The Hartford Pioneer (Hartford, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 20, 1895, Image 1

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® , — Ye mmmeemmemeenstmaemeeta — 7 _ Subscribe for the ji. ar PIONEER vertiser * ay sar Aen ‘@ _ OBTAINS BEST RESULTS : 3, meee ‘THE OLDEST AND LEADING PAPER PUBLISHED IN LUMP GULCH. _—- ; Fr a ee HARTFORD, JEFFERSON COUNTY, MONT., SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1895. puemmorumemrsies ve 8 _ WALLACE &-SHERMAN — FOURORSE STAGE LINE 9” * © Leaves Lump City every morning 7:30; Clancy, 7:45; Hartford, 8 o’clock.. Re- turn—leave Cosmopolitan,. Helena, 3:30 ~ ‘sp. om. Freight and passengers to all _ feamps in the district. ~The Hartford Saloon, ~ KUTH Wines, ieee. ¢ koa rs. COLD LUNCHES Always on Hand. ® | Alhambra Springs HOTEL @ ONE METAL OR TWO? NO COLUMBIA BAR} attempt any such action, it would sim- ply place our country upon a silver Channel ‘Thirty Feet Deep at “Coin’s” Financial Theories the invading tens thousands basis and the attempt would end in ' ‘< a. Army, the > —— gig ‘ silver monometallism. I believe that A. P. READ Low Water. appointed to arrange for the ona Basis of a Discussion. the law of 1873, which Mr. Harvey's re , 5 entertainment of the boys in are - book denounces as a “crime,” was hon- Proprieto _ | putting on thir working clothes an get- | — estly conceived, openly advocated and pr r. , ting down to business in good earnest. ; passed by the American congressafter fas So far the finance committee, which has | _ or | full: deliberation and because the peo- ne THE WORK OF A SINGLE. JETTY been at work all summer, has failed to THE OPENING GUNS ARE FIRED ple at that time who held seats in the ‘ 1 5 meet with. the success that had been an- . _: This hotel has been thoroughly reno- i ? P ticipated, little more than half the sum ‘ American congress believed such a law vated and refurnished and is now open regarded as necessary “having been sub- r ought to be enacted. I do not believe for the accommodation of the public. , scribed. No doubt is expressed, however, ; in the’ teachings of this book, that this Finest meals in the state served. Report of the Engiyeer in Charge Shows the certainty of the committee | Mr. Horr Claims He Will Disprove Every | nation is on the verge of financial ruin, : Mr. Read is also agent for H. M: Marks & Co., Merchant Tajlors, Chi- eago. & CO., Props. Columbia river, the‘canal and locks channel of the Columbia to Portland, 30 feet deep at low water across the has been secured. Phe work remaining 1s expected that this work will be ‘completed in four months. The total completion of the project is required at at the bar of the Columbia has been a Navigable River for the Largest Ocean To , Washington, July 16.—Major J. C. Post, in charge of the river and harbot improvements in Oregon, has made his annnal to the chief of engineers. Several important works are under his direction, notably the mouth of the Argument in the Widely Read Book. or that starvation is staring our people in the face. I shall deny most em- phatically. that the great majority of the people of this country are in debt and shall insist that three-fourths of the American people today are credi- tors and not debtors and that conse- quently the system’ which Mr, Harvey advocates would work great injury to the, vast majority of American citizens. I will say still further that if this book which we are going to debate is true, then I am all wrong. It seems to me to be devoid of business sense from be- ginning to end, ‘and I shall enter upon the work of attempting to prove that, Chicago, July 16.—The deluge of argu- ment on the silver question that has been poured forth from the press and ‘| Platform of the country for the past ‘six months is as nothing in comperiosn with the great war of words known as Horr-Harvey free silver debate ich was inaugurated here today, and hich will continue, in the words of the uncement, “until finished.” ‘‘Coin's .| Financial Schoo}l,” of which Harvey is the aufhor,:will form the basis of the discussion, one chapter to be taken up ch day. Lyman J..Gage and Howard Taylor .of this city are the referees, each of the principals has 10 as- sistants, five of Mr. Horr’s having been Bent from the east by the New York «chamber of commerce. An expert corps of stenographers will work in relays during the entire debate and tpye-writ- ten copies of the arguments will be furnished tothe principals and to the press daily. It was about 2 p. m. when the witty ex-congressman from Michigan, but now of New York, and the sharp Colo- rado newspaper man, now a resident of Chicago, signified to the judges and the select audience present by invita- tion at the Illinois Club on Ashland avenue, that all was in readiness for the successive 10,000-word broadsides that, with three-minute rests, were to last week is already outlined. One of the busi- est departments is that which has rela- tion to the women’s end of the encamp- ment—for no less than five national or- ganizations of widows, daughters, sisters, usins and aunts of deceased and living eterans will be in session here during the first week. at Renee. Tue is p' over by Mrs. H. 8. Tyler, Tyler, and the enormous p: her daily mail has reached indicates that the fair sex from near and far will be out im greater force than ever before. BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLE'S UNION National Gathering of the Society Opens im Baltimore ‘Thursday. Boston, July 16.