Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, November 25, 1910, Image 2

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n. • 4e. \17 1 ,177 NEWS EPITOME THAT CAN SOON BE COMPASSED. 'MONTANA SUMMIT. DUDLEY AXTELL, Publisher. WHITEHALL, • • MONTANA. DOCTORS vt, FAILED FOR THE BUSY MAN guttered Several Years With Kidney Trouble, \Peruna Cured Me.\ Mr. John N. 7 f Watkins, 8133 Shenan doah Ave., St. Louis, Mo., writes: \Among all the greatly ad- vertieed medi- cines for kid- ney and blad- der trou b 1 e there is noth- ing whicih equals Peru- na. I suffered for sev e r a 1 Washington. rears with this Congress meets the first Monday in h r iln i ads 'Per s i st December. The session will end dollars on doe - March 4th. tors and medi- The beginning of November has no e and se all to on brought an improved condition of S oy ' til p l u took Pe: ernment finances. The month shows runa. a surplus of more than $700,000, as \One bottle did me more against a deficit of $2,500,000 a year d than all Vr. John N. Watkins. ago. The total receipts to date are r ° eothers put together, as they only nearly $7,000,000 ahead of a year ago poisoned my system. Peruna cured and the disbursements are nearl Ins. I used It for four months Defere g a complete cure was accomplished, but $4,000,000. km truly grateful to you. The least I Pensions for all employes of na- 'floral beets wed protection for their. 'families in case of death has proposed to the treasury department by the large mutual life insurance companies. Several reports of the compaeles headed by W. C. Beers of New York, had a conference Grids,' with the comptroller or the currency regarding the legality of the plan. ' After a leave of absence lasting nearly ten years during the most of which time he was engaged in Arctia exploration, Capt. Robert E. Peary has returned to active duty in the navy department. For the presend the famous explorer is to be engaged as engineering expert for the de4 partment of justice in cases before' the court of claims, involving cona struction work for the naval bureau of yards and docks. Plans for an aerial military squad- ron will be presented to congress, the number of the air machines to be pro- vided being left by the war depart- ment to the law makers. This WAS. announced by Major General Leoni are Wood, chief of staff of the army., Brigadier General James Allen, chief' of the signal corps, in his report to General Wood, already has recom - mended that twenty machines be pur- chased at once for the army. MANY EVENTS ARE MENTIONED Horne and Foreign Intelligence Con. denied Into Two and Four Line Paragraphs. t 4 ..! • Foreign. Crippen, the wife murderer, will. barely escape the gallows, though given a ten -days' extension from the original day set for his execution. Morroco has agreed to pay Spain $13,000,000 indemnity as demanded by the latter government following the successful Spanish campaign against' the Riff tribesmen in the summer of t909. The marriage of Prince Victor Na- poleon Bonaparte, cousin of King Victor Emmanuel and pretender to the throne of France, and Princess Clementine, daughter of the late King Leopold of Belgium, took place at Moutcalleri. near Paris. ' The Explorer's Club is ' New York ' has e'en notified t' ..t a Japanese ex. At the One Horse. Peditlen t,a. South Pole will Jere L. Sullivan, the head of the TO% DI, November 15. The twee': lion will yae-frrigon sessel equipped sea sills awl auxiliary power and experts to be three years in making its long Poureer. Count Boni de Castellane. former husband of Anna Gould, now the wife of his Cousin, Prince de Sagan, haa filed with the vatican a formal pet'. lion asking the pope to confirm his civil divorce and grant him a church divorce. Count Boni, it is said, is suing for the hand of Miss Anna Mor- gan, daughter of J. P. Morgan Baron de Ungern SternBurg, corre- spondent of a semi-official Austro- Hungarian news agency, was sen- tenced by the appeal court to four years hand labor on the charge of high treason. Baron Sternburg. was arrested last June by the secret police after a search of his apartments. The police slezed his papers and the baron was placed In confinement. pan do In return is to acknowledge the =milts of ,.Poruna t fflOsia I UAL In mow . , Bladder Trouble. Mr. C. B. Newhof, 10 Delaware ltreet, Albany, N. Y.. writes: \Since my advanced age I find that I have been frequently troubled with F inery ailments. The bladder seemed Rated, and my physician said that was catarrh caused by a protracted bold which would be difficult to over - me on account of my advanced years. took Peruna, hardly dating to believe that I would be helped, but found to pny relief that I soon began to mend. The irritation gradually subsided, and the urinary difficulties passed away, I have enjoyed excellent health now for the past seven months. I enjoy my amain. 