The Ismay (Ismay, Mont.) 1908-1910, May 20, 1908, Image 4

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t>Z^ ' '' * **>-“' ^ _ _ -s^^n^^^^H i^^^^^H ffiBB n n n H n KsesBaKSSSSSsssssssccssssssQ n B s s H B BnM p q p M iiipaEss^H H ^ ., ‘ \ • ?''1 ' \* *:'\v >* A> •*• >'-T^\yG>^fy * \ , . '\ * v / ”, “,t/*'^^v.^fc,; ’ v-r ■', ^ rA ’ ** \ ' * ..* — ^ *' *v ',Rn*iS$j5§ ‘-ti , <S tf - >#• • L:-E. W h ite h o u s e , Local Editor &?v- Mirigdn your Local News Items •V ;'- vn < / '■© ISMAY ITEMS Buy a rake. Build a hall. Plant some trees. Subscribe for The Ismay. Several new signs in town. Base ball meeting Monday night. Where is “ The Big White Store?” “ The Big White Store” is at Ismay. Don’t Forget “T h e B ig W h ite S tore .” . Everybody is gettinng ready for the lot sale. James Parker was a Terry visitor Saturday. N. A. Shipman was in from the ranch Friday. J. D. Foster drove out to the Titus ranch Friday. The town is all decorated with stakes and white flags. Gordon Taylor was in from the ranch Saturday. W e buy Pelts aud Hides— “T h e B ig W h ite S to r e .” •U. G. Trueblood made a business trip to Terry Friday. F. B. Bohr of Baker was a business caller in town Friday. George Warden of the Eggleston ranch was in town Friday. “ Quality and Quantity” is our motto. “T h e B ig W hite S tore .” Frank Cass has been having a lot of .breaking done the past week. P. G. Foley was in town Friday after a load of provisions for the ranch. Curley the Painter is doing the dec­ orating on the Benson Bros.’ Cafe. John Rowe of Miles City is in town this week hanging a number of signs. Our stock must be looked over to be appreciated. ‘T h b B ig W h ite S tore .” G. W. Renshaw has been remodeling the Silver.Dollar Cafe the past week. Richard Foley of Miles City is spend­ ing a few days at the Foley ranch this Week. O. O. Ireland and W. C. Smith are painting the Gray-Gables House this week. Leroy Scott of TeiTy Friday on his way to ranch. Was the In town McLean Charles Meyers Is building a tem­ porary Oil house for the E. M. Co., this week. R. Y. Lawrence of Kfiowlfcon was in town Saturday and called at The Is­ may office. pSjn to w n F rid ay i A. J. Rebholz, a representative of the Milwaukee Land Co., was in town f Saturday. S. E. Matthis of Kndwlton Was In ,..$Qwn Saturday with a four-horse team • after freight. L. R;. Oarrolli representing the Car- boll Land Co. j of Minot, N. D., was in town last week. Messrsi E. W. Adams, J. M. Kay and Harry Schlosaer of Knowlton were IKS- •\ . \ : ip/V^'/jsknies ’ Bddeti was in town Friday here purchased a horse of IIIfflSrtolh“n' ^.^^Evdry.lK)dy seems to be trying to \^^ieS^iSpi'thdiy lot a little better than l§^^^i^I^H a il‘« etu rn ed fro m B a k e r la st 5 ^ ^ ^ ^ W ii^ ^ w llere h e h a s been b u ild in g a ’iibdtel^jfoi?. A . L d v erid g e ^;:|The^S.llver D o lla r O afe is b ein g re- fcm o d elW in sid e a n d o u t. G . W . R en- % «M |$'iAi|Bilden an d H . H . A m undson I'faT'^vIls'rLa'lte, ,B . D .I a re B pending a t^iew^Sfitin^ownthis week. _ . . . m a n Of Sioux City, Iowa, tt ^tbifey)Jite''anbil6tteeb of the Milwaukee stock is doing well but good men are hard to get. He says even good dogs are scarce. Alfred W right was in town Sunday. Mr. W right has been in this section for the past week rounding up his horses. B. O. Regal, pumper for the St. Paul road at this place, left for Minneapo­ lis Friday to spend a week with his family. Mrs. O. D. Young of Minneapolis was in town Friday morning. Mr. Young is employed on the O. W. Titus ranch. C. H. Vyse left for Mallard, Iowa, Sunday morning. Mr. Vyse has been in the employ of Leavitt & Co., for some time. Mr. andfljjrs. H. L. Hale of Mar- marth have been visiting at the P. J. Shoemaker ranch for a few days the past week. G. P. and S. A. Ellingston of Ash­ by, Minn., have taken claims near Westmore and are doing considerable hauling from here. Some one came into The Ismay office last Thursday and said it was muddy. There are people in a new country even, who say such things. W e see Everett Wilson in town oc­ casionally. Everett is trying to plow up more of Custer county than anyone else. W e hope he’ll succeed. The rooms over the new meat mar­ ket have receatly been furnished and are now ready to rent. Mr. and Mrs. W ills have charge of the rooms. The cottonwoods are showing green, and add much beauty to the scene; the grass shows up in emerald tint; nil these things are of spring a hint. When in need of Groceries, Hard­ ware, Buggies, Harness, Lumber, Dry Goods, Gents’ Furnishings, get prices from “ THE B ig W h ite S tore .” C. D. Jones of Hixton. Wis., was in town Saturday. Mr. Jones is in the cedar business at Spokane, Wash., but intends to stay with us until the lot sale. F. D. Bohr of Maicolmb, Iowaj is handling the knife and cleaver at the butcher shop. Mr. Bohr comes here highly recommended and we all hope he will stay. The temporary call of the Eat’llng- bui't Mercantile Co., on the telephone line will be two long rings for the present, Until tho town phones are put in working order. A large crowd attended the ball game Sunday afternoon at tho ball ground north