—Following close upon the heels of the Christian Endeavor con- vention, before half the visitors attracted by that event have left the city, the mem- bers of the Massachusetts Baptist Young People’s Union gathered here this morn- ing, and at 2 o’clock this afternoon left on | a special train for Baltimore, where the: national gathering of the society will open on Thursday. The tremendous strength of the Christian Endeavor society has caused considerable alarm among the old- er members of the clergy, of the Presby- terlan church in particular.” A large pro- portion of the Presbyterian ministers are of the opinion that the organization at the Cascade and the deep water At the mouth of the Columbia the pro- that shall be so plain and explicit that ject contemplated a navigable chaiinel my fellow citizens will be satisfied that I have accomplished my task. OPENING STATEMENT OF MR. HARVEY Every Statement in His Little Book Me w Will Prove to Be True. (Copyright secured by Azel F. Hatch of Chicago.)” .- The statement made by Mr. Harvey at the opening of the debate: “IT am here to defend the facts and principles in ‘Coin'’s Financial School.’ I expect to make good in this debate the following propositions: That silver and gold are money of the constitution; that the silver dollar was the unit of value in our coinage system in this country from 1792 to 1873; that gold was measured in this silver unit and con- current coinage given to it (gold); that silver and gold combined constituted bar. This work is being accomplished by a tty. A channel 31 feet deep, half a mile wide and 30 feet for seven-eighths of a mile at low water to be done consists of completing a small portion of the jetty and seeing to the maintenance of the channel. It amount appropriated for this work has been $2,025,680, which will be sufficient to complete it. Maior Post-says the commerce of the port of Portland is constantly increas- ing and that v are becoming iarg- er and of deeper draught and that the an early date, especially since the depth Give us a call. Courteous treatment obtained. should in some way. be made subordinate | three hours a day for 10 successive days. | the legal standand of value in this coun- to all. “ Se eae a oe The judgee are ex-Solicitor General of | try until 1873; silver measured gold, the COLOMBIA IS RICH AND PROSPEROUS | \© “arethodists and Baptists have fore- | the United States Charles H. Aldrich | two together measured all other prop- SAN : FRANCISCO : BAKERY. | . ESTABLISHED 1865. J. WENDEL, Propr. 107 State St. Hoback St and Fifth Ave HELENA, MONT. _ One of our Bakery Wagons makes of Panama, theentire money is silver, but ef Colombia stalled this difficulty by the organization | 224 Hon. Henry Miller. of the Epworth League and the Young People’s Union under the auspices of the church authorities. The opposition on the part of the Presbyterians is largely due to the fact that the Christian Endeavor societies in the different churches invaria- bly use their influence in favor of the ap- pointment of young ministers. Over 700, ministers of t northern Presbyterian church, mostly men of middle age and ad- vanced years, are without charges, while : ese seminaries aré turn- out of new divines every year. In this way the old men who have served faithfully for years are being shut ot. A committee appointed by the last erty; that the act of 1873 was surrepti- tiously passed; that during the period of 1792 to 1873 the mints were open to the unlimited coinage of both metals into primary or redemption money, and that both were treated as such; that during that period the people had a right to have either metal coined in full legal tender money and that the op- tion wae with the debtor to pay in coins of either metal; that this bimetallic a@ystem made an unlimited demand for both metals to be coined tnto money, In- creased the demand for these metals, and so long as the law authorizing Yet an Office-Holder Cries Out Against Her Use of Silver Money. Washington, July 16.—‘The financial condition of Colombia is an interesting study, or should be to our friends here who advocate free silver,” said Hon. Luther F. McKinney, formerly democrat- lc member of congress from New Hamp- shire, now United States minister to Col- ombia, who has just returned from that country on a vacation. “On the Isthmus OPENING STATEMENT OF MR. HORR “Coia’s Financial School’ Is Full of Er- rors, He Declares. The following is the open statement of Roswell G. Horr in the debate begun this afternoon between. him and W. H. Harvey of “Coin’s Financial School:” Judges and Gentlemen—It is agreed between Mr:.Harvey and myself that previous to entering upon the general discussion each of us shall make 4 brief statement defining in a general in all the other nothing circulates but paper money, which is refused on the isthmus. The general government is without either gold or silver, and issues absolute paper mon- : way the position he proposes'go occupy | any one to coin 371% ins of silver * ter requii 90 to equal general assembly of the Presbyterian gra gold ‘Gollan in valoe, ‘and oliver, ‘when