'deep soundly, and am as well as I was twenty years ago. I (lye all praise to Peruna.\ Its shilidicifir la a strong feature Of the 40 /1//1 ddlOVIN TIM iwomta cma Stayer. Meesi, Berea. ream Aciwisiai. Fifty ceste earl% or $1.40 fer tiw flow. Pelivelee. S 6inecd iffsmfa MjiL Mows Order or &wee. Chews se Afsew Maw' Ceweeas, Leek Bee 269, Prwidwee. R.I. Constipation - Nearly Every One Gets It The bowels show first sign of things going Wrong. A - Cascarei taken every night as needed keeps the bowels working naturally Without grip, gripe and that upset sick feeling. to Tee emit tor week's Sweetmeat. ucf^... Biggest seller is u.e J1 Id !UAW bo zee eseath. General. Prominent Mexicans say It is Idle to talk of a rupture with the United States. Socialism was denounced at the meeting of the Catholic federation at New Orleans. There is surprise in Portugal that the United States has not recognized the infant republic. There is a long list of 4lIew York , democrats who aspire to the coming vacancy in the U. S. senate. A movement is on to deprive the next sneaker of the national house if the committee appointing power. Editor Hitchcock, for U. S. senator, has mme votes than any other man on Use democratic ticket in Nebraska. Aldrich has a money bill which it is said he will push at the coming short session of congress. At Anadarko, Okl., PplIce Chief W. C. Temple was called to his door by an unidentified Mexican and fatally shot. The San Juan, Porto Rico, branch of the Union Bank of Halifax, has been merged with the Royal Bank of Canada. One hundred and four thousand settlers entered Canada from the United States during the last year and 76.000 entered the United States from Canada. Charles G. Murphy, leader of Tam- many Hall, departed for Hot Springs, Va., for a rest after the campaign. The Panama national assembly ap- proved a resolution instructing the executive to recognize the Republic of Portugal. Governor Sanders will call a special session of the Louisiana legis- lature for November 24 to elect a suc- cessor to the late Senator McEnery. Governor Shallenberger issues his proclamation of thanksgiving and says Nebraska has kept step with the onward march of civic and industrial Prowess. Hotel and Restaurant Employees' In- ternational Alliance, said in Clads - sail, apropos of Labor day: \Our American hotels are better than they used to be, and for this bet - torment my organization deserves no little credit \We have today no such hotels ea the One Horse of Tin Can, where, if you asked for • bath, they used to give you a shovel and tell you to go down to the hollow and dam the creek. ''An English earl once visited the One Horse hotel. The landlord with- out ceremony led him outside, pointed to • window on the fifth floor, and said: \'Thar's yer room.'\ Made Him Ridiculous. Joseph Leiter, in an interview on Ltis yacht Chantecler, said, with smile: \Please gubte me accurately. In an Interview, you know, the slightest in- accuracy can make a man ridiculous. It is like the Frenchman, who thought he had a very fair knowledge of En& lish, nevertheless, said to a father: '\Ahal Your son, he resemble you. A chip off the old blockhead, heinr • -Exchange. Sweetest Success. \What's the sweetest kind of sub tees?\ \That which you achieve by acting contrary to the advice of your friends. HEALTH AND INCOME Both Kept Up on Scientific Food. Good sturdy health helps one a 10 1 1 to make money. With the loss of health one's income is liable to shrink, if not entirely dwindle away. When a young lady has to make het own living, good health is her best aspet. \I am alone in the world,\ writes a Chicago girl, \dependent on my own efforts for my living. I am a clerk, and about two years ago through close application to 'work and a boarding , house diet, I became a nervous in. valid, and got so bad off it was almost impossible for me to stay in the °nice a half day at a time. \A friend suggested to me the idea of trying Grape -Nuts food which I did, making it a large part of at least the meals a day. 