floor fire *D- rape while she was fleeing with her husband and children from • lire set hy an Incendiary in the Clinton street tenement, In which they lived. The piroman's assailant escaped unidenti- ;Med In a fire in • West One Hundred end Thirtr-flret street apartment, police- men carried most of the 'Nettie stricken occupants clad only in their night kdothing down the fire escapes. One woman was badly hurt by falling from a first -story platform. PAINLESS. Ceseeeswer e f reweeies • First Chauffeur -1 ran over a man yesterday and it didn't hurt him a bit! Second Chauffeur—How was that? First Chauffeur—It killed him in- stantly! He Was a Boston Boy. \Your little boy must be very flint- 11gent,\ said a visitor to a Boston school teacher whose five -year -old son was forming Greek words with build- ing blocks. \Intelligent!\ exclaimed the proud parent \He is phenomenally gifted. As an example of his early erudition, what do you suppose was the first words he ever spoke?\ \Papa' and 'mamma'?\ \buff and nonsense!\ ejaculated the father in a tone of disgust. \Why 4lidt 411/.•• .1Mail 22 months old he med- itate, eadst *nem Ms algebra and said to me: 'Father, the longer I live the more indubitable proofs I perceive that there is in Boston as much cul- ture to the square inch as there ever was in the ambient area ef ancient Athens!'\ A Realist on Hope. William Dean Howells, discussing realism at one of his Sunday after- noons in New York, let fall a neat epigram on hope. . \Hope said the famous novelist, \is not, really, an angel in a dia- phanous robe of white, but only the wisp of hay held before a donkey's nose to make htm go.\ A Sure Sign. \I understand, Mr. Reuben,\ said the visitor, \that your son is devoted to the turf.\ \Ya-as I reckon he Is.\ said the old man. \Jab. kin lay down on the FRO ter hull hours 'thout nutkin' no complaint.\—Harper's Weekly. 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You are under your case and advise you mail, absolutely f Address Munyon's Doctors, Munyon Laboratory, 59d and Jefferson streets, P adelphia, Pa. Constipation Vanishes Forever Pet— o t Ketied—iressent Clau CARTER'S UTILE LIVF-Ft PILLS..,., Puesly veva. able—set surely but geody os the liver. Seep sitar dinner diarsar— cure iwil- cesium— improve the somplesios — brightss the eyes. 500 Pill, 3mall Dees, Small MIN Genuine newt bier Signature KNOWN THE And many a man's reputation for houesty Is due to his having put aside temptations that didn't tempt Sore throat leads to Tonsilitis. Quinsy and Diphtheria. Hamlin\ Wizard Oil ased as a gargle upon the first symptoms el a sore throat will invariably prev&t all three of them dread diseases. The worst deadbeat is he who rp- fuses to pay a debt of gratitude. OR. J. H. RINDLAUS (Specialist), Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Fargo. N. D. Lobs of women dress as if they were hard of hearing. Chicago, Strike Nears End. WE BELL GUNS AND TRAPS CHEAP Chicago, Nov. 4.—Following a settle- Buy N.V. and Hides. Send for catalog 106. enent of the garment workers' strike • ' N W Hide A Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 'with two firms yesterday, the situa- tion was quiet today. The police were A conventional man is one whose etill on guard, hut during the forenoon action you can predict ahead of time. were not called upon to suppress any disorders. Pickets were not in evl- deece, nor were the Usual crowds about the shops. Complete settlement is be - 'freed to be In sight Taft Cancels Navy Orders. Washington, Nov. 4.—President Taft rancelled the order promulgated to the m•Yr department detailing two speedy torpedo boat destroyers to follow Avi- ator McCurdy from the decks of the steamer Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, fifty miles at Lea to land, becalm\ he thought it would be in conflict with previous refusals to permit such use at naval vessels. Gas Explosion Fatal to Five. Birmingham. Ala., Nov. 4.—A gas ex- plosion occurred in the mines of the Ifc'ende Coal & Cake Co., shortly after midnight last night and five men were 'rued. The mines are located at Tus- caloosa county, thirty miles south of Birmingham. The bodies were taken out of the mines. Crazy Men Ran Amuck. redarburie Witt. Nov. 4.—Louis Hoffman, a butcher, while laboring under an attaak of Insanity early today whet and killed his 12 -year -old son, Carl, wounded his wife, his brother Er- nest and Ernest's son Walter. Hoff - [man was arrested and taken to Port Washington jail. Monk Secured Valuable Jewels, Perlin, Nov. 5—The police of Ger- jnany, Austria and Russia are search - in' for a fugitive Pawned monk, Father Deinaelus Macoch, who le charged with the robbery of precious Stones valued at 83,000.000 and the murder of his brother, a postman. Nothing Doing In HisnelurU, • \ Washington, Nov. 5.—The Honduras government has made no move to oust General Vallardares, the deposed com- mandant of Amalpa who refused • to he discharged. Neither had it called upon the United States to step in and put an end to this arbitrary reign over the Pacific port of the republic. Dispatches to the state department from United States Minister McCreery at Tegucigalpa tell of the situation. The officials believed the United States would be justified in removing Valle - dares by force if requested to do so by the Honduran government. Elephant Saved 1,000 lives. Calcutta, Nev. 5.—Had It not been for an intelligent elephant, the disaster to the Indian pilgrims in the Ganges, been conaeleeably more serious. While thousands of pilgrims were bathing, the river suddenly roes, and 200 orthe pilgrims were drowned. The elephant, which belonged to a certain Jung nahadur, saved, It is said, at least a thousand lives. With ropes attached to its trappings, It repeatedly swam out to the distresed pilgrims, who clung to the ropes and thus land- ed safely. we.. WIfflaseves Illeetling Rine r n at n ligrz .k it•goz i og n mel= 3 . e a r l : t Many a man who pat his money In • mine comes out minus. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM IV GT Palle to Redo. clew Rau. to Ite Youthful Woe. Ctue. eeJp Meas. abhe m arhea tem.& woe Suicide Slow death and awful sufferi follows neglect of bowels. Con stipation kills more people th consumption. It needs a Cu and there is one medicine all the world — lat cures it CASCARETS. Cascarees-I. box - sook's trot* Moat. All desszlets. Blazoot wallow to the wedlinebeees • race& WANTED fia•v:t1\2:1 555 mosey. N.& If afflicted with: Tl iewisp il s F lo Ohre Vat. see W. N. U., FARGO, NO. 44-11116. I have been a suf- ferer from rheumatism for about two years, and have used many lini- ments and patent me& does which gave me no relief. A lady friend of mine told me she had used your Liniment and found relief at once. I got two bottles and they cured me. I think it is the best Liniment i person can have in the house. I shall always keep a bottle in my house as Fong as I can get it.\—Mes. E. R. WALLACE, Morrison', Va. Another Letter. MRS. JAMES MCGRAW, of 1216 Mandeville St, New Orleans, La., writes I -- II I take pleasure in writing to you that I had a pain in my arm for five years, and I used SWANS INIMENT for one week and was completely cured. I recommend your Liniment very highly.\ Sloan's Liniment instantly relieves stiffness of the Joints, Sore Throat, Hoarseness, Sprains, Neuralgia, Sciatica and Lumbago. Better and cheaper than porous plasters. At All Druggists. Price 25o., Mo. and 111.00 messes Treads' sa tho Horse sent Tree. /address D. EARL S. SLOAN, BOSTON, MASS. D • modern isehoot SOO gape*, 405 positions Wei laali year. sad AKOTA BUSINESS COLLEG ^ Ilkortisoi. Doalkaa. nook Ilookkosplag,Ponass. 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 11 Nov. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.