The Ismay Journal (Ismay, Mont.) 1910-1933, March 29, 1912, Image 1

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• . •• ■<« -< j . r i V- -■f. -M $*■'■■' \'f ’ -' to •. J f life • |,€ | . PC h ; n k hm f 4 B [fi Is- H? IV/ up plf& JSSf |$t’-, I %v, \,-\ \v .fitf. 4 , » j KisiS Volume 3 , Ismay, 3Vlont^a> Friday, M a r . 29,,J9J2. N u m b e d * __ 'f ' & 'P t i M m M North Cottonwood Motes. Jas. Boden went to Terry on busi­ ness, last week. Mrs. Knudson was reported very poorly last week. J. S. McKee has been fortunate in gtriking*water, in his new well. It is said that Jos. Noll expects to put 200 acres into crop, on Sec. 11. The school attendance was small last week owing to the prevalence of lagrippe. J. M. Baker started assessing last week in the vicinity of Westmore and Plevna. Mr, and Mrs. Bent are rejoicing over the arrival of a new little son at 'their home. H. A. Beardsley and family have ar­ rived from Sioux Falls, and are again at home upon their claim. Burt Henry of Ryegate, who has been visiting home folks in Wisconsin stopped off for a couple , of days with Theodore Sehye, on his return. He says that Montana still looks the best to him. A Pleasant Affair, A surprise party was tendered Al. Grinned, Sunday evening, at his Whit- net Creek home, by his friends in this thriving community. It was one of the most enjoyable affairs we have had the pleasure of attending since coining into the state, and was a real surprise to Mr. Grinneil. By request, 1m brought forth his violin, and play­ ed several excellent selections, accom­ panied on the guitar by Win. McAfee, and their good work pleased their auditors immensely. The Rambler was there and in evidence, but posi­ tively refused to dance when called upon, inasmuch as such stunts conflict­ ed greatly with his early religious training. In the absence of Mrs. Grinneil, who is visiting with Chicago friends, Miss Gladys Jackson of Super­ ior, Wis., the pretty n-ece of the Grinnell’s, presided as hostess and in a dainty, tactful manner assisted in making the evening a genuine social success i’pon being ushered into the dining room, we could almost imagine our­ selves in the tropics, for with .the other viands spree# before us were “ fruits from eyery clime,” a situation which contrast?# strangely with the foot-deep level gnow outside. The only regret felt, in connection with this happy oc­ casion, was that Mrs. Grinneil could not have participated, and a move­ ment was set on foot to give her a royal reception upon.her homecoming in the near future. v The Rambler. Montana Solomon, On Dry-Farming. When thou comest to a new Coun­ try, Withhold thipe early farm knowl­ edge. Discretion shall preserve thee; Un­ derstanding shall keep thee, Write to the Agricultural College. Incline thine ear to wisdom; And apply thine heart to understanding. Read the Bulletins. Forget thou not Conservation’s law, But keep thou all commandments Got a Dry Farming System. He who wouldst prosper exceed­ ingly, shall Forget rainfall and Pre­ vent evaporation. Consider the soil, not the clouds. Dry farm properly and thy da^s shall be multiplied, And Lhe years of thy life shall be increased. Study Conservation. The amount of rainfall counts for one; the amount Retained Ten-fold. Plow deeper. He becometh poor who tilleth with a slack hand; But the hand of the dili­ gent uiaketh rich. Summer Fallow. Used with discretion, a little is enough of any kind of stuff, even so, rainfall and seeds. Visit the Experiment Station. Constant, action of water will wear away fertility, But the virtue of the bench land is complete. Ask the irrigator. For though many shall dwell in the land: the thrifty only shall re­ main in it. S. O. L. The Club In v i$e$f Sec’y Armstrong, of tho Commer­ cial Club, has received a comipu»k*a- tion from the entertainment qomniit- tee in Miles City, in the form * pf an J invitation extended ,to our .local or­ ganization to attend the coming meet­ ing there of the Eastern Montana Wool Growers Association .and the Montana Stockgrowers Association, on April 15th, lflth and 17th. 1 In part, the invitation reads; “ We are arranging a very attractive pro- j gram which we think will bp helpful j and beneficial to these industries ] which we think are of such magnitude | and importance, particularly po, this | section of the state, and we bel; ave ] your members will he entertainec if they could make it convenient to be here.” These annual meetings are instmo­ tive as well as entertaining, and \ve hope that a goodly number of our peo­ ple will endeavor to go. EASTER Millinery Opening I desire to call the attention of the ladies of Ismay and cinitv to our Spring Millineby, Opening, which occurs ‘ v ! Saturday, March 30th. We will have a splendid line of hats on exhibition, of the latest designs, and at reason­ able prices. Call in on open­ ing day, and see them. Miss Maude Cooper. ISM AY, MONT. The First National Bank. Capital Stock $35,000 We can do your Job Work. <9 6* | GOOD GOODS | «9 8 For | I LITTLE MONEY! g «« Everything to Eat, W ear and make you look 49 handsome. S&e our stock of Groceries, Shoes bt fi and Sundries. 