Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, November 25, 1910, Image 1

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lumber of the pupils of c achool will spend ing outside of town. ighte will be installed I building the first of The lecture py Professor Cooley fore the pupils of the IVIiitehall hool will be given on December 6th at 10:30 A.M. instead of )ecember 5th as announced in at week's issue. The monthly report cards will sent out the first of next week. arents should examine these loscly and see what your children MONTANA VOLUME IX. HIGH SCHOOL NOTES The regular quarterly examine - ions were given in all the rooms his week. Of course the pupils !ways enjoy examination week. A new cupboard, with lockers, $ being installed in the chemistry oom, 80 that all poisonous chemi- sts may b kept under lock and y. Quite Quite a he pub hanksgi Electric n the echo Increase of Revenue From Forest Reserves For the fiscal veer ending June 30 last, the U. S. Department . of Agriculture announces, the 25 per cent of National Forest revenue which will go to the States for road and school purposes amounted to $506,194.84. This was $67,492. 03. more than last year, or an in- crease of a little over 15 per cent. The payment are an offset to the loss of income from taxable pro- perty sustained through with- drawal of the forest land from en- try under the public land laws. The amounts elicit will go to he week. These will prove a the various statea..ere as follows: Art' ,..94;1 1,4 441,44/ steeessor.te.A144.I.tirizona. Arkansas; ehool building, as it gets quite $2,904.44; California, $60,752.91; ark before school closes these Colorado, $50,306.19; Florida, bort days. $706.38; Idaho, $66,074.55; Kans- as. $1,004.67; Minnesota, $457.37; Montana. $83,678.38; Nebraska, $2,820.25; -Nevada, $16,314.33; New Mexico. $28,529.53; North - Dakota, $63.64; Dlilalionne$626.10 Oregon, $39,635.87; South Dakota $9,808.93; Utah, $32,905.49; Washington $23,671.89; Wyoming, $34,704.54. Noteworthy is the especially re accomplishing in school. heavy increase over the amounte The cantate, \Congress of Na- last year in certain states In W- iens\ being prepared by the pup- ifornia the amount rose by over of the public school, will be 25 per cent, in Idaho by over 35 Ten at Clintoo's nail on Friday per cent and in Oregon by nearly . vening December 2nd. Proceeds 50 Percent- - TheiffeVonsett are the purchase pictures and books for result of increased activity in Nat- e school. Admisson 35 cents,lional Forest timhor .a -k's in these eserved seats 50 cents. Children [states and are an earnest of what f the School under 15, 23 cents. i will happen as the timber supply which the government is caring for comes into full demand. Since the cut of timber %sill alwa'ye be esrrices for Nest eleaday limited to what the forests will Regular prerching services at keep on growing, theincome to the 1 A. N. and 7:30 P. M. Sunday states will be permanent, nut ool at 10 A. M. transitory, as would have been the Preaching and Sundae' sc h oo l at seise if hasty and imbrovient ex- eunt Valley at 2 o'clock ploitation had been iterreitted. Revial meetings will he held et Aecording to the calculations of , te Methodist Church next .week. the Department of Agricuture ay. Charles L. Borer& District officials the states will eventually uperintendeto, and Mrs. Boverd receive ninny times whet the ill conic December 5th and as Forests are now yielding them, Methodist Episcopal Church et in the meetings. Mrs. Boyars] complielied vocalist. FRED WHITFORD. Minister. for there is as yet on the whole only a v'ery restricted demand for the government's timber. The 1A/1-1 itehaall HOME L., F. E. NELSON, Proprietor Good R ooms F'irst - Clas Service Excellent Bar and Sample Room in Connection McKay&Carmichael Mercantile Co. WHITEHAL.L, M ON TANA We are dealers in everything. We carry a general line of Hardware, Tinware and Crockery ware. The best fence on earth the \Pittsburg Electric -Weld W o v en Wire\ fence for hogs and cattle. Just received a carload of stock salt and a car of blacksmith coal. We have the Trail Creek Coal, the best for ranges and heaters. We are giving away fancy pictures with every $25.00 purchase. Our grocery line is the best in Mon- tana and the price is right. Call and See Us McKay & Carmichael Mercantile Co. 4.4,4%avvvvvvvvv,,,,ww*vsyv — WHITEHALL. MONTANVVRIDAY. NOVEMBER 25. 