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I. dr' MONTANA VOLUME IX. BUTTE NEWSPAPERS - AND STATE SENATORS Would Retain Control of Legislature in Hands of the Larger Counties Through System of Senatorial Districts --Idea Not at all Popular This esteemed Anaconda Stand- ard and the brilliant Butte Miner are each and severally extreiliely busy these days presenting mat- ters for the consideration of the egislative assembly which meets n Helena January 2nd. erudite papers conceive of para- mount importance is the matter of reapportionment as to the repre- sentation of the various counties in the state in the legislature. The alight emphatically disagrees ith a great portion of the nrgu- lents placed before their: reader* y these two papers. That there s a radical need, out of justice, or the Changing of the represen- on in the lower house, this Apar will not deny, hut it does ot believe that there should be ny change in the manner of elect- a lite senators. From time onnemorial, or so long as Mon - eta% has been a political entirety, he tune of the song sang b.v Sil- er:Bow - county has been that it as Montann; that as:it produced he wealth and furnished tbe mar - et it should be permitted to rule imitate. And in fact the people fi:that _county have %come very rly doing this self -same thing. it in.Montana,ihavieg even smattering of political knowl- ge, does not know of the tin- nily arrogance of Silver Bow liticians Rnd legislators! In verything they assume that they re Montana, and that whenever ny other portion of the'state gets nything from them, tleat acquire tjnot ns it matte' of right, but ther by the condescension of the IrelA of Silver Bow. It may ot be wandering too far from he subject to state that in every tate convention:of either political party Silver Bow appears as a sin- ister element, demanding not right, but power. In years gone by they of Butte have succeeded hand- somely in that direction, until at the present time there are many people in the big copper camp who aettuttiy beiielea that the troika and confinew of this great state - are identical with the boundaries of Silver Bow county. But, getting nearer to the sub- ject expressed in the caption of this article, we believe every comity of this state should have representation in the upper house. It is proposed by the two, Butte papers refered to that the state be divided into senittorial districts, and that representation in the senate of the state he arranged as to population, having nothing whatever to do with the political divisions. Such an arrangement wherever tried has resulted in the upper house of the state legisln- turn becoming an olegnrchy that the popular will of the people could not reform. Missouri has such an arrangement, and so has the state of ttlichigaii, and in these states the assumption ctf aristoe- nicy of the upper branch of the state 'essembly has reached the point where that body justly merits the contenfpt of the people. Every one whI1 knows anything at all of the political campaigns in this state knows that under the present arrangement the cost of a campaign for legislative hono far exceeds the remunerstion re ceived from the state. By divid- ing Montana into senatorial dis- tricts, and forcing upon the can- didates for the Renate the necessity of traveling over several counties, a condition of affairs will have been reached where absolutely no The Whitehall Pr L F. E. NELSON, Propri'etor Good IR cs c• m s First - Class Service Excellent Bar and Sample Room in Connection 414,4% , ,^1414.164 , THE LAST OF A SERIES OF DANCES Will be given at Clinton's Hall vilinittliosmismamanomem Monday night, Jan. 2, ' 1 1 111111111111111Wareilliasililawsel - 1 Come one, come all, to our merry ball. Good social time guaranteed. Music by Yotter's Orchestra. 4 6,44%1.4.%.%% , %%%%44.W•4444 7 - - 97.1V11 3 WHITEHALL, MONTA.NA, FRIDAY, IIECE - NtliEft 80, 1910 • • -,- ;',1 , e1,71 ,, •‘ - NUMBER 46 SPECIAL CASH SUBSCRIPf ION OFFER T HE SUNLIGHT having been selected by the Board of County Commissioners as the official paper of the county after March I, 1911, a special cash subscription offer has been arranged by the publisher. Every new sub- scriber paying us two dollars will be entered on our boilks for the Sunlight for a period of fourteen months. Every person living outside the town of Whitehall, who sends us three subscribers ac- cording to the above offer, will be given free of all cost a subscription to this paper for a like period, four papers for fourteen months for six dollarsl posseAsnut seoublvedisettp eareessere., testsa cteeteri-to the mate