'lToday, I am free from brain -tire, dyspetisia, and all the ills of an civla• worked and improperly nourlitted brain and body. To Grape -Nuts I owe the recovery of my health, and the ability to retain my position and income. Read \The Road to Wellville,\ II Aga. \There's a Reason.\ 6. E . v . e; reed thepeure ...thoye e I t ener • Neel e. met t a r• sera& true, sae tau et Masai FIGHT TO FINISH HOUSE OF L RDS THE MOST PRDMINENT QESTION NOW IN ISSUE. OPPOSE AMERICAN CASH Asquith and Balfour Have Both An. nounced Plan of Campaign - Will EI• Short, Sharp and Decisive. 'r London, NbY, 19. -Wet., of Premier Asquith's speech declaring the policy of the government, follow- ing as it did Balfour's speech outlin- ing the Monist policy early in the week, the two parties In the political contest have laid their cards on the table. The fight will be short and sharp and, from the attitude of the politicians who have already taken the platform, as bitter as it will be short. When the failure of the veto con- ference was announced, all signs fav- ored the government's candidates, just fresh from their success in the elec- tion& Good trade returns Increase the popularity of free trade wile Union- ists disorganized, pad apparently lost heart, some of their newspapers even predicting their defeat should the elec. 1 .41en..a.uaus. Zada.aelarefiAll-0 OHL 041.:.1,mptiaerrot;- however, re-\ stored their confidence and although a section of the party, which a few days ago, advocated federal home rule, Is finding it awkward to recant, the ranks generally have been reformed. The house of lords naturally is the foremost question on which the elec- tion will be fought, A section of Unionists made up of old tortes. le unwilling to accept Balfour's scheme for the reform of the upper chamber, particularly owing to the elimination of hereditary principles, but.the influ- ence of the men who comprise this section will have litUe effect. A plink of importance in the Union. he platform is the opposition to home rule and the \use of American •dollors to destroy the British constitution.\ The latter has lost some * ores through the publication of a statement 'that * sum of only 876,000 was eokect- ed by the Irish leader, one-third of which came from Canada, the sub- scription list in that country being headed by Sir Wiltrid Laurier. pre- mier. • COUNT TOLSTOI DEAD. 0 eisel-flefeemer to Inevitable. Astapova, Nov. 19. -Count Leo Tol- Mot died peacefully this morning. Dr. Makovetaky and the other attending physicians and Countess Tolstoi were at his bedside when the end came. It was recognized long before that his case watt hopeless and at 5 o'clock in the mosting after the counter's had been summoned and other members of the family had gathered in an ad- joining room, the physicians issued a bulletin announcing that the acUvity of the heart had almost ceased and that Toliacill's condition was extremely dangerous.' Several of the physicians were greatly overcome by the ap- proaching death of Russia's great writer. Count Lyof Nikolaivitch Tolstoi, us- ually called Count Leo Tolstoi. nove- list and social eformer, was born Aug. 13. 1133, at Yasnaya Pollan& In the province of Tula, Russia, When 2t years Old, he entered the army and served In the Caucasus and In the de- fense of Sebastopol against the British and French allied forces, lie first made his reputation in literature by a series of vivid sketches written from Sebastopol, When -he left the army, soon after the Crimean war, he de- voted himself entirely to literature. Insurrection in Mexico. Mexico City, Mex.. Nov. 19. -Reports from Pueblo, where a revolutionary rioting occurred yesterday are that the town is quiet today. Similar reports are received frometaterior cities. fhe estimates of number killed in the fighting yary from 100 to 170. Strong forces of cavalry and in- fantry are patrolling the streets and pickets and !sharpshooters occupy church towers. The revolutionary movemesat.