1910, BRIEF NOTES Bargains in gents' furnishings at Huber's. 0. Ii. Junod of Sheridan was in town a day this week. Dr. Coghlan has an excellent coal stove for sale cheap. The W. C. T. U. will meet at the home of Mrs. King Friday, Dec. 9. James Ryareof Cardwell Was a Vsiness visitor in Whitehall last Monday Wm. Giles of Butte ate Thanks giving . turkey , with home ! s ok • The McCall'. family enjoyed n reunion by all eating Thanksgiving turkey together. Fine assortment of Lowney's end ilityles's candies for the holi- days at Meet's. Mr. and Mrs. John Weolverton of Livingston spent Thenkesting with relatives in Whitehall. Mr. and Mrs Ike Nip were geese; of the . Hall fetidly in Virginie ('by on Thanksgiving day.' Mr. and Mrs. Needlinnt and daughter, Dorothy, spent Itemise giving alit their daughter in - T D Ina nsend of the Water- loo regon was transacting business edit hiitehe,ll merchente the first of the week Toni Monalien, court titenegraph- er for this ludic's! diteriet, came in from Virginia City Tuesdey on his way to Butte. .1. M. Woodside: one of Water- loo's prosperous farmers, was a huenees visitor in our burg the first of the week. Mrs. M. I. ()erney fled deastli- ter; „ Mrs. McCall, a as up from 'Waterloo Mondnv t kiting friends and holm/ some .hopping. A. II. Ferrell, representing the Minneeote Type Fotindry of St. Paul, Was ThUrsday hiterviewing the Sunlight office. W. I'. Well was doe n from his ranit-h in the Whitetail park the first of the week preamhulating around wit.' old Whiteltell friends. Mr. and NI ris o W . A. Zimmerman of Coloredo City, Colorado, are visiting here for a few weeks with Mrs. Zinopermen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Yotter. Mrs. Mate Goodiel of Pipestone Springs was in town the first of the week visiting with friends, and among ethers the Sunlight acknowledges a pleasant call. Fienk Conway, editor of the Mad isonian at Virgin* City, missed through Whitehill Thursday even- ing on his way to Butte to eat it belated Thanksgiving dinner with the t ttrieety Dr. I. S Stettord end 11'm Meadow of Pony stopped over in Whitehall Mondey night on their any home. 11r 11-Rdow has been a contintioue resident of the Pony section mince 1875. 11 m. Heinrich. one of the aetilthiest stock owners in :quilt- nna, snipped from Whitehall this week thirteen carloads ofeeteere to. Grass Lodge, where he owns a large stock ranch. The cattle were per- elniecermostly from James Ryan, ono of Car -deers stock men. 11re, Win. 'Devine tt ii iii' „her / ein e leetess et a quilting bee it her home last Seturdwy after- noon. The ladies present were: \lest:lentos D rrenotuw, Nit -Kay, Ileslip, Mitten !Ind Nelson. It is enneeessery to say that the ladies were royelly entertained. II. E. Spencer, the \Coal Oil Johnny\ ; of Nlontene, MIA in V1'hitethalll again this week lubrica- ting the town and otherwise dis- turbinAthe quiet peace of this Puritanical village. Spencer re- presents thn Continental Oil company and he is about as oily en individual as you will meet in n life time. Aside from his faults he is a pretty good sort of a LAST OF THE SIX GONE TO REWARD Henry F. Edgar, One of the Original Discoverers of Alder Gulch, Passes Away at Plains. Story of the Discovery. Virginia , City Times: Hie next morning rts noon as The last of the six Inert who (his- daylight ceme we were all out. l covered Alder gulch, the richest , Sweeney's first pan weighed $5. placer gulch the World hits ever Hughes and Culver went up the known, passed Reny Saturday gulch above. Fairweather and me morning last when Henry F. and Rogers anti Sweeney went - t4evieeeeklecresses satte..1.0s;ice..tdowsepah04,eb beloys Death was due to pneumonia, fol- took twq . riaimi apiece, 200 feet to lowing a severe cold contracted the man, all the claims adjoining on election day while walking to each other. 1Ve took 50 feet on Paradise to vote.. each side of the creek. The news of his death was re- \We got about $150 that day ceived in Virginia City with keen altogether. We were tired and regret es Mr. Edgar had many hungry and all out of grub. Ate friends among the old timers here we panned the last gold we saw as well its throughout the county. live antelope on those hills over Sunday's Anaconda Standard con- there. Bill said to me: tamed the following biographical \Old man, if ever you looked sketch: straight for your supper, look Henry Finnie Roister %vs. horn straight now. I n p lim f t les, Scoliend, -Oct. 4, \Bill went one, way I went up 1825. When he wive 9 Vu -tire old the iun the other side and etsch of his perents eintginted to NeW Its' got an entelot e. We hind Brutiseick end settled on tle. no