The Hartford Pioneer (Hartford, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 20, 1895, Image 3

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ary af ‘Great - Ws. ¢ ' toots shows good colors. | What it Brings ‘Forth... J acoby & Peterson havea good pres- Pi get pect in the Lucky-Bell, Travis creek, on which-they will resume work next . ébweek. An 89-foot shaft was sunk on the property last fall, disclosing a lead four feet in width. The shaft will be -|susk 80 -feet deeper, when a “station will be put in and drifts started. Mr. McIsaacs, one of the parties who meee had a bond on the Mountain Chief, has begun work on. one of his properties on the divide between ¢Clahcy and Lump gulches, about six miles above Lump City. Mr. MéIsaacs is working this property im conjunction with Mr. Nelson and is. said to have strucka five-inch vein of ore but a few feet below the surface. Clearance | Reports are current to the effect that ' a three-inch vein of. ore has been - \ struck in the Last Chance, the property ore SMATVUVYYYYYTTVYVTTYVYY TYYT YY TTY aE ‘lon the divide between Clancy and ; ; Lump gulches which has been claimed , Prices by mining men to be located between the two mineral belts that run. through the district. The property i is under borid-lease-te Kavanaugh & Beattie, ‘Slashed In“ [ Recently these gentlemen let a con- Halves tract to Norton & Farrell to sink an additional 100 from the 100-foot level, ~— AAMAMAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAALAAAA AAS: ; and after 20 feet of development the 4 vein was opened up, Assays are said “__ | to run several hundred ounces. . ~ COQ S | Hensely, of Helena. The property fat was first prospectéd by a 30-foot shaft, “ : and gave such promise of becoming a | mine that Mrs. Hensely decided to run g ; a tunnel and tap the lead at a depth Not considered by us during of.125 feet. Judging by the surface Bo eae “ * ; -}indications, when the tunnel . pene- this gigantic clearance sale. |trates the lead @ body of ore will be ‘ : shownup that be shipped ata | good profit.. In the prospect shaft :| both-waHs are clear .and well-defined, with fovr anda half feet of lead mat- ter that is well mineralized. Must be sold. Men’s Suits at Youth’s and Boys’ Suits at actual cost. Three men have run a 70-foot tunnel on the Green Mountain, a property on | Travis creek owned by Mrs. Josephine AOur entite stock of Arrangements have been completed andthe work of building a concentrator at the Golden Gate begun. This mine is located on Moppin gulch and is owned'by Joe Garneau. ‘There is a mountain of ore to work, which has been developed by «a 115-fopt shaft. The vein is from 12 to 25 feet between two walls of granite and assays over 60 ounces silver. This is the first ‘claim in that gulch on which work will be attempted on a large scale, and the outcome will be watched with much in- terest. The concentrator will probablv be in running order by the latter part of September: Meanwhile, ‘the work of devélopment-will go steadilyon. actual - cost. In fact we have placed our entire stock at your mercy, and if you fail to attend this Great Slaughter Sale you Will miss the greatest The air compressor at the Little ‘Alma has been repaired and is now in | good running order, though some hand Bear -{n4 drilling is still indulged in. The drifts |from the 300 are in 50 feet, witha \fairly good streak of-ore in sight, from three to six inches wide. ‘Two upraises have been made, preparatory to stop- ing. The chute of ore is thought to be 50 feat west of the present face of that portunity by calling while drift, and no attempt will be made to i take out the small stringers of ore now the stock is still at the top.