\which began when the police attempted to break up a meet- ing of anti-re-electionhes, appears to have ended with the capture of the home of Jose Carden. who is credited with having headed the rebel., Cerdan Is said to have escaped. He is a grandson of Gen. Miguel Alathiste, former governor of the state of Pueblo. American Sailor Stabbed, Cherbourg, France, Nov. 19. -Pat - tick I. Fitzsimmons, a sailor from the battleship Louisiana, who was stabbed during a light last , night between white and colored bluejackets from the American fleet, died this afternoon. Benjamin Prim froni - Eansas, who al- so was wounded, is improving. Cloudy in Pittsburg. Pittsburg, Pa.. Nov. 19. -Twelve minutes of sunshine In seven and one- half days is all that Pittsburg enjoyed from midnight Nov. 10 until noon yes- terday, according to an anhouncement Of the weather bureau last night. This is less thaw two 'minutes a day. Suffragettes Released. London, Nov. 19. -:To their chargin, 118 suffragettes who were arrested yesterday during their attempt to force an audience with Premier Asquith were discharged in Bow street police court today. The defendants had been released on bail last night. When they were arraigned today the attorney for the crown announced that Home Secretary Churchill had decided on the ground of public policy, that no'bene- fit would be i galned by proceeding with the prosecution. The willing martyrs to the cause of woman suffrage receiv- ed this statement with hisses and boos, Homesteader Dies on Claim. Bismarck, N. D., Nov. 19. -Henry Olsen. a Morton county homesteader, was found dead in his bed by neigh- bors, supposedly about twenty-fous hours after death. He has suffered hemorrhage of the lungs and expired. He was living alone on a claim upon which he ilk(' about three years ago. Nothing is known of his family or his former home. Earthquake in West Indies. Fort De France, Martinique, Nov. 19. -Severe earthquake ,shock, moving teem north southwarst Wis Yea here last midnight. No damage was done. DOES libUllt BACK ACHE? Backache is usually kidneyache. there is only one way to remove the pain, you must reach the cause -the thineys. No better kidney remedy if;W exists than Doan's i Jeer Kidney Pills. They permanently cure al) kidney ills. Mrs. M. C. Morris, 546 Pacific Ave., Ala- meda, Cal., says: \For twelve years I suffered from kidney trouble. My back ached so intensely I Lid not receive one good night's rest, the kidney isecretfons were suppressed hid the bladder burned and pained. tit Nen physicians treated me with - put fitneflt Then I began using Doan's Kidney Pills and was relieved hum the first. Continued use cured ue.\ Remember the name-Doan's. nil* sale by all dealers. 50 cents I Lox, Foster -Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. T. Kidding Worse Than Cutting. Talk about Making good with your friend& a New Orleans man told Overybody he knew that he was going to Philadelphia for the dual purpose M seeing the world's baseball series and having a slight surgical operation performed. Reaching this city, he consulted a speciallet, and was told that an operation was not necessary. \But doctor,\ the New Orleans party urgently interposa \it must be lone.\ \Why must it?\ wonderingly quer- hd the surgeon. `' - '15ectwass,' was the startling Joinder of the southern man, \I told all the boys at home that I was going to have an operation performed, and If I don't make good they will kid the life out of me.\ -Philadelphia Tel* Smelt The Winning Candidate. To candidates for the same office tame Into a certalfi town one day. The one called at a house where a lit- tle girl came to the door. Said be; \Suisie will you please bring me a glass of water?\ Having brought the water, he gave her some candy and asked: \Did the mad ahead of me give you candyr \Yes sir.\ Then he gave her a nickel and said: \Did he give you money?\ \Yes sir; he gave me ten cents.\ Then, picking her up, he kissed her and said: \Did be kiss you?\ \Yes sir, and he kissed mamma, too!\ Deafness Cannot Be Cured &operations, se they nowt ffech the din send portion of the W. 'Darr. Is only one way te fare destines. and that Is by ounot:tutiorial r 5 ...dies. nistand ity-sa evilennet eanditlen of nit ItnIne of the Lusts, nun Tube. V. htn thu tube r Inflamed you hero a rutubltog sound of' Me esetect bootee. laid when it le mtlrely closed. DersA Wu la the result, and warn the Inflammation can be ea out and Ma tube restored to IS ninon condi- n, hearing will be destroyed forever. Was teal pit of ten Cr. caused by Catarrh. wbl.k b nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mama 'urines. We will lire One hundred Dollars for any resg r a 4 . 