8 ------------------------------------ | | B. W . M OORE, | § IS M A Y , M O N T . » DUNHAM LUMBER CO., Successors to • j Star Lumber Co., F. M, SCHWARTZ, Mgr. v i i m i i i i i vSLj-Vi ,x-r Bua[g^Isiiai5iiaisi}ni jv -V.’-I? Knowlton Notes. Guy Hanna is ill at the home of Henry Wood, suffei’ing from tonsolitis Mrs. Carl Newman and littlp son, Ralph, are visiting with thef -liSscTc';! family. Miss Bess Carmichael will be a week end guest at the “ Spearhead” ranch, the home of Jr. and Mrs. Dan Bowman. Dr. Knowlton says, “ this winter has certainh been an equalizer’ ’ -the other stock men humbly bow their heads in silence. Present indications seem to prove that the hunters < n “ Ground Hog Day” were not vigilant enough, the wirey little fellow certainly must have come forth, but be that as it may, every hunter has instructions to shoot the fool poet who wrote “ Snow, beauti­ ful snow.” The masquerade ball was a decided success, about twenty couples were masked. No prizes were awarded yet we believe the following characters deserve honorable mention, Miss Doro­ thy Broadbent, as an Egyptian; Miss Mable Lawrence as Little Red Riding i Hood; and Bert Bowman as a Mexi­ can. Harold Cummings took a flash light picture of the grand march pro­ cession. IS M A Y , M O N T A N A . Your account will be welcomed at this bank where you are assured of absolute security and the most courteous service. You will always find us willing to help you wherever we can in the developement of your business. Officers and Directors. R . L. Anderson, President. David Bickle, Vice President. E. J. Arm strong, Cashier. James Hunter. W m , Fulton. J. H . Price. W . G. Lang. The Unexpected. It was on a Xewton-Brighton sur­ face car. The conductor was calling out the names of the stree's. Sud­ denly he called in a clear, loiul voice, “Eleanor, Eleanor!” Ir.v.glne lhe passengers’ surprise when a small, pretty young lady looked up from a book and said. \Well what is it?” •There is a difference of opinion as to whether the joke was on the young lady or the conductor*—Boston Jour­ nal. Love of Jewelry. Reading that a red chequer homing pigeon, wearing a blue enamel ring marked 1911 L.8945, had been found at Ewell, Surrey, an old lady re­ marked, says London Punch, that it was terrible how the love of jewelry appeared to be spreading among all classes. (The above notes came too late for publication last week, and their clev­ er author adds in a postscript—Snow deep, news scarce.) Not tne Onry Favored Cine. Young Jamie’s people were poor and not always solvent, wherefore the lad, while still very young, knew the mean-' ing of debt. One day when Jamie had been sent to ask a patient tradesman for more supplies he was hurt and ashamed to see the man hesitate. “You needn’t be afraid of sending the things because we owe you a little money,” exclaimed the child, with in­ dignation. “We owe plenty of people more than we owe j'ou!” Albastross Given to Museum. A fine'specimen of the wandering albatross, caught on the Pacific coast, has been presented to the national history department of Golden Gate Park Memorial museum by J. B. Wil- lfapiB of San Francisco. It stands five feet in height from hack to tail, and the distance from tip to tip of its wings measures nine feet. Lumber & Coal Prices Right and Term s Reasonable. R O U N D U P C O A L . Midland Coal & Lumber Co., EARL E. GAINES, Local Agent. W. H. Use of Cement Saved Bridges. At Hamburg there are two bridges the masonry of which was threatening to fall in ruins, being traversed by' innumerable cracks of varying size.- A remarkable process has just been, made use of to rejuvenate these bridges. A number of holes were bored throughout the structure so as to give access to the interior and cement was injected hy pumps under pressure Reports on the present con­ dition of the two bridges are favor-; able. Character the Great Requisite. ... Character, as an ,element of success ' >a life, tells,,more than knowledge. ^ 'a VAN NOSTRAND « .................... - 8 General Blacksmithing g - i4? and :49... h * $ Repair £*9/v. ;:49v, ■:49i'9 * ^H o rseshoeing a Specialty. ' Agent for ^ ,49K;,.-Minneapolis Threshers. ^ .i V'Universal Gas Tractors. it* I sm a y , moot ?. •V' _Y, * J. E. PRINDLE, Lands Work. Insurance Town >e4 i • v ? i ;*«l *>*«■ £*31 vZJfl m Lots -m .A'-?® \ ::m < -rV‘»^2 i •VlSw VM't ISM A Y , M O N T .

The Ismay Journal (Ismay, Mont.), 29 March 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.