Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.) 1902-1911, July 07, 1911, Image 1

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; a. S ( 1 e VOLUME X. 4 THE MONTANA SUNLINT. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. Wu. M. JONES, Publisher - WHITEHALL. MONTA.N4, FRIDAY, JULY 7 l911. s 00 Visitors Here! .. SUBSCRIPTION PRICK. . One Year. (Invariably In advance) .... .. t.! uu • ' . Six Months Three Months 1 Z ) People From All Over The County Flock to ..,,. cop,... ........... ..... 6 Entered at the Poettielee it Whiteh Mont.. as Second -elate Matter. .., ADVERTISING RATES. Display -One Dollar per Inch per Month. Locals -Ten Cents per line Seat Insertion: five cente per line each subseuuent Insertion. NOTICE All communications intended for publics - Um In this paper must bear the signatoreat the anther: otherwise they will Pod their was to the waste basket. ACACIA CRAPTER, No. 21, O. E. S. Mesta on FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY evenings of each month at Masotti,. Hall. Visiting members are cordially Invited to attend. MARIE .1. NELSON. W. M. Mn. Luau L. STAN1..Y. Seo'y MYSTIC TIE LODGE, No. 17, A. F. & A. M. Ar all. Visiting members are cordlailY.In- ta on the SECOND and FOURTH TUES- DAY evenings of C4C11 month at Masonic vited t 'Medd. FRANK E. NILSON. W. IL .A. A. NugunAw. Sec. Northern Pacific R'y Co. Timer irsalble. No. WESTBOUND Due 41 3:15 am 178 . 7:47 am 189 ....... . 8:50 pm 111AITIKMND 49 . 12:60 am 170 8:45 nut - 174 12:16 pm RUBY VALLEY BRANCII 409 Leave Whitehell .9:00 am 409 .....Arrive Alder 1:00 ant 4100. ,J,itinve Alder MOO Om -4100 . AMY, Whitehall 8:00 pin --• COUNTY OFFICERS 4e lie. fifth Judicial Diet.. .Lew. .dliaank Filth Judi:dal Dist—J. B. PJlnilevter at the Court................Wm. T. Sweet ..... . ...... . . P._ J. Manning K W Wolveruri E. R. Sumner W. B. Humber H R. llouqloon Prand Shower. Jas. 11. Mitchell R. M. Crane Sadie Maguire shile Administrator W. 1.. Illeardder Curtis Denbow COMMISSIONERS. ISbo 0. Reilly. Chairman Steele 17. - mcsay Ilae.order Attorney erevilYor IMPS ot Schools WIeltea Bashi WhItelSall • GEO. E. BAZIlla. E. rd U. S. Mlneral .5“1-voyor add Hydraulic Engineering irri,ati. Office Goer the Postoffice Mining Claims Patented. P. 0. o)1 17)Wnitilta`l, Mn W. P. cc)c; Loratel permanently west of P.O. Hrs. 9-12 a. m..1 - p. m. Except .Sondays. Whitehall. Mont. .-- ne•ritlist. loeso,wieswesoorsosonewies‘s W. !laver WHITEHALL, MONT. Harness Saddie and Shoe Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done. i PRICES WILL BE FOUND RIGHT erveres,wheeeheehhoesashoseeineent 1.9 KELLY PIEDMONT, MONTANA itonley-at-Law Nolary Public U. S. Commissioner 1Plecirmortt, Montana . our city to celebrate. Many from our nearby counties in attendance. All Enjoy 'Themselves Nicely. The Weather was fine and the program of sports 'carried out exactly as was advertised. No serious accidents happen to check or mar the festivities of the day. 500 people attend monster dance In the evening. Business tnen • in general do a rushing business. ' The great and glorious Foet•th of July is over and now only a matter of history. Whitehall this year certainly -lived up to its word and pulled off the best program ever put forth in the county. It is conservatively estimated that fully 15oo people from all por- tions of tile county and tunny from our nearby counties were in at- tendance atid helped to make the day a gala ose in every respect. The dey opened with the usual salute of guns, and at 9:30 io ac- cordance with the program, the sports of the day begun. The 'children -1 e rapes, as well as the older boys and girle Meek were heertile enjoyed and mau l s India- 6ea boy or girl tucked away a few dullard in their jeans that came as it surprise to them. In the jumping contests and the fifty and one hundred yard dash foot twee, \Dicky\ Treecott of Boulder, gobbled up ell there was to contest for, although stubbornly contested for in one or two of the events. The sack race was one of tile amusing events, likewise the three legged rave. It was the dinner hour by thin time and people swarmed like beep to the hotels and restaurants and taxed these hard