11.11s Catarrh bend foe circular% free. Mew a (cused by catarrh) that cannot be CULNEY A CO.. 'Reed*. CS Sold by rmeggisla, 715. Takeo Mare really Pule for constipsUon. DISCOURAGEMENT8 OF LITERAs TUBE. Mrs. Quiz -Has your husband ever Ca...20w been accused of plagiarism? Mrs. Spacer -No, and it discourages him, too. It shoes he has never writ, ten anything that's so good other peo ple would like to claim it. ' STOMACH MISERY VANISHES Indigestion, Gas, Sourness and •Dye pepsia Go and Your Stomach Feels Fine In Five Minutes. If your meals don't tempt you, or What little 3011 do eat seems to AB you, or lays like a lump of lead in your stomach, or if you have heart. burn or a sick, sour, upset or gassy stomach, that is a sign of Indigestion. Ask your Pharmacist for a 60 cent case of Pape's Diapepsin and take a little just as soon as you can. There will be no sour risings, no belching of undigested food mixed with acid, no Stomach gas or heartburn, fullness' or heavy feeling in the stomach, Nan. sea, Debilitating Headaches, Dint. ness or Intestinal griping. This will all go, and besides, there will be no undigested food left over in the atom ach to poison your breath with nause ous odors. Pape's Diapepsin is certain cure rot out -of -order stomachs, because, it pre vents fermentation and takes hold of your food and digests It just the same as if your stomach wasn't there. Relief in five minutes from all atom. ach misery is waiting for you at any drug store here In town. ' These large 50 -cent cases of Pape . ' Diapepsin contain more than sufficient to thoroughly cure any case of flys- pepela, Indigestion, Gastritis or any other stomach disturbance. All in Good Time. Seven - year -old William had become the proud owner of a pet pig, and in- sisted upon having all the care of It himself. After a feW weeks, as the pig did not seem to thrive, his fathei said to him: \William I'm afraid you are not feeding your pig enough. It does not seem to be fattening at all.\ \I don't ears( him to fatten yet,\ Illam replied, knowingly. \I'm walb g until he gets to be as long as I want him, then I'll begin to widen him out.\ - Tit -Bits. What Matte\ Eye nemealy it aose to the j af :a 'fi lu il r b_m n itI nu tresa v , m b o 'leit hu n io se n ,.faren n and tithes. Promoting ltorbesJ Tr, Monne in yoer are. Many a guilty man escapes because he is so small he goes right through the net. ARRESTED BY WHOLESALE INGL1SH SUFFRAGETTES MAKE DESCENT ON PARLIAMENT, -atter Emptied His Rifle *hooting at Who Charged Many Time*. Cheered on by Bluejackets. Londe& England, Nov. 18. -The nilitant suffragists reopened hos- Attlee against the government to - lay and marching 1,000 strong on the oarliament buildings, gave the police lively fight. The women, many of whom were placed under arrest were led by Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst. __The suffragists had determined It possible to force the police cordon tbout the house of commons and reaching Premier Asquith to insist up- on the introduction of a woman suf- frage bill. The police, however, were too strongly entrenched and the wo- men who tried every merles In their power to force the line were thrown back. Repeatedly they retired breathless and disheveled only to have their places in the fighting line taken by reserves. By 3 o'clock twenty-one women and two men were id police cells. A large contingent of American bluejacketh of the visiting fleet, were amused !specta- tors of the struggle and lustily cheer- ing the combatants, Incited them to fresh efforts. The fight continued and the police were compelled to make wholesale arrests. At 4 o'clock eighty-two of the suf- atald 4 liftaseld'Ibldi awawrA4ev 4:400. twiteri 'into custody. Aviatibn Meet Starts, Philadelphia, Nov. 13. -Grahame - White, English aviator, opened the Aero Club of Pennsylvania's aviation hieet yesterday by taking up his Far- man biplane in the face of a 15 -mile breeze. The wind - waif puffy and the aeroplane careened at perilous angles as the aviator circled the track at Point Breeze, 200 feet above the spec- tators. .A Blerlot monoplane was taken on the track to race a waiting automo- bile, but owing to trouble with the machinery, the contest was postponed. Roosevelt Gom to Washington. New York. Nov. 18. -Col. Theodore Roosevelt left here at 11 o'clock this morning over the Pennsylvania rail- road for what will be his first visit to ‘vashington since his