Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, December 09, 1910, Image 1

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ON • SUNLIGHT. VOLUME IX. WHITEHALL, MONTANA. FRMAY. DECEMBER 9, 1910., COUNTY DIVISION BEING AGITATED Proposed New County to Embrace Parts of Jeffei- son, Madison, Silver Bow and Oa'Man Counties—Rich District. Whitehall is out for a nest° vounty embracing parts of Jeffer- son, Silver Bow, Madison and OaRinse counties. This proposed new county will take in arterea of about 40x40 miles. Going north the lino will take in the Cold Springs and North Boulder sections. The small slice we ask front Silver Bow takes in the Fish Creek sec- tion. It is not much and is really Real Estate Changes Hands . J. W. Reed reports the follow- ing real estate sales for this week: A. A. Needham has purchased the Dr, Davis residence, one of the nice homes in Whitehall, for $2500. Prof. F. A. Clothier has purchased twenty - acres of the Pruett .farm, • - • • -411hEs`asie \(imp +last weensekeifees sestveilessusel of tows. It is irri• gated land and said for . The professor bought the property for a home and will build later. son and Silver Bow counties. South we purpose to take in Mad- ison county below Twin Bridges, a distance of twenty-three miles from Whitehall. This little scheme will also take in the town of Norris. Whether the people . of their) sections will agree to this Ismailia to be seen. On the east a \mall nick will be asked from Gallitan ocienty. (hider present conditions it is a tedious journey to get te the county Seat. This proposed new county leis the hearty endorsenient of Representative -elect Nelson as well as the business men of IV hite- hall. The district embraced in the proposed new county is paying taxes on an assessed\ veluation of $3,000,000. This district has 134 niles of reilroad with an assessed valuation of $9.000,000. White- hall will, of course, he in the run- . ing for the county seat if it is smirks to get this new county on the map. We are centrally located and easily accessible from all partt of the new district. The Sunlight hopes in the near future to publish a map of the elietrictentbrneed. In the mean- ime it is up to every citizen of Whitehall and adjacent territory talk teethe new county. It is ot going to cost the taxpayers a . nt more to lieve this new county an under present arrangements. no very Revigal Meetings Decided Success Rev. Charles L. Boyar& super- intendent of the Methodist church work in Butte district, preached at the M. E. church several even- ings this week, and left for Stevensville this morning. Mrs. Boverd, whose a•ssiistance with the music was a source of delight and profit, will remain over -Sun- daY. al Club to Reorganize All members of the Whiteheili Commercial club end all other citizens and farmers arc requested to meet in the club rooms next Tuesday evening at 8:00. Matters of importance will come before the meeting and a full Attendance is de- sired. Everybody invited 0. H. Davey, Sec. Lost, strayed. or stolen—One editor of the Sunlight. He sewn under the name ef Axtell, has n bunt lamp and is ROMP shy of brush on his head. He's been gone three weeks *rethe. last heard of hint was in . Boulder. Reward, hut t big The lAnniteheill HOTEL F. E. NELSON, Proprietor w - Good R clams_ First - Class Service Excellent Bar and Sample Room in Connection SERIES OF DANCES Will be given at Clinton's Hall on the follow- ing named dates: Friday night, Nov. 9 '10 Friday, night, Dec. 23,' 10 Monday night, Jan. 2, ' 1 1 Come one, come all, to our merry ball. Good social time guaranted. Music by Yotte ' Orchestra. iovvvivitiv%44%%06,%444%444\4\, State Will Provide School for !liners It seems that theminers and the mining industry are shout to re- ceive the recognition they have so long been awaiting. Not only has a Federal Bureau of Mines been established, but in at least one Of the Land Grant Colleges, which are supported largely by the Federal Government, &Rifle* for acquiring a knowledge of the rudiments of mining, metallurgy, assaying, chenrietry. geology, and mine surveying are now available', not alone for the high school graduate and the son of the well -to -do, but for the miner, the pros• peetor, the mining, men and for any wtherrinterested in the . ( mine- er he tbeit pre- vious education or station in life. For nearly ten years the State College of Washington has been enaintaining an assayer's short course, beginning immediately after the new year. Last year