working people to their utmost. but all were prop- erly taken care of iind from our personal observatioa no ect plaints were heard. At 9 o'clock all moved toner& the ball grounds, where we' are sorry to chronicle. .the vast multi- tudes were disappointed and dis- satisfied at the game put up by the crack 11) team from Boulder, who played like a bunch of school boys and never for a minute had a look • , in at the $too purse hung up for them to play for. It was a ragged and tireeame grime, • being inter- rupted several times by violent wrangling on.the part of the visi- tors., caused it:mg:nary wrongs done to them by the umpire. At the end of the dismal meetee the score stood -22 to 2 in favor of the Iyhiteleill boys who merely gave (hem these two talliea to Wiry • evening, and to etty that a crowd was present would be putting it [Oil*, for it was figured that ful- ly Soo people were in the hall un- til nearly four o'clock the next morning, \The business men in general did a good ()minces, but the ice cream and lemonade perlors were the heaviest worked peolIle and many timers during the day n famine was on as far as tee Main was con- cerned.. The Whitehall braes band fur- nished excellent music throughout the day, which was certainly ap- preciated by all. We have not gone into details' as IO 60, winners of the numerous , events, beinireltogether to busy • .xuman 91 • $500.00 REWARD The abbve reward will be paid for the recovery of the body of Ora Tuttle, who was lost on the 21st day of November, 1910, on Teepee Creek, JO miles north- east of Grayling Postoffice, in Gallatin County, Montana. Wore at last time seen, corduroy coat, leather lined, and rubber shoes with leath‘r tops. • L. TUTTLE,. Whitehall, Montana. Gerhardt Carlson was down from. Butte looking up his friends the Fourth : trip to Vllitelnhll Vedneeday morning to delieat some pork. Mrs. W. W. McColl 'of White. On of the greatest social hall, spent several days of last events of the Jefferson valley. was the banquet given by the Muntry Club at Sacry's winner . resort. The lime was beautifully deco- rated with the Cldb colors, • bine and gold. On milering each one wits greeted by the reception com- mittee. On entering the specious dining room it was aglow of re- splendeney vithi the most appetis ing menu. CoVers were laid for eighty-two, the table being reset to accommodate the 2oo present. One would be surprised 'at the ability and talent that was week visiting her aunt, Mrs. Jor- dan, returuing to her home 'Sat- urday. • • Joy Foster and wife were the guests of Joseph Armour and wife of Silvee Star last Sunday. Mrs. (leo. Harbison and daugh- ter, Hope, were Twin Bridges vis- itors Friday. Mrs. Rose Trefry returned to her home in Butte Mondey even- ing utter having spent e fortnight here yisitieg old Mende, 'tN10,4601410Whefitto.S.C. displayed, An'excellent •openiug Purely Local Dope Address by the president, Mrs. Mau Noble, which was ably re- sponded to by Mr. (I.' U. Brown. Following is the Program: Violin music, Prof. - tinned°, Mr. Crane andPattl.Seery. Piano at, Miss Mary Dryrdall. • Reading, Dm ourselves witching tillage, to take Franks. Sung, 1Villie Johns. some of their admirers. down' dem for each and every 1 Then followed the bucking con- event, besides we threw away Our test, this was fairy good and had memornndum pad on that day, not -the crowd pressed the riders also all business carom end went us cloaly as they did, a better ex- out to enjoy ourselves hi thit good hillition would have been the, re- old way, tenet we trust our read. suit. The horse racing was the next and most interesting event of the day and much money changed hands as each horse had its numer- ous backers, who believed their favorite would win. In these races, both the quarter and half - wile, a couple of horses from Twin Bridges carried off the coin. Then came the grind ball in the ers will Ise attisGect for we can see no 1110 of repeating wlintevery body in the county witnessed. One thing is certain, .