I wnurch le now considering thé subject, | 2 this debate. The question Which we | and 23.1 grains of gold in a dollar was left, was $2.26 to $1 in gold. There will | and it is possible that a recommendation | ®7¢ about to discuss is one’ that is not | in force there was no one willing to sell regular runs tg soon be silver left in the country, as | may be made limiting the licensing of | OMly receiving very great attention | either for less.than a dollar; that the the epesubanene are buying it up Sa new ministers, among the people of the United States | option to pay in either metal caused the HARTFORD, ing it at a small advance, by reason of —— but it is one that is also receiving some | cheaper of the two metals to be used the Smvenses in aaeer value.” ne CHANDLER IS NOT A CANDIDATE] attention from the nations of the old | and transferred the demand from the CLANCY Fe cKinney world. The question involves the kind | dearer to the cheaper metal and re- 5 make a strong. yous, against the bond a m—e a oe Position of | 4¢ money. that shall be used by the| stored its relative commercial value; LUMP CITY of silver does no ar, especially | 1 snington, July 16—Senator Chandler | United States and has to do with laws | that it is to the interest of the United as he goes on to say that “Colombia ts with ; one of the richest countries on the globe which we affect the great business | States to act independently in the re- And up the Guichs three times a week. MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS. “ANDREW THOMPSON) GENERAL MERCHANT Groceries, _| The executors of the will a@ candidate for the vice asserts that he is asincere supporter of Reed for president. His nomination would require a western man forthe vice presi- dential nomination. Senator Chandler is quite as much opposed to the gold mo- nometallism of Cleveland and Carlisle as he is to the free silver coinage by the if the choice has seen fit to deny the stories that he is and | interests of this nation. The question of finance is a very complicated one and there are some features of it about which the ablest men of the world have been differing for years. The foundation for the discussion up- on which we are about to enter is a small book published by Mr. Harvey, my opponent, and entitled “‘Coin’s Financial School.” The real alm and object of that book is to convince the people of the United States that this government alone should at once enter upon the free and unlimited coinage of silver upon the old ratio of 16 to 1. The wisdom of such a course I dispute. Mr. Harvey will still maintain the affirm- ative of that issue. I will state in the outset that from the beginning to the end of the book there is hardly. a prop- osition made to which I give my as- sent. I propose to controvert many things which = stated as facts and shall attempt prove that the entire theory as set forth by the author, if monetization of silver at a ratio to gold of 16 to 1, without waiting for the action of any other nation; that mono- metallism consists in the use of the dearer of the two metalé to the exclu- sion of the other as primary or redemp- tion money; that monometallism is an experiment on trial for the first time in the history of the world.and began with the period of 1873; that the gold unit as the measure of values, with no concur- rent coinage of another metal to assist in performing the functions of primary money, has caused the fall in prices as compared with 1872, when the world’s prices of property were measured in the money mass of both metals; that the decline in prices, covering a period of 22 years, has, as a rule, made all classes of productive, mercantile and manufacturing business unprofitable; that it has worked a hardship and in- jury to debtors who, until conscious of causes that continuously reduced the prices of their property, have contract- ed debts during these 22 years; that this fall in the prices causes a sacrifice of property to purchase the dollars with which to liquidate these debts; that in the end no one is benefited by a fall in prices but the money lender, the owner ANSWER IN THE FAIR WILL CASE Charles State That the Exeeu- tors Have No Rights San Francisco, July 16.—An answer was filed today in the suit filed by Charles L. Fair to test the validity of the fronclad trust clause in his father’s will, The ans- wer ts that of the plaintiff's sisters and his brother-in-law, Theresa Oelrichs, Virginia Fair and Herman Oelrichs, and is in the nature of a confession of judgment. The defendants in their answer admit that the claims of the four executors under James G. Fair’s will are without any right or. foundation in law or equity, The defend- ants ask for such relief asmay be con- sistent with the case made by the plain- tiff, Charles Fair, in action to test the validity of the trust, hed named his sisters as co-defendants with the trustees. have not yet answered, and until they do the issue can not be properly joined for a contest. Sisters of VIGILANTES WERE IN THE VICINITY Shrewd Guess at the Fate of Rustiers Caught in Nebraska. Omaha, Neb., July 16.