senate. It would he almost as expensive as running for congress. The nearer at home you can keep an official the better service will he rendered by him for the conanonweal. In the opinion of the Sunlight it would he a much more intelli- gent action to abolish the senate of the state of Montana than it would he to foist upon tee state s minia- ture hotise of lords which those who contemplate the renrrenge- merit of oir legislative repremor onion predicate. County Division Schemes Galore If there is nnytbing under the sun that this piper is* is an opto: mist, else it could not support, or sport, the name of \Sunlight\ of which it is so justly prond. • But in It career of eighteen yeerp of boosting one naturally acquires some knowledge of the fine points of the game. That is natural even withsthe bloat obtuse pei son. Getting around to the' of whit+. we intend to sncals, sitar render, *testae foHow into that channel of thought n.1 lel' le,nis in' lite siderntion of the many county di-, vision schemes ahich will be up fol considerlistion of the coming legislative assembly. Prohahly the most likely new county pro- ject rut present in the open is that of Musiselshell with Itoundiip for the ceunty Rent. There is nothing to the whole project except the waukee railroed, its land agents and the Republic Coal subsidary 'corporation. Within the confines of the pritiposed new county it never has been demon- strated that an'ythintr could' be produced from the earth except heillend coal. There.ien't a far-) nser within the region who hei won front the adobe soil nustenanCe sufficient to maietain aglow the s'park of life in a cannry' bird for more than thenty-four hours. But it is argeed by the proinoters that the expense of mttending court at the present county seat ia so great that new county could be main- tained at less expense. Thin ra- per, having some knoweledge of the affairs of that section, does not recall n single instance when it resident of Roundup was ever in _Lee istown except on criminal court business. There is nothing the Matter with the community cited as an exapipre except the laxity of the chief of police and the lack of roam in the city init. Montana will be nsked to take several communities of the kind referred to into communion with the older counties, hut it believee that the wise legislator will harken not to the bandishments of the eaatern Montena real eststte agent until he demonstrates ha comes from country where one may get square meal without taking it in with him.' It is up to western Montana to save eastern Montana from . itself and North Dakota real estate omers. POrced To Leave some Every year a large numberof poor sufferers whose lungs are sore and racked with coughs are urgml to go to another climate, lint this I. costly and not always sure. There's a bet- ter way. Let Dr. Kings New DIscoverY Sure you at home. \It cured me of lung trouble.\ writes W. R, Nelson of Calamine, Ark.. \when all elite failed and I v ow 17 pounds in weight. It, surely the king of all cough ant'l lung cures.\ Thousands owe their lives and health to It. It's positively guaranteed for C011,11R. Child& LaOrippe. Ant 110 C ro u t, all Throat and Lung troubles. 50c and 11.00. Trial bottle free at all druggists, &lab asulAudal- of Henry Knight It was with a feeling of extreme sorrow that the people of White- hall learned early Snturday morn- ing of the death of Henry Knight, who died -shortie after 12' o'clock 'of the night before. There was present at his heds;de when the end came his two brothers, L. B. Knight of this place arid Joseph Knight of Basin, who had been !testily summoned. Ile had been a sufferer from peetinsoris but - little more than a . week, and was reported the day before to be mm - preying. Henry Knight had been a refti- dent of Montana sire 1889, hav• ingeotnClo this seetion from his native home . neer .Thomas, Canada.' He loud followed mining afinost exclusively lamp coming to the ' United States,- and Wan for years a resident of Silver Star. He was extremely popular -with all who had the plensure of his acquaintance, and his' perrioeUT friends wera The rfeeensed was one of a fam- ily of nine children, the other memhers of The family surviving him. They alai L. B. Kuirlit' of .f.;siifi . !Cn?gktnf Basin, F. R. Knight:of . Seattle, Mr*. Hcrirs. Kentreell or Sasketelifi- ssen r ,lamida; Wesley Knight, Mrs. William Kettlewell Mrs. Joseph Smidt•and Miss Elisabeth Knight, the last four named of whom still reside at St. Thomas. The funeral services were held at the Methodist chutcb Sunday at 2 o'clock p. m., and were con- ducted by Rev: George D. King. interment, being in the Whitehall cemetery. Many handsome floral tributes from friends and relatives banked the bier, mute but eloquent trib- utes to a dear departed relative and f Death of W. Longerbone Alias Billie Tick Railroad men on entering the sand house of the Northern Pacific railway early,Si'tturdaY morning found the remains of Willis Long- erboae, .who had died soddenly and Without attendance. He was Ht one of the botch; hut a short time before his lifeless body wits discovered and it was not noticed by the clerk that' he was, ill. Acting Coroner Leas empaneled a jury consisting of W. Reed, Geo. Baker, W. F. Schreoger, A. A. Marsh . ; E. E. lleck . ley 'and .1. F. JacksOn, and an inquest Was held. After viewing the remains and heariug the testimony of the witnesses, the jury rendered a verdict finding that the deceased came to his death through the ex- ceesive Use of alcohol. Longerbone was known in by the name of Billie Tick. He is supposed to have been a native of Ohio, but all ef- forts' to locate him relatives proved futile, and after keeping his, re- mains until Thursday he was buried ia the •Whitehall cemetery. He died without money . , and the ex- pense was borne by friends about town He came to Montana about foul...years ago, and for sometime wee employed by Milwaukee con- tractors in construction work. Kills a Murderer Ar merciless murderer Is Appendicitis with many victims. Hut Dr. King's New Life Pins kill It h,, prevenshm. They gently stimulate stomach. liver and bowels, preventing that clogging that invites aupendleitis, cedar Constipation. Headache. 011ientimeas, CMOS Mc at all druggists. Charles Anderson, the well known business man of Elkhorn, has recently disposed of till his holdings in that thriving camp and will move his family to Kalispell, where he has purchased a five - acre tract -of land and will engage in fruit raising. - Miss Emma Wattle, who has been teaching the Lump Gulch school, is spending the holiditys wlth her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wanks. Mrs. Samuel Myhre of Helena In .spend Iv the hol idaya in Beelder with her daughter, Mn. A.' J. McKean. _ . - Arthur Tuttle and wife went to Great Falls last Saturday for it few days' visit with friends. • Miss Elsie Halford'Iplt Sunday morning for Missoula, where she Ill spend her vacation with riends. Miss Price of Jlefte is spending her vacation in Ittinider, the guest of Miss May Bemis. Holly Chapter, No. 8$,, Order of t.e. Eastern Star, Me** even- ing elected and installt4,the fol- lowing offieers: Mrs. Angus Tea - key, moron; J. Henry Miller, Patron; NI re. L. Q. Skelton, as- sistatirituttron; Mrs. .1. secretary; Howard Thompson, treasurer; Ntrs. A.'('. Quaintance, rondlietrsetn; Ross Hammer, swim - unit concluetress; L. A. Foes, sen- tinel; Harley Ward, warden; Mrs. W. 1.4) Tindall, Achill; Mrs. A. L. Ward, Ruth; Mrs'. J. E. Wild, Esther; Mrs. Thompeon, Martha; Mrs. R. A. Hnimitier, Elect*\ • The Moderh Blotherhood of America gitie one of the pleninan't• est dances of the season Monday evening in Thomas' hall .to n large number of the devotees of the at luring terpsichorean art. The m- ile n It entrancing noel the sapper hat all t eoul , 1 - be desired, the for- mer being furnished by Messrs. Phil and Con Smith, II, -and the Misses Lite!' Halford and Lynn Hungate and the stepper by the H. &,H. hotel. Mrs. Ira A. Leighton has been serif:mai, ill for several days with an attack of Is grippe, het ease being Kuck, a. - to preclude friends' from seeing her. Miss Blanche Thompson, who ham been clerking in a store at Sheridan for several months, is home tor R Virit with her mother, Mrs. Amelia Thompson. W. R. Wyatt, principal of the public school, left Monday ever.• insifor Billings to attend the None teachers' association. The funeral services of Michael Lynch, an old-time resident of Jefferson Island, who died in Bil- lings Tuesday morning, was held in St. Chtherine'm Catholic church Wednesday afternoon at 9:80. Mr. Mr. Lynch was about 70 years of age, and had been in Montana for the past 38 years, the greater part of the time as foreman of Hon. Ed. Cerdwell's ram+. He died at the home of Iii\ sister, Mrs. Duke re's M. Parker, and the remains 'were aecompanied to. Boulder by Mr. and Mrs. McConnellend Ed. Cardwell, Jr. -Hon. Edw. Cardwell, John Flaherty end many other old-time valley friends at- tended the funeral. MethodistEpiscopal Church Sorvices for Nest Sunday Trenching at 11, R. m. and 7:80 p.m. Morning subject—\A New Year's Blessing.\ Befitting sub- ject—sl'The Great Market.