• . did herself proud and not one went away dissatisfied that We can learn of, unless it was: the bunch of four Bustlers from the county sent. • And all is well again. . I rIENOVA RUSTLINGS I The people here are still it little sleepy, which goes to show that they ad a long and glorious 4th. it Nellie Kyle Smith is visit- ing with her aunt, Mrs. J. 0. -Jor- dan. Mrs. Smith is one of this valley's fair daughters, -and Jesse Smith edit be remembered as one of the operators at the Parrot works. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Mosby tire also spending It fewfdays at the Jordon home. A yoke of oxen driven by Mr. Filcher was an attraction at this place a few days ago. August Anderson ii putting up hay on the Parrot ranch. We rather think it is something of a kindergarten as he is (loin:: the managing', while his boys and the Clark boys are being broken in to the woek. • Mrs. Harold :smith accompanied ry the Sunlight for Job herOlother, Mrs. Riggs, to Three \ VOW! All Kinds. • Forks to spend the Fourth and , . • e • . Tien mei, her sister, Mrs. Granum. Mr. and Mrs. Hasty and family of Butte, spent the quiet Fourth' in the Park, Some of the boys were very fortunate in securing lots of nice fielt.• There were about fifty people from Butte out for the Fourth to fish, and most of them had pretty good success. There are still plenty of fish, however. Our men are burly haying, S lag and raking; our women baking from Livingston and spent and putting up fruit. The Straw. Fourth . with her parents. berries, rhubarb and gooseberries Most'all the valley people went are now in order. In the fartn I. paJesand lonely looking: Donle y think his own cooking agrees with him. I know it wouldn't with1 U. No.' ••• • CARDV . ELL The rooster nuty melte a henp of , noise but its the hen that delivers the goods. • mow. hoUse there is always something in the fruit line to be worked up, so that is one of the blessings •of\ be- ing a farmer. ' Charles Elmer is riding a new motorcycle. Should think . he • would soon iret an eitra seat. It really looks very selfish Ir a nice Miss Mae DeAtley CRIIM up the eitlife to Butte or Whitehall to spend their Fourth. 134ween two and three hundred people came here the Fourth to try their' skill as fishermen and for an outing. Drysdall came out from 'Butte for the banquet tlwd also for a few days - visit. . • young Min to ride by t,JiAslOne and Roy Sparrow has returned home so many &stir girls h.c to welk. r1 . 111 ,. I i . „.„„,,,, 41,id is improving W. .4.-Ciark, the lienova post- • . 'ra )idl • ' niiii4cr, is building a Louse On-bl's The , \ 1 . 4ttle 1 was very tv . ell ranch. - ..repreeented at the big bill the Mayor Carl Smith, of l',1 rot 4th at'Whittlialt. - Paper, Glsdys Franks. Reading, Mrs. Edna Brown, Song, Mrs. Agnes Johns. Violin . solo, Prof. :ienario. TMa was followed by e time of general laughter and glee, having toism from the following: Mr. mid Mrs. Irvine. Will &wry, John Powell and Prof. Somrio. WATERLOO ITEMS Clinton Zoeller of Reeding, Pa., iihived hero Wednesdny to spend some tinarwith his cousin, harry Wilhelm Mr. Zoeller intends purelinsinga carload of horses be- fore he returns , • A very interesting game of baseball was played at Silver Star last Sunday between the home team and that of Silver Star. The Stars met their Waterloo this time all right withe score 13 to 19, Harbison and Wilhelm, who have a lease on eighty acres of st- ride( on the Welcome place, be-, gum haying operations Tuesday. Mrs. Fay'll. Curtis is spending the week end inButte !hopping. George Harbison and wife and three sons were the guests of R. T. Barkell and wife Sunday. A prominent mining man hits made, several visits of late to the Lester group of mines in ilurlbort canyon. It surely- looks as' if there . wouldlle\some(hing doing\ up there soon. P. Carney . - of Patney Spur, is a week mid visitor to the' vapital . Montana. city on one of his professional • visits. john IAlanne and John Ilamil- Are you over the Fourth yeti Go to - Negley for watch repair - as• ing. All work guaranteed. Itt • C. IV. Hatch was a bukiness visitor in Butte it couple of days this week. -,- James Spry, one the trustiness men of Twin Bridges, was n visi- tor in town last Sunday. Larry Gannon has resigned his position as porter at the Jefferson hotel and gone haying. Five room furnished house