official departure on March 4, 1909. ' The colonel had evidenced no desire on his departure to talk of the recent elections. He said he was going to Waserretweere where he' will 'be' 'TB.' guest of Mr. and Mrs. Longworth, to lecture before the abitional Geographiq sriety. Me went unaccompanied. Educators inSeesien. Fargo, N. D., Nov. 13. -The eeml. annual meeting of the Southeastern Educational association is in session today in this city and delegates are here from five counties In this part of the state. The convention opened this morning with the president's ad- dress by Nelson Sauvain. One of the principal events on the programme for today was a visit to the Fargo public schools by the out of town teachers. Landis Cannot Hear Case, Chicago, Nov. 18. -Judge Kneeshaw M. Landis in United States district court today announced to the attor- neys appearing before him seeking a change of venue in the case against the Chicago meat packers that he would be unable to hear the case• in any event and Irrespective of argu- ment for or against such a course either by attorneys for government or those of the packers. Mexicana on Warpath. El Paso. Tex.. Nov. 18.-A telegram to the Herald from Alpine this fore- noon said that Sheriff Walton of that place had been called to Marathon by citizens as the result of a report that sixty armed Mexicans were marching on the town. Alpine citizens, it is stated, do not credit the rumor. Nev- ertheless excitement continues at Mar- athon and armed men guarded the town all last night. Crippen's Father Dead, Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 18. -Myron H. Crippen, the aged father of Dr. Hawley H. Crippen, under sentence of death in London for the murder of his wife, dled today In this city, friend- less and penniless. His death was due to the Wineries of age and was has- tened by grief over hie son's crime. Wire Companies to Have Hearing. Washington, Nov. 18 -To confer over the meaning and application of the amended interstate commerce law to telegraph and telephone companies, the interstate commerce commission today announced that it would give a hearing to the companies interested at Washhington at 10 a,. m., Dec. 7, next. Nebraska Bank Dynamited. Grand island, Neb., Nov. 17. -The State bank of Cushing was robbed early today by bandits who dynamited the safe, wrecked the building, secured $1,000 and escaped. Sheriffs are In pursuit of the robbers. Roosevelt Views Hunt Trophies. Washington, D. C., Nov. 19.-Roose- to It pot In a burry day viewing In the national museum building the speci- mens which he and his companions obtained on their expedition through East Africa. Thaw Appeal Up in January Albany, N. Y., Nov. 13. -The appea. of Mrs. Mary C. Thaw in ner aphi- cation for the transfer of her son, Harry K. Thaw, who killed igtanford White, from the Matteawan state hos- pital for the criminal insane, to some other hospital within the state, will be argued at the January term of the court of appeals. The cage Was set down for thia week, but Thaw's coun- sel was not prepared for argument and asked that it go over the term. There Was no objection by the attorney gen- eral and the motion was granted. W. L. DOUGLAS *3 '3.50 & '4 SHOES V40:11 Boer 8140ell, 62.00, *2.50 & $.00. 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Hilliker had lent his hammer to Dea- con Renfrew, who lives four miles out ta'-'the• county!, end' try the lima constable had got there and hunted around in the barn for the hammer tnd got back to the engine house, the angry elements had done their worst and Hank's corncrib was a mass of smoldering rufns.-Judge's Library. Bluejackets Get Unruly, rherbourg, Nov. 18. -Two hundred alleged disorderly bluejackets from the arrerican visiting fleet were expelled from a cafe here today. They stoned the building and also gendarmes who interfered, Brest, France. Nov. 18.-A group of bluejackets from the American fliet lighted a wood ,fire on the waterfront today. The flames spread until they threatened ty commucticate with near- by. barrels ounstrata tad alcohol. ?Mr pollee saw the danger and extinguish. • ed the dames. Schurz Was Sure of Him. Carl Schurz was dining one night with a magi who had written a book of poems, so called, and who was pleased with himself. The poet was discoursing on the Lime -worn topic of politics of the men who take office. \I consider politics and politicians beneath my notice,\ he said. \I do not care for office. I wouldn't be a senator or cabinet officer, and I doubt if I could be tempted by the offer of the presidency. For the matter of that, I would rather be known as a third-rate poet than a first-rate states - \Well aren't you?