coffee or breed. Our supper %mach; river. \kAt the , e ot . consisted of antelope straight and 18 h se e crossed the Ike luta !wine. uki g ttiSo los. where lie will hid as a Illnitle •retin 'The next morning we spent the S'orne year• later he went west end forenoon measuring the ground settled in Weldon, and, in 1854 and staking it off; I wrote the went to Nlinnesota t %%here he lo- notices. The first wrote was for eeted the town of Fergus Falls in Barney Hughes, 1857. Lesvinu there the folloiv- \ 'What shall we eel, the gulehl ing year,' he ,, tett to Fort (leery I asked on the Red river In the spring \ 'You mime it,' he said. * of 1859 he creesed the mountains \So I called it A:der gulch, on into Montana end from the ateuten account of the heavy chimps of 1859 to the Spring of 1801 he was elders growing along the hanks of with the Lieutenant Perks survey- the creek. ing petty Then he holielit it \We finished sinking the ground ei s im m, Reck creek, British Col- packed our crimp and on the road meter*, sod did his flret iiiinin. to liennack, going down to the II'' Oland •d the i Inini the first Dempsey Ateeting of Stinking ti'. r end a- it to Florence, Helm. tVater and over the hilly.\ 'Ili , spring of 1869 he traveled Whenever the pioneers of Mori - from Florence to Elk City end in bola met end Henry Edger met the following Ot-tober he went into with them he was the one to whom the Bitter Hoot country end thence most honor Was accorded. lie was to liannack, where lie worked on ii refered to in later years as the tlairn located for him by George only one left of the six who Orr end Bill Fairwether. discovered arid named Alder gulch It was at liannitek that the party and took out the tirst deousands was formed to search for gold in in gold. 1‘'hinislcelly the pioneer the Bleek hills, only later to bring would refer to the fact that all of up in Alder guich where they the six discoverers of millions had made the big strike. \gone broke,\ While each one Several yeArs ago • Mr. Edgar of them acquired a modest fortune described the discovery to a Stan- at the time, it was lost later. dard reporter, who went with him Bill Fairweather distributed his to the spot where the first gold wealth with lavish hand. Ile Was was discovered. This is the story extremely fond of riding through as he fold it: Main street in Virginia City and ' I remember that it min a wenn scattering gold dust right and left afternoon, end the sun Was shin- in order to see the children and ing brightly. It Wits the turn of Chinamen eciamble for it. What Fairweether end me to make camp he didn't threw aWbly he drank up, and stand weird The other four arid he died without money enough went tip the guleh to what is now left to bury him. Others of the Highland, prospeeting. Just he- Alder gulch discoverers lost their fore sundown Bill went ',crops the fortunes by gernbling or diss , ipa- creek to it kind of a tier to picket time lie too, \went broke.\ hut the horses •\ l'here is a piece of he did not gamble, and he bore the bedrock sticking out,' said Bill. marked pectilerity of being one of 'end we had letter go over nod see the very few men in Virginia Cit,v, we cen't get enough tymey to buy in early days, who never drank. a little tobaeco.' Some years ago Mr. Edgar \So Bill took the pick and burned books a hich showed mon- elinveLend I took the_ pan end we ee owing to him to the amount of mewed over. We '' - deg up the $30,oOO t, hich ells a greeter Nina dirt and ehoveled it into the lee]. then he ever teak out of the gulch. I Went down to the ereek to. wash \flint was Inv real trouble.\ he It. While I wits washing 'the dirt said ellen the last page of debtor's he scratched around in the bed accounts had gone up in smoke. reek with his butcher knife. He \I tic ver can say 'no' to a friend picked out a Move of tield end cell, when he minted money. Most of eti, 'I've foetid it seed.' this $80,00to a Ha borrowed money, '1 heti the pan about half wusit- while the rest wn• owed for goods ed down end I replied& 'If 3 oo when I kept the butcher shop.\ have ono I lie ye s thousand!' While lie lost all, like the other \And so I had. 