|in sight until this theory is fully o tested. But little ore has been taken \ i out lately, though this is 6f equally as high grade as any previously assayed. snap ever offered. mind that this sale will- not last for ever, so better avail yourselves of this great op- The Norma, or Normond, ¢ontirrues ‘to rapidly improve with depth. The streak of ore has increased in size ww ‘| from a-mere-sttinger to the flattering SL) | TS proportion of -six inches, and this in In the matté® 6f its proving a mine is | now a foregone conclusion, every foot pot development demonstrating rote sinking a shaft 70 feet. An assay had a short time since returned 350 ounces. mea Suits, $5, $7, $8, $10, 412 and fully its material worth. The Normond is on the divide between Clancy and $15, all sizes. ae Lump gulches, and as the hill has caer Suits, $3, $4, $5,-$6, $7, $8, good drainage it is not likely that ‘all sizes water will interfere with the working. Messrs. Kavanaugh & Beattie have the property under bond from Wm. Gibson and others. 4 Boys’ Suits, 81, $2, 33, $4, $5 Negligee Shirts, 25c, snbirse. $1. Underwear, per suit, 60c, 75c, 90c, _ $81, $1.25,\ $1.50. Shoes at your own price. Chas. Yeamans is doing assessment work on a placer claim on Murphy gulch, a tributary of McCauley. This 2 is the third Claim located by Mr. Yea- | manson that gilch. The firstwas placer, _p whieh paid a large profit. The second was quartz A shaft was sunk on this property and $5,000 taken out in one summer. The ground which he is riew working gives every evidence that it will pay handsomely when bedrock is reached. Dirt panned at the grass Several nuggets have been taken out by Mr. Yeamons ranging in price ‘from 50c td $3.50. He says that ail the dirt washed so far has paid more than wages, with the richer ground left wsttouched. . var m+ Don’t Fail to Call and See THE BOSTON Clothing Co 23-25 S. Maint. HELENA MONT The Kingfisher is a propetty located on Travis creek by “McCaffry & Hilde brand which gives gfeat promise of becoming a hummer. The surface indications are great, and if it “im- proves for the next 25 feet as it has for the past 25 it is no idle boast to pre- ‘dict for its lacky owners a bonanza ‘fnture. ‘Tire shaft is only down 25 ‘feet, but between fhe two walle—whidh are clearly exposed —is teh feet ofa lead, with four feét of solid qiiartz. Intermixed with this quartz are found wallpockets af galpnd that appear to be very rich. ~The owriers are very proud of their pfepérty; and well they may be, for that depth.very few prospects give s' pramise of, becom- ing producers. Since. the, outlook is so bright for making of it a mine the owters have gone to work with re- newed energy. aud before «now «flies the Kingfisher will be heard from as a record breaker.’ There is hardly any ¢ working of .the. Little ge in the ell since our yielding the same amount of the high- grade as usual,. which furnishes six sorters with employment. e mine is making about 75 barrels of water per day, but as it is hauled up along with the waste does not require a pump. Prifts from the 350-level are in over 75 feet, allowing plenty of room -to work the upraisésand stopes that havé been started. The Nell is unques- tionably the leading mine in the camp today, but there are many other prop- ertiés that inside of a year will follow as good seconds. The output of this nuime is two carloads per week ot the richest ore found in any mine ‘in the state. : ’ The tunnel on the Iron Corner has’ been advanced 160 feet,cutting through three leads in its course at the depth of 40, 50 and. 64 feet respectively. For the past 100 feet the tunnel has been run without timbering,, but when the last lead (which is five feet in width) was struck the ground was so soft that skids had to be put in for support. ‘The tunnel is still being driven ahead to tap the mother lode, which it will penetrate at a distance of 200 feet from the mouth of the tunnel and-80 feet beneath the surface. When this latter lead is struck—-which shows galena at the grass roots—a wintz will be sunk and drifts run im both directions. The Iron Corner is situate two miles west of the Little Alma, and the work is conducted under the supervision of Mr. Kupples, one of the owners. The Free Coinage seems likely to verify the statement made when it was but a prospect that when sufficient ‘depth was reached it would prove to be amine of undoubted value. Already many thousand dollars worth of the white metal has been taken out and shipped, with every indication pointing to the end that its output will inrease, both in richness and quantity, as the work of f development i is pushed forward. Ore taken from the .150 drift is very