of town. , It was a “ try out” game and a nine will be selected from umopg the players. F. D. Daly of Minot, N. D., was In our city Saturday looking for a loca­ tion in the BUloori business. Everything looked favorable and we nmy expect another salooh soon. Hi S i Adams of Chicago, town site agent of the Milwaukee Land Co., was in town Saturday. Mr. Adams spoke very favorably of the town and said there was a live bunch of business men here. The G. W. Burt reservoir and ditch will soon be Completed and when fin­ ished will be used for irrigating pur­ poses up and down the valley. We understand the cost of building will be about $13,000. R. I. Scott, representing the Gordon- Van Tine company, of Davenport, Iowa, one of the largest sash, door and interior furbishing houses in the Unitecf States, is here this week doing business with all the lumber dealers. L. W. Lamb, proprietor of the Yellowstone Bar at Terry, was in town Saturday looking over the ground with the intention-of putting ip a cold- storage and wholesale establishment at this place. He Was very much pleased with thd outlook and we may expect Min­ in a few days. here doing business T. J. Riley was in from the ranch this week and took a big load of sup plies from tho E. M. Co.’s big^vhite store. He also hired two or three men for ranch Work. Mr. Riley says since the new towns began building up in Custer county it is harder than ever to hire good ffled because sb many of them find all the work they Want in the townB. The first meeting of the Istnay Base Ball club Was held at I'he Isniay of­ fice Tuesday evening, May 12. The meeting was Well attended and much interest Was shown by the business men of tho town id getting up a beam. Inhere is now a membership of 33 and we Would like to See them all out to the iheetidg Monday evening bt the .barber shop as thera are several of4 hears to eieet add- fidifle important busi­ ness Eb tjaiitact’. tmbro¥6iE&Bfc=-ihb¥eidehl^0rd&re69 f&awsif i up emMtok Mite .led Ms Men turned? UreAi “ ' new era of development. A liltletime ago bare prairies, with now and then a herd. In a few years comfortable homes on every section. In the past, a hundred; in the future a thousand Is it not better? Mayor J. E. Prindle called the at­ tention of the City Council to the side­ walk matter at the last session and said he thought something should be done. Alderman Gray proposed- that the mayor go ahead and build good board walks at his own expense, and the mayor seemed inclined to do it un­ til Alderman A. C. Smith broke in and insisted on cement walks. Then the mayor bucked, but Mr. Smith said he would chip in 50 cents on the deal and the council adjourned with some hope that Mayor Prindle would accept the compromise. Hugh C. Hamilton is the new clerk at The Gray-Gables. E. P. Johnston is happy over the re­ cent arrival of his wife and says life on the homestead is different now. Cash Catchers Curtice & Gret ton have been mak­ ing a great many improvements around their place the past week. LOST—A watch charm. M. W. A. emblem. Return to The Ismay offlee for reward. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms. Ap­ ply at the Ismay Meat Market. Notice Hereafter we will close our store at 12 m. on Sunday. T he E arlingburt M ercantile C o . An\one wishing breaking, freight­ ing or hauling of any kind done no­ tify Charley Walker, Ismay, Mont. E. H. W E H R K A M P Stone Mason Bricklayer Plasterer E s t i m a t e s F u r n ish e d A L L W O R K GUARAN T E E D ISMAY, ^10NT. Keep your Good Eye On this Big: I It Stands For Ismay And Isniay Is the First Initial in the Name of the First National Bank of Capital Stock $35,000.00 r r W E Take this opportunity in this, the initial number of “The Ismay,” to announce that the First National Bank of Ismay is now open for business and we extend an invitation to all prospective customers and their friends to call and get acquainted. W e hope to make our business relations both pleasant and profitable No Account Tocr Large tor our Capacity and None Too Small tor 'Our Courtesy ana Attention WILSON EYER, Cashier A .............. ■ ■■■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■■ — ............ ■ — A *Wm. Fulton D I R E C T O R S : J. H. Price James Hunter David Bickle R. L. Anderson T McAdoo & Hall Tonsorial Parlors Gray-Gables Hotel Annex Bath Rooms Billiard Tables Everything New And Up-to-Date Call and See Us Ismay Montana Ismay Meat Market N. A. Eggleston, Proprietor Fresh Meats, Hams, Bacon, Salt Pork and Sausage Fish and Oysters in Season ISMAY ; i i MONTANA Best Town In the Great R. V . L aw r e n c e ... ' , P. O., Knowlton, Mont. Cattle on left thigh. Earmark, swallow fork right ear. Range—Between Locate and M^ers N. A. E gglesto n Brands Cattle, left shoulder. Ear' marks—ends off, Horses, same brand balance Bplit. left thigh. creeks and Powder river. ; Our Job Department Is one of the most complete in East- tern Montana. Bring us your work. i 4i Sr ■r^tf sjfc - ■vf; m . j K J&i •JeV, ,Sp ■M Ks^LM.\r& •'; M'OvC^lr J|-v fl* +<r<to t $ y : * _

The Ismay (Ismay, Mont.), 20 May 1908, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.