The Ismay (Ismay, Mont.) 1908-1910, May 20, 1908, Image 9

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' } ' * * * / ~ \ f * « • ' • ’ -* 5 | * * ' •' * 'a. A >‘;^ J ‘ f*^V,<-;fr ' ^ * ^r'^Vvi* ' '^^tV'*V *'-t»*J~wr«t*,th**».•»<*»<«» 4 * ■*•»-V \.•r^cr*. i* •• v - i - « .• • 4, \ \-•\ - ------ - --------- - — •>—**—■— n ■ - - .... -. , *j^..4.^iviV~4^r,ur)%' • *«•>■?*'/• • J 'Ss’V r^r..-, v- ... m TV.^' k * ' *H • ^ ‘*'<ifT> * *• V\^ £*j* S I L V E R D O L L A R O f f f f V £ ?'« BENSON BROS., Proprietors Refurnished and Remodeled Throughout Clean Tables and Cooking \Just Like Mother’s” Transient Trade a Specialty ' • Special Rates to Railroad Men FISH AND OYSTERS IN SEASON When in Need oi a Good Square Meal Call on Us THE TRAVELERS’ HOME OPPOSITE DEPOT Ismay Montana THE ISMAY COMMERCIAL CLUB M ONDAY evening, May 11, pursuant to call a number of the business men met at the office of Prindle & McVey to consider the organization of some kind of business men’s association to ad­ vance the intersest of the village and to consider the matter of securing the appointment of a justice of the peace, and deputy sheriff for this place to be pinned on the lapels of the vis­ itors as a souvenir of the day. It was also decided to print badges for the citizens’ recept’on committee—tq be composed of every business man in town and their wives. A banner with the words “ Welcome to Ismay!” was also ordered to be stretched across the street in the vicinity of the depot. The club discussed many matters of J. E. Prindle was elected0 chairtaan interest to the town and unanimously and W. C. McVey secretary. The chairman on motion appointed Messrs. Smith, Hubbard, Barr, Leonard and Eggleston a committee to select names for which the appointments would be asked and they reported Mr. Den- niger lor justice apd J. D. Foster for deputy sheriff. On motion the report was adopted. Messrs Foster, Smith and Whitehouse were appointed a decided that it would have a corking good old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration, and invite a'l of the neigh­ boring towns and country to come and help make the first Fourth of July celebration in the new town a big success. To this end Vice-President A. C. Smith offered the following resolution: Whereas, The citizens of Ismay have committee to hustle along action in decided to hold a Fourth of July cele- getting the Ismay postoffice in working bration under the auspices of the Ismay order. Commercial Club; and There was a general discussion of Whereas, Ismay is the youngest city the matter of going after trade for of Custer county, and is possessed of a Ismay and inducing the people of the strong desire, not only to show her surrounding country to come here to patriotism, but t 6 show her older sis- do their trading, and of doing some- ters that she is up-to-date and on to thing in the way of advertising the resources of the village, of visits to various neighborhoods to get acquaint­ ed, and also of making a move to im­ prove the roads leading in here. her job in the celebration line; now therefore, Resolved, That we hereby ex­ tend a hearty invitation to the resid- dents of Custer county and to the good adjournment was .taken evening. May A motion was made that an Ismay citizens of our county seat, Miles City, business organization be farmed, and to our neighboring villages of Terry, to Thursday Mildred, Fallon, Baker, Ekalaka, Knowlton, Tee Dee—and every post- office and hamlet in the county, to be present with us on the occassion of our first celebration, and that we assure them a warm welcome and a pleasant visit. The resolution was unanimously adopted. It was decided that the club would meet at least twice each month until some of the more pressing work was concluded, and after some discussion of details as to the entertainment of O N Thursday evening, May 14, the chairman called the meeting to order. Practical­ ly every business man in the town was present and the Commercial Club was born. J. E. Prindle was •elected president, A. C. Smith-vice- president and W. C. McVey secretary- treasurer. A committee composed of Messrs. Smith, Gray, Ever, deGraf- fenried, Foster, Hubbard and Leonard was appointed to report a constitution THE RECEPTION COMMITTEE Geo. W. Burt, President J. W. stlth. Vice-President Anyone wearing tifis badge is a member of the Reception Committee and at your service. The badge is of pink silk ribbon. % W. A. Brubaker, Cashier ' i , s : P. P. Relley, Assistant Cashier Capital $20,000 XMOCKK$ RECEPTION COMMITTEE Ask STATE BANK OF TERRY TERRY, MONTANA Exchange to AH Parts of the World m via David Blckle J. B. Kempton Alfred Wright DIRECTORS Qeo. W, Burt Harve Robinson Oeo. T. Qlpson J. W . Stlth Lon Fluss ' Qeo. O, Reid *o=oso* # 1 ___________ vs®* W e Are After Somejof the Bargains Offered by