rich, being composed of black sulphur- ets and ruby silver. Upraising and stoping continues at_ the 200, with about 10 inches of oge in sight. Mr. Smith has had numerous difficulties to contend with in developing the Free Coinage, but- with indomitabte pluck and energy has overcome them all, and placed the mine in a position where it will not only pay for devel- opment but also a good dividend. ao THE WHITE SWAN. A Property That Is Making a Good Showing and Will Undoubtedly Be an Excellent Mine. An excellent property and one that, will undoubtedly prove a bonanza and thereby be the means of opening -up a comparatively unknown portion of the district is the White Swan, ‘© This claim was located abont two years ago by Messrs. Peterson, Jacoby, Aecker & Cole on Travis creek, in a part of the district that-was then but little known, though active development work was not begun until early last spring. The claim is two miles from Lump gulch and on the top of a cliff overhanging the road that leads to Helena. Thé shaft is on an incline and, contrary tothe rule prevailing in most parts of the camp, follows a lead that dips to the north on an angle of 40 degres. In sinking to the present depth—110 feet--large pockets of high grade ore have been struck at frequent intervals, as well as large quantities of molybdenite and graphite. In the bottom of the shaft, intermixed with bunches of galena, is a good deal of white iron which, indeed, is the base metal throughout the camp. Neither wall has yet been struck, and conse- quently ther¢is no Way*of determining the width of the leads: A station was put in at the 100 antfdrifts and cross- cuts started,to find the walls. When we were there Tuesday these had been run about 10 feet, but without success. This leads the owfiers to the conclusi the lode is 20 or 25 feet wide. lead, so far as tncovered, shows a vein measuring over four feet acorss. Sey- eral assays have been had, some run- ning high in gold and others in silver. The last assay, had about two weeks ayo, returned 70 ofinces silver and a small quanty of gold. The vein also carries a large per cent. of lead, This mine im all probability will tarn out a cencentrating proposition dnd one that can be worked on.a large scale. Should this be the case, there will be no ttou- ble in locating the mill in an advan- tageous position... A fourth'of a mile below the mine is a site, aiimirably adapted to its lotation, w the slope is all that could be desired. Enotgh water could be takefi from 'Pravis creek to run a plant of large capacity. ‘The owners have great faith in the White Swan and feel-corfident that in the near future it Will take rank as the leading. producer of the camp. ¥ |. LOCAL LAYOUT. last report. The drifts and stopes are} ‘yet there are many delinquent sub- -came out frém Helena Tuesday to do Gathered by Our Reporter Concerning Hartford-and Vicinity. « Bar. silver, 67¢; *tead, $3.40; per, $11.20. a Old papers for Bale at this office. at’ Q5 Cents per hundred. cop- © Livery stable tor rent. or sale shat Apply to Geo. B,- Reed, Hartford, Mont. « A party of picknickers came out from, Helena in a four-horse rig Tues- returning home in the evening. Jas. Holliday and Wm. Bailey have located the Little Billy; McCauley guich. Thi’ is a gold proposition and the surface indications are said to be very good. Six months has come and ‘goue anid scribers on our list. ‘Those in arrears will please settle up .at @re. Sub- sctiptions are payable in advance. A new office has been erected at the Little Nell and the old one after an addition had been added, converted intoadining room. ‘The old, dining room will be used as a bunk flouse. According to the Independent, Sen- ator Carter, with E. D. Edgerton, W. J. Bennet and I. B. Porter, of Denver, some prospecting on a placer claim in this county. The new town of Henrietta has grown quite rapidly. There are now two saloons,’ grocery store.and a confectionary store and bakery estab- lished there, all of which are doing a thriving business. We are given to understand that several new buildings will be erected in the neaY future. The Prickly Pear is beginning to be quite a place for Heleng and local sportsmen to