for rent. Good water. nes. LEWIS ourraicn. Mrs. .lake Borden and son left Wednesday for Powhatton, Kan., for n months' visit there with rel- atives arid friends. C. E Treeteott, of the Boulder Monitor, and tuariager of the ball tentn(1) of that towa was one of the visitors here the foerth. Overstocked in tungsten lamps will sell at 25 per cent. reduction. H. H. HUBER. The Yeomen lodge, an insurance and fraternal organization - Will be Orgnnized hero Saturday evening with about 95 charter memhere. • WANTED --A women to do cooking and general bonito work . Good wages. Address kers. E. J. Stanley, Whitehnil, Montana. et. G. Campbell, of Driggs, Ida. is in the city this week. IU will soon start a new paper here in the Ike Pace building on Railroad street, and wiI be designated as the Jefferson'Valley News. Wanted—Work by the day by lady. Will do plain sewing at home or will go out. Also clean- ing and pressing. Will also do general work of all kinds. Apply to Mrs: J. L. Arnold, Whitehall, POR SALE 40 horsepower, 7 pasSenifee Mitchell nutonweirlio; ---- Comptete with' top, $900.00, otie 102, 300.r el hurt .June.-g.xrd'' shape. 11'il I trade for light UrrOitel '1' 1041. Address box 83 Jefferson City, M ti in . on . • 1 - • lton werehusiness visitors to l'Bridgee Wednesday.' I Hat; Wilhelm made A dying • ; . F. II. Negley „ watch repair.. Mg.' All 'work guaranteed. kg The 'Lidice' Aid society of the Christian church will meet at the home of Mrs. John Mosier Wed- nesday afternoon. The local beeh bellboys met de- feat last Sunday at Three Forks by thtt fast tomiu of that city, le was a pretty game, told at the tn. ish the score stood 4 to 3 in favor of the Three Forks boys. Brown's Studio, • WhitolialL, open from a. in. until 4- a p. in. Clotted Friday of cash weeit—titiO is view tiny. Fine portraiti epecialty. Crayon- Portraits, Poet Curds. We finish koduk work. Oki pictures copied, do all kind* of work. BROWN. Our local depitiment is this kveek very linlited,—Rii because of the w-I•o-r keit it - fourth. We was too powerful busy watching nil the excitement to now down the ninny stringers who were in many of wiefin we were intro- duced to on that du. Jaelt linolley, one of the old time prospectors of the state, but now It quiet citizen of Silver Stair, has been ivimitur in the eity past ten days. Ile has been guest of Jess Johnson, who the the has been kept busy introdaiing the gay old lothario to the fair sex of our city, for the old gallant prides himself as being particularly nice and a winner with the ladies. Theodor-, the ten year old SOR Of Mr. end Mrs. David Daven- port of this city, met with a set - ions accident the morning of the Fourth, that may result in hint losing the sight of one eye entirely and perhaps two of them, lie was shooting giant cracke,s, and one did'at \go off . ' until young Davenport up, with the moult above' noted. The last Legislature rebelled the old election Registration law and passed a new inw requirbegila voters to register with dream'', Clerk. The books are now open for registration. All voters*. ing farther titan ten (1o) miles from the county seat can registet before certain other officers au- thorized to administer oaths. At- torney Ike Pace has received troll the County Clerk a full supply of blitnks and can register all voters in the south end of the county.. • FOR SALE. .Thorobred brown legliorn mewl for sale, $1.00 for 16; $1.50 for 30; 92,50 for 50;116,00 for 100. ROBERT DOHERTY, ' Cold Springs, Mont, ncLorqing to klatcry. A woman In neirestern city, who tn. longs to a community halted the \Ws. ters of St. John the Baptist,\ not tome age. spent a month to is hackwoolls 2hilrIct. tthea inontrid Shortly after her Filial she wt o the local posto any lettere had come Mater Bee nardlne. The rural pint master looked! bewyttered. '.'ilteter who?\ he asi , ea Incredulous. . \Sister Per:maim .\ repeated the lady, \a sister of et. John the Bap. +hit.\ ' *1 1. think oat,\ (us snwerea. dont. ottaly. Then, alter scow retlectlou. he Added!' • \Say atn't he hern (-an pretty pew a home ett now:\

Montana Sunlight (Whitehall, Mont.), 07 July 1911, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.