'Chat first pan dincoverers, Mr. Edgar kept. on wei g hed us 'theta $2.34'. We working and retrieved his fortune w a she d th ree rm. hoforts dark end so far as to place him beyond thtethree came to $19 amid sonic want in hie declining years. rf•ntR. As We stopped, the other four came haek tired and hostile because we hedn't taken care of the horeett. They had only found a color. I showed Sweeney what we had and asked him whet he thought of the pan. \Salted by 0 d',\ exclaimed Sweeney. \You know well enough if you pike me down and run me through said dI. sluice sw:vu couldn't get a color,\ W. L, Riokard. Notice to Debtors Having sold the Montana Sim - light, and retaininguhh book and mebseription accounts up to August 16, 1010, notice is given that all Recount( remaining unsettled have been placed with A. A. Mnrsh, justice of the peace, for collec- tion. Prompt settlement is re. quested. January SUNLIGHT. College School For Farmers There farmers at the 98rd NUMB/CU 41 se- sets CARD WELL will be a horse school for Mrs ,I. W. Lyons and daughter Magaret were visiting Mr. and 280,. Mrs. Fred Brownbstek a couple (Jaya. Agricultural College to January 1911. Lectures will be given Oil how to feed and improve the horse and lectures and demonstretions will he given on he** to diagnose and treat the rotntnon nilmente of the boric. The best unite:11s in Galletin Valley will he used in the instructional work in judging. Last year the total attendance Was about one hundred. and every -GrrKeer Xtvot-t spate the iiuC this year should attend., The week following the horse school from January 30, to Feb- ruary 4th, there is a poultry school for both mon mei women. This work consists of lectures on types, breeds, howling, feeding, breeding for egg production, feltening, ceponizing. disetteem me. All Phase' of the poultry industry are dismissed. The course is practienl end will he it benefit to every et• teteient Beginning just, lifter the poultry course, for farmers, there will be it four-weekt creamery course, running front Fehrunry 6th r to Mere), 4th, 1911. There liii de- mand for better makers in the state and this course lins been (hr. signed to fit young men to fill these pomitione. l'he eourse will last four weeks rind ell of the student's time will he spent in the college creamery doing the newel work on the dairy floor. Tuition to these courses is free and fermere should as -nil them- selves of this opportunity. For further paetictilars addrese Pres- ideht J. M. 111%11111ton, Boxemen, Montat,s. Miss. LaTowneau and Miss. Love left for Alder Sunday night, They %sill attend the teachers In stute at Virginia City. Clarence Burch, Coolies Moon and Curl Rundell were passengers to Bette Sundny night. Mrs. II, F. Brown and little son Dean left for LaCrosse Wisconsin while there she will visit her moth- -. - 041 other relatives., • •• • OA( ...rdIrtrill James Ryan expects to have a large shipment of cattle for the ettstern part of the state the lest of this week. Master Fred Foot is visiting with Willie Johns. Mr. and Mre. Andrews of Harrison, relatives!of (I. L Johns have been enending a few days with \(leo.\ and family. Miss. Douysdale and Johns had Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. ('. U. Brown. • Mrs. Thomas went to Butte Monday on business. Mrs. Jas. Seery of Whitehall is visiting relatives in the valley. Mrs. C. U. Brown was in Whitehall lust Saturday. Free! Frei! Free! McKay & Carmichael Co. will give one pound of Hunt's Perfect Baking pout der flee with every 49 -pound Pack of Ceretena flour .voti will buy at our store for (Ash only. Nickey & Caasnttnat& MEILC. 0. P. Lake of Poison Was a Whitehall visitor the first of the week. Mr. IAke teen oldtimor of this town, being shortly less then a year ago proprietor Whitehrill hotel. He Is now gaged ii the slime business at Buy Van Brunt Poison and is doing well, end his Winolow, sole agent, Whitette.. here wish him still Montana, more proenerity. of the en. e Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZHUUH, Proprietor Fresh and Salt Mteatal Ranch Butter, Poultry and Eggs 1 - luirchsaisci arid Sold Whitehall • Montana Ti Whitehall State Bank iCsapitsal IP'sald In, le .2411,000.00 CHAP ' . 11..301171SON, President. A. SIcKAY, Vice President _ Oireec tore CHAII J. JOW:01101, II. TITTLE, A. J. IbirKAY. L. It. PACKA an. TUTTLF Wt. alto to Mend to nur customer* miy oirrominollstIos consistent with conservative bulldog WE RESPECTFULLY SOLICIT YOUR REPINES. J. L PLATT Cashier. l‘WilAviliAr41 , 8/‘ F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry Pi t.-sscriptions arid Jtelowestry R pa 1 ram spescteatty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, iiektietAlteielVVVV*$ Paints, Watches, Clocks, silverware Ifr - W. S. CLARK & Co. Are still doing business at the old stand with a fresh line of General Merchandise At Renova

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.