\ Schurz shouted at him. ' UNSIGHTLY COMPLEXIONS ' The constant use of Cuticura Soap, assisted by Cuticura Ointment, for toilet, bath and nursery purposes not only preserves, purifies, and beautifies the skin, scalp, hair and hands, and prevents inflammation, irritation and clogging of the pores, the common cause of pimples, blackheads, redness and roughness, yellow, oily, mothy and other unwholesome conditions of the complexion and skin. All who delight in a clear skin, soft, white hands, • :lean, wholesome scalp and live, glossy hair, will find Cuticura Soap most suc- cessful in realizing every expectation. Cuticura Soap and Ointment are ad- mirably adapted to preserve the health of the skin and scalp of in- fants and children, and to prevent minor blemishes or inherited skin hu- mors becoming chronic, and may be used from the hour of birth. Cuticura Remedies are sold throughout the civ- ilized world. Send to Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., sole proprietors, Boston, for their free Cuticura book, 32 pages of invaluable advice on care and treat- ment of skin, scalp and hair. NO TIME TO LOSE. Bug -Hey! Snail. Mrs. Snail -I can't stop, now; I am going to town to do some Christmas shopping, and it's November nowl Walt a minute, Mrs. AN EFFECTIVE HOME MADE KIDNEY AND BACKACHE CURE Easily Prepared Medicine Which is Said to Regulate the Kidneys and End Backache. To make up enough of the \Dande- lion Mixture\ which is claimed to be a prompt cure for Backache and Klci- aey and Bladder trouble, get from any good Prescription Pharmacist one-half ounce fluid extract Dandelion; one ounce Kargon Compound and three ounces Compound Syrup of Sarsapa- rilla. Shake well in a bottle and take in teaspoonful doses after each meal and again at bedtime. Those who have tried it say it acts gently but thoroughly on the Kidneys and entire urinary system, relieving the most severe Backache at once. A well-known medical authority rec- ommends the prescription to be taken the moment you suspect any Kidney, Bladder or Urinary disorder or feel a constant dull Backache, or if the urine is thick, cloudy, offensive or full of sediment, irregular of passage - or at- tended by a scalding sensation; or for too frequent urination during the night. This Is a real harmless vegetable mixtnre which could not cause injury to anyone and the relief which is said to immediately follow its use is a rev. elation to men and women who suffer from Backache, Kidney trouble or any form of Urinary disorder. This is surely worth trying, as It is easily mixed at home or any druggist will do It for you, and doesn't cost Manch. \Lame Leg Well\ \I wish to say that I have used Sloan's Lini- ment on a lame leg that has given me much trouble for six , enne AO bad that I-,,. couldn't walk sometimes for a' 'week. I tried doctors' medicine and had a rubber bandage for my leg, and bought everything that I heard of, but they all did me no good, until at last I was persuaded to try Sloan's Liniment. The first application helped it, and in two weeks my leg was well.\ -A. L. HUNTER, of Hunter, Ala. Good for Athletes. - Mr. K. GILMAN, instructor of athletics, 417 Warren St., Rox- bury, Mass., says have used SLOAN'S 'LINIMENT with great success In cases of ex- treme fatigue after physical exer- tion, when an ordinary rub -down would sot make any linpreasion.\ Sloan's Liniment has no equal as a remedy for Rheu- matism, Neural- gia or any pain or stiffness in the muscles or joints. Prion,256.,506.11 1 1.00 aloes'. brook on bonne, rattle, sheep and poultry seat free, Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Heston, gam, II. N.A. The Wretchedness of Constipation Can quickly be CNIKONI• by CARTER ' S LITTLE LIVER PILLS. Purely v.i.e.1,6 ee-ect surely , sad ° C ti ur: dsliousesse Heed- whs. Don seta arid lalserion. They de tba day. Small Pe, Small Dees. Small Prise. % G e n u ine mesthesi Signature The Farmer's Son's Great Opportuniti Why wait toe the old farm to beenassi roar Inheritance? 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Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.