The Ismay’s Advertisers M l I II ’.iW SI ‘ W A T C H ISMAY GROW ” . TOWNS 1TK SALE . Tuesday, Mag 15, 1908 the temptation of calling the attention of our readers to this first, issue of The Ismai containing sixteen pages the product of a country office as being u somewhat retnarkalde tiling It is l>e)ie\ed that it is the first tune a new local paper printed in a new tow never issued sixteen pages of matter We do not want our readers to get an idea that this is to he the regular size of the paper. We dare not prom­ ise them more than eight pages regu­ lar) \, although for a time at least the regular issue will be twelve pages. The Fsmav does not believe tin- paper is “ inflated” in the least or that our ad\ert isers are carrving more spare than is good business' polie\. It is not expeeted thev will find it necessary to list- sixteen pages regu­ lar] \. But under the cireumst anees it. seems'to he sound business judgment that has prompted them to make this most remarkable shoe ing m the first issue of t In* paper. The town lot sale it is anticipated will bring in here a verv large number of lot bu\ers and others looking for a good, li\e town. The advertising columns of The Ismay are proof posi­ tive that our own people have faith in themselves and the future prospects of Ismai anil mean to make good. Anil The Ismai does not believe it will he long before tin* legitimate ad­ vertising needs of tile business interests of Ismai will demand a regular issue of at least twelve pages of good news­ paper, and thev will find The Ismai ready at all times to ‘ rispond to th,o needs of the town. “ Wateh Ismay Crow” ’ and The Isnia.i will grow with it. fV i j'™ Y o u r r f p t i o n t o -'I Yl I I ‘ ‘ W o r g Yam-.) I let a w that nut 1 f v oil w ant to Ur- ollieei s subei i I•• • fur Ismav is all ri ladies have “ Mei i i hi now. .Sum.- Will iw ' 11 i Now figure ( ‘rop reports are favorable from all over the state and the^fariners are all wearing smiles. 1 local Somewhere in this good newspaper is ,m item saving something abjut t vv eh e pages. Since it was written our advert isers got another move on of tin- and brought so much stuff in we had to make it. sixteen pages. |i posted on I lit i sm.i v I Advertise in The Ismay and 1 Get Results The Ismay’s Advertisers T HIS first issue of The Ism ay is probably more of a sur­ prise party to the publisher than it will be to its readers, it was our intention to print an eight- page paper, with two good pages of home print, and the paper was ordered for that purpose. Before the first, forms were closed it became evident that two pages of home print would not hold the advertising, to say noth-v ing of the reading matter. According-’’ ly the order was changed to four pages, of home print and the. paper shipped But the advertising orders kept' ROAD TO THE DEVIL SALOON I S M A Y , MONTANA BONDED WHISKEYS Blue Grass Nunc better. W H McBrayer •‘Cedar Brook” ‘NulY Sed. Lexington Club Uulli Stuff. Belle of Anderson all Buttled in Bond. HOME BRAND WHISKEYS Sheep Dip Whiskey Culor Red Make the sheep herder anil owner sleep toget her. Sage Brush Whiskey K*|>-i-ialh recommended to land agents anil locators. Two quarts guarani .... I (if liberallv applied) to make the Pumpkin Rollers Inn am tiling from a roek.v knoll to a hole in the ground. The •'.'sage Bi usli an I Sheep Dip” wins <evs are made in our base­ ment everv login In uni celebrated mixologist - “ Nigger Bob” — and are guai am- i d In the Pure Food Law to he .-.krietlv fresh. ‘ • s i $1 M f 1 • 4 , 1 m m < s r and bylaws. The name selected was the “ Ismay May 22 at 8:30 o’clock. Commercial Club,” and the motto s *' ~ “ Watch Ismay Grow” was adopted. T flP RftJfftP TOWH^if,ft It was explained that it did not mean 1 llU w u a u i 1 V/H1IOI0U in. . „ . .... ..... visitors during the lot sale adjourn- coming in and it became evident that -Plenty Of Tjl6S6 RlHlrilllQ ftPOUnd raent was taken till Friday evening, more room would be ntje'jed. It w , a s / too late to order the 'paper^from the* v ready print house so we were.ccfmpelled v to ask. a loan of .paper; from The TerryKiji.-.“ AYatch Ismay Grow!” Tribune-for -4 _ _ j : l , L , ' A W I ■ Milwaukee being thera’s n, irge.of the reached - v “u . i U A m a t i n n w t f l i t l i n “ * ofrA v-i r» tr r t f * a * — that the members ’ of the club or the are informed the citizens .of;the town were' intending to Land fco., which has charge.— ' ~ ' However, .witlit tlie f-preslst^ncy ^of! but’tha^ itjwjm m ^ n t^'call.the atten- has'l>urchased the-property/ofjrames’' leyelrheaded and -prudentTmsinessimen. tion -of Ahe outside, world', to .the fact a ot tioWwi'-nTVii/iv. v.^. Wbo knowhow hard^itifi to tree too the business ’men. of mean

The Ismay (Ismay, Mont.), 20 May 1908, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.