this course was reorganized in keeping with the new and extensive equipment of the Mining Depart went and is now designated the Winter School of Mines. This may he either a ten or a twelve weeks course. A large number of men from Washington, Oregon, Idaho. and Montana were enrolled last winter and all expressed them- selves as delighted with the work and the benitit they had . gained, a number of Leese men have signifi- ed their, intention of returning this vearto continue their work. last year the earollment included not only a number of grizzled prospectors, but several college graduates, a inechanicel engineer. and a licensed physician of 80 years experience. The winter nionthe are dead ones in the mining omen. Can the prospector or miner spend a couple of months to better advantage than by attendinrueh n course as this. The &OW' of the Winter School of Mine., includes beside, the in- itructore of the Mining Depart- ment, all of whom are trained specialists and graduates of the foremost mining schools, such men as the State Chemist of Wash- ington, the Assistant State Geo- nnd 'other\ of erriell note. In the study of ore deposits, in methods of mining and treating of ores rapid strides are being made, and it is nutnifestly to the interest of the man interested in any way with the production of the metals to keep abreast of the times. There is priSbably no way in which this may be accomplished so thoroughly and with such a seitall expenditure of time and money as by attending such a course as is offered by the Pullman School of Mines. In at booklet descriptive of the course it is stated that \wherever possible the inateuetion ie of a laboratory character, the student being taught to do by doing.\ This IRA practical course design- ed for practieal men and it offers to prospectors, miners, and min- ing men an opportunity - of which we believe they would do well to avail themselves. Sheridan to Have New Newspaper According to a Sheridan dispatch of November 27 to the Anaconda Stencilled the thriving Ruby valley metropolis is soon to have A news- paper, a luxury it has done with- out since R. L. Dewar moved the Enterprises plant to Veber, a little more than a year ago. G Hewitt Browne, publisher of the Perth Progress of Perth, N. D.. will move to Sheridan within the next cooPle of weeks with an up-to-date news paper and publishing plant: At a meeting of the board of trade last week propositions from Mn Browne were submitted, which after some discussion, were agreed to, and a substantial bonus will be given in return for moving his plant to Sheridan. The business men of the townlhave been liberal with their subscriptions and the guarantee has already been raised. NUMBER 43 JEFFERSON VALLEY I EDITORIAL COMMENT . . RICH IN RESOURCES Missouri River Valley Farmers Coming West and Jefferson Valley Should Get Part of This Emigration. • There is not Mach outside of the hot regione we ate told about that is otirinal. About the best we can do is to improve on details, but in talking about JetferRon val- ley we have a subject that is orig. Mid and there is no limit to the details. Emigration is westward and there is no reaeon under the shin- ing sun alms WIriteisallsold -letIs• • wstli6nesta4o4r4ettes seems. amble *hare of this emigration. The Missouri valley is furnishing more people and mote money to the new sections of the treat than any other eastern territory The history of pioneer movement\. always been westward, and as the natural drift of !emulsifiers is along the lines of least resistance it should be from the Missouri river valley to the intermountain and Paeifle coast states. And no sane man will deny that Mrs:Spine has' ample room for these nen homesseekers. Normal movenaInts westward of good 4ttlere are altrais welcome. There in much to he said in favor of Jefferson valley as a fermingzeenter, and it is up to the business men and citizens crf Whitehall to get busy and boost for the town and county. While it is one of the oldest settled val- leys in the state, yet its possibil- ities are preetiesilly un(1eveloped. Demonstration has proved that dry termini is 'n success. nee past season has been a dry one, yet thelarmers realized handsomely from their crops. Aa an instance , among many we elf) cite the dre land farm of T. T. Gates who harvested the Past season 86 - bush- els per acre of Turkey Red wheat. With a favorable season the yield will go much beyond this. There are yet n few free homesteads to be found adjacent to