—A special to the Bee from Butte, Neb., says: There is a generalbelief here that the rustlers cap- tured by vigilantes Sunday have been lynched. The vigilantes found the rust- lers in a stockade at Fort and hope to be able todoit in language |. Hardware, Hay, Grain, Ham, Bacon. MANUAL TRAINERS ARE IN SESSION Tencgers’ Association of America Com- i pares Notes in Chicago. . Chicago, July 16.—The Manual Training Teachers’ Association of America met in national convention today at the Ar- being ready to protect their stolen property. The fort surrounded and the men real- I am not here as an opponent of bi- metallism. I believe in the use of gold and silver as money to the fullest ex- of money and securities payable in money-fixed. incomes; that the foregoing facts and conditions, produced by «a chapge in our money measurement of values, will impoverish the masses of people, and points, by reason of the dis- turbances it will produce, to the over- throw of the republic. “To all unbiased men and those who will lay aside their prejudices during the reading of this debate, I expect to make good. all the foregoing proposi- tions. Every fact in the ‘School’ that Mr. Horr does not attack I shall take for granted that he admits its truth. I am now ready to proceed in the order indicated in the ‘School’ and as con- templated by the rules of the debate.” We handle none but HIGH CLASS GOODS, .. oA Verte stock of which is kept constantly on hand. We are ‘able to fill all orders, both farge and small, at short notice. Your patron- age solicited. ~ Goods ’ “' of the District. 3 BALY SAYS CLARK HAS NOT SOLD OUT Rumor Regarding the Millionsire Mine Owner Only Sensational. Chicago, July 15.—Marcus Daly, who i» mphatically denied today th the lionaire OAKLAND WINS THE FAMOUS CASE —___ Given Title to Water Front Property Valued at Millions. iil interests in Montana to company. Daly said: “There is not one word of truth in the 3 $ BEN CABLE ON THE SILVER QUESTION Says Democracy Will Certainty Not De- clare for Pree Coinage. Portland, July 1%.—Ben T. Cable, congressman from Illinois manager for the democratic national com- mittee in the of Alaska. 28 : eHtiel) a2 Preeetiel i ¢ LONDON IS EXCITED Crowds Are Eagerly Watching the Election Returns. =— GAIN OF THE CONSERVATIVES \v Adherents of Salisbury Continye to Cap- ture More Seats at the Expetse of the Liberals. © oe 4“ ~ London, July 15.—TH@total results of parliamentary elections for which con- tests have been made tonight are as fol- lows: Conservatives 151, liberal-union- ists 21Niberals 23, Parnellites 4, McCar- thyites labor 1; total 204 As com- pared with>the parliament which has just been dissolved, 24 seate thus re- turned show gains for the unionists and five are gains for the liberals. | . The following have been returned un- opposed: Westmeath, Donald Sullivan, ti-Parnellite; Hampshire, New For- est division, D. W. Scott Montague, un- ionist; West Andover division, W. B. Beach, unionist; Suffolk, South or Sud- bury division, W. C, Quiller, unionist; Yorkshire, West Reding Barkstone Ash division, Colonel Robert Gunter, union- ist, There is intense excitement in London over the elections. The theaters and restaurants are almost deserted. Early in the. evening a tremendous crowa gathered in front ‘of the National Lib- eral Club, . where the ‘results were thrown upon a screen by a lime light and stereopticon. “The clubhouse itself was crowded early. The crowd greeted the news of the election of John Burns, the 1 r leader, with tremendous oheers. The bulletin announcing Henry M. Stanley's election was received with hisses and cries of “Professional.” The pictures of Mr. Gladstone and Sir Wil- liam Harcourt, which were thrown on the screen from time to time, were wild- ly cheered At the Constitutional Club so great was the crowd that gathered outside that the doors were closed, but the re- sults, posted in the lobby, were plainly seen by the outsiders. A It is announced this evening that John McLeod, who is a candidate for re-elec- tion as a liberal from Southerland- shire, has offered to retire in favor of Sir William Harcourt. Sir William Harcourt telegraphed to- day to a political friend in London: “I have no intention whatever of retiring from public life, and shall persevere as long as I am able in the liberal cause, and for the maintenance of the princi- ples to which I am attached.” ‘ At 11 o'clock this evening the conser- vatives had elected 111 members, the unionists 16, Mberals 11, Parnellites ¢ and the McCartheyites 4. A MISSOURI SILVER CONVENTION Democratic State Central Committee Fixes a Date for the Meeting. St. Louis, July 16.—By a vote of 18 to 2 the democratic state central committee today decided to call a state silver con- vention. The convention will be held at Pertle Springs. The date fixed was Aug- ust 6, 196. J. B. Thomas of the Third and A. C. Steuver of the Tenth district were the onlyones voting against the proposed convention. Chairman Mafmfit cast his own vote and two proxies which he held for a convention. On June 1 the committee met and voted 10 to 5 against holding a conven- tion to: consider the financial question, and this change has been brought about © by friends of silv journed. ; THE GEORGIA CONVENTION. Atlanta, Ga., July 15.—Reports from present 82 were populists. The character of the convention, which will EXCURSION BOAT REPORTED SUNK Left Norfolk; Va., With a Large Party of . Negroes A

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