\ Preaching at Pleasant Valley in the afternoon at 2:60. Prnyer meeting next Wednefidsy evening it the home of' Mrs. Bo li nd ie es. ud its Aid Will meet on Thursday with Mrs. F. A. Clothier The W. C. T. U. will meet Fri- day afternoon at the home of Mrs. Rendes. Mrs. E. .1. Stanley will give a paper on a very interesting' subject,. You are services:: nelconie to all' them FRED WiliTIPORD. 'M 'mist er. C I A M NSoN. COUNTY SEAT NOTES ••••• LEGISLATURE AND THE WORK CUT OUT FOR IT Re -Apportionment, New Counties and the Selection of a United States Senator, with Other Troubles Will Keep Members Busy Throughout Term On Monda.v, January 2nd, at 12 o'clock, noon, the 12th legislative gasembly of the state of Montana will convene in the city of Helena for the statutory period of sixty diva. The first business of' the *dons will 1,10 .nppointweiPt committees by the sensate and hoe who will welt upon GoVernor Norris and nnnounee officially that this leghtleture of Moptnna is in session, and that it awaits tiny .conimiiiiiention that he may &mire to make. Balloting, for the elertion of a United States senator -.wilt not commence until the second Tues- day of the session, January 19. Perhaps thin will he the most im- portant Matter to come befotb the itasembly, and all indientions point to a long and hard fought contest, perhaps running to the end of the session The most pronounced candidate is T. J. Walsh, While there are fully a . score of other candidate., the most . fbriniciable at the present time being W. G• (Mewl of Great Falls and Helena. Others heing mentioned are Hon. — B. V. Stewart of Virginia City, Gov, Edwin I. 'Norris, W. W. McDowell of Butte, speaker of the howse in the last Lion. W B. George, attic senator -elect front Yejlosspitone counly, and Hon. David flilger of 1.3wistown. The republican (*MMUS nominee will (undoubtedly be the present senator, Thos. it. Garter. Front every 'section of the mtnte conies innumerable reilimmrs for new countiee and county divisions. Roundup, the Milwaukee rail- road's pond camp, is out strong for the division of Yellowstonen and Fergus roundels, affording tlint town territory which it would like to grace as the A proposition comes from Col- iimbus to take another slice from Yellowstone which added to ter - titers' to be taken from Sweet Grass and Carbon counties, would give that place the standing Ius R pf,,F AWNS, Down in old Chouteau 'county they have agreed to IS planliwhere• he that county will be made over inte three counties, with Havre, Fort Benton and Harlem as the county seats. The coal mining town of Boit is 'mother ambitious city and tho - boosters of ttiot plum would hove • is part of Cascade add& they sow Propose to name Daly. • Valley county also has Its troslbs lea. Three- towns within the press (int confines of the old county would he honored by the selection Rd the•site for a county' oonit 1101140 and jail * These are Plenty. wood, ColbertsOn and Mettlieine kit. It is proposed toes divide Custer and Dawson (*unties 1111 to create inner or 'Ike WOW minded . from the territory embraced In these eastern Montana bilieleitn. Also, and not least of all, are the people of this section in on the deal' for a new county. The name selected by the boosters be- ing Cardwell, in honor of Senator Cerdwell. Whitehall, of course, is to he the county sent. Among other things which the legislature will be celled upon to do is to vote on the proposed amendment to the United States constitution relative to an income tax. *This nmendment will no doubt be annctioned as it seems to have the sti pport of all • politienl parties. A new bounty law will he de• county sent. Continued on 4th page. lehall Meat Market Fresh and Salt Meats Ranch Butter, Poultry and Eggs Purchased and Sold Whitehtill Montana Th.F Whitehall State Bank tunpitssI Paid In, se2cs,00c,.cia Mei( A V. .7. 1.. PLATT Pt , hmt. YliNt'President. I 'amhler eltleutctors CHAS If, JOHNSON, II. J. TUTTE. A . J. IttAA v. . PACKARD. S. I. 1UTTI.E. altn to mend to our customers every accommodation consistent with conservative banking WE, RESPECTFULLY SOLICIT TOUR BUSINESS k_71 F. H. NEGLEV Drugs and Jewelry F 3 reascrIptIcariss and Jewelry Repair - se a Specialty aMinsumia• Drags, Perfumes, Soaps, and Oils, ii,toWlisirtAhrlf\koir:VVIVW1r 4 404WVA Paiute, Watches, Clocks, Silverware THY TfIE NEW BREAKFAST FOOD • CREAN% OF RYE A' SILVER SPOON IN EVERY PACKAGE For Sale by W. S. CLARK & CO., .RENOYA General Ilerchandise Also Agents for the famout United States Cream Separator.

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 30 Dec. 1910, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.