IVIiitehall and the railroad has in reserve a coneiderable acreage of land. Farms can be cut up into smaller tracts and support Oree or four families where they now support hut one. No more ideal !ovation In Montana can be found for di- versified farming. Irrigation in this valley has been tried out toe successful issue. Anytime you find irrigated soil that will produce 60 heehels of wheat to the acre, 80 to 100 hush - el* of oats and 100 wicks of note - toes you have Hell soil, tind • here in Jefiereon valley we • have just thet s kind Of soil. Three crops' of alfalfa hay are harvested - annually'. As a fruit predueer the valley is gradually coming into Prontinenee. Sonic heavy bearing iirehards are found here, as well as prolific - berry crops. Having the splendid mar- IlitAta,-whieh lass hatteen of all these things es turkey egg, the owner of a Jeffer- son valley farm is in. high cloVer. The auger beet indesstry IS one that merits the attention of the business men and petiole of White- hall. It is stated that a part of Jefferson valley has sne acreage which is ideal for the entsceaRful growth of ewer beets. This is an ludiestry which could be, made a revenue producer for the farmer and at the same bring into active use land now lying prectienily idle. It would not only bring revenue to the farmer, but to the town as well. With the growing of stirrer beet., a Roger beet factory wogld he installed. . Wouldn't Meant to much, did you Ray! 'Perhaps nothing great, hist every mouth that is - fed in Whitehall means a little more goods sold by some business, firm. Every family that comes here tnenne another house oreupied. Esetw family that moves • into the valley moans just a -little more heftiness in the 'course of a year toraotne firm. It moans more business for the doctor, law- yer, dentist, the brink and every line of blesinste. • With this thought iu view, get in and boort an lay aside your little mallet. Our 'Minces are destined some day to bring greatness to White- hall and this portion of the county Stock raising has already been an important factor in the tirshuilding of the country and promises to eont rituals a still greeter share of wealth. With every evailable resource et heed to build up the 'Alley and town there is no sensible mem, why every mother's moss of us can't throw in our little mite by giving or ROA' a ord. at every oppor- tenity and thus help to get in new peer& and new capital. Eastern Star Lodge Initiates New Member The F.a.b•rn Star had a most pleasant se:sion in their hall last Tuesdny night. Miss Mor- rison Was taken through the in triode mysteries of the order, following .whieh all present ad- journed to the banquet • room rind an hour or more was spent in dis- cussing the delicious luncheon pre- pared by the ladies—and the ladies of the Esisteen'Sta z are said to he past artists in the preparing of banquets. It was an evening of sociability and Miss Morrison was voted an excellent rider of the Star goat. Several obt of town visitors were present to witness the ceremonies. In iwo weeks new officers will he elected and another good atten- dance is desired. School Play Financial Success The catenate, \Congreen of the• Nations,\ given ,by the pupita of the Whitehall- public school in Clinton's; hall htst Friday night was largely attended, and it goes without saying that the play was immensely enjoyed by every one present. Without going into in- dividual mention the * Sunlight and . every one present can hear wit- ness that all the Pprticioants carri- ed out their parts with due credit to themselves. A substantial sum was realized for the library. Wellcome Estate To Be Sold An order has been made in the dintries court to Nell a whole or nerrrif the Wellcome estate—or ratberAn order to !show cause why the property ahoold not he *old. The day met for the hearing is Dec. 240 : The estate ownesan intermit in the Sunlight mine, which has had nous+ to do' With retarding the future development of , the property. This set1Wwill remove any further blade and put the property in the hands of parties who - 'will work it. The Wellcome estate is very largely intereeted in mining projects and they will sill be offered for sale, together with some real :•state. The Witzkey Case 4 On Trial This Week Tom Fox, Geo. Zigier,, Morrie, Ra.v Rowland. A Ivrn Tuttle, Rose Edward', Dave Morrie and Home', Hindman s left Thursday for Boulder where they will Ouster as witnesomain the Jess Witikey t•ase. It will be remem- bered that Witzkey