spend the day in fishing. Some good catches are reported and as the small boy is comparative an un- known luxury around these diggings the reports may be relied upon—when accompanied by a string of the speckled beauties to bear out-the assertion. There will be services at Lump C ty in A. O. U. W. hall tomorrow at 2 @ clock by Rev. H. F. Taft, of Helena. All are cordially invited. Negotiations are said to be in progress toward building a church. We hope this will materialize, for if there is anything in the world our neighbors do need it is ‘a place of worship. lace to spend the day is at Alhambra\ The ‘springs’ there have great repuation for their curative power, and \that this reputation is founded on facts can be seen from the ruddy jon of those who have spent a-few weeks there. On Sundays the place is crowded with health-seek- ers from Helena and the surrounding country. ’ Those desiring to locate in a town that has an exceptionally bright out- look for the future can find jost sucha place in Hartford. This burg is bound to become the’future metropolis of the district, and the first to locate here will have many advantages over those com'ng in later. -The prices of lots are very cheap just now, but will be doublei in value before snow flies: Quite a large and = merry crowd turned out Monday evening to attend the ball given by A. O. U. W. lodge at Miners’ Union hall.. About 40 couples were on the floor, many coming from Wickes, Corbin and Helena. The music was furnished by local talent and was highly enjoyed. At 12 o'clock the dancers adjourned to the Lump City hotel, where an elegant supper was furnished by Mrs. “McEarchen. This ball was the first given by this lodge, and that it was a success was attested by the mariy flattering com- ments heard on every hand. A young man, styling himself the “Human Ostrich,’ was in our burg last Tuesday evening giving an exhi- bi is ability to eat glass, nails, and yther adcumulated rubish. There being no hail in which he could per- form this feat, Andrew Thontpson gave the trickster the use of his store. The way glass, etc., disappeared down that young man’s throat for about 15 minutes was a caution. After the per- formance,.which was really a good one, the young man pocketed the gate re- ceipts with evident satisfaction and turned his face toward the capital city, there to take part, as he said, in some sports at Broadwater. : Henry Tatro, who has been driving a wagon hauling ore in .the cantp for some time, met with a painful acci- dent at Lump City on Tuesday. Mr. Tatro went ito tie «stable to take out | his team, but coming ap behind the animals rather suddenly he scared one of them and. wis kicked clear ont of the stable. His right leg was broken |\ just below the thigh and he received several severe bruises about the body. ‘A Helera ‘dottor was telephoned fdr but was tmable to come ott arid. thle wounded man was taken to Helerfa and placed in St. Peter's hospital, ‘The leg“was set and bandaged and at jast’dctounts Mr. Tatro was improv Tg rapidly day ‘to spend ‘the day at Alhambra, |° iid cz, &l Slag » e Will Sell $Il, 12, 13, 14915 All ‘Wool Suits, Now $16, 17,18, 20 $25 Suits For ALL WOOL BLUE GHEVIOT R. R. Suits Now Boys’ and Children’s. Suits, Hats, Caps, Waists . - and. . Blouses ronyeersesnnneyrrraeerarnysamereennnegyrangentetntererernerneerrenantey pom Unlanndered White Shirts for White Laundered Dress Shirts 4-Ply Linen Collar 4-Ply Linen Cuffs » > Hinds Scarfs, Night Shirts Blue 10 oz. Overalte, Best Workingmen’s Never-Rip Shirts to be found in the city Seamless Cotton Socks, heavy per pair Trunks from Hats from BOC upwards: sorted stock equally as. low. OY §Atme SS mm PL | HELENA 3ows, worth We ° — Price . 9.00 $15.00 9750 Large line of Silk Ties, Four-in- 2-00 upwards = — a ———~—- =LARGE VARIETY OF a 35c 50c 100 15c 25c 50c 40c 50c Sc: ‘All other lines in our*new: and well as- -— THE — LYMOUTH Clothing House. | (Opp. Grand cei as \ The PLYMOUTH CLOTHING HOU SE VERY CHEAP . Saal itis UidbASAAAGODASAAAOAGA LAUDER A/UAFiAUGAULEDAAAS USK jA44j U0 NA AHA GA A AAAGEU A NAAAUASUASEA a SCAM

The Hartford Pioneer (Hartford, Mont.), 20 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.