resisted arrest Rouse weeks ago and took a fall out of,the marshal. He has finally *treated and was bound over to the district court nnd hift trial comes up at this term of court. Hind man was the niiirshal at the time the arrest was made. P'; H. Negley local watch re- ing. A n work guaranteed. [ti. The sub -editor of the Sunlight of the past few weeks desires to back up end cheerfully ' eat his words of last week reiarding the defeat of M. L. Hewett us state legislator. Instead of being de , ' tented MI.. .Hewett wentimo el111111 at the head of the list. From a democratic standpoint, of emetic, he should hairs been defeated, but instead he - connected tip. Mr: Brooks was the defeated republi• can (\indicate. In justice to Mr. Hewett the . Sunlight makes this correction. . . ----- -- The hut in its infancy. It t. an' undeveloped state. Its resources are hilt little delved in; and they are Outten. boundless. As a mining state it its ure-eminent.• A* a farming state rb posaihilitiee ate just coining in- to nrominenee. • The \cell of the geld\ hem heretofore overshadowed everything else, but the time is fast epernechine when every some of Montana soil will be cultivated and the (steeling iedusdry of this Aare will rank with the mines ns ai revenue producer: Represenettivieeleet Nelson is in if quandary. Quite a number of has-beens in the legislature from Medieon county, - Jefferson coonty and other counties have been condoling with hien and tell- ing him what a hard time is before him. \By heck,\ rove Fmk -- tieing also from Missouri he feels like beingettOwn—\it this repre- sentative job is atieh a hard 'one, I can't understand ashy all these fellows have such an itching to go back again.' The state of Washington has sccorded the women the Tight to vote. In foam tea mind wafers will take the place of the strong eta- ulnnt in legislative lobbies, and t lie handsome and attractive women will pit her skill against the cor- poration lawyer—and if the writer of this Was in the legislature site - would win, at that. The people or the, effete and solemn east are looking weetwaid, and they don't need to look any, , More westwitel than Montana to find what they are looking for. ' And, by the Ivey, rirlit here in Jefferson valley, they clan find • the most aublimeselimate and the rieli• eat soil on God's, green foot stool. The . Sunlight hips put on its booster tog.\ sand 're slit is a re going to be forgotten. This paper is (Jr a greater Whitehnil mind n greater populated Jefferson, 'veils's , . !kith town and valle.v can stand for it. Are you with est If not, nt least bo quiet anal keep your little inuttmer is thowood - - - - The Dillon Tribune got out a splendid Boosters' Edition leaS week which should, nnd will. be the means of bringiug to this grenteat of states in the nnion st host of desirable t•itizena from the 'over -worked eastern 'dates , . Let every citizen -of Whitehall boost for Whitehall. — . CU 1'1111 make of this town a cite. Napo- leon was once tolt that isourething that he proposed was impossible. His only reply was: Plinposeiblet It is not good Pvench.\ - • Not out of disrespect to Ireland. but nit asenholie of their feeling-. the Certeritotheve a decided kern- ing towards blue. It will he with peenliar plennure that n democratic leiriislator'will rake Isis easy 1 . linir in Helena this winter. General. Dia? of that'lifeitieu reentry seems to be a real live wire. 4 Be a booster for the proposed new county. swerwwwwwwwww. If you love your wife, buy your self•a fair overcoat. Tikes week off and read T.. frit message to ()onerous. Whitehall Meat Market W. M. FITZHUGH, Proprietor Freeh. and* Salt Meatas Ranch Butter. Poultry and Egg9 Purchassd and Sc•ld Whitehall Montana Whitehall State Bank _......4CapItal Paid In. ..210.ctc•c•.ao CHIAN. 14../011100M. a, J. M. A Y. • SIM, Prorld..nt, Otrocter• CHAA St. JOIIIMPON. 11..1. TUTTLE. A. J. McKAY, 1.. R. PACKARD. M. P. UTTLE. W.. saw to rstond to onr ropiniter, rvrr aorommodillon ..o....istent with ..on..orystlre Waking WE RF.PPECTE1'1.1.V 5OLD - 1T HI - SINERA J. L. PLATT (Amide,. !MON! ftwokii,w4Avvv6,$ F. H. NEGLEY Drugs and Jewelry P'reacrIptic:ma and Jewelry Repairs a Specialty Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, Paints, Watches, Clocks, Silverware irie s tirietriAlVieWir:%40 WtAA•iri • W. S. CLARK & CO. ' Are still doing business at the oltratand with a fresh , lied of General Merchandise • At Renova

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